Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e09 Episode Script

Green Lights and Hot Nights

1 [Lana chiming.]
[playful music playing.]
Do you wanna shower with me? [laughs.]
[shower running.]
Okay, we're back and things are gettin' steamy.
I'm burnin' and I'm about to explode This isn't a test I need right now.
Not at all.
Oh! Too hot to handle I was never good at tests, not gonna lie.
I was a naughty kid in school.
I'm single.
He's practically single.
So really we can do what we want.
Ugh, I want to get in the shower.
[dramatic music playing.]
- I'm gonna have to leave.
- What? I'm leaving now.
- What? - I'm leaving now.
[whimsical music playing.]
Well, there's the door, Cam.
Maybe start walking towards it.
Nope, that's the shower door.
Have a nice shower.
That was hard.
Why do I like girls so much? Lana, I hope you're watching, love, because that might be the hardest thing I've had to do here.
Cam might have doused the flames of passion in the shower [grunts.]
- [Marvin.]
Let's have fun.
- [Melinda exclaims.]
but the prize fund could still be in hot water.
- [laughing.]
What? - What? What? I think, like, Cam needs to liven up a bit.
I'm just looking for a bit of fun really, so I'm gonna keep flirting with Chase.
I think he's a great guy.
It is weird, like, sharing a bed with Em after our chat.
I'm hoping she gives me a bit of space tomorrow, just to kind of get my head sorted.
So with a restless sleep ahead for Cam, there's still the teeniest matter of Melinda and Marvin.
Massaging oil.
What the fuck? [Desiree.]
$55,000 at stake for just one night of no nooky.
All alone in a sexy love nest, this could be a redemption story to remember.
[Melinda speaking French.]
Oh, we're fucked! Whoo! [Desiree.]
Ah, jeez.
["All Around the World" by Ms.
Triniti playing.]
- Hola.
- Good morning.
With Larissa leaving, my mind is pretty made up that things with Elle just aren't gonna go anywhere right now.
Too often in my life, I break things off with someone and then jump straightaway into something else.
Joey, Carly, how you doing over there? Middle bed.
Originally, I thought it was Chase's bed, but Carly stamped her dominance on that.
It's like when your ex-girlfriend gets the dog and the apartment.
- [Carly.]
That's me right now.
- I'm the dog.
- [both laugh.]
- She got Joey in my bed.
I mean, I was bothered by the whole Carly situation, but me and Tabitha are great.
I'm genuinely happy.
I've never been more at peace.
It's the first time you're not waking up sweaty.
Your hair's actually curly and fluffy.
- Mmm.
- How mental is that? - [mumbles.]
- So soft! [indistinct chatter.]
Even though Cam has had doubts about our situation, we've worked so hard on getting to know each other and building a relationship that he'd be stupid to throw it all away.
You guys think Mel and Marvin did anything? Um, I'm worried.
All they got to do is get a bit carried away in the moment.
Yeah, true.
I spent the best night ever.
Like, one of the best nights of my life.
Oh, fuck! [Desiree.]
Call me cynical, but usually when a man has a grin that big and claims he had the best night ever, it usually means one thing.
[electronic music playing.]
With time in the retreat drawing to a close and with Marvin and Melinda yet to emerge from their possible den of iniquity, the rest of the residents are soaking up the sun while they still can.
It does make me worried.
Why have we not seen them? I'll do the talking.
You couldn't have put two hornier people in that suite.
That is the ultimate test then, isn't it? Yeah.
We've been through a lot together.
If they did, I can guarantee that everyone in the house is gonna be really pissed off.
Like, for real mad.
So lie to me Go on and lie to me, yeah The money's on the line.
Our friendships, all of this.
- Respect completely lost.
- Hundred percent.
So lie to me Go on and lie [group cheering.]
They don't look happy.
They don't look happy.
Does anyone else have the feeling this day is about to take a very bad turn? [Emily.]
How was last night? [suspenseful music playing.]
It was great.
It was great, guys.
What happened? We We couldn't successfully complete.
- Shit, man.
