Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Hot

1 [melodic chime.]
Haley's a great kisser.
She is a phenomenal kisser and I wouldn't mind kissing her again.
They've just kissed goodbye to $3,000, literally.
Now that me and Francesca have kissed, we are not gonna tell a soul.
Everyone else is gonna get blamed, and I wanna sit back and watch.
We have to be like - "Who did that?" - "What the fuck?" [they laugh.]
I just need some popcorn.
I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the reactions, 'cause I know it's gonna be fucking epic.
I'm just nervous now to see what's to come.
So much has happened in the last few days.
Hey, act cool.
Be casual.
That's it, girls.
Be casual.
Avoid all suspicion by climbing into bed together.
Either way, it's gonna shake everyone up, 'cause no one's gonna think it was us.
Yeah, but we know it was you.
So, the cameras will be keeping a close eye on you all night.
- Good night! - Good night, everyone.
Activate night vision.
[snoring continues.]
Is that Sharron waking up Rhonda? Maybe he's had a nightmare and needs soothing? Oh, no.
He's just horny.
I'm about to go get in the shower.
You could join me if you want? Lana can still see you in the shower.
You know that, right? [Sharron.]
I can't stop thinking about sex.
She's just a walking temptation.
Her body is amazing.
You feel like you're at your breaking point now? At the end of the day, I'm a guy.
Not that we're weak or anything, but sex is like brushing your teeth.
I mean it is, but [Rhonda.]
We have such a sexual chemistry.
He's a very tempting person.
But Lana has these rules in place.
I feel like [sighs.]
I'm trying to take these steps and follow the rules so that maybe it can Like, more can come from this.
I mean, how much longer you think you're gonna be able to keep doing this? I don't know how long I can go without sex.
I mean, I am a sex icon.
You got up at 2:30 a.
to tell us that? [Sharron.]
Sleep on it.
- Think about it.
- I'm always sleeping on it.
Wait, you guys are sleeping on it in separate beds though, right? Phew! Body do the talking Unbelievably, no one broke the rules last night.
I know someone who will be happy about that.
I will turn this water into wine and feed you bread if you just keep your penises in your pants.
Yeah! Hallelujah! Jesus.
Rock and roll Jesus.
I thought that was Bono.
Last night, Sharron woke up Rhonda, and then they go into the dressing room.
They're being little sketch bags.
They could bang at any point, and they're just gonna deny it.
This is the retreat pot.
Me and Haley are just gonna We're just gonna stir it.
We're so evil.
What I love about these two is their mature approach to resolving tensions within the group.
So, if Lana tonight drops the news that 3K was lost, are you gonna blame it on them? - Yeah.
- Okay.
There we go.
Me and Fran want to have the best time we possibly can, and literally, this is our, like What's the word when What's the word when you, like, get, like, a sign of, like, hope? Optimism? Faith? Excitement? Uh, the A loophole? This is like our loophole.
I'm pretty sure that's not the word you're looking for.
Energies are good today.
- They are.
The vibes are good.
- Everyone's, like, so horny.
I know, it's so funny.
I'm loving it, though.
There's definitely a connection and a vibe and a chemistry going on with Chloe.
I mean, she's sexy as fuck.
You can't deny that.
What are you thinking? I think that we took Lana's word really seriously and straightforward.
Yeah, I'm here for self-development, but sometimes you've gotta - Let loose.
- Balance it out.
- Let loose a little bit, you know? - Yeah.
- I'm feeling like a rebel.
- I could feel you were horny last night.
[Chloe squeals.]
Last night, me and Dave went on a date.
There is definitely sexual chemistry there.
But whether it's anything more, I'm not too sure.
With sexual tension rising in the retreat, Lana has picked the perfect time for her first workshop.
[melodic chime.]
Workshops will provide my guests with the essential tools to become authentically connected with each other and themselves, steering them away from meaningless hook-ups, and towards long-lasting relationships.
The lady in red is not a new guest sent to tempt them, by the way.
