Too Close To Home (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Dangerously Close, Alabama

1 [Horns honking] [Indistinct conversations] Anna! Over here! - Hey.
- Hey.
Well, she's late.
I'll tell you what.
Hey, you guys.
Mwah! - Hi, beautiful.
- Hey.
- Hey, gorgeous.
- Hey.
- God, it's a zoo in here tonight.
- Yes, it is.
- Why? - Who cares? Look at all these guys! I don't think Victor would approve of you saying that.
- He wouldn't dare.
- I have no reason to.
I'm going home with the most beautiful man in the room.
- Aww.
- Oh, hey.
- Did you talk to your parents? - About? Hello! About us staying in their house - next summer in the Hamptons! - Yes.
Yes, we're really looking forward to that.
I can't wait.
You guys, I am so sorry.
My aunt and uncle are moving back from Paris, and they're actually staying there for a while.
- Hmm.
- Great.
Dax, plan B.
I'm not going to Jacksonville.
- But Jacksonville's nice.
- I've never heard of it.
Jacksonville is nice for the retired.
We're gonna go to Miami.
What about you? I am going to visit my parents in Greece.
Well, must be nice having wealthy parents.
- You can say that again.
- Yeah, and having them pay for your fabulous flat overlooking the city.
- Okay, can we stop? - No.
- Oh, stop.
She's sensitive.
- Aww! You're rich.
So, where you been? Uh, they just had me stay a little late.
Why? - Oh - We never have to stay late.
Thank god.
Why were you asked? Sounds like a story to me.
Hold that thought.
- [Laughs] - Okay, so, are they not happy with you? No.
No, no.
Um You know we have that guy coming in from Harlem - that helped out the kids? - Yeah.
You know, I just had to make sure that everything was in order.
Okay, well, we're working on that, too.
Right, Dax? Oh, I know.
I know.
I just I got tapped as the lead for some reason.
Well, be sure you know how to pronounce his name.
He hates it if you can't pronounce the names.
- Yeah, I know.
Thank you, Dax.
- Ooh.
- Who is this? - I'm John.
Um, I'm Valerie.
And you are? She's Anna.
I'm Dax.
Sorry, she's being very rude.
And I'm Victor.
I'm also being very rude.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles] Sorry.
She's had a very long day at work, and she should dance with you.
- No, she should not.
- Anna.
Wow, you know, you never talk to any guys.
I feel like there's something you want to tell us.
Yes, you guys.
I'm a lesbian.
- I knew it.
- Mm-hmm.
[Chuckles] And I am so sorry.
My partner would be so upset.
Come on.
You're dancing.
No, I'm not.
Oh, yes, you are.
No, Valerie.
Go! I'm sorry.
- Stop! Valerie! - Post it, post it! - Why? Why? - Oh, come on.
- We work at the White House.
- What is wrong with you? You should want to be seen with this guy.
- And you only live once.
- Yeah, live.
I mean, this guy's so cute.
You're just a little drunk.
Can you please delete it? It's already posted.
[Sighs] Valerie! Relax! Whoa! We're not doing anything.
- What is - Is she serious? - I'm sorry.
- What the hell was that? You forgot your drink! Moving down that highway Alabama bound got to get out of D.
Live in my small town I've been wrong trouble has hit me too close to home [horn honks] [Engine shuts off, door opens] [Siren wails in distance] Hold it right there! - Are you okay? - We're sorry.
- Can you just delete it? - I did.
What's going on with you? Annie Belle.
[Chuckling] Who is that? Mmm.
I know what's going on here.
- Oh, so do I.
- You been holding out on us? You guys, I'm fine.
Thanks for checking on me, okay? - She's been holding out on us.
- Yeah.
Well, she doesn't look too happy to see him.
No, she doesn't.
Maybe he's the reason she didn't want us to post it! - You guys.
- Makes sense.
Come on.
Haven't you embarrassed me enough for one night? - See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
What are you doing here? - I needed to talk to you.
- Then you should have called.
So you can ignore us? I need to talk to you.
- Well, now's not a good time.
- Well, when is a good time, Annie? J.
, I am very tired and I have to get up very early.
Well, we've been trying to call you for months.
And I've been busy, J.
I told you that.
You need to help us.
I don't have any money, J.
I'm an intern.
This place is nice.
You would think that.
I looked it up, Annie.
Rent here is 4 grand a month.
You got money.
- You just don't want to help us.
- I don't.
You don't You don't have any money or you don't want to help us? I don't have any money.
How you afford this place, then? Student loans.
[Chuckles] - Debt to no end.
- Well, why can't you give us - some of that money? - Because it doesn't work that way, J.
[Scoffs] Yeah, it just ain't fair that you leave us - for all this and take care - You know, I'm not doing this.
Hey, wha you are going to.
No, I'm not, J.
Go back to Happy, 'cause I'm not.
You don't care that things are falling apart down there? You are such a bitch.
What happened to you, Annie Belle? Who are you? No one you know.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I ain't done talking to you.
Unhand me, J.
Are you okay, ma'am? Who the hell are you? I'm fine.
- Who the hell are you? - He's just my neighbor.
Okay? Hey.
Let me go.
You just gonna abandon us all, huh? Leave us down there to take care of everything? [Door closes] [Keys jingle] [Cellphone vibrating] [Cellphone beeps] Hello? Man: Do you know how much I hate it when you don't answer the phone? I'm sorry.
I was out.
I know.
I got her to take it down.
You want to tell me who that guy is? - Um, he's he's no one.
- Uh-huh.
He's just some random guy.
I I I I don't know him.
He's handsome.
- Well, he's not as handsome as you.
