Too Close To Home (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Highway 16

1 Previously on "Too Close To Home" Get yourself together, girl.
I'm workin' on somethin', okay? Somethin' big.
The president suffered a heart attack.
You made the fatal mistake of coming after what's mine.
I'm going to destroy you.
The last person to see the president was an aide.
Her name is Annie Belle Hayes.
Shelby! Shelby!! Your sister took my load.
She took both your loads now, didn't she? Bonnie, I need your keys.
Goddamn it, Bonnie! - Give me the keys! - Get off me! You let her go! [Vehicle departs] Hey! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! [Engine starts] [Crow cawing] Mobley: Sheriff Mobley.
Hey, Sheriff.
It's Bonnie.
What's goin' on, little darlin'? I think somebody broke into May Sally's.
- I'm on my way.
- Okay, all right.
- Sheriff Mobley.
- Hey, Sheriff.
- I'm on my way, darlin'.
- There's no need.
It's - it's Dr.
- Why? Yeah, he's here.
- What's he doing? - I do not know.
Brody's been lookin' for him.
Okay, I I'll just call Brody and tell him to come get him.
- Okay.
- All right? 'Kay, bye-bye.
Moving down that highway Alabama bound got to get out of D.
Live in my small town I've been wrong trouble has hit me too close to home [children laughing and shouting] [Cellphone vibrating] - Brody: Hello? - Hey, Brody.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Bonnie.
Is this an emergency? I'm lookin' for my daddy.
- No, uh, your dad is here.
- Where? - He's at the diner.
- Is he all right? - Yeah, uh, I think so.
- Okay, I'm on my way.
Uh, okay.
Brody? Now, listen.
Can you take the keys from him and hold him there, please? - What what keys? - The truck.
Well, there's no truck here, Brody.
- What? - Yeah.
- I'm on my way.
- Uh, okay, but wait.
Can hello? - Yeah? - Can you bring him some clothes? Clothes? - He's he's naked.
- The hell? - I'm on my way.
- Okay.
See you soon.
[Engine starts] [Sighs] [Clears throat] Dr.
Allen? I'm cold.
I bet you are.
Why am I so cold? Well, you don't have any clothes on.
That's embarrassing.
Yes, it is.
Why not? I don't know.
I don't know, either.
Where are your clothes, Dr.
Allen? I I tried to make some coffee.
- I couldn't work that damn machine.
- [Gasps] Oh, yeah, I can see that.
Just, um, I'll make you some, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Just get that later.
I I wa I wanna give you something, all right? - Here you go.
- Oh.
You wanna put these on? - You want me to be the cook? - [Laughs] No, I just, uh - Just want you to get warm, you know? - I'm cold.
I bet you are cold.
All right.
Oh, look at that! Wow.
All right.
Get in one arm and the other.
Now, that's a perfect fit, huh? - Thank you.
- You're welcome! Where's May Sally? What? Where's May Sally? She she back there? May Sally died, Dr.
My wife died? She died? - It's okay.
- Well, when where When did she die? Why don't you have a seat? - It's all right.
It's okay.
- Well, what what happened to her? Look at me.
Look at me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm Bonnie.
- Oh, did you - Yeah.
did you clean that bathroom wall back there? - What? - Your sister would go in there and take men in there.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I know about your father and Grandma and Mac and and that little - Did I make you cry? - Mm-hmm.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
You have to follow the trees.
The trees, you have to follow them.
You like daisies, don't you? Yes, me too.
And they say your other sister is in trouble with the president.
- What? - On on the radio.
Uh, what does she do with the president? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, well, she always was the uppity one.
This figures.
Now she's in trouble.
She's in trouble.
[Dishes clatter] - Hi! - Hi.
How'd you sleep? Good, good.
Uh, do you want breakfast? - No, no, no.
- You sure? Yeah.
Gonna head out.
Uh, where you goin'? Um, home.
What time you gotta be at work? I'm not going in.
Why not? You ask a lot of questions.
Sound like a reporter.
I'm just asking questions.
I just don't feel like it.
Oh, that must be nice.
- What? - To just not feel like it and not go.
I guess.
Um, may I use your shower before I leave? Yeah, yeah.
Take your time, please.
Oh, and you can wash your clothes, too, if you want.
Wash my clothes? Well, you know, while you shower.
