Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Bryce Isn't Right

1 Okay, this is it.
Will Harry forgive drop-dead gorgeous, ten-out-of-ten hottie, and girl of his dreams, Francesca? What do you think? You're so lucky, 'cause the guy before today would've just been like, "Take a hike.
" Like, big lesson from today was - leave everything in the past.
- Yeah, that's what I'm doing that.
It's 'cause, yeah - 'Cause you're here.
- 'Cause I'm here asking for you back.
If I left here without, like, without trying for With you, it would just be a waste.
Oh, spit it out, Harry.
You're really milking it.
- We both have a long way to go.
- Mm-hmm.
And if we are gonna give this another crack, we have to promise each other a couple of things.
Number one, I want you to give me 110 percent.
I don't want you to be fucking around with these other guys.
I want you to be invested in developing a relationship and giving me everything.
Number two, communicate with me.
If you're upset, no matter what about, tell me.
The last thing I want is people upset, especially the person I care for the most.
And number three I don't want to break the rules.
Wait, what? Is this some kind of joke? I want to be taught.
Like, I want it to feel right.
- Who are you? - I know it's a bit of a shock, - but I don't wanna break the rules.
- Okay.
Either Harry's playing some kind of Jedi mind trick to get down under, or he's actually making progress.
I'm feeling like a man.
I'm moving forward.
I'm taking the lessons that I've learned today, and I'm just gonna try and grow and develop.
So, thank you, Lana, you naughty little possum.
Is yours green? - What? - What? You see, when you make progress, Lana's going to reward you with a green light.
Nice work, guys.
They're kissing.
Harry and Frankie kissed and made up again.
It's, like, it is what it is, right? Everything happens for a reason.
In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't cost us more money.
It feels refreshing, it feels positive.
We've obviously overcome a weird amount of stuff in a short period of time.
It just feels like coming home.
- Good night! - Love you all.
So the new and improved Harry has finally fallen under Lana's spell.
I'm sure he'll be the perfect pupil from here on in.
- David.
- What? You were fucking hilarious.
You were having a full-on, deep-sleep chat to yourself - about personal growth.
- It was so weird.
What? David was talking in his sleep? This I've got to see.
Did you find that there is? Yeah.
So how did you find that you found personal growth? Your arms were going.
You were, like, "We're here for personal growth.
" What? - Fuck off! - No! How did you find the personal growth? From the standing up er bamboo that we that we had a moment before? I clearly really care about personal growth! Oh, my God! Had a dream last night about personal growth.
I'm surprised that I haven't felt more tempted, though.
But I think that's just because I've blocked that thought from my head.
I've not allowed myself to get in positions where I've been super tempted.
Lana! Hello, Matthew.
How are you feeling today? So far, I've learned a lot within myself.
I've definitely gained just a deeper sense of peace.
But I am missing the sexual temptation aspect of this personal journey.
I just don't think that there's anyone here for me in that way.
That, to me, is the piece that is missing to my puzzle.
Keep an open mind, and try to remember how far you have come.
Thank you, Lana.
Chloe She obviously has one big issue with me.
It's what she and you guys describe as "banter.
" Oh! - What's happening? - He can't He's got a shit chat.
- Yeah.
- And no bants Yeah.
And Chloe doesn't like it.
I want a geezer, but he could be a geezer in disguise, and I might just have to see past that.
- Know what I mean? - That's so true.
It feels so weird, Haley not being here.
- I know.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah, forgot to mention.
You know Haley? Kind of reminds you of this? Well, Lana may have given her the boot last night.
But I was too wrapped up with Harry and Francesca to tell you.
So, why don't we back it up a bit? - I know.
- Literally.
Haley, I have been evaluating your performance so far.
Having a positive impact on the group as a whole? Everyone in this house is an idiot, and I think they're stupid.
Showing signs of personal growth? I truly don't need to improve anything, and I really don't care about Lana's process.
Obeying the rules? - Did you kiss Francesca? - No, I did not kiss Francesca.
Insufficient progress has been made.
Haley, your time in the retreat is over.
Oh, my God.
Except for Francesca, you're all lame.
