Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Sisters over Misters

1 [melodic chime.]
All I want is sunshine Sunshine Any money lost last night, anyone? No, but we got really fucking close, though, I'll be honest.
- [Harry laughs.]
- Shut up.
Seriously? [David.]
Really close.
Didn't actually spend any money.
David is sexy as fuck.
It is so bloody hard trying to resist the urge to just That I'm needing right now With less than a week to go at the retreat, and only $55,000 in the no-sex pot, it's time for our raunchy residents to start being a little less frisky and a touch more thrifty.
Do you actually say "Ore-gan-o"? - What is it? "O-reg-ano"? - "O-reg-ano.
" - It's "ore-gan-o.
" - No, "o-reg-ano.
" [laughing.]
No! Me and Francesca are always having fun and laughing.
- It's "ore-gan-o.
" - No! There's just been little things in a relationship that I've never had before, and it's been magic.
- It's "ore-gan-o.
" - No, it's "o-reg-ano.
" And it's "A-did-as.
" Having cost the group three grand for her sofa snog last night, let's hope Chloe isn't getting "Kori-ed" away.
How was it? You had a night to sleep with your geezer.
- [Chloe.]
We kissed.
- [Nicole.]
- Ah, really? - So, that was really cute.
Is no one bothered? She just cost you the price of a Chanel handbag.
He's ticking so many boxes.
It's unreal.
Like, he's fit.
He's got tattoos.
He's taller than me.
I'm giving her a little bit of leeway in relation to spending three grand, but I just really hope he genuinely finds a connection with Chloe and likes her.
I feel like I need to go on a date with him to see where it would go.
He hasn't seen all of the Chloe yet.
I mean there's so many different sides to me.
I'm gonna tick his boxes, as well as him ticking mine.
- Tick, tick, boom, bitch! - There you go.
- Boom! - There you go.
Aw, the sound of young love blossoming.
Kori's bagged himself a stunner.
In fact, I bet he's boasting to Harry about it right now.
I don't know where my head's at involving Chloe.
Uh, I give up.
She's cool and that.
I think she's fit, but I flirt with everyone.
I don't know.
Maybe she thinks it could go a lot further than that.
To be honest, I want it.
I've come in here to, like, fuck around.
Slow down, playboy.
I think you're missing the point of this retreat.
Tell him, Harry.
Leave it and just have fun.
[narrator sighs.]
Why do we bother? Kori doesn't have many options here.
Um, everyone's pretty much tied up now.
He's got Madison and there's Nicole.
Follow your heart, have fun.
And if I've come in and she's interested in me, that's not my problem.
- Yeah.
- I can't help being beautiful, having a banging personality, being funny.
Francesca would be top of my list, like, all day.
I don't think that's what Harry meant when he said to have fun.
But, I would put boy-code over a bird.
I don't want to be the one to go in and create a massive drama.
Hmm, didn't have you down as a bro-code kind of guy.
- Smashing it.
Good to have you.
- Safe, man.
Trust me now, we're all right Everything's sweet and low You look good.
Thanks, Sharron.
No problem, Rhonda.
I like it when you say my name.
We're getting down to the final days, and as of right now, I mean, I'm loving where we are, and I love what we have.
Feels good.
The final big step that I want to take is being able to talk about my son with Sharron.
Okay, so Sharron isn't the only man in your life.
Dating and having a child is very hard, 'cause no one meets my son unless I consider you somebody that I can actually take home.
But, I'm afraid to open up.
I don't know how he's going to react.
I hope he doesn't freak out.
This is what I wanted to do today, for real.
Might actually want some snuggle time.
True vulnerability takes courage, and that is why Lana has a girls-only workshop planned for tomorrow that's all about female empowerment.
And trust me, you don't want to miss this one.
This is a warning You know I want you, girl But I'm warning, warning I'm gonna rock your world [Kori.]
What happened with Kelz? - Harry and I, like, ended things.
- Yeah.
So, I went for Kelz instead.
I decided the next day I was over it, so I ended things, and then I got back with Harry.
Everything happens for a reason, I guess.
Mistakes, regrets.
- Mistakes? Is it? - Yeah.
Gonna make any more mistakes? - What? - You gonna make any more mistakes? Kori I knew it.
So much for bro code.
At least Fran is a one-man woman these days.
Kori's sexy.
