Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Two's Company, Three's a... Threesome

1 I'm learning to love myself Like, I full on thought he was a talk show host when he came down.
- Same! - He's got that Hollywood vibe to him, - doesn't he? - Yeah.
The new guy, he really likes me.
He was, like, "Do you like me?" I was, like, "Yeah!" Bryce is from L.
He lives on his boat, like, I don't know if that means he's rich or he's broke.
I'm learning to love myself Earlier today, it was hunk-ahoy when nautical nympho Bryce washed up at the retreat on the hunt for booty.
And he's already talking about his aye-aye for the ladies.
I have sex every day Um and it's never with the same girl.
But Captain Bryce is quickly finding out that this retreat won't be plain sailing, and his new first mates are filling him in on their love voyages.
We're all here for personal development, so I haven't been able to connect with anyone on a deeper level besides sex.
I kinda separated myself - because my guard's up so high.
- I got you.
Um, Rhonda I'm just hoping I can open up to her.
I don't want to be heartless or feel like this my whole life.
- So, you and Rhonda.
- Yeah, bro.
I've been pushing Rhonda away.
It's not that I'm not into her.
It's just, feelings may develop that I may not be ready for.
I just need a little bit of distance.
Hopefully, she can respect that.
Rhonda and Sharron aren't the only frosty couple - to be put on ice.
- Do you think you would feel some way - if someone tried to talk to Francesca? - Nah.
Obviously, I'm not gonna sit there and cut her out.
I would hate to leave here and know that we only gave it one shot.
Me and Francesca had said that we're starting back at square one, but I kinda want to be more than just best friends.
Obviously, she's got to come back to the stallion that sits in front of you.
Um Well, we've heard it straight from the horse's mouth.
Harry's waiting for the girl to come to him.
Wake up! Great tactic, Harry.
Unfortunately for you, Francesca's got her eye on a different stud.
I'm not getting to know Kelz to make Harry jealous.
I don't care to make Harry jealous, but if it happens, it happens.
What do you do for work? Um Instagram.
- Do you make enough money from that? - Yeah.
I make a fucking killing.
That's why I'm not really concerned about the money.
Oh, that's cool.
Francesca Sheesh! She's the hottest girl in here, but this accountant is not gonna be embezzling any funds.
Never trust an accountant in a hammock.
I learned that the hard way.
And Lana's got plenty more relationship lessons for these guys, as we reach our halfway point.
This is gonna be good.
With more dates There's no one else I'd rather be here with.
Cheers to Lana, little possum.
We love our more workshops It's prettier than what I remembered.
Yay! and their resilience will be tested to the max.
Oh, my God! Who is this sex god? - Oh, shit! - Yeah! And for those who have developed most, there will be rewards.
What time is it? - Sexy time! - Sexy time! If this thing lights up, I gotta get out of here.
Just letting you know.
Not growing up Not slowing down It's Bryce's first night in the retreat.
Hey, drinks on me, ladies.
So, in honor of himself, he's decided to bring one of his legendary boat parties ashore.
Thanks for being lovely.
- Cheers! - Here's to having a great time.
Cheers! He's even pulled out his big instrument.
Talk about a man going overboard.
- Can I play a little something? - All right! Hang on.
Is this just an elaborate ruse to get laid? When you grow up in a city that's just full of amazing, gorgeous people you have to really stand out, and, so, I'm full of a lot of talents.
Chloe is beautiful.
She seemed excited to see me play piano, I'll tell you that.
It's over after that.
You ready for this? - Never been more ready.
- Ready.
I have to start with something I wrote, actually.
Man, like Bryce got got some bangers.
Take it away, Captain Bryce! I feel like I'm stuck Can't get up Oh, boy.
If Simon Cowell was here, he'd probably be like, "It's gonna be a no from me.
" Uh-uh.
Get me out of this dream Try to scream Blessing in disguise Anyone have a lighter? These guys look like they wanna jump overboard.
