Tommy (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

To Take a Hostage

Previously on "Tommy" I am Abigail Thomas, usually just Tommy.
Are you the new security detail? Abnar Diaz.
You wanted to see me boss? You used to be a detective, right? - The best.
- I will call my daughter.
She is a school psychologist, married.
Things aren't great with her and Henry.
She talk to you about that? - How bad is it? - He's living in the guesthouse.
I launched an investigation into a friend of the mayor's.
LAPD! Turn around! Put your hands behind your back.
I'm trying to figure out this Arturo Lopez situation.
If you hear things from reporters, - would you mind sharing? - Sure.
You're covering the Arturo Lopez case, right? Every sordid detail.
Arturo Lopez just got shanked in county jail.
He's dead.
Lot of people must be relieved.
Arturo knew where a ton of bodies were buried.
Kiley Mills, brilliant sports agent.
This is my former soul mate, Abigail Thomas.
Feminist savior of the LAPD.
Uh, Tommy.
Good to meet you.
This is 213 in pursuit of a black SUV.
Ran a red on Franklin and Hillhurst.
He's heading north towards the 5.
Picking up speed.
Requesting backup.
Copy that.
Requesting backup and supervisor for pursuit of black SUV heading north.
I just realized who I should've married.
It's not even 7:00.
There was this guy in my grad school class, and I was already with Henry.
It's-it's nothing now, but at the time We had a connection right away.
You know what I thought? It was a sign I should marry Henry.
The fact that I could resist someone I preferred made me feel like I was already his wife.
Nothing's ever perfect, honey.
Not with Henry.
Not with your grad school guy, either, probably.
Henry came back last night.
He didn't say a word.
Just went out to the guesthouse.
I don't feel like I'm married.
More like a hostage.
I'm gonna tell him we need to talk tonight.
Just be honest with him.
If I'm really honest, I need to tell him I want a divorce.
Remember, nothing true is ever so bad that it can't be said.
I don't imagine that is your science project.
Luna and I negotiated a deal last night.
If she'd go to sleep, I'd help her finish.
I'm just trying to get the girl some sleep, you know? Ready, boss? - Hey, Diaz.
- Kate.
Nice solar system.
I didn't know you crafted.
You got skills.
You check your phone? - Why? - We got a pursuit.
Our chopper is in the sky bringing you live footage of the car chase Now, the car belongs to Austin Blaine.
Uh, it looks like he's the driver, too.
Isn't that the music festival guy? Wasn't he supposed to be arraigned this morning? Apparently, he decided to make a run for it instead.
- Blaine is the runner? - Where is he? Uh, he just got off the 105 a few minutes ago.
He's working his way through South-Central at 50 miles an hour.
Maybe we should back off with the ground units, let an airship track him.
If we stop chasing him, maybe he'll slow down.
Chief, this is now a national story.
It would be a major statement to just give up.
Blaine is a nonviolent offender.
He's easy to find.
We'll pick him up later.
I don't want to kill a pedestrian so we can nab a failed concert promoter on TV.
It wasn't just a concert.
- It was more of a lifestyle week - Shh, shh, shh.
Blake has a point, and he's up on federal charges, so the FBI is all over it.
I have a meeting with the mayor.
When it's done, if this guy is still leading a parade around town, we're gonna discuss this again.
Copy that.
Hey, Nichelle.
Is he ready for me? Good morning, Chief.
Deputy Mayor.
The mayor sends his regrets.
He can't make your meeting.
He had an emergency breakfast.
Never heard of a breakfast emergency, but all right.
Well, you know, every day has its little surprises.
Um, so, your budget proposal before the council.
Our budget proposal.
Yes, for 500 new officers.
Well, we thought you had the votes, but it looks like you don't.
The mayor assured me he was behind it.
He-he said he could get the votes.
Well, he is behind it.
But? Well, any muscle he has with the council he has to save for his homeless initiative.
It's coming up shortly.
That's his legacy.
But the mayor wants you to know that he loves the measure.
