Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

The Summer of '69

1 [melodic chime.]
[energetic music playing.]
Money on the line, money on the line I work hard, get paid every time Money on the line, money on the line [melodic chime.]
Good morning, everyone.
Are you feeling optimistic? I feel like we've got the whole 200 back.
Given Holly and Nathan's history, you might be, as you humans say, screwed.
- Oh shit.
- God.
I woke up feeling super broke this morning.
Last night, the family put a ton of money on the fact that Holly and Nate weren't gonna do anything.
Please don't mess this up.
I had a dream with a suitcase of money in it.
The guy was leaving the door, I tried to take it, and then he shot me.
- [Stevan.]
That's not good! - [laughing.]
- That's not a good dream.
- So, we got the money back.
Was he six foot five and speaking in South African tone at you? [Georgia.]
Nathan, just like I'm confident.
I think they've got it.
I trust my boy Nathan.
I got faith in my boy.
Yeah! [laughs.]
I'm feelin' really positive vibes today.
I'm 100% Team Holly and Nathan.
I had a great night last night.
It was like a movie.
Here's hoping it was lights, camera and no action.
I think we did all right.
I think so too.
So I think we do enjoy each other's company.
- I'm excited for today.
Mm! - Give me a hug.
Lana put us in the most beautiful, most sensual, like, intimate setting.
We've been pretty good.
Pretty good? Let's hope you mean really good.
There's $57,000 on the line, and any rule break means the test of trust is a bust.
[Harry groans.]
Some days I don't wanna Get out of bed Don't wanna brush my hair Or get dressed I know everybody's been there Yeah, we all fall prey But when life gives you lemons Make lemonade - You're quiet today.
- I'm just chilling.
I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind.
I was coming here to have a lot of sex and a lot of fun, but there's no sex at all.
It's not fun.
Nothing with these girls.
There's nobody here I genuinely want to get to know anymore.
So, I just don't think there's much more for me to learn.
Yeah, Izzy did not fuck up my experience.
She just showed me, like What you want, yeah.
What I was missing and what I needed, and everything else.
But honestly, I feel like whoever it is, it's not here.
I think Truth wants to leave.
It upsets me 'cause I just think it's still so early.
Me and Beaux have been on a roller coaster and at the start we weren't anything, but now I really think there's something there.
Every day's a new challenge.
Like, I came in here, I didn't even fancy Beaux, so you never know.
It's making me want to pursue a connection, know what I mean? Anything can happen.
I don't even give a fuck about genuine connection with somebody.
While Truth mulls over his future in the retreat Love me, baby [host.]
others are obsessing about the past.
As in, did Holly and Nathan hump away the prize fund last night? [Holly moans.]
Oh, yes.
Oh no.
[Holly moans softly.]
Oh my God.
You're digging in deep.
I am the best massage therapist in this retreat.
Just move your legs a bit apart.
Lana! Can we get these people out of here quick? We need to know if it's a trust or bust.
You need to gather everyone Oh.
You're one step ahead of me.
[dramatic music playing.]
I am shitting myself.
Honestly, if Nathan and Holly cost us any more money, I'll be fuming.
I convinced everyone to bet so much money.
I think we pulled it through and won the risk, and everyone in the retreat feels really good.
I bet my right arm on Nathan and Holly, so they'd better not lose that money! They're not that stupid.
[squealing, giggling.]
Let's go.
Nathan and Holly seem chill.
That's probably because they have no idea there's 57 grand and Olga's right arm riding on their non-performance last night.
I think we should pray to Lana.
Everyone, hands together.
Let's pray to Lana.
She's the divine one.
Let's get it.
Let's get it.
Let's gather around the cone and pray they didn't bone.
Please do not let Nathan and Holly have screwed this up.
Oh, what a day.
I'm hoping everyone's gonna be really happy with us.
[tense music playing.]
Dear Lana, please let Nathan and Holly be smart enough to not fuck it up.
[tense music playing.]
Love the prayers, guys.
I walk in and everyone's praying.
I have no idea what's going on here.
Definitely feeling the tension.
[melodic chime.]
Shit, man.
Hello, everyone.
- Hey, Lana.
- Hello.
Nathan and Holly, how was your night in the suite? [Obi.]
