Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

Resist Everything… Except Temptation

1 Let's go! Let's go! Good morning.
Good morning, Lana.
The breakfast menu today includes toast and freshly squeezed juice.
Thank you.
Served with a side of celibacy.
Barely a week into their stay at the retreat, and already these frisky biscuits have kissed, licked, and crab-grabbed goodbye to 27 grand.
Morning! And as for these two big spenders, Lana has tested them with a night in the suite.
How'd you sleep? Very, very nice.
Me too! And a chance to win $10,000 back if they can keep their pincers out of their pants.
No sex before marriage, innit? Yeah, something like that.
Look at this face, Lana! How angelic? Done nothing wrong.
Ha! Like we're gonna take your word for it.
Put your hands up if you think they messed up.
Disappointed in you.
- Oh, come on! - No faith.
These two can't even keep their hands off each other for two minutes! Do you really think they can keep their hands to themselves, in a romantic setting, with no one looking? Mmm.
Have some faith, girl! Okay, maybe scrap that.
I really hope they come back and he doesn't have a grin on his face, because every time I see that grin, seems to cost a lot of thousands of dollars.
- Okay, remember the plan.
- Yeah.
- I'm honestly scared for them to walk in.
- Babe, lots of detail.
They seem to be happy! They broke the rules! There's the grin! Look at him! Look at his face.
And he's got the kimono on! Are we $10,000 richer? Yes or no.
So massive bathtub, we filled it with bubbles, had champagne.
We had a bath.
- You guys took a bath together? - We took a bath.
Oh, boy.
The bed was literally the size of all these beds put together.
It's so big! But we don't care.
We want to know now.
So, I just wanna say, guys, it was so worth it.
I'm so sorry - What? - Huh! But we just won you 10 grand! Yay! Hmm.
Call me cynical, but I'm waiting for Lana's confirmation before getting too excited.
Can Lana confirm all this information? Cough up, hon.
Cam and Emily, last night, you were able to spend time away from the group to get to know each other on a deeper level.
There you go, Cam.
However, you still broke the rules.
- What? - Huh? Hold up.
Did they sleep hump or something? Oh, I swear to God, you guys.
The fact of the matter is we haven't actually done anything.
We didn't even kiss last night.
What did you do, guys? Literally, hand on heart, we didn't do anything.
Lana knows all.
That's all I'm gonna say.
Lana says, "You guys messed up," you messed up! Lana is not going to lie to us.
There were incidents of excessive grinding and self-touching.
I wish we fucking did.
Are you joking me? Yeah, I may have sat on him and moved my butt cheeks a bit, but so what? Nah! Nah, nah, nah, nah.
Lana, honey, we need to see receipts.
That looks a lot like excessive grinding to me.
I'm horny! Unless Emily has just found an invisible pogo stick.
Revving your own engine? Definite rule break.
So, any famous last words? I have nothing to say.
I don't recall.
I don't Do you recall? I can see how that would have been portrayed as that.
Oh, just naughty little naughty little sausages, aren't we? Your sausage should be on America's Most Wanted.
These breeches have resulted in a deduction of 5,000 dollars.
- What? - What? What? Honestly.
Like, what? So you failed the ultimate test.
Cam and Emily, we're going to be broke soon.
Sorry we lost more money.
Sorry we didn't get the 10K.
We woke up this morning, proud and happy with ourselves.
- So sorry, guys.
- Sorry.
I know Lana's probably not too happy with with my progress, but things are going well with Em, and it's the first time in my life I've made a connection with someone.
Okay, Cam, that's definitely progress, but maybe try connecting less with your genitals and more with your mind.
Yeah, you like that? You like that? Who's your mama? Who's your mama? I'm gonna wear the tiniest bikini today.
Ah! The day's only just begun, and these guys have already lost more money.
Lana, I hope you got some plans to get these naughty nymphs under control.
Even though there have been numerous rule breaks, couples are beginning to form.
The question is, are these genuine connections or superficial relationships? I have devised a test of temptation to find out.
- What the hell? - What's going on, guys? - Nothing.
- You tell us.
- Hello.
- Here we go! I don't like this.
