Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Triple Threat

1 No, we're just getting started Nothing's gonna Nothing's gonna stop us now Too early.
Good morning.
Good morning, Lana.
I hope you are enjoying your new watches.
They're slick.
Only if they work.
Indeed we are.
How was that green light on your date? Was it good? We got the first green light.
It shows that Lana can see a connection between us.
I enjoyed it.
It definitely meant something.
How long did the green light last? Two, three minutes maybe.
I can work with that.
I could bust out three positions, yo.
One, two, three! Holly and I didn't get the green light.
I genuinely think these things are not working, because I really am struggling.
Sexual tension's off the charts, off the roof.
What the fuck are you doing? Like I said, testosterone levels are up.
What about Stev and Olga? How you guys doing? One day at a time, just seeing how things go, you know? Definitely growing.
Me and Olga had some cuddles, a little petting.
Not heavy, but light, Lana.
But I'm struggling right now.
I am horny.
I'm super happy for the couples, but I'm a bit jealous, not gonna lie, 'cause I have all this sexual frustration going on in me.
I'm not used to this, you know.
Woke up kinda early Feelin' kinda horny You could call me if you like Just as long as you don't bore me It'd be so amazing to have people in here, like, just more my type.
All I'm asking for, Lana, is big hands.
Big hands! You freak.
Oh my God.
I'd just like someone manly and confident.
Oh, we just need some guys.
And some big hands.
We just need some more meat in here.
I'm veggie, as well.
That'd be a bit weird.
I just need some unreal guy who's my type to come in and sweep me off my feet.
Well, there's plenty more fish in the sea.
- There's a fish.
- Told ya.
It's fucking that big.
Oh my God, it's there, look.
It's moving to the Oh my God, oh my God! I know that I'm gon' shine on it I'm gon' shine on it The sexual tension is skyrocketing.
Beaux teases me, but then is like, "Oh, the money," like, as I'm about to do something! - Yeah, I woke up hard this morning, bro.
- I do every morning.
And every night! I would love to just, like, see what's down there with Holly.
I would like to know.
Well, it's either a holly bush or a Hollywood.
Everyone in this retreat is getting super horny.
I've been having dreams about girls every single night since I've been here.
Yeah, it's been hard.
Like, literally.
Reading between the lines, I'd say the boys are hornier than a brass band.
They'll be trying to trombone you next, Lana.
Hopefully not, Desiree.
The boys' sexual urges are distracting them from making emotional connections.
Boys' day.
Therefore, I have organized a male-only workshop to help them release their frustration and unlock hidden emotions.
And who better to guide our boys than the master of emotional maturity, mindfulness expert Brenden Durell.
So today's workshop will help the guys release that sexual tension so they can focus on deeper emotions.
This is about expressing that sexual tension inside to get it out.
Because at times we hold our shit in.
Here's your opportunity to release it, yell from the deepest part of your belly.
Brenden's just random.
Feel it from the bottom of your testicles.
This sounds nuts.
What? This is about me expressing what I feel inside of me to get it out.
Anywhere else, I'd be running the other way.
Breathe through your nose.
But I am so horny right now, I'm willing to try anything.
There's a beast inside of you too.
There's a lot of bottled up coming out.
'Kay, now I'm done.
Your go.
Get it out.
I wake up hard.
I work out hard.
Eat dinner hard.
My dick is hard every single minute of every day.
I won't look at Patrick the same way.
One more time.
What do you think they're doing? I heard them moaning.
I could tell one was Harry, 'cause - High.
- Really high-pitched.
They're definitely letting some anger out.
They need to.
They need to release some of that tension.
- How was your date last night? - Yeah, it was really, really nice.
It was nice to have some alone time with Nathan.
You know, he did make me a little nervous because I feel he's too sexually charged.
Nathan, I think he needs to take this seriously.
He needs to work on being able to connect more emotionally.
All right, hold on to that feeling.
Now that you've done a great job releasing that tension, I want you to focus deeper on your emotions.
I hate talking about my emotions.
This is gonna be difficult.
On the canvas in front of you, you'll write some words that might be how somebody describes you.
Generally, men have found it hard to access their emotional side because we live in a culture where men use sex to mask their real feelings.
In this next stage, we'll give them space to get in touch with themselves, because the deeper they are intimate with themselves, the deeper they can connect with a partner.
I love it.
"Dishonest, jealous, manipulative.