Yeah, what happened? - It was gorgeous.
- It was romantic.
- Really? - Oh God.
How romantic? A nice laid out bed with handcuffs.
Ooh, baby [Holly.]
I'm bad.
I think it's fair to say this looks less promising.
Oh no.
- Candles everywhere.
- Massage oil.
We're all screwed.
Spanking whips.
You got what I need [Nathan yelps.]
It was beautiful, you guys.
- It was definitely a top night, guys.
- Yeah.
[music fades.]
Nathan and Holly's stay in the suite [tense music playing.]
was the ultimate test of restraint to further their connection without surrendering to physical desires.
However, this was also a test of trust.
What? [Lana.]
Holly and Nathan, when you left for the suite, I asked the group whether they would put their faith in you as a couple.
[dramatic music playing.]
No way.
[Beaux exhales.]
If they trusted you not to break the rules, I would reimburse the $57,000 lost so far.
What? [groans.]
However, if you broke any rules in the private suite, an additional $57,000 would be deducted from the prize fund.
What? [tense music playing.]
You've got to be kidding me.
I had no idea that much money was on the line.
That's how much faith we had in both of you.
[tense music playing.]
I can't believe they've done that.
They're looking a bit guilty.
I'm starting to regrethaving this much faith in them at this point.
Holly, why won't you look at us? [Lana.]
I can reveal that [tense music playing.]
Nathan and Holly did Please.
[dramatic music playing.]
not Please, please, please.
[music intensifies.]
pass my test.
- Oh my gosh.
You joking? - [Izzy.]
Get out.
Are you fucking serious? [groans heavily.]
I knew it.
I knew they were gonna screw this up.
I just lost my right arm, basically.
- [chainsaw buzzing.]
- [host.]
Don't worry, Olga.
It'll be fast.
I knew this would happen.
I wish last night everybody listened to me.
Just déjà vu, innit? [exhales.]
This has cost the group $57,000.
- [Georgia.]
Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
What did you actually do? We maybe kissed.
- Oh my God.
- [Harry.]
Again? Ju Just a kiss? [host.]
Hm, let's just check up on that.
Louder Oh We makin' noise, we don't care if you like it, we doin' it [host.]
Looks like it was two kisses to me.
But who's counting? Oh, yeah, Lana is.
We doin' it Why did we trust Nathan and Holly? [moody rock music playing.]
Whose idea was this? Oh man.
What did I do? You think for a second maybe it's not a good idea? You knew you had to resist it.
I think when Patrick says something, we all just listen.
They didn't have our interest.
You kissed twice.
I thought you'd learned the first five times.
On top of your 31, which would've gotten you to 46 - [speech fades, waves crash.]
- [host.]
That's it, Patrick.
- Go to your happy place.
- [birds sing.]
[tropical music plays, then warps.]
And because you kissed twice, you have been fined an additional $12,000.
[cash register trills.]
That means your night in the suite has cost the group a total of 69 thousand dollars.
[tense rock music playing.]
Nothing says "you blew it" like a $69,000 fine.
$69,000 for two kisses.
That's ridiculous.
It's not even funny anymore.
$69,000?! Sixty-nine.
That sucks the fun out of that number.
Guys, I'm literally I don't know what to say right now.
And, genuinely, I'm sorry for losing that money.
- [exhaling.]
- I feel like I failed you all, seriously.
We wanted to respect the group.
We wanted to just maybe get away with one or two kisses.
We thought everyone would be understanding of that.
We had no idea you guys were waging on us, of course.
But we You were put to the ultimate test.
I know.
[Stevan sighs.]
Obviously, they had no idea we risked that amount of money on them, and I do feel a bit sorry for them.
If you had passed the test, the prize fund would have returned to $200,000.
- My God.
- [Obi.]
This is life-changing money.
I could probably kick-start my business, set myself up in a nice condo, get a car.
It's just laughable.
However, it now stands at $74,000.
Nothing, we're at nothing.
I'm so gutted.
I genuinely feel terrible that I let all you guys down.
Feeling like I've betrayed everyone's trust, and obviously that's a very terrible feeling.
- [Beaux.]
Let's get out of here.
- This is really serious.
[intense music playing.]
[music stops.]
I feel like I needed to come and talk to everyone because you guys put our trust in us and you shouldn't have.