I wouldn't expect it any other way.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you, Harry.
- Damn, Lana, you're one savage hunk of plastic.
Bye, bitches! You know what? I'm actually gonna miss Haley.
- Anything can happen now.
Quite literally.
- I know.
- To Haley.
- To Haley! To Haley! - Haley.
- To Haley.
- Haley! - Haley! Waking up this morning What is that smell? Oh! The smell of positivity! It's a great day for a great day, boys.
What do youse guys think about someone else coming in? Funny you should ask, Chloe.
Lana, my cone-shaped friend, over to you.
Whilst I am saddened to see Haley's time in the retreat come to an end, there will always be a fresh set of chastity-challenged people in need of my service.
Prepare for new arrivals.
Prepare for new arrivals.
Prepare for new arrivals.
Now we're talking.
Oil-dipped singles, ahoy! Oh, this chair is, like, strangling my testicles.
These guys really need to pay attention.
Why do I feel like that boat is, like, getting closer and closer? Guys, have you seen that boat coming towards us? No way.
Oh, my word! Let me get my binoculars out.
Hang on.
Bring on the new eye candy.
- Shut up! - Oh, my God! - Shut the fuck up.
- Fuck is going on? Two girls and a guy! Correction, Chloe.
Two horny girls and a sexed-up guy.
They've already been told the rules, but that doesn't mean - they're going to follow them.
- Oh, my God! I'm a ring girl for the boxing and MMA.
I love sex.
It makes me feel good, and I don't think anyone should be ashamed to say that.
Looks like temptation is back on the menu.
All aboard! I'm a water treatment engineer.
I am known to be a bit of a bad boy.
Part-time model, part-time selfie-taker.
No one tell the new guy that I'm really dumb, please.
Hey, Bryce.
How do you feel about a new guy coming in? What could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah everything.
I'm a model, and I'm a stylist.
I'm here for one thing and one thing only.
Guys, I am freaking the fuck out.
They're coming! I'm sure they're going to be on their best behavior.
I ain’t come all this way to follow the rules.
- What are we gonna do, read the newspaper? - Except him.
- I want to do whatever the fuck I want.
- Or her.
I'm not really into guys for the emotional connection.
I think I just like sex.
All right, none of them.
- What's up, guys? - What's going on? Oh, my God.
- Madison.
Nice to meet you.
- Kelz.
You okay? It's all fucked.
It's It's fucked.
- Nicole.
Nice to meet you.
- Kori.
Nice to meet you.
It's definitely going to change the dynamic in the group.
- Hi, I'm Chloe.
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Kori.
Nice to meet you.
Who is this sex god? If he is a god, thou shall not screw.
Let's get this party started.
Hey, man.
The gaff is sick.
The birds are looking fit.
I think we're gonna have fun here.
- Lydia.
Nice to meet you.
- David.
Lovely to meet you.
Lydia's eyes have just caught me from a mile off.
Oh, my God, they're piercing.
- How you doing? - Her eyes are what you're looking at.
- Sharron.
Nice to meet you.
- Lydia.
Lana has once again thrown me another test.
I think it's an opportunity for me to just prove how serious I am about Rhonda, and about, just, me being better.
Welcome to our retreat.
It's like, "Hi, nice to meet you.
By the way, don't fucking try because I'll kill you.
" - Lana! - Hey, Lana! Welcome, Madison, Kori, and Lydia.
I trust you will all make the residents feel at home.
- Of course we will, Lana.
Of course.
- Obviously.
So, that was like the grand entrance.
Like, it was cool.
I know that I'm gonna be put in positions that I'm not gonna like, but I just have to understand that, if we're on the same page and continue to communicate, it's going to be fine, and I could see that, as well, today.
The new arrivals are here to begin their own journey towards making deeper connections.
The boys are so fit.
I feel like this is gonna be a bit naughty.
I'm not sure Lydia's totally grasped the concept of deeper connection.
I hope you'll be able to show them how far you have all come.
- Whoa! - It's harder than it looks! Shit! This fucks my whole situation up.
I definitely think Lydia is my type.
Dark skin, dark hair, beautiful eyes.
