Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

On Est dans la Merde

1 [Lana chiming.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
Good morning.
Morning, Lana.
- [Cam.]
Good morning, Lana.
- [Marvin.]
Hi, Lana.
A new day.
I trust there was no tossing or turning last night.
[group laughing.]
Remember, this alarm clock has eyes in the back of her head.
It feels extremely weird waking up next to Peter and not my Marvin.
I was hoping to get some type of reaction from him, but I'm playing a really tricky game here.
- She lost money yesterday night.
- No, I didn't.
You were topless, and he was touching your butt.
- He was not! - No.
He was grabbing her ass, like, really with passion and stuff.
It wasn't even groping.
- She had a mosquito bite.
- I had squitos.
Don't lie, guys.
Come on.
She had mosquito bites she wanted me to feel.
It wasn't sexual.
I don't know where Lana stands on mosquito bite butt rubs, but we'll find out later.
Marvin, all this could have been avoided if you'd stayed in bed like I asked you.
I wanted to see what you were gonna do with Peter.
You don't like me.
Why does it matter? - You enjoy your time with Peter.
- You don't even like me.
I feel like it's disrespectful that you sleep topless with him.
Peter is good looking, but I don't think we are at the same level, so I think she needs glasses.
Does someone has glasses for Melinda here? [Desiree.]
Observational comedy ain't your strong point, Marvin.
Peter's the only one that gives me attention.
You don't give me anything.
I think do your thing with Peter, and I'm gonna move on.
[in French.]
You're tiring me.
For real.
I don't care! Don't care.
That's your problem.
Not mine.
Oh well! - [Desiree.]
I have a question.
Do you care? - Hell no.
Absolutely not.
- [Desiree.]
But do you care? - I don't.
I don't care.
- [Desiree.]
But do you care though? - I still don't care.
I don't care.
You have an ego? So do I.
Oh well.
We don't match anyway.
Sort of seems like you care.
I don't care.
I'm not gonna break a sweat.
I am way too pretty to be getting frown lines.
I don't care.
I do not care no more.
I do not care.
I don't care.
She doesn't care.
Just a little though.
Maybe just a little.
She cares.
["Another Wave" by Raphael Lake.]
I can just take like them few.
Like that way.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Take that.
Whoa, hey, sexy.
Sorry for losing money.
I don't mind you and you and, uh, Chase.
That's not an issue, I don't think.
- You and Peter maybe is a little strange.
- Yeah, that was weird.
- [Carly.]
That's what he's mad about.
- Was he mad? [Carly.]
- [softly.]
I'm scared.
He's right there.
- I know.
I don't think it helps your cause, trying to convince him that you perhaps like him, if you're off doing that.
- But you know that.
You're not - I know.
Yeah, I think I kind of fucked it up a little bit.
And I guess I kind of realized, like, I can't do that to people and, like, expect them to stick around.
So I know we need to talk today.
[waves crashing.]
["Déjà Vu" playing.]
Lana didn't say we couldn't look.
- You happy with what you saw? - Mmm.
All right.
Happy with what I felt.
- [Desiree.]
Wait a second.
Did she - Oh no, but that was in my dreams, so That wasn't real.
That didn't happen.
- No.
- Didn't feel anything.
You two think you've got us fooled? Lana, play last night's tapes.
Looks like while others are in Neverland, Emily was in Cam's nether regions.
Someone came up to say hello, and I didn't want to be rude, so I was just, like, waving back, like, down here.
Emily, you sound like you're clutching at straws.
No offense, Cam.
Lana, from me to you, if we can keep this rule break a secret, that would be great, love.
- Maybe we should do a prayer.
- To Lana, yeah? - Let's pray to Lana.
- Let's pray to Lana.
[ethereal music playing.]
Dear Lana, please forgive us for any inappropriate touching, grabbing, stroking, feeling - Kissing.
- [Cam.]
It was not our faults.
We are simply young, attractive individuals.
- [laughs.]
- So we're sorry.
We cannot let anyone find out about this.
[upbeat music playing.]
So many cracks.
In your body or you and Chase's relationship? No, kidding.
That too.
[music continues.]
Looks like Peter's love rivals have formed an emotional support group.
What about you and Carly though? - [Chase.]
It's - What's going on? I like her, don't get me wrong.
But she has to knock off the games with Peter.
You have to have a relationship with trust and honesty.
Carly is a beautiful person.
I'm big on trust though.
My previous relationship, my girlfriend cheated on me.
- She's also acting reckless though.
