Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

You Gotta Watch Out for Pete

1 Shout out to the town now we live in Turn it up! I'll take you to paradise Morning, guys.
Morning, babe.
Morning! Oh my God.
Good morning, everyone.
- Oh my God.
- She's still here.
It wasn't a dream.
I've started to plan your next few days at the retreat.
Oh God.
Day one.
No sex.
- Yeah, thanks.
- We got that one.
Day two.
No sex.
Imagine that.
Day three.
No sex.
Hey, Siri.
Turn off Lana.
Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! No sex ever! Right.
I'm going back to bed.
Last night, after Lana laid down the sex ban, her new guests reacted in a totally mature and grown-up fashion.
How much do you reckon a wank is? Like, what? Yeah, right.
No, Cam! I'm just asking.
That was a bad party.
She has screwed me over harder than any guy has, let me tell you that.
Let me pray tonight.
I think I need to pray.
I'm feeling drained, shocked, surprised, betrayed.
Lord, give me the strength not to dry hump.
Hands above covers.
- Oh, above covers.
- And that includes you two.
For a little dude, you do take up almost the whole bed.
- Do I really? - Yeah.
I'm guessing they were too busy moaning about the rules last night to break any.
We were good.
Well behaved.
But when you're sleeping next to a very attractive girl, I want to kiss her, touch her.
I'm not in a responsible mindset to to give too much of a shit about rules.
Oh, Cam.
That attitude plus that smile of yours definitely equals trouble.
- Let's wrap you up so I can't touch you.
- Yeah.
- All right.
I'm going back to sleep.
- Hmm.
Looking over and I see Chase in a bed that I would much rather be in right now.
It's a tough viewing as soon as you wake up.
I'm gonna go ahead and move on, and whatever.
You know, if you want to take this victory, fine.
Ugh! Marvin! I have this hot Parisian man next to me.
Ugh, it's really, really, really difficult.
Wait, can we not cuddle? Shit.
Actually, Melinda, cuddles and snuggles are all good.
But kissing, self gratification, and sex will only result in the prize money plummeting.
The bigger the crime, the bigger the fine.
- What you talking about? - Coming in? - I'm coming.
- Hey! I got my options open, wide open.
You know, it's day two, so, you know, I'm gonna get to know everybody a little bit.
He says licking his lips.
- Call Collie? Is that your name? - Curly? Carly.
Yeah, I wanna say Curly.
We gotta get to know each other a little bit more.
- Oh! - I'm telling you.
Like, do you fancy any guys? - I'm going with the flow.
I don't know - You're a bombshell, girl.
Aw, thanks, Marvin.
I fancied you and Chase, but I owe it to myself to see where it goes with Chase first.
Really? I don't know.
Are you getting jealous, Frenchie? - A little bit, you know.
- No, he's not! Things are heating up.
Marvin is still keeping his options open and he was being a little bit flirty with me and Carly.
What's your, like, actual type? I have no particular type.
It really depends on the vibe and stuff.
- What about Mel? - Yeah.
What about Mel? You took the words right out of my mouth.
You know, I like her.
I told her, like, she's my type.
- But I'm a free man, you know what I mean? - Yeah.
Melinda is fit, but there are two hot chicks, so C'est quelque chose.
This is something I like for real.
I could've guessed that from your ear-to-ear grin, you naughty garçon.
If I did spend money with Melinda, how angry do you think everyone would be at me? Last night, Melinda kissed me.
Oh yes! Whoa! What? She's absolutely gorgeous.
If Marvin was to walk away and I move in on Melinda, I don't feel that that's breaking bro code.
In my head, am I going to spend money to have this connection get stronger and go further with her, and not to say push Marvin away, but push Marvin away.
Peter likes Melinda.
Melinda likes Marvin.
It's an awkward situation.
I don't really know how it's going to end, but now I really don't care who breaks the rules.
For me, both of you, I've got your back 100%.
If you want to kiss and think it'll benefit you, just do it.
Translation: if you spend money, so can I.
I don't plan on it.
I would like to wait and kinda get the go-ahead.
Lana might pop up and say, "All right, you can have a kiss.
" Or, "You did so well today, here's a hand job.
" Here's a handy.
She's just handing out hand jobs.
You get a hand job! You get a hand job! Um, I hate to break it to you guys, but Lana hasn't got any hands.