I don't know why we can't go five minutes without seeing her cone-shaped body.
To further aid your personal growth, you must learn to resist your urges.
Man, what the Where Where are you going with this, Lana? So, I am putting some of you to the test.
I have arranged two dates.
- Yay, we get a date! Okay! - Ooh! - Nice! - Yeah.
Nice! Okay.
Yeah, I wouldn't look so happy, big guy.
Both with new arrivals.
- Oh, shut up.
- It's a new girl! Boom! Lana's drops a bomb, there are two new guests! - Whoo! - Oh! Here comes trouble.
The first new arrival is Christina.
- Christina! - Christina? She sounds spicy.
There's a new hot chick coming here.
The more the better! I have allowed the new arrivals to select who they want to ask out on their date.
Christina has chosen If Chase was going on a date with a girl, like, I'd be so upset and nervous.
What if he thinks Christina is hot, you know? The thought of Marvin showing interest in another woman Oh, I don't think I will be able to handle it.
Me and Cam have grown so close together, but I know he's a bad boy, so I am shitting myself.
Oh! What? Lana, you naughty girl! Is this a wind up? This is just my luck.
Of course Christina wants to take Cam on a date.
You happy? - It is what it is, innit? I mean - Oh, you're happy! This is my number one mistake I make every time.
If there's an attractive girl put in front of me, or I can have someone else, I will jump ship.
So, I'm hoping that maybe I've made some progress in here, and that that's not the case this time.
And date number two will be with Robert.
Well, well, well, guys! Please, please, please, just bring me my bad boy! - You nervous a little? - Maybe, I don't know.
Me and Carly have been kind of like up and down recently, so I am worried.
Yeah, I'm worrying that Melinda's head turn a little bit.
We never know! We never know.
Robert has also been allowed to choose his partner for this afternoon's date.
He has chosen Carly.
Oh! Aah! Ah, crap.
Here we go.
I would be worried.
Oh my God, I meant if it was reversed, I would be really worried.
This could be a good opportunity for me to show Chase that I'm into him, but if this guy is really hot, I want to kiss him I hope I don't like him.
I really hope he is ugly.
Be ugly.
He won't be ugly.
- We can do this, Cam.
We got it.
- Yeah, we got it.
Whoo! Let the games begin! Be good! We're watching you.
- So is Lana.
- Bye! Have fun! Don't lose us any more money, Kissy Carly! I have faith! I think I'm excited! This is a very alien feeling to me, um, having to, like, just stick with one girl.
So Oh.
- Oh, hello, Lana! - Oh my God.
Did Robert cancel? I hope you are both looking forward to your dates this afternoon.
- Yes.
- Yes To further assess how you deal with temptation, I have not told the new arrivals that they are guests on Too Hot To Handle.
- They're going to try to bang us! - Oh, they're gonna slap it on us thick! You must decide at what point you tell them.
Maybe I'll tell him right away and get it out the way.
But then he won't try to kiss me.
And I'm gonna want to! - What a pickle I've got myself into.
- I know.
I feel like I can trust myself and I've moved forward with Em more than I normally would with a girl, but, if she's cute, sexy, nice bum, nice eyes Ha, there's gonna be a problem! Oh, Cam, if only all of life's problems looked this good.
I am a boss lady Coming in late to this party, I think I'm definitely gonna stir shit up.
If I see someone I like, I'm definitely gonna go for it.
I go for whoever and whatever I want.
They should be worried.
Once I arrive, there's going to be no handbrake.
We're going wild.
So, Lana's sex ban might come as a shock to this sultry mamacita.
Can't wait to meet Cam.
He's super-hot, super-gorgeous.
Hundred percent, if I'm feeling it, I'll go more than just a kiss.
I hope for his sake, Cam tells her the rules quickly.
This maneater sounds hungry.
- Hi.
- How you doing? You all right? - Good, how are you? Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Oh, this is just, this isn't good.
So, how're you doing? Lana has just scooped up my type and slapped it on a plate for me.
Wow, Cam, it's almost like she's testing you.
Where are you from? My dad's Italian, my mom is Portuguese, but I was born in South Africa.
That's a good mix.
