Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Eat My Shorts

1 Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh It's a beautiful life Beautiful - Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.
Morning, babes.
Olga and Obi, I trust your first night at the retreat was comfortable.
Yes, Lana.
One word of advice.
When it comes to sex, just say no.
- Oh my God.
- Ah! Welcome to paradise, bud.
I think Obi was hoping he'd wake up and it would've all been a dream.
I'm definitely digging Jaz, but Lana's the fun police, so my head's a little scrambled right now, not gonna lie.
Obi, brother, you feeling anybody out here now? Ohh.
- I got my eye on someone.
- Ooh! Somebody in your bed, or? Waking up this morning was hard.
I mean, no girls for Truth.
That's just how it is.
It was nice to share a bed with Obi last night.
He seems fun, but right now I'm still feeling things out.
Just seeing if we have potential or not.
The thing on my mind is, were there potentially any rule breaks last night? Last night, I heard someone moan.
"Oh, you can touch me.
" I was like, "What?" No, that wasn't me.
Not me! "Oh, touch me, touch me.
" What? You heard someone say, "You can touch me"? - I reckon it was you.
- It was two.
- It was "You can't touch me.
" - "You can't touch me.
" "You can't touch me.
" All right, MC Hammer.
Oh, so that's exactly what it was.
We were trying to be good.
Things did get a bit hot and steamy last night, a bit of touching.
But to be fair, I don't think we broke a rule.
Like, I'm a smart guy.
I always find loopholes.
Excuse me? Loopholes? Where's that rewind button? Okay, showing Lana.
There was no rule breaks with Nathan last night.
I used my shorts and just kind of put them between our lips and we went in for it.
I sure hope they pass the sniff test.
Me and Nathan are starting to pick up on some loopholes.
Hold up.
I always have the Too Hot To Handle rule book nearby.
And here it is.
Page 102, Clause 12.
You may proceed.
I would be shocked if we got caught for "cheating the system" fairly.
Okay, yes.
I've known Lana for three seasons.
I don't think she's gonna like that.
I wouldn't give Beaux the time at home.
It's horrible, but looks-wise she's not for me.
But we get on well and cuddling is nice.
Everyone loves a bit of attention.
After my chat with Georgia, says she wants to get to know other people.
I'm kinda the same way.
For sure, fancy Olga.
Damn, she fit.
This looks like hard work.
It's insane, with beautiful people.
- Everyone's so nice.
- Amazing looking people.
- Everyone wants it.
- And you can't do anything about it.
- I know.
- How messed up is that? No kissing, no touching, definitely no sex, no masturbation.
How about you, though? Like, with the boys and stuff? Every guy has something that I would want.
Oh my God.
My perfect man, from the boys that are in the villa, it would be Patrick's body, Nathan's height, Stevan's hair and tattoos.
Not picky at all.
How was the date for you with Jaz? Honestly, I felt the sparks.
Like I felt the vibe.
The vibe was there, the energy was there.
I hope I can get a chance to talk to her a little bit more today.
Try and figure out where her head is at.
I have a good feeling about this.
- You do? - Yeah, absolutely.
You just need more time and to get to know her more.
Right? I need to get a chance to spend some one-on-one time with Jaz, because there's definitely a little bit of sexual connection there.
So what do you think about Obi? So he did pick me for the date and he seems, like, really sweet, but I'm not sure if it's a friendship.
Oh, really, Jaz? I think Obi's a really great guy, but he's kind of short.
So personally that's not really usually my type.
First, we had Olga trying to build her perfect guy and now Jaz has vertical concerns about Obi? Then again, being overly obsessed with looks is something these sexy singles have turned into an art form.
More beautiful people! Fireworks in the building.
- You're the prettiest one.
- God, he's attractive.
- Oh my.
- He's a good-looking man, I know.
- You got sexy lips.
- Sexy smile.
- Gorgeous.
- Nice bum.
- Dark, handsome, sexy.
- Nice ass, some big titties.
- What more do you want? - Nice boobs.
- Banging, banging body.
- Smoking hot.
