Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e07 Episode Script

Yoni Live Once

1 [melodic chime.]
Oh-oh, oh-oh [host.]
Okay people, we're back in the room, and some of these sexy singles have had their sexy smiles wiped off their sexy faces.
Izzy and Jackson, please prepare for your date on the beach.
What the fuck? Jackson picked Izzy over me, but [sighs.]
I can't be a sore loser.
Well, you're not the only loser around here.
Brianna's decision to date Nathan has cut deep.
The girl I like is going on a date with somebody else.
So, uh, I'm just a little bit bummed out right now.
[sucks air.]
Don't know how to feel.
Brianna and Nathan, your date will follow later this evening.
I'm so excited for my date.
Like, I literally can't wait.
You know that anticipation, "Ooh, what's gonna happen?" And he's hot.
Like, tsss, hot.
If Nathan kisses Brianna on this date, all hell will break loose on this retreat.
You know what, you have every right to feel like this.
- It's so shitty for you, it really is.
- [Holly.]
Of course, I'm a little jealous.
It's so much harder for me to build a genuine connection with Nathan when I don't even get to see him.
If he goes and his head turns, then it'll tell me that he makes poor decisions and poor investments because he spent 100 grand for what? He's entertaining it, like, he's entertaining the dates, and at this point, I'm feeling deep into it.
I'm not entertaining anyone else.
[sighs softly, sniffles.]
I feel like I haven't been actually vulnerable to one person in so long.
I've just been completely about him, and [sniffles.]
it's, like, just at the expense of my emotions, and this is what happens when you get close to somebody.
They have control over your emotions.
[upbeat music playing.]
I've gotta say that you do look genuinely beautiful.
- Thank you.
- Really gorgeous.
- Mm.
Cheers, darling! - Cheers! He actually looks fitter today than he ever has.
So I'm gonna try my hardest not to break the rules, but we'll see what happens.
It's just difficult.
I'm glad you picked me.
Yeah, definitely.
I just I think we had a little bit of a vibe straightaway.
I felt that as well.
Obviously, Olga was in the situation as well.
Yeah, yeah.
And, I mean, she's great, but she talks at a million miles an hour, and she's amazing, but, I don't know, with you, I find a real sweetness a bit more there.
You think I'm sweet? No one would say that.
- Really? I'm comparing you to Olga here.
- Yeah, I mean [Jackson.]
Izzy is, like, super gorgeous.
It seems a little unfair to be able to look but not touch.
There's an inordinate amount of temptation, so I can't It's gonna be tough.
It's gonna be tough between us.
Careful what you get up to because it's not just Lana that has eyes on you.
- If we spy, we need to be careful.
- [laughs.]
I wanna know the details.
I'm like a little demon.
What's going on? [groans.]
Smiles from ear to ear.
Brilliant! We're fine with this.
What was that about not wanting to be a sore loser? - Sucks being second, you know? It's like - Oh, tell me about it.
Jesus Christ.
- I hate being second.
- [laughs.]
Fuck my life, can I just go home now? Where's my boat? I feel a bit awkward around you sometimes.
- Yeah? - I'm the most un-awkward person ever.
And then, you say something, and I'm like, "Oh, that's cute!" Yeah, well, I'm never really this bashful, but I am now, so maybe that's a good sign.
It's good to hear.
Um, if sleeping arrangements allow, I would like to hang with you.
Really? [squeals.]
Yeah! [host.]
These two have got rule break written all over them.
Oh! That's good to hear.
Good to hear.
So, what do you feel like about the whole rule situation? [host.]
Yep, definitely happening.
Um, I feel like we're on a beach and, with the money lost already, one kiss won't count.
I'm gonna just ignore the robot.
- I feel the same, actually.
- Yeah? [Izzy.]
I just wanna feel you On my body So seductive [host.]
And they just agreed to share a bed together tonight.
Something tells me sleep won't be on the menu.