- [Elle.]
Really? What? Are you joking? - [Tabitha.]
You had one job! - [Melinda.]
We ain't got no money left.
- Are you serious? - [Tabitha.]
I'm actually pissed off.
Just pull the Band-Aid off, guys.
Let's get this over with.
There was literally so much Our respect, money, your own respect.
I am literally shocked.
They couldn't manage to keep off each other for one night? That's not a big ask.
Are y'all being serious or not? Hell no, we ain't spent nothing! [all cheering.]
I've never seen a group of people so happy for their friends to not have sex.
This is how my friends react when I do.
[cheering quietly.]
 We did it.
Buzzing for you both, you know? - Whoo! - Well done, guys! - Wait, so no kissing, nothing? - Nothing! - We put a bench in the bed like this.
- [Melinda.]
And pillows.
A what? I need to see what went down.
Oh, you look so good right now.
[groovy music playing.]
No! Nothing! Marvin, stop! Stop.
I'm moving.
You gonna sleep on there? [chuckles.]
- You put the bench right there.
- It stays right here.
I'm serious.
Well, they've definitely set the benchmark.
Sorry, guys, couldn't resist.
- We didn't touch anything.
- [Melinda.]
Nothing! Aw, so proud of you two.
It feels so good to have this achievement with Melinda.
We've come such a long way and now we have proved everybody that we can make it.
You've grown! I've never been that happier in this whole retreat.
- [Nathan.]
You both just radiate - [group.]
Aw, Marvin! I'm gonna cry! [laughs.]
It's clear that a lot of people in here have progressed.
I hope that everything can be okay between me and Em.
But I just need some space and a bit of time to make sure that I go through with the right decision and that everything is clear in my own head.
- I can touch her now.
- Yeah! What you get is what you see I won't pretend I'm what you need There's no in-between This is take or leave That's the sweet potato fries I ate today.
- [Carly.]
And two sandwiches.
- I'm a growing boy.
- [Carly.]
That's what my mom would say.
- He's a growing boy.
What's going on? ["Trouble With Sleep" by Walking River playing.]
- How's it going, lad? - You look like you've seen a ghost.
Yeah, I'm all right.
Just, like, overthinking in here, bro, overthinking.
The trouble with love is You just have to trust it For it to be lost You're the first person I told about this, but Tabitha came in the shower yesterday I was just in the bathroom, chilling.
She came in, said she kind of like fancied me.
Got very flirty.
She asked me to get in the shower with her.
Um [laughs.]
- Here we go again.
- You did? I wanted to so badly.
I'm always chasing the next thing, 'cause it's exciting.
I always like to I'm never content.
It's like I'd rather cut it off in here than have to go outside this retreat and possibly see what happens and then potentially hurt End up hurting me.
I said no to getting in the shower with Tabitha, so I think that shows I've grown quite a bit already, but I'm struggling to commit to Em at the moment.
I'm too scared to just jump into something and to commit to something because I don't know whether it's gonna work or not.
It's lonelier having someone different every night than it is just having that one consistent figure.
- It's easy, but lonelier.
- [Nathan.]
Yeah, it's easy but it's lonely.
If you cut things off with Em, can you really leave the retreat and say that you've changed? - Probably not.
- Probably not, no.
He has a great thing with Emily.
Very rarely does a connection like theirs happen.
He should be so content with Emily, and if he's not, you really don't need to string her along any longer.
[upbeat music playing.]
The promise of winning back $25,000 seems to have our guests nice and relaxed.
Ooh! [Desiree.]
But this ain't my first retreat rodeo.
I'll believe nothing till I hear it from Lana herself.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
- [group.]
Ooh! - Lana! Hey, Lany.
I'm praying and hoping, but you can never know with these two.
Last night, Marvin and Melinda faced the ultimate test of restraint in the suite.
[music continues.]
I can confirm that no rules were broken.
[all cheering.]
- Oh, love it! We love to hear it! - We love to hear it, baby! [Lana.]
The prize fund now stands at $55,000.
I'm extremely proud.