The things I would do to that man.
- Ass is insane.
- Fire.
I don't know what else to say.
I wanna bite it.
I think we get the picture.
But where there's a problem, Lana always has a solution.
It appears that my guests are looking to make connections based purely on physical appearance.
Therefore, I have created a workshop to help them discover each other's inner beauty.
Lana's got the workshop in hand and the producers are earning their money by putting together some spicy pairings for our entertainment.
All we need now is an expert and who better than the deeper connection queen, Alexandra Roxo? Today's workshop is going to teach the guests how to let go of their inhibitions.
We get so caught up in focusing on the physical attributes of a potential partner, we aren't really allowing ourselves to get to know the real them.
So today, instead of paying attention to just the surface and the superficial, we wanna just let that go.
First, I want to ask you guys, what would be my perfect partner? Perfection.
Uh, nice bum.
I don't like really skinny or, like, overweight.
If you don't have a bum, I'm probably not gonna talk to you.
Oi! Let's not beat around the bush, here.
I'm a butt guy.
Obviously, body has to be very important to me.
I don't want a girl who doesn't look as good.
Even though Oh my gosh! That sounds very shallow, but that's honest.
Oh, Alexandra, you definitely have your work cut out with this lot.
So in today's workshop, we're gonna release any perfectionism.
We're just going to let ourselves get a bit messy.
Are you guys into that? Oh.
Uh You don't sound bowled over with enthusiasm.
The awkward silence.
Let's do it! Ah, shit.
- Oh my God.
- Oi, oi, oi.
I don't like getting messy, so this workshop is the opposite of right up my alley.
What are you doing? See if you can just let go a bit.
Let go of control, let go of inhibitions.
I hope it doesn't mess up my manicure.
Stop thinking, worrying what you look like.
Let yourself just go free, but also get wild.
Yeah, come on, guys.
Loosen up.
- We're on the same page.
- Love it.
- More of that, more of that.
- Yeah! I might be starting to like this.
Get dirty Get dirty Oh, that feels nice.
I'm not gonna waste this workshop.
I'm using my hands to go all over Holly.
Catch them off guard.
Are you being seri He literally poured it.
My vagina's like purple and green inside.
Give us your face.
I thought I'd sit on his face.
Let me guess.
You found a loophole too? All the other couples look like they're having the best time ever and I really wanna get messy.
Like, you know how when toddlers color, they go outside the lines? Paint me! Get crazy with it! Like, what's going on? I feel like you guys could push a little more over here.
Let go of control, let go of the inhibitions.
I have to be on point and cute at all times and paint in my face is not gonna work.
I'm gonna say it.
I don't think Jaz is enjoying the workshop.
Yes, yes.
What's on my back? Y'all let me know if Izzy put some penises on my back? Nah, I think you're okay.
It's pretty fun with Patrick.
I'm having a good time.
I just hope he doesn't write a song about this one day.
I wasn't attracted to Beaux, but I noticed she's got a cute laugh where she sticks her tongue out.
I'm noticing little cringey things.
Stevan's not afraid to be wild, crazy, make a fool of himself.
Definitely attracted to him more.
He's such a fun guy.
I think today brought us more together when it came to mental.
We had fun together.
You're doing so well.
Notice if you feel embarrassed to just see each other, now that you've stopped worrying what you look like.
I think there's a little connection growing.
This is the weirdest thing I've ever done! I wouldn't rather be with anyone else, to be fair.
You guys did amazing in today's workshop.
I hope that you let go, you got a bit more free, you found some joy, laughter, play in being imperfect.
Looks like it's smiles all around.
Well done, Alexandra.
This workshop wasn't for me.
It was a little cringey.
It felt weird and uncomfortable and I didn't like it.
It wasn't my type of thing to do.
I'm definitely disappointed in how this workshop has gone.
I still think Jaz is beautiful, I still think she's sexy, but there's a lot of answers that I need from her for sure.
- You're hot.
- You're hot.
You're so hot.
What do they say? Fire, fire.
- You're fuego, you're fire.
- I'm so fire.
