Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e05 Episode Script

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

1 [dramatic music playing.]
- [Desiree.]
Previously - [both gasp.]
- [squeals.]
- [Carly.]
Oh my God! [Desiree.]
on Too Hot to Handle Yeah, rallies, rallies All we want is rallies Tell us where they had it ten sexy singles' dream summer [suspenseful music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
Yo, we're on Too Hot to Handle? - [Desiree.]
has become a nightmare.
- Wow.
These pleasure seekers have broken a lot of rules.
And lost a lot of money.
- [Lana.]
- [all screaming.]
And you didn't even climax! [Lana.]
I have selected you as you are all having meaningless relationships.
Physical looks are so important to me.
Whoo! [Chase.]
For the first time in my life, I am a little bit jealous.
- I'm from Sicily.
- Sicilian! Ooh! - She's hot.
- We're gonna spice this shit up.
- Really? - Yeah.
Bitch, you been here for ten minutes.
Calm your knickers down.
I want her to see I'm different than guys she's maybe used to.
You're all right.
We are just unbreakable at this point in time.
How serious are you guys? Yeah, no, I wouldn't say that serious.
I just can't forgive him.
I just feel really lost right now.
Lana's hard drive is frazzled, so she's kicked off Operation Wake-up Call.
I need to streamline the group.
[group gasping.]
[Lana chiming.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Oh my God.
I am absolutely shitting myself.
Your night's not getting any better, because Lana is about to swing her metaphorical ax.
Everybody is nervous in the room.
The tension is rising.
Oh, wow.
This is really crazy.
[melodic chime.]
So far, in ten days, you have committed ten rule breaks, resulting in a loss of $32,000.
[tense music playing.]
Monetary fines are not working.
So I am now initiating Operation Wake-up Call.
[dramatic music plays.]
What the hell is going on here? I am stressing! I don't like this at all.
Two of you must leave the retreat tonight.
[all gasp.]
Whoa, time out.
Two people are leaving? [cork unscrews, pops open.]
I need to pour myself a large glass of wine.
[liquid pouring.]
Oh my gosh.
She's about to just rip us apart like we're not some family right now.
I'm so stressed, thinking that it's gonna be me.
This is actually scaring me now.
I think I might be going home.
The first person being sacrificed for the greater good of the group is [tense music playing.]
[Larissa cries.]
Kayla, you have failed to commit to the process or make any emotional connections.
Has your your dream man walked in yet or Not anyone here has been, like, my go-to type.
It's fair to say that Kayla isn't investing into the process.
You're a bombshell, girl.
There really isn't anyone here that's my cup of tea, unfortunately.
She's completely shut herself off from everyone.
She's like, "No.
" [Lana.]
I have calculated that you have the lowest possibility of forming meaningful relationships.
I just don't think that I should be the one to leave, honestly.
I'm very disappointed.
But it's fine.
One savage sacrifice down, one to go.
The second person leaving is [tense music playing.]
This is fucking intense.
I broke the rules twice.
I think I'm gonna go home.
Does Lana really hate me that much that she's gonna send me home right now? [music intensifies.]
[Marvin sighs.]
[Emily sniffling.]
Not only have you broken rules, you have actively been an obstacle in other people's relationships.
- Let's break some rules.
- [Melinda.]
Wanna kissy? I've worked my magic on, not one, but two girls tonight.
I cannot believe he actually did that.
I feel like I've been played.
Don't hate the player.
Hate the game.
You gotta watch out for Pete.
You have been sacrificed to allow current, stronger connections to progress.
I wish I could say I, uh I didn't see this coming, but I did.
Kayla wasn't growing with anybody, and neither was I.
I kissed a couple of chicks and messed around.
I guess that's not what Lana wanted, so [Desiree.]
It was not, but I'm still gonna miss ya, Little Pete.
It is now time for both of you to leave the retreat.
So you'll find me deep in the water Kayla, I love you so much.
- [Peter.]
I love you.
- [Emily.]
Love you.
I'm sorry about this.
See you on the other side.
This is gonna wake everybody up, sitting here, watching two family members basically walk out of our lives.
- Come on, Peter.
- [Chase.]
