Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e02 Episode Script

The Midnight Train to Georgia

1 I don't wanna grow up I don't wanna grow up Morning, everyone! - Good morning.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Morning, guys! I don't wanna grow up - Whoa! - Oh my God! Lana, you scare the shit out of me.
Good morning, everyone.
Morning, Lana.
Morning, hon.
I'd like to remind you that you are no longer on Pleasure Island.
Sis! I hope you enjoy your summer of sun, sea, and no sex.
Is anyone else really pissed off? Yeah.
Still in shock.
I feel like I'm in, like, rehab almost.
This is 21st century torture if I've ever fucking seen it.
Yeah, looks pretty painful being snuggled up to the most popular girl in the retreat.
How exactly did that happen? - What is the bed situation? - Just go with what you feel.
This is where I wanna be.
Everyone is so hot.
But Stevan, he's got the edge.
I'll go with Nathan.
Whoo! Love that.
I don't know.
He's so cute.
I could bake cookies on his abs.
For real.
I'm gonna go over here.
When I've got my eye on someone, I will get them.
Sorry, Jaz.
Was youse two good? I had a crazy dream that we made out.
I don't know if it was real or fake.
Waking up this morning, I am sexually frustrated.
We held off.
We were good.
We were all right.
Yeah, we was all right.
I do like Beaux quite a lot, but I fancy Georgia even more.
So it'll be a bit of competition to try and win her over.
Patrick, did you get that jacket off last night? I'm from Hawaii, bro.
It's freezing in here! If Georgia were a flower, she'd be a lily.
She smells beautiful, she only blooms at night.
I wanna sweep Georgia off her feet.
May the best man win.
I feel like, in order to connect with someone, touching them is important.
I think we need to tell each other.
At the end of the day, just don't lie.
That's right, Stevan.
Honesty is the best policy.
Got anything to say about last night? Georgia? Izzy? I feel like we did the group a favor.
Everyone's going to start rule-breaking soon.
Someone needed to start it off.
I just hope Lana keeps her little cone shut and doesn't tell anyone what I've done.
Clearly, you don't know how things work around here.
Where the fuck's this kid going? Hey, Patrick.
Lana's rules still apply even in international waters.
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- I can't believe what we did.
- I can't! - It was so fun for me.
Honestly - Yeah, no, I enjoyed it.
- We're gonna be so hated.
I feel it.
- Yeah.
What do you think, it's three grand? For a kiss? I don't give a fuck at the moment.
I didn't come to worry about what I'm doing or who I'm getting to know.
I came to meet people and have fun.
It's what I'm here for.
- You kissed so many boys last night.
- I know, but, like, a lot of I'm pretty lucky at the moment to have, like, a pick of a few boys.
Patrick, Stevan, and Harry.
I will probably break some more rules with all of them.
How about with none of them? Like, what are you feeling? - Obviously, me and Truth.
- Yeah, you guys are so cute.
He, like, picked me up.
- That was the hottest thing ever.
- I didn't expect it.
I like that, 'cause it's really confident.
I was a bit horny and like If I've broken the rules with Georgia, I'm definitely gonna break them with Truth.
He's a good kisser, definitely.
Well, you're not the only one around here who wants the Truth.
Yeah, with Truth, I feel like because he was the first one I was instantly attracted to, like, his smile, his tattoos.
I feel like that's hooking me in.
- He's got good tattoos.
- That's my type of guy that I go for.
And then, like, they were kissing, him and Izzy.
I was like, "Oh my gosh.
This is awkward.
" I'm not used to having to, like, fight and compete.
You should pull him aside soon and - And talk with him? - Chill with him.
Anyone right now is up for grabs.
I'm still gonna, like, go after what I want.
It's fair game.
It may be fair game for you, but this season, Lana isn't playing and she's upped the stakes.
The prize pot has been doubled, but the bigger the reward, the bigger the tests.
And if this lot disappoint her, that $200,000 will head south pretty damn quick.
And after last night's rule break, the guests have been called to the cabana to find out why you don't mess with the cone.
- Lana! - What's up, girl? Here comes trouble! Why are we here and what the hell is gonna go on? What is she gonna say? I'm nervous.
Ooh! I have the worst feeling she's about to tell them what happened.
They're just all gonna hate me.
Hello, everyone.
- Hi.
- Hello.
You were brought here to form deeper emotional connections and last night, you were given strict rules to adhere to.
Those rules forbid sexual contact of any kind.
Regrettably, just nine minutes later there was a breach of the rules.
Oh my God.
On the first day? I am shocked.
Not even ten minutes.
New series, new retreat record.
I'm so confused.