They set aside their own urges and they considered each and every one of us in the retreat.
We couldn't touch each other or anything.
And I think that has brought us closer than ever.
We're so happy together.
For you guys.
- Yeah! - Finger snap.
That little cone sure knows what she's doing.
This feels like a big turning point.
From now on, it's genuine growth and meaningful connections.
Ain't that right, Tabitha? [Tabitha.]
We've definitely got more money in the bank to spend now, so we might as well just have a big orgy.
That's what we're here for.
I'm joking.
We're not.
But it would be more fun.
That's a totally different show, which would be on pay-per-view.
Congratulations, Marvin and Melinda.
I would like to reward you with a date this afternoon.
Well deserved.
But I have further announcements.
Oh God.
Lana, don't play like that.
The "but" can only mean bad news.
All romantic connections matter and must be nourished with time apart from the group.
This is why I am sending all partnered guests on a final date.
- Yay! - [group applauding.]
Chase and Tabitha, you will go this afternoon.
- [group cheering, applauding.]
- Oh.
Tabitha makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.
It's gonna be a good day.
- That's cute.
- [Melinda.]
- You might get the green light this time.
- [laughs.]
Second date with Chase.
So excited.
I want to bring out his fun, naughty side.
So we'll see how the date goes.
- [Lana.]
Cam, Emily - [chuckles.]
Joey, and Carly, your dates will be later tonight.
- We need a date.
- Yeah.
- We need a date night.
- We do.
I'm excited to go on a date with Joey.
We're good to each other.
We get each other.
I want Lana to see that and to be like, "Carly, this is who you should be with.
" [Lana.]
It is time for you all to look at your development and assess what you want from your future.
- Please use this time wisely.
- [squeals.]
This date is fairly big, you know, for me and Em, 'cause I think the decision as to whether I am gonna commit to her long-term, I feel like I have to make it on this date.
It's crunch time, decision time.
[upbeat music playing.]
You heard the cone.
It's one day of turbo-dating to figure out where the heck these relationships are heading.
It's all about the couples today.
That just leaves Nathan and Elle to keep each other company.
I just started to realize that you really don't need to have someone in here.
I felt like me and Nathan, we had an infatuation, because I was new and we'd just met and, you know, we both look nice.
I feel like maybe we should just be friendly with one another, 'cause he's so funny, he makes me laugh so hard.
Jesus! - Don't spill the drink! [laughs.]
- [Elle laughs.]
First up for their date, last night's MVPs, Marvin and Melinda.
My future looks like Ooh, ooh, ooh - You like that, huh? - [laughs.]
Marvin and I really haven't been on a date in a while.
- Let's pop the champagne right now.
- [laughs.]
We are so excited right now.
- Oh! - [cork pops.]
- Whoa! - [laughs.]
But I need some reassurance here, because after we leave this retreat, he's going back to France, I'm going back to New York City.
To our journey.
Oh! The long journey that we had? - Yeah.
How many times did we break up? - It was a lot.
But finally I realized that you were the right one.
Everything has changed between me and Melinda.
We were struggling and fighting, and right now I want to be with her and, yeah, it's kind of perfect.
I feel like the more you struggle and you fight, the better it is at the end, because now our relationship is so strong.
We literally had everything thrown at us and we came out stronger.
For a long time, I questioned us and my feelings towards him.
But after the workshops and me expressing how I feel about him, and him expressing how he feels towards me, my feelings for him are stronger than ever.
You make me feel better and be someone better.
- Kind of Yeah.
- [gasps.]
- You motivate me and I motivate you.
- Yeah! Baby, that's powerful.
Motivation right there.
How do you see the future between us? You and I, we only go up from here.
- Yeah.
- There's no going back.
You make me so happy.
["Love is a Risk" by Guesthouse playing.]
This moment is so perfect.
Just perfect.
We've got to leave this retreat together, so I have to ask her to become my girlfriend, but, at the same time, I'm really nervous.
Oh, love is a risk One that I wanna take - This is nice.
- Not bad.
- [Chase.]
Have a seat.