And I'm losing my mind lately I just wanna feel you On my body We definitely made that worthwhile, didn't we? - It's green, right? Yeah? - We'll pretend it was.
After that kiss, a bit horny, you know.
But we've already broken one rule.
I don't know if we could do it again.
[dance music playing.]
Tonight's the night.
We're breaking all the rules [Brianna.]
I'm hopeful me and Nathan are a match made in heaven, 'cause he's the hottest guy here.
I go for what I want, and 99% of the time I get what I want, so, I'm very excited right now.
Jeez, a 1% failure rate? Please, no one mention that to Holly.
Are you worried? You think I'm worrying? - I don't know.
- I'm fine.
We can talk after your date.
Um Don't think about it too much.
It won't be long.
- Yeah.
- I'm just gonna see what she say.
Obviously, it's a date.
I'm gonna be a gentleman.
My heart is in his hands, and he's got the option to just, you know, like, reassure me, or he could crumble it in a million pieces.
I just feel like, to what point do you keep entertaining them? - [Holly.]
That's a valid question.
- You don't have to entertain anything.
So then why are you? Well, I can't just say no to the date, can I? Why not? [host.]
Well, he's put on his best white shirt, for one thing.
Jeez, Holly, so selfish.
Brianna is a good-looking girl, so, another big test for your boy Nath.
Hopefully Not hopefully.
I will pass with flying colors tonight.
- See you in a bitty.
Jiffy! - Whatever.
- Go have fun.
- [Nathan.]
Giving you kisses.
[blows kiss.]
I'm not gonna be in a love triangle.
That's for damn sure.
Dude, like, when he got the date, he was kind of smirking at me.
- She's his type.
I just can feel it.
- Yeah.
If Nathan was to sit there and describe a woman, that is Nathan's type, head to toe.
- I just can feel it.
- Yes.
He knows what'll happen if he does something.
Man, it's gonna be a bad night.
If you got it Don't let it go to waste Won't you let me have a taste? Won't you let me have a taste? [Nathan.]
Oh yes, this looks fab.
Come on.
My game plan tonight is to be super cute.
Thank you so much.
You know, slither into what Holly got goin' on.
A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get what she wants at the moment, so I'mma dive right in.
Do you feel that you may be optimistic of getting to know more people here, including me? Um Definitely.
Obviously I've got my eggs in a basket at the moment.
Gotta take 'em out the basket.
Just put 'em on the side, you know? - I don't know, we have to see.
- Never put all your eggs in one basket.
- That's what they say.
- Yeah, you're doing that.
Ooh! [laughs.]
This woman's not sweet.
She's fiery.
I'm gonna have to watch myself.
I'm the type that's like, I go for, like, what I want.
- I gotta make sure - 100%.
I think it's super attractive to just go what you want, - Yeah.
- In this place, you must shoot your shot.
Yeah, or in your case, I won't get another shot if I don't shoot it now.
- You know? - Yeah, well, now you're shooting! I know! I'll shoot and hopefully I'll score.
If he even says for a second that his head's even, "Oh, I wanna get to know both of you," I'm out.
Don't make me look like an idiot, 'cause [groans.]
He's not going to.
He either comes back and I'm with him, I'm happy, or he comes back, his head's turned, and the trash takes itself out.
Where there's smoke, there's fire This is fucking good.
You can see the real him.
My heart and my emotions are in his hand right now.
So you got a cracking body on you, by the way.
Yeah, I was blessed.
Cute face, fat ass.
Definitely got the biggest booty in the retreat.
I do.
- Yeah, that booty stands out.
- It definitely does.
Guys like a pretty face and a fat ass, so I feel like I'm set up for success right now.
Sometimes, when I walk away, I'm like, I feel like everybody's looking at my ass, like, "Damn, girl!" Trust me, you walk away, everyone is Okay! Yeah.
You just saw that.
Have you ever modeled? - No, like not that much.
- Really? - Everybody's like, "You must be a model.