Like, he's got great style.
He dresses, like, so hot.
He smells really good.
He knows how to do his hair.
He has great "banter.
" I think you're sick.
You smell good all the time.
You look good.
You dress well.
I know you're working your biceps, Harry, but Kori is muscling in on your girl.
- Rocket.
Know what that means? - Rocket? Like "hot"? Yeah.
You're, like, rocket.
Out of this world.
Houston, we have a problem.
When Harry's not looking, there's been a few comments and looks.
I think Francesca's definitely into me, as well.
Can't stop herself.
[Kori exhales.]
Got me feeling Got me feeling good All the rocky roads Never felt so smooth So, I need to not wear knickers with this.
That is unreal on you.
You look divine.
I'm looking like a sort in this Barbie dress.
Kori won't be able to resist.
I'd agree, but then again, resisting women doesn't seem to be Kori's strong point.
Chloe's in your bed now.
What's going on? Where's your head at? - We're vibing a little bit, but - Yeah.
[melodic chime.]
Hello, Kelz.
Hello, Lana.
- Hello, Kori.
- You all right? [they laugh.]
Kori, I've noticed you've been attempting to get to know some of the girls better.
What are you saying? Would you like the opportunity to take one of them on a date, to explore the connection further? - [Kelz sighs.]
- [Kori laughs.]
Jeez, okay.
Uh, yeah, go on.
Me and Chloe, we have got on quite well this whole time, so I've built a good connection with Chloe.
I think Francesca's fit, but Francesca's situation is a little bit more difficult.
If by "difficult," you mean "in a relationship.
" Who would you like to take? Uh [narrator.]
The answer is "Chloe.
" She even dressed like a Barbie for you.
Yeah, Francesca.
End of the day, I've got to do what's best for me.
The fittest bird's interested in me.
I'll take her off whoever's hands.
Lana, you've got your work cut out with this one.
It's gonna be a cracker.
[he laughs.]
Ahh! Kori's about to fall in the same trap, going on a date with Frankie.
Couldn't give him tips, because I'm a firm believer you should never walk in someone else's shoes.
You should always have your own footsteps with your own shoes.
That's a wingman, right there.
Do you think, if Lana didn't put rules in place, you guys would be as solid? - No.
Whole attitude's changed.
- No? - We're planning - Planning a wedding already, bro? - Yeah, pretty much.
- Yeah.
He said, "I'm moving in.
I'm becoming vegan.
" You're full of shit.
[melodic chime.]
I wouldn't send out the wedding invites just yet.
Oh, I get the worst anxiety every time she makes that noise.
Don't do this to me.
As you know, this retreat helps you make meaningful connections.
It can also test those connections.
Your company has been requested on a date by Kori.
- [Francesca.]
Um - What is this bullshit? We haven't had a date yet.
Obviously, I gave Kori a bit of advice this morning.
I told him to have a bit of fun, and go crazy in the retreat.
Uh, yeah, bit of a stink move, but not really too threatened.
I know how Francesca feels.
I don't wanna go on a date with him.
I wanna go with you.
It's all good.
If you don't want to do it, don't do it.
That's settled then.
Just turn him down and we can all move on.
- If your relationship is as solid as - Solid.
you like to think it is, then it shouldn't matter.
I know, deep down, I shouldn't be entertaining this because I'm, like, falling for Harry so hard, but my inner urges are just making me entertain it.
Surely, she's not going to go? Why'd you get so quiet, though? Me? I was, like, thinking, like, I'm ready for a test.
Like, bring it on.
[he exhales deeply.]
I trust you.
Boo, Francesca.
Boo, indeed.
Just shut him down.
Do you think she has an attraction to him? No way that would happen.
She wouldn't do that.
Are we talking about the same Francesca here? Someone is gonna have to break the news to Chloe.
- Hey, ladies.
- Hey, honey.
Looks like Rhonda drew the short straw.
Lana comes on, and she tells Francesca that someone's requested to go on a date with her.
- [sighs.]
- [Rhonda.]
And it was Kori.
What the hell? That's fine.
I've got dressed up as a Barbie, while he's out there with big-tits Francesca on a date.
Thanks, Kori, you twat.
He should've had the balls to say to me, "Chloe, it's nothing more.
" What a fucking dick.
I'm sorry.
What did Harry say? - He was like, "Go shut him down.