" I noticed that whenever I felt like I was losing that control, I acted out in one of these ways.
My entire life, I have tried to be this strong, powerful, dominant person because I'm honestly afraid of losing control.
I'm just trying to learn how to not have to control a situation.
That's beautiful, Stevan.
Olga will be so proud.
When I'm in bed with him, I wanna shag him, get with him, whatever.
Lana, when exactly is the girls' workshop? He's a really fun guy.
I love that he can make a fool of himself, which I do as well.
There could be more with Stev.
We need to get to know each other more, see if there's a genuine connection.
How was this for you? I don't think these words identify me.
When you write these words down, it's not nice to see that as a reflection of who you are.
So my heartbreak, I used to, you know, sleep around.
But it changed my perspective on how I want to do my next relationship.
Beautiful, man.
My man, Harry.
"Guard up.
" I'm curious about that as well.
Having my guard up, that leads to girls assuming you're a player because you can't commit to them.
I'll find an excuse to get out of something when nothing's really wrong.
I feel that deeply, man.
I resonate with that.
I haven't been in a relationship for three years.
Scared to commit, scared to let somebody in, so that I don't get hurt again.
How has being in the retreat changed your perceptions of these things? I've met someone, and I have let my guard down.
We get on great, and the chemistry's unreal.
I'm still very scared, but I feel like I care about Beaux more than I've cared about anyone for a long time.
My man, Nathan.
The first one I'll start off with is "incognito.
" Incognito because I can be kind of emotionally unavailable when I want to, especially when somebody wants to get close to me.
Uh, and then the playboy.
Commitment's hard for me just 'cause of my parents.
They weren't so committed.
So, I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to meeting the right person.
I've gotta do the right things, and that's building a genuine connection that Lana approves, so, we start now.
Every single word can always be changed.
They're not in cement.
So, you have balloons with paint.
We're gonna throw it at the canvas.
No matter what you've been deemed as, you get to create art out of that.
So I reach a little further Get rid of those words.
It was a nice feeling to cover the words up and I feel like the best version of me for Beaux.
And it's all because of you I finally feel like I've been able to let go of the past, and let the new me move forward with Olga and see what happens and stop playing games.
The boys have got in touch with their emotions, and the girls are up for making deeper connections? Lana, this all seems too good to be true! Well, Desiree, actions speak louder than words, and I have a way of testing the existing relationships, while also giving my single guests a chance to make new romantic connections.
Prepare for new arrivals.
Lana, you are the undisputed queen of drama and I am here for it.
Live grenade on the beach.
Take cover, ladies.
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh Oh, shit.
- Oh my God.
- What? She is stunning.
No, go back home, you're too fit.
I'm turning heads, uh-huh I'm not gonna beg, uh-huh I definitely have gorgeous features.
My pretty eyes, my big bright smile, but let me tell you, when I turn around Damn, I look good Unless you have a wedding ring, everybody's fair game, so, sorry.
I'm definitely not interested in following rules from a robot.
I'm here to have fun.
Brianna and the other newbies have been told exactly what show they're on.
But guess what? They give zero .
She's so fit.
Welcome! Wow, she's gorgeous.
Now I'm excited to meet 'em.
Wait, where are the guys? - They're in a little workshop right now.
- Yeah.
What's your history with boys then? I definitely go for people I shouldn't be with.
I'm like the bad person of my friends.
What is your type? Like, extremely tall guy, pretty face, nice smile.
She described her type as everything that Nathan is.
Hopefully, this new girl doesn't want to take my man out on a date too.
Hold on, ladies, Lana hasn't finished just yet.
The ground is rumbling as we're coming Shaking The ground is rumbling as we're coming We're coming The earth is shaking Sh-sh-sh Incoming! Where are the other boys? Surely they'll feel the vibrations from these grenades.
Ooh! That looks sick.
Ah, ignorance is bliss, isn't it? - No! - No.
There's two.
This place is paradise I'm Gerrie, an ex-rugby player from South Africa.
So whenever I get that perfect girl for me, I'm scoring tries every single day.
I am an explosion of fun, love, and cuddles.
Lana, you're definitely going to have your hands full with me.
Speaking of handfuls, check out the bod on this beautiful Brit.
My name's Jackson.
I'm from London.
I come from, I suppose, a traditional family.
My mother is a politician, and my father's a judge.
I'm a big fan of women, and they're a fan of me.