Na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na Everyone's just chilling, working out, enjoying the sun and Hold up.
Is Cam chugging mouthwash in the middle of the afternoon? Mr.
Smiley's up to something.
I see Emily's just chilling down on the beach.
She's looking very, very nice.
I do want to kiss her.
But as much as I I appreciate Lana and everything she's doing, I'm sure she's a lovely, lovely little robot, I just want to do what I want to do.
Wait, let me get this wink on point.
I cannot get over, like, how pretty the ocean is.
Hello, hello.
Hi, stranger.
Hello, stranger.
- You okay? - You look all right, don't you? Thanks.
How did you find last night? - Not ideal at all.
- No.
I can't believe Lana cock-blocked us.
Because I obviously want to rip your clothes off.
And there's obviously a lot of sexual tension between us.
- Yeah.
- Like, a lot.
I feel like we have more connection than anyone.
I know.
I feel like it's just gonna get harder and harder.
- Yeah, like I just want to kiss you now.
- Same.
The coast seems pretty clear, Cam, but there's an all-seeing air freshener with a beady eye watching you right now.
- So, what do we do? - Like I don't know.
I think I don't know.
- I'm not one to abide by rules.
- No.
This is so bad! When someone says, "Don't push the red button.
" All you want to do is push the red button.
No one give Emily the nuclear codes.
I mean, may as well.
Get a little bit dangerous I get a little crazy, oh It doesn't even phase me, no It happened.
Lip-on-lip action less than 24 hours after the sex ban.
Lana will be livid.
This kiss.
Oh my God! But it's gonna cost us so much money.
Feels so good to me May as well make it worth it.
I feel like it was definitely worth the rule break.
- Oh my God, they're gonna kill us.
- What am I gonna say? - We can make up a lie.
- I'm just not gonna say anything.
- What, you want - I'm gonna play dumb.
- You want to play dumb? - Yeah.
- All right, sweet.
- Let's go.
So, game faces are on.
Cam, you better lock up that toothy smile and throw away the key.
- Marvin is more interesting than he looks.
- Mmm.
He has his Master's, he used to play professional basketball - Ooh.
- he lives in Paris.
- Hey, girls.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Hey, sexy.
See ya.
What have you guys been up to? - We just came out here now.
- Yeah? Catching some rays? Yeah.
- Yes.
- What up, playa? - Where you've been? - What's happening? Just had a nice little one-on-one time.
- With Emily? - Yeah.
Oh, don't tell me you kissed.
He's smiling.
I look at the other guys.
They're like, "Whoa, what happened?" - He's smiling! He kissed her.
- Yo, what'd you do? - Did you lose us money? - Um I can't lie.
I've broken the rules.
I don't know what I'll say to the girls.
You can run and hide But you're gonna feel the thunder All right, a little kiss.
Yeah, we had a little kiss.
- Man! Day two! - Whoa! He blew it all.
He's lasted less than 24 hours.
- Oh God.
- I'm sorry, guys.
I'm sorry.
Oh my gosh.
Like, how much money are we losing here? All right, why are you all so tall? We had a nice moment.
Wonder how much that kiss cost.
If it's anything like last year, that's a Chanel handbag.
Not worth it in my opinion.
Cam, it's day two, bro.
Not saying I'm gonna be perfect going forward, but it's day two! What are we doing? Aight.
Emily and Cam broke the rules, so now I'm like, "It's gonna be my turn.
" I might do something tonight.
We'll see.
Now if any of us mess up, like, we all gotta support each other here.
They're now thinking, "Cam's done it, so we can do it.
" It's gonna be interesting to see who starts lipsing others now.
And the grin wins.
Let it out Yeah, everybody going wild So, Lana, any first night plans? I will be watching two couples who are currently demonstrating the potential to form a deeper connection.
I must observe their behavior, and the pairing I judge to be the most committed to my rules will be rewarded with a private date tonight.
Two couples? You must be talking about Carly and Chase and Melinda and Marvin, right? Correct, Desiree.
Even though the participants have no idea about Lana's plan, the date race is on.
Rules of the game: connect on an emotional level instead of a physical one.
What could possibly go wrong? I was gonna wear blue, but was like, "He'll think I'm matching.
" You should've.
What the heck? I feel like Carly in this moment right now is what I want to focus on.