" - Honestly The fact that she's actually considering going, or even The feeling has got to be mutual.
Her morals are none, and Kori's morals are none.
Her and Harry are in a relationship, and she still manages to worm her way in.
I mean, Francesca, babe like what is your problem? It's all you, girl Watch you move You're so cool, girl All eyes are on you - All right? - Hello.
How is it? Troublemaker.
Took the words right out of my mouth.
Oh, is that a bottle of tequila? - Yeah, we're doing shots.
- Jeez.
If she really had a thing with Harry, she wouldn't have even come on a date.
So, I'm gonna run with it.
How would you feel about this situation? Obviously, I think you're very attractive.
That's one way of shutting him down.
So, it'll be nice to see, like, who Kori is aside from a geezer.
You're such a troublemaker.
You're okay with it, me causing problems? Got me making all the wrong decisions Okay.
Obviously, from the beginning, I had my eye on you.
And then, obviously, I realized quickly your situation - Yeah, Harry and I.
- and it was a bit like, "Can I go with it? Can I not?" I mean, if I was in your position I would just go for it.
You're so hot.
What a minx.
She just can't help herself.
My train of thought is all over the place right now.
One hundred percent, it's the hardest temptation that's happened to me thus far, because Kori is definitely my type.
Everything about him is, like, my type.
Ladies and gentlemen, reintroducing the old Francesca.
How long have you been single for? Since summertime.
Not single now? Or does it not count? - Oh, God.
- [he laughs.]
What's the number for 9-1-1? Hmm, pretty sure it's 9-1-1? Shit.
[she sighs.]
[he sighs.]
Obviously, if she has a good time with Kori, and they decide they hit it off, I'll be heartbroken.
It took me a lot to push a side of me that I don't usually give people at all.
So, yeah, I think that would be the tipping point for me.
I would just pack my bags and go.
Production, can we get Harry's suitcase on standby? I'm getting, like, a really good vibe, but I don't think you and Harry are right together.
I wouldn't have asked you on a date if I didn't think that you were in it with him 100 percent.
[she sighs.]
I think what Harry and I have is, like, super rare, and, like I don't think that I'm gonna be able to find it again, and as much as the temptation is, like, so real for you, like it is, I can't, like, jeopardize what I have with him.
Kori, I can't do it.
Shot me right down.
I don't really understand her reaction.
At the end of the day, I saved some people some money, innit? [he exhales.]
It's a temptation that's there, like a very delicious vegan junk-food meal, but you know the celery and the broccoli is just what you need, and it gives you everything you want out of life.
If you didn't get that, this is Harry, this is Kori, and I'm gonna stick with Harry because he's fucking perfect, and I'm falling in love with him, and I don't want to get tempted by the burger and poutine that I don't need.
Cancel the Big Mac and fries! Looks like we're sticking with the diet.
- See you down there? - Yeah, see you in a bit.
Well done, Francesca.
Lana will be proud.
Broccoli, anyone? [Francesca sighs.]
My heart was beating so fast.
I was sweating like crazy.
Can I? [Harry.]
Did you come to talk to me? [David laughs.]
- I'll leave you guys.
- Thanks.
How was it? We were friendly, flirting.
We were fun.
I mean, I told him that I didn't blame him for asking me, 'cause if I was in his position, I would've went for it as well.
So, I was, like, I appreciate that.
Like, that takes balls.
Did you kiss him? No, of course I didn't kiss him.
What I have with you is, like, rare, and I'm not gonna risk what I have with you for someone like him.
I guess it was just another test.
I'm glad we passed it.
Yeah, this was the most suspense that's ever been in the retreat, and, um, yeah, I'm so glad that we kind of came out on top, and we're just A-plus students.
Yeah, I just know for him you would just be a trophy.
But for me, like, I'm genuinely My heart is all in it.
Yuck! Yum.
Technically, not vegan.
- You're icky.
- You love that.
So, Francesca and Harry have put the date behind them.
- Can I talk to you? Is it all right? - Yeah, of course.
Chloe, on the other hand Obviously, that was a very sly thing for you to do.
I thought I could trust you.
- Yeah.
- So I thought I'd let you know - I'm not gonna be speaking to you.
- Okay.
I can't be bothered to waste any more breath - Yeah.
- on anything, any drama.
