Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Boys to Men

1 [melodic chime.]
[Latin pop music plays.]
Would you be annoyed if they had sex and they cost us money? Not a fucking chance.
Go in, son, get those bickies.
Have a nibble.
Taste that apple pie.
[he laughs.]
I think everyone's a little bit jealous of hashtag Sharonda.
I have little to no faith that, um, they just held hands all night.
We're gonna shake it up You feel good? Of course.
I feel like I just won the lottery.
The question is, did Rhonda see your bonus balls? Because if Sharron did get a lucky dip last night, it could cost the group a fortune.
I'm sure they'll come back grinning from ear to ear this morning.
Mate, he better not cost me money, man.
[Kelz groans.]
Screw money.
[he laughs.]
God, we owe Lana after last night.
That is the last thing that's on my mind.
It's not even in my mind when I'm with you.
Like, when I'm looking at you, I don't care.
Like, I'm just gonna do what I feel is right.
And last night, like, you really made me feel You really made me feel good.
Had a great night.
Last night was amazing! Got to spend time with Rhonda.
Got to see her nice physique.
She got to see my my Woody Woodpecker.
I'm happy.
Ain't nobody gonna rain on my parade.
Not today.
The suite is Lana's ultimate test of chastity It just felt good.
and it sounds like Sharron and Rhonda have screwed up.
Show me a new light I need a man who's on the same side To lift me up and show me real life I'll be honest, getting parted was never great, but everything happens for a reason.
I think it'd probably be worse if, like, she goes back to him, 'cause then that would mean something, but at least Harry knows if I wanted to grab something, I can take what I want.
- You look perfect in the morning.
- You also look perfect in the morning.
[they laugh.]
[Chloe snorts.]
My plan of action is to dig deep with Bryce.
He's not my usual type, but his personality is definitely worth getting to know more.
Just in case he is a geezer in disguise.
I don't know if I'd be able to live on a boat though, because I do get quite seasick.
It is so weird that you start dreaming about everybody, - because you spend all day with them.
- I literally had a dream about everyone.
You start dreaming a lot of really weird dreams, and waking up pretty excited.
I looked at Chloe this morning, and I'm thinking, hashtag Bhloe.
Gross, Bryce.
Hashtag noey.
There's definitely an aura, an energy, a horny, frustrated tension in this place.
I'm starting to look at the fish differently.
- [laughter.]
- I could do bad things.
- That's how long it's been! - Oh, my God, it's been so long.
[Bryce grunts.]
Are you gonna try and focus all your sexual energies towards Francesca? - That's the question.
- You got burnt.
If me and her, like, start talking again I'm beyond meaningless sex.
- [David.]
Yeah! - I want to make love.
- [Bryce.]
You're not allowed to, though.
- [laughter.]
This retreat is a fucking roller coaster.
I have to see her every day, which sucks 'cause she's so attractive.
Do you reckon you would with Chloe? [Bryce.]
I think if the fireworks light, I might just toss the watch for a second.
Be like, "Lana, don't worry about it.
" [they laugh.]
Right, I'm gonna fuck a wall, or I'm gonna find a deeper connection.
- Oh.
- [David laughs.]
Oh, boys.
You have all the maturity of a schoolyard farting contest.
Don't worry, though.
Lana has something up her sleeve that is about growing your inner manhood rather than the one in your pants.
Wonder what the girls are discussing.
Climate change? I'm sick of all these bloody dreams I'm having.
I'm dreaming about shagging everyone in the house.
Guess not.
- I'd be a cowgirl, I would.
- Yeah.
Oh, yeah! [she whoops.]
I kind of rushed into things with Kelz right away, but there's still unresolved feelings that I have for Harry.
Harry is the one that I want.
I think I have a lot of work to do, and I have no idea if he's even interested in me anymore.
Harry is always in my head.
Thanks for a great night.
Come on.
Thank you for being so good to us, Lana.
With touchy-feely Sharonda checking out of the suite, the guys are eager to catch up with lover boy himself.
I'm just curious to see where the big dog is.
- You know what I mean? - The big [grunts.]
See if he let it out of the cage, - you know? - [Harry.]
[they cheer.]
