Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

The Truth Hurts

1 [melodic chime.]
Hey! Ooh, ooh-ooh Let's get lost in paradise All day All night Anywhere you wanna be I'm yours [groaning.]
Morning, everybody.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's up, family? My like.
Holly, Nathan, was you good last night? Yeah, I'd say we were pretty good.
We started off the night with a pillow between us.
Where'd it go? [laughing.]
It found some legs and just crawled out.
Obviously, last night, I kissed Nathan, but I woke up and I just felt so guilty.
Nah, nah, nah, I had a good sleep for free last night.
- A good sleep for free? - For free? [Nathan.]
It's only $3,000 for a kiss.
Could be worse.
3K for one, sure.
But how many times did you two lock lips last night? - [Holly.]
Izzy, you're quiet over there.
- Yeah.
- [Holly.]
Is everything okay? - I'm good.
I was really annoyed that Truth and Izzy shared a bed, but I'm hoping that we get our alone time too.
I hate to break it to you, but your man is getting busy with Izzy.
Hey, Truth's even quieter than usual.
I don't trust him.
- [Harry laughs.]
- Nah, bro.
I'm good over here.
That kiss with Izzy was magical.
I think she liked these lips.
I like her lips, so Everybody will be pretty upset if they find out.
Was everybody good though? [host.]
Okay, no one fessing up then? All good in the hood.
How about you, Stevan? So I may have spent a little bit of money.
But it was worth it.
I've made another mistake.
I feel like everyone is going to hate me for breaking the rules again.
Oh my gosh.
Last night I serenaded Georgia.
Sometimes when I freestyle and play guitar, it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.
I guess last night, it didn't.
Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh This is paradise How many kisses did we have last night? - [Holly giggles.]
- So worth it.
Now I know Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh This is paradise Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh [grunts.]
- Oh.
- Damn.
- Whoo.
- Stop it.
Has anything been going on late at night? I know it's hard, but has he been getting hard? Oh, we are pretty close.
- [squeals.]
- What does "pretty close" mean? - [Holly.]
- [melodic chime.]
- [Holly gasps.]
Lana! - Oh my God! [Beaux giggles.]
Izzy, Holly and Beaux.
- Yeah? - Please gather everyone in the bedroom.
Oh God.
I did something bad.
Oh my God, oh my God.
I am worried.
I obviously haven't stuck to the rules.
This is not gonna be good news.
[tense music playing.]
You know this feeling Isn't meant to last long You know that's just a pack of lies [host.]
I've never seen a group of horny singles look so sad to be entering a bedroom together.
Hopefully, no rule breakers.
Fingers crossed.
[melodic chime.]
- Oh, there she is! - Here we go, finally.
I have some disappointing news.
[nervous laughing.]
She mad! [Lana.]
There has been a breach of the rules.
Are you serious? - Oh-ho! - Oh! [Jaz.]
What?! Who in their right mind would break the rules again? [Georgia.]
I feel like I'm in the hot seat right now.
I'm gonna keep quiet.
Everyone will be fuming.
Deny, deny, deny.
I'm not saying anything.
Someone better fess up soon.
Lana does not love the silent treatment.
I mean, I'll be real with you right now, actually.
I'm an honest person, so here we go.
I definitely lost you guys some money.
- [gasping.]
- What? - Oh.
- [Beaux.]
Stevan, what? Last night, I pulled Georgia aside and I kissed her.
Oh man.
Completely me and my move, and I don't consider it a waste whatsoever.
- Oh fuck.
- [Jaz.]
Oh my God.
I'm I'm sorry.
Like Stevan kissed Georgia after I serenaded her, which is awesome.
I definitely felt a genuine connection, and I really wanted to prove to her that emotionally I felt on, like, the same mental wavelength.
I needed her to know this is what I wanted.
I was willing to break the rules and tell everyone to show her that she's what I want.
[romantic music playing.]
Stevan is like expressing his feelings with everyone and telling everyone how he feels about me but [host.]
Oh, Georgia, that "but" doesn't sound too peachy.
I-I just don't like people being like that with me.
I get really [groans.]
[bubbles popping.]
Yes Don't be mad at Georgia, 'cause it was 100% my move.
So sorry, guys.
