Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Misters Over Sisters

1 [Lana chiming.]
Give a little bit of love Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Give a little bit of love Oh, oh, oh, oh Good morning.
Good morning, Lana.
[melodic chime.]
Good morning, Joey, Elle, and Tabitha.
I trust you slept well.
I could just hear people all night.
- What did you hear? - Just like[sucking.]
- [Emily.]
Yeah, yeah.
- Uh-oh.
Anything you want to admit, Melinda and Marv? [whimsical music playing.]
Last night, Melinda, once again, came to my bed and some stuff happened.
Everybody is gonna hate us.
Guys, you only had to go 24 hours without any rule breaks to win a reward.
If If anyone's broken the rules tonight in here, I will not be happy.
- What did you two get up to? - You look guilty.
What? - [Elle.]
Nah, she's cool.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
I was very sexually frustrated.
So of course, I'm biting his neck, I'm biting him all over his body.
I wanted him to feel me.
Feel the passion I have for him.
It was worth every coin.
What do you think about Nathan and Larissa? I was just thinking like, "What are they doing?" [laughs.]
He told me he was a stripper, so now my mind is like, "I want to see some shit.
" [group laughing.]
- You just gonna sit there and smile at me? - Yep.
Last night was fun.
It was impossible to keep our hands to ourselves, literally.
It was easier sleeping here.
How are we gonna handle telling them? What's our game plan? [Desiree.]
Sounds like last night could have been an expensive one.
I trust them more than I trust anyone.
- They're the mum and dad of the retreat.
- Yeah.
We're about to find out if Mom and Dad made any babies in the suite.
There's no stopping us So just hear us out We're gonna raise it up We didn't break any rules! [all cheering.]
[Robert laughs.]
[scatting a tune.]
So happy, babe.
I knew you wouldn't.
No money spent! Was there any dry humping? - No.
- No.
Absolutely nothing.
- [Robert.]
Well done.
- [Larissa.]
I'm so happy for you two.
We will be so annoyed if any of you guys broke rules.
No, babe.
Well, you have our word that nothing here.
Goddamn it! We didn't break any rules and you guys didn't break any rules.
Does that mean we're gonna get a reward from Lana? - [Robert.]
Yeah, buddy! - [Cam.]
Hope so.
Mon dieu.
Like, it's gonna go down like [blows raspberry.]
- [Christina.]
Chase, you had a good sleep? - I slept good.
Haven't seen you smile this much in a long time.
You guys are funny.
We didn't break the rules, but I have no complaints.
I'm waking up this morning, bright, beautiful sun, bright, beautiful girl next to me.
And your ex-squeeze nearby with a face like thunder.
[thunder rumbling.]
- Chase, you're different, bro.
- [Marvin.]
Chase is gone.
[all laugh.]
[somber music playing.]
I want to be strong.
Like, I want to be, you know, like, really happy, but watching Chase in bed with another girl really breaks my heart.
It makes me feel really sick to my stomach.
Everything just seems so heavy now - Hey, you.
- [Carly.]
I've been trying so hard To figure it out [Emily.]
What's going on? Give me a hug.
- You okay? - [Carly.]
Like shit.
I just feel - [Emily.]
Mugged off.
- Mugged off, completely.
It's just, like, it's so fresh, you know? - Mmm.
- [Emily.]
Like it just It is, and that's the thing.
It's just so raw.
And them giggling all morning and stuff and I've put in my time, being so open, honest, trying to really go through this process, and him to throw it away all in one night for someone else And he seems as if he's fine.
Everyone's like, "I've never seen you so happy, laughing in the morning.
" Just, like, I get no space from it.
Like, I I need, like, a breather.
You need to just not rise to it.
You want to look strong.
And act as if you don't care.
One thing I do know is you two aren't right for each other.
You deserve better.
I was so good to the wrong person, so He wasn't a good guy to me.
I need to move on from men like that.
Time to be with someone better.
Thank you.
It looks like it's finally time for Carly to give up the Chase.
Yes, I've been waiting seven episodes to use that line.
[dramatic music playing.]
- [Marvin.]
Whoo! - [Larissa.]
This better be good news! [Desiree.]
It's been 24 hours since Lana set the guests their challenge to go a whole day without breaking any rules, and in return, they would receive a reward.
But it's only money, right, Melinda and Marv? [Melinda.]
Oh God.
I'm gonna get crucified out there.
I'm gonna get burned at the stake.
I am not ready for this.
Ooh! Moment of truth.