- Hey.
- I'm smiley and giggly.
As of right now, you're the only person I feel like I get along with, in that like tingly sense.
- Tingly sense.
- No one else gets me excited, just you.
I think Melinda is my top one because, like, she's good-looking and I like her vibe, but we never know.
I also want to, like, know Emily.
I might, you know, bring my game out and we will see.
Ooh, la-Lana! I think Monsieur Marvin might not be the first in line for that private date.
I feel I'm supposed to be seven feet with these flippers - Oh my God.
- I know.
Chase has got his size 15s out.
It's almost like he's trying to tell her something.
Like, what? I like that he's big.
I like big guys.
It's gonna be really hard to keep my hands to myself.
That's kind of the point of the show, Carly.
I want to look into your lips I mean into your eyes.
What's on your mind? What's on your mind? Carly's looking absolutely amazing tonight.
I feel like the little like purple devil horn emoji right now.
They're literally right there.
Right in front of you.
Don't be a chicken.
Am I going to do this? I'm feelin' it You ain't gonna stop me feelin' it No way our footballer's heading on a date tonight.
For that, Lana's gonna bench you and fine you.
As quick as that.
Already broke my first rule.
I knew it was wrong, but I still wanted to do it.
Broke the rules a little bit.
- It's called hidden in plain sight.
- Did they notice? - Hidden in plain sight.
- Seriously? Has everyone forgotten that Lana is literally watching everything that's happening here? Carly and Chase's rule break will result in a fine, and it means they are eliminated from my date reward.
One down, one to go.
Melinda and Marvin, this date is yours to lose.
Bro, honestly, like I gotta tell you something.
- I like Melinda.
I'm so into that! - She's like the coolest one.
Right now I'm feeling Melinda.
If Marvin weren't here, I would have absolutely no problem with Melinda.
But if he walks away, I see no reason for me not to be able to walk right in.
Well, Peter, the only thing standing in your way is a 6'4" Eiffel Tower of a man.
I will keep flirting with Melinda and we'll see what's going to happen tonight.
Speak to me only in French, no English.
Girl, you think Lana can't speak the language of love? You'll not understand anything.
What else? Do you want to sleep with me? Ooh! Your accent is just like Ah! I cannot resist.
He's looking at me in my eyes, my body is like shaking, I'm hot, I'm heavy.
Ah! Uh, I got a feeling this isn't heading down the deeper connection route.
I want to kiss you.
Me too.
Are you gonna be a good boy tonight? I don't think so.
I think we're going to lose a little money tonight.
Huh? I think we're gonna lose money tonight.
Where are the others? They're gonna hate us.
Oh, come here.
Hey, Marvin, what's the French for déjà vu? Lana, I'm sorry, but, like, this is so good.
Oh, love it.
I don't even care about the money.
Lana? Who's Lana? That talking little machine I don't listen to? I don't know her.
Well, I know Lana and that lip-lock just lost you hella cash.
- You're a really good kisser.
- You too, babe.
It is clear that my guests are unable to operate within the rules.
Cancel date.
 Cancel date.
 Cancel date.
What they don't know won't hurt them.
- I'm gonna go.
- Oh, okay.
I'm playing my French game tonight, and it works.
It works well.
Mind if I speak French? What does that mean? You don't mind if I speak French? I'd love to hear it.
Don't listen, Em! N'ecoute pas! - Have you ever dated a French guy? Really? - Never.
Would you like to? We just shared an intimate kiss and now I be low-key peeping him flirting with Emily.
Who does that? When I look at you like this, you could be French.
I'll take that.
Maybe he's playing this player game.
Trying to have his cake and eat it too with another back-up chick.
Everybody's attracted to you, girl.
Really? - You're the typical perfect girl, right? - No.
Marvin is just so flirty.
Yeah, I think he is just pretty horny right now.
We should talk a little bit more, know what I mean? Marvin's there, that casual French swagger.
Good-looking boy, innit? He's about 6'5", got a very nice face.
Nice teeth.
He's good-looking.
Yeah, but apart from that, he's got very little going for him.
You went in to Cam so quick.
We were like, "It's a done deal.
" - Yeah.
- Oh my goodness.
So, you know.
Okay, Cam.
What's your move? Seriously? A whistle? - Where were you? - Talking about you.
