Too Hot to Handle (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

When Harry Met Francesca

1 You're in the right place Oh Morning! Jesus.
Why, bro? Lana, you're really taking the piss.
Good morning.
I'm pleased that there were no rule breaks last night.
No one fucking asked.
Today is your first full day in the retreat, and the weather will be sunny, with highs of 82° Fahrenheit, and there'll be zero chance of sex.
She got a bit of lip on her today, eh? Yeah.
"Zero chance of sex.
" She's fucking quality, she is.
Yeah, the only moans and groans we heard last night were the guests griping over Lana's new rules.
If they could've made a horror movie, this is it.
This is the worst horror movie you could think of.
It's like I lost my mom, like, I'm so sad.
I didn't come here for sex.
Well, I did.
I did.
It's cool.
I'm a born-again virgin.
I guess miracles do happen when Jesus is around.
Obviously, last night's rules were a bit of a kick to the nuts.
Me and Francesca just cuddled and had a bit of pillow talk.
But today, I couldn't give two shits about Lana's rules.
I'm a rule breaker.
Francesca's a naughty little possum, and all I want to do is some naughty things to her.
All that sexual energy has to go somewhere, right? How are you doing, darling? Was it good? No, we didn't, I promise.
Naughty possum.
You naughty little possum.
I know how challenging the next like, this summer's gonna be when we can't do anything, because you can see quite how sexually frustrated everyone is already.
Hey, you two.
Cuddles only.
Going without sex was not my plan.
You have very soft skin.
Like, as if some robot is telling me that I can't do anything with any of the boys.
Ah, baby.
It's like I can look, but I can't touch.
That's very annoying.
Well, technically, Nicole, you can touch.
The cuddles and the snuggles are all legal, but kissing, self-gratification, and sex will only result in the prize money plummeting.
The bigger the crime, the bigger the fine.
Don't touch what you can't afford So, these sexed-up singles will have to keep it in their pants to find out what having a real relationship is like.
I'd only just put it in for a bit.
That's easier said than done for these horny hotties.
So, kissing.
How much is that gonna cost? - If I kissed you like - You don't know.
- That would be ten dollars.
- You don't know, though.
But if it was a proper, full-on, grabbing you, kind of like So, we're grading sex, too? Like, was it Did she moan, did she scream? Imagine if it's, like, head banging against the wall, legs everywhere.
I reckon, ten grand.
This is a retreat full of the sexiest people in the world.
And you expect us not to kiss nor touch? So all we've got to do is just keep our pants on.
If I'm gonna take a risk, I'm gonna run it up.
If I'm going to make a deduction causing us to lose money, I'm gonna kiss.
I'm gonna have sex.
Look, I'm gonna make it worth it.
So, definitely When I get told I can't do something, I want to do it more.
- You're hornier now than you were before? - Yeah.
- You want the temptation? - I want the temptation, yeah.
- To see how much you can handle? - Yeah, test my limits.
Test my boundaries.
What if you break those boundaries? You'll cost us money.
I don't know.
I don't think I would.
If we had a free pass, who would you bone? Someone that could chuck me about a bit.
I feel like David would be, like, a good free pass.
You're beautiful, and we have a good laugh, so Stop giving me them eyes.
Are you guys flirting? That was a little flirt, but she pushed my head away.
Initially, I had a vibe and a chemistry going on with Rhonda, but I've got this little friendly banter, kind of witty-goofy thing going with Chloe, so I want to get to know her more.
No sex, no kissing for 100K.
Imagine superheroes get put on the planet, for example, and suddenly everyone that's amazing 'cause of their own superpowers suddenly gets told, "By the way, on this planet, none of you guys have superpowers.
" Yeah.
Welcome to planet No-Sex, where Lana is your kryptonite.
It doesn't matter whether you're the hottest guy, the hottest girl, - if you have 300,000 followers.
- Yeah.
It's about what's in your head.
If that's the lesson Lana wants to teach me, like, look, I'll pick money every time.
I'll be very upset if anyone messes with money, extremely upset.
Even if you all have to escort people to the toilets, especially the guys.
It's 100K.
Looks like we found the accountant.
This is gonna be for me, very difficult, to be honest with you.
But, if this is like a group thing, well, it's better for the overall A group should outweigh your personal needs every single time.
It's like self-sacrifice.
