Too Hot to Handle (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

I Did Not See That Coming

1 My heart is literally beating so fast.
Stop it with the bombs, girl! For those of you who didn't just click next episode, it's the season finale, and Lana is about to drop a bombshell.
The prize fund of $55,000 That's a lot, innit? will be won Oh là là.
by Is Lana about to give out the money right now? Give me a minute.
Everyone's kind of eyeing each other up a bit.
Trying to figure out how this is gonna be determined.
You know, who the winner is.
Would it be a couple? Would it be split? We're not ready for this.
just one of you.
- One? - One person? All the money for one person.
What the heck? I would never expect that.
Who is going to win this money? Lana only said one person.
This is mad.
That's actually shocked me.
It's about personal growth, not couple growth.
Personally, I have always been a grower, not a shower, so There's only going to be one winner.
I want that title! Zero dollars down.
Zero rules broken.
Bring it on.
How do you think she's gonna find out? Well, she's been watching, so She's been calculating.
Everyone is going to be sucking Lana's cone until she reveals the winner.
Luckily our little cone is waterproof.
But in 24 hours, one of them will be Lana's winner.
I just can't get enough, whoo Money, money, I just can't get enough Money, money, I just can't get enough This is actually a shocker.
This shit is crazy! Like, I wanted to know tonight.
And now I don't know how I'm gonna sleep.
It's just blowing my mind, honestly.
Now the 55K is gonna go to one person.
- One.
- One.
What would you guys do with 55K if you won it? Strip club! Oh, Joey, exactly what the winner wouldn't say.
I'm going to miss this.
- I will remember all this my whole life.
- Oh my gosh.
This is why I'm getting a little sad about knowing that we're getting towards the end.
- Yeah - But The thought of being away from you makes me wanna cry.
I feel really emotional.
She's in New York, I'm in Paris, so we might not see each other straightaway.
So it's going to be hard for me to let her go.
I'm gonna be so sad when we have to say goodbye.
I don't wanna think about it.
Oh, fuck me.
Wasn't trying to cry.
I'll be there.
I'll be there, you know? You know I'll always be there for you.
You will, I know you will.
I've learned so much about him, and he's definitely learned a lot about me.
- You are part of my life forever now.
- Absolutely.
I'm gonna cry.
What the fuck? It's my turn.
I was not expecting to feel this way in such little time.
But Marvin has made a big impact on my life.
And I'm very grateful for him.
She's crying.
 He's crying.
Heck, I'm crying.
I need to see the sunlight Like the Earth never changed her mind I need to feel the sunshine Morning, guys.
Let it burn through the darkest time Only one person is going to take home the money.
Yeah, it's mental.
Couldn't sleep last night.
- Who do we think deserves it amongst us? - Nathan, I think it's you.
Yeah, you, big boy.
All right, guys.
To be honest, I think it's a no-brainer.
Cam deserves it.
And that's not me being biased.
I kind of see a conflict of interest here, hon.
- I think everybody deserves some money.
- Really, Chase? You know, I get everybody wants to win and deserves to win, but I'm a competitor, and I'm also the worst loser in the world.
You, Chase, a sore loser? I honestly think it's a bit rude, actually, what Lana's doing.
Like, she's gonna give it to one person.
Yes, just one, and it could be any of Lana's guests taking home the jackpot.
If that is the case, I'm just gonna break all the rules and leave them with zero.
I'm sensing you don't rate your chances of winning too highly, Tabitha.
Who do you think would win? Honestly, I'm not trying to sound selfish, but I think Marvin or me.
Melinda knows those Paris plane tickets be pricey.
Like, he came in here and was so hard-shelled.
He was very hard-shelled.
Some of us have been through the war with their partner, and have actually developed some type of improvement and growth.
I think Nathan too.
But Nathan didn't really go through anything.
He went through this friendship with Larissa, and that was it.
For me, my biggest challenge was everything with Chase, and in front of my face.
I had to go through the pain of crying, upset.