Nice move, Holly.
Flip it back on them.
That'll make it better.
Holly, you're trying, hon, but you know you've done wrong.
[scoffs quietly.]
I mean, I just feel so guilty.
I just feel so bad now.
I don't think you're sorry you're doing it.
I think you just feel bad at how bad we're reacting.
But you guys, I don't think you feel bad for the act of what you're doing.
I mean, what is it, the seventh time? You obviously don't.
Nathan and I spent over $100,000.
Definitely feel like a big spender now, but not in any positive way whatsoever.
The gravity of the situation is definitely hitting in.
I know you can't look at me, but I'm genuinely fucking sorry from the bottom of my heart.
In my head, I was like, if they were smart, one slept on the floor, one slept on the bed.
I was like, "My boy's gonna hold it down.
" I put everything on you and it just sucks that it didn't go the way we planned, honestly.
I'm genuinely sorry, bro.
And over time, you'll see that.
I need to gain everyone's trust back.
I'm more than ready to learn right now, more than ever, because clearly I'm not getting something right whilst I'm here.
This is definitely a new stage for me moving forward.
With the mood and the prize fund at an all-time low, I wonder how the guy who persuaded the group to trust Holly and Nathan is bearing up right now.
I know a girl And her name is Lana Dear Lana You're so special Just to me [Patrick laughs.]
Calm like water, baby.
You keep on doin' that thing Oh-oh, doin' it, Oh, oh-oh, doin' it Oh, you keep on doin' that thing How you doin'? All right? - [Beaux.]
Uh, what's that face for? - It's the same face I always pull at you.
Holly and Nathan cost us money for not taking the retreat seriously.
The main lesson of this process is finding a connection with somebody.
Me and Beaux, I do want to find out where we're at.
- How are you feeling? - Fine.
What the hell was that all about last night? - "I like you.
" Where did that come from? - [laughs.]
Harry said what?! Okay, immediate rewind.
[tape rewinding.]
[inaudible whispering.]
I feel like we're getting closer and I miss you when you're not around.
I really like you.
Aw! I said it in my sleep.
I didn't mean it.
No, don't start saying that.
- No, I feel like - The truth now.
I quite like the fact you're You're a bit silly like me.
- A bit silly? - I'm enjoying getting to know you.
- A bit cringe.
- [both laughing.]
What about you, you've said nothing.
How do you feel? - You're all right.
- [laughs.]
What I think it is as well, you play it proper cool, so that's been helping me not wanting to tell you how I've been feeling.
Know what I mean? You're dead chill, I keep thinking, "Yeah, I'll just keep pushing it away.
" But last night, I just - [Beaux laughs.]
- I gave in.
I admitted to how I felt and I don't regret it, to be honest.
I do like Harry, but he did tell me that he liked Georgia.
And I don't want to be hurt.
I've been hurt badly in the past.
So hopefully he's telling the truth.
But yeah, I'm still bloody shocked.
I don't know what you want to do from now.
It'd be cool to get to know each other.
Just go with the flow.
See what happens.
And if something comes out of it, then it does.
- We'll see what happens.
- Oh, right, okay.
You wind me up.
You love it really.
I think Beaux likes me.
She's playing it cool.
I feel like I'm gonna have to try and win her over.
Hopefully, we can get that little bit closer.
You take me high into the sky You light me up just like a fire You take me high [upbeat music playing.]
You can have a shower with him.
- You think? - Yeah! I wanna go in there, I just don't wanna fucking cost the group $69,000.
We're here to grow as people and better ourselves.
Honestly, I don't feel that way, and it's like - I don't feel that way.
- Okay.
At this point, there's no one I would want to make a deeper connection with.
What do you say? About to jump in? I would, but you know I'm too big.
Lana has called them to the cabana, and that's usually a bad thing.
I mean, seriously, what could they have done now? Ooh.
I don't like that.
What is this? What's in the box? What's in the freakin' box? - Is it good or bad? - It could be good and bad.
Whatever it is, it's going to change everything, I feel like.
Maybe it's $69,000.
But I wouldn't bet on it.
[melodic chime.]
- [groaning.]
- Lana.
Hello, everyone.
Hi, Lana.
We are at the halfway stage of your journey.
Here we go.