You can lead Kori on as much as you want.
I know you're still into Harry, and you just like the chase.
- So, yeah, I just wanted to say that.
- Yeah.
So, I hope you and Harry do work out.
She walked over, and she's like "Don't look at me, don't talk to me, I'm done.
" Leave me alone.
It's another day in paradise, and the troubles of yesterday are a distant memory.
I'm angry at her, babe.
Or maybe not.
She knew I liked him.
Do you know what I mean? After sleeping on the whole situation, I'm trying to be understanding, but it's so hard when I've been hurt.
Fuck everyone.
It doesn't have to do with them.
Mind your own business.
Form your own connections.
Let me live my life.
You have to do what you want to do, and if you don't, you're going to regret it.
So if anyone's mad at me for this, then they can go fuck themselves.
Oh, that's my bikini, you little c.
While tensions rise in one part of the retreat they're quickly being soothed in another.
Oh, God, this is like paradise.
Everything seems to be going really well with Lydia.
I can legitimately feel myself being drawn towards her.
[he groans happily.]
At the moment, we haven't broken any rules.
Although, it has been fucking difficult.
[she laughs.]
Oh, shit, my bra strap's just come off.
Wow, this got intense really quick.
I think David was a bit stressed with those rules that Lana's been giving us, but I did my massage thing.
So, hopefully, I've eased it out of him, and who knows what tonight could bring? How did that happen? My mind, clearly.
Yeah, I know! Come on, girls, this is episode seven, and some of you are nowhere near where you should be.
Perhaps an all-girl lesson in self-worth and unity is just what the small, cone-shaped doctor ordered.
Ain't that right, Lana? The secret to any healthy relationship is to accept and love your partner for who they are.
But first, you must fully accept and love yourself.
I've invited back relationship expert Shan to host a female-only Yoni Puja workshop.
Great, Yoni Puja.
What's Yoni Puja? Today, we are doing Yoni Puja, which is truly about owning who you are in this very moment, feeling good about that, and drawing inspiration and power from it.
This workshop is truly all about strength within yourself, strength within the sisterhood.
A bit of "sister over mister" time is precisely what these two need.
Today is all about the beautiful form of Yoni Puja.
You may have to elaborate, Shan.
Some of these girls don't even know the number for 9-1-1.
"Yoni" is the Sanskrit word for "vulva," "vagina.
" It is your female genitalia.
What? What is going on? "Puja" means to worship.
So, that's what we're doing today.
We're worshiping our divine femininity.
Like, what? Oh, my God, are our watches gonna go green? Tell me about some of the negative things you've heard about female genitalia.
Beef curtains.
Smells like fish.
"Oh, that girl's pussy, like, stinks.
" Okay, swiftly moving on.
So, I want us to throw away all of those things that we've heard to have our sacred Yoni look a certain way.
So if you take a glance down [they squeal.]
Are you guys ready to start looking? I've never thought too deeply about looking at my Yoni in this sort of way.
Vagina examination.
I bet the boys are gutted they're missing this.
New girls all around me But I'm still feeling lonely Nah, they seem all right.
So, the first thing you're going to do is put your hands just like this, - and you're going to drop 'em.
- Drop them drawers! Not something these girls have needed much encouragement with in the past.
There's a nice breeze.
Go ahead and pick that mirror up, and then just explore at will.
Thank the Lord for flat-pack vanity screens.
Uh, did not sign up for this at all.
It's weird.
I haven't seen my vagina in ages.
Shit, my ring got caught.
So, this is an opportunity for women to separate themselves from other people's perspectives of their bodies and for them to develop their own relationship with their own Yoni and reflect on their feelings about it.
Pretty vajay-jay.
I've never looked at my Yoni that close up.
[Nicole squeals.]
Yoni, you're sexy.
You're fire.
If it feels like it's on fire, Nicole, you may want to get that checked out.
I like what you're doing with your hair.
It's very nice.
I've never really, like, opened up my vagina and, like, looked inside.
Little cutie pie.
So I was like, "Wow, I need to be more protective of this, because it looks like heaven down there.
" - [heavenly music.]
- Hmm.
What went through your head when you very first saw the reflection? When I watch porn, - they all look the same.
- Yep.
And because mine doesn't look like the perfect vagina, I'm like, "Oh, that's not normal.
" But now I know that that is normal.
