Too Close To Home (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Have You Heard?

1 Previously on "Too Close to Home" Damn it, Bonnie! I just need to find my truck! Shelby: He drives for an electronics company, so I know there's all kinds of TVs and computers in there.
Man: You got 24 hours to get me my package.
Or Bonnie, Shelby is gonna be killed.
Woman: Are you the backwoods whore that fooled an entire staff of decent, hardworking young people by screwing the President? Enough! You always tried to control me.
I've had enough, and I'm going.
I see your other sister is in trouble with the President.
Man: And our top headline today, the President is expected to be [Click] You okay? Yeah.
You sure? I'm fine.
- Did you love him? - Victor.
Look, [Chuckles] I-I'm driving you all this way.
That is a fair question.
Did you? No.
Y-y-you ever wonder why you did it? Of course.
[Chuckles] So why'd you do it? [Clears throat] I don't know.
Sure, you do.
[Sighs] You know, I think I was flattered that he wanted me.
[Chuckles] The most powerful man in the free world.
[Voice breaking] He wanted me.
[Chuckles] And I'm just some Poor girl from Alabama.
How'd it start? [Inhales deeply] Victor, I just I don't want to talk about this.
[Scoffs] You know, I won't say anything.
[Sniffles] How do I know that? Look, I know you don't know me very well, but I'm a vault.
Trust me.
The last person who told me to trust them is the reason I'm in this situation.
So, he told you to trust him? He told me a lot of things.
What does that mean? I don't know.
You know, I was kind of like his confidant.
- Really? - Yeah.
Like what? I don't know.
Just things.
Like What kind of things? Victor.
Like top-secret things? Anna, come on.
[Chuckles] - Tell me.
- Why? You need someone else to know your side.
What does that mean? You have no idea how this works.
What do you mean? Anna Y-you're in danger.
How so? People can't know what you know.
They can't know that he told you anything ever.
I know that.
- Really? Do you? - Yeah.
'Cause, Anna, this could be extremely dangerous.
Moving down that highway Alabama bound got to get out of D.
live in my small town I've been wrong trouble has hit me too close to home [sighs] Do you really think I'm in danger? Yes, Anna, I do.
But whatever you do, do not tell a single soul what he told you.
I'm about to tell you.
That doesn't make sense.
Look, I'm a vault.
A vault, okay.
You can trust me.
[Sighs] You know, it, um It all started when I was I was handling a school that was visiting the White House.
And he would look to me, and I would say the name of the person he was taking the photo with.
[Voice breaking] And then he would say "I can't hear you," so I would speak up.
[Chuckles] And then he said "Don't talk so loud.
Just get closer.
" So, I got closer.
And I whispered every name into his ear.
And he would put his hand on the small of my back.
[Sighs] [Chuckles] And by the 40th person, his hand had dropped slightly Slightly to my butt.
And I wasn't sure if he was flirting at first.
But it, um He [sighs] It became clear when his hand would stay there longer, dropping lower and lower.
[Chuckles] And then he [Sighs] He started to say, "Anna, get in the picture.
[Voice breaking] You did all the work.
" And so, what the camera didn't see was that, from behind, he was touching me and groping me.
And I didn't resist.
[Chuckles] He waited a while to see how I would react before he went further.
And then, one day, I was asked to give this tour of the Oval Office for this diplomat that he was hosting later that night.
[Chuckles] I was so excited that the President had asked me.
But when I went down there, there was no diplomat.
It was just Me and the President Alone in the Oval.
[Chuckles] And before I knew it, he had walked up to me and started kissing me, and I was I was bent over the desk, and we were having sex.
Did he force himself on you? No.
I didn't resist.
Are you sure? Victor, I wanted it.
[Insects chirping] Hello.
How you doing? Good.
- What can I get you? - Coffee.
Is that it? Yeah.
All right.
Sounds good.
Little slow in here.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
It's 'cause it's almost closing time.
Oh, okay.
Well, it's dead in here.
Yeah, girl.
I'm gonna go home, then.
Okay, honey.
You need anything? Yeah, will you go check on the kids for me? Yes, I will.