- What do you think about Olga? - She looks like my ex, bro.
- Wow, your ex-bro must be hot.
- Really sexy, you know.
- She's hot.
- Yeah.
With me and Olga, there could be something, but at the same time, I'm trying to not do something.
Lana, Lana, Lana.
You and your stupid rules.
So are we all making moves on Olga, then? You know, I am feeling it more with Beaux.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I know you like Beaux.
You don't want to admit it, but you guys vibe really well.
You guys are vibing.
Georgia's my type, right, looks-wise, so I overlooked Beaux.
But when I spend time with Beaux, we just - It's so natural.
- It's natural.
- It's so much fun.
- She's fun! And as soon as I saw Olga, I thought, I still prefer Beaux.
- Really? - First thing I thought, in my head.
You are mad cute and you guys get along.
Maybe I should open up and accept how I'm feeling rather than Just ask how she feels about you.
Just be real.
Be a human, man! Be a human.
What's wrong? You scared of getting hurt? I feel sick when you say that.
It's okay to get hurt, bro.
You're over here You're goofing out 'cause you know it's true.
You do have feelings for her.
Giving him a little bit of words of wisdom.
You can't be comfortable all the time.
Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
That's the only way you grow.
Wise words, Patrick.
Keep this up and you'll be running a workshop next season.
I need to get a nice one for myself.
We give these kids a lot of parties, huh? This one is a birds of paradise bash to welcome Olga and Obi into the flock.
Oh, this is sick! Whoo! I'm a sexy little magpie.
Pipe? Magpie.
Is it magpipe? - Definitely going topless tonight.
- Of course, with that rig.
Oh, it'd be a waste, boy.
It's been a good day so far.
Holly and I are getting away with it.
Happy days.
We'll beat the system again.
Tonight should be so much fun.
Big Rig seems so sure he's gotten away with whatever happened last night.
Let the good times roll, bro! Yeah! Gonna live my best life I think we're livin' our best life I don't know what bird I am, but I'm feeling really flirty, so the flirty-bird.
Olga's looking mighty fly.
I gotta make my move fast, 'cause early bird gets the worm.
Looks like Stevan's got Olga all alone.
Brace yourselves.
This could be expensive.
Nothing like a five-foot parrot to kill the mood.
How sick is the party? Good vibes all round, good energy.
- I feel like you brought the energy.
- Me, the energy? - Hundred percent.
- Love it.
Stevan is literally so hot, so I need to know where his head's at.
Who's your eye on? I dunno.
I want someone that's fiery, like, sexy.
I'm more like a ball of energy, bouncing around.
- We can see that.
- And I need someone - Just a little bit.
- Just a little bit! And I need someone to bounce off of that good energy.
I'm gonna ruffle some feathers tonight.
I gotta get Harry outta here.
- Can you do me a favor? - Yeah.
- Can you get us some drinks? - Yeah.
The old "Can you get us some more drinks" move.
Real smooth, Stevan.
- So you're liking it here, yeah? - Yeah.
- Before you go on, you're too far away.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna take Harry's seat.
- No, fuck Harry's seat.
- Tatoosh.
- Tatoosh.
Honestly, I feel like everyone's just playing it safe.
I am here for my own fun, my own pleasure in a way.
So what's your own pleasure? Stevan is making me horny.
Obviously, I'm not looking for love.
If I find love, like, fair enough.
But I'm here to have fun and enjoy myself.
That's the main thing.
So you're trying to have fum? So horny.
I think it's literally getting to me.
Yeah, absolutely.
Why are we here if we don't want to have fun? I'm thinking of our little family, but Olga's fit.
So, you do the math.
Don't worry.
Lana will do the math for you.
Let's have some fun then.
I'm game.
Uh-oh! These two lovebirds are flying straight into trouble.
I'm gonna get in so much shit for this.
But it was good.
Bring on the night Just listen to my heartbeat now It's definitely been a weird day with Jaz.
I'm not sure what's going on but I think I'll just ask her, do you see us being something more than what this is? 'Cause I don't know what this is right now.
Everyone looks so good.