Here he is! He's not wearing his shirt! Look at him smiling! Look at that grin! [David.]
He came in with the biggest smile on his face.
Like, you don't grin like that for a cuddle.
[he laughs.]
Like, that's for sure.
- [Chloe.]
There she is.
- Wearing his shirt! She's wearing his shirt.
Oh, my God, you're wearing his shirt! Tell us everything.
We need the juicy stuff.
Soon as we walked in the room, it was beautiful.
Like, it was candles, champagne.
The bed was just a massive bed.
The bathroom was literally The bathroom had, like, a tub.
Um So, obviously the sexual tension was high.
I'm not gonna lie, I had, like, this weird tingling sensation downstairs, and I'm like, "Uh-oh, come on, calm down, big guy.
" - We, like, made out.
- [Chloe.]
Yeah? - [Francesca.]
- Just like, I felt like it was forever.
[she gasps.]
And it was just like magnets.
I ran the tub water.
Turned on the water.
Poured a little oil in there.
No! I just dropped everything.
Honestly, guys, probably cost us money.
[they groan.]
- Did he, like, touch you? - Yeah.
Did you guys have sex? [Sharron.]
I got to the point where I was just like, um I can't have sex with you.
Um [he sighs.]
- You didn't? - You didn't? - Oh, my God, I'm proud of you! - [Chloe.]
What? - [Francesca.]
Oh, my God! - [Chloe.]
Oh, my God! Give me a hug.
But it's deeper than that.
And this is why.
I was gonna do myself and her a disservice by me fucking her.
That's what I'm used to doing at home.
I don't wanna fuck it up, and I don't want to stop our growth and my growth as a person.
It took a lot for me to just be like, "Look, we can't do this.
" It was a challenge that I was put in to see if this is the real Sharron.
The guy that's standing in front of you now is the new Sharron that I'm becoming, and I like it.
Maybe the boys are making progress.
- And, I mean, it was hard.
- I bet.
I bet it was rock hard.
- Maybe not.
- Bro, I could poke a hole in the wall.
Harry's already been there, Sharron.
How sexy are the walls in this place? How do you think she took it? She didn't take it.
That's the problem, mate.
- She didn't take it.
That's the problem.
- [Sharron laughs.]
- That's the whole problem.
- She didn't take it! [David.]
She's getting frustrated.
He's like, "No, I'm gonna do some self-preservation.
" [all laugh and talk at once.]
I was like, "No, I can't do this! No! No! I got more respect for myself.
" [laughter.]
We're all, you know, really proud, man.
That's a big deal.
Sharron and Rhonda are paving the way for the whole retreat.
They're setting an amazing example.
Hopefully, I can find something like that.
I still like Francesca, but I'm not gonna give her the time of day because of what she did with Kelz.
I think Francesca needs to tell me how she feels and apologize.
Yeah, we may have costed a little bit of money.
- But you've got a real connection.
- But from that, he grew so much more.
He took, like, such a big step to literally say, "We have the right to do what we want, 'cause no one's around," and he still didn't do it.
He respected me and didn't want to go back to the old Sharron.
Like, I was so proud and amazed.
This could be the start to a new relationship.
I'm happy as hell.
Oh, boy! - [Chloe.]
Aww! - [Nicole.]
Aww, yay! - That's really cute.
- I'm so proud of you.
Ahh, everyone's feeling warm and fuzzy.
Well, not everyone.
I don't give two shits about Rhonda and Sharron.
They can do whatever they want.
I literally don't care.
I think they're so boring.
Like, I really have no interest in what they're doing in that secret room or whatever.
Hard to believe Haley comes from the Sunshine State.
We're not gonna sleep in the same bed.
Nothing's gonna change.
- Why not? - You keep putting it in that situation You sit in a barber shop long enough, you're gonna get a haircut.
And if you sit on a sun lounger long enough, you're gonna start spouting nonsense.
It's actually just hit me that this whole experience is, like, so deep, man.
- [Nicole.]
It's so deep.
- [Francesca.]
It's like we're in sexual rehabilitation [Nicole and Francesca.]
- but with our minds.
- Yeah.
- Group hug.
- Finally, Chloe gets why they're all here.