- And Mama? - Bonnie?! - Please? - Now, you know I can't do that.
I know.
Now, you know I would do anything for you.
But we can't even open the windows on that side of my trailer because well, you know.
I know.
You got to do something with her.
I will, okay? - Okay.
- I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Hold on.
Uh [sighs] There you go, Johnny.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Of course.
[Sighs] Have you heard about the President? I sure did.
Oh, mnh-mnh.
Sad, huh? It's just terrible, isn't it? Oh, here goes Mac.
Maybe he can help you with your mother.
That's fine, but I still need you to check on the kids for me.
- I will.
I will.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, Mac.
- Hey, Miss Tavia.
- See you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, uh, came to get the Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let me get it.
She wanted all of this? [Sighs] Don't ask, Mac.
Just give it to her, please.
How are your cousins doing? All right.
You all right? I should ask you that.
I'm fine.
But I want you to listen to me now.
I know you're angry, but you can't pull a gun on anybody like that ever again.
You understand me? Aunt Bonnie, I wasn't gonna let anybody hurt you.
I know.
And I will never let anybody hurt you.
But you can never pick up that gun again.
Look at me.
Do you hear me? Yeah.
You got me? - Yeah.
- Okay.
You know I love you, right? I love you, too.
- Brody's back? - Yeah.
Where is he? Oh, he had to use my car.
Hey, I want you to take this before it cools down.
And there's a whole pie in there, but do not eat it all tonight and do not let Jax have too much of it, please.
Who's this little man? Your son? Yeah, he might as well be.
[Chuckles] Go on.
All right.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Don't talk to strangers! - Yeah, yeah.
- You be safe! Doing all right? Hey, Sheriff.
Hey, there.
Can I get you a cup of coffee? No, I just needed to talk to you.
Who was that? I do not know.
He's not from around here? I've never seen him before.
So, uh have you seen the news today? [Chuckles] Sheriff, you know I don't watch TV.
Well, did you hear about the President? Oh, yeah.
I did.
I saw that on my phone.
So, you haven't heard.
What? You need to call Anna and, uh, check on her.
Why? What What's wrong with Anna? Well, uh they're saying they had an affair.
What? That's what they're saying.
- Anna and the President? - Yeah.
Go on with that.
[Chuckles] It's all over the news.
Are you kidding me? No, 'fraid I'm not.
Excuse me.
[Beep, ringing] - Anna: Please leave a message.
- [Beep] Yeah, hey, Annie.
Uh, it's your sister Bonnie.
Just wanted to call and say hi, and I'd love you if you'd call me back, okay? All right.
[Beeps] She'll call me back.
You don't seem too worried.
Well, I'm not worried at all, 'cause I know my Annie, and this is just a big misunderstanding.
You should see the news.
I don't need to see the news, because I'll just talk to her when she calls me, and she'll tell me the truth.
Okay, if you say so.
Yeah, just it's just all a misunderstanding, you know? All right.
You sure I can't get you something to eat? No, no, no.
I just wanted to come here and let you know that.
Well, I appreciate that.
It was really nice seeing you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Well, you take care.
- You take care, too.
All we know about this woman is that she was working in the White House.
She was in the East Wing in the Social Office, and we are not sure how she accessed the Oval.
Her name is Annie Belle Hayes.
[Sighs] How long did it go on? Two years.
Anna! Anna.
[Crying] I know.
I know.
No, no.
I-I'm Look, listen.
I'm not judging you, okay? [Chuckles] You should.
I'm just wondering why you didn't end it.
Listen, I've made a lot of mistakes myself in the past.
I wanted to end it every time I saw his wife and his kids But he was so controlling.
I mean, I always wondered how he knew my every move.
And then I found out he had been watching me.
[Sighs] You would think he was Too busy for that.
Oh, he was.
But I became His possession.
It was so suffocating.
Anna - [Sighs] - What? You can't repeat this to anyone.
I don't intend to.
Everything you just said Is a motive for murder.
What are you What are you saying? Anna, you were being watched.
I didn't do anything to him.
What happened that night? Be honest, too.
He grabbed his chest.
We were having sex.