- Yeah.
She's also childish, like Melinda.
Says the grown man who sulked all night.
We got the worst girls here, bro.
- We gotta switch up, brother.
- [both laugh.]
It's funny, too, 'cause we never would have thought Peter Peter would be our, like, competitor.
[whimsical music playing.]
- He's moving like a snake right now.
- Yeah! Peter's got a game.
Like, you know, I wouldn't expect that.
Like it touches your ego and everything, you know? Yeah.
I gotta give it to Peter.
I gotta give it to him.
The little dude is really, really smart.
So smart.
Peter, if you're looking for the door, it's to your right.
Do you try another conversation with her [Marvin.]
No, bro.
I just need time.
I cannot go back to her bed, like just right after you did all that.
Just give me time.
So I think I'm gonna take one or two days and see what she does.
I don't know what I'm gonna do right now.
I miss her, but the way she acts, I cannot be okay with it.
Not at all.
I try to do what's right All right, beautiful? Love that color on ya.
- You match the pillows.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I do.
That was the point.
- It was? - So coordinated.
We're matching.
Peter! - [Peter.]
- Hey! - You look good today.
- Thank you.
What did you think about our little bed situation last night? [exhales, groans.]
It's so confusing.
I know.
Listen, don't feel bad, 'cause in my head, I'm being open-minded about the whole situation.
Okay, good.
And whatever happens happens at this point.
I'm glad you have that mindset.
I kinda just wish Marvin as well had that mindset.
He seems to be taking it kinda rough.
- He's taking it very, like, personal too.
- I know.
Guessing Peter is not gonna tell her that Marvin is right behind her.
I felt like I gave him enough time to get his thoughts together.
- [Peter.]
- But So the awkwardness between him and I in the mornings and throughout the day is killing me.
Yeah, I agree.
I get it, but, dude, come on! Mmm [sighs.]
Where exactly is your head at with ideally what you would want to happen? [Desiree.]
We need an honest answer, Melinda, for Pete's sake.
So I'm sitting here and I'm looking at Peter, and he's so adorable, but my head is just stuck on Marvin.
Wait, can we just see what that would look like? Perfect.
Back to the conversation.
Right, Melinda.
Truth time.
Okay, so to be completely honest, I want Marvin to forgive me and move forward.
If we can do that, then I can, like, finish building a connection with Marvin.
I don't think that's what he wanted to hear.
[clears throat.]
Uh - [laughing.]
Bye, Peter.
- Bye-bye.
He's just letting it sink in.
[inhales deeply.]
She's leaning more towards me than she even realizes.
And he's in total denial.
I don’t care They can see what they wanna see [Emily.]
Mmm, that feels good.
[Kayla moans.]
Uh-oh, this sounds expensive.
Now we're gonna come to our downward dog.
It's okay.
Nothing to see here, Lana.
Move along.
We're gonna bring this leg, and we're just gonna lay it horizontal.
Does this lose money if you're making me feel this good? - [laughs.]
Is it making you feel that good? - That good.
- [Emily.]
Oh Jesus.
- [laughs.]
You and Nathan are actually really cute together.
We're like Barbie and Ken, right? You're definitely Barbie and Ken.
I'm just enjoying getting to know him, and I guess the whole point of this is to go for someone we wouldn't ordinarily.
How would you feel about sharing a bed with him? I wouldn't say no to a little cuddle, but I'm a lawyer.
I'm used to following the rules.
You know what I mean? - [Kayla.]
- [Emily.]
Oh my God.
I swear to God, every morning I wake up, I am just so horny.
Like in bed, you know, cuddling usually leads to other things, - but we have to restrain ourselves.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you guys have so much self-control.
I thought it was gonna be the two of you who were gonna cost us all the money.
Cam and Emily are actually angels.
I thought they're gonna be breaking all the rules, but surprisingly, they've actually held their own.
That statement is closer to the truth than you'll ever know.
I cannot tell the girls about last night.
They will absolutely kill me.
I feel bad for judging you and Cam when there's been some other big spenders.
- Yeah.
- I know.
You guys have been so good.
- [Larissa chuckles.]
- Yeah.
Oh, Emily, you're in so much trouble.
[upbeat music playing.]
[Carly grunts.]
Yeah! [laughs.]
- He's a real stripper.
- [Emily clapping.]
[music continues.]
Ooh, Nathan! You look nice in gray.
With Larissa, we don't really get any time just the two of us, so I want to pull her away from the other guys where there's maybe no other voices around.