You guys look perfect.
Both of you, you're doing a great couple.
I can tell.
- Yeah? - Yeah, I told you that.
He can stare as much as he wants, but he ain't getting Emily.
Emily's attractive, but, like, I think she's already married with Cam.
Like, I will let them do their thing and I'm gonna stick to Melinda.
How sweet.
Where do you two think you're going? Emily's looking unreal.
At the end of the day, sex is sex, we're just all animals.
Obviously, I wanna rip the dress off.
No, no, not allowed And they say the Brits are shy and retiring.
Oh my God, what is wrong with us? We are doing it again.
Aw, snap! You're about to get caught! I walked in on the rule break! - No! - I did! I saw it with my own eyes.
- Like - I'm not gonna tell them.
You can tell them.
I cannot believe they've broken the rules twice now.
You're not so innocent yourself, Jane the Virgin.
Honestly, guys, just take a chainsaw to that prize fund, why don't you? Loving you is a fantasy Drawn to you like it's gravity - Nice and chilled tonight, just - I haven't done much today at all.
Oh, boys, you're all looking so smug and keeping those rule breaks on the DL, for now.
I gotta keep it secret.
Like, they will definitely be surprised when they gonna know the news.
There's something sexy about having a secret, 100%.
Nobody suspects a thing.
Let the iRobot tell everybody.
Love that quarterback confidence, Chase, but maybe you should be more concerned about Peter than Lana.
- Can I be honest with you guys? - Yeah.
You're both at the top of my list.
Really? - One hundred percent.
- Told you.
I know there are some rules I'm supposed to be following, but Melinda and Carly look so good tonight.
I'm obsessed with Melinda, I tell her this.
- What? - Yeah.
Yeah, you're sexy.
The way Peter is looking at me right now is Ah! Marvin, this is a game you chose to play, and I'm playing right back at you.
Peter wants a kiss.
Why don't you play rock-paper-scissors for it? - Let's break some rules.
- Want a kissy? I love men.
I love the attention.
I just love men.
I told you, this is what I do.
Rock, paper, scissors.
- Shoot.
- Pass.
Yes! Bitch! - We go at one? - You have to do it.
Should I do it too? Oh my Wow, apparently what Peter wants, Peter gets.
I don't know what just came over me.
- Now you have to go.
- You have to do it.
Should I do it too? No! The answer is no! Oh, okay.
Seriously, Lana, I'm losing count right now.
This was in no way because I have feelings for Peter, but it's really easy to break these frickin' rules.
Everyone thinks I'm the young guy in the group, they got nothing to worry about, but I've worked my magic on not one but two girls tonight.
Good job, magic man, 'cause you just disappeared two fat chunks of change out of the prize fund.
I'm happy.
I don't need nothing else.
Lana, it seems the superhumanly horny singles we recruited are having a little trouble adjusting to the sex ban.
 Who'da thunk it? The losers leave nothing changed You tell me you don't like fairy tales No way I can wear this.
My head is too big.
- Really? - It's cutting off my circulation.
Are we gonna be good, or what? Tonight's gonna be a struggle.
A big struggle.
Light's out, night vision on.
Hold up.
Is that Chase, Carly? Just dance, dance, dance To the rhythm of my heartbeat Whoa, oh, oh First Chase, then Peter, now Chase? These guys are going to get a hell of a shock when the bill turns up for this spending spree.
Here we go.
Bonjour, Marvin.
Oh no! Marvin! - Slept well? - I slept well.
That's the language of love.
I'm a bit on edge.
I don't know when Marvin and Chase will find out what happened, but I know what I did last night is going to make today a bit awkward.
After yesterday's rule break bonanza, there's a boatload of awkward coming in with all y'all names' on it.
And that'd better be a cold shower, Cam.
Girl! Hello, Melinda.
How are you feeling today? Can't complain.
Please assemble the guests in the Cabana.
Girl, I just took my lashes off.
I need two seconds.
Do hurry, Melinda.
Girl! I'm trying! Imagine if your battery was low.
Would you want me to rush you, girl? Last one.
To the Cabana! Oh Lord.
Oh my goodness.
I don't know what's going to happen, but We're about to find out.
I'm nervous.
I don't like this at all.
We're probably about to find out just how much Emily and Cam have lost us.