Two more weeks, and she'll notice there are cameras.
Girls' hideaway.
Here we go.
About to be bankrupt.
I didn't think I cared about the money, but it does kinda suck losing money to people you don't care about.
When people you don't like kiss and fuck it up, it's annoying.
Last night, Lana gave Sharron and Rhonda the keys to a private suite so they could get to know each other better.
However, I think she had a different kind of pillow talk in mind.
Bankruptcy day.
If I had a financial adviser, and I was like, "In the last couple weeks, I've blown money on kisses and titty licks.
" [laughter.]
[melodic chime.]
[all shout.]
Lana! - Lana! - Yippee! [Lana.]
Sharron and Rhonda have breached the rules.
Like rebels, Lana! Fuck no.
The list of offenses includes kissing [all.]
Aww! inappropriate touching of the [bleep.]
constant use of the [bleep.]
in the [bleep.]
Bloody hell.
God knows how much money they've spent.
They're animals.
Not to mention the [bleep.]
[Harry exhales.]
Whoo! [laughs.]
Uh, naughty little fingers.
Sharron is my boy, but him and Rhonda, that's just I look at them, and I just get a headache.
You know when you get a bill sent to your house, and you're like, "Oh, fuck's sake.
" You know the bill's gonna come through.
I'm just waiting for the bill to come.
Well, at least the bill was itemized.
Sharron and Rhonda's actions have cost the group sixteen thousand dollars.
Feck's sake.
It's the most expensive private suite that I've never stayed in, but I've paid for.
You failed the ultimate test of chastity.
However, I recognize that by not going all the way, you have demonstrated a level of growth that is encouraging, and you are forming a deeper connection.
[cheers and whoops.]
- Oh! That's all right! [Matthew.]
We've lost money, but, on the flip side, I've seen massive growth from my boy Sharron.
The fact that they were able to go into the suite and showed restraint Claps for you, buddy.
I'm super impressed.
Rules are meant to be broken.
[David cheers.]
If you guys feel like there's a connection, make it rain.
Making it rain.
Me and Sharron may have lost money, but it was definitely was worth it.
The prize fund stands at $78,000.
That's a lot of money, still.
Sharonda are both just happy.
I want whatever they've got going on.
I just have to follow what my heart's telling me to do.
So, it's time for me to get my boy back.
Even though the prize money is in free fall If you want the top, you can't have the lube.
Bryce is determined to rack up some fines of his own.
You trying to get me naked, Bryce? Um [laughs.]
Meanwhile [Francesca.]
Let's go talk.
Should we go over here? Francesca has taken Rhonda for a wander.
I want to talk to Rhonda, because I thought I had it all figured out, and clearly I didn't.
Maybe she has some advice, because I deserve a second chance, and Harry deserves a second chance.
So, our second chances should just make their way back to each other.
Every time he walks into a room, my heart drops, still.
I can't control it, and I wish that I could.
I wish that I could just - [Rhonda.]
Move on.
- Done, but I can't.
But if you knew, in your heart, every time Harry walks in the room, he's giving you these butterflies, why did you even move forward with Kelz? As the accountant, he'd be handy for filling out your tax return.
Maybe because Kelz was giving me everything that Harry wasn't, and I was hopeful, but there's something that's just missing there.
- Like a void filler at the time? - It was a void filler, yeah.
- Okay.
- I need your, like, honest advice here.
You have what it takes to figure this shit out.
Seeing me and Sharron going through what we were going through and having that opportunity gives her hope.
So, who knows? Maybe Francesca and Harry may take a step in that direction, too, because they know it's possible.
Tell Harry exactly how you feel.
Regardless of how he feels.
- Tell him how you feel first.
- [Francesca groans.]
If he shuts me down, I'm gonna be so upset.
But at least you know.
- Yeah, no, you're right.
- Would you rather, "I wonder" or know? Yeah, you're right.
I have no idea if he even wants to talk to me anymore, or if he just sees me as some little floozy.
I feel stressed.
Don't worry, Francesca.
Looks like your beefcakes are fighting over you.
When I say "fighting," they're bitching to other people at other ends of the retreat.
I was definitely upset and hurt by the Kelz and Francesca situation.