- Yeah.
- Wondering if I was good enough.
- I came out of it being better.
- Yeah, damn right.
I'm so proud of how far I've come.
Like, the woman I am, how I've grown, how I treat other people, how I stand up for myself.
The girl I'm leaving is a lot different, but in so many ways, but good ways, than the girl that walked in the door.
Somehow, I think those two were aware Lana was listening.
Uh-oh, please tell me Tabitha's already showered.
Everyone's learned something but it's about who's learned the most, I guess.
I wish you could have seen me, like, on day one.
It's just like, if you talk to me, I'm gonna come in here, get a girlfriend, possibly move in with her.
- I know.
- I'd be, like, "You're daft.
" - "You're daft.
" - You're daft.
I have changed, and I've changed for the better.
I'm excited to be a good boyfriend really, you know? That's what I'm about.
Being a good boyfriend.
I haven't said that in a long time.
Yeah, don't worry, I'm not gonna try and force you in the shower with me again.
You don't have to be scared.
It's the kind of world Where all the boys and all the girls Come on, yeah You can be anyone Even though we're just hours away from the winner being announced, there's still time for one final workshop that's designed to help everyone say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.
In their final workshop, my guests will experience a spiritual rebirth, leaving behind their damaging traits and moving on as well-adjusted individuals capable of forming deep and meaningful relationships.
Charged with instructing this last workshop is relationship expert Alexandra Roxo.
Today's workshop is about them putting their former player past behind them.
Really acknowledging, "Hey, I came here, and I was a bit of a jerk, and I'm willing to do something different.
" On each piece of wood, you're going to write one word that symbolizes something that you are going to release today and not take home with you.
I've got so many.
I wanna write loads.
I think it's kind of hard for anyone to admit their faults.
It's not something we humans want to share with one another, but writing it down for everyone to see, it's a really hard thing to do.
It's It's not easy.
How do you spell pessimism? Pess i No, it's P-E-S I never thought I'd be asking a stripper for some vocabulary advice.
But here I am, asking Nathan how to spell pessimism.
Cam, ready when you are.
I think you might've missed an "s" there, buddy.
Pessimism, fear and deception.
They've kind of controlled my life for years.
I came in, day one, as this cocky, egotistical boy who just wanted to sleep with different girls, and I've lost my head now, I've lost it in a good way.
It's the first time in four years I'm just allowing myself to go with it.
It does feel like I'm lifting a weight off my shoulders.
You know, putting Crafty Cam into the box.
He's come such a long way.
You know, he's throwing away this fear, and that is just huge for him.
Whoo! Commitment Cam now, aren't I? It's nice to put that part of me, kind of to rest, and to to move on Crafty Cam is dead and buried.
I'm just happy, as you can tell.
I can't get this stupid smile off of my face.
- All right, Carly, you ready? - I'm ready.
Okay, I wrote three things: Being passive, being emotionally unavailable, being able to tell someone I'm hurt by them, tell someone they made me upset, they made me mad.
- And then, jealousy.
- Okay.
Kind of goes with insecurity, not feeling confident.
Being with Chase, having a new girl come and automatically he left.
That was a big thing for me to watch and I went through it.
I knew I wasn't happy and instead of saying it, I just let it kind of trail on.
I finally had to, like, process it.
The crying, the anger, you know, being upset, being hurt.
Yeah! See ya later.
She's come a long way.
I'm proud of Carly.
Chase, you ready? Yeah.
I wrote on my necklace here petty, uncaring and selfish.
I feel I was very close-minded at the beginning.
- Yeah.
- I feel like anybody that tried to come close to me, I put up that guard immediately and pretended their opinion didn't matter.
This old Chase is not me anymore, um, and I want to move on from this.
I'm so proud of Chase, and hearing him speak, I think he's finally, actually understanding where he went wrong, the things he did.
My words are selfish, harsh and judgmental.
So I wrote down reckless, lazy and ignorant.