Hey, guys, who kissed who? I'm really nervous.
My palms were actually getting sweaty.
Trying to debate if I should tell everyone or keep it to myself.
I don't think you're the only one with sweaty palms right now.
- I didn't kiss anyone.
- Neither did I.
Me and Chase are hiding two things from the group about kissing.
Plus I kissed Peter, then I also caught Emily and Cam kissing.
So I'm keeping secrets for people too.
Oh my God.
Like Ugh! It's obviously you and Chase.
- Huh? No.
- Yeah.
- I didn't do nothing.
- Really? Don't look at me like that.
You point fingers, you started the fire.
Yeah, and I've admitted that.
- I didn't do nothing.
- We did nothing.
When I look at Carly, she looks at me.
She's looking scared too.
I'm like, "Carly, say nothing.
We're taking this to the grave.
" I'm staying quiet.
I kissed two girls.
I know for sure two rules were broken by myself and Cam, but I'm 100% keeping it under wraps.
I'm not saying a word.
I'm hoping Lana didn't see.
Oh! Oh my God.
- My heart My heart dropped.
- Tell us.
Talk dirty to us, Lana.
Tell us what we did.
- I don't want to know.
- Tell us how bad we've been.
- Hello, everyone.
- Hey.
You were brought here to form deeper emotional connections and were given rules to adhere to.
Those rules forbid sexual contact.
- I think we lost ten grand.
- We honestly didn't.
We didn't.
- This is tense, innit? - Yeah.
Who actually cares? A kiss is not that much money, especially when you know you've got to split the prize fund.
Oh, sounds like Mr.
Know-It-All watched season one.
Despite this, yesterday, your flagrant disregard for the rules has resulted in a deduction of - We all going down this ship.
- We'll see.
- You only kissed once? - Just the once.
- $21,000.
- Oh! - Oh, what? - Oh my God! Twenty-one thousand dollars! We have people lying to us.
I am holding back some bitch slaps here.
I am furious.
No more spending! Most expensive 24 hours I've ever lived.
Where did this all go down? I thought I was the only one that screwed up last night.
Where Twenty-one thousand dollars? You guys are blowing it.
In total, there were seven rule breaks.
- Seven rule breaks! Seven! - Seven rule breaks? Fucking hell.
I know I broke the rules twice, but didn't think everyone else was breaking rules.
Bit of sneaky snakes going on, innit? So, 21 grand, seven rule breaks, it has to be three grand per kiss.
They're all guilty.
Every last one of them.
Anyone want to admit anything? - Melinda and me kissed yesterday.
- Marvin and I kissed.
- On the sofa.
- It was a perfect moment! - It was a perfect moment, worth it.
- It was so worth it.
I don't regret it.
Right now I'm feeling so guilty.
The atmosphere is kind of awkward.
Yeah, we did.
I'm sorry, guys.
- That's five more we need to account for.
- So what happened last night? I almost want to laugh, if I'm being honest.
Nobody's looking at me.
Everyone's pointing fingers at somebody.
So, you're going to tell me just Cam and Emily kissed, me and Melinda? It doesn't add up.
I want to be honest here.
I'm not saying shit.
I kissed Peter! What? All right, just throw me under the bus.
Look at you sitting there all quiet, and it's you! I'm really shocked.
I don't understand.
They kept that one quiet, didn't they? If I'm being honest with you, - I got the feels for Melinda a bit.
- All right.
But I don't fully regret that one, if I'm being honest with you.
I've been saying to watch out to everybody.
Like, hold your girl down.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Carly, you kissed Peter too! Whoops.
Little Peter went to the two biggest guys, went straight after their girls and had no remorse.
I cannot believe he actually did that.
What? Why'd you do that? Why did you kiss Peter? I kissed you yesterday, so it means nothing.
Know what I mean? No, it meant something.
I don't know, so I feel like I've been played.
I must also inform you Oh God.
that at the end of this process, the prize fund will not be shared equally between you.
- What the fuck? - Fuck! Are you serious? Now this changes everything.
- Hoo! - Now this changes everything.
It sounds like I'm screwed.
Uh, Lana, I wish you'd told me this before I made out with two girls in one night.
I'm hoping it goes to people who haven't yet broken the rules 'cause this perfect angel over here will end up with a big chunk of money.