" - I'm a bit surprised.
I'm shocked about how well this date's going.
This is the face of a confused man.
Would I be in trouble if I fed you? - No, you wouldn't at all.
- Like, "Don't mess my shirt!" Don't mess up my shirt! Alright, there we go, get a little strawberry.
- Cheers.
- Good.
- Is it good? - Oh, that's banging.
It's banging? Okay.
You know, I'm just sitting here, like, "Mmm" When they feed you with their fingers, I feel like [sighs.]
so sexy.
So, like, intimate.
[seductive music playing.]
- Oh! That's hot.
- It's good? Whoa.
Tough times for your boy Nath right now I'm gonna have to keep my head screwed on.
Definitely, I am seeing different sides to you that I never saw before.
- There's a lot about you, so - A total package.
I feel like Nathan's head is a little bit scrambled now.
If your head gets turned, it gets turned, but You feel like it's turning a bit? I feel like my head is turning a bit.
As long as your head doesn't turn toward Bri's lips, we should be okay.
Brianna has shocked me to the tip of my toe.
Very flustered right now.
She is beyond gorgeous.
[sighs heavily.]
- Tonight was a really good night.
- Such a good night.
Well, I need to definitely look at myself in the mirror Let me help you up.
and make the right decision.
- Thank you so much.
- No worries, babe.
You're cute and a gentleman.
I lucked out on my date.
[upbeat music playing.]
- What up, homeboy? - [Holly.]
Man of the hour.
How you feeling? - You up for a chat? By the fire pit? - Yeah, let's go.
So, I'll tell her exactly what happened, exactly how I'm feeling.
You've got that bad boy - Oh.
Here we go.
- Take a seat there.
I'll be honest and see how she takes it.
Did I hear that right? Nathan's gonna tell Holly that Brianna turned his head? Yeah.
Strap yourselves in, people, because I'm expecting turbulence.
I'll be honest with you.
She's a great girl, obviously.
- She's 28 - Yeah, she's beautiful.
She's good-looking, she's got a lot about her.
Don't forget to mention her cracking body.
There was red wine, chocolate sauce, strawberries [Holly.]
So get to the point.
[tense music playing.]
Is your head turned or not? [host.]
The moment of truth.
[dramatic music playing.]
Do you think you've turned his head a bit? Of course.
[dramatic music playing.]
He said, "You have the fattest ass.
" I was like, "I've seen it!" So, I feel like it was nice.
It happened naturally, so, can't deny it.
[tense music playing.]
Nah, I think I'm still I'm definitely with you.
Would you look at that? He bottled it.
You know.
Obviously my head was turned, but there's some things I don't need to tell her because I don't think it's necessary to tell her.
- I know where my head's at.
- Appreciate it.
I think that's one thing that I really love about you is just you're an honest man and you're loyal.
She definitely put it on me tonight.
Wow, way to throw Brianna under the bus.
She didn't hold back.
[moody rock music playing.]
I feel like I've been disrespected a little bit, by Brianna.
I'm feeling a certain way about Brianna.
And just so many questions.
I'm not gonna be walked on.
- 100%, I told her this - I'm not that girl.
I'm very worried.
There's one or two things I didn't mention to Holly, and if she went for a conversation with Brianna, I am definitely in for trouble.
Ooh Trouble gonna come Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Trouble gonna come - I just have a bad vibe.
- I know, I know.
- No, you do look fit though.
Look at you! - Thank you very much.
And you look great too.
All right, stop it now, please.
- Yeah, no, don't.
 Stay away from me! - Yeah.
It's mine and Izzy's first night sharing a bed together.
I don't really know how it's gonna go down with the whole hands off and no kissing or anything.
I don't know if I'll be able to achieve it.
[whimsical music playing.]
I have been disrespected tonight, completely 100% by Brianna.
She said some things on the date.
- Oh.
- So I will be having some conversations.
Holly's gonna have an absolute meltdown.
And I'm [laughs.]