I want her to see that I'm perhaps different than guys she may be used to.
Tell me something about you that would, like, impress me.
'Cause you need to.
I, uh You know, I I feel like I'm nice.
I'm very caring.
I always want others to succeed before myself, so So you like girls to come first.
Yeah, absolutely.
Larissa's definitely warming up to me.
The sleeping arrangement, I would love to have her come and join me, but we'll see.
What do you think about the sleeping arrangements? Can I convince you to join me this evening? Think I can Look.
I have that cocoa butter next to my bed.
- So Lana doesn't get annoyed - Don't get too excited.
I'll massage it into your back like this.
Nathan's proposing that we switch up beds tonight.
Um, I'm still, like, iffy about it, but I'll just see.
You're wearing the hat 'cause it's a prop for your little routines.
Yeah, you want me to get into a routine? [Desiree.]
Impromptu striptease.
Don't mind if we do.
- [Larissa.]
Oh God.
- Okay.
- [Desiree.]
Cue the sleazy music.
- Right.
Let's go! [sleazy music playing.]
- Howdy, partner.
- [Desiree.]
Giddyup! - So what we're gonna do, come in.
- [Larissa.]
The body roll.
- [Nathan.]
Is this heavy petting? - [Larissa.]
I don't know.
Lana? [laughs.]
It's all sexy, but I'm keeping my hands where Lana can see them.
Classic lawyer.
Sticking to Lana's law.
- [Larissa.]
- I'm gonna be riding you a bit.
Ooh, yeah.
It definitely went from zero to sexy in a few seconds.
- [grunting.]
- [chuckles.]
Yes! [Desiree.]
This one-trick pony better not be riding into trouble.
- [Nathan.]
See if I can get my legs up.
- Cool.
- See if I can really ride ya.
- I'm scared you'll kick me in the face! - See if I can get up.
- Ow! [laughs.]
What a bucking bronco.
I promise I'm usually a lot better than this.
Whoo! This is not the little, romantic sit by the fire I signed up for.
That's enough for now.
I'm not sure what's gonna happen tonight, but screw it, might as well swap the beds.
It's not permanent.
I'll join your bed, but we're not breaking any rules.
We're not gonna.
- All right.
But you're in? You're onboard? - Yeah, I'm in.
- [Desiree.]
Nicely wrangled, cowboy.
- Mmm! Mmm! Tonight's the night! [Larissa.]
Let's get you a shirt.
Yeah, please grab my shirt.
[dance music playing.]
Careful, Cam and Emily.
All your cuddles are being carefully monitored since last night's misdemeanor.
- It's nice having you here.
- [groans.]
I am feeling so nervous.
I want to talk to Chase and just apologize.
Let him know I didn't mean to hurt his ego at all.
With what happened with Peter, do you feel like you trust me less because of it, would you say? You know, the whole you and Peter thing, like, yeah, that's a lot to take in.
I don't want to say anything because I don't know how to react.
I'm sorry.
You know I wouldn't do it again.
Uh, did someone just switch Chase off? I can't be rushing, like, super fast into this, because now I don't trust nobody.
It's gonna take time.
I have to be way more patient.
Do you like, uh, The Lord of the Ring? - Lord of the Rings? - [Marvin.]
- No.
- [guffaws.]
- You guys are gonna break up! - Why? Do you like it? - Yeah, it's a great film.
- He's got a freaking tattoo about it.
- [Emily.]
Is that what it is? - It's - It looks like a dick! - [laughs.]
And that's why he calls it his precious.
[melodic chime.]
[group gasping.]
- Oh no! - No way! - [Marvin.]
What's going on? - Oh God.
Anyone got something they wanna fess up? - Fuck.
- [Desiree.]
The moment of reckoning.
[tense music playing.]
All right, here you go, Cam.
Poker face.
Game time.
- [Lana.]
Hello, everyone.
- [group.]
Hi, Lana.
Please assemble in the cabana.
- [screams.]
- Ooh! I don't think I lost any money last night, but [exhales.]
who knows? - [Melinda.]
I'm shaking 'cause I'm nervous.
- [squeals.]
I feel like Pete did some more dares in the last few days.
No! No.
I think Melinda and Peter lost money.
There was not a rule break.
- No rule break.
- [Melinda.]
If they did, I will be really upset.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
[tense music playing.]
- [Marvin.]
- Hi, Lana.
I have some news.
Let's hear it.
Last night, there was an incident of sexual contact.
- Oh.
- [Marvin.]
Who are the liars? I really hope Lana is not talking about us.