Realistically, I'm like, "Jesus, I could literally just kiss you.
" We get it, David.
You fancy Lydia.
I want to know what each of your types are.
Tall, nice teeth, and that's probably about it.
- Shoot for the stars, why don't ya? - David, you're not that tall.
Mine's not that specific.
Fit, nice body Um Got to have banter.
"Banter" is a word that we hear a lot around here.
I'm just here to have fun.
So, we'll see what happens, innit? - A bit of a geezer? - Yeah, one of them.
- Watch out.
He's a geezer! - Yeah, one of them ones.
Bryce looked at me and I was like I didn't know what to do.
You know, that's kind of like my girl out here.
So, um it's kind of concerning.
I don't really have a type.
As long as I can connect with someone on a spiritual and intellectual level then it's game.
Boom! Temptation.
Talk about stirring the pot.
These new arrivals have been here five minutes, and already David, Matthew, and Chloe don't know where to look.
I thought I'd show you around.
See what your chat's all about.
You say you've got chat.
Other than banter, I just take the piss.
I need someone that's gonna give me banter So you've got the sinks, the bathtub.
and make me feel sexy.
- Would you get naked? - Have a bath later? Shall we have a bath later? This new guy's come in and I think this is the first time I've ever been speechless.
I just wanna enjoy every second that I have with you.
I mean, I've liked you since day one.
With two sexy new girls on the prowl, it looks like Francesca has gone full Meghan Markle by keeping Harry on a very short leash.
If I have to fight some girls off, I will.
I mean, obviously, I'm the hottest, so I don't think you should change at all.
I like the way that you are.
Look at you, getting all cute again.
- Stop it.
- I like this side of you.
Francesca is not gonna give up her crown as queen of the retreat that easily.
When a bunch of strangers show up trying to steal your love interests, maybe don't fuel the situation with alcohol and dancing.
Unfortunately, these guys didn't get the memo.
I'm no longer the new guy anymore.
We got three more people.
Cheers! Let's get lit, have a fun night tonight.
There it is! Nice dancing.
Didn't realize this was a full moon party.
And David just had a heart attack.
What the fuck? Lydia's bum is insane.
Madison's looking good.
I'm excited to see what happens.
- There's definitely potential there.
- Mancing! Francesca is, like, a ten out of ten.
That dream bird, innit? Definitely got on with Chloe, like, there was definitely a vibe.
She's stunning, as well, so, see what happens.
I'm sure if I had a romantic connection with someone, I'd want to hook up with them, you know? If I want to do something, I wanna go and do it.
Fuck it.
With Matthew, I just can feel a good person, where I, like, see them, if that makes sense? I'm excited for him to maybe open up.
Okay, Matthew.
This is only yours to lose.
There's a saying I use, it says, "A bird can't fly if it's holding onto a branch.
" Okay, not a great start, but you've still got time to save this.
So, like, really, the real test is being able to let go.
Being new, this is pretty intense.
I mean, listen, I was honestly terrified.
- I was definitely nervous.
- I got some really good advice.
The best way to cope with something you're uncomfortable with is learning to go with the flow.
There's, like, you can fight, you can flight, you can run, and you can just go with it.
Like, they all, you know, they all trust what Who I am, and listen to what I say.
Um - Gonna leave y'all to this.
- See you later.
This is like a rom-com, How to Lose a Girl in Ten Seconds.
Hold up.
Where's Chloe taking old "fancy pants" Kori? You had some moves.
- Teach me.
- Teach you? - Teach me.
Do a little - This is how.
This is easy.
Up and Is this that British banter thing Chloe likes? I was Oh! Is Kori doing a banter? I can't do it! Me and Kori have got quite a few things in common, but being intellectually not that smart is one of them.
You're very chivalrous.
What's that mean? Well, as soon as I seen you, I thought, "Don't want to judge him too much.
" I think I'm going to need some help here.
Netflix, fire up the inner monologue caption machine.
You look like a bit of a lad because you're so gorgeous, know what I mean? like, anyone, you know, that's all right, - Dishing the compliments out! - I should've thought of it.
Obviously, you've got your eyes open for some of the girls in here.
