Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Money Down the Drain

1 I'm looking for pure love Pure love First green light with Melinda, the sunset was just there, and it was a magical moment.
Love - Is it still green? Mmm.
- Yeah.
All right, get a room, it's not the Nature Channel.
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Marvin and Melinda have shown what it takes to bag themselves a green light.
Cam, this can be our wedding veil.
- Looks a bit, um, a bit dark.
A bit scary.
- Yeah, then pull it off me.
And for some of the others, let's just say they've been less patient.
- Last night was 110% on impulse.
- Well, after we kissed we felt closer.
We've done a pretty good job of keeping it low key for now.
Oh, I see.
Just a couple of blonds hitting the town.
Marvin and I got the green light! - Lana's feeling the love today then! - Yes.
- Why's she being so nice to us? - Yeah.
I'm scared.
Normally she gives and then she takes.
- Oh! - Lana! God, Lana.
Just give it a rest, have a day off.
Please gather the guests at the beach.
- Oh my God.
- Let's go! Let's go, ladies! I already know what's coming, so I'm worried.
Looks like time's up for Joey and Carly after their kiss last night.
Here we are again.
Nobody here knows about Carly and I's kiss.
and I really hope if it does come out, that everyone will forgive me and understand.
I'm gonna go right ahead and say that's wishful thinking.
Some troubles are coming, guys! I'm sitting here thinking, who broke the rules now? Who did it this time? Does anybody want to say anything? I am positive tonight that no one would've been stupid enough to break any rules.
Hello, everyone.
Some of the boys made significant breakthroughs in the workshop earlier today.
But even though you are nearing the end of the process, there are still individuals who are breaking the rules.
Fuck's sake.
What the hell? I'm actually done, like, it's a joke now.
What? Oh my gosh, another rule break.
I'm honestly baffled.
I just don't get it.
What more do these people need? I've been completely honest and I'm going to continue to be honest.
I think that's all you can ask for.
Sorry, guys.
- Oh, shut up.
- I'm glad you think I'm kidding.
I'm not.
Wait, what? Uh, so, let me get down to the nitty-gritty.
Me and Carly kissed last night.
You've been here for two days.
What? You and Carly? Honestly, it just happened, we were on the bed together.
- Just cuddling.
- Are you for real? You were, like, crying for Chase yesterday night.
Carly kissing Joey, probably spite trying to get to Chase, you know.
You're not kissing him 'cause you want a connection.
We know why you're kissing him.
So admit it, own it.
I don't feel like that.
If I did, I would still be sad.
I woke up today and felt happy.
I'd be happy too if I'd wasted $3,000.
I wanted to kiss Tabitha so bad last night.
We had a genuine connection, but you're wasting money on Joey? Carly, that was a very selfish decision.
Joey, you just got here, dude.
Chase has been here longer than me.
I don't know if he feels the right to kind of shame me in front of everybody, but I'm not the one to take it.
I'm not going to apologize for it.
It put a smile on her face that I haven't seen - in this entire time that I've been here.
- Yeah.
Ooh, Chase.
Keep a calm face.
I would do it again because it felt right.
The way Joey is standing up for us right now is like, that's a fricking man.
Like, that's hot.
I like that.
I would like to see where this goes.
If you're gonna come at me, come at me politely and we can talk about it, but I'm not taking a lecture.
And cue the cockroach.
Oh sorry, now's not the time.
As a result, a total of $3,000 has been deducted from the prize fund.
The prize fund now stands at $37,000.
- That's low.
That is low.
- It's embarrassing.
That's what happens when you tickle someone's tonsils.
That should have been me and Chase, 100%.
So we've got a lot of catching up to do.
With that prize drop taken care of, I guess we can all get an early night.
I have further business.
Or not.
Lana's done enough damage for tonight.
Don't need anymore drama.
But she's got a little more for us, hasn't she? Surely, we can't have anymore bad news.
The retreat will be ending in three days, after which, I will be allocating the prize fund to those most deserving.
However, I have observed that not all of you are sufficiently invested in the process.
Two people in particular are showing no interest in changing their approach to sex and relationships.