I'm kinda here for it.
[tense music playing.]
I'm gonna wait 'til she comes in.
I am not a woman that enjoys to be disrespected.
So I'm probably gonna have a conversation with her, yeah.
That is one unhappy Holly.
[tense music playing.]
I wouldn't go in there if I were you, Brianna.
This could get very messy.
I'm actually pretty worried.
[tense music playing.]
Smart move.
I feel the date went extremely well.
[dramatic music playing.]
I'm very intrigued to see kinda how it unfolds.
I know I just got in here but I'm trying to see if I'm in the long game with Nathan, because he definitely gave me the feeling of I had a shot with him.
So, I'm very excited right now.
I'm waiting.
[tense music playing.]
Yeah, I have a lot to say, frankly.
Throwing Brianna into this mix is creating drama.
I can just tell Holly's got this fiery attitude, and I hope tonight there's not a girl fight.
Is Brianna here? - No.
- Fuck.
It's so tense in the room.
God, what a fucking stress.
Where's Brianna? Something massive is about to happen.
[tense music playing.]
[door slams.]
I think you all need to chill out.
[music intensifies.]
Oh my God! [host.]
I almost don't wanna watch.
It's like a movie where you know someone's about to walk into an ambush and there's nothing you can [laid-back music playing.]
It takes me about four hours to get ready.
Not a care in the world.
Two hours to do my hair, two hours for makeup.
Kinda like my me time.
It sounds like a lot when I say it out loud.
If I were you, I'd take as long as you like.
[suspenseful music playing.]
I was a bit naïve to think this couldn't happen.
Can tonight please end? [Holly.]
I'm going to bed.
I'm just bored waiting here.
But I think she's just wasting her time.
And wasting my time.
Can we just get this over with? My nerves can't take it.
[tense music playing.]
- [music ends.]
- [bird squawks.]
[peaceful piano music playing.]
Nathan, you are one lucky man, and Brianna, that is one thorough bedtime routine.
[peaceful piano music continues.]
All right.
I think that's enough excitement for one night.
[upbeat music playing.]
If someone else could take the blame I'd let them do the time [groaning.]
Good morning! [Izzy groans.]
Heard them two laughing.
You laughed all fucking night, you two.
Don't look at me.
Yeah, one thing led to another, and we spent a bit of cash.
So, I'll take my seat on the naughty step, and I'll take what's coming.
Were you tickling each other? - Nah.
- No.
Nothing happened here.
Super guilty over there.
Okay, fess up, what happened? I have been a bit naughty.
[laughs quietly.]
A bit naughty? I'd say that's definitely verging on a lot naughty.
Do it to 'em, do it to 'em [host.]
Let's just hope Jackson is keeping his hands warm under the duvet.
I feel so guilty.
I'm happy we stopped, 'cause otherwise the group would hate me even more.
- Brianna.
- Yes? - [Gerrie.]
- Hi.
How was date night? [blues rock music playing.]
It was good.
It was cool to chit-chat, get to know him, so it was really fun.
[exhales heavily.]
I'm gonna really try and just keep my cool.
But I'm this close.
Was he a gentleman? Of course, he was always a gentleman even when I first met him, so, it was cool to get to know him, was good to chat.
So, it was good.
I'm feeling a bit disrespected.
I need to have a conversation with Brianna.
I'm actually quite annoyed.
Trouble and pain There's a lot of tension between Holly and Bri this morning.
We can all feel it.
Guys, shall we crack on with the day? - Yes.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Let's go.
I don't know how Holly will handle this.
Oh, Nathan, you've gotten yourself into quite the pickle.
[upbeat music playing.]
Let it out Let it out, let it out Let it out Let it out, let it out - Ooh.
- Yeah, you look like a snack.
- I look like a snack? - Yeah.
You look edible.
Oh, I'd love you to eat me.
Well, I'm sure you taste Beaux-tiful, but Lana's bill is hard to swallow.