- Uh-huh.
And who was the guy outside your apartment? I didn't realize you were having me followed again.
Well, you should answer.
I Wanted to know you were okay.
I was worried.
It won't happen again.
You're quiet.
You're upset with me, aren't you? I don't like when you're upset with me.
- [Click] - Hello? [Sighs] Damn it.
[Sighs] [Dog barking] Bonnie: All right, all right, y'all.
Get up.
Got to go to school.
All right.
Come on.
It's time to get up and go to school, okay? Mac.
I want you to take this to Grandma, okay? - I'm so glad it's your turn.
- Ha, ha.
- Aunty Bonnie? - Yeah.
- Rebel's sick.
- What's wrong with you? I don't feel so good.
You don't have a fever.
- She has a test today.
- Busted.
Well, listen, honey.
You still got to go to school, okay? - 'Cause I got to go to work.
- Aunty Bonnie! Shh! Your uncle's sleeping, okay? He just got in a little while ago.
Go on.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- Don't rush us.
- Get to school.
- Such an ass.
- Get to school.
- Rebel.
You better watch your mouth.
- Shut up.
- Go on, Mac.
- It's your turn.
- Shut up.
Walk a little faster.
Come on, Mac.
[Laughter] [Barking continues] [Car door closes] [Sighs] [Knocks on door] Coming.
- Hey, Brody.
- Hi.
- How you doing? - I'm fine.
You know I'm here for the rent.
Sorry that it's late.
I, uh it's just been a little Slow at the diner.
It's all there, Brody.
You don't have to count it.
- You know we can't keep doing this.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
How's your daddy? All right, I guess.
How y'all doing up there? Doing all right.
- You getting any work done? - As much as I can.
He need full-time care, don't he? It's all right.
Well, I really miss your daddy, you know that? I miss him coming around here, collecting the rent.
He was real nice to me.
Well, that's part of the problem, Bonnie.
Folks around here like to take advantage of that.
What is that supposed to mean? I'm not that type of person.
You paying your mama's rent? Look, I went over to my mama's trailer.
I gave her her check and she I can't find it.
So as soon as I do, I'll give it to you, but I Yeah, this is what I mean, Bonnie.
Brody, I know.
I'm sorry.
- I I I y'all been real good to - Look.
Things are different now since my daddy is sick, and I need you to pay on time! Why are you yelling at me? I said okay.
I'm sorry.
This is the last time.
How about this? How about if I come and sit with your daddy, maybe work for you? What do you think about that? - You have a job.
- Yeah.
At the diner, but I mean at nighttime.
How about I come over to Your place, work for you, maybe in exchange for Mama's rent? Who's gonna take care of your mama if you're taking care of my daddy? J - J.
's here and - J.
's back in town? - Yeah.
- Don't tell me you're back together.
His truck's over there.
You didn't see it when you drove in? He's been driving for Dugan now, so things are looking up for us.
Yeah, until he runs out on you again, Bonnie.
Brody, please don't say that.
I'd really like to sit with your daddy, if you'd let me.
- No.
- Please.
Come on.
- No.
- Brody, I know what's it's like to sit with a parent.
I've been doing it for years.
Why won't you let me help you? He needs help.
Can you just get me the money, please? [Sighs] Yeah, I'll get you the money.
Brody [Car door closes] - [Car engine starts] - Bye.
, wake up.
[Groans] Yeah, I'm up.
No, come on.
Get up.
- I'm up.
- You're not up! - That Brody? - Yeah.
- Bastard.
- Hey.
Don't say that about him.
He just wanted the rent.
- [Sighs] You pay him? - Yeah, I paid him.
I didn't pay him Mama's, though.
Don't look at me.
I ain't got nothing.
[Scoffs] I know.
That's why you got to get up and go to work, okay? - I'm up, I said.
- Yeah, you are not up.
You are just laying there like a bump on a log.
- I'm I'm tired.
- Stop.
I don't want to J.
Come on.
Mnh, mnh.
- All right, fine.
- Hmm? Why'd you get home so late, huh? You had a long run yesterday.
Yeah, I know.
Where'd you go? [Sighs] Bonnie, we can't We can't take care of all these kids and your mama.
I mean, it was just it's It's a lot to deal with.
Did you go up and see her? - [Sighs] Yeah.
- You went up and saw her, didn't you? Mm-hmm.
Damn it, J.
What in the hell? We cannot go and jeopardize her job.
- She works in the White House.
- You know how she's living up there? I don't care.
That's none of your business.
- What are you talking about, Bonnie? - What am I talking about? - She left everything on you.
- I'm fine.
No, you ain't.
You ain't fine.
You're overworked, and I am, too.
She's doing good, J.
We got to leave her alone.
We ought to ask her for some help.
Hell, she she don't care about nothing but herself.
That's not true! She works in the White House.
- What do you expect from her? - Bonnie.
I know that you want to believe her, but it ain't true.
She don't care.
I want you to promise me you'll never do that again.
All right, then you ought to call her - and ask her for some help.
I want you to promise me right now, J.
Don't do it again! Please.
For me.
Call her and ask her for help, Bonnie.
If I do that, I will tell her that you will never, ever do that again.
- J.
, come on.
- Let me go.
- We're not done talking here.
- Yeah, well, I got to shower, you know.
I got to got to get to work.
[Door closes] [Water running] [Cellphone beeps] [Cellphone vibrating] Pronounce his name, please.
I'm sorry, Mr.
This is Rokudo Romondo Avna Muhammad.
Oh, right.
How could I not know that? You are a hero.
This is wife, Katelynn.
Katelynn: Hello.
Thank you for all you've done.