And it's for that reason that I will be sending those two people home tonight.
Wow! Lana is not playing around tonight.
My heart just dropped.
My heart just dropped.
Oh, shit.
- Who could it be? - It could be us.
I think Lana's gonna send us home because we had sex, but we're learning the process, we're growing, and I hope Lana sees it.
I broke the rules last night.
I'm so stressed thinking, oh, it's gonna be me.
It could be me and Em, but I'm not ready to go yet.
I'm feeling nervous.
I've no idea what's going to happen.
We definitely could be next.
At this point, we're all on the chopping block tonight.
The guests leaving the retreat are Robert and Christina.
Oh! - What? - No way.
You have got to be kidding me.
Robert and Christina, since arriving at the retreat, you have ignored my rules.
I love to I fuck the shit out of people.
She's a very, very flirtatious girl.
Rules are there to be broken.
- Just gave him a handjob, guys, that's it.
- What? I'm a bad man.
You have failed to grow There's not a time I haven't thought about sex with you.
I'm thinking about Robert, I just want to rip his clothes off.
I would say I'd ring around and make some apologies, but I don't think I've got the time to be honest.
and generally showed very little respect for the process.
I'm a rule breaker.
Always have been, probably always will.
Oh, my God.
I just can't help myself, can I? What, what, what, what, what? - No, no, no! - Mmm We're definitely two very passionate people.
I would not take back any of those rule breaks.
I wish I broke more rules, actually.
Yeah, I'm thinking Lana made the right choice.
I knew it was going to be us.
We've broken rules, we probably would've broken more, but we've loved it, and I'm walking away with the best-looking girl in the house.
What more can I ask for? Fucking scared me.
I'm just so thankful right now.
I still need help.
I'm still trying to learn, I'm trying to progress.
I felt like I was going to go home.
But Marvin and I have been making a lot of progress, and I know for a fact we have that deeper connection.
I'm so grateful to still be in this retreat, but it's very bittersweet right now.
That was a lot.
Damn, this is a real wake-up call for me.
Lana isn't messing around, and if she feels it's your time to go, no matter what, she's gonna do it.
Robert and Christina, please leave the retreat.
Lots of love, you guys.
Love you so much! We're gonna break some rules as soon as we leave this retreat.
I'm just confused by the whole thing with Nathan and I right now.
I don't struggle to feel secure in a relationship normally, but I'm worried about what might happen.
It's gonna be sad night tonight without Christina and Robert, but, plus side, you don't have to worry about any 20 second handies.
The night's still young, Cam, who knows what could happen? All right.
Who's up to something? The robot's not going to stop me.
No one can say anything, I don't give a fuck.
Do you want to blow 20 grand? I'm sitting here thinking like, "Look, Chase, you put up a good fight," but like, with Tabitha, I've met my match.
Lana, I'm sorry.
I'm done for.
Uh-oh, was that a touchdown? - Good morning, everyone.
- Lana.
Good morning, Lana.
I hope you're benefiting from resisting your physical desires.
Anyone want to confess anything now? Why are you smiling that way, bro? Yeah, why are you smiling that way, bro? It's a good morning.
I actually feel really good today.
I'm not the proudest that I broke the rules, granted, but at the same time we did agree that genuine connections subcede rules any day of the week.
I'm genuinely happy with Tabitha.
I think it was worth it.
Have a productive day, everyone.
- Bye, Lana.
- Bye.
I woke up kind of nervous about the Larissa situation.
After my day with Elle, I just felt like a little spark that perhaps Larissa and I have been missing.
We have connected at times, but it's not quite the connection that I'd hoped for.
We're just not we're not compatible.
These two are in the same bed, but I'm not sure they're on the same page.
- Wait, what? - I love it.
Is Melinda getting an eyeful of the Tower? - So hot.
- Michael Jordan ring.
Oh, she's talking about his earring.
My bad.
If I was a biscuit, what would I be? You'd be a chocolate Hobnob.
Yeah, why? Because you're, like, smooth, and yummy, and fucking sexy all in one.
Aw, that's nice, eh? So, now we're officially wifed off.