So I'm saying goodbye to being a user, to being used, and I'm saying goodbye to being guarded.
Bye, bitch.
It feels so good to voice these things and let them lose power over me.
So I've gone with guilt, betrayal and the fact that I can be very insensitive sometimes.
You know, for years I've lived with so much guilt, that I could have done things so much better.
Because I was betrayed, I went on this crusade against women.
You know, you broke me, I'm gonna go out and break you, which, I just, I can't live like that anymore.
No, I can only look now to the future and hopefully, build a stronger relationship with someone new.
Never did I think that I would be opening up about my own struggles, about my marriage failing, about heartbreak, and hurt, disloyalty.
So, uh, I've come so far now.
I'm saying goodbye to all three of these.
I've always did things my way.
My past life, I juggled so many men, and it became very messy.
- Bossy.
- Mmm.
Every relationship I've been in, I've bossed all the guys around.
- I've always took control.
- Mmm.
Being here, I learned I had to listen, think a little bit and then speak.
This is the Melinda I actually want to pursue things with.
She's my queen.
You know, he recognized the crown, he sees it.
Greed, heartless and impatient.
Being greedy has got me in a lot of trouble over the years.
I constantly seek attention from guys, and if I don't get it, I'll seek it elsewhere.
I think it's definitely ready to say goodbye to all of those, because I don't recognize any of those in you.
I cannot believe I'm the same Emily.
I've changed so much.
Feel reborn.
Whoo! All right.
 Okay, Marvin.
So the words I've written are being closed, being a player and selfishness.
I've been a player my whole life, and right now with Melinda, I'm building something and I'm growing every day.
And right now, I realize that the more you give, the more you're gonna receive.
So you have to make effort.
And I thank Melinda now, because she made a lot of effort, and all this effort made me realize that she was the right one for me.
That's beautiful.
I've been changing somehow This is crazy when I think about it.
I've changed so much as a person.
I've learned a lot about love and respect.
I want to make this relationship work.
He's a whole different man.
It's like a whole 360.
This is the Marvin I love right here.
I am loving the new and improved Marvin.
He has come such a long way.
See you, man.
And I am so proud of him.
Okay, everybody.
Phew! This is a big day, it's an important moment.
I have never graduated from anything in my life before.
I've got a degree in not having sex.
Not sure that's what it'll say on the certificate, but yeah, you go ahead and frame that.
You guys, we are going to be setting this boat aflame and sending it out to sea to say goodbye to the past selves, the player selves, the close-hearted selves.
- So, you ready? - Yeah! - All right.
- Look at us! Day 1.
We were horny messes.
Now look at us.
Writing down our feelings and throwing them onto a boat.
So, goodbye, guilt.
Goodbye, betrayal.
Who are we? Remember how horny these hotties used to be? Go get what you want - Mama is on the hunt.
- Wow.
Temptations came at them from every angle.
We can.
Just gonna get naked in here.
Have a nice shower.
Lana's rules hit them hard.
Just gave him a handjob.
21,000 dollars.
I cannot believe Melinda and Marvin had sex.
- Oh my God! - 8,000 dollars for 20 seconds? I'm genuinely hurt.
You barely look at me, barely fucking say anything to me.
- I've never felt like you liked me.
- I feel like our relationship is toxic.
Lana's life lessons taught them to look deeper.
So, I'll actually really enjoy this.
To learn the value of true friendship and loving relationships.
I'm falling for you.
I do believe in second chances.
- Mmm.
- We won our green light! Do things by Lana's rules, she will reward you.
- I'm starting to figure this thing out.
- No more spending money.
We did it! That's a bunch of all-round better human beings, I reckon.
Everybody grew, everybody made effort, and whoever wins the prize, I feel like we are a team and we are all winners.
RIP, Crafty Cam.
Whoo! Au revoir, the old Marvin.
I don't want you anymore.
Goodbye! Goodbye, horny messes.
Well done, Lana, that's a whole lot of growth right there.