You know, there's, uh, detergent in the bathroom.
And the washer and dryer's in the little closet.
Are you saying I need to wash my clothes? I'm just offering you my washer.
You don't want to leave the way you came, do you? - I don't really care.
- Well, I do.
I have neighbors.
And I don't want you making a walk of shame out of here.
- What? - The walk of shame? It's when a girl stays at a guy's house and she No, I know.
I know what a walk of shame is.
So then use the washer and take your time.
Why are you being so nice to me? Ah, that's a question I hate.
Why is that? 'Cause I get it all the time.
Oh, really? Yeah, you know, I meet a girl and I'm nice to her and she wants to know why.
Not all guys are out Yeah, I know that.
So just take it as someone watchin' out for you.
I have, uh, a hypoallergenic, uh, body wash.
It's pretty nice.
And there's a, uh a toothbrush under the sink.
Oh, this is like a common thing for you, isn't it? What? There's a toothbrush, the washer, the dryer.
I mean, what, next thing you're gonna do - was order me a car service home? - Come on.
No, I mean, this is this sounds like a really regular thing for you.
No, it's not.
I just happen to have a new toothbrush.
You got a hair dryer and makeup, too? You know, no makeup, but my ex-girlfriend left her hairbrush and her curling iron.
So feel free to use that.
- She left it? Or you never gave it back? - She didn't want it back.
Wow, you must've done something really bad.
No, no, I didn't.
So what happened? Well, she was having an affair with a pretty powerful man.
And I found out about it.
- How powerful? - Pretty powerful.
What happened then? Well, his wife found out, and she went after her.
She wanted to destroy her.
And what was the result? It's still being written.
She's in a lot of turmoil because of it.
Why am I telling you any of this, huh? You don't know anything about this kinda thing, do you? No.
No, I don't.
- I'm gonna go shower.
- Yeah.
Carol, where are you? I'm trying to stall.
: Bonnie, baby.
You better get the hell outta here right now.
Hey, come on, now.
I need to use your car.
Told you last night, no.
And I meant it.
All right, well, have you seen your sister? - No, but you have.
All of her.
- I need to find your sister, Bonnie.
I don't care what you need, J.
! - Bonnie, look at me.
- Why are you sweatin' like that? - I need to find her.
- Why? Why do you need to find her so bad? I already told you this last night.
She took my truck, and I need to find my load.
- You blew your load last night, didn't you? - Damn it! - Damn it, Bonnie! I just need to find my truck.
- Oh, sure, baby.
If she stole your truck, you can call the sheriff.
- I I don't - You don't - I I don't I don't what? - I can't do that, Bonnie! You know what I can't do? This, anymore.
I gave you chance after chance.
I don't know the hell I keep takin' you back.
- Baby - Why don't you have Debra - take you, huh? - Well, Debra, she had to go to work.
Well, you're outta luck then, aren't you? - So get outta here.
- Gimme the damn keys, Bonnie.
- Don't touch me, J.
! - You leave her alone! - J.
, stop it! No, J.
! - Gimme the damn keys, Bonnie! - Stop it! - Gimme the damn keys! - J.
! - Gimme them keys! - Get off me now! - You gonna gimme them keys! - Damn you! - Get the hell off her! You touch her again, I'll kill you, you son of a bitch! It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Who the hell do you think you are? Touch either one of 'em again, you gonna Stop it! Stop! J.
, stop fighting! Stop it! Sheriff! Get off of him! Both of you! You both wanna sit in the jail? Do you? I want you to stop it right now.
You boys been goin' at each other's throats since you were kids, and I want it to end.
You're brothers.
He ain't no brother of mine.
You're damn right about that.
Get out of here, J.
- You boys stop it! - Shut up! Don't you dare talk to him like that! Aw, you go to hell! The only reason that you're takin' care of him is 'cause you know that you're in the will.
You just need to let him die so I can get what's mine.
- You son of a bitch.
- Dagnabbit, stop it! J.
, get on outta here! - I just need to use your car.
- I said no.
Look, I will give you a ride.
- Where you goin'? - Nope.
What is going on? - My sister stole - Bonnie! My sister stole his truck.
Well, why the hell didn't you just say so? Hell, even my backwards-ass deputy can find a big rig! - Now, did she steal it? - No, no, she didn't steal it.
- You just told me she stole your truck.