Bye bye.
That's a tough pill to swallow.
I hope this hard lesson serves as an incentive for the rest of you to take this process more seriously.
If this isn't a wake-up call to all of us, I think it absolutely should be.
We're just not coming together and forming the kind of relationships that Lana wants.
I love you guys.
Maybe it's just me, but it is really hard to take this seriously when they're dressed like sexy pilots.
Wanna make a new start Walk me through this [Larissa.]
It was a shock.
I know that I do have heaps of work to do, and [sighs.]
I guess I just have to try a little bit harder.
I'm I'm very relieved to still be here.
Me and Em have still a lot to work on.
Like, Lana's not messing about, so just follow the process.
Good night, Kayla.
Good night, Peter.
My heart's beatin' Like sunrise love Like sunrise love [Emily groaning.]
[group groaning.]
[melodic chime.]
- [Lana.]
Good morning.
- Good morning, Lana.
- [Emily.]
Good morning, Lana.
- I'm not talking to you, Lana.
I wake up this morning, turn my head to the left and Kayla's not there.
It's, like, super upsetting.
I trust you all enjoyed the extra space last night.
Didn't it feel just, like, empty in here last night? - Like, weird.
Like, two spaces gone.
- Feel it this morning, that they're gone.
Last night was A lot happened.
A lot of emotions.
But first thing I do this morning, open me eyes, let a big fat one rip out, 'cause I'm in the bed on my own.
[blows raspberry.]
- [laughs.]
What the fuck? - [Cam.]
It's not nice being in a bed alone.
Especially when the girl you were sharing with is in the bedroom with you.
Ew! I think not sharing the bed with you was the best move she ever made.
We're lucky to be here.
We nearly got sent home.
I'm gonna be literally a good boy now.
Like, not do anything.
- Nothing.
- Good.
He has messed up.
I am mad at him.
I just need to give myself some time to decide if I want to move things forward.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Baby Look at me now Ooh, ooh, ooh Baby - Shot meself in the foot a bit.
- You absolutely have.
You went on a date with Christina.
You came back.
You said some stupid things you shouldn't have said.
"Me and Emily aren't too serious.
" I probably downplayed that, how much I did quite like her and how much it did, yeah, get to me.
She does have every right to be upset.
Like, I can't be annoyed at the situation.
I've literally It's my own doing.
You know you have this emotional connection with Emily.
You know that.
The reason you're here is to develop this connection.
You just need to control your urges a little bit.
But that's just my typical old self.
My crafty, selfish self.
Being like, "How can I have my cake and eat it at the same time?" We can still have female friends and just not act on anything sexually.
It's weird though, being friends with someone that fit.
- [sighs.]
I mean I mean, yeah.
- [laughs.]
- It's definitely It's tough.
- [both laugh.]
- It's absolutely tough, but - The things I'd do to her if I could.
- [laughs.]
- [Nathan.]
- Emotion.
- [Cam laughing.]
No physical.
Nothing physical.
You're trying to play it cool and act like it doesn't bother you, but I'm telling you, just be sensitive to Emily.
- Be kind.
Listen to her.
- [Cam.]
You have all the tools right now just to make things better.
I'm gonna have to chat with her soon.
I've learned a little lesson here, with the whole Christina situation.
All my eggs are gonna be in Em's basket now.
We're not goin' home [Desiree.]
Oh, Cam, you're all in for Emily now, but I think she might be on an egg-free diet.
What do you think Cam thinks of our friendship? [both laugh.]
I think he is sweating.
He's jealous, obviously, 'cause he wanted both of us, and now he's got neither of us.
I just think that he shouldn't be let off straightaway.
He's not gonna learn anything from that.
Spend a few days away.
Make him sweat.
If you feel different, if you feel like you want to rekindle things, then For me, personally, something like that would just put me off completely, but you guys have had that time.
Still really confused right now.
One hand, I wanna kick him to the curb, but on the other hand, I do still like him.
I've been hurt in the past and I can't have him mess up again.
I'm just gonna play it cool, sit back, and just watch how he moves.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Emily.]
If he is genuinely sorry, then he'll obviously prove it.
- Then, if not, maybe I had a lucky escape.