But who's gonna see that growth in their bank balance? Lana, decisions, decisions.
I would not want to be you right now.
Lana has asked the group to gather in the cabana.
It's technically four hours before the winner is revealed, so something tells me Lana has got one final trick up her non-existent sleeves.
I cannot believe we have all made it to this point.
We are at the finale.
I like to win, I like to win I love to fight I would be lying if I said that I wasn't thinking of the money.
I mean, 55K, that's You can do a lot with that.
Today's the day.
Imagine me telling my mum, "Mum, I got a bit of dollar on the way.
" The money would be life-changing for me, so, Lana, make the right decision.
I just don't know who it's gonna be.
It literally could be anyone right now.
Oh, someone's changed their tune! I like to win Hello, everyone.
Hi, Lana.
I have been collecting data since you arrived, and have now conducted my final analysis.
- Wow.
- It's coming.
- Jesus.
- I'm gonna sit up for this one.
Let me fix my fro.
So many people have shown so much growth during this process.
So I'm kinda hoping Lana makes the right decision in choosing who takes home the $55,000.
While I acknowledge you have all shown great progress I'm looking around and everybody's nervous.
Come on, Lana.
I feel sick.
three people in particular stand out for the transformational journeys they have been on.
What? Oh my God.
Plot twist.
There's three people now.
What is going on right now? And one of them will take home the prize.
Wow, wow, and wow.
Of course I wanna be in the top three.
I know I've grown a lot.
I hope I'm in the running.
I think all of us have made such big strides in our own lives, and, you know, our own mentalities here.
The first finalist is This is the horrible bit.
Just waiting, waiting.
Please stand.
A bit shook, but extremely proud, and yeah, just just gassed, buzzing.
Cam, you were a player with a fear of commitment.
I just wanna have sex.
You broke rules.
You have to give me a handjob.
- Under the cover? - My balls hurt.
Sometimes you gotta This is a big battle between old Cam and new Cam.
Oh, fuck off.
I'm not used to this, I'm not used to one girl.
You really hurt me.
Sorry to say it, but we've got to change our ways.
Wanna come and shower with me? But you resisted temptations and amended your behavior.
That might have been the hardest thing I've had to do.
So I think that shows I've grown already.
You have displayed maturity Do you want to be my girlfriend? and formed a loving relationship.
The first time in my life I've made a connection.
I feel happy.
I do, I feel very happy.
That's my boy! Cam was definitely the biggest player and he grew a lot here.
All right, two more to go.
The second finalist is My heart is racing.
What the fuck? Carly.
I'm in shock.
Like, I really am in shock.
Carly, you arrived on the hunt for frivolous connections.
Set me free I was just kissing everyone.
Having fun, partying.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
- Rock, paper, scissors.
Welcome to Too Hot to Handle Airways.
Which led you to making bad relationship choices.
You're not very cuddly.
I think at this point I'm just gonna go solo.
I feel I have been trying, and eyes for him, and making him feel special and wanted, and the guy that I want it from won't do it.
That, like, it makes me sad, But you learned how to express your feelings.
You put me down.
You never made me feel good about myself.
I should always speak my honest truth with a partner.
I projected a lot of my past relationships onto Chase.
He needed to hear what I had to say.
And when a new opportunity for romance arose, you entered the relationship as your true self.
- You done stressing yet? - Mm-hmm.
Say what they wanna say My eyes are for you, I want to work on this, I'm not working on other guys.
I normally go for guys that think they're the best and won't give me the time of day, but in reality are really insecure, and Joey is a complete opposite.
Yeah, he's good for me.
For sure.
They can leave when they wanna leave Way to go, Carly.
I'm happy to see Carly stand, but there's only one spot left.
I want to throw up.
The last finalist is Come on, Lana.
Come on! It could go any way.
I have no idea how to predict this.
Whoever it is, whichever one of us it is, they deserve it and I'll stand by Lana's decision.
Who is Lana gonna choose? Marvin.
What the fuck? Technically it's a win for me too.