She's Shan, an expert in Shibari, an ancient Japanese technique used to improve intimacy and trust in relationships.
I think having the Shibari Workshop towards the beginning of their retreat is so important.
Even though it is bondage, which can tend to seem a bit more risque - [record scratch.]
- Bondage? Of course, the perfect way to take your mind off sex.
Why didn't I think of that? it really does teach people how to trust, which is the foundation for any long-lasting relationship.
What's up, everybody!? [they cheer.]
- Hey! - Hey, hey, hey! In their infinite wisdom and relentless pursuit of entertainment, the producers have paired up Sharron and Rhonda, Chloe and David, Nicole and Matthew, Haley and Kelz.
Oh, and Harry and Francesca.
Oh, fuck.
This couldn't be better.
I think Francesca's definitely annoyed, but a little bit of black rope and a bit of a bondage session will change anyone's perspective on any situation.
I'm here to teach a workshop on Shibari.
What's it called? Shabology? - Shibari.
- Sabori? - Shibari.
- Shobori? - Shibari.
- What's the word? Shibari! Have you guys ever played before with bondage, with handcuffs, with restraints? Duh.
How do you think they got picked for this show? - You ready for this? - No.
[Chloe whoops.]
Yes! I am so excited to be paired up with Chloe.
Oh, to get, get To, to slide with me, slide with me Ohh! It feels so good! Shibari is based in power play, but in a really unexpected way.
Because, truly, when you're the person with the rope, when you're the rigger, you're actually the one who is surrendering and trusting your partner.
I'm nervous.
I think I'm happy with this, actually.
How tight do you want things? How much pressure? Does this feel good for you? - [Kelz.]
It's like your portable gym bag.
- [laughter.]
- [Kelz.]
It comes in black leather.
- [Haley.]
What? All right? They're teaching them the principles of how to take that same language and apply it to every other facet of their intimate connections.
- I can't get out of this one.
- [Kelz.]
No, you can't.
Getting Haley to trust me, to put her in that kind of compromising position, I like the fact that she was able to trust me.
That was That meant a lot to me.
Get it in there.
Shove it.
The hardest part about the whole Shibari experiences was acting like I had never done that before.
So, I think it goes down.
I was, like, "Oh, what knot is this? Wow.
Never done that before.
" Oh, Jesus, you naughty boy.
There's got to be a reason That we're this way in the first place Ooh, this looks awkward.
Walk away now if you're not feeling it, but - I'm - Obviously, I'm not feeling it.
But I'm here, like, open arms.
If you don't want to be mature and talk about it, that's cool.
I'm not Me doing this is not me being immature.
It's just me standing my ground.
I think he's still a piece of shit, but I do want to embrace the process.
So, how are you guys doing? Talk me through what's going on.
There's been a bit of drama the past couple of days.
- Yes.
- I apologized.
It was a shit situation.
The best thing to do is be adults and move on.
And what do you want? I just don't really want to be around someone who, like, hurt me like that, so This is a chance for you guys to play, to try something new, to experiment.
Use your feelings to your advantage.
You don't have to push them down.
- Okay? All right.
- [Francesca.]
You want to hug it out? Ah, that's better.
All they need to do now is take a leaf out of Sharron and Rhonda's book of bondage.
- [Rhonda gasps.]
- You wanna play all day.
You know what, I Stop.
I said stop.
- [Sharron.]
That's cool.
- [Rhonda.]
This is not about It's not about that.
I don't look at him and just see sex, and I don't feel like he looks at me and just sees sex.
Really? 'Cause his tongue looks like it's telling a different story.
Definitely missing sex right now.
I feel like I lost my best friend.
This feel good to you? [she giggles.]
- I miss you, sex.
- See, I told you.
- [Shan.]
You have done a stunning job.
- [David.]
A great job.
- [Chloe.]
Does it turn you on, or not? - Not massively.
Oh, David, that is not what she wants to hear.