500 new cops, funding for a program to attract more diverse recruits, that's gonna make a real difference.
And we'll get it in time.
Recruiting new officers is our biggest issue.
We're never gonna change this department if we don't get new people.
That is my legacy.
He understands that.
So, who are these no votes the mayor didn't want to use his muscle on? Uh, council members Peet and Cordero.
And it's really too early for you to be thinking about your legacy.
LAPD! Get on the ground! LAPD! - Drop the gun! - Drop it! Drop the gun! Shots fired! Shots fired! We got a problem.
Austin Blaine got into an accident near Fairfax and Venice.
He and another guy ran into a fast-food joint before officers could get to them.
They're armed and holed up with we don't know how many people.
So, our white-collar criminal now has hostages.
Six months ago, Austin Blaine was selling tickets to what he called the biggest music festival and luxury extravaganza ever.
Dubbed Wylde Weekend, it was supposed to be three days of music and luxe lifestyle on an island off Baja California.
But when the weekend arrived, there was no music, no plush hotels, no gourmet food.
The only thing Wylde, it turned out, was the fraud.
Today, Austin Blaine was supposed to be answering charges in federal court.
Instead, he ended up here, hiding out at a restaurant.
Police have The incident commander says there's been no communication since Blaine and the other guy ran inside.
So, what about this other guy, the accomplice? We don't have a name.
Uh, a security camera got a partial photo.
Tech's trying facial recognition, but they're not hopeful.
Has anybody tried calling Blaine's phone? - He doesn't answer.
- So, we have a hostage situation, but he's not asking for anything.
Well, he's getting press.
Blake's already down there.
It's a mob scene.
Got to give it to the man.
He's a PR genius.
How long did you run the hostage negotiation unit? Seven years, give or take.
Blake is right.
We got a lot of eyes on this.
I need an experienced hand.
I'd like you to run it.
Can I take Diaz? He seems to know - about this guy.
- Sure.
Bring your team off to this side.
I want the east side.
Cooper! What the hell are you doing here? Got bored hiding - behind your desk? - Johnson.
I'm just here to make sure you don't completely screw this thing up.
- Abnar Diaz, Davey Johnson.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What have you got? Inner and outer perimeters are secure.
We've evacuated a one-block radius.
Airship's up.
Snipers in position on front and back entrances.
Kind of hoping we won't need the snipers.
- Anything else? - We got one of the hostages.
Name's Jocelyn Smith.
Apparently, when Blaine and the other guy came in, she ran out the back.
Got a couple of blocks away before she figured she should, you know, talk to us.
Smith, I'm Chief Cooper.
This is Detective Diaz.
We're very sorry about what you've been through.
Can you tell us what happened? I was just waiting at the register, and the two of them busted in.
How many people were in the restaurant when they came in? Evelyn and myself at the register, and Javi and his two guys were in the kitchen.
So, five with you.
Did anyone else get out? No.
I mean, I'm pretty sure no.
Can you tell us anything about the second man? Did they seem like they were friends? Um I only saw 'em talking to each other for, like, a second, but I did see the documentary, and I don't think the other guy was in it.
Also, he had the gun.
The other guy.
So, the other guy is armed.
Did Blaine have a partner in this festival? No.
Then who the hell is in there with him? We appreciate your cooperation under these circumstances, and we're asking that you say and show nothing about where the officers are positioned.
Questions? - Vincent? - Are any hostages hurt? And can you give their names? As far as we know, no one has been injured, and we're not identifying anyone at this time.
- Mina.
- The footage clearly shows two men going inside.
Who's the second man? As I said, we're not identifying anyone at this time.
Does the LAPD have a comment about the Wylde Festival? I leave that to the imagination of the readers of your blog, Lydia.
Anyone else with a real question? Austin, we just gave you a phone with a direct line to us.
Please call.
We want to talk about what you need.
How long do we have to wait? As long as necessary.
Just stay calm and wait for them to make a move.
Oh, funny.