- Yeah.
So enough about Cam.
What do you think of all the boys in this villa? [laughs.]
- Which ones in particular? - So let's start with Robert.
You know, I feel like he is the most intelligent guy in the house.
Hold on, she's talking about this Robert? [gasps.]
Look at you! - [laughs.]
- I look like an Easter egg.
[all laugh.]
I want to, like, kiss him.
You wanna kiss Robert? Yeah, just to see if there's anything, you know, more.
Oh, two girls all on their own, talking about kissing boys and giggling.
I think Marvin smells an opportunity.
What's up, girls? - Hey, babe.
- [Emily.]
- [Marvin.]
Do you mind if I join you? - Come.
I saved a seat for you.
- [groans.]
- [Christina.]
Get in.
- What's up? - You okay, gorgeous? Yeah, I'm all right.
I haven't had that time to talk - [Emily.]
That's 'cause you've got Melinda.
- The Melinda situation and everything.
I want to get to know everybody before making choices or anything, you know? [Desiree.]
Oh, la-la! [Desiree.]
That's right, keep your head down and pretend you didn't see anything.
When he flirts with all the other girls and gives them attention, it hurts my feelings a lot.
And I will not tolerate him hurting my feelings like this.
Oh Oh [dramatic music playing.]
Is it just me or has the temperature in the bathroom just got frosty? - [Melinda.]
You still want to talk to me? - [Marvin.]
I don't know if we can.
Do you wanna talk to Christina? I've been struggling to get to know you, but Christina's been here for two days and you made the biggest effort to get to know her.
I'm struggling, and you're giving her so much attention.
- What? - [Melinda.]
So, yeah, I'm gonna be angry.
- I've talked to her a little bit.
- [Melinda.]
No, you Exactly, you talked to her a little bit, and that's a lot.
I feel pressure.
I feel like she's trying to control me and maybe I'm not ready for it.
One thing about Marvin is that he makes me feel so insecure and sad.
Words I'm already used to from my past, and I already know how this goes.
Such a headache.
[breathes deeply.]
Fill my lust Ashes of us This has been burning out too long Running on lust, calling it love [Desiree.]
Relationships in the retreat aren't making the kind of progress Lana's looking for and some of the girls are struggling to work out their guy problems.
So Lana's giving the couples some space and doing a ladies-only workshop.
[melodic chime.]
In order to move forward in the retreat, the girls must face their fears and confront issues from their previous relationships.
I have invited back relationship expert Alexandra Roxo to help empower the girls by letting go of the past.
Ah, emotional baggage chat.
I need to grab a blanket and get my comfy pants on.
This workshop's really about looking at that baggage that we carry from relationship to relationship, that we just project onto every potential partner.
And that actually, by letting it go, we can just form actually healthy bonds for the first time, maybe, ever.
I hope.
- Hi, everybody.
It's so good to see you.
- [Larissa.]
And you.
So today's workshop is about letting go of the past so that we can be present.
Let's talk about any issues in trust that we have with men.
- So who wants to share first? [laughs.]
- [Emily.]
Oh my God.
[whimsical music playing.]
The girls and I have never been this quiet.
How about over here? [Larissa.]
This workshop is freaking me out a bit, because I hate emotions and all that gross, boring stuff.
I hate talking about my emotions.
I hate it.
It makes me so uncomfortable.
I'm no expert, but that might be part of the problem.
- [Alexandra.]
Take that deep breath first.
- [all chuckle.]
I had one of my best friends sleep with my boyfriend at the time.
Wow, girl, that's what you call a zero to 60.
- While I was asleep beside her.
- Ooh.
Okay, make that a zero to 100.
- [Alexandra.]
That must have been hard.
- It was hard.
Have you, after the cheating, been able to experience deep love with someone and deep trust? No, I was with that one guy and he cheated on me twice with different ex-girlfriends.
- Okay, got it.
- [Carly.]
I keep a lot of my stuff inside, and I tend to deal with it by myself, which is, yeah, not always the best.
Um, I guess it's just like, from my childhood and growing up, it's like I would I kind of built a wall up, because I have a fear of abandonment.
So I guess I do that with men now.