It just looks beautiful.
That's awesome.
I wouldn't touch my hand if I were you.
I've been scoping around in there.
Me and my Yoni feel powerful.
Ladies, you're going to be creating your own place of worship by drawing a representation of your Yoni.
So pick up your paint brushes [Chloe whoops.]
Paint! And this will be the place you can go to reflect again on your strength, on your femininity, on your power, on all that you felt when it was just you, the mirror, and your Yoni.
I feel like Picasso.
I don't recall Picasso ever painting his bits.
Mine's beautiful.
How do you spell "condom"? You're supposed to be painting a shrine to your vagina, not doing your shopping list.
I'm feeling my painting.
Okay, ladies, paint brushes down.
I can't wait to see what they painted.
So, my Yoni is represented by a unicorn.
Aww! It looks more like a horse in a party hat.
- Oh! - And if anyone's lucky enough to get to this, it's magical.
Neigh! It's also a fictional creature no one's ever seen.
Okay, this is not what I was expecting at all.
I bet Fran's is a picture of elegance.
This beautiful little pussy cat.
- Clever.
- [Shan.]
Pussy's got boobs.
- [Francesca.]
Those are hands.
- Oh! - [Francesca.]
Those are little - [laughter.]
My pussy is confident, powerful, independent, lit and fucking gold.
[cheers and whoops.]
What is it with these girls and their bits being on fire? Okay, so that's my vagina.
Disclaimer: These paintings are not drawn to scale.
It's such a magical thing.
Anyone who I'm with in the future should be grateful for that, too.
And I get pleasure out of it, hopefully they do, too.
Aww, Lydia! I'll definitely be treating my Yoni differently now.
I feel much more respect for it.
I feel empowered by it more.
Who I next give it to is going to be important, and they're going to respect it just as much as I now do.
So my "Yomi" It's "Yoni.
" symbolizes Inner strength? Femininity? Sisterhood? - a vagina.
- Oh.
And you should always protect your vagina.
So I've put a condom round it.
Well done, Chlo.
Protect your "Yodis.
" It's "Yoni.
" [Chloe.]
I've realized I can't just give my Yoni to anyone.
They have to earn my Yoni.
- Last but not least, Rhonda.
- I got a strong Yoni.
We had a baby out of that thing.
Like, that's a strong Yoni.
Rhonda had a baby.
Oh, my word.
Basically, this is the tube as to where my strength comes from, giving birth to something so fragile.
I see her in a different light now.
I knew she was a strong woman, but the strength in her message was just really beautiful.
I'm gonna cry.
After this workshop, I'm gonna open up and let those who care for me in.
I'm excited to bring everything together.
My biggest heart, which is my son, and then my newest crush, which is Sharron.
That's absolutely beautiful.
- [Francesca.]
So beautiful.
- Yes! Why did I draw a fucking cat? I need to work on being more sensitive to other females' Yonis, in regards to the way I make certain decisions about males.
We are girls.
We are strong, and we should probably be working more together.
There's a bit more of a positive vibe now.
Everyone's like, "Women rule the world!" - We love our Yonis! - We love our Yonis! [they cheer.]
Better do it like a girl I see you walking You're strutting Pushing my buttons You're about to deal with the repercussions I need to talk to Kori, because the empowerment I felt from all of us girls being together today made me realize that I cannot ever let anyone treat me like that.
How you going? You all right? Not really.
I feel completely mugged off, Kori, to be honest.
In what way? You told me you wanted to go on a date with me.
You asked me to stay in your bed.
You openly looked in my eyes and told me you liked me, and then you went on a date with Francesca? Is that muggy? Yes or no, Kori? - If you wanna see it as muggy, it's muggy.
- Do you think I think the workshop's made her a bit too big for her boots, innit, but I'm not bothered by her.
Ooh, someone's a little defensive.
You haven't been honest with me, Kori.
OK, if I'm being honest now, I don't want to take things further.
That's that, then, innit? I'm not giving you the opportunity, babe.
- I don't want to go anywhere near you.
- I don't want the opportunity.
I just really hope you start respecting girls more and get the balls to openly tell them how you feel.
All right, well, I'm bored of this conversation.
Um I'll speak to you in a bit.
I can't be arsed.
Right now all I have Is getting over you I know my worth, and I'm not going to let any more Koris take me for a ride.