- Respect that.
- All right.
I'm sorry, Lana.
Hopefully, this is it.
This is the one kiss that happened last night.
There was another breach of the rules.
Oh my God.
It's kinda the best time to tell them, right? Shit.
Okay, to be fair, we We had a kiss by the pool.
- [Beaux gasps.]
- [Holly.]
There was a couple.
A couple? [Nathan.]
I kissed Holly [electro-funk music playing.]
That five a day is not recommended.
- [Stevan.]
What's a few times? Like - Five.
- [gasping.]
- Five?! Five? - [Harry.]
Is that a joke? - Five?! - [Harry.]
He's just throwing money away.
- [Beaux.]
First kiss, understandable.
But the third, the fourth, the fifth, you're taking the piss.
Oh my gosh.
[Georgia scoffs.]
I'm lost for words.
If you had that genuine connection, what would you do? - [Harry.]
At least try a bit harder.
- Yeah.
That's easy to say, innit? I know some people aren't impressed with me.
When I say "some people," I mean everyone.
That's just a waste of money.
I can't be too mad.
I might've spent a bit of bread, but you know, it was worth it.
Is that all, Lana? [Lana.]
There was another breach of the rules.
[Stev groans.]
What? We'll have no money.
- [Beaux.]
Why are you smirking? - Who? - Truth.
- Truth? - [Beaux.]
Oh my gosh, what? - Don't look at me! I'm in the hot seat.
Truth! I kissed Izzy yesterday.
Crazy, crazy! Your name's Truth! I didn't lie about it.
I just didn't say nothin'.
I am, like, totally shocked about this right now.
I mean, I'm a little confused about that.
We had our thing at the workshop.
So I'm a little pissed off about that.
You said to me you told her that you were gonna pursue things with me.
We got a "he said, she said, and she said" situation here.
Luckily, the truth has been caught on camera! Roll tape.
I don't feel Izzy that way, you know.
I never did this with her.
So it's like That's good to know where your head's at with that.
Yeah, it feels great spending time.
Okay, good.
I think Truth's name must be meant ironically.
You said to me that you said to her thatyou wanted me and not her.
I never told you I completely shut Jaz down.
That is not what you said last night! [host.]
That'll be on camera too.
What's the situation with Jaz? You've been having chats.
I tell her, you know, I want you, and that's That's that.
I told Jaz, "Izzy's my number one.
" I don't know why you're like, "Well" You know you're wrong.
[tense music playing.]
He's been lying to both of us, saying little sweet nothings to me and telling her that he's not really into it.
So, at this point, I'm kind of over him.
I just don't like being lied to, so it's I mean, I never lied to you and I never lied to you.
Never did.
Damn, bro.
For someone who talks so slow and is quiet, Truth is working pretty fast.
- I told the truth this whole time.
- I don't know wh [Truth.]
I never told you I completely shut Jaz down.
 I said from the jump - You said to me last night - Let me know what you want.
- No you didn't! - If you don't say [Truth.]
I told Jaz about you.
I am so gassed [laughs.]
that Truth is here to take the heat off me.
I mean, I just feel like it's got a bit dead now.
It's all a load of chitchat, and he can literally jog on.
Forget jogging.
If I were Truth, I'd run for the hills.
Truth by name, liar by nature.
It's obviously not working.
Izzy says we're done, so I may veer towards Jaz just a little more.
Jaz is a beautiful girl.
We have a nice little vibe, so It's all a free game, right? [host.]
Try not to beat yourself up too much, Truth.
All of these rule breaks in such a short period have made me reassess my retreat strategy.
[dramatic music playing.]
What does that mean? Oh my God.
I have now decided to implement a stricter regime.
What? [Lana.]
The fines will now be doubled, starting with these rule breaks.
Oh my God.
[Beaux scoffs.]
Okay, people.
I think you made the robot mad.
Stevan and Georgia's kiss has cost the group $6,000.
Oh gosh.
How much? [sighs.]
This is so bad.
Izzy and Truth have cost the group $6,000.
For a kiss that meant nothing.
Nathan and Holly have cost the group $30,000.
- [Harry.]
- [Izzy gasps.]
- I knew it.
- [Harry.]