If I like something, I don't see why not to go for it.
Izzy spotted some big hands.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Olga.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, babes.
Whoo! Describe your perfect girl.
- I just like someone to vibe with.
- Yeah.
My prayers have been answered.
- So I need someone to, like, you know? - Yeah! You're just like, "Yeah, yeah.
" How great is life? All these girls are extremely gorgeous.
It's amazing.
I'm enjoying myself.
So what type of girl do you go for? I love a good bum, I can't lie.
Well, there's a lot of nice bums in here, so you'll be fine.
Jackson is so fit, and I really fancy him and I'm so excited to get to know him.
Tell us about yourselves.
I'm from London.
I worked in fashion, and design clothes.
The girls seemed pleased to see me, almost as pleased as I am to see them.
I like a girl that backs herself.
Cheeky and doesn't take herself seriously.
I think maybe, maybe, there's a couple of those here, potentially.
Jackson, he's so fit.
And he's English.
He's got English banter.
And he's tall.
He's got really nice eyes.
Have you forgotten about Stevan already? Actually, where the hell are those boys? They're about to have a rude awakening.
Oh, yeah.
In the retreat, we have loyalties going on.
New people brings new adventure, so I want to talk to Brianna and find out what her true colors are, so I don't know your type, but - I don't really have a type - I was about to say, what is your type? I like an extremely tall guy, pretty face, nice smile, like You literally just described Nathan.
- Okay, so how tall is he? Like - He's like, what, six five? Six five, six six.
Okay, I'll try to picture him in my head.
- Try to picture in your head.
- Yeah.
- They're tall.
What do you think of 'em? - Yeah, I mean I do not want her treading on my toes.
- Listen, I'm just so about Nathan.
- Yeah.
Basically, I came in here and my eyes were on Nathan.
I guess his eyes were on me because he pulled me for a chat the first day, and was like, "Listen, when I like someone I just want to like hone in on them.
" And I was like, "Okay, let's go for it.
" And we're just so about each other.
We're working on building something.
'Cause you know, guys might be, like, focused on one girl, a hot girl comes in, and they still like you, but it's like, "Who's that?" Like, "I need that.
" Oh, it's two new guys.
Oh my God, the boys.
- Oh my God.
- They're gonna be so jealous.
Lana, send the homies home.
We're good.
I feel like with everyone saying, like, Nathan is so off-limits, it's almost like a cookie and you can't eat it.
And then you're like, "I might just take a bite.
" Holly, looks like your plan has backfired.
- Hi, I'm Brianna.
Nice to meet you.
- What's your name? - Brianna.
Nice to meet you too.
- Nice to meet you.
This place is full of surprises to the max.
Fireworks in the building.
Have you caught amnesia between the enlightening workshop and the beach? I can hear the sound of thunder - I'm Brianna.
Nice to meet you.
- I'm Obi.
Brianna, Brianna.
What is there not to like? She has a beautiful smile, banging body.
Oh my God, that butt is huge! Brianna, what are you thinking about the boys here so far? - Like what you see? - Yeah, well, definitely.
I'm, like, super excited to just have fun and go crazy.
The guys that walked in, I was like, "Hm, it's looking real scrumptious today.
" You gonna be breaking any rules since you just got here? Um Shit, I can't promise anything, I mean Yeah, I can't promise anything.
She will definitely stir things up.
She seems like a bit of a naughty girl.
Can you hear the sound Oh boy, I can feel a storm brewing.
Of thunder Take a deep breath Side by side I know we can make it 'Cause we're killin' it Yeah, we're killin' it together The girls get ready here.
We don't spend time here.
- This is Lana.
- This is our queen bee.
'Cause we're killin' it, yeah Pop in the shower quickly? - Mm.
- Mm! I know we can make it I know we can make it What we thinking? Buns, one bun or hair down? Keep the buns.
Keep 'em as they are.
- I like them, bro.
They're cool, man.
- Game.
The new guys are definitely pullin' to stir things up, but, you know, I'm just trying to learn about control and I'm gonna let Olga have her space, do her thing, but the ball's in her court.
And I'm sure she feels the same, Stevan.
The dick is in the building.
The D is in the house! Or maybe not.
- Whoo! - This is what we wanted.
Jackson, when he first walked in, I was like, "My type, English.
" He's tall, dark, handsome.
So who are you into? Jackson.