Woman empowerment! You go, girl! With the girls reveling in their newfound empowerment, Rhonda has grabbed the bull by the horns and asked Sharron to meet in private.
What's up? Just thinking.
What you thinking about? I think I kinda am ready to talk to Sharron about my son.
I just want to know that it's, like, okay, and he's open to it.
You're not seeming like yourself.
No, like, I just keep thinking about, like - my son and then it's, like - Oh, wait.
Hold up! [they laugh.]
You got a baby? Yeah.
Um, I think it's your turn to speak, Sharron? That's dope, though.
I love kids.
I have a lot of nieces and nephews.
So, it was cool.
I'm starting to miss him a lot.
Obviously, I don't have kids.
I'm not speaking from experience, but I'm sure he misses you just as much as you miss him.
I definitely was worried that Sharron was gonna freak out.
Like, "Uh, me? No.
" That's another, you know, milestone and a new beginning to me and Sharron's relationship.
I'm looking forward to eventually getting to know him, getting to know you deeper.
I'm excited to introduce myself to her son.
This is the next step in our relationship for her to see how serious I am about her.
Hey, babe, I got you.
I know, baby.
I got you, too.
It's got to be you All of the madness and the mess you put me through If you told me three weeks ago that the world would be looking at me examining my vagina, or my Yoni, I'd be like, "You're telling bullshit.
That is lies.
Feck off.
" Isn't this a sight to behold? The girl squad back together.
God bless the power of the Yoni.
I think we learned so much about each other from it.
I feel so much more connected to you girls and more of an understanding, because our Yoni makes us women.
Being close with the girls in the house is more important than I thought, and I do have a little issue with Chloe right now, and I hope we can talk it out and come out stronger than ever.
I mean, I realized in that workshop that I need to not only respect myself but also respect others.
I was being selfish in that situation.
I didn't consider your feelings as much as I should have.
- Yeah.
- I apologize about not coming to you first or not thinking about you as much as I should have.
- I'm not angry at you.
- OK.
Because at the end of the day, I'm now an empowered woman.
I respect my Yoni.
- Well done, baby girl.
- Cheers to that.
Cheers! Woo-hoo! [they cheer and talk.]
You're hiding something you're fighting You're too excited I already know The white shirt's out.
Someone means business.
Lydia ticks loads of boxes.
So tonight, got my crisp, white shirt on, and I want to see if I can get to know her a little bit more and kind of take things up a notch.
What's up, girls? Brave man walking into the Yonis' lair.
- You look very suave.
- Thank you.
- You look gorgeous.
- Well, I'm hoping that Lydia would join me for a few drinks tonight.
- [they whoop.]
- [David.]
Come here.
David, you shouldn't have! So where are you taking her? A posh restaurant? Maybe to gay Paree? I've got this wonderful scene set up for you, so if you want to Oh, five steps away on a couple of logs.
What a treat.
- How are you? - Oh, I'm great, thanks.
I'm great.
- How are you doing? - Good, thank you.
What happened today? Learned about lady bits and appreciate it.
Was not expecting you to say that at all.
Exactly! So, and it was amazing, and then Is it really? You just say that, - like, "Yeah, it's amazing.
" - You might find out.
I actually learned so much from that Yoni workshop.
I felt empowered by it, but does empowerment mean restraint or does empowerment mean, "You go get it, girl"? I don't know.
I feel like I know you so well, but it's, like, the next thing that would be natural isn't able to happen, do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Sometimes, it's a case of you gotta play by the rules but also take matters into your own hands, and do what needs to be done.
No, I'm pretty sure the idea is to play along with Lana's rules.
We could literally be in here and wait, and then Lana might give us a green light, or - She might not.
- she might not.
Patience is a virtue, guys.
You'll get a green light when Lana thinks you're ready.
I know what I could do.
What I want to do.
Just be selfish for once, don't you think? You wanna be selfish.
Come here.
Oh! Oh, shit! Yeah, baby! I don't blame him.
If it's gonna make the connection deeper, solidify things between you and Lydia, spend money, bro! Money well spent, because it gave Lydia and I a great opportunity to bond more, understand each other more, and sometimes rules are made to be broken.
[David laughs.]
Well, I hope you got your money's worth, David, because by my calculations, that just cost you three grand.
I must say, you're doing a very good job of looking me in the eye.