As you're about to find out.
I hate this damn cabana.
I'm shitting a brick.
[tense music playing.]
I'm really worried on what happened last night.
If Nathan and Brianna kissed.
Maybe there were rule breaks, but no one fessed up this morning.
I'm nervous.
A couple of things yesterday may come to light.
Had a few rule breaks already, so this is so awkward.
- [melodic chime.]
- [groaning.]
- [Olga.]
Oh my God.
- [Holly sighs.]
Hate that noise.
- [Lana.]
- [Gerrie.]
Hi, Lana.
Sweaty palms start running now.
I must now inform you [tense music playing.]
that yesterday, further rule breaks occurred.
Every night someone breaks the rules.
They don't care about anything besides themselves and their sexual desires.
[Beaux groans.]
Oh my God.
Resulting in yet another reduction in the prize fund.
Oh, Lord.
[exhales heavily.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Wasn't us.
My heart is sinking right now.
Nathan told me that nothing happened on that date, but, uh [sighs.]
I have a bad feeling about all of this.
[Beaux scoffs.]
People need to own up.
I promise it was not us.
Did you guys kiss in bed last night? What happened? Tell us what happened.
Obviously we did.
- Oh no.
- Oh my goodness.
Are you fucking joking me? [tense music playing.]
Basically, we had a kiss at the date.
And then we got to bed and it got a bit like Heated.
But we did, like, stop ourselves.
We were pretty conscientious.
"Conscientious" is not the adjective I would use.
The rule breaks committed were one kiss on the beach [groaning.]
one kiss in the bedroom.
Oh God.
And at 2:42 a.
, a rubbed a intimately.
Oh my goodness.
We should all just pack up.
What were they thinking? Nathan and I haven't even gone that far yet.
This has cost the group How much in all? Sixteen hopefully.
I think it is sixteen.
[dramatic music playing.]
Here we go.
Oh! No! $22,000? That's a lot of money.
I did not think it would be that much.
At this point, I might as well have sex.
The prize fund now stands at $46,000.
Oh, Lord.
Oh no.
There's not gonna be any fucking money to spend at this rate.
That's our prize fund right now.
- [Lana.]
- Sorry, guys.
What can I say? Neither of us are a cheap date.
'Cause I got bad blood [host.]
That prize fund is at an all-time low.
And so, it seems, is everyone's mood.
- It's tough.
Didn't know it was that much.
- Yeah.
Lana is not happy.
And everyone is very pissed off.
I've already gone through a few rule breaks, and tried to learn from it, and I'm getting back to square one.
Got this bad blood I know you want a taste Izzy has really pissed me off.
$22,000 spent, just in one night.
Selfish bastards! [host.]
On the upside, at least Holly's keeping away from Brianna.
Oh, me and my big mouth.
I feel like Brianna needs to have a conversation with me.
It's hard to see how this is okay in girl code.
Oh no, no Yeah, yeah Yeah, I got bad blood [melodic chime.]
- Oh! - Ooh! - Lana! - Fuck.
Hello, ladies.
Please assemble in the workshop area.
- [Beaux.]
Oh God.
- [Lana.]
You know [exhales.]
Oh, it's not often anyone on this show stops girl-on-girl action.
I'm guessing you're cooking up something special.
[melodic chime.]
Your observation is correct.
Tension is mounting between Holly and Brianna, and Izzy and Olga, in pursuit of male attention.
The girls are neglecting the relationships between each other.
I have devised a workshop that will encourage them to come together as they celebrate their sisterhood.
It's the girl power [host.]
Instructing our goddesses today is relationship expert Shan Boodram.
The workshop's goal is to promote sisterhood.
It's about a goddess seeing a goddess and acknowledging her beauty without feeling diminished by another's greatness.
It starts with the respect you have for your own body, the admiration for your own beauty.
If you don't have that, it's nearly impossible to build a truly genuine, deeper, more meaningful connection.