He [sighs] He grabbed his chest, and he collapsed.
What are you saying? He had a heart attack? Yes.
He's the President.
They don't have heart attacks.
Well, he did, Victor.
Anna, they have the best physicians in the world.
They have physicals constantly.
No, no.
They don't have heart attacks.
But I saw him grab his chest.
What if there was someone that wanted him dead because they knew that he was gonna be with you? No.
No, no.
Hear me out.
Hear me out.
It's possible.
Think about it.
- What? - [Sighs] You can't tell anyone what I'm gonna say.
The First Lady was not upset at all.
She wasn't? She was so distraught on TV.
Well, then she was acting.
She came to my house that night.
[Scoffs] The night that he had the heart attack.
And she ripped me apart.
You think she had something to do with it? I don't know.
Victor, I don't want to know.
[Clears throat] [Sighs] - [Sighs] - Okay.
I-I let's not talk about it, okay? This this does not leave this car.
Okay? You need to be careful.
[Sighs] Would you be safe at home? Yeah.
Anna, I'm worried about you.
[Sighs] You have never been to Happy, Alabama.
There is nothing there.
Like, nothing.
Trust me.
No one's gonna come looking for me there.
If you say so.
[Insects chirping] Woman #1: The American people.
All we know about this woman is that she was working in the White House.
She was in the East Wing.
We're not sure how she got access to the west wing.
So, what have we learned so far? Do we know her name? Woman #2: Yes.
Her name is Annie Belle Hayes.
She was working in the White House.
She was in the East Wing.
We're not sure how she got access to the west wing.
[Volume increasing] She was in the Social Office, and we are not sure how she accessed the Oval.
Allegedly, she was having an affair with President Christian.
They were together in the Oval, and we have sources that are telling us that they were in the act of having sex when he had a heart attack.
Let's bring in Doc [Door shuts] [Breathing shakily] [Dialing] [Ringing] Woman: The mailbox for Anna Is full.
[Beeps] [Dialing] [Ringing] [Cellphone buzzing] [Beeps] Man: Hello? Uh, hi.
- Who is this? - Brody.
I got a call from this number yesterday.
What did you say your name was again? Brody.
Dude, I don't know a Brody.
Oh, wait.
Do you know Anna? Yeah, is she there? No, no.
I didn't even know her name until I saw her on the news yesterday.
- So, why did you - Oh, yeah.
She asked to use my phone.
How do you know her? Hell, everybody knows her.
She's been on the news all over the place.
Yeah, how do you know her? She asked to use my phone.
So, tell me [Beeps] [Beeps] [Insects chirping] Mmm.
[Chuckles] [Inhales deeply] That's good.
So good.
Mm, I told you I'd get the money.
You came through.
[Both chuckle] Yes, I did.
- I love you, Shelby.
- Oh, shut up.
No, I do.
Yeah? Well, you only love me 'cause I got the good stuff.
No, I love you 'cause you're a good woman.
[Chuckles] Yeah, okay.
[Scoffs] I can't believe you hit.
[Chuckles] Yes, I did.
How much you get? Hmm, like, uh $2,000.
- Wow.
- [Giggles] Yeah.
And that was it? Yeah.
That was it.
Tell me again how you got it.
Come on, Rick.
I told you three times.
Tell me again.
- Scratch off.
- [Chuckles] - Man.
- [Giggles] Where'd you buy it? At Ollie Alexandre.
Ollie Alexandre's? [Both chuckle] Yeah.
[Laughs] - That's funny.
- That's funny.
[Chuckles] That's funny.
[Chuckles] [Chuckles] It tickles my tongue.
Mine, too.
Woman: Late-breaking news coming from the White House.
Annie Belle Hayes was a woman that didn't have the wherewithal to not know that she was privy to these secrets.
- Hey, kiss me.
- Shh! - All we know about her - Don't shush me.
Hold on.
Hold on.
I don't want to hold on.
Give me some.
- That's my sister.
- Not sure how she got Give a damn about your sister.
I want some more.
What is clear is that she needs to answer to the American people.
She's gone into hiding, as far as we understand.
Holy Rick.