I'm very indecisive about David.
I'm trying to understand a deeper connection and if there is one.
And if there is isn't, what is there between us? [David.]
Can you take this off now? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Something tells me Chloe's about to cut you loose, David.
[Harry yells.]
Rope burn.
How is this fun for anyone? [Francesca.]
I like this.
- This is fun for me.
- [Harry laughs.]
Well, it certainly didn't take these two long to get into the swing of things.
Tying him up was great, 'cause I was kind of hurting him.
I had a bit of pent-up aggression that I needed to get out.
- Lana! - She's getting out some frustration! - Help me! - [laughter.]
Who knew bondage, I mean, Shibari, could get Fran almost trusting Harry again? I can't say you're Shibari masters, but you're definitely on your way.
The Shibari worked wonders for me and Francesca.
- I like that.
Do it again.
- Doesn't hurt? [Harry.]
I know she wants me.
And I'm sure we learned a couple of things that me and her would definitely use later or in the future.
Wishful thinking, you cheeky little dingo.
Following the Shibari Workshop, Rhonda is trying to untangle her feelings, while Sharron is hiding his under a large orange cushion.
You know how Lana's trying to help us develop, like So, are you not caring about the lesson at the end, - or are you just like, "Fuck it"? - I think Lana's already helped me.
She showed me that I can go a little bit longer than I think, - so I think I - That's it? Yeah.
I think that's - I got out of it what I was supposed to.
- That's it? What's the longest you've gone without sex? Or doing anything? Can't tell you.
Because you haven't had to.
I genuinely like you.
I genuinely want to get to know you but I also don't want anything to mess it up.
Definitely afraid of developing a soft spot for Rhonda.
I've had my heart broke.
My ex left me for my best friend.
The pain I felt, I just never wanted to feel that pain again.
They say I'm living in a dream [Sharron.]
I like you, right? But then, it's also too early to see.
I do have feelings for Sharron.
He is being 100 percent honest with me, which I completely respect and appreciate, but I don't wanna get hurt.
It's all good, it can get even better A blue sky, there's only sunny weather It's a perfect day Ain't nothing wrong 'Cause everything's all right [David.]
It's been nice hanging out with you.
- Yeah.
- To be honest, you are a wonderful person.
Honestly, I think Chloe and I are compatible.
She's lovely and I do have a flirt.
We do have a laugh and, like, I love being around her.
You're beautiful, as well, and it's just, like we both had sexual chemistry and sexual tension.
Do you know what I mean? [unenthusiastically.]
Like, the date was really good.
- Like, sexual chemistry was there.
- [he laughs.]
I feel like there's a "but" coming.
But I think I'm not convinced that we would be anything, like, seriously more.
David's a lovely guy, but, at the end of the day, there's no spark there.
This time, no one can pretend I'm glad we've had that chat, anyway.
It's cool.
This is how the story ends [David groans.]
That is frustrating.
I can't remember the last time that happened, but there's plenty more days to focus my attentions elsewhere.
Are you gonna try and hug me in a What's this called again? [Chloe.]
Bathing suit.
- Hammock, is what I was gonna say.
- Oh! [she giggles.]
Oh, David.
The only one Chloe is ever going to ask you to help her get out of is the hammock.
After a day of building trust, Lana's preparing to unleash a prize drop that could untie all of their good work.
Wanna do What have I got to do? And no one is expecting it.
Well, almost no one.
I think one thing I'm thinking is, if someone blames us, we need to laugh about it - and not be defensive.
- Yeah.
I think we need to be like, "Oh, yeah, it's us.
" - For sure.
- Know what I mean? It's almost like you've done this before.
[melodic chime.]
[they laugh nervously.]
Hello, Haley.
Hello, Francesca.
- Hi, Lana.
- Hi.
Please join the rest of the guests at the fire pit.
- Will do.
- Okay.
I can't wait for Lana to drop the bomb, and I can't wait for everyone to go off on everyone except for me.