The prize fund now stands at $79,000.
I guess if you don't fully commit, you go home with nothing.
Better believe it, cowboy.
Lana did not come here to play.
Twenty K, guys, it's a lot.
I didn't expect it to be that much.
So what happened? You guys were like When did it happen? We were sitting down and it was like a dare.
It was me, Mel and him, and he was in the middle.
How would you describe that relationship now? You feel different about him? No! What the hell? You think that? - I'm just asking! - Don't worry about that ever.
- You shouldn't be worried about anyone.
- This is like the hot and cold.
I give her a lot of credit for talking to me about it, but I am now going to have to play it a little bit safer.
I don't like anyone else except you.
Honestly, when I kissed Peter, I wasn't really thinking about Chase in the moment.
I honestly just wanted to make out with someone, and then afterwards I was like, "Oh, I do like someone else.
" Carly, after last night, it's become clear you ain't the only one who needs to learn how to control themselves.
Lana, time to get to work.
The purpose of the retreat is to allow the guests to evolve their thinking on emotional relationships, and my workshops aim to give them the tools to form deeper connections.
Last night suggests the guests are unable to resist physical urges, so the first workshop will deal with restraint.
First up to teach these sexed-up students about restraint is erotic coach Alexandra Roxo.
This workshop is really about having them learn to slow down.
We just think: sex, fast, like, genitals, and there's so much more to intimacy and physical connection.
In today's workshop, we're going to be exploring our erogenous zones.
I have absolutely no idea what she just said.
I couldn't even tell you what.
It It something occur? I'm sure someone can clear this up for you, Nathan.
The aim of this workshop is to get more in touch with our androgynous zones.
Can we get these guys a dictionary? Why, thank you, producers.
Today we're gonna find your special spots with these incredible items.
There's whips, feathers, roses.
Let's see where this goes.
But we're going to focus on self control.
Oh! Not so smiley now, are we, Cam? See if you can explore some unconventional places.
Yes! Instead of diving in and devouring each other.
How do we do it if we're upset to our partner? I know we're both angry at each other, but he is still a hottie.
I feel like we can work it back out.
See if you can just still be open in this moment with her.
I don't want to do the workshop with Melinda.
This is the last person I want to see.
- Gonna keep being angry? - I don't care.
- Can't wait! - Okay, go for it.
Feeling electric Different dimension Ooh! Start to feel.
Like, are you activating nerve endings and pleasure? We are electric It's a practice of self-control and restraint, and that's a great place to form a deep bond with someone else.
I don't think I'm very sensual.
But this is what it's about.
You need to try and connect.
If me and Emily were alone, it would have gone a different way.
I would've gone straight in, boom.
If it's not sexual, I don't see the point in it.
Um, yeah, Cam, the whole point is not to boom boom.
It tickles? Purpose of the workshop is getting intimate without having to have sex at the end of it.
This is good? It's really good.
But a hundred percent, looking at him, I want to bang him right there.
What would you do? Personally? I wouldn't get down in front of 10 people and an entire camera crew, but you do you, hon.
Yeah, that's good.
Ooh, no.
I'm just genuinely trying to be on my best behavior, but he is so frickin' sexy.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I can see this heading south fast.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hmm? Harder.
All I hear is, smack, smack.
Harder, harder.
I'm looking around like, "Who is getting beat?" You got seven hearts on your ass.
Oh my gosh.
Self control and restraint.
Two essential parts of today's learnings.
- Harder? - I'm telling you harder.
Larissa doesn't take things too seriously.
I overlooked her and I really shouldn't have.
She's great.
Oh dear.
I am so horny right now.
That's awkward.
You're really testing him over there.
I'm going downtown.
I'm rubbing this feather all over his leg.
I got nothing.
He was kind of quiet, almost looked like he was sleeping.
Melinda is doing all those stuff to me and I don't really enjoy it.
I just wanted to leave at this moment.
Marvin is not too happy with Melinda right now, but if things aren't going to work out with them, I'm ready to slide right in.
Okay, you guys, if you haven't noticed, for some self-control is very difficult.
But I hope that you can take what you've learned and practiced today and you can take it into your relationship.
I like to think they've learned something from this experience.
Come on, let's give these guys a chance.
Nathan got a boner, so I must be doing something right.