Listen, listen.
- 'Cause I don't want any arguments - No, I mean - Any fights, and I mean it - We're good.
We are good.
Let the best girl win, d'you know what I mean? Olga, Olga, Olga.
I mean, she's a lovely girl, but bring it on.
- Whatever happens, it's cool.
- Happens.
Things are good with Stevan, but ultimately Jackson is more of my type, you know? He's absolutely fucking gorgeous, so I'm just gonna keep my options open and get my flirt on.
I'm on the loose Ooh Somebody stop me Before I start makin' the news She walked in and I was just like, "Okay, she's gorgeous.
" She could definitely be your type and I'm like, "Great.
" Who told you What's her type? She came in, and we asked her type and she's like, "I really like height, tall, dark, handsome.
" - I think she's pretty good-looking.
- Yeah.
Well, I came to move mountains Yeah I came to move mountains Yeah I got mad loyalties towards Holly, but I think Brianna's super good-looking and, um, it would be nice to get to know each other.
All right, so tell me the little 411, you know, what's going on? The first person I saw was Georgia, and it was like, "All right.
" She just almost swept my feet underneath me.
- Uh-huh.
- So, I was just like, "Hi, girl.
" From the moment I saw her on the beach, it was like, "That's it.
She my type.
" I'll try and stick by the rules.
That's the spirit, Gerrie.
Let's be honest about this.
I'm gonna try, but I'm not.
- So, you're not gonna try then? - Yeah.
Right, what do you reckon, man, who do Izzy is super sexy.
I'm really attracted to her, for sure.
- But for me, Olga's got energy, dude.
- All right.
- Big smile, she's fun - And banter too.
- Yeah, which I kinda like.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
I'm super excited for this evening.
I'm gonna have to get to know Olga and Izzy.
Maybe even at the same time.
So, the guy with the dreads - Obi? Obi.
- Obi, yeah, yeah.
I feel like his personality offsets him being a little shorter than what I prefer, but it's obvious that I really, really fancy Nathan.
Okay, he's really, really cute, but you know, every two seconds I see she's like right there.
I can't get close to Nathan with Holly being there.
So naturally, you're like, "Damn, that's a challenge.
" So, like, I kinda wanna play.
Too smooth Crème de la crème Honey, check me out Check me out 'Cause you can't handle me Jackson's already settling into the retreat like it's his natural habitat.
I wonder if Izzy and Olga will get to hear his mating call.
Here we have Olga, a very rare Eastern European bird, whereas Izzy here, her song charms all that it falls upon.
We're talking about two birds, both of which I'm reasonably interested in.
Sir David, if you're watching, which, of course you are, our sincerest apologies.
You both look fantastic.
- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
- It's nice to speak to you properly.
- Yeah.
Really nice to meet you both.
- Fresh meat Fresh meat in the resort.
- Fresh meat? - You're saying I'm on the menu? - Absolutely.
I think Olga is ready to tuck into some British beef.
To be honest, I You know, I kinda zoned in on you both.
Tell us a bit more about you.
So, um, I used to model when I was younger.
- I can tell.
- I knew it.
I said to someone, "He was a model, 100%.
" So, you're into sport? - Played lots of rugby, sport.
- Did you play hockey? Who plays hockey? - I played rugby.
- You played rugby? My girl.
Someone cacked me once.
I was scoring a try, someone cacked me at my ankles.
I was scoring a try, grabbed my shorts and my pants, pulled up, and I scored a try.
I know.
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, to teach the orphans tag rugby.
We built orphanages, like Boom.
I love that.
Shut up.
I tried surfing, I was in the sea every second.
I'd just get on the board, wobble, get back in.
British banter's really different.
- Yeah.
- The sarcasm, the chat.
British guy, British accent, British humor.
Tick, tick, tick.
My parents are so There's, like, no jokes around the house.
I'm like, "How do I have this chat and banter?" The woman can speak about nothing forever, but somehow I'm still engaged.
So to be fair to her, on some level, must be killing it.
I like to make a fool of myself.
I need someone to do that with me, literally.
We'll get on fine.
And I couldn't get a word in.
That was a waste of time.
You're both gorgeous.
We'll see where it goes.
Yeah, keeping your options open, obviously.
Nailed it! Did you see how many handshakes he gave me? Slaps.
Winking, smiling at me.
But Stevan, that's the issue.
We'll deal with that later.