I am positive that no one would have been stupid enough to break any rules.
And I am positive that you're in for a surprise.
I know it's time.
I've never been that nervous in my whole life.
And it's gonna be tough.
- [melodic chime.]
- [suspenseful music playing.]
Oh, shit.
Hello, everyone.
Hi, Lana.
[suspenseful music continues.]
Twenty-four hours ago, I set you all a challenge.
To go a full day with zero rule breaks.
In return, I would reward you.
As part of that challenge, Larissa and Nathan were sent to the suite last night.
I can tell you that they did not break any rules.
[group cheering, applauding.]
Well done, guys! Well done, Mum and Dad.
Got that Lana reward in the bag.
- Tick it off.
- [Christina.]
All right, guys.
- Wow.
- [Lana.]
However [Emily.]
Oh, shit.
Yeah, the cone's not done with you guys yet.
Goddamn it, Lana.
Really? Oh my God.
What is gonna happen? This is intense.
In my head, I know what's coming.
They're gonna be so pissed off.
Oh, la-la-la-la.
During the night, there was a serious breach of the rules.
- Fuck! - [Emily.]
What the fuck? - What the fuck, guys? - [Cam groans.]
- [Nathan blows raspberry.]
- Not okay.
What the heck does "a serious breach" mean? I feel like any breach of Lana's rules are serious.
You may as well admit now.
We're gonna be more annoyed if you lie about it.
Just literally own it.
So it wasn't you? - Wasn't me.
I'm not a lesbian.
- Not us.
Muggy on all fronts, whoever's done this.
Why are you smiling, Marvin? ["The Devil Always Gets Her Way" playing.]
- Fuck's sake.
Are you joking? - It's definitely you.
- It's you two.
- It's not! Hard times are coming [humming.]
I see the tension rising and I feel like, if I don't speak right now, everybody's gonna be disappointed at us even more.
Um, yesterday, I had kind of a wake-up call.
So you go and spunk a load of money? - Cheers, mate.
- No, no, it's not that.
Can you let him finish? Let him finish first.
And when we're both done talking, y'all can crucify us.
Yesterday, we shared a moment.
It was intense.
Um [tense music playing.]
Uh We had sex.
- Oh God, are you fucking kidding me? - Come on! I am so pissed off right now.
I cannot believe Melinda and Marvin had sex.
If we can go in the private room and not do anything It's just so disrespectful to the group when there is a reward at stake and it isn't even a genuine connection.
- Oh my God, are you fucking kidding me? - [Nathan.]
Come on.
I am fuming.
I cannot believe Marvin and Melinda have done this to us.
[dramatic music playing.]
There's a fiery passion between us.
There is between a lot of people.
There's nothing genuine there.
It literally makes no sense.
It's just muggy behavior from both of 'em.
Just selfish really, innit? Selfish, selfish people.
You've cost us all money for this weird relationship.
- I wouldn't call it a relationship.
- When Christina came, what did you do? That didn't cost us money! They're trying to play the perfect couple, but that's shit, man.
I'm just saying.
There isn't a genuine connection.
Everyone has their process of how they want to connect or reconnect.
This is our process.
We have our process.
This is how we're dealing with it.
Like, I'm not judging you guys based off your connections.
This is how I'm dealing with Marvin.
Everybody thinks that it was just about sex, but it's not.
Melinda and me have a connection, a real connection.
[tense music playing.]
This incident of sexual intercourse What were they thinking? It's gonna be so expensive.
has resulted in a deduction from the prize fund of $20,000.
Lana! Girl! Not 20 grand! It's not a genuine connection, in my opinion.
You guys don't understand.
You don't get it.
Twenty thousand! That could've been my house deposit.
They do not like each other, and yet she's jumped in the sack with him.
The prize fund now stands at [suspenseful music playing.]
- $40,000.
- [Cam sighs.]
- [laughs.]
- Absolute joke.
Not only did they fail to win back any cash, Melinda's trip up Marv's Eiffel Tower has cost a further 20 grand.
[blows raspberry.]
[music continues.]
[all muttering.]
Little mugs.
- They're all gonna be mad at us right now.
- [Melinda sighs.]
- We got to prove them also that - Exactly.
We grew from that and we are ready to have a healthier relationship.
- Absolutely.
- And we are ready to move forward.
Ah, fuck.
- I got you.
- I got you too.
I feel so guilty that Marvin and I have broken this rule.
But we're hoping we can redeem ourselves, because I know for a fact we have that deeper connection.