What? No.
I'm at, like, loss of words.
Like, who did it? Who's guilty? I'm not gonna own up to it.
I don't need to.
Georgia, just keep quiet.
Just don't look anyone in the eye, Georgia.
Especially not your love interests, Harry, or Stevan, or Patrick.
'Fess up.
I thought we were gonna be truthful to each other? You know, I'm pretty chill and I'm really forgiving, but I'm so mad right now.
This breach of the rules has cost the group $3,000.
That's ridiculous.
Three thousand.
I could've went to the club and made it rain with that money.
Yo, somebody is lying so badly right now.
They can see how nervous I look.
I'm shaking, and I feel so uncomfortable.
Oh my God.
You're smiling.
Georgia! - Georgia! - Georgia! Okay, it was me.
- Oh shit.
- Oh my God.
- And who else? - I can't say.
I'm not gonna rat them out.
It wasn't Stevan, was it? You can't escape him.
He's like a rash.
They all wanna get with Georgia.
Who did it? We'll find out.
Oh, we all love a whodunit, or in this case, who done Georgia.
I wanna know who else is involved in this little shindig.
You might as well say it now.
Did Harry screw the pooch? Or did Patrick screw the pooch? Disclaimer, no pooches were screwed during the making of this show.
Someone speak up.
Come on.
- Nope.
- That was a quick no! I kinda have a feeling the only one who is messing around, it was probably Stevan.
Okay, everyone.
Move to the edge of your seats.
I get the feeling they're about to find out who smooched the pooch.
I-I'm sorry, I mean Georgia.
- Izzy, you're looking real guilty.
- It's you, isn't it? Izzy, is it you? It was me.
What? I give in and own up to it.
Yeah, I didn't care by that point.
- Oh! - Why? Wow.
Naughty step, the pair of you.
- Really sorry.
- We didn't know we'd get caught.
I can't be that mad.
That's hot.
The fact that Georgia has no problem breaking some rules, kissing another girl? Oh-ho-ho, I'm into that.
I'm at a loss of words, bro.
Izzy kissing Georgia, like I like that shit.
The prize fund now stands at $197,000.
It took so long for you to 'fess up.
- I get that.
- That's like something criminals do.
Whoa! No! Patrick, come on! It was like we literally murdered someone.
That's just the way I feel.
I still think Georgia is a good person, but hopefully it doesn't happen again with anyone.
Except for me.
I'm so vexed, you know? I feel like you guys broke the wave.
I was waiting for someone to do it first.
They kinda broke the ice a little bit, and it's fair game for me now.
We just get one life Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh Oh, oh We just get one life We tried really hard last night to not kiss, but literally, like I thought of you guys when I didn't kiss her.
Georgia and Izzy better not be taking any more money outta my pocket tonight.
That's the attitude, Nathan.
Best believe if anybody's gonna do that next, it's me.
Oh, no.
I reckon there's gonna be a few rule breaks tonight.
I think so many rule breaks.
You two might think you've got one up on Lana, but in my experience, that crafty cone is always one step ahead.
Yes, Desiree, an urgent intervention is required.
First workshop, ready for you! My guests are displaying rebellious behavior and before more of them give in to their sexual impulses, I have devised a workshop to help them channel their sexual energy in more productive ways.
Lana's guest expert is relationship guru and master of mindfulness Brenden Durell.
Let's hope he can cool down our sexed-up singletons with his unique approach.
Today, the guests will be learning how to connect with each other without it being sex-based.
- What up, vibrant fam.
How y'all doing? - Good! I specialize in sexual energy mastery, and I'm a breath work facilitator.
Brenden's got the workshop specifics covered, so it's up to the producers to put together dynamic pairings for your viewing pleasure.
Holly gets her hands on Nathan.
Truth gets to tune in to some Jaz.
I'm not happy about it.
I'm stuck with Patrick.
Stevan's with Beaux, not Georgia.
Which means Harry's living his best life right now.
You've got the worst partner for this.
I finally get to get close with her.
I am loving this.
- I'm gonna laugh the whole time.
- Yeah, same.
Today's workshop is all about ways that you can connect with somebody without sex.
Breath is a huge thing, so when you feel sexual tension, step away and go do your breathing.
It'll help you profoundly.
Patrick's already started.
A lot of people don't generally breathe enough, but I do for sure.
Well, for me, um, I've done a lot of breath work myself.
Like how to hold an orgasm or get the sexual tension going.
Keep the energy flowing through your body and you can hold orgasms for 45 minutes.
- Oh my God.
- Whoa.
I feel sorry for any girl that's gotta spend 45 minutes with Patrick.
Oh, okay, Brenden.