It's not easy for anyone to go an extended period of time without any sexual release.
That is not a simple task, but I'll say this one time, Matthew is definitely on Team Lana, as of right now.
Of course, Jesus is the first disciple of Lana.
How long can I choose to try and see the good in someone who consciously acts in a selfish motive to, like, kiss or cuddle someone, because they're putting their personal needs above the rest.
How would you stop it? What would you do? - You can focus on what you can control.
- Yeah, right.
You're worried because it's out of your control.
Exactly my point.
That is my concern.
Look over there now.
It's like having little kids, isn't it? The more you tell them not to do something, the more likely they are.
And so, it's like, so easily could that become a power move, you know.
Look out, guys.
The sex cops are on your tails.
I just want to kind of be close.
I don't feel you, 'cause you've got two pillows in between.
I think we can all see where this is going.
Feel me, then.
Feel me up.
- Where's Lana? - Feel me up.
You said you want to feel me up, right? - Feel me up.
- I was feeling you up.
The closer I've gotten to Rhonda boy, the harder it is to refrain from sex, like she's just a walking temptation.
Her body is amazing.
Definitely will take a lot of self-restraint.
There's no guarantee I'll be able to hold out.
With Lana not allowing us to do much, like, I still like to be touched, like She never said we couldn't touch.
We couldn't, like, cuddle.
So you wanna talk about all the shit she didn't say we couldn't do.
- Come on, we out.
- That's like 50 grand! That's gonna be, like, 50 Gs.
The pot is empty.
She's gonna announce it tomorrow.
"You have approximately seven cents - Seven dollars left.
" - "The retreat is over.
" I definitely have a blackout moment where I forget about Lana, and I forget about the money.
Like, it's just building and building and building the suspense.
I'm gonna try my best to keep it PG-13, but I swear, as soon as Lana goes to sleep or short-circuits for one second, like, all bets are off.
Like, I'm going in on Sharron.
It's just that you want me and I want you, but if you say, "Fuck the money, then" You just gotta be sure.
I think memories are worth more than $100,000.
- You see? You leave here with - Memories of me? Memories are priceless.
Uh, "memories"? We know what you really mean, Sharron.
If you make memories and leave here, you'll be satisfied, even if you left with no money.
Oh, boy, Lana.
So, it seems like Lana's message is starting to sink in.
But if they keep talking about all the nookie they can't have, chances are these hyper-sexual hotties will go back to their old ways.
That's the only action we're gonna get.
Luckily, I've had a peek in Lana's love manual and got a heads-up on the relationship crash course to come.
She'll be encouraging her guests to form deeper connections - Cheers.
- You're so beautiful.
Back home, I would've done a few naughty things with him, and then binned him.
I think I'm learning.
and invest in their own personal growth.
- Were you crying? - Yeah.
I honestly have a deep fear of not finding love.
Fear is my biggest enemy.
But they will face new temptations - Oh, my God! - Oh, my God! No one tell the new guy that I'm really dumb.
It's definitely going to change the dynamic in the group.
and the ultimate test of chastity.
Oh, my God.
We have sex.
We don't have sex.
Is this gonna mess up what we're building? I might just risk a little bit, like, just maybe a few dollars a couple grand.
- Shall we get in the bath? - Ooh-whee! I'd better get a double order of popcorn ready, because it's about to get salty.
- You wanna have a little chat? - Yeah, sure.
That's sick.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Is it factor 50? - Yeah.
Try and keep your heart rate down when you're doing this, yeah? They might as well take these condoms out.
- Yeah, get 'em out.
- They've got, like, flavored ones.
- Banana.
- You ever tried one? And Bubblegum.
- Which one do you want to try? - I've opened it.
Suck it, see what it tastes like.
Ch - Why are you - Oh, does it taste like banana? - It does, yeah.
- It tastes like banana.
Well, that's one way to get your five a day.
I wonder what Harry's got planned for lunch.
I want to reassure that my heart's in the right place by having sex.
Oh, yes, possum alfresco.
I feel like sex is, like, so valuable to really figure out how you truly feel.
Yeah, I guess.
We know what we want, okay? Lana isn't the police.
We're gonna go down here, have this chat, I'm gonna kiss you, then it's gonna be on.
No one will know.
I'm just a little bit annoyed, because all I want to do every time I look at him is kiss him, and I can't kiss him, and it's definitely frustrating.