How incredibly bold you are.
Photo? Right this way, sir.
I'm sorry about the representative from the Social Office, sir.
- Have her come.
- Sure.
- Thomas.
Let it go.
- She needs to learn.
I'm sorry, sir.
Do you know how incredibly embarrassing it is to have someone you're supposed to respect and admire - and not even know their name? - I'm sorry, sir.
- Were you distracted? - No.
- What's your name? - Anna, sir.
- And what are you studying? - Political science.
Well, Anna who's studying political science, if you want to be in the Social Office in the White House and in the East Wing, you should really be more prepared.
There are thousands perhaps millions of people who'd like to work in the Social Office.
Are we clear? Yes, sir.
It won't happen again.
Thank you.
He hates you.
- No, he doesn't.
- That was a huge mistake.
What happened? I just got a phone call and a text from my parents.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Um They're just in the south of France for the weekend, and and and my dog got left alone.
That's all.
Wow! Your dog almost cost you your job.
Would you shut up? Hey.
Look, don't worry about him, all right? - He's right, though.
I did screw up.
- Anna.
It's okay.
Come on.
Let's get back.
- Yes.
- Why were so hard on her? - Who? - That young lady, Anna.
These kids need to learn.
Yes, but through humiliation? I didn't humiliate her.
I just think you should let one of the aides in social service handle it.
You are the president.
Yes, I'm aware.
And if you're not happy with her, have her removed.
You shouldn't be down in those weeds.
I get it.
I will focus on the big picture and not set a young lady who has dreams and goals on the right path.
If you're not happy, I can have her removed, I'm sure.
[Sighs] No.
It's fine.
- [Door opens] - Mr.
- Yes? - Shall I show Mr.
Hilbrand to the Oval? Yes.
Thank you.
- Will you be up for dinner? - I will try.
[Insects chirping] [Sighs] Are you cold? I'm gonna put this blanket there if you need it.
Thank you.
What's your name? I'm Brody, Daddy.
Ah, Brody.
[Chuckles] Did you bring your brother in from the field? Yeah, I did.
Where's your mother? She's laying down.
Well, she should be laying here with me.
Yeah, well, she is coming.
Where's your mother? She's in the kitchen, Daddy.
- Oh, cooking? - Yeah.
[Sniffs] Yeah, I smell it.
I'm sure you do.
Did you bring your brother in from the field? - Yeah, I'm going to now.
- Okay.
Oh, I need to wear my blue denim to the mill tomorrow.
So tell your mother to press it.
- Okay, I will.
- Okay.
- You should get your rest, okay? - Okay.
[Dog barks in distance, engine shuts off] Hey.
I'm sorry it's so late.
What can I do for you? Um - I brought you Mama's rent.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I found it right after you left.
And I also brought you a meal.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
I can see it in your eyes.
- [Footsteps approach] - Man: I have to go to the mill.
That's tomorrow, Daddy.
No, it's it's today.
- Daddy - No Hello, Dr.
How are you? - Who are you? - I'm Bonnie.
Listen, can you come over to my trailer tomorrow morning and fix some pipes? Oh.
Y yes.
Yes? Okay, great.
Well, you should get some rest 'cause you know how tired that makes you.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
You're right.
You're right.
D do you want me to help you to bed? Oh, no, no, no.
I I can manage.
- All right.
- You tell Jolene I'll be there in the morning.
- You know I will.
- Okay.
Good night.
Good night.
How did you know that would work? I didn't.
I thought it was worth a try.
Thank you.
You want to come in? Uh, sure.
Just for a sec.
It smells good, so - Come on.
- Well, I know it smells good.
I made it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Judy: Mr.
President? - Anna.
- Anna: Hi.
- You can leave us now, Judy.
- Yes, sir.
Go home.
Larry's with me here now.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry about today.
And about last night.
Are you still upset with me? [Both chuckle] [Panting] Thank you.
[Chuckles] You're very welcome.
Who's at home with the kids? - What? - You heard me.
How's that going? - It's going.
- You happy? Yes.
[Scoffs] I'm sorry, Brody.
For what? For Annie breaking your heart.
Well, she wanted the big city, so what could I do? She's doing real good.
Yeah, I hear.
She works in the White House.
Did you know that? You never talk to her? Ever? Yeah, I tried a couple times.
Yeah? She won't return my calls, so I'm done with it.
Well, the next time I talk to Annie, I'm gonna tell her to give you a call.
I don't do that.
You sure? Yeah.
That's over.
You mad at her, ain't you? Look, can we not talk about this? Okay.
- Larry.
- Ma'am.
- Where's Thomas? - He is in a meeting, ma'am.
- Where? - It's undisclosed.
Well, with you standing there, I know he's in the Oval.
- Ma'am.
- And where's Judy? Gone for the evening, ma'am.
- Why is he down here this late again? - I'm not sure, ma'am.
Well, is there some sort of crisis that's going on that I don't know about? I'm not sure, ma'am.
Well, how long will the meeting last? Not sure, ma'am.
Who's in the meeting with him? I'm not allowed to say, ma'am.
Ma'am? I will be sure and let him know you came by looking for him once he's out.
I think I'll just sit here, if you don't mind.
Yes, ma'am.
I know you got a lot going on, Brody, with your daddy and your mama passing.
I'm gonna pray for you, okay? Thank you for dinner.
I can cook for you you every night, bring it over for your daddy and you and just sit with him if you'd like that.
[Chuckling] What? Hi, Judy.
Judy: Hello, ma'am.
Is there anything I can do for you? Yes.
I'm looking for my husband.
Oh, yes, ma'am.
He's in a briefing.