So I'm excited to move forward with him.
Imagine if that was me and Cam.
You'd be flipping your lid right now.
- [Melinda.]
- [Marvin.]
What up? - Here they are.
- [Larissa.]
How do you feel? There is a real connection between us and even if people don't see it because we are always fighting, it's real.
It is what it is.
If I was in their position at that time, not sure that I would have done anything differently.
I am sorry to all of you guys from the bottom of my heart.
I really am.
Marvin and Melinda are in a pickle.
Unless they show some genuine connection to the rest of us, none of us are gonna be happy.
The only thing you can hope from that is they grow and become stronger for it.
What I did was fucking selfish, and I swear to you all I'm gonna literally, like, work hard to gain your trust back and some money back.
But if Lana decides to send me home, then fine.
I really like her, I have feelings for her.
But it's hard for me to get into a relationship, 'cause I've had only one in my life and I definitely need to work on it.
It's in the sound [Robert.]
I just want to eat you up.
I'm gonna eat you up.
And the feeling that you lost Can sometimes get you down But when it's not enough Find hope it's in the sound The feeling that you lost Can sometimes get you down [Larissa.]
Like, Nathan is the first blond that I've been into.
- We really push each other's buttons.
- Yeah.
On my way I found another level And it's you that's made [Nathan.]
With the prize fund as low as it is, it doesn't leave us with much wiggle room.
But I do Trust me, I want to spend some of this money.
Or, okay, no, I don't want to spend this money.
I want to break the rules.
Sounds like our resident cowboy is upset he didn't get to ride the rodeo last night.
You know, I've been here been here a while now and, you know, I've just been slowly plugging away.
You know.
I've slowly been plugging away with Larissa.
- You haven't really got anywhere.
- Um No, I've just got nowhere.
I constantly make comments about the money being spent, but it's almost worth it if it's in pursuit of, you know, this whole connection thing.
So is Larissa's excuse of, "I don't want to spend money" Is it genuinely the money or is it because it wouldn't be worth it? It's not like you're content with your situation with Larissa.
You've always been a bit like, "It is what it is.
" You're trying to get on board with the process, but I feel you're trying to get on board with process with the wrong person.
I was definitely more tempted to break rules than Larissa was.
I could have slept naked and I really don't think there would have been any risk of her just being like, "Okay, let's break some rules.
" I think I've put in a lot more effort.
I think it's nice to be wanted, right? Set me free Set me free - Have you spoke to any girls yet, Joey? - [Joey.]
Carly's like - The one that stood out.
- The one that stood out.
I'm seeing myself as a free, sexy young man in this establishment and maybe she just needs the right love to make her bounce back.
I would really hope to get a one-on-one with Nathan, like - [Joey.]
- We need to fuck shit up! - [melodic chime.]
- Uh, Lana! [Lana.]
Hello, Joey, Tabitha, and Elle.
Hi, Lana.
Tabitha and Elle, in order to grow, you have to be willing to put sex to one side and explore deeper connections.
To encourage you to build a more genuine bond, I would like to offer you the chance to go on a date with a fellow guest.
- Whoo! - Whoo-hoo! - Finally! - [Joey.]
We spoke it - Yes! - [Joey.]
We spoke it into existence.
They're too cute.
I honestly would eat 'em all alive.
Please tell me who you'd each like to invite - [gasps.]
- and I will do the rest.
Oh my God.
I don't know who to pick.
Mmm - I'm bad at making decisions.
- No, no, no, don't ask us.
This is your thing.
I'm really not trying to, like, hurt anyone's feelings, you know, and I've decided on [Desiree.]
Ooh, teasing the reveal of who they pick.
- [melodic chime.]
- [Marvin groans.]
- No.
- Here she is.
Give us some good news, please, Lana.
Hello, everyone.
I have gathered you as I have some news.
Tabitha and Elle have been given the opportunity to form more meaningful connections by choosing one person each to accompany them on private dates.
- What? - [Cam.]
Oh my God.
Are you kidding me? This is insane.
No one pick a date with Marvin.
- Oh, shit.
- [Larissa.]
Knew that was coming.
This is a pot stirrer.
Oh, shit.
Tabitha has chosen to go on a date with - Chase.
- [group cheering, applauding.]
Chase is gonna be all over Tabitha, I already know.
That's okay.
Gotta let it go.
Let him go.
- Chasey-wasey gets a datey.
- [laughs.]
And Carly-warly looks angry-wangry.
Lana, you are blessing me.