- [Lana.]
Peter and Melinda - Oh.
your actions last night were risky [exhales.]
but not a rule break.
- [gasps.]
- [Nathan.]
Wait, what? - [Larissa.]
- I'm loving this.
You have been warned.
So it was just a mosquito bite butt rub.
Good job, Lana.
I'm starting to like you now.
Peter and Melinda didn't lost money.
I'm really, really, really happy.
No one else has done anything? Cameron, you laughing? - You laughing? - [laughs.]
I laugh at everything.
I'm good.
- [Melinda.]
- Emily, you smiling? [Desiree.]
Come on, Emily, you know these things always come out.
However [tense music playing.]
Anyone want to fess up? Who's looking the guiltiest? I'm just so apprehensive as to what is about to come out of her little cone.
That little cone's got some extra hot goss.
there was another incident that clearly violated the rules.
- Wait.
What? - [both laugh.]
- All right.
- [Nathan.]
Ah, you You did? [group.]
Oh! - [Melinda.]
Oh my God! You're gonna get - [group clamoring.]
Oh my God.
I'm sorry.
 I'm sorry.
I cannot believe that Emily has been lying to us.
It was in the middle of the night.
She just grabbed it a little bit.
- [Cam.]
It was literally like - It was a crab grab! It was literally a grab and then we were like, "Nah, nah.
" Then he moved his hand off me.
He literally was Come on.
Stop lying, guys.
He moved her hand? Yeah, right.
Even though he did not blow his circuit [both laugh.]
this has resulted in $4,000 being deducted from the prize fund.
Oh God.
And you didn't even climax! You still have blue balls.
If I knew four grand for a fondle, I would have finished.
- At least I wouldn't have my blue balls.
- [Marvin.]
Come on, guys! Four grand.
I think we got overcharged.
Larissa, Lana has worked hard on her pricing strategy.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I feel like at the end of this, they're gonna hand us $20 and say, "Thanks for playing.
" Now we got gas money to get home.
Thanks, guys, 'cause you guys had to do crab grabs.
Looks like crab is off the menu.
The prize fund now stands at $75,000.
These guys are breaking rules.
They forget that it's not only their money they're losing, it's ours.
So that's just unbelievable.
I cannot believe this.
You know you're in the wrong.
It takes Lana to tell on you.
If we keep going the rate we are, there's gonna be no money left.
I hope that you will continue to grow at the retreat, and, one day, find your happy ending.
Thanks, Lana.
- [laughs.]
- [Lana.]
I feel so good right now.
'Cause I didn't do a damn thing.
I will take this as a lesson learned.
Hopefully he sees that I'm trying.
I want him back.
So Melinda's off the hook and on the hunt.
[Emily sighs.]
Bonfire You've literally got a face mask on! Nathan and Larissa, I am happy they are finally sharing a bed together.
It's even better because it got Marvin out of the bed next to me.
So I'm just excited all around.
So this big bed swap means Marvin's got a new bed buddy.
Hey, Frenchy.
What's up? As hunky and sexy as Marvin is, I am so uncomfortable about it just because I know it's going to be a problem with Mel.
You can say that again.
I got Peter in my bed, and my stallion is all the way down the street in bed with another chick.
This is brutal.
[groans loudly.]
[fake cries.]
 This is so brutal.
Sleep with one eye open, Kayla.
- [Emily speaking indistinctly.]
- Mmm.
- No.
- [Desiree.]
Red alert! - Crab in the grab zone! - [Emily.]
None of that.
What's going on under the covers then? [both laugh.]
Are your knickers on? Babe, I'm I'm sick of wearing shit to bed! - I don't got time for this.
- [Emily laughs.]
Nothing's gonna happen.
Look, the glasses are off.
Nothing is gonna happen.
It's gonna be a long night for you, Lana.
It's a matter of time [upbeat music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
Good morning.
- Morning, Lana.
- Good morning, Lana.
I hope with every optic fiber of my being that you all had a pleasant rest.
There is a lot of sexual tension.
It's getting to a problem now.
I don't even know how I'm gonna deal with it.
[inhales deeply.]
Don't know.
So, Nathan and Larissa, how was your night? - Uneventful.
- That's what we like to hear.
- Do I snore? - No.
I had a great night for the first time, bro.
Looks like Melinda's suffering from a little separation anxiety.
Seeing Marvin and her in bed together Oh! I am definitely getting a taste of my own medicine, and it does not taste good.
It does seem like Melinda's still fighting for Marvin.