I'll leave before they can do that to me, or I don't even get close so it doesn't hurt me, yeah.
I hate opening up, so it's definitely a new experience.
So the girls are trying their best to get deep.
And the boys? - Yeah, I'll have a bit of that.
- Roll your hips in.
Looks like they're doing the same thing.
It's all in the hips.
You leave a group of five boys on their own for a while and the chat will get weird.
One, two.
In, out.
In, out.
Look it.
He looks like he's twerking.
Okay, that's enough of the air hump Olympics.
Let's see how deep the girls are getting back in the workshop.
I've always had issues with guys.
My thing is I will easily fall in love and throw it all out there.
But I got so used to them chucking it back at me that I just became immune to it, and kind of just giving it back to them.
Do you think, in you opening up really fast, you're trying to, like, get something from them? I think it's just me.
Just I grew up in a big family of eight brothers and eight sisters.
- So I always had love around me.
- Wow.
So, when I meet a guy, I kind of want to give that love to them.
- [Alexandra.]
- I think it comes off as too much.
And they start to kind of push away and then I end up brokenhearted and still wanting it.
I'm realizing that a lot of things from my past life are coming up in this workshop.
I'm currently experiencing these things with Marvin.
I don't know.
It's really hard for me kinda to take things slow.
So are there moments in the intimacy here where you're finding yourself stuck in an old way? [Larissa.]
I started opening up with someone, but, um, they were just, like, kind of throwing it back in my face.
But I will just add to that, um, I don't think he knows where he stands with her, because Larissa, as she's said, has a hard time opening up.
- Do you guys think they're a good couple? - I think they could be.
- Could be.
- If they talk more.
- Both talk more.
- [Emily.]
I do, yeah.
And be open about it.
I'm gonna continue to try and let my guard down.
- Even if I hate it, I will do it.
- [Alexandra.]
I do hope Larissa can open up to Nathan, 'cause she is such a gem and so special, and she deserves someone.
The girls are opening up and showing their vulnerabilities.
I think I found someone here.
He's not my type, not the usual thing, but I find myself liking him.
Even femme fatale Christina seems to be getting into it.
So she's asking questions, you know, about our feelings about men, but I'm thinking about Robert.
I just want to rip his clothes off.
Well, four out of five ain't bad.
I'm connecting with a guy here, but I think my feelings for him are more out there.
It's easy for me to just be like, "I like you.
This is how I feel.
" - Mm-hmm.
- So I think I'm kinda scaring him.
Or he's just being a little scared himself.
Good job.
Great, great, great.
Who else? I've actually found myself being the complete opposite to all this and, for some reason, completely letting my guard down with one particular guy.
It's actually scared me a bit, because I think I've lost my head a little bit.
That's good! Losing your head means you're maybe in your heart.
I hope.
But then this lovely goddess came in and he kind of messed it all up.
Obviously, I am human, I still have these feelings for him.
It's just I don't know where to go from here.
I've just become very numb.
Um, I don't let guys in, um, because I don't want to hurt them and I don't want to get hurt as well.
So we're gonna do a fire ritual, where we let go of some of these past hurts in a symbolic way.
You're going to write the things that have happened in your life that you're ready to let go of and forgive.
["Warrior" by Sarah DeCourcy playing.]
I'm not gonna fight, no But I'm a warrior, I'm a warrior Thank you, love.
Take a deep breath.
[breathing deeply.]
Of course, my emotions came out, because all I want is for things between Marvin and I to be good.
I've got not being good enough, not being wanted and comparison, as I never feel good enough about myself.
But the girls are all, like, really good and I'm learning my differences and things I love about me.
I still have some way to go, but I know that I am learning and Lana is starting to knock down my wall.
Take that paper and you're gonna ball it up and just feel like you're putting it all behind you, right? I am so ready for this.
All right.
[inspirational music playing.]
Deep breath.
I can feel just all the girls in there, we're all here together and it's a really nice feeling.
It really is.
Lana, Lana, we feel the love.
We feel the energy.
So now I want a fresh start with Marvin.
I just want Marvin.
So many things I wanna do Change the world 'cause I got you This demonic tool right here That's for your eyelashes.