Well, what have we got to lose? Uh, 100K? I wish I could resist.
I hope I don't regret this decision, but he's so cute.
Come on, feel the love I hate to tell tales, but, Lana, are you getting this? We're gonna burn it down Everyone feel the love Ooh la la la now Damn! They're getting their money's worth.
I needed that so bad.
Ah, boom! So, Harry got his kiss.
What's next? Cup of tea? Read a book? Also, I think we should have sex.
Ah, what was I thinking? Pretty much broken the first rule, so if I can take a couple of minutes of your time today! We've already fucked up.
We may as well just do the whole lot.
Gonna do it how we wanna He just kissed me.
I'm not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I am a rule-breaker, but I don't think that people are gonna be very happy with us or how much that kiss cost the group.
They may not know the price of the rule break yet, but I'm sure Lana will hit them with the bill right in the kisser.
Everything's changed How are things? My heart is racing and I don't even know what to do right now.
Harry? Yeah.
What? I know Francesca can't really keep her mouth closed.
Tell you after.
I know she'll tell Haley we kissed.
And I'm sure it's going to start a domino effect.
I need to tell the boys about it, so I look like less of an asshole.
What were you about to say? He, like, leaned in, and kissed me.
- So, you guys kissed.
- So, we kissed.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
- Everyone's gonna hate us! - Everyone's gonna hate you, dude.
Holy shit.
Yeah, so, I don't know.
Like, he doesn't even seem to care.
He's like "I don't care anymore.
Like, we should just fuck.
" - Is that what you want to do? - I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
I'm really confused.
Okay, so, now that you've kissed him, we've lost some sort of money, - but we don't know what.
- Yeah.
How much.
For all they knew, we could've lost a dollar, but really I'm wondering how much stuff costs.
If someone kissed every day, like, we're here for a month what, would they take a few hundred dollars away a day? I don't know, it's too much for me.
Are you gonna tell the others you kissed, or are you going to wait for - I'm not gonna tell them.
- Obviously, I care about the money, but I have your back.
I get why you did it, but I don't think anyone else is gonna understand.
I better not get all the shit for this, because he made that move.
- They're gonna give you both shit.
- It was 100 percent.
- Not much good has come from this.
- No, not at all.
We dem boyz, we dem boyz I just fucked up.
What have you done? Firstly, I want to start with my three-part apology.
A three-part apology? I'm sorry.
The biggest one, boys, deeply.
The second bit is, I'm still young.
The third one is, I'm pretty sure everyone else would've just done the same if she was I think you missed out the part telling us what you're sorry for, mate.
Uh, yeah, so I So, we had a chat.
Um, it was a bit of heat of the moment, and then we kissed.
- What? - No! - No! - No way! I was vulnerable, okay? I'm vulnerable.
You just cost me three nights in a resort.
She kissed me! She kissed me! In the heat of the moment, I've told the boys that Francesca's actually kissed me, um, when I'm pretty sure I may have, um, initiated that.
Yeah, what they don't know won't hurt them.
Bless the lads.
- Was it good? - Yeah.
- Worth it? - No.
I knew this was gonna happen.
You still owe me a holiday, you cost me money.
We don't know how much it will be.
One kiss.
Where do you two stand now? She looks like the best time.
It's not about what she looks like.
You're like a puppy, and now she's house-trained you to say, "Sit.
" All right, boys, I think we've said all we need to say, to be honest.
Like Been a bit stupid.
You said she kissed you.
We can accept that.
We can forgive you, but don't be stupid again, yeah? You've got a lot to learn.
Hopefully, we'll take you under our wing.
You can grow whilst you're here.
Three wise men.
Hallelujah! Possum.
Can we count on you? Yes, hundred percent.
As long as he just keeps his lips to himself we'll get on.
All right.
Dem boyz make some noise.
Does the puppy need to get punished? I might have to castrate him.
Hello, Lana.
My favorite.
Can I ask you a question? Are we on the same page? I'm flirting with you, Lana.
Flirting is not a function I am programmed for.
Playing hard-to-get.
I like that.
Matthew, please go and gather the guests and head to the palapa.
I have an important announcement to make.
All right, I will.
Thanks for your talk, Lana.
Till next time.
Of course, the sex cop is flirting with the plastic cone.
That's how you keep it PG-13, guys.
Away from the retreat, my guests put sex before everything else.