Where? In the situation room, ma'am.
Is that so.
Yes, ma'am.
Um, shall I get a message to him? So, this is how you cover for him.
I'm sorry? I'm waiting to speak with him.
I will let him know.
He's not in the situation room.
He's in the Oval, isn't he? - Oh, I wasn't aware - Sure you weren't.
Stand there.
And, Larry, try to resist telling your buddies to go through the rose garden and let them know that I'm sitting out here.
We're gonna stand here like good little boys and girls and wait for him to come out.
Stop, please.
Stop, stop, stop.
I miss you.
You wanted my sister, Brody.
You didn't want me.
I love you.
[Sighs] [Scoffs] You dated my sister.
She's been gone for years, Bonnie.
This ain't right.
I know, you said that.
You said that a lot.
It's been three years since she left.
Never even called me.
I didn't even know you were as special as you are.
[Sighs] That's because That's because you were in love with her.
She's gone.
I'm with J.
now, Brody, okay? That ain't gonna stop me from loving you.
[Sighs] Well, I wish that it would.
And and I'm very sorry.
This is why you can't be here with my daddy.
I understand.
But if you change your mind, we could sure use the money.
- [Moaning] - Tell me you love it.
I love it.
[Panting] Thomas? Thomas.
Thom Thomas.
Thomas! Help! Help! Help! Something happened to him.
[Murmuring] What is it? I don't know.
Can you hear me? Okay, let's get him down on the ground.
Emergency medical is airlift-ready.
Watch his head.
- Check his airway.
- It's clear.
Okay, check for a pulse.
Man: Wait, I've got something.
It's faint, but it's there.
I'm gonna start chest compressions.
- 1, 2 - The president is down.
- The president is down.
- 3, 4, 5.
Let's go again.
[Sighs] - [Laughs] - I don't know.
Maybe he's going there.
Oh, god.
- Trouble.
- Can I talk to you? - Pay up.
- I thought you weren't coming.
- You just cost me five bucks.
- Please.
Hey, what's going on? Just Can we talk? Okay, well, why don't we go to the ladies' room? Can we actually go outside? - Uh, sh should I - Yeah.
All right.
Come on.
Should I come? No.
Are you okay? Uh I, uh Okay, is it that guy? The guy from the truck? Is he hurting you? I think I hurt him.
What did you do? [Stammers] I didn't do anything.
He just he just He stopped breathing.
- Okay, well, did you call an ambulance? - No.
You have to.
Where is he?! Anna, give me the address! I'm calling 911.
- No.
- Anna.
Give me the address! [Gasping] Okay.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
What are you saying? You can't tell anyone.
Okay, Anna, I've known you for three years, and you're scaring me.
It's the president.
What's the president? [Voice breaking] He's he's the guy.
The guy you're having an affair with? Yeah.
- I cannot know this.
- Valerie, you're all I have.
This is the type of stuff that ruins people's lives! - I need you.
- No.
You don't.
Valerie, please help me.
Don't contact me again because I cannot know this, Anna! I have to go.
- Valerie.
- No.
- Valerie, you're the only person I know.
- No.
No! Do not follow me! No.
- Valerie.
- No.
[Breathing shakily] The White House has released a statement that the president is recovering at the White House after suffering about with the flu.
I'm I didn't do anything.
I swear.
First lady.
Leave us, please.
So, this is how he keeps you.
You must be really good.
How long have you been fucking him? I asked you a question.
We're just friends.
Friends? [Voice breaking] Yeah.
He's the president.
You're a lying bit of trailer park trash.
You can't be friends with the president.
That's laughable.
Is that a tear, dear? I'm so sorry.
This must have been thrilling for you.
Coming from where you come from, Annie Belle.
Living like this.
A view of the monuments.
The president my husband.
[Sighs] He made you feel special, didn't he? That's what he does.
He has the ability to make you feel like you're the only one that matters.
It's an act.
It's a gift, and it's no match for a child from Happy, Alabama.
Is there someone or something good waiting for you in Alabama? - No.
- Well, there must be.
You took this leap into my life.
You think I'm just gonna let you walk away freely? [Sighs] I'm so sorry.
Little Annie Belle Hayes facing federal charges for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States.
What? Wait, I didn't do anything.
You fucked him.
That's what you did.
What's your plan, girl? I don't have a plan.
There was no condom in that office.
Did he use one? No.
- Take this.
- What is it? Take it! I have to be sure you don't have some bastard child that I will have to deal with.
Take it now.
Put it in your mouth and swallow it.
[Gasps] [Sighs] Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.
Good girl.
[Sighs] How much trouble am I in? [Sniffles] You are in so deep, little girl.
Tomorrow, the world will know, and I assure you it will know about you and him.
I won't say anything.
I promise.
You won't have to.
I will.
- What? - I will.
- You will? - Yes.
- I I don't understand.
- Sure, you do.
- No, I mean - Why all the surprise? You think I'm just gonna let you do this and you'll walk away freely? Why would you do that? Why wouldn't I? Because you're the first lady.
And, tell me, what exactly does that mean? Your job is to protect him.
My job? Yes.
I'm an Ivy-league-educated attorney.
I didn't mean to offend.
You didn't mean to offend? [Sighs] So, sleeping with my husband wasn't meant to o offend me? [Sighs] I just meant that [clears throat] I think you should protect him.
- So, my job is to protect him? - Yes.
And your job was in the Social Office of the East Wing.
Did you do your job? Yes, I did.
And where in that job description did it say anything about being on your knees in the Oval? I'm sorry.
We've established that.
Christian, if you do this, it will be horrible for the both of you.
- Is that a threat? - No.