That's a very nice mix.
You're pretty.
Wow, like supercute.
His smile, his everything.
I got a little bit of, you know, like, weak in the knees.
I'm gonna have fun.
While everybody else gets to watch.
- Oh no! - She's fucking hot.
Are you fucking kidding? Cam is a really lucky man, so I wish I could be on that date.
What is he smiling at? She's tall, beautiful.
Like, she's perfect.
No, shut up! Oh là là, Marvin! Stirring much? These guys are literally drooling over her.
I need reassurance here, and they're like, "You're in trouble, Emily.
" "Like, you're in trouble.
" Like, cheers, guys.
So, what is your type in boys? - Dark, tall, tanned, good teeth.
- Tall, dark, handsome? - How are my teeth? - Are those real? - Yeah.
- Are they real? Fuck, they're amazing.
And yourself? My I mean Pretty much you.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
Dangerous lady.
But I'm I'm going to trust myself.
Hope Hope I do myself proud.
Only time will tell.
You could tell her what show she's on and how you're already spoken for.
Just saying.
- Very nice eyes, you know.
- Thank you.
Look, don't touch it You can look, don't touch, no 'Cause I'm that stuff That dreams are made of Feeling good! I'm just going to go full-on flirty.
Kinda want to make Chase a little jealous.
Maybe he'll realize he likes me more than he thinks.
Good luck with that, Carly, 'cause this clueless dude is rather excitable and definitely easy on the eye.
Say hello to this British beefcake.
I'm six-foot-three.
Beautiful, British gentleman, but ultimately, I can be a bit of a dirty dog.
Hey, heartbreaker You're such a troublemaker People do say, "You're always laughing, always smiling," and that is because I'm getting a lot of sex.
Sex is very, very important.
I mean, it's right up there with like food.
Oh, Robert is going to be drooling all over this babe-buffet.
- Hello! - Hello! - How are you? - Not too bad, how are you? - Where should we go? Go this way? - Come on.
- Nice to meet you.
- How's things? - Good, how are you? - Not too bad.
It's pretty low down here.
- Oh, this is so pretty! Oh my gosh! - It's beautiful.
- Cheers anyway.
- What are we cheers-ing to? - Cheers-ing to a gorgeous blonde couple.
- Okay.
Robert is tall, good body.
Big, blue eyes, like, really nice eyes.
- Getting a little bit hot.
- Wow.
Whoo! But I look back on the deck, and Chase is like at the pool, I'm like, "Oh my God.
" Love that.
- You have a nice body.
 Very nice.
- Thank you.
Should I chug my champagne? What's funny over there? Who's laughing? Like, what the fuck is funny? I'm literally watching a horror movie right now, basically.
I'm like, "Who is this guy?" Standing out there like some sort of like Zeus god or Hercules on this rock.
I feel like I'm going to be left outside to dry! You picked me out of the girls, I heard.
Know what? Actually, I don't think the picture did you justice, and I still picked you on the picture.
- Really? - Yeah.
You're very beautiful.
Ooh, the way you move your body It's like you know something I don't This is hot, innit? Like, look at this.
Like You can take it off, it's fine.
- Take it off? - Take it off.
'Cause that is dripping in sweat.
Oh, fuck off.
Give me your life story.
I'm a pilot - That's mad! - so basically flying all over the world.
- Yeah.
- That's sick.
Just, yeah, the things I'd do to her Sexy, little pilot, isn't she? Um Oh yeah.
Oh, I'm in a shit pickle now.
- Oh, girl! I am fuming.
- Oh, babes.
She's my twin, but 10 times better.
Uh, impossible.
I know how much he likes you.
Yeah, but have you seen her? Yeah, as far as I was concerned, we were both wifed off, like, everything was sweet.
And now Christina has just messed everything up.
I like him so much, and I just hope he likes me enough to not want to hurt me.
Oh, babes.
What's the living situation inside? Everyone shares beds.
- Uh - Who are you sharing with? Um I I was, yeah, I mean Um - I'm sharing with a girl in there.
That's - Hmm.
'Cause I can't deny you - How serious are you guys? - It's just Um I mean Maybe there's a reason You're next to me No, I wouldn't say that serious.
