Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e08 Episode Script

Reaching Rock Bottom

1 [melodic chime.]
[upbeat music playing.]
We're taking back the control 'Cause that's how we roll Revolt [host.]
Lana just threw the Too Hot rule book out the window, literally, by malfunctioning and going offline.
It was an Oscar-winning performance.
And while we know that it's just another one of her cunning tests, this lot have no idea what's going on.
What? Lana, seriously, don't even play with me right now.
A virus? Lana doesn't get viruses.
Of course not, Holly.
Lana is bulletproof.
But what about her plan? [Lana.]
Soon, my guests will be leaving the retreat.
So I am testing them to see how they behave when I'm not there to guide them.
If they pass this test, then my work is almost done.
However, if they fail, I will introduce an intensive program for their final days.
My offline test will last for 12 hours.
I feel tonight is a big night to be honest, guys.
She goes offline, the bad kids come out to play, and I'm the first one to lead the charge.
You guys, I have a feeling this still might be a mind game.
She's still gonna know.
I'm not sure if Lana is testing us, but if I can not break any rules, I think it would show the group that we mean business.
Smash! [laughing.]
This is a free pass.
Lana is malfunctioning.
There is no rules tonight.
I'm going all in.
Oh my greatness! - Lana's superhuman, seriously.
- She is superhuman.
She doesn't just glitch out.
She's everywhere, she sees everything.
I just don't know if she's really offline.
I don't believe her.
Does everyone think that they would even have the self-control? Yeah, definitely.
Lana sees everything.
I don't believe she's fully malfunctioned.
Maybe we're overthinking it and she actually has broken.
This is great.
Take my hand Take control She could reward us with money if none of us do anything.
One idea over here, another idea over here.
With the mystery often comes mischief.
Why not test the water, Izzy?[laughs.]
Yeah, that's a good idea.
No, that's a bad idea.
Set free the devil inside [Izzy.]
Lana's turned off.
All the rules are off tonight.
Let's go mental! Set free the devil inside I'll go full horns tonight! [laughing.]
I'm out on the town tonight.
Let the games begin.
I'm already on the edge of my seat.
Lana, your test has split the existing couples right down the middle.
One side wants to break the rules, the other thinks you're still watching! Hold on to your hot dogs, 'cause, boy, have we got a game for you tonight! This thrilling battle sees Team Horny, Nathan, Harry, Izzy, and Gerrie, line up against Team Heavenly, Holly, Beaux, Jackson, and Georgia, in what promises to be a real Clash of the Titans.
Let's get underway.
Turn it up Yeah, we're gonna celebrate Loud enough Pump it till the roof shakes - Lana's offline! What does that mean? - This is gonna be a mad night! [giggling.]
Bro, I'm definitely breaking rules tonight.
There's no rules.
Know what I mean? Been holding it in for so long.
My plan tonight is to give Beaux the best night of her life.
You better be satisfied tonight.
'Cause if you ain't, girl You'll be satisfied tonight! [Beaux.]
No! Guys, as soon as Lana switched off, everything I've learned from the retreat has gone out the window.
I am ready to rip off all of Jackson's clothes to break some rules! [host.]
Oh dear.
Looks like Team Horny are ready to play.
Go! I been locked in a cage Now I'm breaking out 'cause I can't wait Till somebody set me free [host.]
And Izzy and Harry are about to shoot their shot.
- So, you all right? - I'm feeling good, baby.
- [Harry.]
This is madness really.
- [laughing.]
- Isn't it though, babe? - No, I know, it's crazy.
But Team Heavenly have Beaux and Jackson on defense.
I feel like we've had the last few days to really get to know each other.
And I don't think we need to put pressure on ourselves to do anything.
Jackson is trying to stick to the rules.
I'll break him.
[clicks fingers.]
Obviously, we could do something.
Like, we can break the rules tonight.
It doesn't really matter.
Like, why waste it? [seductive music playing.]
A little kiss, come on.
I'm rather suspicious.
This is a test.
We're kind of being trusted.
But I feel like I'm learning a lot here.
Izzy is a fantastic kisser, and I'm caught between two places as to what to do.
Uh-oh! Do I detect cracks in Jackson's defense? [Izzy.]
Bit of fun, no one will find out.
I'm sitting opposite my Achilles heel right now.
She looks fantastic.
Stay strong, Jackson! However, there is a very small part of me that says, "Balls, let's go with it.
" You got the devil in you Oh Mm Oh, you got the devil in you [host.]
She shoots, she scores.
I've broken Jackson tonight.
When I've got my eye on someone, I get them.
Rock and bloody roll.
You got the devil in you Oh Mm Oh, you got the devil [host.]
Jackson's lips have let one slip, but hopefully, Beaux will be unbreakable.
Down, boy.
I've been horny as.
I'm hoping that we break the rules and get away with it.
The thing is with me and you though, we've got that much sexual chemistry, we will have sex.
I know.
Talk about getting straight to the point! If you want to have sex, we can have sex.
It's so bloody hard not to have sex with him.