Elle has chosen Nathan.
[group cheering.]
I'm trying to pretend like I don't care and, like, put a tough face on, but it's a bit hard seeing the person you've been getting to know go on a date with someone else in the retreat.
But, yeah, I guess we'll just wait and see.
Please go and get ready for your dates.
I'm incredibly flattered.
This is kind of a wake-up call right now that things with Larissa aren't really moving in the direction that I want them to.
We're gonna make it last We're gonna raise a glass If all we had is tonight We gonna celebrate - [Nathan.]
Who's in next? - Rock, paper, scissors is fair, right? [both.]
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! [laughing.]
He's got the winner! He's got the winner! - Do you think this dress is nice? - Unreal.
- Really? Okay.
- Unreal, babe.
You look fit.
All we had is tonight Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh As long as we're dancin' [Larissa.]
Nathan and I have come a long way, so it would be pretty lame to just throw it all away.
And Elle is not Nathan's type.
He likes blondes.
So that's why he's always looking in the mirror.
[gentle music playing.]
Miss Elle.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
Come here.
Let me give you a kiss.
It's a pleasure to finally - Sit and talk.
- To talk to you, I know.
You look absolutely fantastic.
Thank you.
So do you.
Anybody else getting a real urge to watch Toy Story again? Nathan in his little cowboy hat, he's, like, looking amazing.
He just looks so good to me.
So excited.
Cheers to one Elle of a date.
Oh my God, that's the first time I heard that.
Come on.
No one's hit you with "one Elle of a time"? [Desiree.]
Yeah, that's because it's one Elle of a cheesy line.
Thank you very much for inviting me.
I was actually surprised you said yes.
I just felt like Larissa was, like, in the way.
- Oh, you've gone straight in.
Hang on.
- [laughs.]
Um [laughs.]
I don't think "in the way.
" - Mm-hmm.
- "In the way" is the wrong phrase.
Is there, like, any chemistry there? Larissa and I Yes, I suppose that I did, you know, open up to her and whatever, but Mm-hmm.
- But - That's before I got here.
- That's before you got here.
- [laughs.]
Elle, right now, is just looking amazing.
She looks She looks incredible.
Gorgeous, confident.
Just bubbly character that I do really want to get to know her.
You know, for me, it meant a lot that you actually asked me out here this evening.
Perhaps you should've been here from the beginning.
They saved the best for last.
- I guess they did.
- [Elle laughs.]
- Hey, best till last.
- Cheers.
That's the thing about Nathan.
Hates brunettes.
Can't stand 'em.
[groovy music playing.]
Oh my God.
She's not that pretty once you look at her for five minutes.
That's true.
This hurts me less than him sleeping with her.
Once he got in that bed with her, to me, mentally, he's gone the furthest.
You should move on with with Joey.
When a guy kind of blows me off, hurts my feelings, I just will hook up with someone else or get affection from someone else to make myself feel better.
[romantic music playing.]
You're sitting right here.
This is your seat.
- Can I pull this out? - This is so romantic! [Desiree.]
Until a cockroach lands on Chase's head again.
Can we just see that one more time? - And I feel like I haven't felt that - [laughs.]
Never gets old.
Beautiful scenery, beautiful girl.
I got no complaints.
She's got, like, the red dress, nice succulent lips.
Like, she is absolutely A1.
- What do you do? - I'm a pro football player in the US.
- Love that.
- [groans.]
He's 6'5".
He's dressed in all black.
Like, he is sexy.
Remember, you're trying to put sexy to one side.
Try talking about something other than how big and handsome he is.
You're the biggest guy I've ever seen in the flesh.
Like, your hand is huge.
Let me see.
- See, that's not normal, babe.
- [laughs.]
- That finger! - I get that a lot, but not with the hands.
[both laugh.]
Like, I think I'm in love with Chase, the athlete.
I'm a WAG.
 I'm a WAG.
I think we get the message, Tabitha.
Hopefully the rest of the group are feeling less sexed up, especially after Marvinda-gate today.
I wanna lay you down [Desiree laughing.]
Yeah, right.
What undies are you wearing? They're just old.
- [laughing.]
Oh my God! - [laughs.]
- I'm not - Sorry.
I wasn't ready for that! - I thought I was ready, but I wasn't.
- I didn't know which ones I was wearing.
Okay, they expect me to put up with this shit while Nathan's on a date and I don't have wine.
I felt fine about him going on this date, but since he's left, I'm, like, dwelling on everything.
I would be sad if Nathan got his head turned with Elle.