Not serious? Tell that to the girl you woke up next to this morning.
- I love your accent, by the way.
- You have nice eyes.
Thank you.
What color are yours? Mmm, blue-ish, green-ish.
I mean, no, not blue.
Green-ish, brown-ish.
- What mirror have you been looking into? - I was looking at your eyes.
I didn't think you would genuinely be worried.
I genuinely am, now.
It took a second - I think stuff like this amplifies that.
- Absolutely.
Now, it's real.
I actually care about this girl.
For the first time in my life, I am a little bit jealous! Let's just hope you're not too late out of the blocks, Chase.
- Are you a quite sexual person? - Hundred percent.
- Yeah? Like out of 10? - Yeah.
Probably 12.
Fucking hell! I think with this, not with this, sometimes.
I'm not gonna lie, I would probably go in for a kiss.
Wouldn't back away.
Nah? - See if we can get this correct.
- Mm-hmm.
Move a little close to me Christina is a shiny new toy.
Uh, I want to kiss her very badly.
Nah, I can't.
But I know I've been a bit of a naughty boy in here so far.
That's, like, actually teasing.
- Honestly, fuck that shit.
- I just Yeah, I I would - I know it's been tough.
- Waiting for this excuse.
Obviously, like, I want to.
You're very, very attractive.
But there is a reason as to why, um, I can't give you a kiss.
More than one, Cam, but by all means, drop the bomb.
- We're all on a retreat.
- What do you mean? - There's no sexual activity - Fuck's sake.
Wait, what? No heavy petting - You're on Too Hot to Handle.
- No! The fuck have I done Yeah, so Can I go now? - Fuck that shit.
 Fuck everybody.
- No kissing To be told this news is pretty fucking shattering, but rules are there to be broken.
I mean, how much is it? It's three grand, but I'm already on people's - Oh, you are.
- And I made a pact with the boys.
The boys, of course.
No pacts made with your retreat boo, Emily? I didn't think I was going to find her as attractive as I did, so I want to get to know Christina on one plate, and make sure Em is happy on the other plate.
Careful all that plate spinning doesn't make you look like a clown.
Ah, greedy, ain't I? I'm just a greedy boy.
Do you sleep around a lot normally? - Do I? - You can be honest! Yeah, quite, well, yeah, a little bit.
Hey, remember when Robert said sex was like food? Well, he's about to go on a strict diet.
You think you could go, like, a week without having sex? I think I would struggle for a week Um We actually can't have sex in there.
Sorry, what? We can't have sex when we're in there.
Uh, Robert? Sorry.
Sorry, what? Can't even masturbate.
Is this some kind of joke? Welcome to Too Hot To Handle.
Or as Robert calls it, "Sorry, what?" What? Robert's like Aah! Aah! - What? - Yeah.
- What? - Yeah.
It's checkmate, really, isn't it? Uh I mean I can't.
Well, I can say they definitely did not tell me that! Yeah.
Thing in the house, her name is called Lala.
- Or Lana.
What's her name? Lana! - What? Charming.
I've never watched the previous shows.
I was traveling for three months, so I have no idea about any of this.
You cannot do anything.
She will see.
So we can't even Huh? No! I am still seeing someone in the house This date is, like, going really well, and, like, he's nice, but I honestly am thinking about Chase.
I I like the fact that you're loyal.
Should we cheers to it? We are in this retreat, but mistakes may be made along the way.
In fact, I think mistakes will be made along the way.
You're gonna get what's comin' to you What's comin' to you The sun has set on our hot dates, and it won't be long before Carly and Cam will be introducing their new friends to the rest of the group.
Got this horrible vision of them two walking in hand-in-hand.
Lana's going to be seriously busy.
- You think she kissed him? - Yeah.
That'll be wild if she kissed him.
First to arrive back from the date are Carly and Robert.
Hey! - Hello! - How's it goin'? How are we doing? - Hey! - Hi! You okay? - Hi! Kayla, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Here comes the heartbreak, man.
- Robert, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
Good luck remembering everyone's names.
- Hi! Emily.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
They were all very good-looking girls.