- Aren't we? - Yeah.
I miss you in my sleep.
- Do you? - Yeah.
I want to be with you all the time.
Me and Em, we've been together since the first day, and I would like to feel like we might be something after this retreat.
I need to stop running away from situations.
My head is all over the gaff, it's doing a 360 at the moment.
Wifey for lifey.
Oh yeah Maybe I won't buy a hat just yet.
We always reach the end Before we begin It's a good day For the truth to come out Lana's called the group to the cabana, and it looks like she's downloaded her dirty data.
Girl, do you even get a chance to recharge your batteries with this lot? They're probably all gonna shout at me.
They're very focused on the money, they've forgotten how to have fun.
- Some more troubles.
- Yup.
Doesn't have to be trouble.
These guys are about to crucify me, especially after preaching all these rules and coming for people.
Hello, everyone.
Hi, Lana.
Last night, Robert and Christina were asked to leave the retreat.
My hope was that it would have focused the rest of you, but it seems I was incorrect.
Unfortunately, there has been another breach of the rules.
At this point, really don't need to guess too much.
Chase has it written all over his face.
Tabitha really can't look at anyone.
It's pretty obvious.
Thousand percent this prize drop is because of Chase, and I'm calling it now.
I wish Chase would stop doing a sex face.
- All right guys, listen.
- Here we go! Here we go.
All right, listen.
I said I'll come clean when I break the rules.
I kissed Tabitha last night.
Look at you.
Spending money on useless things.
You have lost another $3,000.
You got so mad at me yesterday, and then do the exact same thing.
Chase is being so hypocritical.
Last night he was freaking out on me and Joey, but then hours later went and decided to do the exact same thing.
I don't know if it was spiteful or he had to one-up me, I don't know.
However, that is not all.
There was also another breach of the rules.
What? - I thought it was a kiss.
- I thought it was a kiss.
Yeah, maybe it was a little bit more than a kiss.
We was just a bit like playful.
Oh, that's Chase's sex face.
You kissed, and what was Felt his willy, get over it.
If anyone has a right to break the rules, it is me and Cam.
We have had the strongest, longest connection in here.
And we haven't broken rules in, like, over a week.
Another $4,000 has been deducted from the prize fund.
No sexy time is worth that much money.
The prize fund now stands at $30,000.
We'll have to get a credit card in here.
Are we all just going to sit here and actually forgive them? This is an absolute liberty.
We're all here for the same fucking reason.
Is there respect for anyone? We're in the hot seat right now, but everybody's been in the hot seat at this point.
This is making me so angry 'cause he was such a douchebag with me and Joey last night.
So what's it gonna be If there's no apology We've gotta keep the sexual energy in here high - Yeah.
- otherwise it just gets boring.
I agree.
No apology Go, go, go No apology What is the deal with you and Chase? Like you caught up over it? - Nope.
- Not at all? No, it hurts because of how it happened, and we haven't chatted.
Chase has really upset me.
I just can't handle this anymore.
I need to make it clear, like I don't want to go on in this house awkward anymore.
I'm thinking these guys might need some kind of intervention.
What you got for us, Lana? Since Carly and Chase broke up You barely even look at me, you barely fucking say anything to me.
- I'm supposed to know how you feel? - I think I'm gonna go solo.
there has been a growing tension between them.
This has had a negative impact on their mood, their new relationships, and the wider group as a whole.
For that reason, I have designed a workshop to teach them and their new partners to speak their truth.
They will be using communication as a tool to connect with each other on an emotional level.
Helping Lana today is Brenden Durell.
He's an expert in communication and connection.
I'm bringing them to this workshop so they can learn how to control your emotions so other people can speak and you can listen to them effectively.
I'm going to teach them how to improve their communication by listening.
Hold on.
You're saying communicating with people and telling them how you feel can actually help in your relationships? I got to write that one down.
How you doing? - What's going on? - Hi.
I want closure with Chase a hundred percent because there is unfinished business.
Good to see you all.
Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I'm not looking forward to this one.
There's three types of people in this world in regards to communication.