Marvin, when you first walked into the retreat, you made a connection.
Do you wanna sleep with me? Ooh! I think we'll lose money tonight.
But you wanted to keep your options open.
- I'm a free man, you know? - Yeah.
- I'm from Sicily.
- Sicilian! Whoo! She's hot.
When you did connect, you did so only physically.
- We had sex.
- Ugh.
20,000 dollars.
Come on! But workshops taught you to acknowledge your faults I always had my guard up with people, not being able to trust them.
and embrace change.
I should have treated you the way I treat my mom.
You have grown to respect the value of a loving connection.
I've got a girlfriend right now! Yeah! I cannot believe it.
I cannot believe it.
I'm so shocked, like Are you sure, Lana? Like, yeah, you know, I'm not here to criticize Lana, but we all know that sometimes computers have glitches or bugs, and, uh Now this is awkward.
I have watched each and every one of these individuals grow and change for the better.
So it's kind of tough to figure out who's gonna win.
I'm gonna be really diplomatic with this.
Yes, I deserve the money, but I'm not jealous, and I'm not envious.
So I trust Lana, she's going to make the right decision.
Cam, Carly and Marvin.
One of you will be leaving the retreat with the prize fund.
To the rest of you, while you have not been selected as finalists, you have been on a journey of self-discovery and growth.
Throughout your time at the retreat, you have got to know your fellow guests deeply and meaningfully.
Lana, where where are you going with this, Lana? Nathan, Elle, Melinda, Joey, Tabitha, Emily, and Chase Um Really confused right now.
the decision for who will win lies with all of you.
What the fuck? Oh my gosh.
Lana just put the ball in our court.
All of our jaws were on the floor.
We're like Lana, what are you doing to us right now? Why do we gotta make this call? Like I don't know who to pick.
That's tough.
Lana, you hand out more plot twists than an episode of Game of Thrones.
Cam, Carly, Marvin, please leave the cabana while the voting takes place.
I cannot believe my friends gonna vote for me.
I hope they like me.
I hope they're real friends and gonna vote for me.
The winner will be revealed tonight.
The decision is on us.
Oh my days.
Money, money, I just can't get enough Money, money, I just can't get enough - Whew! What a day.
- What a day.
I mean, I have no idea who's gonna win the 55K out of these three.
Let's hope the other guests are ready for the challenge.
- Well, guys, we got some work to do.
- Yes, we do.
Got some thinking to do.
How you both feeling? I feel good.
I feel happy.
I'm, like, really so shocked.
So shocked.
Mortified that our friends gonna have to pick one of us.
How the hell are we gonna decide that? - Try to think as unbiasedly as possible.
- Yeah, no favoritism.
We've all got a guaranteed vote in our partner.
You've got Mel, I've got Em, you've got Joey.
I'd be mad if Melinda doesn't vote for me.
- No, she'd - I'd be like, damn.
She'd fight everyone if she could.
If your main reason for voting for somebody is that you're coupled up with them, that is a horrible reason.
Marvin, sounds like Joey's trying to talk you out of a vote.
But this isn't a group decision.
Each guest will place their vote in private, and Melinda is up first.
So, of course I'm voting for Marvin.
He deserves this more than anybody.
You had me shook there for a second.
I have seen such a huge change in him.
Obviously, for me it's a no-brainer.
I watched him come in as a boy, and I'm watching him leave as a man, which I helped to mold.
Okay, no shock votes there.
So it's one vote each for Cam and Marvin.
But can Carly count on her man from Miami? - Joey's gonna vote for you.
- You get Joey's vote.
I've shared a small workshop with this person.
I've seen them conquer their fears.
I've seen them get a voice.
I've seen them fire shots at someone that they felt like they really needed to.
I wouldn't feel comfortable voting for anybody else.
Okay, Joey, we get it, just vote for your crush.
I've put a lot of thought into this, and I'm really confident my answer is completely unbiased.
- He's taking his sweet time.