That's a joke.
Oh gosh.
Youse have gone overboard, know what I mean? Thirty grand for five kisses? We're broke.
Let's go home.
These multiple rule breaks have cost the group $42,000.
Oh my [Beaux scoffs.]
That's a lot.
We're on a slippery slope.
The prize fund now stands at $155,000.
We've literally lost more in one night than I could've earned in years.
- How many days we been here? - Not many.
- [Beaux.]
Not many at all.
- This retreat's clearly working, isn't it? Money makes the world go round I don't wanna talk about it Not tonight Though you probably think about it That is fine I cannot believe what just happened, to be honest.
So much.
Move slow, make that connection.
We're not following the rules.
Guys, I'm gonna have to issue myself a little loan statement, you know? Thirty grand is a lot of money.
Bro, I wasn't expecting 30,000, bro.
Imagine what you can do with that money.
We're shooting it about like it's nothing.
I was in the hot seat, like [Nathan.]
You were in the hot seat, getting shot from left and right.
This is him.
Oof! Dodging the statements.
Oof! [laughs.]
Oof! Bro, but I was telling the truth, bro.
Like - You definitely weren't.
- Like, bro, like Are you gonna pick Jaz or Jaz be the reason I was over there hot, like I was burning up over here.
That made me want her more.
- This guy likes fire, bro! - I like to play with fire.
So playa, ooh Yeah, I keep it so playa, ooh We barely cuddled last night.
I know, I know.
I just felt I was like I was so tired.
So as soon as I got, like, in my perfect position, I just fell asleep.
I think I just had a bit of a big day.
If you say so.
- What? - Hm? - Huh? [giggles.]
- What? I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Stevan.
I think, you know, things went very fast all of a sudden.
I just don't like to feel too, like, um, smothered.
I'm just, like, a really slow, kinda chill person when I get to know someone.
In honesty, are you still interested in me? Yeah, definitely.
Ouch! She had to think about that one.
I don't really know what's going on in her head.
I thought we were on the same page.
I'm I'm just really confused right now.
You know what, Stevan? Me too.
Because even though there have been a ton of rule breaks meaningful connections are thin on the ground.
Naughty, naughty, naughty! [host.]
Truth is Public Enemy Number One.
I just feel like it's got a bit dead now.
Georgia has cooled on Stevan.
And I just don't like to feel too, like, smothered.
And Harry, Beaux and Patrick are just killing time.
I still haven't been able to make a genuine connection with any women here.
Lana, where is the love? [melodic chime.]
My guests are struggling to form meaningful connections that could lead to long-term relationships.
In order to address this problem, the dynamic of the group needs to change.
Does that mean what I think it means? This could get spicy.
My belly's turning.
Please be good news.
I feel nervous when Lana turns on.
Breakfast might come up.
- [melodic chime.]
- [Lana.]
Hello, everyone.
[Georgia giggles.]
So far, you have failed to resist your physical urges and connect on a deeper level.
Shit the bed.
To help you achieve personal growth during your stay, I need to increase your chances of finding meaningful romantic relationships.
What the Earth is going on? [Lana.]
Therefore, I have invited two new guests to the retreat.
- [gasping.]
- Oh my God! [dramatic music playing.]
No way! [Izzy.]
Oh my God.
Fresh meat, baby.
- [Georgia laughs.]
- [Beaux.]
Oh my God.
Ooh! Got some fresh tofu.
This is mad, this place.
I'm hoping it's two lovely men.
My guests have selected one person each to take on a date.
Oh my God![giggles.]
[tense music playing.]
I think a couple of people are nervous.
We have a pretty good dynamic here.
I'm excited to see this.
But if somebody takes Holly on a date, I'll be fuming.
- Anything could happen, to be honest.
- Literally anything could happen.
Maybe I'm worried about another guy coming in.
Only because I'm not entirely sure where Georgia's head is at.
I don't know what the hell's going on.
[Georgia sighs nervously.]
The new guests are arriving by boat to what they believe is Pleasure Island.
- Oh shit! - Like, wait This is so exciting! They'll be so upset.
I mean, these two walking in are gonna be gagging for it.
You must now head to the beach to greet them.
- Let's party! - Yay! - Let's go! - [Holly.]