But Chloe doesn't.
She's throwing some serious ship shapes.
Can finally feel That's a little bit of it.
The singing is just hilarious! Bless him! He is so cute! Like, you just want to eat him.
Well, I suppose if you ate him, he wouldn't be able to sing again.
- Does that feel comfortable? - Um - Little bit? - Yeah.
Like that.
That's strong.
You got your "G.
" - Right.
Like that.
- Piece of cake.
That's an "F," but very good, nonetheless.
"G" - It's a very good "F.
" - Oh, my God! I think him and Chloe might make a good couple, though.
They're both, like, mentally on the same level.
I could see them vibing.
- You're like a god of pianos.
- Yeah, I'm really not.
After a night of music that left their ears feeling seasick, most of the retreat has gone to bed.
You're so fun! I-I try to be, yeah.
But Chloe is a one-woman fan club hanging out backstage.
Out of all the girls in the retreat, what one first initially caught your attention? You actually have an unfair advantage, I have to be honest.
What do you mean? I've always been, like, fond of the British.
No way! Long hair, brunette, accent.
Russell Brand? Oh, right, sorry, I think he means Chloe.
So, I'm basically your type? If I had to draw you up.
Chloe If I could just pause for a moment.
If I was back in L.
, I think I could probably get her back onto the boat pretty easy, but I guess that's not allowed.
So, I don't really know what my next move is gonna be.
Well, can you badly play any more instruments? I'm just saying, like, if I were with you in L.
or Essex, I'd have kissed you.
Has it been hard? - Are you talking about the sexual side? - Yeah.
It's been challenging.
I've feel I've got a little bit of willpower.
I don't think you have.
I'm only a man.
Is "blue balls" a real thing? We'll find out.
I've had a quality night.
I've met Bryce.
I'm in a happy mood, and I've learned "G" on the piano.
And not to mention, you've kept it classy.
Guess I spoke too soon.
Good morning, ladies.
You know, I'm a water guy.
- Yeah.
- So, I like being able to get wet.
It's really starting to frustrate me.
I feel like I'm hitting a wall, and I don't, like, know what else to do.
If Sharron can't take that next step, then he's just gonna have to keep developing on his own.
So, Rhonda's barely getting a word out of Sharron.
Maybe it's because he's saving all his best lines for his other deep connection David.
Do you ever feel like you're a little bit more worked up, like, more anxious, like, if you haven't, like, bust a nut? - Yeah.
- Like, if you haven't wanked? Like, it's a weird feeling.
Halfway through the process, and I've had a little bit of flirting with Chloe and Rhonda, and nothing's happened.
Definitely struggling, but at the same time, I'm fucking proud of myself for going this long, because it must be like a legit record in my adult life.
Definitely felt, like, more, kind of, tense - and soon as I - If someone just touched you - I'm sorry! - Oh, God, I'm sorry.
However, Sharron and I clicked early doors.
He is an absolute joker.
Bubbly, charismatic, and hilarious.
Honestly, this guy is sure-fire gonna be by my side for the duration.
- You've been flirting with me, mate.
- Yeah, you're attractive.
- You're an attractive bird.
- You're making me giggle! That's a rule break I wanna see.
We fight on Since some relationships at the retreat have hit an emotional brick wall, Lana has devised a workshop to help the feels come flooding out.
- Lana! - Oi, oi.
Hello, Lana.
- Hello.
- What's up, homie? Hey, Lana, how are you? Please make your way outside.
Today's workshop is called, "Without Words.
" - Plot twist.
- No way! So far, the guests have learned about trust, and the next step of their journey is to tackle communication.
Body language constitutes 55 percent of how humans communicate.
This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to really listen without using words.
With Lana looking after the workshop specifics, it's up to the producers to put together some dynamite pairings for your viewing pleasure.
I'm excited.
Yeah, I'm excited, too.
I'm glad I was paired with you.