- He really is.
It's a lot to think about.
I'm gonna go with Marvin.
So that's one vote for Wait, what, Marvin? Well, that makes things interesting.
Marvin two, Cam one.
Carly, no points.
- You got this.
- Go get 'em, zebra.
Time to take a vote from the retreat's resident tornado.
With Tabitha, this one is up in the air.
I know she likes Cam a bit too much, but - Could be going Cam's way.
- Yeah, she could be.
Maybe he should've got in that shower with her.
Damn it! Honestly, out of those three I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I mean, Carly, I feel like she has been on a huge journey here.
She's got stronger, a lot stronger.
Carly, your former competition might be coming through for you.
Cam, obviously I had a bit of a flirt with Cam.
He's obviously come in here as a massive player, and now it's Commitment Cam, so, like, that's a huge shift.
Marvin, he had wandering eyes.
so to see him now with Melinda is shocking.
That is a huge change.
Sounds like she wants all three of them? It's such a hard one.
It really is.
My head's spinning.
Well, this vote could go any way.
I'm gonna pick Cam.
I'm proud of him.
Oh Cam, you have a fan.
Tab's vote means that Cam and Marvin are tied, and Carly's chances aren't looking good.
Go get 'em, cowboy.
Unless Nathan can keep Carly in the race.
This is a very difficult decision.
I've got my best buddy's up there, and then one of my, you know, closest female friends in the house, and then Marv, who over time also I've grown really close to.
So to decide between the three, it's a very, very tough task.
The person I'm gonna choose has made some huge mistakes but then they've really gone out of their way to overcome those.
The person that I'm going to vote for is Cam.
And our cowboy has sent Cam into the lead and ruled Carly out of the race.
Joey, I'm still reeling from your bae betrayal, bro.
- Go get 'em, girl.
- Go on, you guys.
With just Elle and Chase left to vote, it's now a two-player race between Cam and Marvin.
I don't know who Elle's close to, I really don't know.
Which makes this a really important vote, because I think she might be the most unbiased out of all of us.
I'm torn.
I'm like, it's just such a big decision, and I really want to make the right choice.
This could go absolutely any way.
Yeah, literally.
Like, I feel sick.
Carly, she's really gained a voice.
Cam, he has shown that he can be vulnerable.
He has truly opened up.
Marvin, going from being a player to actually wanting to commit to someone, that is a big step.
It's just such a tough decision.
It's like one of these situations where your head and your heart are, like, fighting.
Who have I seen, in the short time I've been here, have a breakthrough? And that's where I'm trying to keep my head at.
The person I'm going to cast my vote for is Marvin.
I'm definitely team M&M.
Now, the boys are neck-and-neck, and there's only Chase left to vote.
So just one vote will crown either Cam or Marvin, but if it's for Carly, we'd need a tiebreak vote.
This is going to be a really tough decision.
I don't think anybody deserves it more or less than anyone else.
Pros for Carly are, she's very radiant in her energy.
She's always happy, and she's learned to speak up for herself.
Marvin and Cam are both my mates.
Marvin, I've seen the change in him.
Cam, I came in here with.
He was kind of reckless at the start, but he's come a long way.
I've seen his growth, I've seen his development.
This has to be a tough decision.
- Yeah.
- Absolutely.
I feel a lot of pressure.
Who is going to get my vote to walk away with $55,000? I'm torn between Marvin and Cam right now.
Okay, so this is getting decided here and now.
- They both have girlfriends.
- This is, like, very intense.
They've both committed.
This is a tough decision.
I'm just going to go with my gut here.
The person that I think I'm going to choose is Keep those lips zipped.
The job of revealing the overall winner has gotta go to the cone.
That was the hardest thing, I think we all have probably had to do.
I will announce the results later this evening.
Okay, Lana.
It's your moment.
You milk it.
So, with the deciding vote yet to be revealed, it's either Cam or Marvin who will be leaving with the prize fund.
One of us is walking home 55K richer.