I feel it coming I'm ready for it My heart is soaring I'm up so high Dude, you look like a fucking leopard.
Straight from Africa.
South Africa.
That's what I was going for.
'Cause this is my time My time, my time You know, if you fall, I'm sorry, but I'll laugh.
My time Brianna, she really is the whole package.
She's sexy, she's funny.
I just can't wait to get in there.
I've been dying for a person that I can vibe with.
That's why I felt the need to pull you today, chat with you.
My first encounter with a girl in here didn't go as I planned.
She ended up leaving.
Any opportunity you get, just chase that.
- Definitely.
- I think that's what I'm doing right now.
I'm genuinely excited to get to know you, because I feel like we're sexy people.
Sometimes when sexy people talk to sexy people, it's always sexual, right then and there.
But I feel like, for me, I can talk to you, like, genuinely.
- Like, "You catch that game yesterday?" - Yeah.
I feel we're gonna be talking so much, people are gonna be, "These two.
" "They don't shut up.
" He's super cool.
There might be something there but I feel like I still wanna get to know Nathan 'cause I won't have that, you know, "what if" in the back of my mind.
You can't even handle A little competition Yeah Always number one Hello.
'Sup, baby? Now Jackson has stepped in, he's so much more what I actually want than Stevan.
- How you doing? - I'm okay, how're you? Chillin'.
I just need to speak to him and clear it out.
Me and you are at such an early stage.
I don't know, it started off as a bit of fun, and it's still that.
I don't wanna limit you or limit myself to getting to know other people.
I know what's coming.
The new guys are here.
You wanna know them, you're welcome to.
- If more people come in - I definitely do.
I think I wanna get to know them.
Obviously Jackson's like a London guy.
English, like he ticks a lot of boxes.
And I just wanted us to be on the same page, so nothing's muggy, nothing's snaky.
Like, we know how we feel about situations, basically.
No, absolutely.
And, um, yeah, obviously if another girl comes in that you're interested in, then absolutely you're more than welcome to explore that too.
And work.
One of the things I needed to change in myself was to control myself, and not the situation.
Olga has said that she wants to get to know other people, so I need to let her go.
- Okay.
- Good? Oh, Olga, are you sure? Stev is being so sweet, and technically Jackson hasn't even asked you out.
Catch you later.
Oh, and she's gone.
Nice chat.
Three new hotties been here for less than two hours and already caused one breakup.
But at least there have been zero rule breaks.
When I rock up on the beach, I saw you, it was like, "All right, all right, she fit.
I'm feeling a vibe there.
" Uh-oh.
I may have spoken too soon.
Do you like rugby players? Nice body, very fit.
Yeah, I definitely think I do.
At the beach, you're a very like me-type person.
I'm a bit of a weird person, I think.
- I don't find you weird, I find you fit.
- Oh, thanks.
It It's hot in here.
It's really hot now.
But I'm not gonna break her rules.
We don't wanna break rules But I'm up if you're up tonight Has anyone ever told you that you have amazing eyes? Like, soul-gazing eyes.
- Thank you.
- It's my pleasure.
That's so nice.
This retreat is basically cockblocking me, but from my point of view, I'm here to, um, do whatever I need to do.
I'm a rule-breaker.
Got the heart of a rebel And the soul of a renegade So, do I go with my gut feel and, like, I know I feel something, or what What do you say? We all came here to meet people and have fun, so, dunno.
- All right.
- Cool.
Oh Yeah, always right behind you - Oh my God, I'll be in so much trouble.
- All right.
It was really sexy, but three different rule breaks with three different people.
Oh my God.
I might be in a bit of trouble.
It's that kinda night I'm dancin' with the devil It has been quite a day with these grenades.
I'm gonna burn, burn, burn Burn it to the ground So, another day in paradise.
Some more new arrivals.
But Nathan is mine.
And he's gonna come sleep in my bed.
Falling Catch me now, I'm falling For you Wakey-wakey.
Morning, hon.
So, Gerrie, what's in store for you today? I think I'm just gonna have fun, like, enjoy my first day.
Anyone in particular you wanna get to know? Yeah, she's laying right next to you! Let's go! Yes, there is.
Yes, I've broken the rules again.
I'm a little bit nervous about how everyone's gonna react.
But I honestly like everything about Gerrie.
Stevan, you don't look the same man in that bed.
I've never gone there before Take me with you I woke up, I'm feeling really positive.