- And - Hi! Melinda.
I don't think in a million years that I will be able to refrain.
What world are we living in? Laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.
How did things go with Carly? Do you know what? I mean, I think we had a good time.
You know, it was definitely the most, um, romantic setting I think I've ever had.
She had the sunset and the water and the drinks, I'm sitting there thinking like, "Man, I pride myself on not getting nervous.
" I literally feel like I'm gonna throw up.
I just need to find Carly.
We need to talk about this.
That might have to wait, Chase.
I feel sick.
I am genuinely upset.
Like, this could not get any worse for me right now.
I wouldn't bet on that It's not quite hand-in-hand, but it's close enough.
Excited to meet everyone? Yeah, I had a good time so far.
We could just divert and go to your room.
Oh my God.
Are you freaking kidding me right now? Cam is back from his date, and he is smiling! Based on the past, that's not a good thing.
- Hello! - Hi! This is Christina.
Christina, the girls.
- Nice to meet you! - You too! - Emily.
- What's your name? Emily! Absolutely not, I do not trust her.
She's obviously got balls to ask him on a date.
I do not like the girl already.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- You okay? - How was it? Yeah? - It was good, nice.
We've worked so hard on getting to know each other and building a relationship.
I just hope he's not stupid and throws it all away.
- Did you see it? - Yeah, I did, actually.
- Oh, you did, did you? All right then.
- Yeah.
How did it go? Yeah, it was just chat, innit? - Yeah? - Yeah.
This is awkward.
Very awkward.
Guess spinning plates isn't as easy as it looks, hey, Cam? What's your background? South African, but I'm Italian and Portuguese.
I feel like their faces told me they were quite intimidated, which is normal.
They've definitely made connections and I'm I'm shaking a few things up.
- Should I say hello? - Yeah! Who's this Christina girl? Because things have already been like, starting.
She gotta respect that a bit.
She's coming in here hot and heavy.
Make yourselves comfortable, guys.
Really, I don't bite.
I don't bite hard.
Christina is something else, my gosh! I gotta do something there.
Well, get in line, buddy.
- What's your Italian heritage? - I'm from Sicily.
Oh, Sicilian! Whoo! I'm excited! Like, she's so hot.
I can't wait to get to know her more.
- You're from where? - Paris.
- Oh, you're from Paris.
- I'm from Paris, girl.
Oh my God.
I'm just looking at Marvin's face, as he's going, "Whoo, whoo, whoop! Whoo!" Ugh! Looking like a dog that needs some water.
I love! I love, I love, I love! Excuse me, can we get Marvin some water, please? He's looking a little thirsty! Ugh! - You are a bit of a bombshell.
- Oh, I am? Thanks, babe.
Still flirting, eh? With Cam, he's cute, he's amazing.
Kind of ticks all the boxes.
But at the same time, I definitely am gonna keep my options open.
Why is he staring at her? She's not that hot.
No! Pilot bae ain't that hot! The guys in here are surprisingly into aviation.
So I know Carly's here for a good time.
She is used to, like, jumping ship, so I need a straight-up answer right now! Carly, do you have anything you want to tell me? How was your, uh your date? It was good.
- It was good? - Yeah.
- Yeah? What'd you guys do? - We had champagne.
Then he was just like kinda laying it on me a little bit.
Of course he was! He's so nice.
- What'd you learn about him? - He likes to have sex.
Oh, fantastic! Yeah It was really flirty, I'll be honest.
Like, really flirty for sure, but I told him about you.
- Really? You talked about me? Wow! - Yeah.
- Yeah, I know! - Damn! What? I'm proud of myself! - I cannot believe it.
- I know.
Were you nervous I was gonna do something? Every second of that was just like - Torture? - Awful.
That process really brought a lot of emotions in me - that I didn't even know I had.
- Yeah, same here! And I feel like I haven't felt that Oh my God! A cockroach just landed on my forehead! That scared the shit outta me! Wow, Lana, what do the rules say about a cockroach sitting on your face? It was so nice to know how much he missed me.
I think he needed to realize, too, how much he liked me, and just know that he missed me too, and like yeah.