- [Tabitha.]
Thank you.
All the things I've learned in this retreat, I feel like, with my emotions, I've learned to tap into them and, right now, I have such strong feelings for Tabitha.
- Cheers to a second date.
- Cheers.
- To many more.
- Mmm.
I'm here to pour my heart out.
Nothing unsaid.
All stones turned over.
- That's quite nice, isn't it? - Yeah.
It's like, uh It's really good.
Your eyes, like like, glow.
You got like these emeralds in your eyes and it's just so mesmerizing.
I'm learning all your your little tricks that you use.
You know, the hair flips and batting the beautiful eyes.
- Oh, darling, it's just the wind.
- [both laugh.]
Chase is full of compliments, but I don't want a serious relationship.
I'm here to have a good time.
I know a lot of girls.
So I know specifically when one's really special.
It's now or never.
Like, we're in the fourth quarter.
Game clock's running out.
["Make It On My Own" by Izzy Warner and Stevie Gold playing.]
I'm optimistic, you know? Like, if it's going good, I'm gonna work my tail off to make sure it keeps going good.
I don't care about distance, time zones, whatever it is.
I'm always up for a challenge.
I'm a competitor by nature.
But I feel it in my bones Yeah, the writing's on the wall Honestly I'm just gonna be honest, like It is basically like a little holiday romance.
It's not as serious as we think.
Ah, shoot.
I'm happy doing me in the company of others, but I wanted to let you know how I was feeling.
I genuinely feel a bit heartbroken.
In a sick way, it does feel nice to feel something, because it showed I actually cared, but, yeah [music continues.]
Poor Chase.
Come on, Tabitha.
Time to say something nice to soften the blow.
- I did have a little flirt with Cam.
- [music warps.]
Yeah, that's not what I meant.
There was a scenario, we were in the bathroom together and he literally was coming over and having a look at me in the shower, - so it got a bit intense.
- Yeah.
I'm happy that's out in the open, for sure.
Then, for him to realize that, you know, I'm here [inhales deeply.]
 to have a bit of fun.
I came here to get to know everyone, so I'm not gonna spend all my time - getting to know you.
- [Chase.]
There is options.
I'm sure there is for you too.
It's a lot of information to take in right now.
But, uh, I'm just sitting here thinking, "Dang.
" It really sucks.
I was really hoping to continue to grow with her.
[solemn music playing.]
I got Paris on my mind In French, we would say [speaks French.]
- What does that mean? - [Marvin.]
I'm falling for you.
I'm falling for you as well, baby.
There's nothing more I need to know about Melinda right now.
I feel like I'm the man she needs and she's the woman I need.
And, yeah, um, the thing is, like I know it's time.
I've never been this nervous in my whole life.
- My heart is pounding.
- [Melinda giggles.]
Like Here it goes.
I'm ready.
Now I'm ready to be full into you.
I want you to be my girlfriend.
["We Got the Love" playing.]
- Really? - Yes, of course.
I'm one happy woman right now.
[song continues.]
The feeling is very mutual.
I want you all to myself.
- I want to be your boy.
- No, don't, don't! [laughs.]
I got to teach you French, because you're gonna come, visit my mom.
I'm definitely coming to visit Moms.
For a guy to tell his girl that he wants her to meet his mom What? That is a big step.
- I gotta come to New York too.
- You're definitely coming.
- [Desiree.]
Green light.
Go, go, go! - [squeals.]
The green light.
I've got a girlfriend right now! Yeah! [Desiree.]
Marvin celebrating no longer being single? - That's special.
- [Desiree.]
It really is.
Whoo! That first round of dates was eventful.
And back at the retreat, tensions are already building for round two.
Don't know if you noticed Cam's been a bit quiet the past few days.
He pulled me to the side last night at the party and he just let me know that, um, he's having doubts about our relationship.
- About you two? - It was just completely unexpected.
Well, to be I feel like you stir up emotions in him that scare him.
- And that's not necessarily a bad thing.
- Mmm.