[jazz music playing.]
I do kind of get quite a sexual vibe from you.
Someone's taken this first-date convo up a notch.
I mean, I wanna be.
Like, I I absolutely wanna be.
Can I feel your arm? Go crazy.
But let me just pump it up a little.
Why would you [laughs.]
You didn't have to do that! Oh my gosh.
I feel as though Nathan and Larissa lack that chemistry.
That's nice.
Needless to say, like, Nathan turns me on.
Like, just looking at him, it's just I can't even think straight.
- [Nathan.]
You can't stop giggling.
- Oh my God.
It's 'cause I'm so horny.
This is definitely more second-date kinda language.
I wouldn't be mad if you, like, came and slept in my bed.
Okay, we're really in third-date territory now after, like, five whole minutes.
I mean, it's it's no pressure.
- [Nathan.]
I know.
- Do what you want.
- This is tough.
You know, I - [Elle.]
Two beautiful girls.
- It's a delicate situation.
- [Nathan.]
Very delicate.
But you just have to go with your feelings, like your gut, you know.
I feel bad that I've put Nathan in this position, but, at the same time, I feel he shouldn't be putting up with settling with someone just because.
All right, well, Elle set the bar pretty low.
Over to you, Tabitha.
Have I got it in my teeth? Have I got it in my teeth? [laughs.]
- Mmm.
- [Desiree.]
We're screwed.
[Tabitha laughing.]
That's not sexy.
- You look good.
- I hope that's not, like - I could lick it off.
- You'd lick it off my face? - That's not a kiss - Lick it off my face.
It's not a kiss, right? Look this way.
- There you go.
- Do it again.
[both laugh.]
Technically, not a rule break, but something I'm sure Lana will be looking at for next season.
I'm literally so attracted to Tabitha.
Like, I get it, we got these rules, but like, Lana, don't look at me.
Don't look at me, Lana.
Let's cheers to a really nice first date.
- To a really nice first date.
- Cheers.
- To finally getting to know you.
- [Tabitha.]
This date has made me horny.
Get me in the bedroom now, and not for sleep.
After those steamy dates, the boys are in need of a cold shower.
Luckily for them, Lana has a male-only workshop coming up tomorrow to help them stop thinking with their dicks.
[whimsical music playing.]
What are you doing? [Joey.]
Snagging my sandals.
I'm just sick of being sad about someone.
I've wasted so much time already with Chase.
I don't have much time left here.
Come here.
For one second.
 Looks like Operation Get Over Chase is about to begin.
What up? - You done stressing yet? - Mm-hmm.
To get over somebody, you get under somebody.
Joey is just, like, more cuddly.
More reminds me of me.
More, like, dorky, weird.
Come here.
Will you give me a kiss? Kissing a pretty girl has become kind of second nature in the outside world.
They say it takes about two weeks to break a habit.
I've been here for two days.
I think it'd be fun.
I think we'd have fun.
It would be rude not to kiss him, obviously.
- [whispering.]
We can't tell anyone.
- [Joey.]
Lana, shut your little cone-head eyes.
Oh, oh, doin' it Oh, oh, oh, doin' it Oh, oh, doin' that The way you doin' that [Desiree.]
It looks like revenge is tasting very sweet right now.
Chase who? Right, Carly? Actually, don't talk with your mouth full.
Doin' it Oh, oh, oh, doin' it That was a spark.
She is an amazing kisser.
I am thinking about Lana.
But I'm also kinda mad at Lana [laughs.]
so I'm like, "Mmm, you've put me through a lot.
I think I can deserve one kiss.
" - [Carly.]
You're a good kisser.
- You are too.
[both laugh.]
That's down low [Christina grunting.]
[both grunt.]
No rule breaks tonight! - [laughing.]
Marvin, you knob.
- [laughs.]
Night's watch tonight, guys.
- All right, y'all? - [Emily.]
Oh, hi! Hello.
It's decision time, Nathan.
Will it be bed number one with the lovely Larissa or bed number two with the elegant Elle? - [Emily.]
Yo! - [Marvin.]
Yo! - Yes, big man.
You good? - I'm cool.
- Did you have fun? - [Nathan.]
It was a lot of fun.
- [Emily.]
Whose bed are you in tonight? - I'm here.
- [Emily.]
- I'm here.
I'm gonna get into bed with Larissa tonight.
Everyone's there.
I can't embarrass her like that.
But perhaps things will be different tomorrow.
["Just You" by James Warburton and Jade Pybus playing.]