Everyone had their little costumes going.
- Yours looks fiery as hell too.
- Oh, thank you.
No, yours looks great.
I don't even know what this is.
I started putting random things on.
It's actually kind of nice to be chilling here, talking to you right now.
Obi, you'll need more than cute compliments to coax this bird out of her cage.
Everybody here is sexy, everybody looks good.
But, right now, I'm more focused on trying to find what's going on between you and I.
I just cannot keep this in anymore.
I really just need to tell Obi how I feel.
I want to be 100% honest from the gate.
I'm like, you're not my usual type.
Um, yeah, so I think we should be completely honest.
- Yeah.
- Like, we may not be compatible.
I just wanted to let you know that, so you hear it from me and like maybe it's more like a friendship thing with us.
I'm gutted right now.
Oh, Jaz.
That was just un-pheasant.
I feel like I've been strung along.
Very unhappy bird right now.
I'm a little relieved at this point 'cause it's not awkward.
I think he's taking it as well as anybody would.
I'm not sure that's his "taking it well" face.
Anyone for a dance? I'm feeling so good I can't even take it The dance floor is poppin' We 'bout to shake it Please could everyone gather in the cabana immediately.
What? Give me a break, Lana.
Call me psychic, but I think we're about to see a group of grown adults dressed as giant birds get told off by a talking cone.
Lana just jumps in and the mood is flipped upside down.
She knows how to ruin everyone's party.
No idea why she called us here, but I've been good.
Lil' Ms.
Loophole, you ain't above the law.
I've gathered you all to remind you that this retreat is for finding deeper connections, not just physical ones.
This information is not getting through to some guests.
There has been a breach of the rules.
It's not us.
We didn't even kiss.
Not a rule break.
I'm kinda shaken.
You don't really wanna say, "I lost you guys more money.
" So, who was it? Oh my God, get me out of here.
Literally How are you two, then? Did you guys kiss, yes or no? - Hell yeah.
- Oh my God! Listen, we're here for experience.
For what?! This kiss has cost the group $6,000.
Stevan and Olga just spent six grand.
The prize fund now stands at $149,000.
She's only been here two minutes and spent six grand.
Six grand out of something meaningless.
I need a drink.
That is not all.
What? Last night, there was another breach of the rules.
Sorry? I'm gonna keep quiet.
And suddenly our loophole-lovin' couple is back in the hot seat.
Someone is naughty and not being truthful.
You don't wanna be a criminal.
Criminals continue to lie and lie and lie.
And that's why they go to jail.
Patrick runs a tight ship.
Nath, Holly, did you have the kiss? So who was it? While tensions are high, I'd speak up.
I don't know.
Maybe it could be somebody else.
Hm, someone else who loves loopholes as much as you two? I mean We did exploit loopholes.
I took my shorts and we like kinda Wait, what? Oh my God.
Let's see that again.
Smooching through fabric.
I've got no material for this.
Um - Put a garment in between? - We tried to respect everyone here No.
There was a pair of shorts between our lips.
This is one of the stranger conversations we've had on Too Hot To Handle.
I'm into it.
That's gross.
That's disgusting.
Oh my God, yuck.
Kissing with a pair of shorts? I mean, what was the actual point in that? There was no contact.
- There was a pair of shorts - It doesn't matter.
Like, what? Do they think, Lana's stupid or something? Holly and Nathan, what you did goes against the spirit of the retreat.
And is therefore a rule break.
I'm sorry.
Are you joking me?! Oh my God.
This has cost the group $6,000.
Let this be a warning to you all.
You guys.
- It's all right.
- I'm sorry.
We tried not to.
- This time it's ridiculous.
- No! Fucking hell.
What are you guys doing? They're just blowing our money on anything.
I'd rather spend the money and have a genuine kiss.
Like, I-I respect you guys so much.
Outside of this villa, we would've taken it to the next level, but we've had respect for everyone else, and Now I don't feel like everyone else is respecting us.
The prize fund now stands at $143,000.
Oh my God.