That's a very vulnerable place for a man, you know what I mean? Do I give him time to miss me or do I just carry on being me? - Like - Ooh, that's such a weird space to be in.
- [Emily.]
- Especially when you like someone so much.
All I wanna do is, like, straddle him and cuddle him and rip his clothes off, but I can't do any of those things.
Lana, for one, and now because I don't know if he wants me to do that.
I think he's gotta remember this is a two-way thing.
I've given him my all, let all my walls down.
You know, this isn't my usual style at all.
There's only so long I can wait.
I feel ya, honey, but not long till your turn.
[upbeat music playing.]
- [Nathan.]
Here's the happy couple.
- [group.]
Oh! - Okay! - You have no idea.
You two are glowing.
- [Emily.]
- Sit down.
Bring it in.
Smiling like a Cheshire Cat, isn't he? I mean, his face is just stuck.
We went on a yacht.
- [screams.]
- Oh my God! [Melinda.]
We had champagne, we had food.
- You wanna tell them? - You tell 'em! [Marvin.]
So, guys, we are official right now.
[all cheering.]
She's my girlfriend! [Melinda screams, laughs.]
It's amazing.
Out of all of the couples in here, I think they've had probably the hardest path in the retreat, but they've done everything right recently and, uh, I couldn't be happier for 'em.
It was a perfect moment and I will remember this my whole life.
- Are you in love? - Wow.
- Absolutely.
- [group screaming, cheering.]
Oh my God! Stop it, you're actually making me sick.
- They are so in love! - [laughs.]
There's love in the air today.
I'm official with Melinda.
Everything's going great.
- I'm excited, guys.
- I'm excited for you too.
Seeing Marvin and Melinda looking so loved up is making me a bit sad.
Like, I want that back with Cam.
["Live Forever" playing.]
Live forever Oh, oh, forever We live forever in the summertime We live forever Oh, oh, forever Are we excited for our dates? Are you gonna dump me? [Desiree.]
Yeah, not a question you stay silent on, Cam.
[music continues.]
And you're definitely gonna need to do some talking now.
- There he is.
- Hi, bro.
I just, uh just got back from my date with Tabs.
I have a little hunch I know exactly what he wants to chat about.
I'm looking at his face and he already has that cheeky grin.
What are you smiling about, bro? I'm about to come for you.
- [bell dings.]
- [Desiree.]
Oh, damn, it's on.
The shower showdown.
Chase is a big boy, isn't he? I think he could do some damage to my face, I'm not gonna lie.
So what what did she say to you? [chuckles.]
Cam doing the don't offer up information they didn't already have trick.
She said she was in here.
Something about a shower.
Tabitha, this is literally not what I need right now.
Yeah, so basically, I was just chilling in the bathroom, uh, she came in.
She asked if I wanted to get in the shower with her.
Um Uh, and I was very close.
I'm I'm not gonna lie to you.
I was.
But I said no.
I'm, uh, really upset, uh, really hurt.
I really liked her.
But Cam says he didn't get in the shower.
I'm sitting here thinking, "Tabitha's hot.
Like, he must be a changed man.
" So it's like, I'm glad, man to man, I got this whole thing squared away before I jumped to conclusions, but, like, now you got another challenge ahead of you.
Are you gonna tell Em? You gonna break it to her? I'm just gonna be honest with her and see how the chat goes.
I guess we'll see.
["When It's Good" by Bleeding Fingers playing.]
They say you know when you know And I'm not ready to go So if you're not ready yet, I'll wait - [Cam chuckles.]
- [Emily.]
Oh my God.
How beautiful is this? Oh, cheese, you know? - After you.
- Thanks.
I've given Cam chance after chance.
I've been patient.
I've been supportive.
But no matter how much I like him, this isn't a game.
This is my emotions, my feelings.
- You like cheese, don't you? - I love cheese.
- [Cam.]
I love cheese as well.
- I love cheese.
Will we work out? Will we not work out? - [Cam.]
There you are.
- Thanks.
I will be absolutely gutted if we don't.
I don't know what he's playing at.
Yeah, my head's all over the shop.