Just doesn't make sense.
Kelz pounces as soon as I'm gone.
I'm just gonna be like, "Bro, do you not have actual mates on the outside? 'Cause if that's how you treat your mates" Didn't even fucking talk to me about it.
Harry's probably gonna go all bro-code on me.
Blah blah blah blah blah.
He's been like a wounded puppy who wants her back.
I'm just gonna tell him how it is.
Tell him that "Bro, do you know how much of a fool you look?" I'm gonna tear him apart in front of everyone.
Harry is like a young cub, slowly prowling.
Do you know what I mean? Slowly prowling to get to me.
He gets a whiff of a lion [lion roars.]
he starts to run away.
I'm still staying king of the jungle.
King of the jungle? Well, I'm sorry, your Royal Highness, your queen prefers Prince Harry.
After a day of big spending from Sharron and Rhonda and big talk from Harry - Welcome to my den.
- [Sharron.]
Lion! [David roars.]
looks like Bryce is ready to take a big step with Chloe.
- [they laugh.]
- [Bryce.]
I know, right? Or should I say, hashtag Bhloe? - How have you been? - Today has been so hot.
You look [clears throat.]
very beautiful.
You make me a little nervous, actually.
Why do I make you nervous? You're too beautiful for me.
Chloe has really been kind of making her way into my mind a lot, recently.
- Guys in Essex are a bit rough and ready.
- Yeah? So, I'm not used to, like, proper, classy guys.
But, I mean, I could get used to it.
You know, I have to be a good boy over here.
- Why do you have to be a good boy? - 'Cause we have rules.
I just feel like I need to release that sexual tension.
- Do you know what I mean? - Mm-hmm.
And how will you be paying for tonight? Cash or card? I'm so used to doing naughty things then connecting with someone, and now I'm like, "Oh, it is so systematic.
" Lana wants us to get to know someone, but then I'm like, do I fancy him sexually? I don't know.
But I don't want to get to know someone if I don't fancy them sexually.
So I think I'm just gonna go in for the kill.
It's hard to find a girl who actually is sweet and genuine, and you're beautiful.
It's like, you're like the perfect package.
Thank you.
- Why don't you kiss me then? - You want me to kiss you? We should just level up Let's take it to the next phase I've been feeling some things are never enough - What do you feel after that one? - [Bryce laughs.]
I don't think it was green.
- I forgot about the watch.
- Yeah, me, too.
I forgot.
I don't wanna cost more than three grand, Bryce.
Oh, shit, is that like a [he mumbles.]
Now when I look at her, I'm like, "Oh, my God.
" I just It's like, I don't know if it's the fact that I haven't, like, exploded in days, but I'm just like, "Wow, this girl is everything.
" Well, you can kiss another three grand goodbye.
You're down to a cool $75,000 and counting.
Smell that.
Yeah, you smell good.
How much money can we lose in one night, Chlo? Um, I'm limiting myself to three grand.
It was the best three grand I've ever spent in my life.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Best three grand? - Yeah.
Is it just me, or is Chloe already regretting smooching Sailorman Bryce? Why don't you just sleep on it? Oh, fuck.
[Kelz laughs.]
You're too big, man! - [Nicole.]
Good night, everyone.
- [David.]
Night, yeah! - [Kelz.]
Night, guys.
- [Haley.]
I know that you feel it No, I'm not ready [melodic chime.]
What's happening? My back hurts.
I'm sorry, mate.
- Do you want me to give you a back rub? - No, thanks.
Ooh, another rejection for Kelz.
I'm thinking that we're going too fast So please don't But on the morning after the hookup before, how's Chloe feeling? [Chloe.]
Bryce is really lovely.
I just don't know if the spark and the connection is there for me.
Ah, well.
Bryce while it lasted.
I can't have someone that's that intense, even though I was the one that asked to kiss him yesterday.
I just need a little bit of sugar, just a little bit of sugar.
Is that what it is? I just looked at him and was like "Kiss me.
" What was he like when you said that? - Was he like, "Okay!" - He fucking jumped on me.
- Did he? - He kissed me.
But I was just like [groans.]
I don't know.
Sparks weren't flying.