- Um - You need to get to know them.
Why? Do you want to ask me who? You can tell me, if you want.
- You, for a start.
- Thank you.
I'm a fucking real bitch.
- Is that how it is? It's better? - Yes, it is.
Yeah, course.
I'm not gonna pounce on you just yet.
Chloe's definitely got her eye on me.
With the rules that we've got, everyone's a little bit nervous to break 'em.
I don't give a shit.
I'm trying to get my way in there.
See how it goes.
"See how it goes"? Oh, this is bad, Bryce.
This is really bad.
That's funny.
Give us a hug.
What, a hug? I think tonight, I'll take the bed on the floor.
No, you can't do that.
It honestly is quite comfortable.
- Trust me, been doing it for two weeks.
- I feel bad.
This guy David is a bit of meat.
I just need to go in with tunnel vision.
I'm gonna go after who I want.
How's your personal growth feeling now, David? You can come in with us, okay? You'll be awake all night, but it's fine.
- You can cuddle.
Come cuddle with us.
- It's dangerous.
It's all good.
It's like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey's face.
It's a nightmare.
As long as that's all you're planning on dangling in her face.
You're really nice - I think.
- I'm getting a good vibe from you already.
I think you're gonna fit in quite nicely with everyone.
How are you feeling about coming in? Good.
Everyone seems pretty decent.
You girls are really nice.
The boys are so, like, cool to talk to.
Oh, Lana.
Hello, Harry and Francesca.
- Hello, my love.
- Hello.
I have noticed neither of you have been tempted by the new arrivals.
This shows strength in your deepening connection.
You have taken your relationship to the next level.
This has unlocked a night alone in the private suite.
What? The suite is the biggest test of chastity.
However, there'll be no further green lights this evening.
This time alone is an opportunity to get to know each other more deeply without any distractions.
- My heart is racing.
- My heart's racing.
Obviously, my whole mindset has completely changed from the start.
There's obviously temptations, and sharing a bed with Francesca is the biggest temptation, but I think I need to do it to grow.
Thank you, Lana.
- Oh, good girl! - Yeah! Because we know we have the sexual chemistry, I think it'll be easy for us to just not spend any more money, even though we want to, and just get to know each other, and listen to Lana, because obviously she knows what's best, and we've just got to follow her, and let her guide us.
Wow, Francesca is totally a Lana convert.
The doors are now open.
My boy! All right, let's go.
Enjoy the privacy, guys.
I reckon we'll pass with flying colors.
A hundred percent.
This is not actually happening.
- We have to show control, be in control.
- No, like, there's no way.
We're adults.
We can do this.
Oh my God! Okay, this is it.
Crocodile Fundee and his sexy Sheila's chance to take on the ultimate test - Francesca! - a night together alone Thank you so much.
with no sex.
- Cheers to us.
Cheers to you.
- Cheers.
Big Dog, you know it's coming.
Just hold on as long as you can.
All right? Don't wanna embarrass myself on television any more than I already have.
Let's not forget, the new and improved Harry has promised he won't break any more rules.
So this should be easy.
I don't want to break any rules, though.
You don't? Neither.
They're gonna be fine.
We're mature adults, Francesca.
We're saving ourselves for Christ.
I have total faith in these guys.
You're so cute.
Nothing to worry about here Ah, crap.
Oh, fuck money.
Should we have a bath? Ah! They're definitely gonna fuck.
Do you think that Frankie and Harry I don't reckon they had sex.
Fuck's sake, man.
Harry and Francesca are going to blow dough.
You know, the thing is, I'm paying for a room I don't even get to use.
Harry's been really eager to get into a private situation with Francesca.
I think we're I think we're looking at the max deduction.
I had a great time last night, that's for sure.
Yeah, last night was crazy.
Yeah, look, that evening and that night away was magic.
We felt like it was the right move in our relationship.
I just couldn't hold back.
Who would have thought that a couple of minutes would change someone's whole perspective on you? I think we're poor now, for sure.
Oh, if the money's not at zero, I'll be surprised.
You're laughing now, guys, but wait till you tell the group about all the rules you've broken.