- 55K richer! - Could've been 100.
But we all made some silly mistakes.
Is it just me, or is it awkward that I know she's out and she doesn't? I'm literally on on cloud nine.
I'm so happy to know that my progression was kind of recognized, and, yeah, I'm I'm just really happy at the moment.
I came here as a boy, and I'm leaving as a man, so I'm so thankful that Lana did all of this for me and taught me so many things.
It's incredible.
- Good luck, guys.
- Good luck.
- Yeah! - Ooh! Do you feel good about the way you cast your vote today? - Absolutely.
- Yeah, I do.
No regret.
I'm confident in my decision, but I can't read any faces.
I have no idea how this is about to go down.
I can't help to be nervous with the outcome.
You nervous for the outcome, or for when Carly finds out you didn't vote for her? If ever there was a time for a slow-mo entrance, this is it.
Oh, the drama.
Here they are! Hi! Good? Good? - Hey.
You okay? You look beautiful.
- Yeah, I'm good.
Whatever happens, we love you guys.
Yeah, we love you guys.
- Big love.
- Touché.
That's not the right expression, but moving on I haven't got to talk to Carly about which way I voted.
I might keep that one under the rug for tonight, at least.
I have literally had the best time of my life here.
I've found the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I'm just excited for the future, so - Thank you to every single one of you.
- Cheers! To the future.
Here we go! Good evening, everyone.
- Good evening, Lana.
- Hi, Lana! During your time at the retreat, you have broken my rules 15 times.
Sorry, Lana.
And I have been forced to add the words "crab grab" and "handy" to my memory bank.
- Crab grab? - Apologies, Lana.
However, over the course of your stay, I have observed you all commit to the process, acknowledge your failings, and show significant change.
Cheers to that.
- Cheers to that.
- Absolutely.
The time has now come to announce the winner of the $55,000 prize.
Marvin, Cam, Carly, please stand up.
I've got my fingers, toes, everything crossed that it's gonna be Cam.
I can hear my heart in my ears right now.
Your fellow retreat guests have voted, and I have the results.
The person in third place is Carly.
I'm so happy with myself.
I think I've done frickin' amazing.
I'm so proud of how far I've come, like, either one of them who wins, I will be over the moon.
Like truly, I mean that.
Girl, that bronze medal is still such an achievement.
Marvin and Cam, one of you has been chosen to check out of the retreat with the prize fund.
I'm thinking about my mom.
I'm thinking about Melinda right next to me.
If this is my moment, it would be amazing.
I'm feeling nervous, you know.
I mean, 55K would be it would be life-changing.
The person leaving with $55,000 is Marvin.
I'm the winner! Like, it's crazy.
It's crazy.
I can't believe it.
- Oh my God! - Oh my God.
My baby Marvin is the winner! Oh, my boy, good job.
Good job, babe.
I'm in no way disappointed that I didn't win.
I am so happy for Marvin, I'm so proud of him.
Although I may not have walked away with the money, I'm literally so proud of Marvin and Carly and myself.
It's the end of this crazy, emotional journey, and I literally had the time of my life.
I'm a little disappointed Cam didn't win, but Marvin is a true winner, and yeah, I couldn't be happier for him.
The right guy won this one.
Marvin brought it home.
I could not be more excited.
All right, stop.
Well, I can't I can't believe it still.
I'm like, wow.
We made it! Ah! Your time at the retreat is over and the rules no longer apply.
The rules are off! I love you.
Told her I love her, yeah.
I cannot believe that this Welsh player bad boy has now just told me he loves me.
What has Lana done to us? When these players and playettes arrived, all they could think about was sex.
But now, they're well-adjusted, thoughtful individuals who are ready for the rest of their lives.
Isn't that right, guys? It's a perfect, happy ending.
Happy ending tonight.
And they all lived hornily ever after.
It can go all the way, babe.
No crab grabs over here! You're going to grab it for real.
Lana, I think that's our cue to leave.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh, oh
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