I just mean Why would you do that? To yourself and to him and to your kids? So, are we your concern, or is it yourself? I'm concerned for both of us.
So you think this scandal will affect me? Yes, I do.
Then why were you having an affair with him? [Sighs] - I'm sorry.
- Yes, you are.
[Sighs] Think about everything you've built.
- Yes.
I am.
He's - The president.
He's the president.
You don't get it at all, do you, Alabama? You made the fatal mistake of coming after what's mine.
I'm going to destroy you just like every other whore who had the unfortunate moment of crossing paths with a powerful politician.
You'll never be able to get a job.
You'll be a joke.
Forever known as the dumb hick who sucked off the president.
Do you have any idea how dumb you are? Ms.
Christian, please don't do this.
What are you doing? Starting the beginning of your destruction.
- Take it all.
- No.
Stop it.
That's mine! Nothing here is yours.
And you'll be locked out of this place when I leave here.
[Voice breaking] Wait, but I have nowhere to go.
Is that a concern of mine? Please don't do this.
Christian, - please don't do this.
- Yes.
I wanted it to end.
But [sighs] I wanted it to end, but he wouldn't let me.
I'm sure.
Thomas can be very controlling.
He [sighs] - Go on.
- He would he would constantly have me followed.
Well, why would you think he wouldn't? You're a whore that he's been paying for.
You're a possession.
How could you not know that, Alabama? I'm not a whore.
You think he was something? You have no idea of the monster who stands before you.
[Insects chirping] Man: Every time we go out, it's always something with you! Always! Get out! Woman: Fine.
I don't want to be with you, anyway.
- Good! Get out, then! - Fine, I will! Go back to your trash home! Get out! You're you're just a loser.
Hey! Get the hell out of my car.
[Door slams] [Knocking on door] Mama! Mama! Mama, I know you hear me! Mama, open this damn door! It's me, Mama! Bonnie.
- Bonnie? - Bonnie: Hmm? Mm.
What time is it? I don't know.
Why don't you go back to bed, baby, okay? She's out there.
Who? My mama.
- Where? - At Grandma's.
[Sighs] Okay.
All right.
I'm up.
- Can we tell her? - No, no.
I want you to go to bed, okay? - You sure? - Yeah.
Go on.
Woman: Mama, I know you're in there! - Mama, open up the door! - [Sighs] [Knocking continues] Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama, I know you hear me! Mama, open this damn door! I got to pee, Mama! - [Urine trickling] - Shelby.
- What the hell are you doing? - What? I had to go, and she wouldn't open the door! So you're just gonna piss on the ground like an animal? When a lady has to go, a lady has to go.
- A lady, huh? - Oh, don't you start, too.
What happened to your face? Damn loser.
Who, Ray? Bonnie, come on.
You're blowing my high.
So you're gonna admit that you're high? Well, don't you don't you say shit to me.
Little Miss Perfect.
Mama, Mama! Open this damn door, Mama! - Shelby, what are you doing? - Hey, she hears me.
- She hears me! She does.
- What are you doing? - She's asleep, Shelby.
- But I need to talk to her.
Why? She hasn't got no money for you.
Well, did I say I wanted money? Well, then why else are you here? [Sighs] I can't go home.
Why? Is it because Ray's hitting you? [Sighs] Ray kicked me out of the house.
What? I I didn't hear what you said.
Ray kicked me out, okay? It was my fault.
It's your fault, huh? It's always your fault.
You know, I can't do this anymore.
Bonnie, no.
- Look, I'm so sorry.
- Please don't cry right now.
Bonnie Look, I am, okay? - All right.
- Look, I can't do a damn thing right.
- All right.
No, no.
Come here, come here.
- And I just need to stay for a little while.
Come here, come here, come here, come here.
- Bonnie, I don't got nowhere to go.
- Okay.
All right.
All right.
I know.
- I ain't got nowhere to go.
- Okay.
All right.
You can stay with me, but you got to behave this time, all right? - I will.
I will.
I promise.
- You will? I'm serious.
I will.
But why why won't she talk to me? I want I want you to look at me, okay? Look at me, please.
- Shelby.
- Yeah, okay, what? If you come in my house, I don't want you talking to Mac.
- Okay.
- Promise me? Yes.
Yes, I do.
- Let's go.
- I'm tired.
It's okay.
All right.
Oh, no.
I don't even know how I got here, really.
- It's okay.
- I think I walked.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[Door opens] The kids are asleep.
Okay? - Okay.
- Just watch your step.
- Hey, Mac.
- Shh, shh.
- Can't I just hug him? Can't I hug him? - No.
That's not happening.
I want you to sit down.
Look at me right now.
- Hey, Mac.
- Listen to me.
Shelby, look at me.
You're gonna stay the night tonight.
You're gonna leave tomorrow morning, all right? - I don't want you talking to Mac.
- Okay.
Promise me? - You promise me that? - But he looks like he wants - to talk to me, though.
- I know.
Are you sure? Lay down.
Scoot up.
Scoot up.
- Okay.
- Just lie down.
Are you sure? - Okay.
- [Shoe unzips] - I'm tired.
- I know, honey.
Just close your eyes and just try and sleep, okay? Go on.
Go to bed.
It's all right.
[Sighs] [Knocks on door] - Hi, Anna.
- Hi.
Come on in.
- Come on.
- Thank you.
Is Dax here? Uh, yeah.
Uh, Dax! - Dax: Anna.
- Hi.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
Come on in.
- Hey, can you give us a minute? - Yeah.
What's going on? We both know.
- Valerie.
- I've got nothing to say to you.
- She shouldn't be here.