That never worked with my ex-wife.
What? It was funny.
Chief Cooper, LAPD.
This Austin? No one comes in.
Leave us alone, or people will get hurt.
Hamilton Peet.
He won a special election last month.
He's a former cop, right? For ten, 12 years.
He represents the 17th district, which is heavily Valley.
White, conservative.
Leakey campaigned with him.
They're old friends.
Vanessa Cordero.
20th district.
Uh, runs from downtown through East L.
She's up for reelection next year.
- What's her district like? - A lot of working class.
Korea and Latinx.
She's a rising star on the left.
Was a community organizer before she ran for office.
These guys could not be more different, and yet I have to convince them both to vote for this measure by 5:00 p.
If you'll give me a chance, I think I can bring her around.
- How? - She's running for reelection.
It's political, as far as she's concerned.
I can talk to that.
I can do more for you than write speeches.
Hello? Hi.
I'm Ashley Kim, tech specialist.
I used to work for Decker, but he's gone, - so I'm leading the department right now.
- What's up? We ran Austin Blaine's phone, and he made a call to his parents just before the chase started.
Has anyone tried calling Blaine's parents? I wanted to check with you first.
Do you have their number and address? Yeah, right here.
I hear that's what you prefer.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Okay.
All right.
There is no way I'm gonna get to both of these people today.
Do you really think you can turn Cordero? Absolutely.
All right, go ahead.
I've got something.
Copy that.
Boss wants you to go to Blaine's parents' house.
I'll text you the address.
On it.
As the scene develops, we will bring you the latest updates.
Hey, Blake? Blake, can I talk to you for a second? Uh, yeah.
What's up? You know Lydia? Yeah.
She's a pain in the ass.
And normally - I wouldn't snitch, but - What's going on? I think she's made contact with one of the hostages.
She's talking to somebody, and it sounds like she wants her to appear live on her site.
Wells, get Chief Cooper, - and-and get him here right now.
- All right.
Okay, where is she? Okay, Evelyn, what else can you see? From right where you are.
Lydia? - Hold on a sec.
- Who are you talking to? None of your business.
Do you have a direct line to a hostage? You have no right to interfere.
Leave me alone.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Please surrender your phone to me before I ask SWAT to take it.
I get that people like you aren't motivated by a conscience, but how are you gonna feel when people actually get killed for your 50,000 likes? You can't do anything to me.
I'm leaving.
- I could arrest you.
- For what? Everything I can think of.
Give me the phone.
This is This is Chief Cooper, LAPD.
Who is this? Evelyn.
Evelyn, are you all right? Yeah.
I mean, scared.
I'm sure you are.
I just want to ask you a couple of questions, and then I want you to turn off the phone and hang up.
He's coming.
Who are you talking to? Give me that.
This is Austin Blaine.
If you want to talk to somebody, you talk to me.
This is Donn Cooper.
I'm glad that we're getting a chance to No, I'm the one who talks.
Talk to me.
I am a great businessman, and I have been disrespected.
It's not okay.
I understand.
Uh, what do you need? More than your understanding, bro.
Bring me $376,000 and a car.
Okay, we can, uh Or I start killing people.
You have one hour.
$376,000? That's a pretty specific number.
What do you think it is? Don't know, but it would help to find out.
All right, well, I'll have the techs dig in, see if they can find any connection.
Ma'am, Blaine's erratic and unstable.
Maybe we shouldn't wait this one out.
There are a lot of people at risk in there.
Let's give him some time and see what happens when reality sets in.
Well, from what I've heard about this guy, reality often doesn't.
So, he's given us an hour.
Wisdom says let's wait it out and then see what happens.
And if it look like he's really gonna hurt somebody, then, Johnson, your guys are gonna have to take him.
We're ready.
Anything from Councilman Peet? Tried three times.
His secretary just says he's out.
I know, it's 2020 people want to be reached, you can reach them.
So keep trying.
Make yourself obnoxious.
My pleasure.
Thanks for agreeing to see me, Councilwoman.