Here, they are learning to make a deeper connection with each other before getting physical.
So every rule break will come at a price.
Come to the dark side Where the wolves hide Do you believe? Of pretty little lies Hello.
What's up? I have some news for you all.
Good or bad? I'm gonna puke.
Oh, my God.
I think that Lana is going to reveal our little secret.
There has been a breach of the rules.
For what? Let's go.
What is it? 'Cause I'm pissed.
It takes a lot to, like, get to me, but you got to watch people, 'cause they're sneaky.
Who did it, honestly? Like, who is it? Do you want to tell them, or do you want me to tell them? What are we telling? When we were over there? What? It Like, we both, like We both kissed, like Bloody hell! The rule break has cost $3,000.
- Oh, three grand? - That's like a week in Dubai.
For fuck's sake.
A very expensive kiss.
I mean, you could go to Amsterdam and get Not from personal experience, 100 percent not.
I'm against that, but, you know, I definitely know people that have.
So, who kissed who? - Huh? - You said Frankie kissed you.
- He said I kissed him? - Yeah.
Why you looking at me? I could fuck you over so hard right now by saying something you said to me.
Why don't you say it? Everything has to be out in the open.
You kissed me.
I didn't kiss you.
You said, "Why don't we just go fuck now, 'cause the money doesn't matter.
" That didn't happen.
That happened.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know what I said.
I was under pressure.
I just said a bunch of word vomit.
Who initiated it? It doesn't matter who kissed who.
It does.
I need to know who kissed who.
He's lying.
How do we know you're not lying? The thing that bothers me the most isn't the fact that he didn't admit to the group that he initiated it.
What bothers me is that he went out of his way to tell everyone that it was me.
He didn't need to do that.
Like, that boggles my mind.
I think it's obvious he's lying.
- He's so shady.
- Such a shady piece of shit.
I do not trust Harry whatsoever.
Harry's fake.
Harry's a liar.
It's not just like I'm trying to believe what she's told me.
Like, Harry's fake.
In my position, I feel she kissed me.
In her position, she feels I kissed her.
We both agreed, we both kissed.
Like No matter who initiated it, it happened, and that's something you said But you're pointing the finger.
- My opinion, you're shady.
You're lying.
- Why are you talking for her? Wow.
Francesca was looking for a puppet.
And she found one, dude, like "Meh-meh-meh-meh.
Francesca told me that he said And the sky is blue and there's white clouds, and that's why I think that you kissed.
" - Exactly.
- I'm not talking for her.
Let me talk! But you weren't even there.
- Oh my God.
- What's your problem with me? You're rude.
- You're rude as fuck! - I have been honest.
I'm being honest.
Okay, well, keep your honest ass over there.
- I don't talk to you.
- I'm being real here, and y'all are getting on me about it.
I'm just being honest.
- You're done? - I'm done, yes.
Done talking to you.
We should have a breather, a cup of tea, and come back.
Done, done, done Somehow, I've sneaked my way out of this with the group.
But I had the hottest little señorita in the retreat, and she slipped through my fingers.
How the fuck does this happen? To summarize, I lost three grand, so - We lost three grand! - Three hundred each.
- Yeah.
- We lost three grand, Kelz.
The whole world doesn't revolve around you, babe.
Yeah, but I'm the accountant, and right now, it's not balancing up.
Know what I mean? Three grand, mate.
Three grand kiss.
Could you imagine how much sex would be? I don't know, Chloe.
Don't find out.
- Reckon it'd be at least 20 grand.
- I think it would, as well.
- Twenty.
- Twenty grand.
Imagine if it was, like, proper dead sex, as well.
- You'd be gutted.
- Yeah, you'd be.
The prize now stands at $97,000.
- Thanks, Lana, for that quick maths.
- Look, like, we knew it.
At this rate, we ain't gonna have fuck all left in the pot.
- Yeah.
- Unless that kiss is gonna bring someone out of a coma Like, unless we're doing Snow White kisses, I don't want to hear it.
Shall we just start making out? Make them lose more! I'm giving up Done, one done I am done Are you okay? I want to cry really bad.
I care about her.
I want the best for her.
She's better than him.
Doesn't need him.
He literally lied in front of everybody here.
Do you think people actually believe him? I don't know if they necessarily believe him, but I think because, like, the whole group of them is, like against us, or whatever, I think they'll be on his side no matter what.