- Bonnie! - What? - Well, she don't have a license - to drive that thing.
- She just wanted to use it.
No, she didn't.
She stole it.
She didn't steal it.
No look, I I will find it.
- We'll help you find it.
- No.
Boy, I will! Brody, take your daddy on home.
Be sure he don't get his hands on those keys again.
We found your truck.
It's over on Dawson, near the creek.
Is it in the creek? It's up to the mirrors in the water.
Damn it, J.
You and your brother.
Yeah, he never wanted to have a thing to do with me, so - But your mother - That Dr.
Allen son of a bitch always treated me like dog crap.
I was just a bastard child that his whore of a wife brought home.
Brody Brody was his son.
He never liked me.
Well, you two need to learn to get along.
- I just wanted to die, okay? - Deputy: Come in, Sheriff.
- I I don't - Wait, hold on a minute.
We found it.
Where is it? Connley filler station on 45.
Roger that.
Look, I yo, I don't need you to go find it.
- I'll take it from here.
- I'm bringin' ya! - I'm fine, Mobley.
- Look, I said I'm bringin' you.
Besides, you need to calm down, anyway.
I'm I'm okay.
I said I's bringin' you, J.
Dadgummit, Mobley.
What? Hell, we found your truck.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Show some gratitude.
You know, a "thank you" would be nice.
Thank you.
[Sighs] Well, you ought to be glad you're still gonna have a job.
Yeah, yeah.
Real, real glad.
Get in the car.
[Engine starts] You all right? - Yes.
I'm all right.
- Bonnie, are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
- Why do you let him treat you like that? - Stop it, please.
- No.
Answer me.
- Brody, enough.
He's a son of a bitch.
- Your hand is swollen.
- I'm fine.
- I'm gonna get some ice for your hand.
- No, I'm fine.
- Brody, stop.
- Look, I'm just gonna get him home.
All right.
- Why don't you take my car? - No.
Put him on the back of my bike.
Are you kiddin' me? - That's a terrible idea.
Take my car.
- I got this! Why are you so damn stubborn? 'Scuse me.
I'm offerin' to help you.
Why don't you take it? Take my car and bring it back after my shift.
You know what? I'll bring your motorcycle to your house.
Okay? Please.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
- All right.
- Thank you, Bonnie.
- Go on.
- What happened to you, Bonnie? - Hmm? - You used to be a shrinkin' violet.
- Yeah.
Well, you hang around this bullshit long enough, you turn into a warrior.
Yeah, well, I see that.
Thank you for helpin' me with him.
You know, you are good with him.
Well, you know what? I'm not gonna offer my help no more.
If you need help, you're gonna have to ask me, okay? There you go, Dr.
All right.
I'll see you later, okay? [Smooches] - Bonnie.
- What? - Can you help me with him? - [Chuckles] Was that so hard, now? I'll sit with him at nights when I'm off from the diner.
- Yeah, okay.
- In exchange for Mama's rent.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Go on, get.
[Engine starts] [Dog barks] Girl, this better be good.
Got me drivin' all the way out here.
Oh, it's good.
It's good.
He drives for the electronics company so I know there's all kinds of TVs and computers in there.
So how much you gonna give me for it? - Let us check it out first.
- Well, you got something I can - I can hold while you check it out? - Girl, you got it bad.
Come on, I just need something to take the edge off.
Yeah, well, I don't got nothing.
- Xray, come on.
- Hey! I know you've got something.
Come on.
Shut the hell up.
- Xray.
- What do you say, Zeek? What do you got in there? Zeek: Yeah, we'll take it.
All right, bitch.
How much you want for it? I think, like, 10 grand.
Girl, you're crazy.
What? There's a lot of TVs and computers in there.
Look, bitch.
We gotta take all the risk.
Okay, fine.
[Scoffs] - I'll give you a grand.
- A grand? - Xray, come on.
You know that's bull - You wanna take it or not? - No! Hell, no! - Come on, Zeek! - Let's go! - No.
No, no, no.
Not so fast.
We'll give you 5 grand for it.
And I'll throw in some of that magic you're lookin' for.
- The hell you talkin' about? - I got this.
- Man.
- I got it.
- You're gonna give her - Hey, I'll take it.
I'll take it.
Allow me to say thank you.
Come here.
- Man, what the hell was that? - Happy Birthday.