It's just bloody hard at the moment.
- Hm.
- [Harry laughs.]
But we are going to stick to the rules tonight.
I just don't want us to have sex and suddenly things change.
Don't want things to change between us.
- Things aren't changing.
- No, I know.
I just get scared.
Behave yourself.
I don't know, when you have sex I don't want things to distance or I know what you mean.
It's just frustrating, but, um, maybe Beaux was right.
I'm happy either way.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I wanna show you how much I like you, but [laughing.]
Definitely got blue balls, so hopefully I can hold out.
Yes, Harry.
Let's hope you can.
Somethin' evil [host.]
Team Horny took the lead with a tough tickling tackle from Izzy.
But a big cockblock from Beaux brought Team Heavenly back in the game! Crazy fuckers.
I'm taking the suite tonight.
Why, Patrick? What could you possibly want to do in there, all on your own? To make sure that there is no temptation for people to go there, even though Lana may or may not be watching them.
Great work, Patrick.
The suite is now officially out of bounds.
[moody music playing.]
The only snag is that you've left the rest of the retreat still in play.
You look amazing.
- You look amazing.
- You look gorgeous, hun.
You're very beautiful.
You look very cute tonight.
No way.
Do you reckon? I never thought I'd meet somebody like you and you're such a lovely person.
- Really? That's really nice.
- Yeah.
Tonight, I want to do a lot of things with Holly.
And, um, it's 99.
999% gonna happen.
Looks like the odds are against Team Heavenly.
- [laughing.]
- So bad.
I'm not sure if Lana's testing us, but I'm gonna really try hard to not break the rules.
Special girl.
You make me feel really special.
We're gonna break some big rules.
Do that, and you'll be paying some big fines.
We've broken rules since day one, so we won't be breaking more.
We're keeping consistent.
I really enjoy kissing you.
You've got beautiful, soft lips.
Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet.
I don't know if I can keep my hands off of him.
Oh no.
It's not easy.
Oh my God.
I can't figure out What is going on In that mind of yours Why you holdin' on? [groans.]
- You look amazing.
You know that? - I do? Come here.
Lie to me Go on and lie to me, yeah [host.]
Damn, Holly, you want fries with that? [Nathan.]
Tonight's gonna get fast and furious.
Thanks to Nathan, Team Horny has raced into the lead.
Which means Georgia is Team Heavenly's only hope.
- Ooh! - [Georgia laughs.]
Don't show me that, girl! [both laughing.]
This dress slips down.
She's looking fit tonight, I'll tell you that.
Hopefully there's more than just a kiss.
There's a lot of sexual chemistry there.
Gerrie's lovely, I'm getting along with him great.
If Lana really is offline, I would love to go and run and jump on Gerrie.
But who knows what happened? Have I ever felt about a girl the same way I feel about you? No, I haven't.
I just think the reason why I feel this way towards you is because you're not like anyone else.
I wanna show my love language to Georgia.
You will just see what I mean.
I think we're about to find out if Gerrie's got game.
I can't wait to, like, settle down and have kids.
Interesting tactics.
For God's sake, like, chill.
Just calm down.
I always said I want four kids.
The ladies love it.
I am a very, very smart man.
I love kids so much.
I definitely do.
Obviously I haven't known you long.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
Wow, Gerrie, your love language has put the ball in the back of your own net.
Get my bags, I've gotta go.
Like, it's not for me.
And with that spectacular own goal from Gerrie, the scores now stand at 2-2.
Sports fans, this game is going into overtime.
I wonder which team will be next to shoot.
[playful music playing.]
I've definitely got blue balls.
They're probably purple by now.
Probably got bruises! [laughs.]
I feel sorry for Harry Jr.
down there, 'cause [laughs.]
he's going through a traumatic time! [host.]
Unlike Patrick, who's still guarding the suite, blissfully unaware of the games being played outside.
Oh! He's even headed for an early bath! [Harry.]
Me and Beaux obviously agreed not to have sex.
[sighs quietly.]
So, that's made me more frustrated.
I got one thing on my mind Too late, I just crossed the line But I'm feeling good and looking fine Hell yeah, that's right [Harry.]
I am as horny as it gets right now.
I can barely concentrate But I might have a little trick up my sleeve, who knows? [host.]
What are you gonna do, pull a rabbit out of a hat? Oh no.
I, I like it [host.]
Looks like it's sleight of hand.
Don't look now, Stevan.
Harry's got a hold of his wand.
I, I, I like it [Harry.]
I'm an idiot.
I'm so embarrassed.
I can't tell anyone.
Well, gotta hand it to Team Horny.
That's one way to get ahead.
Like it [laid-back music playing.]
Let's go somewhere else I'm not looking for trouble [Izzy.]
I'm going to bed.
See you in a sec.
I am so buzzing tonight.
And I definitely think a few more rules may be broken.
I'm proud of me and Harry.
We've showed some restraint, and I hope everyone else does.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Let's, let's go into the suite.
That's a really big decision.