I'm really happy.
I came back actually feeling great, and I feel more confident in us, for sure.
For sure.
I feel like this is like a monumental step in building our relationship.
We're going in the right direction.
I can't wait for the next workshop to keep building with her.
Oh, hello.
Are you doing very well? I am doing very well.
- She's from Italy.
- Yeah! Italian girls have, like, a special charm.
- That's good.
That's good.
Well done.
- Yeah.
Well done? I'm, you know Melinda is really hot and she got everything I need, but I didn't know there was a bombshell like this that was coming into the villa.
I don't know how to play this.
Should I confront him a little bit? Or should I just let it be? So I'm gonna let him get to know her.
Who are you and what have you done with the real Melinda? - We're gonna spice this shit up, babes.
- Really? Bitch, you've been here only for 10 minutes, calm your knickers down.
And she's back.
Cam's not quite acting himself.
Something's not quite right.
Rattle, rattle, tonight, innit? So I've just gotta wait and see how their little date went.
I don't know what you said to her, but I would hate for, to sit here, and keep being, "Hi, I'm with you," if you've told her something different.
I haven't.
- Did something happen? - No, nothing happened.
Genuinely, nothing happened.
Did she want something to happen? I think if I wanted something to happen yeah.
- What? Did she say she wanted to kiss you? - Yeah, it was implied.
Um And I told her about you, and I said about, you know, that I'm not I'm not Nah.
- You're not what? - I don't know Um I I didn't want to do that to you.
So, you did actually think about me during the date? I did, and I spoke about you.
You just didn't mention her by name, said it wasn't serious, and came within an inch of kissing the new girl.
But hey, details shme-tails! Little lies Right now, I do feel reassured by Cam.
I don't know.
I just really believe it.
It's all good.
All good in the hood.
Are they just pretty little lies? - Did you miss me? - I did miss you, yeah.
Shut up! Sometimes honesty is not is not the best policy.
Sometimes, little white lies are easier, and I always go by the route of deny, deny, deny until you die, or you're caught in the act.
Is it just me, or has Cam been listening to way too much Shaggy? "It Wasn't Me.
" Cheers to a stronger relationship after all this.
Can't wait to keep building.
Do you feel like you're a bit of a flirt? Yeah, I love to, I fuck the shit out of people, yeah.
Sexually frustrated was a word that I I used to use This This is is a situation that's not even in the dictionary.
I don't know what's going on.
I am just freaking out.
I need something.
I honestly don't know.
Lana, I hate you.
Bonding? Hmm? Your "Oh là là?" - Oh là là! - Is she nice? Yeah, she is.
She's hot.
Nice body, she's - Well, yeah, I guess.
- She's nice! My ex-girlfriend, she was Italian.
Same Oh, I mean, my ex was white, so I'm just hoping that this new girl doesn't steal him away from me.
And I also hope Marvin realizes that I'm still here.
Meet me in my dreams We'll make love In the corners of my mind, baby Hey! If we can't do it now We can do it in dreams No rule-breaking over here tonight! I'm gonna watch you guys tonight! Keep your mouth shut, we ain't broke no rules.
Yeah, we didn't break any rules.
Was he well-behaved? Why'd you laugh? I'm not looking to get into a love triangle.
I mean, unless she's keen to join, then, yeah.
Cam, Emily, Christina? Now, there's a spicy sandwich.
So I guess we're sharing a bed.
Oh! If we can't do it here We can do it in dreams What a whirlwind 24 hours.
Waking up today, and I've got an absolute worldie in my bed.
It doesn't get much better than that, but I would love to get to know all the girls.
- What are you normally like back home? - What am I normally like? - Legally Blonde and illegally horny.
- Ah-ha! Today, yeah, I'm Yeah, I'm looking forward to today.
And I'm going to be sexual because that's how I am, and if anybody has a problem with it, I don't give a shite.
Jesus wept.
Oh, she's a bit, isn't she? I would love to take her back to the ranch for a slow trot.
Yeehaw! - Absolute sort, isn't she? - Yeah, mate.
Look at all the guys staring at her.
- Weapon babe.