I feel like I'm ready to explore a new connection.
I'm so excited about getting to know Jackson more.
'Cause we're never gonna ever stop And we're always gonna shake it up Always gonna shake it up Last night, it was absolutely amazing.
The vibes with myself and Brianna is there, the connection's there.
Be like Obi-Wan Kenobi.
As long as he keeps his lightsaber to himself.
How was your conversation with Jackson last night? I had a chat with Jackson, Olga.
- Like, oh my God.
- Together? - Together.
- Oh my God.
Did you get a word in or what? Thank you.
Honestly, I got no words in.
Obviously, you guys know I fancy him and it was just Jackson is so my type.
He's the only guy here I've got my eyes on.
I just need to chat with him without Olga butting in.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Lana? Oh no.
Please can you gather everyone in the cabana.
Here we go.
Let's do it.
You already know when Lana calls you to the cabana, she's about to drop a bomb.
I think she has something brewing, and it makes me nervous.
I'm really worried.
These guys are gonna hate me.
Every time we have to gather round Lana, my palms sweat, my armpits sweat.
Hello, everyone.
Hi, Lana.
As you know, I encourage genuine romantic connections.
So, I have planned dates for our latest guests.
Thank you, Lana! Whoo! I'm, like, ecstatic right now just to be in this position.
I just got here, I just got a date.
However that is not possible for everybody.
Oh my God.
What? I did kiss Georgia last night, so I don't think this will be good news.
There has been a breach of the rules.
What? Who is spending my money? I think I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble.
All right, I'll tell you guys what.
So, from the moment I saw her she looked gorgeous, and I couldn't stop looking in her eyes, so, I kissed Georgia.
Just had to do it.
Yeah, believe it or not Believe it or not Believe it or not All right, Lana, where are we at? $6,000 has been deducted from the prize fund.
Oh my God! Fuck.
Bro, I'm a college student, man, I need the funds, yo.
He's only been here two minutes! What? I think he's been here for less than 24 hours.
Something I would do, to be fair.
- Did any of youse know? - No.
Cheeky Georgia.
That was quick.
Sneaky snake.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Sorry, guys.
I feel bad.
It sucks, but yeah, what can you do? You could've tried not kissing Gerrie.
That would've been a start.
Gerrie - I thought she said hairy.
- So did I.
because you broke the rules on your first night, your date privileges have been revoked.
That sucks.
What the hell? All right, Lana, I'll take this one on the chin.
If I knew that was the case, I probably would've waited.
Jackson, please select someone from the group to take on a date.
It's quite obvious it's gonna be me.
You've got this, girl.
I cannot wait for this date.
Ooh, okay.
Um Don't know if he'll pick me, 'cause we haven't had time to talk much without Olga butting in and talking for England.
Really tough decision.
I fancy both of them a lot.
Are you up to anything later, Izzy? Uh, let me just check my schedule.
I'm free, yeah.
I'm going on a date! Finally! To be fair, if Olga's disappointed, she's hiding it well.
- Aw, I'm happy for you guys.
- Yeah, same.
I'm left with no one.
Me and Stev have definitely drawn a line under everything now.
I don't wanna be that girl, because it didn't work with Jackson, I go back to Stev.
I won't do that.
It's fate, baby.
We get on really well, you're super cute and, uh, I can't wait to have some fun.
- You're making me feel awkward! - Aw! Thank you.
Olga is one of a kind, and she's, like, loud and funny and chatty, but, um, Izzy is, like, really beautiful, super hot.
Uh, annoyingly hot.
- Brianna.
- Yes? Please select someone from the group to take on a date.
Oh, gosh.
Okay, lemme think.
I got my little chocolate eye in the corner.
She's mine.
But I feel like I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least try a little bit Oh my God.
So I feel like Sorry, Nathan.
- I'm so sorry, Holly, but - Here we go.
Here we go.
It just really sucks.
I just hope the date is shit.
I hope the wine spills.
Chef stirring that pot, boy.
Whoo! Well, that took some balls.
I'm blushing.
I should've said no to the date, but you gotta appreciate quality when you see it, so, you know, Bri is a good-looking girl.
Thank you very much for the date.
Appreciate it.
We're standing on a fault line Oh, hell no.
If Brianna wants trouble, we can have trouble.
We're standing on a fault line Came in with the mic and, boom, dropped it.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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