I needed to kiss him to see.
The chemistry just wasn't there.
There was no fireworks.
It was more like a [blows raspberry.]
Chloe, I'm sure everyone will be really delighted you wasted three grand on a [blows raspberry.]
[blows raspberry.]
But he'll do the [Nicole.]
- [Rhonda laughs.]
- [Nicole.]
And I'm like [groans.]
At least you tried it, babe.
- Yeah.
- And good on you.
While Chloe has a bit of a wobble she is trying to embrace the process.
Haley, however, is in a very different place.
I'd rather just be honest and everyone hate me than, like, have to, like, cringe trying to be friends with people I don't like.
It's hard for me to make an effort when I get talking to someone, and I'm just, like, "Oh, my God, shut up.
Stop talking.
" I don't think I'm learning anything other than everyone in this house is an idiot.
I don't think Lana's process is doing anything for them 'cause they're stupid.
And I really don't care about Lana's process.
Hey, do you.
Whatever makes you happy.
I really hope there's an elimination, so I can fucking leave.
Don't say that.
Vote for Haley.
Haley isn't the only person speaking her mind today.
Young cub Harry has found the courage to take a stand against "Kelz the Lion.
" [Harry.]
Kelz swooped in after me, and I would appreciate if we sat down and had a chat, "Hey, bro, this is how I feel.
This what I'm gonna do.
" For me, there's a whole lot of lost respect, and I would've appreciated if you'd just said, "Hey, bro," like "I know it's a shit time, but I really want to crack on with Frankie.
" You had your shot.
It didn't work out.
Fair play.
Walk away, your lesson learned.
I don't need to play dirty.
- That's not me to begin with.
- Well, that's how it looks.
If you think I've snaked you, that's something that's with you.
I thought me and you were, like, close, and I thought it would've been a conversation we'd have had.
You had the first leg.
You had the first leg.
You lost.
I had second, and I'm smashing it.
Kelz, you do know you got dumped, right? Whatever.
She was like, "I would never be attracted to him, never sleep with him.
" The difference between me and Harry is age and experience.
And he's got all the blueprints.
He's got the height.
He's got the looks, he's got the chat.
The fact he was able to get Frankie at that young age, that's Gotta applaud to that.
But there's levels to this shit.
I'm not trying to sound condescending whatsoever, yeah? Here comes something condescending.
But we're not in the same league.
Might be playing on the same pitch, but different leagues, bro.
I couldn't really give a fuck about what he thinks about different leagues or whatever.
I think it's hilarious.
He does underestimate me, and the alpha that I am.
Kelz, I see straight through your bullshit.
With Harry and Kelz bickering like five-year-olds, the rest of the boys are acting like horny teens.
It's the up and down, anti and clockwise.
It's like blowing a trumpet.
I think it's time Lana stepped in with a lesson in maturity.
[melodic chime.]
Emotional maturity is a key ingredient to forming long-lasting relationships, and it's a quality the boys are clearly lacking.
I have invited Deva, the Heart Warrior Guru, to lead a male-only workshop to help them clean up their act.
Male-only workshops are really important because it gives the men a chance to really take down a certain guard, and when we're not around the opposite sex and we have that shield down, then there's a whole wealth of tapping into oneself that doesn't happen when you have females around.
You're right, Deva, us females are the worst.
Luckily, we've sent the girls to the bedroom, so they don't spray their hormones everywhere.
I bet a girl's going to walk in right now with all the boys.
Hundred percent.
That's exactly what's gonna happen.
Zero percent, more like.
We're actually trying to drum some maturity into these horn dogs.
- [they shout.]
- [Harry.]
What's happening, boss? Okay.
All right.
- [David.]
Yes! - [Harry.]
What's happening? My name is Deva.
I would love to awaken a part of the heart that maybe hasn't been felt before.
This experience is called "The Warrior of the Heart.
" Big fellow's come in, all strong, long pants.
And it's hot as it is.
My balls are already sweating.
I couldn't imagine how sweaty his balls would be.
I actually don't wanna think about that.
Well, you just did, and now we all are.
There's something that we all have in common.
What is that? Sweaty balls? We come from this plane, from the Earth.