I see what you're doing.
You're going to get them all horned up and then teach them how to breathe through it.
Hand over heart.
Big, deep breath.
Connect with them on a deeper level.
He just touched my tits! Uh-oh.
Try to focus.
This is making me a bit horny, this position! If you wanna giggle, try to keep it at a minimum.
- How do you feel in that position? - Like a kid at Christmas.
It is about time things started going my way 'cause I've let Georgia do her own thing, but now she's sleeping in my bed tonight.
It does feel nice.
I feel, like, very relaxed.
I don't usually feel jealous over somebody, but I want Georgia.
He's like a koala.
I really like Stevan, but I am feeling sexually attracted to Harry.
It feels pretty good right now.
It's gonna get a little bit hotter and more intimate.
But I feel all of you can handle it.
Do it to 'em Do it to 'em, do it to 'em Do it to 'em It is getting, like, pretty hot.
It's getting pretty hot in here.
Having to sit like that with a man when I'm on a sex ban? It ain't fair.
- How are you guys going? - We're good.
Ice breaker, huh? Ultimate ice breaker.
Bend it over, touch your toes - Steamy.
- Loving this position.
The sexual tension, getting hot out there for the man, you know.
Breathe, people, breathe.
We need deep breaths, not deep penetration.
Deep breaths together.
See what's coming up.
A lot! Do it to 'em, do it to 'em Do it to 'em Do it to 'em I will Hormones are racing, Jaz got her sexy legs around me.
I definitely found myself in a predic-iment.
Predic How do you say that word? Predicament? So, does this, like, feel awkward for you? 'Cause you and Izzy had your, like, situation.
I don't feel Izzy that way.
- I never did with this her, so it's like - Yeah.
You know? Things are definitely Deep down I want ya My lips on you like they inked on ya Um, yeah, it's good to know where your head's at with that.
- It feels great spending time with you.
- Okay, good.
This feels good.
It feels, like, natural.
On to the next, on to the next On to the next Truth and Jaz getting intimate, it's not the best feeling in the world.
I won't lie.
All right.
What's a takeaway you can take back into the retreat? I don't know.
You come into this sort of just ready to have a good time.
And now it's a little more mental.
You wanna make sure that mental ground grows more with, uh, whoever it may be.
I'm the bad boy.
I didn't come to play good.
I'm trying to hop on that midnight train going straight to Georgia.
So hit me with some truth.
How did that feel? I was actually attracted to somebody else here, you know, and it was more sexual and But I feel like we have something genuine over here.
I think someone was just a bit too truthful.
I'm split between the two.
I don't know if I want Jaz, I don't know if I want Izzy, but what I do know is, I want to get Jizzy for sure.
I'm so confused.
Why hasn't he said this before? I definitely need to go and find out the truth from Truth.
Thank you so much.
All of y'all are sexy humans, and I appreciate you for being present with me.
- Thank you! - Thank you so much.
Bring on the night Just listen to my heartbeat now I got my Afro coming on out.
You get the curls in.
You look good, babes.
You look really good.
You all look sexy.
Bring it to life Bring on the night Hello, sausage! - You all right? - Yeah, you? I'm all right, thanks.
So where's your head at? Me and Harry have got a good friendship.
We bounce off each other.
- I don't know if it could be more.
- I get on better with you than Georgia.
- But I'm more attracted to Georgia.
- Yeah.
I think Harry just told Beaux she has a great personality? Ouch.
Patrick, me, and Stevan all like Georgia.
A lot of us lads don't know who she likes.
Obviously we had a good connection today, but she kissed Stevan, she's been in bed with him.
Who does she like? Do you know what I mean? There is no time to waste, so I think if you like someone, you go for it.
There's no beating around the bush.
Go and get it.
Speak to Georgia and see how you feel about her.
I'm interested in Georgia, but I feel like if you try too hard, it's quite obvious.
I'm happy to, like, ride the wave.
You've gotta kiss a few frogs to get to the prince.
Ain't no shame to style on 'em Ain't no, ain't no Ain't no shame to style on 'em So how do you feel about, um, Izzy and Georgia breaking the rules? - I just wanted to watch it, if I could.
- Me too, bro.
I know.
I know, man.
So I can't hold it against her.
You know I had attraction to her too, first day.
- We talked about it day one by the pool.
- I kinda lost trust in her after that.
Like, honestly, bro, I genuinely want to make a connection with somebody, but right now I just don't see it.
Really? Yeah, bro.
I didn't see that coming.
It's a relief to know I don't have to worry about Patrick anymore.
I'm just fucking around.
I've got my eyes on the prize.