Oh, I thought this was gonna be, like, a toenail cutter.
That's a circumciser.
That's a circumciser.
Yeah, why don't you give that a go, Cam? I bet Emily would be happy to help.
Boys, these girls are back and baggage free.
What's up? Don't mess with us.
We are some powerful bitches.
- [Marvin.]
Really? - [Emily.]
- We already knew that.
- I could have told you that.
- Talk us through it.
What did you learn? - Realizing why we're the way we are.
And And just, yeah, acknowledging what's happened in our lives that's made us who we are today.
- So what are you gonna change now? - It's more just letting our guards down.
- Not running away from certain situations.
- [Nathan.]
Letting your guard down.
- [Christina.]
Yeah, exactly.
- Uh, and just, yeah We all feel so empowered.
This workshop has really made me realize my self-worth and it's made me realize as well that Cam is gonna have to work for this, because I don't deserve to be hurt.
That's right.
Nobody deserves to be hurt.
So let's hope Emily doesn't get ahold of that circumciser.
- [Chase.]
Oh, you guys.
- Hey, hey.
We were trying to guess what some of this stuff was.
Oh my God! [laughs.]
I didn't really know how to use this thing.
- [Cam.]
How was your workshop? - It was amazing.
We had to, like, talk about our relationships, past relationships I actually bawled my eyes out.
- It was intense.
- [Melinda.]
So intense.
- I was really in my feels.
- A bit different to our day.
Obviously, there's a little bit of nerves that Em has gone off and done a workshop.
Just 'cause I know the workshops are quite deep and expressive and she might come to some realization, so, uh There's a lot on the line.
What are you waiting for? Little bit of back and forth Keep comin' back for more Like ooh, ooh, ooh [Desiree.]
So Cam's worried about getting back into Emily's good books.
But Robert's only worry is getting into Christina's pants.
Christina is obviously very stunning.
She's looking absolutely beautiful in the pool and I am gonna try it on with her.
I wouldn't bother with the James Bond routine, Robert.
Hello, hello.
Christina's already got her GoldenEye on you.
I think, with Robert, he's a super sweet guy.
On paper, not really my type.
Blond hair, blue eyes.
But let's have some fun.
Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.
Okay, step one, hair flicks and filthy eye contact.
You think I'm good-looking? - Do I think you're good-looking? - Yeah.
Uh [laughs.]
- I think your absolutely beautiful.
- [chuckles.]
She's a very, very flirtatious girl.
She knows she's sexy.
Step two, flatter them with compliments.
- Ooh, your muscles are so huge.
- [laughs.]
- [Christina.]
I might break a few rules.
- Yeah? If it feels right, then, yeah, I'm keen.
She's turning me on.
Things are getting harder, literally.
When we shared the bed on the first night, I did get a little bit excited.
- Yeah.
- [Robert.]
Uh - Very excited.
- Yeah.
Step three, make him an offer he can't refuse.
- You want to share a bed again? - Yeah! - [sighs.]
- [Desiree.]
Was that a yes, Rob? I couldn't be sure.
We'll see how good you are.
I don't want to let the team down, but it does not get much better than that.
Let's be havin' ya! [laughs.]
Oh, Robert, she's gonna chew you up and spit you out.
["Why Must You Treat Me So Bad" by Daniel Farrant and Paul Rawson.]
I'm gonna get out Gonna get out [Desiree.]
It's the halfway point in the series and the only thing suffering more than their sex lives is the prize fund.
Luckily, Lana's got a plan that might just help tighten both the purse strings and the loose morals.
Presents from Lana.
- We all got gifts.
- Is it Christmas right now? [Larissa.]
Might be good news.
Lana has been against us this whole time.
It's funny that we suddenly have these presents.
- Seems like a trap to me.
- [Christina.]
Yeah, seems like a trap.
Hopefully it's a mini vibrator for me or something.
I'm with you on that.
Since we ain't getting none.
[melodic chime.]
Hello, everyone.
I have a gift for each of you.
Tell us, Lana, what it is.
The gift will serve as a reward for those couples who show me that they are taking the right steps towards deeper connections.
Yeah, we won't, won't Give, give up [Lana.]