There's always a twist.
There's always gotta be a twist.
I'm definitely feeling a little bit nervous.
Oh, Lana.
Bring it on, girl.
I'm takin' over now I'm runnin' the show now What if they come in here with the intentions of just shaking it up? [energetic music playing.]
- Oh my gosh.
What is that? - Stop! [host.]
Good question, Georgia.
Clearly no expense was spared on our Rent-A-Pleasure cruiser.
- They're, like, really close.
- Oh my God.
Here they come.
- [hollering.]
- No way.
- No, it's not! - No way! [squealing, laughing.]
I am so ready for this.
Please be hot.
Don't worry, Izzy.
We've got ya covered.
My name's Obi.
All you ladies better watch out.
I'm here to shake things up.
I think I'm a 10/10.
Not to toot my own horn, but [imitates horn.]
If I see it, I like it, I'mma go get it.
Oh, behave.
Oh my God, she's blonde! She's blonde! [host.]
Don't worry, you'll always be our fav Goddamn, that girl is fine! Baby, I'm a bombshell Hi, I'm Olga.
I'm seductive, I'm passionate.
Fun, ditsy as well.
Extremely gullible, but in a cute way, I say.
Baby, I'm a bombshell I don't stick to rules.
If I want that guy, then I'm gonna get that guy.
My happiness over someone else's happiness.
Whassup, guys?! [whooping.]
Oh my God! - She's beaut.
She's hot.
- She's so hot.
They're hot.
How's everyone doing? - [cheering.]
- Hey! More beautiful people.
I got you, I got you.
I been around the world With the finest of girls I ain't ever seen a ass like that [whistles.]
[host laughs.]
If I had an ass like that, I'd walk backwards into every room.
Oh my.
Now that is how you get off a boat.
- Hi, guys! - [cheering.]
Hi, I'm Olga.
She looks fire.
- Hi, I'm Obi.
- Nice to meet you.
He just looks so good.
I mean, like, sexy good.
Well, welcome! - Welcome! - Thank you! - Welcome to Pleasure Island! - [cheering.]
I'll show you some secret spots around the island.
You'll love 'em.
You guys all look absolutely amazing.
Yup, they're all smokin', but which hottie's headed for a date with you, Obi? [tense music playing.]
Please, please, please pick me.
I'm so excited to see some new faces.
I'm just like, "Pick me!" Obi seems like a great guy, but you better not mess up my plans with Jaz.
[laughs quietly.]
If there's a dude sitting in my bed tonight, it's a big problem.
I am the bad boy, and I don't lose.
I've actually selected - Jaz! - Aw! [cheering.]
That's tough.
Wait, pause.
[tape rewinding.]
- [host.]
Jaz hands! - [jazz music playing.]
I'm excited to get to know Obi.
I might be blushing a little bit.
Out of all of the girls here, he picked me to go on a date and I'm happy! [jazz music stops.]
And I'm gonna go for [tense music playing.]
I feel like Holly's a bit worried.
And with Olga's ass-ets, I'd be worried too.
She just keeps looking at me.
But what can I say? I'm a six-foot chiseled guy.
Oh, and oh so modest.
Olga's for me.
 Caliente muy senorita.
- He's a good-looking man, I know.
- [laughing.]
Share him 'round! [laughs.]
I just knew it was gonna be Nathan.
I'm not worried.
I'm not worried.
Are you sure about that? Yeah.
The thing is Nathan's got loyalty to me.
Hopefully he doesn't break that.
How you feel, Nathan? - Pretty relaxed, to be fair.
- Yeah? Always in control.
I mean [laughs.]
There's one part of me thinking I really want to crack on with Holly, and there's the other side where I'm thinking about Olga.
I can't resist this anymore.
I can never say no to a date.
Spoken like a true international playboy.
So come on down.
Let's go.
- I love you guys! - Bye! [Holly.]
If he absolutely didn't want to go, he could refuse the date, and he didn't.
[upbeat music playing.]
Don't worry, Holly.
There's no way Nathan will be tempted by a hot and horny new arrival who thinks she's taking part in a new dating show.
And if he is, I'm sure he'll be telling her about the rules of the retreat the second they arrive on the private island.