Just you Just you ["Little Love" by Kaci Brown playing.]
[Marvin groaning.]
- Hey! - Morning! It feels so right [Larissa.]
Nathan, how was your date? I had a whole lot of fun, I'm telling you.
[whimsical music playing.]
It was nice getting to know someone.
I feel like, instantly, we clicked.
We had a spark.
Man, this is top five, like, most awkward moments of my life.
There wasn't really a dull moment.
There wasn't a quiet moment.
"Know what? Elle, great.
She's fantastic, beautiful, had a great night.
" Pretty savage, that, Nathan.
Anything else, Nath? Maybe tell Larissa how you only like brunettes now.
I've been thinking a lot about that kiss last night.
I'm trying to stay positive and maybe maybe Lana will be cool.
Oh yeah, I'm sure she'll be cool.
She might even give you some cash just for being awesome.
Tell me, is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? Today is going to be a great day.
Tell me, is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? - I, like, woke up so angry this morning.
- Why? Why? 'Cause I was, like, jealous that you, like, weren't in my bed.
Tell me, is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? Tell me, is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? [Robert.]
You almost seem like a different man since Tabitha's come in.
I was laying in the bed last night and she got completely naked.
- Oh! - [Joey.]
What? [sensual music playing.]
When you say completely naked [Chase.]
Not an ounce of clothing.
No underwear.
Like, everything was showing.
I'm not breaking these rules.
I'm not a hypocrite.
But I don't care what any man says, that takes willpower, 'cause that girl looked good.
If he thinks he'll get through however many days without breaking rules with Tabitha sleeping naked in his bed, he's absolutely deluded.
[whimsical music playing.]
This is getting into a little awkward situation.
No one here knows about our kiss last night.
- [Chase.]
How'd your night go? - She's laying there in a white thong in a spooning position, you know? I mean, I had to take 20-30 minutes outside just to cool down.
Just to cool down, sit down, relax.
I'm trying to just, you know, keep everything to myself.
I I [laughs.]
I really struggle a lot, you know, because I just I'm just a bit of a horndog, you know? [laughs.]
Well, Lana, I'm no expert, but it seems to me these boys are in need of a cone-shaped kick up the backside.
[melodic chime.]
I agree, Desiree.
I am concerned that the boys' lack of emotional maturity is preventing them from forming deeper connections.
That is why I have arranged a male-only workshop to encourage them to take greater responsibility and help master their immaturity.
And Lana has just the man to help our guys get in touch with themselves.
Mindfulness coach Keith Mitchell.
The importance of having a male-only workshop is it alleviates the distractions, you know? Guys can be just raw, they can let themselves go.
The idea is they can begin to level up their relationships with emotional maturity.
Hello, everyone.
What's stage one? Talk about your feelings, let the barriers down and discuss what's emotionally always held you back? You're gonna talk to your manhood.
Sorry, what? [laughs.]
What is this? I've got to talk to my penis? Like [Desiree.]
I suppose it makes a refreshing change from using it to think with.
It's an opportunity for you to set a new regimen going forward.
What you're going to commit to with your manhood.
The man will be talking to himself.
He's talking to his manhood, you know? He's establishing that intimate relationship with himself, talking about your frustrations, talking about your past.
Not locking that in like men typically do.
So we're gonna dive in some really deep waters today.
Think of your manhood like money and spend it wisely.
- How am I gonna spend it better? - [Keith.]
- [laughs.]
- So excited to hear what he says.
- Hey, big guy.
- [both laugh.]
I've probably taken you places where I probably shouldn't have taken you.
This is, uh This is a bit weird, if I'm honest, Keith.
We've had some good memories.
Some really, really good memories.
I've used you to break hearts.
- And backs.
- [both laugh.]
What do you guys think they're learning there? I feel like they're learning about communication, honestly.
I'm hoping they're gonna learn to not be such dicks.
Nope, just learn to talk to their dicks.
- Hey, my Eiffel Tower.
- [laughs.]
I definitely need to talk to my penis, because we spent the most money here.
Really bad penis.
It's gonna require a little bit of maturity with this, yeah? Hello.
Hello, you.
We've had some good times.
Very good times, yeah.
Remember those twins? They were They were fun.
I want to use you for good, meaningful things, rather than just manipulate, lie, get my own way.
Using you, having sex with other people, protects me from vulnerability.
I'm sorry to say it, but we've got to change our ways.
But, yeah, good chat though.
Good chat.
Ta-ra, mate.