There's a reactionary-based person, there is a responsive person, and then there's also a shutdown person.
Where do you feel you sit in this spectrum? - Mmm, probably reactive.
- I'm definitely more reactive.
Almost like you don't want to put up with anything.
What about you? Uh, shut down, 1000%.
Like not even a budge, you don't even come back.
I just go quiet, I think it started with boyfriends.
- Got you.
- Um, I'm a shut down.
I walk away from things that I don't like.
At the end of the day, you, you, you, you, we all want the same thing.
We want safety, we want peace, we want love, we want harmony.
That's actually what the whole world wants.
Lana has told me, Chase and Carly, there's been a breakdown in communication.
And for this workshop, I'm going to ask if you guys can switch.
Time to see if Lana's plan to fix things is actually going to work or if she's about to start World War 3.
Here I am, thinking I'm going to get some quality one-on-one time with Tabitha, build our relationship stronger, and here I am again with Carly.
Man, can't we just let this die? What we're going to do is called the gag experience.
That's got Tabitha interested.
It's not what you think.
It's not about the freaky, freaky experience.
I'm going to pass out these hanks.
- Hanks.
- Yup.
So we're gonna start over here, Chase and Carly.
This'll be good to do this.
So in this exercise, we're gonna give Carly the space just to speak her heart to you.
Um, is it me or does this now feel like a hostage situation? The purpose of this is to allow somebody to speak their truth without you taking it personally You're gonna be able to say anything you want to Chase.
Anything that's been burning inside of you that you haven't been able to say.
I have held so much discomfort towards Chase in me, and never have said what I really feel to him.
I always keep it in 'cause I just think it's easier than fighting with him.
Hold on tight, here we go.
Okay, well, first of all, I think you have a huge ego.
I don't even know who you are, if what we had was true.
I think you lied to me, I think you were really manipulative.
I think you were with me for not the right reasons.
You make me feel not confident.
You never made me feel good about myself.
Chase is representing every guy I've kind of ever really dated, and that's why it's so important that I tell him exactly how I'm feeling without him being able to say a fricking word.
I asked you the whole time to be affectionate, as soon as someone else walked in, you were affectionate.
I left crying, and you knew how upset I was, you never asked how I was, you did not care.
I can think of about a million places I'd rather be than in Chase's spot right now.
I was sick to my stomach over you moving on so quickly.
You're not nice.
 You're not nice.
I've never been spoken to by anybody like that before.
Don’t you know that you gotta take Some of the blame I guess the value in listening is I feel her anger.
I feel her upsetness.
I'm glad she told me how she felt.
Well, it’s not And it’s got real serious This whole Chase situation is very intense.
Just like relax, chill out, breathe.
All right, Chase, express yourself now.
Carly, I think that you are a really genuine human.
You have a lot of great qualities about you.
I struggled because I felt like as amazing of a person you are, you dealt with, like, a lot of insecurities and I felt like you casted a lot of those insecurities onto me, when they didn't need to be there.
I see the tears, I saw the sadness, and I did choose to ignore it.
That was a selfish play call and that was wrong.
I apologize.
It was really nice to hear him apologize.
The things he said, I agreed with.
I admit I'm insecure.
This is something I really need to work on as a person and as a partner, and in a relationship.
She tore into Chase, and it looked like she needed it.
But now I'm seeing her mood lighten up a little bit.
Maybe she just needs the right love to bounce back.
I want you to get a little closer to each other and touch the other person's heart.
Everything that we worked through today, it's all just stories, but at the root that person is still a beating heart.
Always remember that.
Share some eye contact.
Not my favorite workshop, but I feel like this is part of my process, and transitioning this into my relationship with Tabitha, I can genuinely listen to her, you know, before things get bad.
This is way too deep for me.
I mean, I'm here to have fun at the end of the day.
I just wanna say you're all so brave for doing this, and I thank you so much for going there and working through your stuff.
- Thank you.
- Much love to you all.
Thank you.
Today's making me realize I should always speak my honest truth to the partner.
It is something I've wanted to do for years and years and years with boyfriends, and I've never gotten the chance to.