Olga's sexy and I think she kinda knows it.
She doesn't know this is Too Hot to Handle.
But I'm gonna keep quiet for now.
To a great date on Pleasure Island.
Naughty boy! [laughs.]
I've never been on a date like this.
This is crazy.
Nathan is absolutely gorgeous.
Need to, like, get in there.
Obviously, if I like someone, I'd want to explore that and see where it goes.
Yeah, fair enough.
My first things are like height, lips and teeth, and from the pictures, you had everything.
I wanna have fun.
Stir things up.
I can see.
Holly and I have had something going great but I've only known her a couple of days.
What a gent.
It's gonna become increasingly hard to keep my shit together.
Might be easier if you told her what show she's on? I won't lie.
I'm enjoying this by the way.
- Really? - I saw you, you're good-looking.
I love your eyes, by the way.
- You definitely picked right.
- I know! I have a feeling I have.
I'm dead.
I spent a couple days with Holly, but that doesn't mean I can't get to know you.
Damn right.
[both laughing.]
You're a free man.
- I'm a free man at the moment.
- That's good! - [host.]
You're a free man, huh? - [laughs.]
Tell that to the girl you're sharing a bed with.
Come on, come on I'm sure they're flirting.
I don't care.
- I don't care if he flirts with people.
- Yeah.
But if it takes just one girl to show up at the villa and his head's turned, it's really gonna rub me the wrong way.
I don't wanna worry you, but Olga is looking to rub your man the right way.
Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.
It also makes the heart more worried.
I feel this is one of the first times in a long time that I'm open to, like, love.
Yeah, I can see how much you like him.
I'm praying to the Lana gods.
Lana, please! I like this boy! 'Cause I just wanna go, go, go To the deep end I just wanna go, go, go To the deepest end The first person I wanted to get to know was definitely you.
I seen you.
I was like, "Oh, she looks absolutely stunning.
" - "She looks beautiful.
" - Thank you! Man, she's so beautiful.
Great smile, banging body.
So let's get it going.
I definitely get the Beyoncé vibes from you, for sure.
- I think so.
- [Obi laughs.]
I'm excited to get to know Obi.
I feel like he's a breath of fresh air that I needed, and I'm ready to have some fun.
So you're not dropping the Too Hot to Handle bomb anytime soon? Are you like a one-night-stand type of person? - [Obi splutters, laughs.]
- [Jaz laughs.]
Right to it, eh? That's the energy I'm looking for, honestly.
What kind of relationships have you been in? Um, I've been in more like situationships.
Explain that! I was kind of in a love triangle kind of situation.
Oh shit! Me and another girl were feelin' the same guy.
- A little situation, but it's in the past.
- Good to know.
- Yeah.
- That's good to know.
- [laughs.]
- [Obi.]
Okay, okay.
There could've been something with me and Truth, but I'm kinda over that and I am glad that Obi's here.
I am single, and I'm ready to mingle.
But what you haven't told him yet is that you can't touch his dingle.
- We can definitely get something going.
- [Jaz giggles.]
I can tell she's really feeling me.
I feel sparks flying.
Nothing can go wrong right now.
[laid-back R&B music playing.]
How are you feeling about Jazzy? I just haven't had the chance to talk to her.
I know she's probably like, "Oh, he lied to me.
" You can still come back from it if that's what you want.
Obi taking Jaz on a date made things way harder for me.
Um I [exhales.]
You see how good Jaz looked? I'm hoping, hoping their date sucks.
This is my first date, so I'm excited.
- Well, I'm glad to be your first.
- Yes.
- I hope there's many more dates for us.
- Yeah.
I do think that he really likes me, but before he is carried away, I really just need to tell Obi.
I do wanna tell you a bit about the house so you know what to expect.
We do have, like, another guest.
What's going on here? [Jaz.]
And, her name is Lana.
- [Jaz laughs.]
- Oh no! We're actually on Too Hot to Handle.
[Jaz laughs.]
[laughter echoing.]
What the fuck?! No way! - [Jaz laughs.]
- [Obi whimpers.]
Always nice to meet another fan of the show.
So wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.
I was lied to.
I was deceived.
No touching, no kissing.
I was absolutely led astray.