- That's fit! Don't go too far! Don't go too far! Look at her! Like, she's literally too hot to handle! They never watch us in the ocean.
Why don't you watch us when we go swimming? You've not been swimming! Boobies! With Christina, all of us, it's just it's just sexual.
It's just sex, innit? It's just sex.
I don't think any of these randy residents are focused on making deeper, more meaningful connections.
Don't leave me alone with Christina.
I'm begging you.
I will lose money.
Don't worry, mate.
I'll always be around her.
Put another way: Lana, they disrespecting you, girl.
How you going to let them play you like that? Your assessment is correct, Desiree.
My guests are behind schedule and failing to make the kind of progression with their personal growth I would expect to see at this stage.
As a response, I need to implement a strict rehabilitation program.
Strict? Sounds kinky.
When will this be going down? I will be making an announcement later this evening.
Sign me up, Lana.
I want a front row seat.
Oh, we're just like two Greek gods, just sunning.
Oh, I should've oiled.
Yeah, you should have! Oh my God.
How can you hold it? Oh shit! Nice hat! Melinda, I think she's a good-looking girl.
In terms of personality, I think she's wicked.
What a cool girl to have around, I'd like to get to know her a lot better.
I will be honest, you know, like, I I think even after 24 hours, like, I feel like we've got you know, a good vibe! Uh, really? This is literally the first time you've ever spoken to her.
- You and me? - Yeah! I'm just saying, I don't know Oh shit! Marvin and I are okay at the moment.
He's hot, and he's cold.
New girl Christina comes in and he's all over her.
So I'mma play Marvin's game right back at him and flirt with Robert.
And you have a great smile, the blue eyes, the blonde hair.
Oh, come on.
Making me all blush! You know what I mean? Are you starting to think now you will give Christina a chance? I keep thinking I can be crafty and play both.
Hey, have you noticed, uh - I know you've noticed.
- I just clocked it.
- Hey, girl.
You all right? - Hey, you all right? Cam going on the date yesterday made me realize how my feelings are genuine towards him, but I know his type.
I know how they lie and how good at lying they are, so yeah, I don't fully trust him.
So yeah, I need to get Christina's opinion on it.
It's It's not good for me.
Is there anything you didn't say? Anything that you want to admit to? I went in for a kiss.
- You didn't tell us.
- You didn't say that.
You said you almost kissed.
You're so screwed.
I just wanted to get some deets of the date last night.
He was blaming you for everything.
I mean, if you saw his behavior, you would definitely feel mugged off.
He was basically flirting really hard, talking about my eyes, how amazing, and he convinced me that your guys' connection wasn't strong.
Then we were almost about to kiss, literally, like having our face here, then he was like Did he instigate that? Yeah, we were both He kept coming closer, closer, closer.
That's when he said he wasn't kissing me because he made a pact with the guys saying he's not going to lose any more money.
That's 100% the reason why.
So nothing to do with me? Not really anything to do with you.
Feeling really shit right now.
He should've treated me with more respect.
What we feel over this past week is, and this is in his words, is "more than he's ever had in four years.
" - I had no idea you guys were that strong.
- No, and I appreciate you didn't.
It's all his fault.
So, where do you think this leaves you and him now then? I don't know, I'm totally not attracted to him at all.
Don't even worry about that.
He got one chance, that's it.
From what he was saying to me, compared to what how he was acting, that's the biggest turnoff.
I don't think I'm going to pursue Cam at all.
So Emily, she can breathe.
Bring it in.
Oh, they're hugging.
They're having a hug.
Oh, great, that's good for me.
They just agreed that you're an ass.
But if I’m being honest You need to lie better Crafty Cam has has dug himself a big hole.
Uh Emily is one of the main reasons I I enjoy my time here, you know? And I might not be as honest as I as I should have been.
Cam, I hear there's a vacancy in the doghouse with your name on it.
Pew, pew, pew, pew! - Hey! What's up? - Hey! How's it going? Good! Kayla is definitely my type.
She's absolutely beautiful, and I am going to struggle to not try on with her.
Talk about playing the numbers game.
I think you are absolutely gorgeous.
- Oh, thank you! - Yeah.