I was a little surprised you called.
You work with Chief Thomas.
Is this about her recruitment proposal? Yeah.
We would like you to support it.
Why would I do that? You're up for reelection.
Public safety is a winning electoral argument.
Uh lower crime rates, safer streets.
- People respond to those.
- In Hancock Park.
Pacific Palisades.
Upper-class white neighborhoods.
Not in my district.
Our problem is over-policing.
- Oh, I-I understand - Some people in my district are scared of people in uniform.
- They're worried about being deported.
- You know LAPD has nothing to do with immigration enforcement.
A uniform's a uniform.
Besides, my district has filed hundreds of racial profiling claims.
Which is why the proposal also funds retraining and recruitment from diverse backgrounds.
Diversity's great.
But real change comes from diversity at the top.
I understand.
But I don't think you appreciate what the proposal does.
And I am not leaving here until I get you to yes.
Unless that is rude.
I mean, I'm not saying that I'm gonna, like, occupy your office or anything.
Rosey, I appreciate your passion.
But it's no.
- So? - I went from obnoxious to outright rude didn't work.
This man Peet does not want to talk to you.
We got to up our game.
Who do you know at the Parking Enforcement Bureau? - Can I help you? - Robert Blaine? Yeah.
Abnar Diaz.
I'm with the LAPD.
I'm here to talk to you about your son Austin.
Can I come in? Um, I-I'm afraid we're too busy right now.
- Too busy? - If you'll excuse me.
Blaine, you know how much trouble your son is in? I'm trying to help him.
You want to talk to me.
My wife Janice.
- How do you do? - I'm pretty good, thanks.
What's this about? Your son made a call to the house this morning around 7:30, spoke to one of you? Mm no, there was no call.
Yeah, there was.
No, I'm afraid you're mistaken.
There was no call.
Why isn't your TV on? What do you mean? Whole city's watching your son on television.
Yours isn't on.
Haven't asked me once about how your son is doing.
Now you're lying to me, because I know he called.
What's this all about? Come on, now.
- I can't do it.
- Don't.
Austin called to say he was coming back to the house.
He said that there was another man in the car and not to ask questions, because because he was being held at gunpoint.
He told us not to contact the police under any circumstances.
Do you think they're telling the truth? They're too freaked out to be making it up.
So, somebody kidnapped Blaine, and they were taking him back to the house when they ran a red.
So why were they heading back to the house? There are rumors that Austin stole cash when his assets were seized.
Maybe it's here.
All right, I'll get a warrant, and I'll send a team to search the place.
You stay there, see if you can get - anything else out of the parents.
- Okay.
Can you get Judge Keyes on the phone? I need a warrant.
Cordero's a no.
Pretty firm.
I was thinking we could strategize - some other ways to approach her.
- Ken, you said you could handle it.
- I can.
- Well, asking for help is not handling it.
Asking for help is asking for help.
- I'll handle it.
- Good.
Judge Keyes? Police have cordoned off this corner where people are usually seen walking.
My wife can't watch.
She went upstairs.
His mother and I feel horrible.
And Austin, he he feels guilty, too.
Uh, that's what people don't understand.
Never goes anywhere.
Too depressed.
He been staying in a lot? All the time.
Where does he hang when he's here? He's down in the basement all day, playing his arcade games.
Hey, boss, I hit the jackpot.
They're still counting, but it looks like more than $2 million.
So, Blaine's a hostage, too.
If the other guy's calling the shots and he's using Blaine as a mouthpiece, - let's talk to him.
- Once we find out who he is, - we'll talk to him.
- Gonna say something soon hour's up in 17 minutes.
Hello? Is this okay? If you can't talk, I understand.
No, I got a minute.
I know what it's like when a day catches fire.
Although with me, it's usually because a wide receiver got arrested in Vegas with a hooker.
That's not exactly what you're dealing with.
I just I just wanted to say, if you can't make tonight, it's no problem we'll just do it another time.
No, I'm hoping we can.