- [Keith.]
- [all clapping.]
- Good job, Cam.
- Good job, Cam.
Strange, that one.
So, Joey, your turn.
I've known you a pretty long time.
You've always taken care of me.
It's about time for me to start start really, really taking care of you.
Little Joey's done a lot for big Joey and I'm ready to, uh, connect on a deeper level and I'm ready to maybe give it a shot, to respect him a little more than I have in the past.
- [whispering.]
Strange, isn't it? - I find it weirdly normal.
- [laughs.]
- [scoffs.]
This'll be fun.
What's going on, little fella? You gotta wake up for a second.
We've got, apparently, a deep conversation to have.
I'm gonna perhaps let you take a breather occasionally and let you have a night off.
I'm just gonna do better.
Gonna stop using you as a tool to hurt and start using you to kinda spread love.
Yeah, that's my commitment to you.
Thank you.
As ridiculous as this sounded at the beginning, I see Keith's thought process.
As men, we really struggle to open up, we struggle to show any signs of emotion.
We can be vulnerable.
I'm impressed.
The boys are taking a schlong hard look at themselves and it's not just their shorts that are opening up.
So notice you have this wooden drum next to you and you have some paint.
And what we're gonna do here with this, uh, this wooden drum here, we're going to draw, we're going to write whatever you feel about the past traumas that were not quite the best.
Things that you could have done better and the things that that you want to move away from.
I'm a horrendous painter.
Even stick figures.
I can't seem to draw a stick figure.
So this isn't gonna be a masterpiece, but I'll try and put some meaning behind it.
I've been trying to find the words Trying to work out what to say I definitely haven't been able to go in and out of relationships in a healthy way, and a storm would be the perfect way to describe that.
If there wasn't any storms, you wouldn't appreciate the sunny days.
Every time I start to write You just take over my mind And the words They just won’t come out [Marvin.]
I'm writing everything that hurt me in the past.
All the guilt I felt because, when I was young, my mom was struggling and I wasn't able to help her, so it was really hard for me.
Now we get to turn the blocks around to see what we want to create going forward.
We're going to paint the positivity.
[music continues.]
The lion is so symbolic to me, because I never got to grow up with a pops, you know, and my favorite movie when I was a kid was The Lion King and he grew up without a pops and he still became the king.
So, everyone, let's turn the block around to your negative.
And voilà, our six finished master-penises.
Robert, tell us about it.
The The palm tree and the sun represents kind of my my international travel that I've done and undertaken in the past and how I promised girls around the world that maybe I'd stick around and I haven't.
I would say I'd ring round, make some apologies, but I don't think I've got that sort of time, to be honest.
So, Nathan, tell us about the negative.
I've put a bulldozer next to a house.
Um On multiple occasions, I feel like I've been a home-wrecker, in my own home and maybe some other homes, you know? I felt at such a young age, I was ready to commit to a certain person for the rest of my life.
You know, that that didn't quite work out for me, so I just took this path of just destruction.
I didn't care who I was hurting, I didn't care how many women I was seeing at the same time.
I was just at war with women.
I wanted them to hurt like I hurt.
Cam, tell us about that negative.
My negative represents my inability to change and to move on.
On the one side, you've got certain parts of my personality and attributes I used to have which I I like and I think are more me.
On the other side, you've got as I am now.
Heartless, kind of egotistical, cocky.
Um There's just two parts of me and I I struggle to decide which is right and which is wrong.
Let's talk about the positives.
The positive is where I'd like to be.
I'll be content in having no fear.
I'll stop running from things.
And I don't know what the future holds I would like to carry it on with Em, but I still feel stuck in my own ways.
I'm too scared to just jump into something.
Do I trust myself to get to a point where I can be what I think she wants me to be for her? [Keith.]
Chase? I've learned to drop my pride a little bit and have genuine connections with people.
I tried a relationship with Carly, didn't work out.
And instead of being closed off, I found Tabitha, and I can learn something from it.
So, Marvin, tell us about the negative side.
First of all, the negative side, we talked about manhood here, and, uh, my dad was the opposite of a man.
He left his wife with two children and he ran away from his family.
I saw my mom struggling and I couldn't be here for her.
I couldn't provide for her.
And, uh, this is what I don't want for me.
I feel really emotional and vulnerable, because I'm letting go and talking about my past.
Let's see the positive side.
I've written "trust," because I feel like I should trust myself a little bit more.
I'm touched by what Marvin's saying, I think because I've never I've never heard him open up.