I think I projected a lot of my past relationships onto Chase, and I do feel bad about that, but also, he needed to hear what I had to say.
So, there you go.
Proof that introducing a gag into a relationship is always a good thing.
I actually don't know what I'd do without your cuddles on this bed.
I'll be fine when I go home.
Just not now.
She has no idea I've been having these doubts and these thoughts.
Um It's not anything she's doing wrong.
It's all me.
I start thinking, "Okay, why don't I just commit to something.
" But then I go, "No, no, scary.
Back out of that.
" So it's like I'm constantly just going back and forth in my head.
Things are definitely weird with Nathan and I right now.
Um, he went on his date with Elle, and since then, I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it, so, yeah, everything's up in the air.
- The workshop was really intense.
- It was.
I felt bad that you were there and had to listen to everything.
- But I think it was really good.
- Of course.
And you needed to hear kind of how he treated me.
It was definitely like an eye-opener.
You think so? But obviously there's two sides to every story.
He obviously knows he done something wrong to you.
He's trying to listen to us now, look at him.
He's so sneaky.
- I've known he's a player.
- Yeah.
- I can work with that, I'm a player too.
- Yeah.
I'm not here for anything serious, I just wanna have a laugh, he's an attractive guy, I don't care.
I'm not here for a super intense relationship.
I'm single.
Everyone else is practically single.
So really, we can do what we want.
Seems like that gagging experience has made Tabitha even hornier.
Something tells me she won't be getting between one couple though.
Since yesterday's green light, Marvin and Melinda are connecting on a whole new level.
I like you so much.
I'm coming to Paris for a month.
Have sex for, almost, every hour.
Every hour? Is that a reward or a punishment? The sexual tension between Marvin and I is unbearable.
It's hard for us to stay away from each other.
Right now, I'm realizing it's not just about sex.
It's way deeper.
There's a real connection, and yeah, I can really see myself with that girl.
I'm calling it, guys.
First Too Hot to Handle marriage right there.
Melinda might be booking her ticket to France, but any chance of Nathan making it all the way to New Zealand is looking a little bit more unlikely.
Feel like maybe I need to let Larissa know the feelings I have, or don't have.
You know, it's so tough, but I, uh I probably need to address it this evening.
Am I yours or just passing by? - Howdy.
- Hey, darlin'.
Am I just wasting light? - You're the color of your shirt.
- Like I've burned? - A little bit.
- There's no way.
I've got so much cocoa butter on.
I don't want to hurt her, but she really just deserves an explanation.
You and I've been here for a while now, and I guess I've just been on the ropes with you, I just don't know how you feel.
You don't know how I feel.
We kind of just breeze by the day.
- You know I went on a date with Elle.
- Hmm.
We just got along very well, very quickly.
We've been on a a journey with one another, but it's been so slow.
We're both very slow burners.
I did ask you to spend more time and give more affection.
I honestly did try, and the minute a new girl comes and shows attention, you turn your head.
I think Nathan is just making excuses.
How he's acting shows me his true colors.
You know, I don't want anything with Elle.
I don't want to kiss her, we just got along.
But I I've just I've never felt like you liked me.
- That's the simple truth.
- I've told you I do.
- You haven't, babe, not once.
- I have.
You could've asked, you didn't have to go on a date with another girl.
I honestly like you, I feel like we have a good connection, I wanted to be like everyone else is in this villa with you, but just the way you've acted is, like, so utterly disrespectful.
I didn't mean to disrespect you, I was just being honest, but sometimes it feels like we just share a bed and nothing more.
This is so not how I wanted this conversation to go.
I feel like I've absolutely been mugged off.
I feel like shit.
I'm sorry, but I don't believe I've treated you like that.
If you think that's not disrespecting me, there's no point having this conversation.
Uh Like, it's true.
So I just like, hope Thanks for chatting.
I gave Nathan a lot of chances, but just over it now.
It's hard, but I think the right decision for me is to leave the retreat today.
Wow, so after getting dumped by Nathan, Larissa is dumping the retreat? No way.
There's nothing else I can learn.
It's just time for me to to go.
I did not see this coming at all.