Wrong! So wrong! Did anyone actually learn anything? I've learned that Cam's balls are ticklish.
They're a lost cause.
Thank you! He looks more relieved to be over with the workshop than the excitement from this feather.
Save me somehow One step and I'm going down All mistakes I've made You'll be there to catch me Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh One mirror between ten people, is hard, innit? This actually is the girls dressing room, you know.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the horniest of them all? Balls hurt so much.
- Really? - Yeah.
That'd be Cam, then.
I think Lana needs to give me a sick note from the from the rules, 'cause the blue balls are getting getting very, very bad.
What are we gonna do? I've got a little plan in my head.
Let me guess: deep breathing exercises, meditative yoga.
What's the plan? I just think you have to give me a handjob.
- What, and just risk the money? - I think a handjob is very subtle.
Under the cover? - Yeah.
I can be done quick.
- Are you joking? No, no, we can't have this attitude.
It's about forming deeper connections, not just giving you a handjob.
My balls hurt though.
It's extremely hard.
It's very hard.
I expected to come in here and just sleep with a bunch of people, and this is what the situation is.
Taken me by surprise.
And I do struggle to resist.
Lana, you're gonna have to keep your artificial eye locked on these two tonight.
Looking for attention Someone turn up the lights And then, um You're not touchy.
- I'm working on it.
I'm working - Ugh! Rome wasn't built in a day.
It was! It was not.
The kiss with Melinda, I don't 110% regret.
I admit it.
I feel some way about Melinda and I'm not saying it's crazy feelings and I'm in love with the girl - But there's somethin - I know there's something there.
- I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do.
- You do.
You don't want to look back at this in a month, two months, three months, and regret.
If the chance does arrive, I'm not gonna let it fly away.
Nope, but you'll be flying straight into trouble.
Pete's a very handsome young chap.
Melinda, she's gorgeous.
At this stage of the retreat, it's, uh, it's kind of fair game at this point.
I'm not sure Marvin shares your philosophy, Nathan.
- Can I join you? - Yes, you can.
I know we have a lot to chat about.
- You look nice tonight.
- Thank you.
So do you.
Usually I would just walk away and not care, but I really do like Marvin, and I really do want to make this work.
So how are you feeling? I'm still upset about the whole situation.
We kissed and you told me it was special and stuff.
I meant that.
Yeah, okay, but why did you kiss him 20 minutes later? - Makes no sense.
- Right.
Okay, I get it.
But I feel like he flirts with all the other girls and gives them attention, so what am I to do? It was just a dare.
What you and I have, that for me was special.
- I don't have that with Peter.
- Okay.
I don't want you to be angry at me 'cause I really like you.
I wouldn't be pissed if I didn't like her, you know.
We will see.
We will see.
"We will see"? What does that mean? "We will see" means I need a little time.
So, do I need to wait around for, like, ten days? No, you don't need to wait, I'm a little bit disappointed.
I got to get over it and then we'll see.
"We will see.
" What does that even mean? Okay, so Look, I cannot be clear with you because I don't know what I'm feeling right now.
- So, are you switching beds? - I don't know.
All right.
Ugh! If Marvin doesn't come around, then I might have to look elsewhere to someone that really wants my attention.
I don't think you're gonna have to look too far.
You gotta watch out for Pete.
Are you coming in my bed? I think so! There's room for you.
I love Marvin to death, but he's got to know that I'm going to be there to pick up the pieces and sweep Melinda off her feet if I can.
- How do you feel being in bed with me? - Good.
Oh, guys.
I'm not tired.
It's a lot going on right now, you know.
Peter, my guy.
I told him that he should make a move, and it worked.
If Marvin wants to pull this face and be grumpy and angry, then I'm going to make him jealous.
Ooh! There goes Melinda's top! Peter's like my little boy toy.
This night is the most awkward of my entire life.
This is awkward as hell, but I am loving the drama.
I'm so glad I'm not at that side of the room.
Marvin laid next to them is just just awkward, innit? What's gonna be lower in the morning, Marvin's mood or that prize fund? No respect.
This could have been avoided if he would've just crawled into my bed like I asked him to.
Well, that's cheeky! I have never been so scared of losing money until stepping into a bed with Melinda.
The sexual tension between us is just too hot.
Guys, if I mess up, I'm sorry.
I don't know if I can control myself right now.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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