I think that Lana is helping me out right now, pairing me with Kelz.
And I'm glad that Harry's with Haley because, obviously, there's nothing romantic ever gonna happen there.
Maybe it's, like, a good opportunity for us to become better friends.
That's the one.
Thank you, Lana.
I couldn't be happier that I had David.
I was, like, okay, cool.
And he always puts his all into it.
- Babe.
- Babe.
Gasbag Chloe's been paired with Bryce, Bryce, baby.
- I kinda wanna call you Bambi.
- But does Bambi die? No, I think her mom dies.
And Sharron, Matthew, and Nicole, because who doesn't love an awkward threesome? - Love that.
- It's easy.
For the first stage, you will learn to pick up on your partner's physical, nonverbal signals, which is key to successful communication.
Girls, please embrace your partner, and express the emotion you can see in front of you.
Rhonda and David are still hugging.
- Sorry.
- I enjoyed it.
She gives great hugs.
I felt like she was running up to me at an airport and hadn't seen me for a long time, and just jumped in my arms.
What's happening? Like, what is going on? David and Rhonda, getting a little familiar with each other.
This is definitely putting me to the test now.
- Yeah! - Oh, did I get it, actually? Yeah! Fun fact: This guy has two university degrees and still can't spell "excitement.
" - Show me.
- Was it this? What the hell? Is that what I look like when I smile? Oh! - Bryce, I thought we had this.
- Yeah.
I'll make up for it.
You felt this emotion on Christmas Eve.
Your hugs suck.
I thought I give good hugs.
You weren't far off.
- I felt you - Thanks, bro.
- through your left breast.
- Yeah.
Left boob clearly works better than the right boob.
You want a hug? Another one? I'd like to say I don't get jealous, but Kelz and Francesca, that is absolute bullshit.
He's stealing my hugs, and the fact that she's enjoying her time with Peanut Brains is pissing me off.
Those aren't just hugs, Harry, they're nonverbal communication devices.
We get each other.
It's a nice change.
I feel like Francesca and me have definitely made progress.
We connected a lot more deeper.
Good effort, Lana.
Proper wingman.
Love that.
Stage two of the workshop is "Soul Gazing.
" This stage encourages the guests to see each other on a deeper emotional level.
Like Shakespeare once said, "The eyes are the windows to the soul.
" Who would have thought a reality show would be quoting William S.
? I didn't think it was real, but you can actually stare through someone's soul.
Like wow! Do you feel more connected? - Fucking hell.
- Yeah.
Are you crying? Yeah.
I started thinking about all the things that I think of when I think of you.
It's that you're, like caring, affectionate, considerate, lovely, warm.
Um Then I was like, obviously she's beautiful and sexy, but that's not the thing.
- That's so sweet.
- Amazing to think that.
Thanks, David.
It's all right.
- Guess that was the point of it, right? - Yeah.
What was going through your head? Wanting to learn more about you.
Like, I know a little bit, but not enough.
This workshop, it's definitely opened my eyes to the position that I'm in.
I genuinely like Sharron, and I genuinely like David.
Gosh, Lana.
Maybe tonight, um - we can have a chat.
- We could do that.
This workshop was an eye-opener.
I didn't think that I cared as much as I did about Rhonda, but I realize that I must have really been deep More deeply connected than I thought, than I gave her credit for.
- Bye! - Bye, Lana.
Let's go, get out of here.
The emotions came flooding out in that workshop, but it's giving me that sinking feeling for David and Sharron's friendship.
You all right, mate? You're not talking to me now? Bro, I ain't got nothin' to say to nobody, bruh.
I've got a bit of a moral dilemma at this moment.
Obviously, I have feelings for Rhonda, but I'm torn between being a friend to Sharron.
It's pretty difficult to take that on board.
So, yeah, I think that's That's, kind of, how it is with him and her.
It's the halfway point, and so far, Lana has been punishing the guests for naughty behavior.