Rick, give me your keys.
You can't take my car.
Oh, come on.
Just give me your keys.
Come on.
Give me the keys.
I got to go! Come and get 'em! [Scoffs] Come on, babe.
I'll be back.
- Come and get 'em.
- Come on.
I'll be back.
Give me the keys.
Give me the damn keys.
Bring some more when you come back.
[Mid-tempo music plays] Me and my girls, we got nothing to lose Woman: All we know about this woman Tony.
Hey, did you see this? Hey, you seen Shelby? - This is crazy.
- Tony! Do you know who they're talking about? Tony!! What, man? Have you seen Shelby? Oh, yeah.
She was here earlier.
How long ago? I don't know.
Maybe an hour.
You know that? Where Where did she go? J.
B Tony, I asked you a question, man.
Where did she go? I'm not sure.
You know Annie's on the news? I need I need to find her.
Well, I don't know where she went.
W-w-was she with anybody? Yeah, Rick.
H-how were they acting? Drinking, as usual.
Did she have any money? - Yeah, a wad of cash.
- What? Yeah, said she won a scratch-off in the lottery.
Damn it.
Oh, hell.
What's going on? Where did they go, Tony? [Scoffs] I don't know.
Hey, s-she she didn't tell you anything? No.
Maybe they went to Rick's.
I've been there.
Nobody's at Rick's.
Who's her dealer? I don't know.
Tony, you know every damn thing.
You look at me.
I ain't going to the law.
I'm trying to find her.
I don't know.
He hangs out in west view.
Where? Silver Dame Lodge.
Hey, does this have anything to do with Annie? What's going on? Hey, did you hear about the President? You unpatriotic son of a Where the hell is this place? We're almost there.
Middle of nowhere.
Thank you for doing this.
[Chuckles] You don't have to thank me.
Why did you do it? Hmm? Listen, we all make mistakes, Anna.
We all don't make mistakes this big.
Well not with the President.
[Coughs] Yeah, um, but it's all relative.
What mistakes have you made? Too many to mention.
Oh, come on.
[Laughs] Don't don't do this.
What is this, confession hour? If you'd like it to be.
What do you want to know? Have you and Dax always been faithful? Yeah.
Really? No, no.
Yeah, yeah.
Ever since we've been committed to each other, yeah.
But when I was single, no, not so much.
Kind of had a thing for, uh, straight guys.
What?! Yeah.
I know.
[Chuckles] Kind of a losing battle.
No, mnh-mnh-mnh.
Not necessarily.
How do you figure? Well, I liked the ones that I messed around with because They would always go back to their lives or wives.
And it was just freaky-ass sex.
It was never any commitment.
Oh, don't look at me like that.
Is that judgment? - No.
- That sure is.
That was not judgment, Victor.
Trust me.
I have no room to judge.
That was more the look of "I'm glad you're not doing that anymore, because that sounds dangerous.
" You think that's dangerous? You should have seen me when I was escorting.
Anna This may surprise you, but I'm not gay.
What? No.
I'm bisexual.
But anyway This one time I met this guy at a at a truck stop, some small town.
[Chuckles] Of all places, right? What were you doing at a truck stop? I was working.
I was on my way to a shoot, and I stopped to get some gas.
And there he was, this tall, handsome guy.
We had an encounter in the bathroom, and It was amazing.
W-with a stranger? This is my past.
Okay, okay.
I'm not judging.
So, after we were done, this tall, handsome straight guy just got angry Even violent, even.
He refused to pay me, and then he bashed my head Into a toilet, breaking it.
I even still have the scar from it.
- What? - Yeah.
And then I went to the hospital, and I met Dax.
And he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
[Both chuckle] [Insects chirping] [Sighs] Woman: Teams live at the White House and reporting live here for you.
the White House has released a statement that the President is recovering at the White House after suffering a bout with the flu.
We are researching this late-breaking news report.
As more information comes in, we will keep you updated.
Now information is coming in that the vice president is at the White House as we speak.
[Cellphone buzzes] [Beep] - Brody: Hey.
- Hey.
Have you heard? Yeah, I heard.