They will be given the chance to take those connections further.
[all cheering.]
Finally! Can we open it? [Christina.]
Ooh! - All together.
 All together.
- [Christina.]
Oh, guys.
Oh my God.
What the hell? [Chase.]
We got an Apple watch.
- Yeah! - [Robert.]
Yeah, buddy! For the first time, we got good news.
New smart watch.
When I observe two people forming a genuine connection, they will be given a green light, like this [melodic chime.]
[all cheering.]
where the rules do not apply for a limited amount of time.
When the watch is off-line, the house rules apply.
When it goes green though, we can [bleep.]
Whee! [Lana.]
I would like to remind you that those that do not receive a green light are not displaying enough progress.
- All right, let's go to the room now.
- [Robert laughs.]
I'm really hoping it goes green with Rob.
And I mean, I wouldn't mind Em, obviously.
Or any of the other girls.
Hear that, Rob? You got a one-in-five chance.
You'll need to keep a firm eye on that watch.
With a tense bicep.
- There we are.
- [Desiree.]
I love it! I want it to stay green forever.
Obviously, the first person that comes into my mind is Cam, but he needs to apologize and prove to me that he likes me.
Please use your time wisely.
Bye, Lana! Do things by Lana's rules, she will reward you, so wait for the green light.
We don't need to lose money.
[pop music playing.]
Well, well, well, guys, wasn't that a bit of a plot twist? - I'm excited.
- [Emily.]
I'm excited.
I am so excited.
I feel like just to be able to have a kiss with Nathan would make me so much more into him, because I'm such a physical person.
So I feel like this has been the incentive I need to sort my shit out.
I mean, it depends if Cam bucks his ideas up as to whether I'll be kissing him ever again or not.
You'll have to pull it out of the bag to get it to turn green though.
Yeah, it's not just gonna be little things.
- "Here's a cup of tea, love.
" Green.
- [Nathan.]
I think we're being optimistic to think that it'll go on for more than 30 seconds.
You could be right here.
You could just be, "It's gone off.
" Mid flow.
[all laughing.]
Not really optimistic that the green light will last all night.
I think it might just be a temporary thing.
Yeah, maybe baby steps first, Robert.
[melodic chime.]
Good evening, Larissa.
Hi, Lana.
You made great progress in the workshop today.
Aw, thanks, Lana.
To help you and Nathan to get to know each other better, - I've arranged a date for the two of you.
- Oh! Thanks, Lana! You're the sweetest! Hey, big boy.
Big boy? Do you have any plans for tonight? Are you on the menu? - Do you wanna come on a date with me? - You're inviting me on a date? What are you doing? Thank you, Lana! Finally going on a date! Finally, it's my night.
I get a I get a date this evening.
While Nathan and Larissa get ready for their date, others are striving a little too hard to get a green light.
- I'm really glad that you're here.
- I'm really glad you're here.
Here's to hoping for some mother-effing green.
Genuinely speaking, I've grown with you mentally so fast in such a short amount of time, and I genuinely want to tell you, Carly, there's nobody here I'd rather go to bed with every night.
Me too.
I want the green light.
Yes, I want the green light.
"I want" never gets, Chase.
I feel like your beauty - [Carly.]
- is more than skin deep.
[Carly chuckles.]
Oh, come on, guys.
Lana's fitted with an extremely sensitive BS detector.
I'm hoping there's a green light.
Just be more, like, affectionate.
I'll probably never get a green light.
Well, Carly, if the vibe's not right - [Carly.]
- there ain't no light.
- Aw, it's very cute.
- Is this from Lana, or from you? Lana did this.
I can't take credit for this.
This is perfect.
Lana has thought of everything.
It's so beautiful.
Thanks, girl.
So these two have got the chance for some one-on-one time to deepen their connection.
Strap yourselves in for deep chats and meaningful conversation.
Where would you love to have sex that you've never? [Desiree.]
Okay, loosen those seat belts.
Honestly, on an airplane.
- We're the same people! - There's no way.
The other thing I would love, but I think this is really impractical I would love to skydive while having sex.
- Impossible.
- I don't No, I think if you started before you jumped off.