But you know what? It's time to introduce rewards.
- There's a box on the table.
- That better be a check in there, man.
Oh, my God.
What if it's a one-free-pass coupon? Or a receipt of all the shit you lot spent.
- There it is.
- Lana.
I have observed a collective growth, and I have a gift for each of you to help you take the next step of your journey.
Yeah! My heart.
My heart is racing.
It's like Christmas! Harry, please, open my box.
- Is everyone ready? - Do it slowly.
- What is this? - Are they watches? Thank you.
Put it on.
Thanks, babe.
When your watch is neutral, the retreat rules apply.
Oh, shit! When the watch is neutral, the house rules apply.
But if it changes, then It'll probably change the color to give us a second to connect? Correct.
That's a hell of a twist.
I wouldn't be disappointed if I lit up for Chloe.
Yeah! Girls, kiss me! When two people form a genuine connection, they'll be given a green light for a limited amount of time.
We're all gonna be making out like this.
My neck is gonna get sore from my constant looking at it.
Especially when I'm having conversations with Kelz, I'm just gonna Gonna look like I'm checking out my boobs every five seconds.
- What time is it? - Sexy time! - What time is it? - Sexy time! - What time is it? - Sexy What time is it? Time to form more genuine connections.
I love that! I'm not so crazy to stand here saying this is love I just kissed you yesterday This thing has only just begun Kelz Does he know that you may fancy him a bit? I think he knows.
Hello, ladies.
Sorry to disturb you.
Oh, boy.
Francesca, I have arranged a date for you and Kelz.
I hope your makeup is waterproof.
Wow, you're so sweet! I'm not hating this watch, because it gives Kelz and I a possibility to kiss.
Sweet! Free pass to break the rules.
So, hopefully, this bad boy goes green.
You've got the wrong end of the stick, Fran.
It'll only turn green for genuine connections.
Hello, Kelz.
I'm offering you the chance to go on a date with Francesca.
Would you like to attend? I don't know.
You're meant to leave girls waiting, aren't you? I'm joking.
Yeah, of course.
Josh! Hot tub Francesca But it's important that I stand up and make sure those rules are in place, and I lead by example.
If not, I'd be a hypocrite, and I'm not a hypocrite.
So, the girl who's been involved in losing all the money so far is going on a date with the guy who is determined not to spend anything.
Something's gotta give.
Thanks, Lana.
- You look beautiful, by the way.
- So do you.
You always look super hot.
This is the cutest thing I've ever done in my entire life.
I've got dessert.
- I've got vegan dessert.
- Stop.
Grapes? I've seen this, like, in a movie.
Great skills.
- Anything going on? - What is happening? How does this happen? I had the hottest little señorita mamacita in the retreat, and now she's with someone that is a lot uglier than me.
The six-foot-seven linebacker? Let's agree to disagree on that one.
- Doesn't even matter, bro.
- Bruh, it don't matter, bruh.
Harry's not bothered at all.
Are you and Harry done now? All done? Yeah.
You guys are, like, complete opposites, I think.
Listen, Harry had his, you know, opportunity.
At this level, we finish our chances.
Romeo and Juliet didn't have any fans.
Okay, obviously that ended like a tragedy.
But like, you know, they had a good time, regardless of what people thought.
They're even quoting Shakespeare now.
I like the idea of getting a green light, but I don't know if not getting one is gonna stop me from doing what I want to do.
To rule break or not to rule break? That is the question.
I think you carry, like, all the qualities that I look for in a guy.
You have the cutest smile.
Thank you.
You've got the nicest eyes.
You have the cutest I love when you smile.
- Shut up.
- I love it.
It just lights up my life, I think, every time you smile, I'm like - Sheesh! - I just get happy.
Frankie's got a buzz.
You wanna lose three grand right about now, don't you? Yeah, hundred percent.
I'd love to lose three grand now.
- Really? - Yeah.