- Let's hear her out.
- I told you what she said.
- I know that.
I want to hear her out.
- Fine.
Then I'm going home.
- No, you're not.
I don't want to be a part of this.
We already are whether you want to be or not.
Now stop it and listen.
- Valerie told me - Valerie, I told you not to tell anyone.
You don't have the right to ask me - to keep that kind of secret.
- It's me.
It's okay.
Anna, I need you to tell me the truth.
- I don't want to know the whole story.
- Valerie, stop it! Anna Are you having an affair with the president? Okay, you can't tell me.
Then what happened to him? Did you - did you do something to him? - I didn't do anything to him.
Then why is the news saying he's suffering from the flu? He was fine earlier.
Answer him.
- I don't know.
- Tell me everything.
- I can't.
- Anna I can't.
Not okay.
Dax, do you know that the Secret Service and the press are gonna be all over us - when they find out about this? - Val Yeah, Dax, they will.
Because we know her, - our careers are ruined.
- No, they won't.
Really? Well, why don't you ask anybody who's ever slept with the president what their lives were like after their affair? Valerie, calm down.
How can I? This girl is ruining our lives, Dax.
You know what? I'm out of here.
This was so selfish and so wrong! We were your friends! We were.
Valerie! [Door opens, closes] She's right, you know.
I didn't expect for any of this to happen.
You never do when you're in it.
Dax, I have no money, and my apartment I just [breathes deeply] I can't go back to it, so I just I just need a place to stay for a few nights.
[Chuckles] [Chuckling] Anna.
- Dax? - Hey Yeah? I'm sorry.
Look, I can't get involved in this.
What happened to your apartment? I just don't have it anymore.
Why not? Listen, I just need your help.
Then you need to call your parents.
- I can't.
- Anna, your father is an attorney and your mother is a college professor at Harvard.
You need to call them.
They called and got you that job.
They can help.
Uh, we don't You know, we don't come from money.
People can't help us.
[Chuckles] No, you need to call them.
- I can't.
- Why not? It's complicated.
That's just another way of saying you can't tell me.
[Sighs] I just need a place for one night, Dax.
- You can crash on the sofa.
- No.
We we just we can't get involved with this.
I'm sorry.
You need to call your parents.
I'm sorry.
Well, then Can you loan me some money so I can get home? What are you doing? Here.
- That's all the money we have.
- Victor! You know, you need to go.
Thank you.
[Door opens, closes] [Insects chirping] [Sighs] [Chuckles] What the hell you doing here? [Scoffs] Why do you care? Well, I just want to know how deep to hide my wallet.
I ain't gonna steal nothing from you.
As if you haven't before.
[Sighs] J.
I don't want to talk to you.
Then leave.
Did you hear me? - I can't.
- Why not? - Ray kicked me out of the house, okay? - [Scoffs] - You happy? - That's my boy.
Ass Well, what'd you do this time, huh? You don't see my face? Yeah.
What did you do? Nothing worth him giving me this shiner.
Who you screwing now, huh, Shelby? I mean, is it cousin Frankie? Milton? [Scoffs] - Who was it? - Nobody.
As if you haven't before.
- Can I go to sleep, please? - Well, I'm talking to you.
Well, I don't want to talk to you.
Then get the hell out of my house.
[Scoffs] Yeah, this is Bonnie's house.
- [Sighs] I pay the rent.
- Oh, yeah? This month? Well, what happens when you want to go off again and go do god knows what? Who pays for it then? - You don't know nothing.
- Oh.
I know you only come around here when one of your whores in Tanner - kicks you out of the house.
- Get out.
I'm sorry.
- No, you ain't.
- Yes, I am.
I'm just I'm not feeling well.
[Scoffs] Yeah, I'll bet.
[Sighs] - How you been? - No, don't even, Shelby.
- What? - I ain't giving you no money.
I ain't gonna ask for no money.
- Can I get one of them smokes? - No.
Come on, J.
Don't be like that.
Yeah, y you need to get yourself together, girl.
All right? Start helping out me and your sister.
- I know.
- Your son is in that room, and we've been taking care of him, and it just ain't right, - you putting all this on Bonnie.
- I know.
I'm working on something, okay? Something big.
Yeah, you you always working on something.
This is huge.
It's huge.
You'll see.
You gonna wind up right back in county jail.
No, not this time.
[Scoffs] Not this time.
Go to sleep.
[Sighs] Hey.
Hey, wait.
What the hell you doing? You know she ain't no freak like me.
You know what I can do, J.
Huh? I am with your sister, girl.
Well, she don't have to know.
Hmm? What do you want in return? Oh, I know you got some somewhere.
Oxy, heroin.
I'm clean.
[Chuckles] Oh, yeah.
Yeah, me, too.
Get out.
- Come on, J.
I need some - I said I said move, Shelby.
You want it, huh? Yeah, it looks like you want it.
[Sighs] Shelby Get Stop it.
[Keys jingling] [Door opens, closes] [Footsteps] [Door creaks open] [Cocks gun] [Snores] [Sternly] Jesse.
Hey! [Grunts] - Daddy, what the hell? - What did you do to your mom?! - I didn't do nothing to her! - Where is she?! - How did you get this?! - Where is she?! - Let it go! - Where is your mom? Dad, let it go! I'm gonna kill you, Jesse! I'm Brody, Daddy! Let it go! [Breathing shakily] I'm Brody.
I'm Brody.
- [Voice breaking] Brody? - Yeah.
[Breathing heavily] Let it go.
[Crying] Oh, my god.
[Sobbing] What is going on with me? I don't I don't remember.
[Voice breaking] I know, but you're okay.