No fucking.
Oh my God! No masturbation.
I'm gonna need a moment.
I'm gonna need a quick second.
Well, that's definitely a twist.
Did not see that one coming.
I was just starting to get all the dirty thoughts in my head, and you're telling me I can't even touch her.
Great, that's great.
That's awesome.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
One down, one to go, but something tells me someone's really struggling right now.
Do you kiss on the first date? [host.]
Nathan! Focus! Usually.
Guess who's back to change your life If I like the guy, then I'll kiss him.
Like, it's good to know.
Sometimes good people do bad things Oh [Olga.]
I've honestly never been on a date like this before in my life.
We'll have a cheeky kiss.
Oh [host.]
Kiss or tell, Nathan.
What's it gonna be? We had a great time.
We had a great date, but Lana pulls the strings.
I've gotta come clean and see how she takes it.
- Like, the kiss on the first date thing? - Yeah? Doesn't happen on this island.
Why? Basically Yeah? This is not what you think it is.
What? This is not Pleasure Island.
So, this is Too Hot to Handle.
Shut the fuck up.
No kissing.
God, no, no, no.
No cuddling.
Oh my God.
No touchy-touchy.
- Can I go home now? - And definitely no sex.
- Can I go home, please? - [laughs.]
No kissing? No touching? One last thing, no more self gratification.
- [gasps.]
- [Nathan laughs.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Where's my lawyer or whatever? I did not sign up for this.
Can I just go home? What the fuck is this? [host.]
The boat's right there.
If you run, you can still make it.
So I've been told I'm gonna be partying, I'm gonna be enjoying myself.
Pleasure Island.
Pleasure! [Olga.]
Absolutely livid.
I am here for pleasure still, and I will get my pleasure.
Let's go! Let's go! Locked and loaded 'Bout to blow Get set, let's go [Truth.]
I need to talk to Jaz.
Let's hope and pray that it's not too late.
Oh, I'm gonna be smoking hot tonight.
Should I wear a necklace or no? Too much? I don't feel like I need to fight for anyone's love, but I definitely wanna show him what he's been missing.
Everybody say ooh Ooh na-na na-na na I'm not really sure where Georgia's head's at.
I need to show her that she's what I want.
I vibe with you and who you are mentally, beyond everything I mean obviously, you know And when I want something, I take it.
Obviously I am interested in you so moving forward, I think we need to be more open and honest in the moment with things.
[humorous music playing.]
With Stevan, I don't want to enter this because if it's not feeling right now, it's not gonna feel right later.
We're better as friends, and I really hope we could be really good friends.
For me, I just like I do want a bit of I do want a bit of space.
I'm happy with things, but I I just don't want you to have an expectation here, and me to be delivering here, know what I mean? [host.]
Uh, I'm not sure anyone knows what you mean.
Obviously, I'm still I still really wanna get to know you.
Is this a breakup? Oh, gosh.
I'm so bad at this stuff.
But where is it that you really stand, like, moving forward from this moment? I'm not looking to move into anyone else's bed.
- I'm happy to be in your bed.
- Okay, cool.
But I also still want to talk to people and get to know people.
I feel like, you know, I want you to do that as well.
I think he's got the message? Obviously, you know I'm into you, but if that's the case, I'll get to know other people.
I'm not gonna just sit around and put all the, um - Eggs in one basket.
- Right.
[Georgia giggles.]
Did you just pound me out? It seems like Georgia has no idea what she wants.
Or what she's got.
So, your loss, sweetheart.
What about this? Bring me down, down, down [brooding music playing.]
[tense music playing.]
How are you feeling? Yeah, I'm just I just am waiting to talk to him.
He's been gone a long time.
Yeah, he needs to get back.
You can't help but think about it.
They've been gone all day.
They think they're on Pleasure Island.
They think that, you know She chose him because he's good-looking.
Hell of a pep talk, Izzy.
Holly's kinda bugging out a little bit, which I don't blame her.
Man is a flirt and Olga's fit.
So, you do the math.
It's not my strongest subject, but I calculate trouble ahead.
All right, let's do it! [electronic music playing.]
Oh my God! [Harry.]
Speak of the devils! - Hey! - [Harry.]