Kinda waiting for Lana to give the green light.
No, she won't do it.
She's not that nice.
Although, if that light does turn green, I'm very concerned for Kelz's safety.
You make it hard.
I mean I'm the rule-breaker, so And I'm the accountant, so Stop looking at your watch! I'm waiting to get the green light! - No, you're not gonna get one.
- We can't spend any more money.
Shall we kiss? The watches are still neutral, Fran.
It's hard not to break the rules.
If what we have is real, we could still kiss another time.
What the fuck? What the fuck? I feel we should get out of this hot tub, and maybe go take a shower.
Well, he's only human.
Yeah, but not together, 'cause that'll cost money.
We'll figure it out.
What? Is he dead down there? - I've had a good time.
- Yeah, me too.
While Francesca plans phase two of watery seduction, Harry is so grumpy, even his own reflection can't cheer him up.
And it looks like misery loves company.
- You just have to laugh about it, bro.
- Bruh, that's all we can do, bruh.
Keep laughing, 'cause this shit is hilarious, actually.
And the laughs just keep coming.
Look what David's up to.
It's been obvious from the start that both you and I have a - thing.
- Mm-hmm.
I wasn't exactly sure what - It was.
- it was.
Me, either.
That workshop shocked me.
It wasn't just you that that shocked, I'll be completely honest.
It's like I stopped seeing your body.
What were you thinking? No one's ever said that about me before.
I was just like, "Oh, my God.
I feel like there's someone that actually sees me.
" 'Cause some guys I feel like they see me, but they see sexual.
It just made me feel like you were listening, and understanding, and that you cared.
I was just being honest.
It's really hard because Sharron is my boy.
From, like, the first day I fancied you.
That initial attraction has developed into more.
- I don't want anyone to get hurt.
- Yeah.
But no one's got a ring on anyone's finger.
- No one's entitled to anyone.
- Yeah.
I feel like I'm put in a situation where Lana's really testing me.
If I pursue David, something probably definitely would come, you know, out of it at the end.
And then when I look at Sharron, I already know that it's going to be a challenge for something to come out at the end.
But I don't know if I necessarily came here looking for an easy route.
I'm still kind of figuring it out.
If we weren't stuck in the retreat, then I definitely would want to kiss you in this situation.
Unless Lana deems it appropriate.
Come on, David.
I doubt Lana will be dishing out green lights that easy.
- All right, Lana.
- It did just flash a little bit.
Tease, isn't she? - Give me one of those strong man hugs.
- Hugs make things hard.
Oh, I had a Chloe moment! I was a little slow for a second.
I'm like, "Hugs make things hard"? Open your hands and your heart What is the right thing to do with regards to Sharron? It is a tricky situation.
It's something we're gonna have to discuss.
- Are you touching my butt? - No.
It's the glass, it doesn't count.
Everyone is off to get some shut-eye, blissfully unaware of the eye-opening antics in the bathroom.
Do not go into the bathroom, Harry.
I feel like I should be in there, washing your body or something.
And I feel like a pervert for continuing to watch this.
Do you think we could shower together? Um I feel like we'll know when it's the right time to have a shower together.
I'm going to put in a little bit of work.
Hopefully, he doesn't reject me.
Fingers crossed.
I wanna lay you down Keep your hands where I can see 'em, guys.
Don't want any rule breaks.
Hard not to.
Yeah, it was hard.
Trust me, it was hard.
But now we've got these watches, there shouldn't be any need to break rules.
I wanna lay you down I wanna lay you down I'm not used to this shit.
Francesca never has to work for shit.
Guys come to me.
Like, it's just really rude.
Man, if I wasn't so horny, this would be so much easier! That took a lot of a lot of self-restraint.
'Cause, ooh I won't give up on you I won't give up on you I won't give up, no I'm just totally head-fucked.
I still care for Sharron, a hundred percent, but me and David are still building that connection.