Has your your dream man walked in yet, or? Could it be time for Kayla to make a connection? Not anyone here has been like my go-to type.
I'm thinking, "Oh, okay, maybe she'll say tall British guys, blonde.
" And then, you just didn't say.
I was like, 'Okay, well" - Um - Aw.
Physical looks are so important to me.
There really isn't anyone here that's my bad boy.
Come on, Kayla, Robert is a bad boy.
Look at him, he's laying on the bed while still wearing his sneakers.
I don't really know, like, what my end goal is here, but we'll see.
Oh, Robert.
Shot down and speechless.
Ooh All my fault I know it's all my fault - You all right? - Yeah, just anything you wanna say? - No.
- No? - No.
- No? About your date? How you and me are nothing? I didn't say that.
And you didn't want to kiss her just because you're going to lose money.
- It wasn't - Them words came out your mouth.
Not because of me, I didn't cross your mind.
It's 'cause you didn't want to lose money.
- Is that how you feel? - It's not how I feel.
I don't know.
I just don't wanna have this conversation.
- What are you doing? - Just don't, don't know.
What? I'm genuinely hurt.
Like, I'm genuine.
Like, my feelings towards you are genuine.
Yeah, and so are mine! Why are you telling her something different? I don't know, it's it's the way I am.
Like, I - I gave you an opportunity to say! - I'm not used to this, to one girl.
You've really hurt me.
Like really hurt me, and I don't get hurt.
Everything was going so well before she arrived, so I was just stupid to actually believe he liked me.
Like, I genuinely thought you felt the same.
- I do! - Like, genuinely.
And the fact this girl's just walked in here in five minutes you're back to your same old self, like This is why I don't let my guard down.
'Cause I'm making my way I really like him, and I haven't liked someone like this in so long, and he didn't even think about me once.
Literally, I did not even cross his mind.
Actions speak louder than words, and how he behaved, I just can't forgive him.
Falling It was just too good to be true.
Won't catch me falling down Whoo! Since that large dose of betrayal has massively brought the mood down, we need to move on to something a little bit more uplifting.
Strap yourselves in for tonight's mile-high pilot party welcoming Captain Christina and co-pilot Robert to the retreat.
Me and my crew We ask that you stow away any personal baggage and keep your hands to yourselves at all times.
Welcome to Too Hot To Handle Airways.
Party has reached its altitude.
Glad she found the inflatable devices.
Tonight, I got my eye on Christina and Kayla, I'm thinking about showing both of them my cockpit right now.
Go, Peter! Go, Peter! Go, Peter! I've been a bit of a dickhead, haven't I? This is typical me.
I always try and get my own way, but it's just a shit way to be, and like, I'm starting to realize that.
Like, you can't treat people the way that I have.
Oh, Cam.
At least you're being honest now.
You've got that shuffle action! Oh God! When you hear that your heart drop.
Come on.
I was in my zone, I was in my zone! Something bad.
Something bad has happened! Unfortunately, I must inform you that Anybody want to say anything? It's better to confess.
We all know that honesty is the best policy, so what I'm observing is far from positive.
Oh! Uh-oh, someone broke the rules again! Don't look at me.
Really? I'm celibate.
So far, you have lost $32,000.
Oh, that's a bit, innit? Oh man oh man, I am a little bit nervous.
The retreat is not your personal playground.
Lana is so angry.
You are taking this process for granted.
It is clear I need to streamline the group.
Did Lana just say streamline? Oh my days Does that mean we're getting rid of people, like, now? Oh My God! Agh! Wait! You can't end it there! Who's gonna go home? Who's gonna go home? Lana hears and sees everything.
- Oh my God.
What? - You're not nice.
There has been a breach of the rules.
- Hey, big guy.
- What? Eight thousand dollars for 20 seconds? You're looking at the devil, mother - Whoo! - I know her! - We've come to fuck shit up! - That's actually shocked me.
Come in the shower with me.
Girl, what are you up to? There has been another serious breach of the rules.
We're just gonna actually forgive them? And the prize fund goes to I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking of the money.
Who do you think would win? Everyone is gonna be sucking Lana's cone.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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