It's clear that I am not her first option right now.
I'm looking for a pillow - [Melinda.]
Hi, girls.
- [all.]
- How are you girls today? - [Melinda.]
I'm glad you're here actually, 'cause I was gonna say we've had a few breaches of our contract with Lana, and I think it's up to me to whip you guys back into shape.
- [Melinda.]
Yes! - Absolutely.
Wonder if the boys are having a similar crisis meeting? [Nathan.]
Step into my office.
So the more I'm thinking about it, you know my balls are in a dire situation.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll take your word for it.
So could we have a little vankle shankle pact? [Desiree.]
I have no idea what a vankle shankle is, but I got a feeling it ain't cheap.
I need to relieve myself.
Let all the tension out and we'll deal with the with the rule break after.
Oh no.
He isn't, is he? You two leave.
I'm gonna go in there, bust one out, because I need to.
Let's talk about this.
How much do you think it's gonna cost? Is it gonna be like a kiss, three grand, or is that No, but this is an investment.
- Yeah, this is an investment.
- [Peter.]
It's a smart move.
Would you rather spend, I don't know, three, four, five grand doing it yourself, knowing then you won't have an urge? It's a reset.
This will be my last rule break if you two are calm with it.
- I'm cool with it, bro.
- Keep it between us.
- I'm not saying shit.
- Yeah.
- Sweet.
You all right to guard the door? - Guarding.
- [Peter.]
We got you, bro.
- You got it, boys.
Five minutes? Less than five minutes? - One and a half.
- [Nathan.]
One and a half.
Now we're on watch.
I'm working on a show where a guy has convinced two other guys to keep watch while he rubs one out.
- [shower running.]
- My parents would be so proud.
Dunno how we ended up with this job.
And poor Lana gotta be watching this too.
[women laughing.]
I'm not gonna be too rough on you, but you and Cam we learned about last night.
Honestly, girls, I just feel so bad, and that is the last time.
We love that.
The girls have absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to me and Cam right now.
You sure about that, Emily? ["Flight of the Bumblebee" playing.]
Nathan just took a massive dump in the bathroom.
- You gotta wait five minutes.
- Yeah.
How long? How long? - [Peter.]
One minute.
Two minutes.
- Thirty seconds maybe.
Two minutes! Two minutes.
I think it is time we do a little bit of a pact.
No more spending money.
Like on that budget.
- I'm on that, girls.
- [Larissa.]
Yeah? - [Kayla.]
- No more money! [Desiree.]
Repeat after me, Cam.
No more Ugh.
Too late.
[groovy music playing.]
Can you help me please with my hair? I can't keep my eyes off Marvin.
I just can't.
I want to know what's going on in his head.
We need to have a chat.
- Ça va? - Ça va? How are you? Yes.
Uh, ça va? [Desiree.]
Voila, Marvin.
She's practically fluent.
What's up? It's very nerve-wracking to throw my feelings out there, but this must happen.
Otherwise, we will get nowhere.
I understand how you feel.
At first, I didn't get it, but now I put myself in your shoes, - and I don't like it.
- Mm-hmm.
And I don't ever want to have that feeling again.
I really don't.
I definitely learned my lesson.
I think you did a good job teaching me.
Peter doesn't get me excited.
You get me excited.
You turn me on, not Peter.
You get me all excited.
- I do, right? - [Melinda giggles.]
Just let your guard down just one more time.
[romantic music playing.]
Come on.
'Cause I am.
I would never do this back home.
Back at home, I would go, "Okay, whatever, bye.
" - You're not patient at all.
- I'm very patient.
No, you aren't.
 No, you aren't.
- I'm trying.
- [Marvin.]
Yeah, definitely.
- I definitely am trying.
- [Marvin.]
I can see.
So, Marvin [music continues.]
I wanna cuddle.
- Don't you want to cuddle with me? - Yeah, I think we should We should, like You know, now I forgive you for all this.
You forgive me? - [squeals.]
- Yeah.
Melinda did not understand why I was upset, but, right now, I think she understands, and we can move on.
So now I just want to kiss her, because she's hot tonight.
I am this close to kissing Marvin, but I know Lana's watching.
I see you watching, Lana.
Come to my bed.
Don't you miss holding me? Yes, I do.
Tonight? - Yeah.
- [Melinda gasps.]
Yes? Yay! Really? Oh! - You mean it? - [Marvin.]
- Really? - Yeah.
Marvin is getting straight back into my bed, where he belongs, and he is never leavin' it.