I appreciate you being patient with me and allowing me to come to certain decisions.
There is one thing.
It's better coming from my mouth than anyone else's.
I need to tell Em about the situation with Tabitha.
Normally, I would just lie and lie and lie until I was caught out, but this time, I want to tell her.
There was an incident, um with Tabitha.
Uh, and she kind of came into the shower, she got a bit flirty with me, and asked me to get in the shower with her.
You obviously gave her a reason to think you'd get in the shower with her.
She said, "Do you find me attractive?" and I said, "Yeah, I do.
" She is an attractive girl.
We can both agree on that.
Possibly? No? No.
I'm so sick and tired Of all these pointless Playground games Hurt once again.
Mugged off once again.
Given Cam's reputation, yeah, I do feel like I'm being played right now.
That does hurt my feelings a bit, to know that was happening behind my back.
- Mmm.
But I didn't.
- Mm-hmm.
I just thought, "I don't want to do it.
" I messed up the Christina situation.
And with this situation, I'm being honest with you.
Yeah, and I appreciate your honesty, but it's obviously shit to hear.
Say that you'll be here Say that you'll be here till the end I thoroughly and truly care about that boy.
And if it's just being thrown back in my face, then, drop me out.
Say you'll be with me till the end [Desiree.]
I'll be honest.
 I do not know which way this one's gonna go.
["Dance With Me" by Robin Loxley & Wolfgang Black playing.]
You know how to make a cocktail? - Yeah.
- [Joey.]
Yeah? - You can teach me.
- We'll do it together.
Okay, so I can believe our wonder cone commandeered a yacht, orchestrated a sunset dinner, and ordered a makeshift bar, but, come on, did Lana really chop that fruit? Lana has outdone herself.
The girl got me a bar, tequila, and a hot guy.
Why don't you dance with me? - [music warps.]
- I can't dance.
Oh, honey, no, you can't.
I'll shake, you bake.
I've never made a cocktail professionally.
Oh my God! [laughs.]
Joey is so fun to be around.
He's just himself, he doesn't care.
- Our first date.
- I know.
I feel like, with Chase, I never got a green light, 'cause Lana knew he sucks, but I hope, with Joey, a green light means, "This is the path for you and this is the guy you should be with.
" What are you feeling with us? - Tough question.
- Mm-hmm.
- I like where we are.
- I like where we are, too.
And I think if we're really, really meant to be, uh be something together - Mm-hmm.
- it'll happen.
I think so too.
This is all kinda new to me.
Usually, I wouldn't talk about emotions and stuff like that.
And being here, especially with Carly, it's became easier and easier.
You're really nice to me.
I tell everyone that.
I always say nice things about you.
I don't have anything bad to say about you.
I mean that.
I normally go for douchebags, guys that think they're the best, won't give me the time of day, but in reality are really insecure, and Joey is the complete opposite.
He's good for me, for sure.
For two weeks, me and Chase were together, and he's never made me feel like this.
Lana knew we weren't meant to be together.
She could see it.
I couldn't see it, because I do the same thing back home.
You've shown me that I should not be with someone like that.
Breakthrough, Carly.
I am so proud.
- Lana, are you satisfied? - [melodic chime.]
- It's all or nothing - [gasps.]
It's all or nothing There's no other way No holding back No holding back [Carly.]
"This kiss is incredible.
Is it still green?" [Desiree.]
Aw, this is so romantic.
Wanna pull your pants off? [laughs.]
- [Desiree.]
Uh, maybe not.
- [both laugh.]
Breaking through, what more Having a green light definitely shows me that she sees what I'm doing, and also Joey is right, Joey is good for me.
Hopefully keep it going.
Seriously though, we've got to work on those moves.
I understand it'd be annoying, but, with you, I didn't want to just do the exact same thing like I always do and I wanted to be honest with you and let you know I was having doubts.
I couldn't figure things out in my own head until you know, I had a bit of time just to think.
I am so nervous right now.
I am literally shaking.
And [Emily.]
I have seen this look many a time.