Is this some type of joke? Like bro y'all got to be kidding me.
We're going to use the Earth as a means to connect all of us, so that we feel like one united form.
So, here's what you're gonna do.
I'm gonna have you take a scoop and put it in your hand.
You're going to place this on the man before you as a warrior of the heart.
Muddy hell.
It looks like Kelz and Harry's fight is about to get dirty.
Take a nice scoop, gentlemen.
What is Lana doing? I didn't sign up for this shit.
You can start spreading that in.
Really, you know, cover that body.
[Kelz sighs.]
Definitely won't be able to show my face after this.
[quiet laughter.]
It takes a lot of strength to get naked and just rub mud on each other.
That is in itself, like a ballsy action.
Just, "Tell me about your Monday, bro.
Your skin is really soft.
I love mud, too.
" - See what this man is doing right here? - Yeah.
- Units, connected.
- [Kelz whispers.]
Jesus Christ.
This is a totally different take on being one with the Earth.
I'm gonna stand by your side, tribe, and we're gonna shout as if we want the islands way out there to hear us, that we're choosing our own hearts to be liberated.
[they yell.]
- [Matthew shouts.]
- [group yells.]
- [Harry shouts.]
- [group yells.]
[David shouts.]
[Bryce howls.]
I feel better.
Okay, heart warriors.
Here's our next task.
You see this beautiful blank canvas? You can write one or two or three words that represents that very thing that has been holding you back.
Try not to think too much.
Way ahead of you, Deva.
I drew a clock, 'cause I'm, like, a pretty intellectual thinker.
I try to think about the future because it's coming.
Does a clock start with a 12 or a one? No wonder Bryce can't find love.
He's turning up an hour late for all his dates.
I honestly have a deep fear of fear.
I'm scared of denial.
I'm scared of success.
I have fear of disappointing my family.
A fear of not finding love, a fear of finding love.
I have Fear is real, man.
It is so real and it It's just, yeah, fear is my biggest enemy.
It's a weird experience, but some of the strangest things I've done in my life have brought me closer to the people I've been with at the time.
If successful, the guys will connect with their inner feelings.
If not, then at least they'll have a basic art qualification to show for it.
It's like a cloud, right, but at the same time there's fire, as well.
But this also symbolizes blackness and loneliness.
My pride sometimes stops me from being who I want to be.
And the fear of failure.
It's a lot with trust, isn't it? Finding someone that you can trust, and letting someone in.
I think that's the hardest thing because in essence, you're making yourself vulnerable.
Warriors! Now is the time to reveal yourself.
I want you to see the vulnerability in the other person, the very thing that you've imprinted off of your heart.
- Are you all ready to be free? - Yes! And allow the other person to look at the poster while you're looking at theirs.
Seeing you without judgment, and for being here with you through this process of letting go and moving forward.
[he sighs.]
Definitely, I seen Harry in a different light.
The puppy is no longer the puppy, but has now become like a younger brother.
I like Harry.
Allow yourself to be seen, and embrace this man.
I feel like me and Kelz broke down some barriers there.
There is so much stubbornness, and it sucks.
It's one of my worst traits.
Even in this situation with Francesca, I've just been a stubborn little shit, and I've learned so much about myself and about my attitude on situations, and that I just need to just Just grow up, essentially.
I am here with you to get past this.
- All right.
- I appreciate you, bro.
[he sniffs.]
So, it's no longer a barrier in your life.
I already had trust issues before coming in here.
I come from a family where I didn't trust anybody besides my brothers and mom.
I'm not a person that shows much emotion.
So, to be able to sit down and put on paper exactly the things that bother me, allow me to see where I needed to grow or where I needed to kind of find my strengths.
Rhonda definitely has something coming her way.
This is part of who I am.
The new Sharron.
Bring it in here, dude.
My heart is on the right track.
In this next and final phase of this process, we're going to destroy that very thing that has been holding you back.
Place the staff in your hand and point it towards this object this objectified non-truth.
I'm a heart warrior, man.
I'm a heart warrior! I'm gonna live! I'm gonna choose to deny fear.
I'm gonna step forward, man.
Gonna do it with my brothers.
This is not your truth.