I feel like someone's heart can get hurt.
I won't give up I know that I'm emotionally invested in Rhonda, but I need to speak to Sharron.
Um Because, at the end of the day, he is my boy.
I won't give up on you I don't think that you can read my mind When you call me, "Babe," I'm like Like, I love it.
That's so sweet.
Looks like Kelz is counting the amount of times he almost broke the rules last night.
I'm not gonna lie.
Yesterday it got quite hot in the hot tub.
Even hotter in the shower, and we were having cold showers.
I kinda liked it, 'cause I kinda teased Fran a bit.
I think she does a lot of teasing, so She definitely likes me a lot more now.
That's for sure.
I feel like I didn't get anything out of that conversation that I had with Kelz.
- Really? - I feel like I didn't - I wasn't told what I needed to hear.
- Yeah.
The decision that Kelz made not to kiss me kind of embarrassed me and made me have a different opinion of him.
Because I still have, like, these unharvested feelings for Harry that haven't gone away yet.
Deep down, I never really had, like, a day break to get over the feelings that I was having for Harry.
I rushed into things with Kelz right away.
At the end of the day I'm not gonna repeat this, but I'm more attracted to Harry than I am to Kelz.
I just think I need to talk to him.
Poor Kelz.
I'm such a bitch.
It looks like the accountant's number might be up.
I have a feeling this Bermuda love triangle is about to lose one poor soul.
Let the bro-down commence.
Hey, man.
I feel like we haven't had a chance to talk.
If looks could kill, we'd be bringing out a body bag right now.
How are you, mate? You seem quiet.
Obviously, you're sneaking me.
That's gonna cause tension between us.
I feel like you haven't been loyal to me.
You haven't been honest.
Obviously you have feelings for her, to the point that you even cried during the workshop.
You've known that I fancied Rhonda from when I come in, right? We haven't had an opportunity, her and I, to bond or talk, really, until yesterday.
So you feel a romantic spark between you and Rhonda? Yeah.
Bro, go for it.
If that's what you want, bro, go for it, but I didn't have a connection with anybody else here.
I know you have said, "I'm gonna try and take my guard down," but you haven't.
I think by me already opening up to her and telling her about my past, is me letting my guard down.
I think she's amazing.
If I couldn't build this with Rhonda, it wasn't gonna get built.
He really cares for her.
Really, all he wants is to be loved.
He's not going to get that if I'm in the picture.
Don't think for a second that when I've been feeling things for Rhonda, that you haven't also been in my head at the same time.
If you're serious about how you're feeling about Rhonda, then I will step aside and let that happen.
But that's only if you continue to step forward and step up and put yourself in that weak position.
You guys should go for it.
There's a smile.
Fuck me.
Come here.
- My man.
- Always, bruh.
As a big fan of topless man hugs, this could not get any better.
Talking to David, I've learned that at this moment, I need to be the man that she needs me to be.
I'm gonna continue to open up and develop and try to be the best version of me.
Just don't get a boner, bruh.
Oh, no! Sheesh! Hey.
What's up? Sorry to interrupt.
- It's cool.
Give me, like, two more.
- Okay.
I get the impression Kelz is about to feel like a dumbbell.
You cool? Obviously, last night, kind of, just made me think that, like, I'd had some, like, unresolved feelings.
Harry and I started out, like, pretty strong.
So I think we should just take a step back and, like, stay friends, for now.
- Right.
I'm gonna carry on working out.
- Okay.
That's right, Kelz, just pump your way through the heartbreak.
That did not go like I wanted it to go.
It's not like I don't struggle to get girls, so, like if she wants to be like that, fine.
All the best to her.
All the best.
You're not writing a letter, Kelz.
You just got dumped.
Kind regards, Desiree.
Now that Sharron has made amends with David, Lana has arranged a date so he can talk through his feelings with Rhonda.
My plan with Rhonda today is, lay everything on the table.