I wanna do whatever I wanna do 'Cause it feels good To be bad The moment Haley and Francesca have been waiting for.
What does Lana have in store for us, I wonder? [David.]
I'm hoping it's positive.
Time to get your game faces on, girls.
Cheers to Lana.
- Cheers to Lana.
- Cheers to Lana.
[melodic chime.]
[they mutter.]
- Hello.
- [Kelz.]
Hello! - [Chloe.]
- [Matthew.]
What up? [Lana.]
There was a breach of the rules, and money has been deducted from the prize fund.
What? [Rhonda.]
Seriously? What? [narrator.]
Ooh, she's good, but every leading lady needs a good supporting actress.
How'd What? [gasps.]
"Who was it?" [gasps.]
"No!" [squeals.]
"How dare you!" [narrator.]
Bravo, ladies.
Bro, she lyin', bro.
She's lying.
- Who the fuck had sex? - [narrator.]
That's right, Nicole.
At least someone here is pure and respectful of Lana's rules.
Oh, my God.
I'm so jealous.
I would've loved to get down and dirty.
That's it, I give up.
- For fuck's sake, man.
- [Chloe.]
What? If anyone's broken the rules, you know you've broken the rules.
I feel disappointed.
You know the bill's gonna come.
I'm just waiting for the bill to come.
If you have, you might as well own up now.
I'm in shock right now.
Like, this is crazy.
We should win an award for our acting skills.
Yeah, and get a fine for your kissing skills.
You have lost $3,000.
- All right, so someone's kissed! - Ah, someone's I don't mean this in a bad way, but, you know, you guys did the strawberry thing, like, do you think Lana took that? - Nah, didn't touch.
- [Haley.]
They didn't touch? He spat the strawberry out of his mouth after he put his teeth into it.
- Harry? - It wasn't me.
No, you can't look at me.
Apparently, someone else has been hooking up, and there's absolutely no chance that it was me.
I mean, I Maybe it was you two.
I hate to be accused.
I think that's probably one of the things I hate the most.
I think you guys are holding something back.
When you pulled her into the dressing room last night.
I don't need to do anything sexual to validate a relationship.
Why are you so defensive? This is the best time I've had this whole time.
I came with my guard up.
I don't think I'm gonna leave here in a relationship.
Can somebody take that shovel away from Sharron before he digs his own grave? I don't think I'm going to leave with love.
Actually, I think Rhonda might dig it for him.
I don't know what to say about it.
The prize fund now stands at $94,000.
- Better than zero.
- It's better than zero, but if we don't know who done it, then it's like, shit, who do we watch? The most important thing here is being honest, and to admit and own up to when we fuck up.
If it isn't them, who is it? - I'm over this.
I can't.
- Yeah.
- Do you want to go? - Yeah, let's go.
Are you trying to frame yourselves? What if they fucking kissed or some shit? I legitimately think that if there's anybody I can't trust, it's Francesca and Haley.
The most manipulative person in the house is hanging out with the most mindless human on Earth.
Does anyone see any issues with this? No? Okay.
[Francesca and Haley giggle.]
[Francesca sighs and laughs.]
We all know you're lying.
We all know it!" What a dick! I got your back, Rhonda! Me and Francesca pulled it off.
Everything worked exactly how we wanted.
Me and Francesca are geniuses.
[they sing gibberish.]
Beauty and brains.
What are the chances? Bad girl After the shock of the prize drop, and the even bigger shock of Sharron's revelation, Rhonda wants some answers.
What is going on with you? Like, what was that? Like, why are you so upset? Like, seriously.
So I don't do well with being accused, right? - Yeah.
- Cool.
It's one thing to ask me if I did something, and it's another thing to point fingers, right? I just felt like you put a wall up, or you already have a wall up.
I think highly of you.
I respect you.
You're a stand-up person.
You're a wonderful woman.
- We're still early in the retreat.
- Yeah.
[he sighs.]