So you kind of like [laughs.]
- Put it in and then jump? - Yeah.
- Skydiving second date? - [Larissa.]
Yeah, all right.
Let's do it! We're never serious with one another.
We joke around a lot.
But very rarely do we actually sit down and be serious about things between us.
Are you shy? I'm not really shy.
I'm just a bit more sensitive than I make out.
I wouldn't say shy, because I have no problem meeting people, but it's more like, when it comes to the emotional stuff, I don't like that.
- We did the workshop today.
- Mmm.
It made me reflect on, like, why I do have my walls up and just, like, some of the things were just relating back to my earlier life and not feeling wanted or good enough.
Just because, before my dad passed away, he was quite in and out of my life and I started to build a wall so that, if he stopped talking to me for six months, - it didn't hurt me.
- Uh-huh.
So that's why I struggle so much letting anyone in.
- You actually opened up.
This is great.
- I know! I feel like I was trying to, like, resist connecting with Nathan, but I think, after the workshop today, I've just decided to just go with it now.
- I think you're very shut down too.
- I agree.
I get slack from you for not opening up, but I feel like I don't really know anything about you.
It's not really a secret, but, um It's something that I keep to myself, but I was married.
It's not something that I usually hide in my day-to-day life, but being here in the house, it's absolutely something I've kept to myself.
I'm quite surprised to hear about Nathan's divorce.
It is a massive thing that he's just been carrying, so it's really nice that he can open up to me.
I remember one Thanksgiving.
Uh, I had cooked dinner for both of us.
And, uh she said she went to her mom's house.
And - Oh, babes.
Aw! - [Nathan.]
I'm fine.
She said she went to her mom's.
And, uh [sobbing.]
I'm sorry.
Now that makes sense, why you wouldn't Yeah, it's obviously hard to talk about and it makes sense why you'd be so not wanting to jump into anything, 'cause you wouldn't wanna get hurt again.
Long story short, she wasn't there.
And, uh I called her mom, said she never came over.
Called her and she just said she wasn't coming home.
So that was that.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- [Nathan.]
It's not like I don't I don't miss her and I don't dwell on it.
It's just, like, I didn't see the signs.
I didn't I didn't see it and [sniffling.]
Someone I gave, like, all of myself to just, uh, screwed me.
That was the first time that I've actually spoke about what happened to me and perhaps why I'm here, and why I needed the retreat, so it felt right to kinda to open up about it.
That's really shit.
I'm really sorry that happened to you.
- Are you sure you're okay? - [Nathan.]
I'm fine.
Thank you for, like, sharing that with me.
That's, like, really special.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one breaking down my walls.
I definitely feel closer to Nathan after, like, seeing him get so vulnerable and emotional, and it's nice to know he does have that emotional side to him, 'cause he doesn't really show it with me.
- My issue was I think I was too nice.
- Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.
- [Larissa.]
There's no such thing.
Apparently there is.
I think you're amazing now, so I don't think you have to worry about that.
[melodic chime.]
Aah! [laughs.]
It feels like we're on fire [Larissa.]
Good job! I think we popped the villa green light.
It's still green.
- It's still green? Can I get one more? - Okay.
We're on fire First green light, first kiss.
Do things right and I promise you, guys, you're gonna get rewarded.
We're on fire [Desiree.]
Aw, so we finally have one couple in the retreat playing nice.
Now let's see if Cam can get himself off Emily's naughty list.
Emily definitely taught me that lesson.
Really like this girl.
I think it's time to have a chat with her and hopefully she will take me back.
You've no more bridges left to burn [indistinct chatter.]
Christina, can I have a chat with Em, please, just for a minute? - Sure.
- Thank you.
It's in your eyes, too little too late A flicker of light Has gone up in flames You cut me deep, hurts me like hell Now give me the sound of your silence - How are you doing? - [Emily.]
Yeah, good.
It was nice not sharing a bed with you last night.
It was nice to be in the doghouse bed.
- [Emily.]
Yeah? - Yeah.
I joke about it, "It's nice, you get all the room," but I want you there in the bed with me.
I do.
You realize that what you did is really bad and is really wrong? I know it's not good.
I never thought about the repercussions.