Let her know why I'm feeling the way I feel.
I just want to be a better person.
This is lovely, right? I haven't had a chance to speak to Rhonda, but I'll put myself on the back burner and move away from the situation, and they can crack on.
That's an amazing thing of you to do, man.
If you write on paper my ideal guy, that would be Sharron, but David was able to basically, kind of, open up and show his emotions.
This is what I needed from Sharron.
If he does not open up like, I don't know what else I can do.
It's not that I wanted to ignore you, it was just I had a lot to think about.
To me, it was just, like, David's my boy.
- It's basically like my ex - Yeah.
- and my old best friend.
- Right.
He's not my best friend, but we started building a bond.
- Mm-hmm.
- My trust, literally, is so fucked up that if there's a slight chance of anything going wrong, that I just shut down.
I mean, I'm not blaming you.
I just need you to understand, like, you shutting down on me, it makes it difficult.
I can't progress with you if you don't open up to me.
If you really like someone, like, that's what you do.
That's the risk you're willing to take.
Come on, Sharron.
Use what Lana's taught you.
Before I came in here, I didn't think I would possibly fall for anybody else.
It feels uncomfortable, but I like it at the same time.
So, what I'm gonna do, right, I'm gonna vow to you right now, I'm gonna try to let my guard down.
I'm gonna try to communicate better.
I'm gonna try to trust, even though it's, like, one of the hardest things for me in the world to do.
So if you're down, I'm down.
But no, that's literally all I was asking for.
So, I appreciate it a lot.
This is adorable! If this isn't worth a green light, then honestly, I quit right now.
What? You're just so beautiful.
Look at your watch.
Green light! Come on, love birds, start doing each other.
One of a kind One of a kind And when we collide It can't be denied You're one of a kind Never in a million years did I think that I was gonna find someone that was going to change my whole mindset.
I feel like we can be something amazing.
We're like Obama 2.
So, together we are powerful.
- We might've lost a dollar.
- As long as I've got you, I'm rich.
- Good answer! - Yeah! - You pulled out a new book.
- I know.
Had a late game.
I know what it's like To feel like we gave everything Between, like, doing it and then taking it - This is one right here.
- I get confused.
- This is definitely one.
- This is one? I'm going to sleep.
Hey, guys.
What's up, brother? What happened? We made out.
We kissed.
It was like a make-up kiss.
- We did get the green light from Lana.
- You got the green light? - No way! - Yes! - No! - No! If this thing lights up, I gotta get out of here, just letting you know.
Like that, trust me.
I don't think tonight could have gone any better for me.
Oh, Lana's back! Wait a minute! - Oh, Lana! - Lana! - Good evening, everyone.
- Hey, Lana.
Sharron and Rhonda, by communicating openly and honestly, you have taken your relationship to the next level.
This has unlocked a night alone in the private suite.
No way! The suite is the biggest test of chastity so far.
- I smell money going away.
- Really? However, there will be no further green lights this evening.
This time alone is a chance to get to know each other more deeply, without any distractions.
Guys, it's time for growth.
What kind of growth are you talking about, bro? I told you I was proud of you.
Sharonda got the secret room.
Didn't even know there was a secret room.
Thanks, Lana.
Can't wait to have that by my-fucking-self, because everyone in here sucks.
We'll try not to, uh, spend it all in one night.
I don't think this is gonna be good at all.
How are you guys feeling about that? The question really is, how do you feel about it? I'm happy for them.
I am not gonna get in the way of something like that.
Lana is definitely pushing people to think about things in a different way.
Former Davids wouldn't have stepped back and let them kind of create a better bond together.
You know what the other good news is? There's a secret room we could all go Yeah! Yeah.
Fucking A.
Whoa! Oh, I'm fucking dreaming right now.
I'm a big tease, but should I just jump his bones? Or should I keep feeling him out and seeing how far I can push him? You got the devil in you Oh You got the devil in you Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Turn it up Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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