So far, you have lost $126,000.
I'm dreading this one.
However, in spite of this, I have observed that some of you do still have the potential to form deeper connections.
To encourage those of you who are committed to the process, I have a gift for you on the table.
How about that? - [gasping.]
- Ooh! [Holly.]
So stylish! [host.]
Strap on the watches, boys and girls.
It's time to get serious.
Look at my new bling-bling! [Lana.]
When your watch is neutral, retreat rules apply, but when I observe two people forming a genuine emotional connection, they will be rewarded with a green light.
- Oh! - Whose do you think will go green first? - Not yours.
- [laughing.]
While your lights are green, retreat rules do not apply.
Allow me to demonstrate.
[melodic chime.]
Green means go.
I only need two minutes.
I only need 30 seconds.
I would love to get a kiss with a green light with Olga.
What if we're asleep? I won't hear that.
- [Harry.]
I'll wake you up.
- [laughing.]
Not slowing down Go go gadget.
Go green![giggles.]
I think the watches were made for me and Beaux.
Hopefully we get the first green light and our first kiss.
It'll bring us a bit closer.
Even if it is just for 30 seconds, eh, Harry? [Jaz.]
If my watch turns green, I am going to turn around and run the other way.
Oh, has Jaz got the blues? I wish Lana gave us these watches earlier.
About a hundred grand earlier.
- Wow! - [laughing.]
- [Lana.]
However - [dramatic music playing.]
- [Obi.]
Oh my God.
- Always a "but.
" [babbles.]
"However!" "However" is never something good.
Honestly, your heart just drops.
I'm nervous, P.
Some of you have not demonstrated the capacity to ever earn a green light.
Oh my God.
What?! Looks like someone's going home.
[Truth grunts.]
I've broken every rule in this retreat.
I'm very nervous, but this happens when you spend.
[tense music playing.]
Nathan and Holly, you have broken the rules the most in the retreat and cost the group the most amount of money.
[groans, sighs.]
I'm definitely thinking that Nathan and I are out of here.
My heart's sinking.
But I do detect the potential for a genuine connection.
Which means you are both safe for now.
Thank you, Lana.
[Nathan sighs.]
I don't know what I would do if one of us had to go home.
There are two guests that have not committed to the retreat or shown signs of progress.
[tense music playing.]
Oh my goodness.
And I must bring their time here to an end.
- Oh my God.
- [Georgia.]
Oh my God.
If it's me or Beaux that goes, I'd be absolutely gutted.
I am freaking out.
I wanna get to know Olga, I wanna see where that might go, so I don't want to go home.
Why is this happening? I don't like this at all.
[tense music playing.]
Whoever's watch turns red will be leaving the retreat immediately.
- Oh my God.
- It's not good.
No, no, no.
This can't be happening.
What? [laughs sarcastically.]
Oh, hell no.
I don't want anyone to go.
No way could this watch send someone home.
This is crazy.
I do not want mine to go red.
[tense music playing.]
Oh, Jaz.
Who is it? - It's me.
- [Beaux.]
Jaz? [gasping.]
No! [sobs.]
Love you.
- [Jaz.]
I love you guys.
- [crying.]
Jaz, even though I acknowledge that you have faced challenges I don't like being lied to, so it's I mean, I never lied to you.
you have not allowed yourself to go past a certain point.
Your age scared me.
- We may not be compatible.
- [Obi sighs.]
I'm starting to question why Jaz is in the retreat if she's just gonna keep being a closed book.
And have actively resisted embracing the lessons of my retreat.
God, I hate this so much.
I feel like you guys could let go of control, let go of the inhibitions.
Oh my God.
I didn't like it.
It wasn't my type of thing to do.
I wanna cry.
Jaz, she's not really committed to the workshops and learning.
We're here to grow as people and better ourselves.
At this point, there's no one I would want to make a deeper connection with.
I feel like I probably could've opened up a bit more.
I do have a problem with that.
I am sad I'm leaving the retreat, but I'm gonna try to take some tools home with me, and maybe my prince charming is outside.
- Love you guys.
- It's not gonna be the same without you.
The second and final person to leave is [Beaux.]
Oh my God.
I don't wanna go home.
- [Izzy.]
I wanna stay forever.
- [Beaux.]