Nathan and Holly, you have broken the most rules since arriving at the retreat, and have repeatedly broken the trust of your fellow guests.
You must now prove to them that your connection is more than just purely physical.
Oh, hell no.
You will face the ultimate test of chastity.
- Sorry, what? - Shut up! This will be your shot at redemption and an opportunity to win back the trust of the group.
I hope they don't cost more money.
Nathan and Holly, you must spend the night alone in the private suite.
Oh my God.
- We're finished.
- We're done.
We're done for.
Times like these, it can get tough for a brother like me, you know? These two lovebirds are spending the night in a luxury love nest where even the soft furnishings are sexy.
Private suite.
Where do I put in my reservation? Sorry, Stev.
It's fully booked.
Are you gonna actually do anything? I feel a ton of negative energy and now we're being pointed at as well.
Like, I don't understand.
I'm gonna prove to everyone that we have a genuine connection, but at the same time we do have a private suite, so it's gonna be damn hard.
Please make your way to the suite.
They could not be happier to get out.
Nathan, I love you.
Holly, I love you.
Fucking hell! Hey! Oh.
Oh my God.
Oh, this is so crazy! Oh, this is crazy! We cannot be responsible for losing any more money.
It'll be a little tough.
Hey! This is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done.
No! I'm seeing handcuffs, I'm seeing rose petals, a big bath.
I mean, it's like you almost want a brother to fail.
Lana didn't call it the ultimate test of chastity for nothing.
Time for you to put on these handcuffs! - Hey! - And look sexy! I smell a plot twist brewing.
Forming meaningful relationships with people always starts with trust.
What the hell? My question is how much do you trust Holly and Nathan? Jesus.
All they're doing is losing money.
If you decide to trust them and they pass the test, the $57,000 that has been lost so far will be returned to the prize fund.
How much? But if you decide to trust them and they fail the test, the prize fund will drop by a further $57,000.
- Nah.
- No way.
- Hell, no.
- Lana, are you having a laugh? Uh, a unanimous vote of confidence.
Come on, guys.
Have a little faith.
Whoa! It's hot.
Maybe you're right to be a bit worried.
Lana, what are you doing to me? And you want me to be good? I could break a couple rules tonight.
I don't know what to do.
I felt so supportive of them, and I feel they don't give a fuck anymore.
It's like, "Fuck everyone else.
We'll do our thing, no matter what.
" But listen, they got so much shit tonight.
They're not gonna do it.
They won't.
They know they'll lose money if they do anything.
In my opinion, I honestly do have faith in them.
This is a real test.
Watch them actually pass it.
When Patrick talks, he's so convincing, we all just listen to him.
Like Patrick said, I feel like they'll prove us wrong.
This is their chance of redemption.
They've made mistakes and made us angry.
This is the chance to redeem it, and I think they will.
Holly's doing naughty things.
She's looking sexy.
I think this is probably the biggest test for me.
- And three, four, five.
- Please.
We got nothing to lose.
Why not risk it and see what happens? You have $57,000 to lose, honey.
We either go big, or we go home.
Or you could go bankrupt.
I'm for that.
I think they will prove us wrong and we could win a lot of money back.
If you think that we should trust 'em hands up right now.
- 100%.
Let's go for it.
- I'm not scared.
- Raise your hand or not.
- Go for it! Gotta risk it to get the biscuit.
I don't think they'll do anything.
I just went with the flow.
I definitely trust Nathan, so I think I'll ride with the majority.
These bird brains have decided to fly in the face of past evidence, and put all their eggs in the Nathan and Holly basket.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
- Majority rules.
Let's go.
- Here we go.
A ridiculous amount of money to bet.
It's a lot of money we've lost.
This is a massive mistake.
Thank you.
I have noted your decision.
Shit just got real, ladies and gentlemen.
I wanna kiss you! Stop! You look so beautiful.
It's getting so hard.
You have no idea.
And you have no idea how much is riding on you two not riding.
I love all of these.
Come here.
You're so naughty.
I'm bad.
Oh, yes.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me Don't, don't, don't mess with me Oh-oh, oh-oh
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