Let's just, um, you know, see where the day goes.
Sounds good.
And, uh I'm not a half-bad negotiator, if you need any help.
All right, well, my people are pretty solid, but I will keep you in mind.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
I hope.
Boss? I think I have an I.
on the second guy.
Nothing turned up in the database of the festival for $376,000, so I checked to see if there were any vendors whose losses added up to that.
- Smart.
- Yeah, I thought so.
I found this guy.
Fred Stint.
Runs a catering business.
Ran it, actually.
It went under.
He was making food for workers in Baja who were trying to build Blaine's festival stage and whatnot.
According to the lawsuit, Blaine kept promising to pay and never did.
He's owed $376,000.
- Mm-hmm.
- And this is the image the security camera got outside the restaurant.
That's him.
- Any family? - A wife in Van Nuys.
All right, we need to talk to her.
Get as much information as you can on this guy and send it to Cooper right away.
Good work.
So, Stint kidnaps Blaine, planning to get some money out of him.
And Blaine's driving nervously, he runs a red.
Next thing they know, LAPD is on 'em.
You don't take hostages by accident.
I'm telling you, this guy did not wake up this morning planning to be in there.
What's it matter? He's there now.
Hour's up.
Where's the money and the car? Austin, let me talk to Fred.
Who's that? I want to talk to Fred Stint.
Put him on the phone.
They want to talk to you.
They know.
Dude, you have to end this.
Yeah? Fred, this is Chief Cooper.
How are you? Okay.
And how about those people in there? Everybody all right? Anyone hurt? They're fine.
Where's the money? We're working on it.
I know you have food and water.
Anything else you need? No.
Don't act tough, all right? That's not the move.
Shut up.
Shut up! Where's the money? Like I said, we're working on it.
But about those people in there with you they're a lot to keep an eye on.
You sure you don't want to let some of them out? No.
You got Evelyn, Javi, Rodrigo and James, right? They got nothing to do with this.
Well, they're kitchen workers, like the people that worked for you.
I bet they're tired and scared.
You don't want them hurt.
Just send some of them out.
It's easier all around.
Look I'm trying to help you here, Fred.
Just listen to him, okay? No! No, you're not! You're trying to manipulate me to do what you want me to do.
What, you think I don't know what that sounds like?! Bring me the money, or people start dying! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay! Stop, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Just just wait.
Please just stop.
Move, move.
Okay, this way.
Come on.
Come on.
It's safe, man.
Let's go.
Move, move.
The press are gonna be all over this.
Do you need me? - No, you go.
- Right.
You did a great thing, Fred.
Good for you, man.
They're out.
Now, I want you to transfer the money into an account in my wife's name.
Your wife's account? That's right.
Or I kill Blaine.
Now I'm worried.
He didn't ask for a car.
So? He doesn't need it anymore.
He thinks he's gonna die.
This is Councilman Harrison Peet.
Tell Chief Thomas she has my attention.
I'm sorry about the boot.
Was running out of time, the vote is tonight, but you know that because you're voting.
I guess I should pay my tickets.
- So you used to be a cop.
- Mm-hmm.
You know how much we need new officers.
What is your problem with this proposal? 500 new cops is a good thing if they're good cops.
That's what the academy is for.
Your bill's not about 500 new cops.
It's a diversity bill.
It's about a political agenda.
You can't police a community without members of that community to help police it.
A good cop's a good cop.
It's got nothing to do with race or ethnicity.
"Recruitment is down for police departments all over.
"Outreach to broader pools of officers is the best way for departments to grow and flourish.
" That was you two years ago.
Why are you killing this proposal? Does loyalty mean something to you, Chief? - Loyalty to who? - Milt Leakey.
He is the reason I'm on the council.
He got cops to vote for me, they put me over the top.
He also helped me get my kid into rehab.
I owe Milt a lot.
When Leakey was chief, he tried to get more cops.
- He wanted the same thing.
- Yeah.