Ooh, they'd cause some scratches on my back, wouldn't they? We can find out.
Man, these new arrivals are wasting no time digging their claws in.
- Morning.
- Hi.
I just physically can't make myself fancy Bryce.
Like, I feel like such a bad person.
The sparks aren't flying, and I need someone to have fireworks with me.
I feel like we need to talk.
You know, I took the time to try getting to know Madison.
There just isn't anybody here for me.
I know now that I've gotta reflect on my time moving forward.
- Hello, you.
- Spill it! Hi.
What the fuck is up? You still walking, so Tell me through it, play by play.
I want to know every detail.
- Uh, we promised not to do anything.
- Yeah.
We took baths and talked about life.
It was, like, so romantic and so cute.
And then Oh! All right, look.
Yeah, she's, uh It was a lot of fun.
We had sex.
No way! Oh! We probably could have gone without it, but we just felt, like, deep down that's what we both wanted to do.
That's so cute! I can see that they have a bit of a stronger bond.
I do think it did them the world of good.
Hello? It's done your prize fund a world of bad.
How long did you last? Oh, horrible.
Ten seconds.
- It was terrible.
- Yeah! My boy had a smile from ear to ear.
Sometimes, breaking the rules, you may learn more than following the rules.
Why are you all so happy? You're all gonna lose a load of money.
Just wait until the accountant finds out.
- Honestly, it made us closer.
- I bet.
Of course, man.
Physical interaction makes people closer.
That's actually cool.
I feel like we're closer than ever, and it feels really nice to be like Lovey dovey.
They've proved to the group they've made a genuine connection.
I just hope I get the same.
I feel like I need to speak to Bryce.
It's just He I know he's not the guy for me.
- Hi, you.
- Hey, baby girl.
- You all right? - I'm good.
I needed to talk to you.
And I've been a bit nervous.
I don't know if you've picked up, but I've been a little bit distant.
Yeah, I was a little concerned.
I was confused.
- Yeah.
- I didn't wanna - I didn't wanna chase you.
- No, of course.
So, I just wanted to say that you are such a gentleman.
Listen, when I'm speaking to you, like, I genuinely know that you're a really nice guy.
But I don't normally go for nice guys.
I feel that what I need and what I want are two different things - Uh-huh.
- And I feel like Kori's walked in here, and we clicked straight away.
Do you know what I mean, like? I'm still working out whether that's super romantically - Yeah.
Of course.
- because I'm still wary, - still not sure.
- How could you be? But you gotta really go for what you want, right? That's all right, don't worry.
Not everyone's the same.
Kori and Chloe.
Obviously, they're similar, more similar, and I want her to be happy.
But I just don't want her to be picking the wrong guy.
I think that she will realize real quick that I probably was the better option.
A hug and cuddle? Never mind, Bryce.
There are plenty more fish in the sea, which, living on a boat, you'll know already.
The walk of shame to the palapa.
Place your bets.
How much money was lost in the private suite last night? This is gonna hurt.
Lana, take it away.
Hey! Lana! Hello.
- Hello, love.
- What's up, you sexy little minx? Harry and Francesca, you are the first people to have sexual intercourse - in the retreat.
- No way! - The fuck? - Shock.
This is the most serious rule break so far, and will therefore incur a heavy punishment.
That's three bags of sand for a kiss.
A ride would be like 15K.
The fine for this indiscretion is Hit us with the magic number.
twenty thousand dollars.
- Oh, shit.
- Ouch.
Breathe, Kelz.
Like, what the fuck? Twenty K is a lot.
Fuck's sake.
You know what? It's become ridiculous, to be honest.
Twenty grand's a heavy price.
At this point, we're not gonna have any money left.
I'm sorry, guys.
Fifty-five thousand left, guys.
That's not even gonna pay for your flights home.
For what happened last night, that's a deal.
A steal, okay? We've got ourselves a bargain, to be honest.
Francesca is priceless to me.
So, $20,000 doesn't mean shit.
Last night, Lana put on a sale and was, like, "Go crazy.
" 20K doesn't sound like a sale.
Oh Kelz's face.