Like, do you want people to know? I want people to know that he's a piece of shit.
And I don't want him to be able to parade around here and everyone to be on his side.
I don't want that.
It's not worth it.
Can you see me too? I want to have Francesca's back.
She's beautiful.
I think she's so hot.
I'm obsessed with her.
I love her.
But I don't want her to fall for the wrong person, and she is, and it's annoying.
Okay, is it just me, or is Haley coming across like she wants to "three-grand" Francesca's face off right now? As the sun goes down on their first full day in their new sexless world, a table for two has been laid for what looks like a romantic date.
I wonder who it's gonna be? Let's have bets.
Harry and Francesca.
Just kidding.
Give a little bit of love Do you feel awkward after today? Yeah, that was an awkward conversation.
I kinda believe Harry a lot more than I believe Francesca.
Hundred percent.
Francesca looked like she was lying.
You can read body language, too.
I feel like Harry's the most genuine-est person here.
- Oh, God.
- Lana.
Hi, Chloe.
I have noticed that you and David were flirting earlier today.
What you saying, I'm a ho? In order for you to learn how to build better relationships, I have arranged for you to have a date with David.
It's a chance for you both to see if there's a connection beyond just the physical.
Thank you, Alana.
It's "Lana.
" That's L-A-N-A.
I definitely think after the conversation me, you and David had - Right.
- I think there is something there.
He is such a cool guy.
And, I mean, there's that sexual chemistry there.
You're blushing! Don't.
It's 'cause I put extra blush on earlier! She's blushing.
I feel like we need to get to know each other a bit more.
And remember, Chloe, no monkey business.
I'm going on a date with David! Dating a guy in the outside world, it'd just be a shag.
No, it's I'm gonna be sitting down with David, having, like, a proper conversation without kissing him and without being, like, a little bit sexual and a little bit naughty.
I've never had to do this before.
Wish me luck.
Lana, what are you doing to me, mate? What's up, brother? How my boy doing? Good, man.
How you doing? Good.
I got some good news, bro.
- What's the good news? - You're going on a date.
- Am I? - Yeah.
Who with? - With the beautiful Chloe.
- Oh.
- Do you reckon I should get changed? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Definitely.
- Yeah.
She's outdoing you.
- Yeah.
- She's outdoing you right now.
- She looks much better than me.
And she's stoked, bro.
Tonight's gonna be a good opportunity to get to know her a little bit more in a one-on-one environment.
In the outside world, you meet somebody and you think, right, and go straight to sex.
This is an environment that is completely alien.
It's gonna be really difficult to do, to be honest, but, gosh You seem a little nervous.
- I think I am.
- Bro, you're turning red.
- You're turning red! - I'm gonna have to keep my cool.
Get me the hair dryer.
I need to cool down.
Like, turn it to cold and Ah, my boy started sweating.
Woo! Your mission, Chloe and David, should you choose to accept it, is to have a civilized date.
That means keeping your paws off each other, while trying to make an emotional connection instead of a physical one.
Crazy, right? But, in Lana we trust.
Chocolate's better than sex.
- And there'll be none of that.
- Go get 'em, tiger! Have fun.
Why is this so awkward? Whoa! - Look at you.
- Look at you! Wow.
I'm a matchmaker, bruh.
Got my boy dressed.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna puke.
- This is pretty - I know.
It is.
amazing! I'm wearing red.
- Yes.
The perfect top.
- I just knew it.
She looks amazing.
I mean, all I want to do is jump her, but No, can't, 'cause of the fucking rules.
I'm sorry, just before you got here, I've been dipping my finger in.
Is that why there's half of it missing? Is this turning you on? Can you hear the wetness, David? Oh, God.
You joker.
- Give me your finger.
- Bloody hell, assertive.
I like that.
Eye contact.
A finger suck? - Technically, not a rule break.
- You didn't get it all.
Considering what else he could have dipped into the chocolate, I guess Lana'll let it pass.
I feel we can definitely say there's a lot of sexual chemistry.
Yeah, don't let me get up too quick.
Is that why you've crossed your legs? Don't know what you're talking about.
You crossed your legs! Guys, I don't think that's the kind of growth Lana's looking for.
I'm not really used to anything like this.
I've never had anyone do anything like this for me.
I know you didn't do it, Lana did.