So, we are here to reconnect as sisters.
- You just got here? - Yeah.
So when you guys see a new girl, you don't feel that competition, you feel this sisterhood.
I treat people how they treat me, so Unless you try to take my man.
Um [host.]
I feel like we've touched a nerve.
Maybe, uh, scoot this thing along, Shan? We're going to talk about what all connects us here today.
The thing that, without it, humanity would not exist at all.
We're going to do something called a Yoni Puja.
Back by popular demand.
What the hell is a Yoni? Sounds like a food or something.
Well, it's strictly off the menu at this retreat.
Yoni is a word in Sanskrit that translates to vulva, vagina.
Puja means worship.
You're gonna drop to embrace your Yonis.
Oh my God! Oh my God, are you joking?! It's your Yoni.
It's your time to reconnect how you want to.
This is a part of the ongoing dialogue that has to happen with Yoni Puja.
You talk to her.
You say, "What's up? How's your day? How do you feel?" Are you serious? - Something you wanna say to your Yoni? - Not really.
- Georgia? - Um [whistles a tune.]
I don't know what to say.
This is very uncomfortable for me.
Izzy, anything you want to say to your Yoni? - To it? - Yes.
Why not try it out? See what happens.
- You sexy! - [laughing.]
Whoo! I like it It just gives such a good vibe and good energy.
I really want to try it out.
Let's go! I'm gonna love you forever.
- You're beautiful.
- Awesome.
I love you, bish.
I feel free.
Go on girls, give it a whirl.
You only live once.
You are actually pretty.
You know, sometimes you feel like, "Is my vagina ugly?" But she's actually quite cute, so, sorry for calling you ugly.
It is weird doing it in front of everyone, but then all of us were able to express ourselves.
For you, Holly.
- Here we go.
- I'mma take care of you.
- [Georgia.]
I'mma treat you right.
- You're the best.
You are unique.
You are beautiful.
You cute.
I love you.
This is lovely, to be able to chat with my Yoni.
I've disrespected her when I give pleasure, and she gets none back.
I've got to pleasure her a bit more, I take her for granted.
I'm so glad that everyone's saying how they feel, and it's so nice to see how we've all bonded through it.
So, girl power.
- It feels so weird to just be - [laughing.]
It's crazy, why are we laughing? It's almost funny for women to praise themselves.
Right? Like a weird thing that never happens.
So one time for our Yonis, give me a, "Mmm!" [all.]
Mmm! [Shan.]
Ooh! [all.]
Ooh! [host.]
Wham, bam, thank you, Shan.
The sisters are certainly celebrating, and when the girls are away, the boys will meditate? I want you to take a big deep breath in.
[relaxing music playing.]
And then let it all the way out.
[groans, exhales.]
Stress levels right now, soaring through the roof.
I don't know what to expect.
I hope Holly doesn't find out what went down last night on the date with Bri.
I'mma go dip in the ocean.
I'll catch you in a jiffy.
I don't think you can swim away from your problems, Nathan.
The nearest island is 20 miles away.
You may feel a little sense of stimuli in the entire body and the wind may even tickle you a little bit.
[funky music playing.]
These beautiful flowers in front of you, take a look at them.
You are going to make a representation of your Yoni.
So dive in, have some fun, play around, and get creative.
You ready? - [whooping.]
- Yes! All right.
Show me your Yonis! Watch me go This workshop is designedto help to strengthen the bonds between the women by allowing them to appreciate each other's inner goddess.
She is beautiful.
She is sacred.
She is floral.
Her colors are popping.
She is so powerful and unique and special.
That message is not drilled home enough.
Basically, they're cultivating their lady gardens.
Works for me.
Oh, I love yours.
- That's like what I'd have on my wedding.
- [laughs.]
That's beautiful.
Think I finished.
Izzy, can you show us your Yoni? Yes, I will show you my Yoni! Aw.
So, I'm not very artistic, but it's a butterfly.