I will make sure of that.
[slow dance music playing.]
No, they're not burning Lana at the stake just yet.
She has summoned them all to the beach.
- Yeah! - Lana, baby girl.
How are you? [Desiree.]
Which is why they all look so terrified.
I'm nervous, guys.
Us girls made a pact today that we won't lose any more money, so Lana must be very happy with us.
Keep dreaming, Larissa.
[melodic chime.]
Oh! - [Lana.]
Good evening.
- [group.]
Hey, Lana.
I know I've got a little secret.
Bit anxious, if I'm honest.
[tense music playing.]
Earlier today, there was another rule break.
- What? - Oh no.
Who has something to say, guys? [Emily.]
I am so relaxed right now.
Me and Cam haven't done anything.
When Cam is lying, he is always laughing.
I generally have a good poker face.
I don't know why, here, it's inactive.
And everybody knows about my blue balls, don't they, so I saw you go in the bathroom.
- What? - I don't know, but it was weird, bro.
Just an innocent chat.
Oh, fuck.
What is it you don't wanna tell us because you're scared of the reaction the group will give you? - Did you pump one out? - [scoffs.]
- What? - [group jeering.]
Cam indulged in an act of self-gratification.
- Oh my God, it was you, babes.
- Lana sees all.
- [Larissa.]
You naughty boy.
- Everyone's faces have just dropped.
- What is going on? - [laughs.]
You can't get away with anything in here.
Honestly, I [laughs.]
I'm actually quite offended.
Did he not want my help? [Lana.]
Resulting in a further $2,000 being lost from the prize fund.
- [laughs.]
- [Emily.]
I cost them a two grand tug.
[blows raspberry.]
I think it was an investment, 'cause it means I'm not gonna do anything now.
All of us have been sex deprived.
He is so obsessed with his blue balls.
All of us have blue balls, Cam.
So far, there have been a total of nine rule breaks.
Cam and Emily have been responsible for four of these breaches.
- [Melinda.]
- [group groaning.]
Cam and Emily, to show me you are committed to the process, I am putting you both to the ultimate test.
Oh my God.
In order to pass, you need to demonstrate self-control Oh no.
and show you can form a real emotional connection without breaking my rules.
What? [Lana.]
Therefore, you will spend the night alone in the private suite.
- Oh no.
- Wait, wait, wait, what? What? [Desiree.]
These two on their own for a night? Are you kidding me? A private suite perfectly designed for hanky-panky and all manner of mischief? This is gonna be hell.
Lana, like, what is she thinking, putting me and Cam in a room alone together? [Desiree.]
Well, Lana wasn't going to make this retreat easy for you.
It's game over.
There's no way.
There's no way.
 There's no way! [Desiree.]
I'm with Pete on this one.
[rock music playing.]
If you refrain from breaking the rules, I will put $10,000 back in the prize fund.
Oh, yay.
[group cheering.]
Why are you all cheering? Did you guys not hear the terms? - One more reason to not spend money.
- Don't do anything.
That's it.
We had a girl chat.
- Stand by it, okay? - Yeah, yeah.
That's all I got to say.
Emily, please don't let us down.
What Cam and Emily really need now is the support of their friends to make them believe in themselves.
- I have no faith in you two.
- [music warps.]
Just know, when we wake up on the other side of this, we're all gonna be waiting.
Nice pep talk, Chase.
Do you honestly believe you would be able to control yourselves? - Oh! - This is why we don't have faith! [laughs.]
They're both really sneaky people, and, yeah, I don't trust them.
- You have my word.
And your word? - Uh-huh.
That we will not do anything.
The thing is, uh, I give my word to people sometimes and sometimes it doesn't mean shit.
Cam and Emily, please make your way to the suite.
- Bye, guys.
Love you all.
- [Melinda.]
Positive thoughts.
- Make us proud.
- [Cam.]
Yeah, we got it.
You can't hide it, so don't fight it No one has any faith in us.
Everyone is shitting it, including myself.
Take my hand, take control [Emily.]
Oh shit.
- How do you say "we're fucked" in French? - [speaks French.]
- [group repeating French.]
- [laughs.]
Set free the devil inside - [Emily.]
Oh my God! - [Cam laughs.]
[screams, laughs.]
[Desiree speaking French.]
This is sexy, innit? [Emily moans.]
This is gonna be a big test.
[Emily gasps.]
It's gonna be a long night in the trenches.
A long, old night.
May as well do the whole thing, just go the whole way.
- Oh.
- [Cam laughs.]
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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