The vibe is not right and that's that really.
Yeah, like, I think We're the only two that have been together since day one.
You are kinda like my best mate in here.
My best mate who I want to sleep with and do dirty things with - [laughs.]
- but that's how it's supposed to be.
And that's why I panic, 'cause I'm just like, "This girl's come along in a situation I didn't expect.
" - I'm pretty sure you didn't expect this.
- Mmm.
And for once, I'm just gonna go with my gut.
[romantic pop music playing.]
So, like, do you want to be my girlfriend? [laughs.]
What? - Like, genuine.
- [squeals, laughs.]
- Shut up! Are you joking? - [Cam.]
I'm being deadly serious.
Whoa, you're so amazing - I thought you were gonna dump me.
- No, you are what I want.
I am buzzing.
He just melts my heart.
And, for once, I'm actually speechless.
- We can't even kiss.
We haven't got - [watch vibrates.]
You're so amazing I've lost my head, fully lost my watermelon jubbly pot, over a girl.
Your watermelon jubbly what now? [Emily laughs.]
Come here! I feel happy.
I do.
I feel I feel very happy.
- We haven't even, like, had sex.
- I know! What if the sex is shit? Ah, it won't be.
I'm gonna back myself on that.
Of course you're gonna back yourself.
We were speaking the other night, you said nice things and I got a semi, and that's weird.
What, non-sexual? - Emotional semi.
- [Emily laughs.]
An emotional semi.
I trust my dick.
I do.
I trust my dick big time.
What do you think after this retreat? In all honesty, like, when I look at my future, like, I just see you being by my side.
That's the same with me.
I do think I love him.
Just a little bit.
OMG, was that a second L-bomb? I want you to be part of my life.
I want you to meet my mates, meet my mum, my dad, my family.
I think I've definitely fallen in love with the girl.
Yeah, 100%.
And that's the hat trick.
Said it.
Haven't told her that yet, so keep it schtum, please, everyone.
Love is well and truly in the air tonight.
[dance music playing.]
[all cheering.]
Welcome! [Desiree.]
Tell them the big news.
We had a very nice date.
We had some cheese.
The other big news.
- We had some red wine.
- [Desiree.]
No, the actual big news.
Straight up with you, asked her to be my girlfriend.
- What? - [group.]
Oh! [all cheering.]
Like, how That's love there.
I'm sitting here thinking, "Ugh, I really like Tabitha.
" But it was never meant to be.
My OGs know how I've felt about this guy since day one.
Cam grew a lot during this whole retreat and he's becoming a real man.
- Cam, man, I'm so happy.
- Who is he? What have you done with Cam? I finally see that cheesy grin and I'm not worried.
[all laugh.]
Yeah, I'm happy for him.
You wanna try that again, Tabitha? No, I am.
I can't.
Can I do a different question? [Desiree.]
Yeah, let's just move on, shall we? I couldn't be happier.
- [Elle.]
- Yeah.
Yes! [Desiree.]
Well, that's the day wrapped up nicely.
Don't think we have anything else to do, so let's roll the end credits, pop the little "next episode" button - down in the right-hand corner and - [melodic chime.]
Ugh! Lana! Oh, hello, little fella.
She just can't help herself, that little cone of hers.
Good evening.
- [group.]
Good evening, Lana.
- Hey, Lana.
Congratulations on a great day in the retreat.
[group cheering.]
- Snappy-snap.
- [snapping fingers.]
Snap, snap, snap! [Lana.]
You have all made significant progress.
Your prize fund stands at $55,000.
- [gasps.]
- Wow.
- That's a lot, innit? - Yeah.
As you know, your time here has almost come to an end.
However [suspenseful music playing.]
having completed my final analysis, I must inform you there is still one more important announcement I must make.
Oh la la! Ooh! This is tense! Lana, you're keeping me on my toes right now.
[dramatic music playing.]
She's up to no good.
I can feel it.
[music builds.]
Okay, now we need the "next episode" button.
Man, this show knows how to do a good cliffhanger.
See you guys in a few seconds.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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