The colors are red for the sexualness, white for the pureness, yellow for happiness, and pink for just being girly.
- [women.]
Aw! - [Izzy.]
I really like Izzy's Yoni.
I didn't think Izzy was gonna go that, like, meaningful, I guess.
I love that you've got your sexiness and your pureness side by side.
Thank you so much for offering up your Yoni for us.
I'm obviously gutted, 'cause I wanted to be on that date, and I'm just not used to, like, chasing after guys, but I am happy for her.
Mine's a bit crazy, of course.
The fiery color underneath, the clit is actually up there.
The hole maybe where the fire happens.
Might wanna see someone about that.
I love it.
And I just love you, you're great.
I'm loving this workshop.
I love you all.
Beaux, bust it out! I'm gon' show you my coochie.
Right, this is my clitoris.
You gotta be kind to it.
It's soft.
The lavender is just 'cause it smells good.
Everyone comes back after they have a little piece.
Can't wait to show Harry my Yoni.
Sounds pricey.
Going through this experience, I've realized a Yoni is a secret garden that if you're lucky enough to get the key to, it's like a paradise.
Has anybody gotten to experience this paradise on the retreat? [giggles.]
Not yet, no.
In the past, I was a very affectionate person, and now, after being let down and hurt, I've become more reserved, and it takes me a little while to open up.
- [Shan.]
Thank you so much.
- Thanks, guys.
This is going so well.
Shan is some expert.
Clearly not just a one-trick "peony.
" All right, Brianna, would you honor us with your Yoni? [tense music playing.]
Oh wow! And I put a little rose here, because the red rose means love.
Anyone else think the atmosphere is getting a little thorny? You should love your Yoni.
You should be friends with your Yoni, have great intentions for your Yoni.
Uh, it's your Yoni's intentions that have got you into trouble, Brianna.
And then I put white, 'cause white is like purity and genuineness.
Are you serious? I I'm at a loss for words.
I just can't.
[uneasy music playing.]
- Holly.
- All right, everyone.
- Here's my Yoni.
- Oh, I love that.
I chose to do my heart, because I feel like I'm in a position right now where I'm committed to one person who has never even seen my Yoni.
It's very delicate, figuratively and physically.
I met Nathan in here, and it just blew my whole mind.
He's just a really unique guy, and I've never met anyone like him.
I do feel bad because, you know, I'm here to be single and have fun, but some girl came in and took out the guy that she's very fond of.
I had to kind of like sit through and watch Brianna take Nathan on a date, and, obviously, I felt uncomfortable with it.
I don't like feeling competition and overlapping territory.
I wanna be on good terms with Brianna, but at the same time she did break girl code.
That's why I feel like you're showing women that you can build something without giving the Yoni first, so I do empower you about that.
- Thank you, Bri.
Means a lot.
- Yeah.
I just wanna say thank you to everyone.
I hope you take the energy we have today, the respect, the love, the sensitivity, and use that for the rest of the retreat because your Yonis deserve it.
- Honor your Yoni! - [Izzy.]
We love you.
Feel the love, the empowerment.
We got to reconnect together.
Oh my God, I could do this every day.
Girl power! [Holly.]
I'm learning how to respect myself and really appreciate what it means to be a woman.
The dawn of a new day I think what you've created through this experience has been so beautiful.
To the Yonis! [together.]
To the Yonis! Dawn of a new day, day, day Hey Dawn of a new day Feel it Dawn of a new day, day, day Hey Dawn of a new day Here we come [Holly.]
Hello, do you mind if I join? - Hey, mama.
- Hi, babe.
Here we come I felt like I just wanted to come and clear the air.
- Yeah.
- I'm not the person to hold a grudge.
So I need to have a conversation with Brianna where I'm gonna choose to be the higher woman.
I'm not gonna be catty about it.
I wanted to talk to you because I don't want it to feel weird.
- We're being catty girls.
- Yeah, because we're grown women.