You've got you've got to help me, son.
- I'm trying to, Daddy.
- Please.
Please help me.
- I am.
- No.
No, I I I don't know you.
I don't know where I am.
It's okay, Daddy.
You have to help me.
- I am.
- Help me, Brody.
- Daddy, I am.
- Please.
- Daddy, what are you doing? - No, I want to.
Stop it.
- Pull it.
- Stop.
I'm in my right mind.
I can't go on living like this.
[Both crying] I can't be a burden to you.
- Not to you.
- It's fine.
God, your mom - I hated her.
- No, you didn't.
Yes, I did.
In the end, she was sick all the time.
But you were right there.
[Sighs] And I hated it.
And I gave her all her pills.
All of them.
Daddy I couldn't see her suffer like that.
- Daddy, what did you do? - Please.
Don't let me suffer like this.
Daddy, what did you do? I I gave her all her pills.
They were orange.
With yellow pigtails.
- You tell me what you did.
- Don't you touch me, Jesse.
- Daddy.
- Where is your brother? Did you bring him in from the field? [Crying] Daddy You come back to me and you You tell me what you did.
What did you do? [Singing softly] [Crying] Be out until you call in the field Get out.
Can't I just get one hit? Then I'll go back in the house.
I said get out of my damn truck, Shelby.
- Give me one toke.
- Shelby.
[Sniffs] [Moans] Stop it, Shelby.
[Groans] Excuse me.
- Could I possibly use your phone? - Uh Please.
Not gonna run away with it, are you? No.
- Make it quick.
- I will.
[Breathes deeply] [Sighs] [Dialing, cellphone beeps] [Ringing] Hey, this is Brody.
Please leave a message.
[Beep] [Cellphone beeps] - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hi.
- You still shy? Excuse me? You were shy last night when I met you.
T that's right.
I'm John.
Um, Anna.
Yeah, I remember.
Um, where you headed? [Sighs] I don't know.
[Chuckles] Are you okay? I will be.
I will be.
Oh, you need a drink.
Let me buy you a drink.
- Come on.
- Could I have two? Absolutely.
Um, what are you drinking? - Bourbon.
- Bourbon.
Lady's a drinker.
You know, can you make them a double? Sorry.
Last call.
- Oh, come on, man.
- Sorry.
- Pfft, look at her.
- Sorry.
Just great, man.
Um I'm sorry.
It's last call.
It's probably for the best.
[Sighs] Look, I I live a few blocks away.
We can go there.
I have bourbon.
I'm a nice guy.
I promise.
Yeah, and you're a little drunk.
J just only a little.
[Chuckles] No, but thank you.
Okay, um - Maybe next time? - [Breathes shakily] Yeah.
Maybe next time.
[Insects chirping] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone beeps] [Indistinct conversations] [Click] [Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] [Insects chirping] [Cellphone vibrating] [Groans] [Cellphone beeps] Mama, what's up? Woman: I can't breathe! Is your oxygen on? I fell of the bed, and I can't get it.
All right, Mama.
I'm gonna come get it for you, okay? - Hurry.
- Oh.
[Sighs] Okay.
Good night, Anna.
John Did you say your place was close? Come on.
[Sighs] - [Moaning] - Yes.
grunting] [Moaning] Yeah.
[Cab squeaking] Yeah, get it.
Work for it, girl.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
[Insects chirping] - So, you work at the White House.
- How do you know that? Your friends.
[Chuckles] That's right.
What do you do there? Can we not talk about my job? Yeah.
You want to go easy on that? I'm just trying to slow my mind.
You have a lot on your mind? Yeah.
Don't we all in this city? Yeah.
Some more than others.
[Scoffs] Yeah, I guess you're right.
How's the president? What? How like, how is he? Or can you not talk about that kind of thing? - You know, I should go.
- Hey, no, look Look, I'm sorry.
Okay, look.
We won't we won't talk about your job.
I'm sorry.
I just I can't talk about the president.
Look, I I totally get it, okay? I just saw he had the flu on the news, and that's all I meant by that.
Okay? We will not talk about him.
Thank you.
[Clears throat, sighs] You do not seem like that kind of girl.
[Sighs] You have no idea what kind of girl I am.
Are you a working girl? Did you just call me a whore? Are you? No! Oh, that's good [chuckling] 'cause I only have like 100 bucks on me.
- I have to leave.
This is - No, hey, look.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay? Look.
It's it's getting late.
- Just please stay.
- No, I should go.
No, no.
You should stay.
Look, Anna, I won't bother you.
Okay? Scout's honor.
All right? Look, you can stay on the sofa.
I'll be a total gentleman.
My mom would be so proud if I let a beautiful woman stay on my couch and I didn't try to make a move on her.
[Sighs] You promise? That I won't make a move? Yeah.
Yeah, I promise.
And I promise you can stay.
Thank you.
I'll get you a pillow and a blanket.
- Okay.
- Bathroom's right over there.
Probably gonna be up for my morning run, so - If I wake you, I'm sorry.
- [Chuckles] [Moans] Move.
You done? [Panting] [Sighs] Get out of my truck.
Where's the stuff? I don't have anything.
You said you had it.
[Chuckles] No, I didn't.
- J.
, you said you had stuff.
- I never said that.
Well, then give me some money.
Well, I don't I don't have any money.
B don't you do this.
Come on.
Get - Get your whore ass out of my truck.
- J.
- Now.
- No! - Shelby, damn it.
- No! No, I ain't getting out! - Get out of my truck.
- I'm gonna go in this house and I'm gonna tell Bonnie if you don't give me my money.