It was stupid, the whole Christina thing.
Like, yeah, I messed up.
[gentle music playing.]
That was just That was just me panicking, and being like, "At least if Em mugs me off, I'm fine, I've already mugged her off.
" - It's an immature way - So immature.
It is.
I know that.
I know the truth But I knew, in the back of my head, I had no interest in her really.
It was just, yeah, she's she's attractive, but it wasn't you.
We didn't click.
Oh Like, you do, you make my time here.
I hope you show it tonight Like, when I wake up, I'm excited to see you.
No one else.
I'd I'd never lose my head like this.
I've Like, I've lost my head.
Obviously, it's hard not speaking to you.
But as much as I want to, I just had to make sure that your head and your heart is in the right place.
Yeah, 100%.
I do like you.
And you know that.
At the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes.
And I do believe in second chances.
Yeah? But, just so you know, there will not be a third.
Cam apologizing, he's really opened up to me and it's made me realize that I can finally forgive him.
Missed you.
Missed you too.
- We can't break any more rules.
- Hmm? - We can't break any more rules.
- [laughs.]
Air kiss.
I'm glad she's given me a second chance.
My experience wouldn't be the same here if she hadn't.
What a great evening this has turned out to be.
Camily are back together, Nathan and Larissa got the green light to make out and no one has broken any rules.
Is this progress or what? [group cheering.]
Oh my God! Why is your lipstick smudged? - [Larissa.]
We got a green light! - [all cheering.]
Aw, buzzing for 'em.
I love them both.
I'd love for us to have the green light next.
[all cheering.]
I'm excited for what the watch might bring.
Help a girl out right now.
Green light.
Come on! [Desiree.]
Sulking behind that pillow ain't gonna get you the green light any faster, young man.
[upbeat music playing.]
I know we just got the watches tonight, but I'm not willing to wait any longer.
What's happening? - How are you? - [Christina.]
And you? - [Robert.]
Not too bad.
- [sighs.]
- Cheers.
- Cheers, babe.
I find it so difficult, being in a room with you, you know, when all I want to do is compliment you and tell you how beautiful you are and You're, on paper, not really my type.
If he's not your type, I'd love to see you flirt with someone who is.
But I find myself thinking of doing things to you.
And, yeah, wanting to break the rules with you, obviously.
Every time I see him, I just want to rip his clothes off.
I'm literally ready to pounce.
- [chuckles.]
- Oh! [sighs.]
Here she is.
Speak of the devil.
As much as I enjoyed letting him sweat, um, I have to admit, it is good to share a bed with him again.
Marvin, are you staying there? - I'm good here.
- You don't wanna come over here? No? Okay.
Look, I don't wanna stress it.
I'm gonna give him his space.
That's fine.
Hopefully he'll come around.
I'm not done with you yet, Marvin.
Come, come to me I'm quite liking what's going on here.
It's very exciting and I kind of want to explore that if you're on the same page as me.
It's difficult, because I don't know whether it's just a a penis thing, and I'm just thinking everything with my penis, or whether I do actually like her.
It's a penis thing.
As much as I wanna, like I said, do do stuff with you [laughs.]
And to you.
- You know, and - So you want to wait for the green light.
You're not gonna break any rules.
Is that what you're saying to me? Careful, Christina, 'cause your hand is dangerously close to Robert's brain.
- Oh my God.
- [chuckles.]
- You all right there? - Yeah.
- Do you need a pillow? - Yeah, no.
- You need a cushion? - Yes.
[both laugh.]
Your mind thinks one thing but your hand thinks another.
It's like, "Rob, stop.
Just stop.
" [chuckles.]
"Stop what you're doing.
" [playful music playing.]
I think it's I don't know.
I [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
- [Robert.]
I'm saying I think it's worth breaking rules.
I just can't help myself, can I? [chuckles.]
["Walk in Like a Boss" by Skrxlla playing.]
I'm a rule breaker.
Always have been.
Probably always will.
I'm gonna make it worth it.
[music continues.]
I am a helpless man.
Robert, I'd tell you to get a grip [Robert.]
Oh my God.
but you already have.
["Walk in Like a Boss" plays.]
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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