Oh, God, can someone please change the subject? Guys, um I do have something to talk about.
There comes a time when the best way for a teacher to teach something is to remove themselves from the equation.
I know this is that time for me.
Uh, what? - My time up here has been - No.
really awesome, - but it's time for me to go.
- No.
- No, man.
- No.
It's just what's best, and I'm not sad about it, honestly, guys.
It's time for me to go home.
It's time for me to go home.
I've learned a lot.
I've made awesome friendships and connections.
I've gotten to know a group of amazing people.
In order for me to progress and kind of get to that next level of personal growth, I would've needed to make an emotional connection, and that just didn't happen.
I feel like Matthew is, like, the big brother to everyone and helps everyone, and, like I'm just so sad that he's going.
It's important for you guys to know that that this was awesome for me.
Matthew, he's an amazing person.
I've learned a lot from him, and he's helped me become the Sharron that I've become so far.
Genuinely, the best part of this for me was was this.
You guys.
I want to thank you for enriching our lives, and I'm, like, really upset - that you're gonna leave.
- Yeah.
Maybe it was the 20 grand that pushed him over the edge.
I guess this is how the disciples felt when Jesus left.
Kinda wish he had more things wrong with him, to be honest.
That's how I got the girls.
I have grown.
I don't know a man that's gone a month without getting off.
Oh, okay.
I have served a purpose.
Unless I slept walked and fell into someone's vagina, I know it's not me.
And I'm leaving on the best possible note ever.
I'm flirting with you, Lana.
Women out there of the world, get ready.
New and improved Matthew is coming your way.
We're gonna go on dates.
I'll tell you about Lana.
I'm gonna tell you no kissing, cuddling, spooning, no sex of any kind, until we build a personal, deeper connection.
And I'm gonna make you love me.
It's gonna be great.
Hallelujah! Jesus has left the building.
Although, he'll probably just disappear for a few days, and then show up again on Sunday.
Classic Jesus.
While Harry and Francesca celebrate getting away with blowing 20 grand, Lydia and David are getting horny in a hammock.
Handcuffs always come out on the first time.
Oh, shit.
Straight in there.
Go hard or go home.
Then you know if you like it and wanna come back or not.
And Chloe and Nicole are talking about their favorite subject, the environment.
Sorry, I meant sex.
What's your weirdest sex face you've ever seen? Then he goes - No! - And I was like - "Are you all right, mate?" - I was like I really hope no one's watching this with their grandparents.
- What is yours? - Know what mine is? He went, "Yeah!" I was like, "No!" What really annoys me, when the lad rolls over and you're, like, - "Are you fucking serious? Hello!" - "You not gonna finish me off?" Do you know what? I look at Kori, - I get butterflies just sitting here.
- Do you? Honestly, babe, like I can tell that he fancies the pants off ya.
- Really? - Yeah.
Swear to God.
- Swear.
- Oh, my God.
I never break rules on the outside world, but, God, I am so tempted to shatter them to pieces, honestly.
- Oh, you all right, babe? - Hi, girls.
How's it going? - How are ya? - Yeah, good.
- Here comes trouble.
- You look nice.
You both look stunning.
Resist, Chloe.
Think about your personal growth, and more importantly, stop thinking about his.
Okay, you enjoy your chat.
All right? - I'll see ya later.
- See ya.
- I feel so far away from you.
- Yeah.
That's it, Kori, keep your distance.
I was gonna say, because, obviously, sad Matt going and that, but I took his bed, didn't I? - Yeah.
- It was just me chilling.
So I thought, do you wanna have a cuddle? Yeah? Else it's gonna be a bit weird, innit, with everyone.
Obviously, we're getting on.
I thought it'd be nice.
You think you're ready to take the next step? Me getting in your bed? - I ain't saying it like that.
- As long as you're a gentleman.
- Of course.
- I'll cuddle ya.
What else am I gonna be? Game on.
I'm still not bothered about the rules.
If Chloe's interested in me, like, come on, man, what's gonna happen? Come sit over here? Oh, Kelz is gonna go nuts.
Sorry, Lana.
Well, you can kiss another three grand goodbye.
Or maybe more.
Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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