None of us did, and we are shocked.
I think this was really hard for Larissa, but she's a smart girl, so I know she's made the right choice, even though it sucks.
- Be nice to Melinda, please.
- I will.
I don't want to hate you.
I'm happy for Larissa to leave by her own terms.
But of course I'm going to miss her.
Her and I didn't quite figure things out between the two of us, but I don't hold anything against her, and I hope she doesn't hold anything against me either.
Wish me luck.
I want to stay true to myself and I want to leave happy, and knowing that I've held my head high and been strong this whole time.
I love you.
I love you.
I wanna be stronger Let out my roar and Hi! Holy shit.
- You're too stiff.
- I don't know, Lana! When it comes to the emotional stuff, I don't like that.
From, like, my childhood and growing up, I kind of built a wall up.
I'm gonna continue to try and let my guard down.
I think you're, like, amazing.
Even if I didn't leave the retreat with a romantic connection, I have learned so much about myself.
And so thank you, Lana, you've been the best teacher ever.
It's been amazing.
It's hard to see someone leave right now.
- I'll miss her.
- I already miss her.
Do you feel guilty about Larissa leaving? I think we both could have done so much better.
Yeah, we just didn't gel, and you know, I always wanted kind of what you guys have.
Like, that'd be great.
She'll always be special to me.
She, um She helped me open up in ways that I never have before.
Yeah, I'm I'm sad to see Larissa go.
Listen, guys, we're all sad that Larissa has left, but what are we gonna do? Not enjoy the naughty costume party that Lana's arranged in her honor? I don't think so.
I've been a good girl for a week, it's time to get my sinner side back out.
I was thinking if I dress like an angel, I might be able to get away with more stuff.
Lana will be distracted.
I think this theme is backfiring.
We're dancin' in the stars Marvin is looking like a fine, angelic chocolate drop.
Joey's not really a sinner.
He's so nice, he's more of a saint.
I feel so good when I'm with him.
I love the fact that Cam's a sinner.
Maybe it's time I bring out the devil in him.
Em, she doesn't know I'm having these doubts.
I know I need to do what's right and get it off my chest.
I don't have these conversations 'cause I'm not very good at them.
All right, Cam, time to put on your big boy pants.
- You okay? Good.
- Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
- Just wanted to have a chat.
- Oh yeah? I feel that we haven't really spoken about things, and you've probably noticed I've been like, quiet, a bit not myself.
Um I was having Straight up, just having doubts about this.
I'm retracting from you.
I don't mean to.
I do it automatically.
It happens with girls all the time.
It's just It's just me.
That old chestnut.
- "It's not you, it's me," yeah? - Yeah.
It is actually quite a shock to know how you're feeling.
I had no idea you were feeling this way.
Like I said, this is my own problems.
I don't want to keep this thing going if I think I'm going to hurt you or you're going to hurt me.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how I feel about you.
I'm, like, very into you.
I just don't get why you aren't scared.
I honestly don't understand how you're so calm with this.
Because I know within myself that I like you.
And I'm going with it.
If I was to back away from my feelings and act how you're acting, then how's that going to be of any benefit to either of us? Like, you're just doing what you usually do and as soon as you get feelings for someone, you jump ship.
I'm very pessimistic about relationships.
I always have been.
You know, my parents, they both divorced at a young age.
And then my mom divorced again, my dad divorced again.
It's as if she's mad for thinking that me and her can work.
Relationships don't work.
It's weird, but I'm just very pessimistic about them.
On the outside, I don't have this conversation.
 I just sack it.
- Yeah.
- But I want to have this conversation and let you know that I've got these weird little issues, but I'm trying to work through them.
Just wanna be honest with you.
Listen, I don't judge you on anything.
- It's obviously all in your head.
- Yeah, it is.
I'm here for you through thick and thin.
I really, really fucking like you.
I do too.
And I'm excited for our future together.
I really am.
I may put a brave face on, but I'm genuinely upset.
This is exactly why I am the way I am with guys.
I can't stand to be hurt, and one time, I tell a guy how I really feel and really start to open up, it just all goes tits up.