What? All these damn TVs got serial numbers on 'em.
Take a look at these TVs.
Thank you so much.
My clothes actually dried really Anna.
- What is this? - Hi, I'm Carol.
What's going on? I'm with The Washington Sun.
We'd like to interview you.
- About what? - Your affair with the president.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Roll on this, Chris.
No, don't roll on anything.
What is he doing? Anna, Anna.
Look, this is serendipitous, okay? I'm a journalist for The Washington Sun.
And Carol's my editor, all right? We can help you.
I can't I don't know what you're talking about.
We can help tell your side of the story.
I don't know what you're talking about! We just wanna ask you a couple questions.
- Okay, well, I have nothing to say.
- Look, well, we we just - Just talk to us.
- Where's my purse? Where's my purse? Do you know that the president He suffered a heart attack.
And we have reports that you were the last person to see him alone.
I have nothing to say.
Talk to us.
The world should hear your side of the story.
I have nothing to say! - God, where is my purse? - I don't know where it is.
The Secret Service has said you're not a person of interest.
But there are rumors about an affair with you and him, and that he suffered a heart attack while having sex with you in the Oval Office.
[Sighs] Leave me alone.
We can help you.
- I don't need your help, okay? - You haven't been outside that door.
Uuughh! - Anna, you haven't gone out there.
- Leave me alone.
[Door opens, closes] [Indistinct conversations] [Camera shutters clicking] [Clamoring] Stop it! No comment! [Clamoring] No comment! No comment! You have to let me in, please! No! No comment! - This is unbelievable.
- I know.
I told you - this girl is insane.
- Who is it? Anna: It's Anna! [Indistinct shouting] Dax.
- Yeah, who is it? - You may wanna take a look at this.
- Dax.
- Do not let her in here, Dax.
- Dax.
- She can't come in.
- She can't come in.
- We can't do this.
- She can't come in.
- They are killing her out there.
And they're gonna kill us for letting her in here.
- Dax.
- No.
[Buzzer] - Victor, what did you just do? - I opened the door.
- Why? - This is wrong.
What she did was wrong.
We all know that.
But we can't do this to her! Okay, so what about us? Oh, way to go, Val.
Be selfish.
Really, Victor? Dax.
I asked you not to open the door.
Are you upset? - [Knock on door] - Victor.
Well, you're really about to be upset now.
Anna: You have to let me in, please! Is this who we are? No, this is who she is.
We're not doing this.
We're not.
Why did you come here? I have nowhere to go.
And then she brings 'em to your front door.
I'm sorry.
- You're not sorry.
- Valerie! You know what, I have about had it with this bitch.
She is so selfish.
She only cares about herself.
I'm sorry.
Oh, save it for the man's wife.
You see what you did? Do you see? [Cellphones vibrate, ring] - You think this is by accident? - Val, do you think it's The White House.
- Damn it.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Yes.
Mm-hmm, yes.
- Yes, of course.
- Yes, I will.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
You have to go.
- Now.
- What did they say? You shouldn't be here, okay? Go.
Did you not know that there was a live feed that followed you all the way to this front door? - Did you not know that? - I'm sorry.
Please don't say that again.
Just leave.
I have nowhere to go.
Whose problem is that? - I gave you all the money we had.
- And I lost my purse.
You know what? You have so many damn excuses! Can you please just get me a ticket home? Please.
A ticket home? Please.
Why can't your parents help? Oh, that's right.
Because you lied.
You lied about being rich.
You lied about being from up north.
Yeah, we know your whole story, Miss Annie Belle.
- Please.
- Get out of my house.
Please don't send me back out there, Dax.
They're saying horrible things to me.
Like what? Let me think.
Excuse me, are you the backwoods whore that fooled an entire staff of decent, hardworking young people - Enough! - By screwing the president? - Enough.
- Get her out of here.
This is our apartment.
Dax, are you gonna let him talk to me like this? Maybe you should leave.
I'm not going out there with those people! Just shut up! Jesus.
Look, I can put a plane ticket together on my credit card.
That is my credit card.
And no, you won't.
You will not tell me what to do.
What the hell's gotten into you? You and this And all this.
Are you serous? When did our credit card become your credit card? Since I pay all the bills.
Oh, so you're really gonna throw that in my face? Hmm? Victor, we've talked about this.