I really want Georgia.
She does want the bad boy.
You are the bad boy.
You're all tattooed up.
- You got piercings - Play the role.
You play the role, baby.
So go for Beaux a little bit.
Balance it off.
See what happens.
Even if it offends Georgia - Yeah.
- And she's like, "Aw, shit," you know.
A little chase? Flirt it up a bit and just make it visible.
That's just pulling her in, right? If she wants that bad boy, then be that bad boy.
I want to keep Stevan at bay, so I told him to start talking to Beaux.
Oh, Patrick, your plan is underhand, it's evil, and it just might work.
How do you feel about you and Truth? I would love to get to know him more and see where that could lead to.
What if he asks you to share a bed with him? Do you think that would create drama between you and Izzy? Like Of course, but I don't want to have any regrets and not see where it goes at all.
That's why I feel like we just gotta try at least so we both know if that's something that we may want to do.
What he said to me in the workshop, that's the reassurance that I needed, so we're, like, headed in the right direction.
Looks like he's heading in your direction n - Oh? - All right? You look nice.
You look beautiful.
Oh, no.
Izzy's running interference.
So, how was the workshop? You seemed to have a good time with Jaz.
I had a great time, yeah.
- I definitely had a great time.
- Of course.
In the workshop, he said a few comments that really annoyed me.
I don't know what he's got to say for himself.
I didn't choose my partner.
If I had to choose, I would've picked you.
I just feel like, at the end, when you were like, "Yeah, I've had this amazing connection with her.
" "I'm physically attracted to someone else, but it might just be physical attraction.
" I felt like that was really muggy.
I think she's mad at me, but I'm a smooth criminal, so I know how to ease in there, and get in there good.
Truth's got the moves.
You know, I was into it with Jaz, yeah, but I was definitely looking at y'all.
I woulda had a better time with you.
What's the situation with you and Jaz? Obviously you've been having chats.
I'm here telling you I genuinely want to get to know you.
I'm not telling this to Jaz.
I don't tell this to Jaz.
She may say it to me, but I don't say it to her.
I tell her, you know, I want you and that's just That's that, you know? - Do you actually say that, though? - I do.
I definitely do.
Um, are you sure that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth, uh, Truth? I don't feel Izzy that way, you know.
I never did this with her, so it's like I definitely do.
I've told Jaz.
I've had my eye on her, but Izzy's my number one.
I know what boys are like.
But he's saying the right things and he is fit.
I want Izzy.
All that I want tonight I won't run I want her The kiss was amazing.
Truth got his groove back.
Oh man, that's another Izzy rule break.
The group is gonna be mad.
But not as mad as the pool boy when he finds that cup tomorrow.
Sorry, Lana, I have made a mistake, but it was worth it, though.
I'm waiting for your love Your love I'm waiting, I'm waiting on your love It's irresistible Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh It's gonna be hard sleeping in a bed with you tonight.
Let's be good.
Let's be good.
We're really trying to be good for Lana, but there's a lot of sexual tension.
It is taking every inch of my willpower right now.
- I can try.
I can't promise.
- Lana! Nah, Lana won't say anything now.
She's sleeping.
Lana! Lana knows, though.
Lana knows everything.
She's collecting data.
We've We've kinda gotta be good, though.
Lana, what are you doing to me? There's a good 99.
99999% I'm breaking a couple of rules tonight.
Looks like today's workshop had a 0.
00001% success rate.
Oi! - Hi-yi! - The bodacious Beaux.
But Operation: Play the Bad Boy is working.
- Has anyone taken a bath yet? - Do you say "bath" or "bah-th"? - Bath.
- Bath.
- Bath.
- Bah-th.
Bath? Bath! So while love rival number one is tied up in a Beaux, and love rival number two is playing it cool, the coast is clear for Patrick to get out his, uh instrument? Georgia's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my entire life, so I have to do something.
You know, Pat ain't playing around.
Pat's here to play.
I got a little surprise I wanna show you.
- Oh, really? - Come over here, yeah.
Oh, no way.
- All right, love.
Sit right here, please.
- Oh God.
- Are you gonna sing for me? - Yes, I am.
- Oh.
- Deep breaths, Patrick.
Time to pluck her senseless.
Now, it's named "Dear Georgia.
" When I saw your face I knew it was A big race To kiss you You drive me crazy Because I wish You're the one that was sleeping Right next to me Wow.
Wow, what is going on? And I'll treat you right Every single night I'll massage your feet - You look so stunning in that dress too.
- Thank you.
Trying to make my balls blue? - This is not happening.
- You gotta stop it.
Come on, girl.