I definitely learned from that workshop.
Normally, I'd be straight there, doing my thing, no fucks given.
But now I'm thinking about what I'm learning, and I feel like I'm growing already, and I'm so proud of myself for that.
This is gonna be really difficult.
- [he laughs.]
- [she groans.]
It's been an emotional and exhausting day.
All the girls are fast asleep with their new, stronger selves.
Is it cold up here? Except for Francesca who looks like she might be taking a vacation down under.
[Harry laughs quietly.]
You're amazing.
I'm so head-over-heels in love with you that it's criminal.
I love you.
Aww, you're in love.
How sweet.
I'm not sure everyone else is gonna love how much you've just cost them, though.
What's it gonna be? Your secret's safe with me Sleep well? Yeah.
Last night was so hot.
Me and Francesca have a little secret.
Uh I don't think Lana's seen it.
This is top secret information.
Let's just see what Lana has to say about all of this, shall we? Your secret's safe with me Perhaps it's just a happy coincidence she wants to see you all in the palapa.
Everybody's way more disciplined than we came in.
Now, more people are focused on the developments they've made, the connection they've made, and, hopefully, we're making Mama Lana proud.
That may be true for some of you, but not for these two horn bags.
[melodic chime.]
- Hello.
- Lana! Speaking of the devil.
I wonder if Lana's in a relationship.
- [Nicole.]
I say she is.
- She's dating a Tesla.
There have been some breaches of the rules.
Chloe and Kori How much have we lost, Lana? As a result of your kiss $3,000 has been deducted from the prize fund.
Fuck's sake.
Three grand's all right, but I feel like it could have been wasted on someone else.
Also, David and Lydia.
- What's going on? Naughty little Lana.
- [Sharron.]
Here we go.
Last night's breach of the rules has also cost the prize fund $3,000.
- Sorry, guys.
- It's cool.
Nah, it's all good.
I feel like we definitely got to know each other better.
Francesca Ooh! [narrator.]
Here we go.
Lana, what have I ever done to you, girl? Let me live.
You were tested on a date with Kori and demonstrated restraint and growth.
Well done.
Thanks, Lana, you sexy little robot.
- Ah, superstar.
- Well done.
I have 100 percent gotten away with this.
Happy days.
That can't be it? I think she's done.
Surely? All right, good job, guys.
I'm happy.
[they cheer.]
I dodged a massive bullet here.
Genuinely well done.
Didn't think Francesca had it in her.
She surprised us all.
Well done.
- So much growth.
- I know.
I feel like we're growing.
What about last night? - [Lana.]
Finally - Ah.
- Uh-oh.
- [narrator.]
You sly old cone.
You had me going there for a second.
Last night, there was another breach of the rules.
Oh, stop.
- Fuck.
- What? And $6,000 has been deducted from the prize fund.
Oh, God.
Uh Like, what the fuck? If you've done something, just own up and be honest.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If there's one lesson you should've learned by now Lana sees everything.
- Fuck, I didn't think Fuck! - [Chloe.]
Was it you two? No! I didn't think she saw us.
- [David laughs.]
- No! [Harry.]
We've been sprung red-handed.
Uh [laughs.]
- Fuck.
- Goddamn it! [Harry.]
Okay, I'll come clean.
Me and Francesca bonded and dropped the L-bomb, and it may have accidentally ended up in her mouth - at some point.
- [laughter and cheers.]
- Harry! - At some point.
She blew it.
She literally blew it.
Literally blew it.
Thanks, Kelz, but I think we get it.
Y'all literally can't go two days without doing some dumb shit.
I don't know if I deserve a pat on the back or a punch in the face at this point, 'cause clearly, I have no self-control.
Judging by everyone's mood, I'm gonna guess it's the punching option.
So, no growth.
She takes one step forward, and then takes five steps backwards.
The prize fund now stands at $43,000.
Well, blow me.
There's still another episode to go, and that prize pot sucks.
I've said this before, but I actually mean it this time, we're not going to spend any more money.
We won't.
Coming up the season finale.
We have sex.
We don't have sex.
Will it be too hot to handle? They constantly feck off.
Oh, my God! - Jeez, Lana.
- I don't know what's going on.
And who will take home the cash prize if there's any left? This is the moment.
This is it.
Are you trying to make me shit myself in front of everyone? Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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