I'm not ready to go home yet.
I don't really wanna be here.
I feel like there's nothing here for me.
- [Nathan sighs.]
- [Stevan.]
No! - [Beaux.]
Oh my God.
- No! [cries softly.]
You have continued to display behavior from your player past.
- What's with you and Jaz? - I tell her, I want you.
I don't feel Izzy that way.
Okay, good.
Down to where I'm goin' I just about got away with it.
And you have shown no remorse or signs of change.
I don't even give a fuck about a genuine connection with somebody.
A leopard doesn't change his spots, by any means.
You can take the player out the game, but can't take the game out the player.
I'll take you down with me Y'all definitely mean something to me.
I don't say much, but y'all mean the most to me.
[giggles sadly.]
I've always been the player.
I haven't changed.
The ladies here didn't get to see my greatest asset.
Sucks for them.
I'm guessing Izzy is gonna be devastated.
Truth deserved to go.
Lana definitely knows what she's doing.
[soft crying.]
We love you guys so much.
[emotional music playing.]
[Jaz giggles softly.]
El Capitan.
Truth and Jaz, please leave the retreat.
- [Jaz.]
We're out.
- [Obi.]
Love you both.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Truth and Jaz.
That is gonna be one awkward boat ride home.
I'm lost for words.
I just feel like it feels so empty in here.
- [whispers.]
We got each other.
- [Harry laughs softly.]
I'm relieved that me and Harry are staying.
I'm not ready to go home yet, and I'm not ready to finish what I've started with Harry.
I just feel like it hasn't even hit me yet.
It doesn't feel real.
Lana recognized me and Nathan have a connection, but we have a lot to learn still.
Oh, now it's time to grow Oh, ooh [Georgia.]
This is so messed up.
- I can't believe that.
- I can't believe it's Jaz.
I think what we need to take from this is keep Truth and Jaz in our minds and make the absolute most of it, you know? [sighs.]
[Stevan sighs.]
- Didn't expect that, like.
- No.
His name might be Truth, but he lied and he cheated.
Now it's our turn to be the best people we can be.
We have to become a better version of ourselves, and not be thatwomanizing asshole that we were back home.
It's messed up, man.
Wow, today has been intense.
[upbeat music playing.]
Knowing you, Lana, I'm sure you'll give these poor guys the night off to recover, right? You started like friends with benefits.
Now it's like, "What is it?" It's the birth of Barry.
- The birth of Barry! - Barry! Barry.
Barry?! I'm still sweet on Harrybeaux! [melodic chime.]
- Um, Lana! Hello.
Hello, Lana.
- Oh no! - No! - [Lana.]
Hello, everyone.
Nathan and Holly.
- [Beaux, Harry.]
Nathan and Holly.
- Oh no.
Harry and Beaux.
- [Holly.]
- [Beaux gasps.]
Oh, my heart dropped.
Earlier today, I gave you watches to encourage you to explore your emotional connections.
To help you put this into practice, tonight is date night.
[screaming, whooping.]
[uplifting music playing.]
Oh my God, I'm so excited! Date night for me and Harry.
It shows that Lana can tell there's something there between us.
Oh my God.
I'm so ex Can we go and get ready? Thank you, Lana.
I am hoping my watch goes green and it stays green.
Thanks, Lana! [Nathan.]
About time you served us the right dish! [Lana.]
Please remember, this is a chance to prove you can connect on more than just a physical level.
[smooth music playing.]
So here is where the test is.
We have the opportunity to show to the group that, you know, Nathan and I can actually be good.
Thank you, Lana.
Thank you.
I think that we have some growing to do as a couple.
You got me mixed up in feeling Date night, date night, date night.
- Excited to find out what happens.
- I can't fucking wait.
[Harry sings.]
You already gave me The green light, baby! [singer.]
Baby, what else can I do I can't help it [Harry.]
I'm ready, man.
Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here? - How's this feel? - This is so nice.
And you look fire.
You look fire.
- Cheers to you and I.
- Cheers to you and I.
Ah, look at this! - Cute or what? - [laughs.]
It's not like you, is it? [Harry laughs.]
Ooh, a beach picnic.
Watch out for the crabs! Ooh, chocolates.
Ooh! I think the last few days have just shown me that I'm so much more emotionally invested here than I really thought I was going to be.