And if you're able to get 'em when he couldn't, that's an embarrassment.
Did, did Leakey put you up to this? You're voting no because if he couldn't do it, I shouldn't be able to, either? What-what is that? Bottom line, I'm a no, unless Milt Leakey tells me otherwise.
Maybe I should propose "coffee with a cop" in Cordero's district.
We could throw a big event for the community.
If they don't like cops, they probably don't want the cops holding a fiesta.
It's a hard day all around.
I have to tell that nice candidate in there for the police commission that she needs to go home because there's no way the chief's gonna find time to talk to her.
The police commission? There's a vacancy on the police commission.
Lora Stint? Chief Cooper.
Thanks for coming.
I came as soon as I heard.
How's Fred? Is he all right? - He's not injured.
- Good.
What can I do? Well, anything you can tell me about him would help.
Okay, um, Fred he's actually a very responsible person.
When the, when the festival fell apart, and there was no money was coming in, he actually made sure that he paid everybody, all the vendors.
I just think he didn't realize how much it would hurt.
He lost the business, we lost our home.
He just he feels like a loser.
Like he's lost all his dignity.
I think he feels he has nothing left.
He needs to talk to someone he loves.
Tell me what to say, tell me how to try to Just tell him you love him.
You don't have to think too hard.
Just say what's in your heart.
- I can do that.
- And if-if he asks if money's been transferred into your account, say it has.
Has it? Say it has.
For him.
Look, I'm not gonna tell you voting for the proposal will change the nature of conflict between underserved communities like yours and the LAPD, but that doesn't mean it's not worth doing.
I just don't think it does enough.
What if we could do more? I've spoken with the chief and the mayor's office.
We can offer you a seat on the police commission.
So I'm one voice on a commission.
Where you can speak and people will hear you.
About the profiling claims and the issues with uniforms.
It's something, which is better than nothing, which is what will happen if the proposal fails.
You know, the LAPD has never asked my support before.
I'm sorry? And here you are, coming to see me twice in one day.
And you're right it is something.
You have my yes.
Uh, seriously? I'm - That is so great.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I should stop, shouldn't I? Um Okay.
Yeah? It's Chief Cooper, Fred.
Lora's here.
Will you talk to her? My wife? Hi, baby.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm, uh Yeah.
Let me take you out of here.
I know you don't want to hurt anybody.
Let's just go home.
Did they transfer the money into your account? Did they do that? Yeah, they did.
No, they didn't.
They did.
I swear.
It's okay.
Um They were never going to.
Um, I get it.
It's over.
Nothing is over! Freddy, please! We still have each other.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that, please.
I wish that, um, you didn't see any of this.
I wish Buddy.
Baby, please.
I love you.
Freddy! Freddy! No! No! Ma'am.
Sorry about that.
So, I met with Councilman Peet today.
Ah, great guy.
The best.
He's against my proposal to the city council for more officers.
Ham's an independent, maverick.
Cut the crap, Milt.
We both know why he's doing it.
So, what do you want so you will tell him to vote for it? What do I want? Well, I want my life back.
I'm a troll under a bridge ever since I left this place.
I want my reputation repaired.
There's only so much I can do in regard to that.
But you want me to bring you back into the conversation, demonstrate that the department values your contribution No, no, no, no.
I want much more than that.
I did a favor for you with the Guzman case.
I let you back in here, let you speak to the press.
This is much bigger.
I want an office in the building.
Not stuck in some oddball corner.
Main corridor.
A position.
Executive Consulting something.
When the budget measure does pass, I want credit.
I've been barking after this long before you waltzed into town.
And when it does pass, you and I are gonna have a very frank conversation about these diversity provisions.
You're all round the bend on this stuff.
Did you hear about this hostage thing we got going on today? Yeah.
Good luck.
They're a mess.
It makes you think.
What you are willing to trade to get what you want.
Peet doesn't vote for your measure, it doesn't pass.
That's right.
Wait a minute.
You're saying no? That's right.
I got to get down to the crime scene.