Have you talked to her? No.
I tried to call her.
- You did? - Yeah.
Uh, well, yeah.
I just I just left her a message.
- Bonnie.
- What? Bonnie, I just called to see if she was okay.
I know.
Why are you saying that? Because I know you.
[Scoffs] What does that mean? I know you think that the only reason we started what we did was 'cause I missed her.
I don't think that, Brody.
I just want you to know that I was concerned.
Yeah, yeah.
I Know that.
I'm just a little concerned, too.
[Scoffs] Are you sure you know? Brody, what we had was over, okay? You can do whatever you want.
I-I'm just When I talk to her, I'll tell her to call you, okay? - Bonnie, you're upset.
- I'm not upset.
Yes, you are.
Brody, please stop right now.
How much longer are you there? Um I don't know.
I'll I'll be leaving in a little bit.
Just got to finish cleaning up here.
Uh, I'll bring your bike.
Bonnie, the news says it looks like rain.
Yeah, I know.
I'll probably be about 30 minutes.
Bye, Brody.
[Beeps] [Sighs] Bonnie! Hey.
Why you walking away from me? - What do you want? - Well No, no, no, no, you do not stand by the register.
- What? - You know how you are.
You stand right there.
Hey, Johnny boy.
Don't hear from you no more.
Hey, Shelby.
[Gasps] Have you heard the news? Yeah.
Well, have you talked to Annie? No.
What's her number? I want I want to talk to her.
Are you high right now? No.
Yes, you are.
I can see it in your eyes.
You know what? You're gonna leave this restaurant right now.
Hey, why why are you being so mean to me, huh? I just want to know how Annie's doing.
Why? She's my sister.
That you hate.
No, I don't.
You're just here to gloat.
I ain't here to gloat.
Then why are you smiling? Mm-hmm.
You know what? You're high, and I want you to get out.
Go on.
Get out of here.
Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
- What? - Did you drive here? No.
That's Rick's truck.
Yeah, he's out there.
Well, where the hell is he, then? I-I want to talk to Annie.
Come on.
Give me your keys right now.
No, I ain't giving you nothing! Give me your keys or I'm calling the sheriff.
I ain't giving you nothing.
All right, I'm gonna call the sheriff, then.
I don't care.
You cannot drive under the influence, Shelby.
You know what? You do what you want with your life, I'll do what I want with my life.
All right, well, your life is gonna kill someone.
Sheriff Mobley, how you doing? - You bitch.
- Shelby's at the diner.
She is very high, and she is about to drive.
Bitch! Will you send someone over, please? Get away from me! Get away from me! Shelby, stop it! Give me the damn keys! No! Ow! You're hurting me! Got 'em.
I got 'em, Sheriff.
I got the keys.
It's all right.
You're just gonna let him come down here and send me to jail? You should go to jail if you're driving like this.
What the hell kind of sister are you? The type that doesn't sleep with her sister's boyfriend.
Oh, that ain't true.
What is that supposed to mean? You slept with Brody.
Yeah, you did.
You seduced him.
You know he was in love with Anna.
You know he only wanted her.
But you didn't care.
You know you're older than him, and you ain't nothing but a cougar.
Bitch! Don't you touch me, you bitch! How dare you say that to me.
It's true.
That is none of your damn business, and you know that was a long time after Annie left town.
He was off-limits.
He belonged to your sister.
Don't you dare talk to me about what's off-limits, Shelby.
Oh, I am.
I'm gonna talk to you about it, 'cause you know what, Bonnie? You ain't so damn perfect.
You better shut your mouth.
You don't touch me! You don't touch me! Why don't you go call Rick and have him come get you, okay? And get out of my face.
Give me the damn keys, Bonnie.
You make me sick! - You know that?! - Why? Huh? You are supposed to be my sister, and you are supposed to love me and be loyal to me.
You want to talk about being a sister?! Huh?! You really want to talk about that right now?! I saw you, Shelby.
I saw you last night.
Yeah, and you know what? No, you listen to me.
You had sex with my boyfriend.
You want to talk about seeing You want to talk about seeing Bonnie? Huh? You want to? Let's go! Let's go! Let's talk about that right now.