The fact that my dad left, I always had my guard up with people, not being able to open and, uh, trust them.
So I never trust any girl.
I've always been, like, messing around and everything.
I feel like, since I've been here, I haven't been a man with Melinda and I should have treated her as well as I'd treat my mom.
[inspirational music playing.]
Coming out from this workshop, I really feel like a new man, 'cause I realize now that I should have treated Melinda in a better way, and now I'm gonna do it.
Okay, so, men, just one last look at what you're going to let go moving forward.
What you don't want.
I don't want to go on hurting people and breaking hearts.
I need to apply that to the Larissa situation with Elle and keeping both of them on, you know, on either side, I can't do that.
And we're gonna shift this consciousness to the positive side.
Being okay with being open, honest, speaking truth to yourself.
I'm finally starting to get it.
I'm finally starting to open up and seeing things from the bigger picture.
Vulnerability is hard, man.
It's a challenge.
Job well done.
It's nice just to have this open space in front of all the boys and to kind of be a bit vulnerable.
I know none of my boys here are gonna judge me, and I'm not gonna judge them.
Oh, oh, let's go into the unknown Oh, oh, let's go into the unknown [gentle music playing.]
So the boys have spent the afternoon learning about emotional maturity.
And, on first looks, it seems to be having a positive effect.
Feelin' so crazy Arms all around I feel hazy, yeah Oh baby You’re all that I need, yeah You’re all that I need There's probably not a time in the day that I haven't thought about sex with you.
Robert, did you not listen to a word Keith said? [music continues.]
So you want to tell me about the workshop? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
First of all, how are you feeling like? I'm good.
I'm happy.
Very happy.
I feel like everything that happened, like, really made us grow already.
I think so too.
So quickly.
And now I feel like there's no more tensions.
- Absolutely.
- No more child's play.
- Yeah.
- [Marvin.]
And it's great.
And today, the workshop helped me understand even more things.
After this workshop, I feel really emotional and I need to talk about it with Melinda and open up.
We had to write down all the positives and the negatives in our lives.
My father left when I was six years old.
Everything he did was the opposite of being a man.
I want to be the opposite of what my father did.
I want to be a man for my family.
- Yeah.
- For my future wife.
My future children.
- My mom was struggling and, uh - Yeah.
every day I saw her, like, suffering and I couldn't do anything for her.
- Basically, everything I do for my mom - Mm-hmm.
I should have treated you the way I treat my mom.
- Aw.
- You know? Ah! When Marvin broke down to me and talked to me about his past and the effect that that workshop had on him, really, really soothed my heart.
I was so happy.
I think I've done so many wrong things with you.
And And, yeah, I love my mom so much, I have so much respect for her.
- [Melinda.]
- But I've never been acting this way with the girls I've been in a relationship with.
This is the first time I really opened up.
So I feel like it's a big step for us and it can only be better for the future.
For me, it's hard to get into a real relationship.
- I've always been playing around.
- Yeah.
And, uh, I definitely need to work on it, but just the fact that knowing it is a big step.
That's a huge step.
- This workshop helped me so much.
- Really? That makes me really, really happy to hear.
I'm proud of you.
I'm really, really proud of you.
I'm really proud.
The journey here has been very difficult, but the fact that he is willing to open up and change his ways, this is truly beautiful right now.
I feel like you and I can now go forward and leave the past behind us.
Good terms.
Yeah, this is the start of something new.
- Yeah.
- Something awesome.
Ah, I'm so happy.
I'm very, very happy.
Thank you for sharing that with me.
It really does mean a lot deep down.
It really does.
[melodic chime.]
[squeals, laughs.]
I got the green light! My first green light.
I'm not wasting any second.
This kiss is so special right now.
Marvin has completely opened up to me.
All this love is waiting here for you [Marvin.]
This woman is so perfect, so special.
I feel like I'll remember that day my whole life and I can feel that we are going in the right direction.
[Melinda moans.]
You [Desiree.]
Yay for Marvin and Melinda! Wow, Lana, finishing the episode on a happy ending? I guess that means we've turned a corner and there's only good things to come for our guests.
I'm afraid not.
My systems predict more guest malfunctions on their path to enlightenment.
Do you wanna have a shower with me? [groaning.]
Oh God.
Soon as you get feelings for someone, you jump ship? I wanna have sex right now.
This is not how I wanted this conversation to go.
[dramatic music playing.]
Two of you must leave the retreat tonight.
[music continues.]
Oh, hell no.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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