How it's dangerous I keep waiting for you to save me Wow, Larissa leaving, Cam and Emily on the rocks.
Lana, how about you give these guys a break and turn in early tonight? I guess not.
We figured out that every time there's dancing, there's usually bad news.
Here we go.
No one lost any money.
Well, not in the last five minutes, no.
Good evening, everyone.
- Hi, Lana.
- Good evening.
I'm nervous because something is coming.
As we begin to enter the final phase of my program, it is time to recognize the progress and growth that has been made Huh? and to give you an opportunity for redemption.
Marvin and Melinda, your relationship has so far cost the group the most money.
I have sinned.
However with the steps you have taken together and the clear bond you have shown, you deserve the chance to return money to the prize fund.
Yes! Come on.
You guys should know by now, it's never that easy.
Let's see if we can do it though.
I believe in second chances.
Therefore, it is time for you to face the ultimate test.
Here we go! Oh, fuck.
No! Tonight, you will sleep in the suite.
We're fucked! We're fucked! They have sex while we're in the room, so having a private room when we're not there, best of luck to you.
Well, you can quite literally kiss goodbye to the rest of that prize pot.
And we are screwed.
- Game faces, okay? Come on.
- You're right.
I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to resist the devil Melinda tonight because she's hot.
She's fire.
If you succeed without breaking further rules, I will increase the prize fund from $30,000 to $55,000.
Whoo! That's a chunk.
Finally, a chance to win back some money.
This is your last chance.
We're all getting our hopes up, guys.
Do I have faith in them? I mean, probably not.
I'm expecting to wake up tomorrow morning, them to have had sex, no money in the bank, and we're all fuming.
- We got this.
- Y'all got this.
I have faith.
Bonne chance, Marvin and Melinda.
Enjoy it.
But not too much.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Please make your way to the suite.
The moment we step into that room, I might just want to pounce on him! - Ahh! - Oh my God.
- Candles.
- Oh! - And there's condoms.
- Why'd you do this? Why? Why? Why? Come on! Oh, you got the devil, it's true Have you seen Marvin? Oh.
Stay strong, girl! Ready to move Ready to leave Ready to fight hard Waiting to blow Waiting to go Just leave the light on - Hi.
- Hello.
- How are you? - Yeah, all right.
Maybe this is my time to test the waters a bit, and have a bit of fun with it.
Um, where's your head at with Emily? You good? Um, yeah.
Like, I'm Are you, like, gonna marry each other? No, no, don't say marry.
Marry's a big word.
'Cause you seem quite committed already.
I'm proper like grass is greener.
So, when like us newbies come in as more options, did anything change for you? Eh? - I've made the mistake of, like - With Christina? - Yeah.
Can't make that mistake again.
- Why are you laughing? Do you think you'll ever change? I like to think I'm learning, yeah.
This is my problem.
I'm just like my head always turns.
- Like, do I even trust myself? - Sometimes that's not a bad thing.
Like, I've got no loyalty to Emily, or Chase really.
No loyalty to Chase? Do I think Chase is boyfriend material? I think he should be more concerned about me being girlfriend material.
Maybe if I was here from the beginning, who knows what would happen? Might be different.
This ain't a good time.
I'm having some doubts about Em, and you've just strolled in here looking fit and whatnot.
This is not what I need right now.
- Do you like risk? - Yeah, I totally do.
Do you think I'm a bit of a risk? - Yeah.
- Why are you smiling? - Don't know.
- Why'd you look so horny? - So, nice chat.
- Yeah, very nice chat.
Just gonna get naked in here.
You can watch if you want.
Hold that thought.
This just took a turn.
I need to get back to the private suite bathroom and check on them.
Nobody move a muscle.
Mother - I wanna have sex right now.
- This is not fair! I don't give a damn about the money! No Put your money where your mouth is Do you care about the money, Cam? Or about Emily for that matter? This is a big battle between old Cam and new Cam.
I'm just thinking I want to slap it on you.
Oh, God.
This is bad, innit? This is bad.
You're being cheeky.
Do you wanna come and shower with me? I'd love to.
You put your money where your mouth is Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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