My guy! How was it? All right? [Holly.]
I'm not a jealous person.
I don't care, won't throw a fit.
- I'm not gonna - Beautiful people! [all.]
Hello! - [Patrick.]
What's up? Hey! - [Nathan.]
Missed you lot.
- How was it? - [Olga.]
It was so good! - [Patrick.]
You had fun? - [Olga.]
Yeah! [Olga.]
It was so cute, a really nice day.
- You guys were gone for a century.
- I'll tell you later.
Tell us about your date.
You went off on a bloody boat.
We had a good time.
Boat was good.
I know.
This is so awkward.
Nathan is looking shady.
It was good, lovely to get to know her.
I don't know what Holly's thinking right now.
She's staring at me, I was like, "Oh.
" She's probably questioning me, but I'm not ready for this.
It's going to be kinda awkward.
What's the situation then? Like, how are you feeling? I'm feeling good.
I'm happy.
I wanna know where his head's at.
I need a chat with Nathan.
I feel like this will make or break our relationship and his true colors are gonna come out.
How has your day been? It was It was absolutely beautiful.
Honestly, it was a beautiful sunset.
- [Obi.]
We had a great chat.
- [Jaz.]
We had lots of [exhales.]
I can't even get the words out.
It was really fun.
I honestly had like a great time.
I can tell that Truth is super annoyed right now.
He definitely should've known that Jaz is not sloppy seconds.
Yes, girl! Ain't that the truth? Is there a connection sparking? [laughing, whooping.]
Yeah, I can tell there's a little somethin' somethin'.
Don't know what to say.
Jaz is a great girl.
You know, I let her slip and that was my mess up.
That's it.
I just missed you.
I feel like, the longer you were gone, I was - [Nathan.]
The worse and worse it was.
- Yeah.
Olga, she's got great chats, sweet girl.
I didn't try and make it obvious we were together because you don't wanna shut somebody down.
I was obviously nice enough to get to know her.
Like, "What are your intentions?" But the thing is, I couldn't wait to get back.
Really? Yeah, literally.
I'm so happy to see you.
I'm happy to see you too.
The date really made me realize how much I really fancy Holly.
She's everything a guy wants to see before and after bed.
Holly is top of the list.
For me, I took this as a test, you know? - I know, right? - Obviously you passed.
I don't think there's anybody else that could walk in here and turn my head at all.
I'm glad you're back.
I'm glad I'm back, but with you.
I'm so glad.
I don't think you understand.
He is really fit, but he's obviously getting to know Holly at the moment.
I'll just move on to the next.
- What are we doing tonight? - This is the main event.
Ow! [upbeat pop music playing.]
Let's live for tonight Have the time of our lives So, who are you sleeping with? [Jaz.]
You, maybe.
Ooh! [laughs.]
She hasn't broken a rule yet, um But the key word is "yet.
" Let's live for tonight [Holly squeals.]
Okay, that was nice.
I like that, I like that.
One time, now Let's live for tonight [Stevan.]
Olga, Olga, Olga.
I'm down to take a bite.
Live for tonight Oh, this has been such an eventful day! [laughs.]
Hold up! Is that Izzy in bed with Obi? Truth, maybe there is hope.
Mm, scrap that.
There's only one guy for me.
And, Truth, you are not it.
Playing with fire [Jaz.]
Hi, friends.
- [Jaz.]
Are we good? - [Obi.]
Yeah, always.
What the fuck? Obviously.
I went from Izzy and Jaz to no girls.
No Jizzy.
For Truth.
[chilled music playing.]
- [Stevan exhales.]
- [Georgia giggles.]
- Sweet dreams! - Good night, guys! - Sweet dreams, baby! - [Izzy.]
Night, honeys! [host.]
Two brand-new hotties arrived today and no rule breaks.
You guys did good.
- [Holly.]
I missed you.
- [Nathan whispers.]
You too, baby.
I have to show Nathan what he's been missing.
[groans lightly.]
Oh no, did I just jinx it? [moody rock music playing.]
Oh, I have an idea.
Somebody set me free [host.]
Uh, not many good ideas start with removing your shorts.
Yeah I'm ready, take me now That's hard.
Come take me now Lord, strike me down [giggling.]
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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