The man is beautiful.
Obviously hard to keep my hands off him.
But I want to make sure that I'm approaching this the right way because I I really, really, really like Nathan.
I really wanted to take my time with you now and prove to us and prove to everyone that we actually really do like each other.
And, like, obviously now we have the watches, so It'd be cool if it worked.
I mean I'll use all the energy in the universe to make sure this turns green.
What's that saying? You can't teach an old horndog new tricks.
- I really do find you attractive.
- [giggles.]
But also I feel like your personality also at the same time shines so much.
I feel like you're so educated, and obviously you've got standards.
I genuinely do find that more attractive than anything else.
Yeah, of course.
It can't all be about looks.
Obviously, every time I do see you, it's like more than just touchy-touchy.
There should be no touchy-touchy if you want a green lighty-lighty.
Come on, Lana! Feel this connection, please.
This is romantic, isn't it? - Yeah, I'm not romantic at all, are you? - Yeah, I like to think I am.
I hate talking about my emotions, but I feel like I need to do it.
Hopefully she will be opening up to me.
I feel like the Georgia situation plays on the back of your mind a bit.
- It does.
- I didn't even vibe with Georgia.
We barely spoke two words.
It was just the attraction.
- Just the initial attraction.
- Yeah.
But obviously getting to know you more, I feel like now, if anyone else came in, no matter what, I'd still stick with you.
Spending time and getting to know ya it feels natural, you know? It's made me, like, realize it was right under my nose the whole time.
Know what I mean? Just spending time with you, I'm enjoying it.
I obviously do like Harry, but I find it so hard to open up because I'm just scared of commitment.
[blows raspberry.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Who do you think got the green light tonight? [Stevan.]
I don't know.
- Say neither of them got a green light.
- Oh.
You think Nathan and Holly will still spend some money? They're horndogs.
Nothing else to be said to it.
[wolf howling.]
Nah, I feel like tonight's been amazing.
- This is priceless.
- I know, it's priceless.
The thing is you can't put a price on the way you feel or the emotions that you bring out of me.
- You can't put a price on that.
- Yeah.
Lana, if there's one thing you can do for your boy Nate tonight, make this watch go green.
Lana? Lana, are you here? [Nathan.]
What? She's not gonna go green? - Lana, speak to me, darling, please.
- [Holly laughs.]
Come on.
- What do you want to do if it goes green? - Come closer, I'll tell you.
We keep this secret Love I keep a secret for you We keep this secret I mean, we have to be good.
I want to approach this the right way.
The last thing I want is for this to fall through.
Little sad that I didn't get a green light tonight.
Maybe Nathan's just too sexually charged.
I-I don't know.
I feel like I'm open to, like, having a deeper connection.
I really just hope that he feels the same way.
Put a little love, put a little love Little love, oh Tell me how you feel.
You haven't told me yet.
I do need to let my guard down and tell him how I genuinely feel, because he's gave me a lot and I've just gave him so little.
[emotional music playing.]
I think today's made a massive difference.
- What d'you mean? - I didn't want to lose you today.
It showed me that I do really like you.
Beaux said she does like me, and I couldn't be happier.
I'd forgotten about my watch.
I've been holding back a bit.
I've got a massive guard up.
I-I'm scared of commitment, and it's so hard.
That's my problem.
I feel the same, but I've still come to terms with the fact that I like you.
Since day one, I knew that you was the only one I connected with.
[melodic chime.]
This is your heart to break This is your soul to take This is your move to make I'm yours I can't stop smiling.
I feel like it's the first kiss I've ever had.
Wow, Lana! Ending the show on our first green light kiss? Next you'll be telling me they all lived happily ever after.
Or do they? Oh shit! - Oh my God! - What?! [dramatic music playing.]
No, go home! You're too fit! - Who is that? - What is there not to like? Hello, ladies.
Dick is in the building! [squealing.]
My heart and my emotions are in his hand right now.
You got a cracking body.
My head is turning.
I think things are about to be shaken up here.
[Lana crackles.]
I have detected Detected a m-malfunction.
Oh my God! - [Lana.]
Going offline.
- Stop it.
- [gasps.]
- [laughs.]
How can you just leave horny people unattended like that? You don't want no trouble Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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