And here you are Looking so Beautiful, like you always do I'm a little confused, 'cause from what I remember, Patrick said he wasn't going to make any moves on Georgia.
'Cause I wish I had You cuddling me Damn, that kid's sneaky.
And I love you Whoa, did he just drop the L bomb? Wow.
I told you when I first saw you, you're the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen.
Oh my gosh.
I'd kiss you right now, but Lana put all these rules out and I can't, so.
I'm just secretly thinking that works really well for me.
I just don't feel that connection with Patrick.
Like he's so nice, but, like, as a friend, I think.
And I really like you a lot, and Oh, nice.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I I don't even have words.
That was so nice.
You're welcome.
That was so beautiful.
- Anytime.
- Thank you.
I think I definitely took Georgia by surprise.
Hopefully she just stays true to me.
Otherwise I'm not even gonna think about otherwise, 'cause there's not gonna be an otherwise.
So while Georgia tries to figure out if that really just happened, her other suitors are hard at work prepping their next moves.
Stevan's busy building a love nest, and Harry, well, he's just chilling in the cabana.
So my game plan with Georgia is play it cool and see where it goes.
I'm not worried about Stevan.
She'll come with the right man, eventually.
Yeah, there's totally no rush, Harry.
It's not like there are two other guys trying to beat you to it.
- How was your day? - Pretty interesting.
How was yours? Pretty interesting.
Now is my time to go for it.
Obviously, you are the most beautiful person in this house, and seeing you with somebody else is not fun for me.
You know, Harry and Patrick, we get along really well, but we're just friends.
Stevan, he's got the edge that I usually go for, like the bad boy edge, and he's a rule breaker, so I would like him to, like, make the first move.
I wanna see if he's confident enough to, like, approach the situation.
I think that would be really fun.
I don't wanna lay in bed with anyone else.
I don't wanna spend workshops with anybody else.
I don't wanna see you with anybody else.
I don't want to be doing this with anyone but you.
- That's so cute.
- I'm gonna do one more thing.
As long as it doesn't involve a guitar and improvised lyrics.
You look awfully good on me Hey-hey, hey-hey Aw, dude, a song would've worked out much cheaper.
This kiss is really good, but I think Lana's gonna be pretty mad.
It hasn't even been a day since I've been let off.
Oh my God, I'm gonna be in so much trouble.
Told you the boy would win.
Sorry, Pat.
Seems like the best technique was one with no strings attached.
- I'm just gonna come here, cuddle you.
- Don't cost any more money! You've gotta move quick in this villa.
I need to rethink my plans now.
Kinda backfired a lot.
There you have it, Lana.
Our bad boy bagged the retreat babe.
I guess nice guys do finish last.
They got the good girl Like the bad boys No one ever talks about The evil things that love brings Another day, and another rule break for Georgia and Izzy.
Will they ever learn? - Night, guys.
- Good night, guys.
Love you all.
"Love you too, Stev.
" Still, at least, everyone is safely tucked up in Wait, hold up.
Oh no, Holly and Nathan.
Where are you? You look great.
I'd say the same for you, always.
- Thank you.
- You look great all the time.
Um, anyone else getting that sinking feeling? The man's a furnace.
Like, it is like He's hot.
Bad, it's bad news.
You are naughty.
You are just as naughty as me, aren't you? You just don't wanna admit it.
I really wanna kiss you right now.
I really wanna kiss you right now.
I'm in trouble.
Oh God.
He's so sexy, though.
For real.
You and your kind go up Up, up, up, up, up, up Up, up, up, up, up, up Oh, you can't do that.
It's fine, it's only a kiss.
It's like, we could've done way more already.
I've been wanting to kiss him since I literally laid my eyes on him.
Up, up, up, up, up, up Up, up, up, up, up, up, oh Every little, every little Every little thing Can't fight it You look great.
Up, up, up, up, up, up Up, up, up, up, up, up You pushed him away six seconds too late, missy.
You just wanna cause some trouble.
I feel bad.
I'm feeling kinda guilty now.
But I'd rather ask for forgiveness, rather than permission.
If I'm gonna waste this money, it will only be with one person.
- Agreed.
- Agreed? I've never been on a sex ban.
I don't know how to control myself.
This is what happens when you have the freshest girl in the retreat.
- That was hot.
- That was hot.
- That was extremely hot.
- That was nice.
I wanna keep doing it! Take back my love Take back my love Oh-oh He's a good kisser.
So, um, kinda got a taste.
I think some bad things are gonna follow.
You know what I mean? Lana, don't blow your cone, but at this rate, this lot can kiss their 200 big ones bye-bye.
Take back my love Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh-oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh-oh, oh-oh
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