He came on to me, okay? He took advantage of me.
Why do you lie so much, honey? He did.
You believe what you want.
You stole his truck, Shelby.
You're gonna get yourself killed.
You know that? You're gonna get yourself killed.
Give me the damn keys, Bonnie.
[Sighs] Fine, you bitch.
Know what? I'll walk.
I don't need you.
I don't need you! Shelby.
Shelby! Dax really rescued me from that life, but like most men, he likes to control me.
So, I understand your situation.
And that's why I wanted to help you Mostly to rebel against Dax.
Now you know me.
Now you know My stuff Which is still gonna stay in this car.
Yeah, absolutely.
Um, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for Pretending to care.
I do care.
Victor, I do.
I-I may not know you, but The kind of kindness that you are showing me, Victor, is Is showing me who you are.
Actually, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't helped me.
- I know.
- [Chuckles] You would have been fighting for your life back there.
I think I'm still gonna be fighting.
- Oh, and by the way - Mm? just 'cause I'm bisexual doesn't mean you need to fall in love with me.
[Laughs] Okay, okay.
I don't know why you laughing.
- [Laughs] - You see these pecs? Stop.
Uh-huh, yeah, that's right.
[Chuckles] Oh, Dax would kill me.
- Yeah, he he would.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, he's a jealous guy.
- Mm.
[Insects chirping] [Insects chirping] Rick, wake up.
Wake up.
Y-you use it all?! Did you use it all?! - Get some more? - I wanted some! Damn it! - J.
! - Where is it, huh? Huh? - Now, hold on.
- Where is my load, Shelby? - I'm sorry! - Where is my load?! Where? Where? I stop choking me! Stop it, J.
! [Grunting] Yeah, yeah.
I got your attention now, huh, you bitch? Now you tell me where the hell it is.
, please, I don't know nothing.
I swear.
Where is it? I said, "where is it?" You whore! Get your damn hands off me! Yeah? How the hell did you get this stash, huh? That's my money! That's my money, J.
! Give it back! - You told me you had $2,000.
- Where is my load? [Voice breaking] I don't know.
You lied to me.
I don't know nothing about it, J.
, please.
I can't breathe.
I will kill you.
I will kill you, Shelby! - Don't do it! - Shut up! Hey.
You scared me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I think I left my phone in there.
Oh, you did? You don't mind opening it up for me? No, I don't mind doing that.
I'm sorry.
My wife said if my head weren't attached to my body, I'd lose it.
- Oh, she did, huh? - [Chuckling] Yeah.
I-I know the feeling.
Mighty nice of you.
Oh, that's not a problem.
I really, really do appreciate - Sure.
- reopening the diner for me.
That's all right.
It's a little dark in here, but Okay, well, you sat over This one, yeah.
And I cleaned it, so You didn't find it? No, but, you know, sometimes, phones can fall in between the cracks.
You just got to dig around for it.
You know? Okay.
Yeah, you got to be careful Going back in these little creases, 'cause you can sometimes stick yourself with stuff.
Oh! [Chuckles] You find you find it? No, I found a knife.
Be careful.
Don't cut yourself.
Yeah, I learned that the hard way.
Well, you know, I just I don't see it over here.
I can call it for you, if you think that would help.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Yeah, okay, why don't you just grab my phone in my purse and dial it? That's a good idea.
All right.
Yeah, I just I don't see it over here.
I'm sure it's there.
Yeah, are you calling it? Yeah.
Well, I don't hear any buzzing or nothing.
- Keep looking.
- Okay.
Well, maybe you should try calling it again.
Maybe not.
What are you doing? [Gasps] [Choking] Next on "Too Close to Home" There's nothing here.
This is Happy, Alabama.
That don't look too happy if you ask me.
I wanted some, too.
Well, you left.
You snooze, you lose.
But I want to join in on the dancing.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
Oh, you're a ? That's what me and Mac and Aunt Bonnie been dealing with all the time her.
- She won't answer the door.
- She can't.
Will someone tell me why? Woman: Go see for yourself.
- Woman #2: Who is that? - It's Anna.