So leave it in the past.
Are you ready? [all shout.]
Yes! Wait, where's Mel Gibson? - [Deva.]
Go! - [they yell.]
Tear it up! [yelling.]
Picking up the litter felt like community service, to be honest.
[they shout.]
Unable to contain themselves any longer, the girls have decided that they, too, can showcase growth and maturity by heavily objectifying the guys from a distance.
- Oh, my God! - Oh, my gosh.
- Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! - No way! They look like tiny little miniature sexy men, in, like, tiny bits of water, like, flashing splashing on these tiny little miniature bodies.
You call it small, I call it perspective.
Like, I never thought that I'd get that upset about all the other lads showing their weakness and showing their vulnerability.
It was a really special experience for us, and I'm so glad that it's brought all the lads together.
Bros for life.
- [Nicole.]
They look so sexy in the water.
- [Francesca.]
They look so hot.
- They all look unreal.
- [Francesca groans.]
Harry's just so sexy covered in all that mud.
I just All I want to do is just run down into the water, and grab Harry and jump on him and tell him how I feel.
It was just, like, one of the hottest things I've seen and so hot.
I'm a warrior [they cheer.]
A warrior [Chloe.]
This is actually one of the most beautifulest places - I've ever been to.
- [Nicole.]
A warrior Warrior If you get it, get it If you really want it Yeah, do what you've got to do Make it come to life Your hair looks good like that.
Was that a compliment from Haley? I think I need to go lie down.
So, I wrote down "broken family," and I drew, like, a mom and six little boys.
With all his problems, I'm very appreciative he's able to kind of put his wall down a little bit, and by the end of this, Sharron is gonna become a better man.
And it's just an amazing thing.
Like, I love being around Sharron.
I got emotional, and I was like, "Damn, I can't get emotional.
" I was like, "Whoa," and I was like, "Bro," like, - "I'm an emotional wreck.
" - No, you're not.
- Yes.
- I've seen the strongest man in my life break down in tears, and it just made me respect him even more.
Do I feel like I've grown? Um I don't know.
Shit is crazy.
Light it up Only love can light it up As Sharron is opening up about the new man he's becoming, Francesca is trying to make amends and get her old bae back.
You got this.
You can do this.
He's gonna shut me down, I know it.
This boy came into my life And I miss him so much - [David.]
Hundred percent.
- Yeah, he's He Hey, sorry.
- Can I interrupt quickly? - Of course, yeah.
Um, enjoy your chat.
- See you in a bit.
- See you in a bit.
[Harry sighs.]
- Hey.
- What's happening? Not much.
How are you? Uh - Yeah.
- You good? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Um I mean, there's been a few things that I definitely wanted to talk to you about a little bit.
It's been, like, kinda weighing heavy on my shoulders, 'cause I didn't know how you were gonna react.
I'm not the person to, like, have to chase a guy or, like, anything like that, but obviously, like I really don't think that I've been able to get you out of my head.
Obviously, the connection hasn't gone away.
I'm the type of guy that's just, like, stubborn.
- Yeah.
- I would just be, like, "Take a hike.
" Block you, and never see you again.
Oh, my God.
This is torture.
All I want is to, like Doesn't need to be quickly, but I would like to get back to the way things were with you and I, and I don't really want to be spending my time in here with anyone else but you.
It's just, like, what my heart's telling me to do.
[he sighs.]
I was so upset about the Kelz situation.
- Like, I was so gutted.
- I didn't think you cared, at all.
'Cause I didn't want to do that, because then if you saw that I cared, - then it's just more ammo and I look weak.
- It wasn't ammo.
I wasn't with Kelz for any reason.
I was like, "All right, cool, Harry doesn't give a fuck about me, so I'll give Kelz a shot.
" But the entire time, I just couldn't stop thinking about you, so And I still want more And I still want All the fire and all the flames Are we going to see, like, a slap or a kiss or something? And I still want more And I still want you [Harry.]
I know that this is hard for you to do, because it's not in your, like You've never done it, and it's hard for me to forgive, like, and I just Yeah, I don't know.
I just look weak in front of everyone.
Wait a minute.
Are you really going to end the show there? You motherf Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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