You gotta understand, I've been so scarred from my past that it's just like, I don't give people opportunities.
I sense some serious trust issues.
Someone get these two some bondage gear fast.
Like I think the last thing I want is to get my heart broke again.
My ex already had cheated on me for my best friend.
The shit that I felt after that, like, I never want to feel again.
My heart's like "Remember what you went through.
Remember the pain you felt.
" But my mind is like, "She's amazing.
She's beautiful.
She's smart.
We have a lot of similar qualities.
" You've been hurt, and I get it.
You've only been in one relationship, but I've been hurt, too.
I've been hurt three times.
You've been hurt once.
- Yeah, but - I know hurt.
You know hurt.
I understand.
If I knew how to rebuild, Sharron, I wouldn't be here.
What is it going to take to have you put the wall down just, like, a little bit for me? [Sharron.]
It's going to take more than just connecting with you.
At the end of the day, me knowing myself - You don't see it happening.
- I don't see it.
Because my guard is up, I can't expect you to wait around and just keep chasing me.
I'm just gonna continue to stay focused on myself and just move on from there, 'cause Sharron is not able to open up.
I don't know if he's necessarily going to be the one that I want him to be in the end.
You know, I'm trying to move forward.
I mean, I can't do it alone.
I feel like I need to be open with other guys.
Yo, I've lost the team 6K already.
- [Francesca laughs.]
- Oh, my God, I know.
I want Lana to fuck with everyone else but me.
'Cause she's already fucked with me enough.
- So it's payback.
- What if she calls us out? [she gasps.]
- No.
She wouldn't call me and Harry out.
- She wouldn't.
No, yeah.
If she says it was us, we're fucked.
Obviously, as we know, money's been taken from the prize fund.
Someone here that is not telling the truth, and I have to get to the bottom of this.
Let's just rule out who we think it definitely isn't.
- I can promise you.
- [Chloe.]
Obviously, it's not me.
I know it isn't me.
- Yeah.
- Sharron.
I want to believe him so bad, but I just They went in the middle of the night.
I'm not gonna rule them out.
Who else is there? Don't put anything past Francesca.
She was sitting at that fire pit last night and she was smirking and whispering the whole time.
You know, I find it quite interesting that Haley was so, like, vocal.
But who would she kiss? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Haley and Francesca made out.
Oh, you are wasted as a religious leader.
You suit being a sex cop way more.
I don't see anyone here lying except for them two.
We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
You're going down, bitches.
I'm gonna find out which one of you suckers is too horny for this game.
I know that you don't really wanna be with me Sheriff Matthew is on the hunt for a pair of frisky felons, but Outlaw Harry just has one person on his most wanted list.
All right, what are you feeling? Obviously, I've had some negative feelings towards you - the past day.
- [mocking.]
What? No way! Because of things that were said and things that were done.
I'm not really one to sit and dwell.
- I'd hate to - Yeah.
I feel like if we go over it, we're just not gonna see eye to eye.
We're not gonna agree.
Well, I'm, like, six-foot-five, - and you're, like, five-zero, so - I'm five-eight.
So, we wouldn't see eye to eye anyway, like, logistically.
Um - [Harry laughs.]
- You're such a shit.
I'm letting him flirt with me, and I'm flirting back, but he's been friend-zoned.
Yeah, right.
Are you sure about that? I don't know.
So, how, like No more feelings? - The feelings that I had for you - "Had"? The feelings I had for you two days ago are still there Need some time alone as much as I don't want them to be there.
- I usually have that effect on everyone.
- Shut the fuck up.
Shut up.
Obviously, we're gonna be living together for a little bit longer, so it's better to be on good terms - Yeah.
- I think.
And I feel like we should just start over.
Pretend like we just met again, and get to know each other slowly.
Well, hello.
I'm Harry.
- Francesca.
- Nice to meet you.
I knew me and Francesca were gonna resolve this conflict one way or another.
She should just count her blessings, 'cause, obviously, I'm the funnest guy in the world.