[Scoffs] You know what? Get your get Get out! Shelby! Open this door, Shelby! Hey.
Open open the damn door! Now! - Where's the money? - Damn it, Shelby! - Hey! - Where's the money, J.
? - Where is it? - Get your whore ass out of my truck.
Shelby - Where's the money? - Hey! Hey! - Get off the truck.
- Shelby - I said get off the damn truck! - Hey, hey, now, thi this This is put it put it down, Shelby.
I ain't gonna put it down.
You get off the truck.
Right now.
Don't don't you turn that truck on.
[Engine starts] Oh, look what I did.
I turned the truck on.
What you gonna do, huh? - What you gonna do about it? - Hey! Shelby! Bye-bye, bitch.
Don't you do this! Hey! Damn it, get out of the truck, Shelby! Hey! Don't you do this! Come on, Shelby! Shelby!! Get back here, girl! I'm gonna kill you! Heeeeeeeey!! Get back heeeere!! [Groans] Come on! God, Shelby! [Door opens] Bonnie, I need your keys.
I need your keys.
- Why? - What do you mean, why? Where you been? I w I was on a run.
You've been out in your truck for a while.
- Yeah.
I I was I was having a - Shhhhhh! Quiet.
- Bonnie, I need your keys.
- You were with my sister, weren't you? - No, I No, I wasn't.
- You weren't? I didn't see her go out to your truck, then? Look, she she went out there, but I I you know, I look, look, I need your car.
- I need to go find my truck.
- Okay.
You know what? You're not getting my car keys, okay? - Bonnie.
Damn it, Bonnie! - Shh! Shut up.
You can call the sheriff.
Look, I I got to get out there right now, Bonnie.
I don't have time for this.
Let's go.
I told you that you can call the sheriff.
- I need these keys, Bonnie.
- Don't touch me.
Get out of here! Bonnie, I need those keys.
You gonna make me wake these kids, J.
? Huh? - [Gasps] - What the hell's wrong with you? You're taking advantage of a drug addict? You are taking advantage of my sister? Is that what you're doing? Because I'll tell you what I'm done with you.
I've tried everything.
You're never gonna change, are you, J.
? The joke's on me.
I want you to get out of here right now.
- Come on.
We need to talk about this.
- I want you to get out of my house.
- When I get your sister took my load.
- Yeah, she took She took both your loads, now, didn't she? Bonnie, I need your keys.
- [Scoffs] Shut up.
- Damn it, Bonnie.
You give me - Get off of me, J.
! - I need these keys.
- You're not getting my keys! - You don't do it now! - J.
! - Mac: You let her go.
Give me the keys, Bonnie.
Whoa, whoa! Let her go! You let her go! Hey, Mac.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's okay.
What the hell you gonna do, boy, huh?! You gonna shoot me?! Do it! - Get out of here.
Get out of here! - Huh? - Now.
- Do it! Go! Go.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- [Door opens, closes] It's all right.
Come here, come here.
- She did something, didn't she? - It's okay.
[Sobbing] Shh.
[Birds chirping] It is a very sad day in our country - Babe.
- As more information becomes available, - we will bring it to you live.
- What? I'm sleeping.
- Get up.
- But for now, - all we know is - Look.
- At 11:34 last night - Stop.
- Look.
- What, are you serious? The president had a heart attack.
And we are being told that the vice president is on his way to the White House as we speak.
As more information comes in, we will be breaking in live.
We are researching the events of this late-breaking news story.
President Christian did have a flu, and medics were at the White House.
As more information comes in, we will Reporter: Reports are coming in slowly, but we will be following this story closely.
I think it's only appropriate that we reflect on what this truly means.
- [Snorts] - [Cellphone vibrating] [Sighs] [Inhales sharply] Yeah.
What? Okay.
Yeah, no.
I'm getting dressed now.
Okay, I'm turning it on right now.
We are receiving reports - the president suffered a heart attack.
- Yeah, yeah.
I'll be right in.
Our prayers and our hearts go out to his family and this nation.
But for now, all that we know is that the vice president is making his way to the White House.
We're also receiving reports that the last person to see the president was an aide.
Her name is Annie Belle Hayes.
Reports are sketchy at this point.
The White House has not yet said why Ms.
Hayes was meeting with the president.
The White House doctors had reported - he was suffering from flu-like symptoms.
- [Ringing] Deborah: Washington Sun.
Deborah, get me Carol now.
- Stay on this channel - What is it, John? We're all working on this thing with the president.
Well, the last person to see him is in my house sleeping on my sofa.
- What? - Yeah.
Don't let her leave.
We're sending the cavalry.
[Cellphone beeps] [Stifled laugh] This girl's gonna win me the Pulitzer.
Announcer: This season on "Too Close To Home" Are you the backwards whore that fooled an entire staff of decent hardworking young people - by screwing the president? - [Indistinct shouting] - Just get me a ticket home.
- Where are you going? Happy, Alabama.
You hang around the bullshit long enough, you turn into a warrior.
- Where's your grandma? - Don't go over there.
Woman: A lot has changed since you walked out on me.
- Oh, baby.
How are you? - Both of you let him do it.
- We shouldn't have done this.
- Oh, my god! - Why did you leave? - Give me more time.
Grow up! You think you were the only one, Shelby? Anna, sometimes we hurt the people we love the most.
[Man screaming] - [Moaning] - Hi.
Is Brody seeing anybody? Nope.
- God help me.
- This town is like an island.
It closes you off from the world.
- [Gasping] - How does it feel to know that every lie that you've ever told us is being revealed like this? - Let her go! - No! [Chuckles] I think I may have to stay here for a while.
I know.
And I'm really scared.