Oh, you are welcome to stay here as long as you like.
It's, uh it's right on the main corridor.
You really think Stint is a threat to himself? Look, my guys can take him.
But if he's suicidal and he wants to kill Blaine, it'd be impossible to stop him.
I think we should try to talk to him again.
Doubt we can get him on the phone.
Let's do it face-to-face.
I'll go in.
Don't know about that, Chief.
We-We're trying to get his attention, right? Best way is a new face.
I don't know how we'd guarantee your safety, ma'am.
We'll figure something out.
Fred! It's Abigail Thomas, chief of police.
Can we talk? We won't shoot unless you do! You have my word! Don't worry, Austin.
Everything's gonna be all right.
What do you want? Well, I thought you should know, Fred, that, because of you, we found $2 million that Austin stole.
It was in a, uh, pool table at his parents' house.
You got to be kidding me.
I wish I could tell you that you get the money, but you don't.
It's all going into a fund to make good everybody who lost money on the festival.
We wouldn't have found the money without you, Fred.
That was your doing.
But whether you live or die today, that's your decision.
But before you make it, I would like you to think about what you made possible today.
Your wife she's still here.
She very much wants to see you alive.
All right.
Let's go back.
Hands in the air! Hands! Come forward! Come forward right now! Hands on top of your head! All in a day's work.
No, Ken, listen, you did great.
You got the vote.
Unfortunately, we needed both.
This is on me, not you.
Well, what now? You know, we keep working.
We make inroads into the communities, we make better connections with the council people and, you know, we'll pass it when we can.
Ken, you're right.
You can do more than write speeches.
And we'll get this eventually.
Thanks, Chief.
Come on in.
I, um I wanted to say thanks for helping with Lydia.
Uh, if you hadn't said something, that would have been a disaster today.
No problem.
What's up? Remember when you asked me to look into Arturo Lopez? Yeah, uh, you said nothing came of that.
Nothing did.
But Sheriff just released his report on the death yesterday.
Said Lopez was killed for being a pedophile.
Which is what everybody said, right? Well, I went to talk, uh, to the family of one of the guys who killed him.
And I was thinking of doing a story about, like, lives intersecting, blah, blah, blah.
Turns out, they are living in a new townhome.
An expensive one.
I mean, like, really nice.
Not the kind of place you would expect to find them in.
Just got in, apparently.
And when I asked them how, they threw me out.
So you think you think the new townhome was payment for killing Arturo? From who? I don't know.
But I want to find out.
Why are you telling me this? You know I always like telling you things, Blake.
Besides, if anything happens, somebody should know.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
Okay? All right.
See you.
The octopus here is almost as good as the Adriatic.
Aren't they supposed to be, like, really smart? My daughter won't even eat 'em.
We missed you in Big Sur.
I hate myself for not being there, but my doctor says - I need a break.
- You missed out.
The ayahuasca was amazing.
Allow me to introduce to you Abigail Thomas, our chief of police.
Hello, Daniel.
Hello - Jojo.
- Jojo.
Yeah, I'm on a date with a cop.
And lucky for both of you uh, and you, too, probably, Jojo I didn't hear a thing about ayahuasca.
Nice to see you.
Sorry about that.
Someone you know over there? Yes.
It is my predecessor Milt Leakey and the deputy mayor.
I know it sounds paranoid, but I think they are conspiring against me.
How awkward for them that you're here.
Should we send over a bottle of champagne? No.
I need the bottle of champagne.
I had a great time.
I'd love to see you again.
I think we should be friends.
I like to think of friendship as a foundation for dating.
I used to work in Narcotics.
Like, I'm-I'm literally a Narc.
I don't know that I'm your type.
Why don't you let me worry about that? We don't have anything in common.
Sure, we do.
There's no chemistry.
You sure about that? Well even so.
Thank you.
Hi, guys.
I'm not wearing - pants.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna I'll look down.
The, um the talk didn't go as planned.
Thank you for telling me to be honest.
I love you.

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