So yeah.
You're the only one that matters Sinner, you better get ready Sinner, you better get ready Hallelujah I feel like it is my responsibility to shed light on the skeletons in this closet.
I have to get to the bottom of this.
It's like an episode of Scooby-Doo, and Matthew wants to find out who's been playing Shaggy.
All right.
It's just about openness, honesty.
What is going on? What is happening? [she gasps.]
Whoever did it, this is your opportunity now to have just an inkling of honesty.
- Own it.
- Because otherwise, it's gonna come out in a much different way, - which is only gonna make you look bad.
- Preach, Jesus, preach.
I'm not about to admit it.
I'm not about to own up to it, I'm not about to tell these people shit.
Unless I slept-walked and fell into someone's vagina, I know it's not me.
We checked the footage, Matthew, and you're all good.
Kelz is the accountant, so I know it's not him.
I don't do embezzlement.
To be completely honest with you two, I would have never guessed you went in the middle of the night alone.
Like, to me that's like jumping into a flame and hoping you don't get burnt.
I did question, like what decisions would they make.
We can't trust anyone anymore.
It's created a lot of animosity in the air.
Animosity! That was a new word added to the dictionary of Chloe.
And people say reality TV is dumbing us down.
You show 'em! The only other two people that I don't know at all, who have openly admitted to more than enough alone time That is ridiculous.
Don't talk to me like that.
That's ridiculous.
I feel like I'm the easiest person to come at, so, like, I just Did you do anything that would cause a $3,000 reduction with Francesca? No, I did not kiss Francesca.
All right, fine.
You made me do it.
No, they didn't.
This is all on you, bro.
Should we ask Lana? [narrator.]
Yes! This scene is crying out for some divine intervention, or a plastic cone.
- Yeah, we should.
- That's the fair thing to do.
- See what Lana's got to say.
- Lana knows.
Uh Well, I'm fucked.
Yep, pretty much.
- [Matthew.]
- [melodic chime.]
- [Harry.]
Lana! - What you gonna tell us, babes? [Lana.]
How are you all feeling today? - [Rhonda, sarcastically.]
- [Francesca and Nicole.]
- [Haley.]
- [mockingly.]
So great.
Your faces tell a different story.
Oh, you can see? [Matthew.]
Lana was it Sharron and Rhonda who broke the rule? [Lana.]
All right.
- [applause.]
- [Chloe.]
Well done, guys.
[laughs ecstatically.]
Yes! It feels great.
I really feel like O.
, man.
And if the glove does not fit Lana, was it Harry and Francesca? [Lana.]
- [cheering.]
- Yes! Get at me! [he yells triumphantly.]
How good? I'm off the hook.
[he laughs.]
You are not the father! [laughter.]
Lana, was it Haley and Francesca? Negative.
Don't you dare, Lana.
God, the suspense is killing me.
My heart is literally beating out of my chest.
I don't want Lana to fuck me over.
- [gasps.]
- Oh, my God! [Chloe.]
So you lied about it, and then you denied it.
I don't regret doing it.
I regret getting caught.
You lied to our faces.
- How are you laughing right now? - [Chloe.]
I don't understand why you'd lie.
The manipulator tricked the mindless human into making a mistake, and then they lied about it, literally to the very last second.
- Oh, my God, you blow my mind.
- All right, that's enough.
You blow my mind.
- Come with me? - [David.]
It's the walk-off! [they whoop and holler.]
- [Chloe.]
See you later! - [laughter.]
- They cost everyone money - They're off to the showers! I still think it's funny.
I still don't like these people.
If anything, I'm glad they know I fucked them over so they'll stop bothering me and stop talking to me.
Whoo! Say what you really think, Haley.
Sometimes you've got to be a little vain I don't know what to do.
Do you? I'm shaking.
See? Look.
I'm shaking.
Should we act like we're in love? Not sure much acting is needed on your part, Haley.