Obviously, yesterday was a big day for me, Nathan, and you.
There was just, like - A lot going on.
- Yeah, a lot going on.
Like, a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do, right? But you could see how it could, like, rub me the wrong way? Yeah.
First off, find out where your head space is at I just wanna clear the air with you too.
- I never want anything to be misconstrued.
- Yeah, of course.
Asking him to go on the date, I know that was a lot for you.
So, I'm sorry.
I don't want it to be like I'm stealing your man.
I never wanna step on anyone's toes, and I realized too, I don't wanna hurt Holly.
I feel like this made me feel a lot better about the situation.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm glad we were able to clear it up.
I just want to squash anything that's between us and, like, you know You guys look so cute together, so, yeah.
- Okay, let's hug it out.
- Hug it out.
Oh, thank God that went well.
And to celebrate the new sisterhood in the retreat, Lana is throwing a goddess party.
- [upbeat music playing.]
- [whooping.]
I want everyone to enjoy themselves and go crazy.
Lucky for them, she's invited the gods too.
Nathan is wearing a thin piece of fabric.
You look like a darling, darling.
I was clearly last to the dress-up box.
I've came out looking like a goddess and not a god.
Oh, we're looking like gold Yeah, oh Like we got nothin' to lose We're going off tonight Loving the party.
Everyone's having the best time.
Livin' it up to party down I got my little crown on.
I'm channeling my Medusa vibe.
Not gonna stop Dancing up on the table tops [Nathan.]
I think I dodged a bullet with Brianna and Holly, so I think, overall, we are back to normal.
I think the gods, I mean goddesses, are on your side.
I feel today will be good.
Livin' it up to party down [melodic chime.]
Oh, Nathan, I think you spoke too soon.
You don't ever know what Lana's planning.
Honestly, I'm scared.
Guys, Lana's here! [suspenseful music playing.]
Good afternoon.
- [nervous groaning.]
- Hi, Lana.
You are entering the final stages of my retreat.
I have decided to gather you for a review of your progress so far.
What is Lana playing at? [groans.]
Some of you are showing [glitches.]
signs of personal development.
Lana, honey? What the Um [Lana.]
However, some of you are still struggling to adhere to the rules of my [glitches.]
sex ban.
[voice warps.]
She's drunk.
Lana, what has got into you? [Lana.]
Running s-system diagnostics.
What? [electronic whirring, beeping.]
[whirring fades.]
What the hell is going on? Lana has gone into broken mode? - [dramatic music playing.]
- [bleeping, buzzing.]
I have detected [warps.]
a malfunction.
[Lana glitches.]
[Lana warps.]
I have detec Lana got an STD.
Got a little virus.
[dramatic music playing.]
And require an urgent software - [Lana warps.]
- [Beaux gasps.]
Going offline.
[Lana bleeps.]
[Lana whirs.]
Uh, Lana, where have you gone? - Wow.
- [host.]
There's three more episodes to go.
I can't do this on my own! [dramatic music playing.]
How can you just leave a bunch of horny people unattended? Like, anything could happen.
Someone call me IT support! You can't leave me like this! - [melodic chime.]
- [Lana.]
Don't worry, Desiree.
My guests think that I am offline, but I'm still performing at full capacity.
This is all part of my biggest test yet.
Ah, phew! Thank Goddess for that.
Lana, I hope you've got good credit, because this lot are definitely going into arrears.
Hold on, hold on.
So there's no rules? Lana's offline.
This is brilliant.
I'm ready to have sex.
It has been so long.
If we do stuff, she might still find out.
She's still gonna know.
It sounds too good to be true that Lana's just, poof! I feel like I know what my boy Nathan wants to do.
If Lana's offline, I definitely bring out the bad side of Nath tonight.
[Olga laughs.]
Yeah! I want everyone to get with each other.
One massive orgy.
[dramatic music playing.]
We're getting active tonight, yo, baby! [host.]
And little do you know that could cost you big time, baby! Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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