How dare you do this in front of them? I'm not havin' it.
Where you goin'? Happy, Alabama.
She can't be serious.
- Is this it? - Yeah, yeah.
It's it.
- Hey, David.
- Hi.
So, what do you got? Well, it looks like it's all there.
I didn't even know she could drive a big rig, you know? Hell, that girl can do anything.
[Chuckles] - Wipe that smile off your face.
- Oh, hell.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
I know what you meant.
Any sign of her? No.
Uh, keys are still in the truck, though.
Are you gonna press charges? No, no, it's a family matter, you know.
- You sure? - Yeah.
No, it's, uh, it's fine.
Okay, well, looks like your load's okay, so Okay, well, thank you.
Thank you, Sheriff Mobley, Deputy.
Sure, sure.
- J.
, do me a favor, will you? - Yeah.
Stay outta trouble, huh? Yeah, yeah.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
[Engine starts] All right.
Y'all have a good day.
[Sighs] Shelby.
[Indistinct conversations] They're not going away.
They won't until this leaves.
No luck on the bus ticket.
- But it's a 12-hour drive.
- What?! Yup.
We're drivin' her.
She's not going back out there.
- That's not our problem.
- I'm not doing that! Well, I'm not driving her.
I am most certainly not getting in the car with her.
- I'll do it.
- Absolutely not.
- Watch me.
- You have work to do.
You're the one who pays all the bills, remember? I'm just gonna go to the south and take some photos.
You're not doing this.
Dax, you know me.
You see what you're causing? Why don't you just leave? She's right, Victor.
You can't drive me.
I don't wanna hear it.
- Victor.
- I don't wanna hear it.
Can I talk to you for a minute in private? No.
You've never been in the south, the deep south, in some place called Happy, Alabama.
- And? - And it's a different place than here.
This is America.
Some places don't change.
What do you mean? It means that you can't go in wearing a blouse and jeans with the knees cut out, Victor.
- What are you saying? - I'm not trying to say anything about you.
But I just remember when we were campaigning with the president in those backwood towns.
And they're not gonna accept you looking like that.
- I'm going.
- Do you have any idea how many states in the south have laws against gay marriage and everything we stand for? I'm going.
Victor, you cannot do that.
They're gonna tear you apart.
I'm not letting you go.
You're not letting me go? No.
See, that's the problem.
You always tried to control me.
I've had enough.
And I'm going.
I I should go.
I mean, that's the best damn thing she's said all day.
You're not getting on that bus.
They're gonna hound you all the way there.
And I'm not gonna sit here and watch it.
I won't.
I'm gonna drive you.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- Victor What are you doing? I'm going.
That's what I'm doing.
Dax, do not let him do this.
Come on, Anna.
Let's go through the service elevator.
Victor, you're just going to go? - Victor? - Yes, I am.
Now, let me go.
Please, Victor.
Where thefuck have you been? Look, I I've got I've got a problem.
Yeah, I know you do.
They're waitin' on ya.
I gotta tell you something.
These are not the kind of people you keep waitin'.
Hey, hey, ho Horace! It's not here! - The hell you mean, it ain't here? - It's not here.
? I lost the load.
What the fuck you mean, you lost the load? Talk.
My girlfriend's sister jumped in the truck and took off when I fell asleep.
When I woke up and found it, the packages were gone.
- What's this girl's name? - Shelby.
- That's your girlfriend's name? - No, that's her sister's name.
What's your girlfriend's name? Bonnie.
Where's she live? - I will get it back.
- Where does she live? - On Highway 16.
- That's not an address.
Tell him.
I will get it back.
I thought you said this was gonna be all right? I thought for sure it was.
You got 24 hours to get me my package.
Or Bonnie, Shelby and every other piece of white trash on Highway 16's gonna be killed.
[Engine starts] [Spits] [Sobbing] Next on "Too Close To Home" I told you I'd get the money.
- You came through.
- J.
: You seen Shelby? Oh, yeah.
She was here earlier.
- Did she have any money? - Wad of cash.
- Mobley: Who's that? - Bonnie: Do not know.
- Not from around here? - I've never seen him before.
You're in danger.
Everything you just said is a motive for murder.
You ain't so damn perfect! - You shut your mouth.
- You don't touch me! You don't touch me! - I don't see it over here.
- Keep lookin'.