We should be, like, "We just wanna explain ourselves.
" "We felt really alienated, - and we found comfort" - Yeah.
"We're really scared to admit this" [laughs.]
"but we're together.
" [laughs quietly.]
- What do we do? - I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
You could grab the ropes from the Shibari session earlier, and use them to escape over the fence.
Just a suggestion.
Fortunately, David knows exactly what to do.
After everything that's been going on, the mood in the retreat's a little bit low.
I want everyone to get back on track.
I want to spread some positivity.
I'm going to take everybody outside for a bit of a workout.
It might also help you get over being dumped.
Squeeze your bum cheeks! - You can feel it burning! - That's it, squeeze the peach! Ah, well done, David.
Everyone's getting along and some trust has been rebuilt.
[Sharron and Kelz laugh.]
- And we could end the show there - [Sharron.]
It's over, guys! but where's the fun in that? Believe it or not, this bunch of misfits aren't the only people that need Lana's help.
Unleash sexed-up single number 11.
Oh, my word! But will this clueless Casanova embrace a lust-free life in the retreat? Shut up! Did I miss a workout class? Who's that? I'm from Los Angeles.
I live on my boat in Marina del Rey.
When the boat's a-rocking, don't come a-knocking.
Boat life is the best kept secret in the world.
It attracts pretty much every single girl in Los Angeles.
Not that well-kept a secret then, is it? I'm actually kind of fun to have around.
I play piano.
I sing.
I could serenade myself into your hearts, whatever you let me.
I can dance.
I'm the best dancer you'll ever meet.
[smooth jazz plays.]
The last time I had sex was at the hotel last night.
I probably have sex every day.
I'll wake up with whoever she is, and I'll just think, "Man I can't wait to go out tonight and meet a different girl.
" You might have had sex every day before, Bryce, but that is not on the menu here, buddy.
- [Bryce.]
- Oh, my God.
Hey, who's gonna show me around this place? Lana has forgotten to tell him the rules, so he has no idea what's coming.
Not him for a while, that's for sure.
- Hi, Francesca.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
Great eyes.
- Back at you! Oh, my God.
After this crazy-ass day we've had, this is perfect.
He's definitely in for a shock.
- Wow.
Hi, Haley.
- Good to meet you.
- Hi.
- Rhonda.
Hi, Rhonda.
- Golly, are you kidding me? - Hi, how are you? Nicole.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Chloe.
Lovely to meet you.
- Hi.
Love you.
I mean, lovely to meet you, too.
Oh, my God! Bryce.
This is, like, hazard.
Like Beep-beep! Beep-beep! - I can't believe it! I was, like, "What?" - Me neither.
Oh, this guy's gonna freak out when he hears about the rules.
Everybody in this house is beautiful.
The eyes on you two.
I'm a sucker for eyes.
So, I mean Look at that hair.
It's, like, just perfect.
- Haley.
- Haley.
Kinda like Haley, I'm not gonna lie to you.
All the girls are beautiful.
They really are.
It's like the world's greatest buffet.
Francesca just really reminds me of every girl in L.
Rhonda's body is out of this world.
Nicole has the most beautiful eyes.
It's like walking in, like, to heaven.
More like a kid in a candy store before being told they got type 2 diabetes.
Oh, my God.
Chloe is beautiful.
She seemed excited to see me.
Man, I could do a lot of serious damage here.
Guests are reminded that any breakages to property or persons during their stay must be paid for in full.
All right.
Well, we're gonna get along, I think.
Let's do it.
Rock and roll.
- What do you know? - I know nothing.
[he laughs heartily.]
I feel like you should probably know the rules.
[Matthew laughs.]
- I'm obviously the team accountant.
- There you go.
Rule one, no kissing.
No sexual touching.
And then the last one, no masturbating.
We're all struggling, man.
The "no jerking off" thing is really getting kinda tough.
Well, I don't know if I can't have sex, but you know what? Rules are meant to be broken.
[evil laughter.]
Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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