- Lana's a sneaky little lady, isn't she? - Lana's a babe.
- I mean, like, Lana's a babe.
- She sorted us right out.
Are you a one-night-stand type of guy? Uh Oh, no.
I mean, them chickens were counted way too early.
- I like where your head's at, but - I'm joking.
You caught me off guard.
You're making me blush now.
I'm stoked for other people to start making out, so then my waste kiss with "idiot of the world" back there was useless.
- It's another three grand down the drain.
- I would rather give you three grand, and take away the fact that I did that.
That's how embarrassed I am.
Given the circumstances, and the fact that me and Francesca haven't spoken, and the fact that she's sitting there with Kelz, I'm just gonna let her cool off, so she can leave the bullshit in the past.
Stop dwelling.
Stop walking around like she's got a carrot hanging out her ass.
A carrot up the ass? That's a ten-grand fine, minimum.
I want to eat more chocolate, though.
We're not allowed to kiss.
- Yeah, Lana would not be happy.
- Lana would bloody kill me.
- She would.
So would the rest of the team.
- I feel like we should try and get - as close as we can - Without breaking the rules.
You're not allowed to touch my lips.
- You've got to fight - This is so dangerous.
You ready? Oh, God.
There is not much left on that strawberry, is there? What are they doing? All right, come here.
I can do this.
Dave, you've got so much self-control.
Another Lana loophole? These guys are creative.
Better not cost me money.
Oh, God.
Ooh, that's berry close.
You just spat it on me! We didn't touch.
Lana has given them a taste - of how things could be - Have I got chocolate on my teeth? and taught them a strawberry is about as fruity as things can get without costing the big bucks.
- We haven't lost any money.
- Yeah.
And we've made a deeper connection with each other.
- Yeah.
- We've had top bantz, a few drinks.
Obviously, you're very pretty, fun, outgoing, bubbly, energetic - Wait.
- attractive.
- I mean, as far as dates go - Yeah.
- could you ask for much more? - When do we get married? Like, I knew that he fancied me a little bit, but, like, now I know that he's actually into me I'm trying to understand a deeper connection.
Lana is going to be so proud.
I feel like I've done her good.
Let me get this right.
Finger sucking and close encounters of the strawberry kind? We'll call that a five out of ten.
But all journeys have to start somewhere, I guess.
It's now been a full 24 hours since the sex ban, but only 24 minutes since Francesca and Haley had a bitch about Harry.
- I mean, obviously, I'm annoyed.
- I would be, too.
I feel like the moment I formed something with someone, it was so frowned upon and that when Chloe's starting to form something with someone, - it's encouraged.
- It's so cute.
It's like, "Oh, yeah.
Chloe David" Then Harry and Francesca, they're like, "What are you guys doing? No, stop.
" I don't get it.
Look, I still, deep down, in my, like, inside of my black heart, like, I still kind of care about Harry.
I know you do.
'Cause even though all that shit happened, the fact that I liked him that much didn't go away.
- Yeah, it's not going to.
- I hate him, but I still - There's still feelings.
- I still like him.
Harry is a hundred percent the wrong person for Francesca.
I think he's a douche, and I think I can help her see that.
- I'm gonna take a quick shower.
- All right.
See you then.
All this shit happened today.
She wasn't getting what she wanted.
She tried to manipulate the whole crowd to hate me.
I think it just hit me like a truck.
She's toxic.
- She's so toxic.
- But I feel like she needs control, and when she doesn't have it, she fiends for it.
Which is probably why she's single.
She tries to make people jealous and Why is Harry in bed with Rhonda? He keeps throwing me under the bus.
He's turning the group against me, and I've literally had enough of it.
He is an asshole, and I don't want anything to do with him.
And everyone in this house can suck it.
I'm over it.
They are going to pay.
I mean, Rhonda was in bed with Harry.
Oh, what the fuck? I would love if we lost everyone money.
I'm down, we have to.
Yeah, we have to.
- And no one's gonna know that it was us.
- We have to! I don't want them to expect it at all.
What are you doing? Ten points for Gryffindor.
And we're gonna make it all Chloe! - It was you, Chloe! - We have to, like, go off.
- Who was it? Who? - Who lit the pot? When do we do it? - Tonight.
- Tonight? We do it in front of the cameras, she needs to hear us.
I know, right? Revenge is a dish best served hot.
Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me
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