That's hopefully one decision you don't have to make, because Patrick is already Oh, Patrick! Patrick, where have you gone? Hey.
Patrick, you abandoned your post before the final whistle got blown.
What were you thinking? Really proud of the family right now.
Didn't break any rules.
Good night.
- Good night, Patrick.
- Good night.
- Good night, guys.
- Night, buddy.
So all I need to do is sleep in my old bed I've been sleeping in and keep my eye on everyone.
Please make sure to behave tonight.
You two, you promise to behave? [Izzy.]
[moody music playing.]
Obviously, I wanna get physical with him.
Should we have sex? What we gonna do? [Jackson.]
I've got a suspicion that Lana will come on tomorrow.
Which, now I think about that Huh.
Uh, I don't know.
I don't think we should have sex.
[Izzy whispering.]
[Jackson whispering.]
Shall we give up? [Izzy whispering.]
I would wanna do something, but Jackson choosing not to break the rules [groans.]
so frustrating.
So, Jackson's heavenly deflection brings the scores level.
Oh, how nice.
The games end in a draw.
I need that pleasure so pure Should we just make a move? [host.]
Oh, wishful thinking.
I got a hole inside my heart It's got me begging for more [Holly.]
How am I gonna resist Nathan? What are we waiting for? I'm not.
Can we go? [Nathan.]
Just come on.
- All right.
- [host.]
Oh, this is not good.
Just turn it up Turn it up Till the needle snaps Needle snaps Till the power breaks, Lord Till the windows crack Best believe, whatever I haven't done before, I'm doing it tonight.
So, yeah, all chips are in on the table.
Just turn it up [host.]
And this might be your biggest gamble yet.
Turn the lights down low Low I've fallen into the abyss Your love is a bottomless pit So low Oh, oh When I fall Love is a bottomless pit Yeah, oh, oh Oh yeah Love is a bottomless pit, so low [host.]
Looks like Team Heavenly has thrown in the towel, as the game comes to a climax.
Enjoy that winning feeling, because tomorrow, Coach Lana will not be pleased.
Love is a bottomless pit, oh [gentle music playing.]
It's a new dawn, it's a new day.
[tense music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
Stand by.
Lana rebooting.
Oh my God, are you being serious? She's alive.
Stand by.
Lana rebooting.
- Shit.
- She is not gonna be happy.
Stand by.
Stand by.
Stand by.
Anxiety's back.
This could go good, or this could go bad.
- [Lana.]
Stand by.
- Shit.
[melodic chime.]
Good morning, guests.
[tense music playing.]
- [quietly.]
Oh, for fuck's sake.
- [sighs.]
Moment of truth.
I feel like this has been far too good to be true.
I hope Lana didn't see anything last night.
Please, Lana, please! [host.]
Yeah, good luck with that.
Yesterday, a virus disrupted my systems.
[tense music playing.]
Or so you thought.
[gasping, groaning.]
I knew it.
 I knew it.
I called it.
I just knew it was too good to be true.
- [Harry.]
I might hide under the bed.
- [Beaux.]
No [exhales deeply.]
I faked a system malfunction in order to test how you would behave when left to your own devices.
Just as you will be in the real world after my retreat.
I have no idea what's about to come next, but I know it's not gonna be good.
- Oh god.
- [sighing.]
Why did I have that wank? [host.]
It's the question I guarantee your mom will be asking right now.
Reviewing data.
Told you, there's a twist.
Nathan and I might be in some trouble.
I'm having déjà vu, Holly.
I am very disappointed to report there were several breaches of the rules.
[dramatic music playing.]
Oh my God.
Something about to go down.
So happy it weren't me and Harry.
We've got nothing to worry about.
[Harry sighs.]
So stressed.
Pretty nervous about how this is gonna go.
I'm beyond fucked.
I gotta be a big boy, and own up.
- Mm.
- [Izzy.]
Do you wanna start? We had a kiss, maybe.
- Yeah, we had one.
- By the fire pit.
I'm not angry.
I'm just disappointed.
That one cuts deep.
We had a chat, and were like, if we carry on, it'll lead to something else, and stopped.
- I think we erred on caution.
- I think it was okay, yeah.
I'm actually proud of myself last night.
It could've gone a lot worse.
Jackson and Izzy, your rule break has cost the group $6,000.
You've got to be kidding.
I'm already dreading this, and it's only the beginning.
There was another breach of the rules.
You have got to be joking me.
Who the hell is next? Feel pretty embarrassed right now.
[dramatic music playing.]
Haven't told Beaux what I did.
I feel like she's gonna be annoyed.
[tense music playing.]
- [Harry.]
Maybe broke rules in the shower.
- [Beaux.]
You did what? [Olga.]
I can't wait to hear this.
A little self-gratification.
He beat off in the shower? Are you kidding me, bro? [Beaux.]
Harold! [laughing.]
Why do it? I just don't see the point.
Cheeky sod.
I feel horrendous.
I'm a bit jealous, not gonna lie.
Harry, your act of self-gratification has cost the group $4,000.
Come on.
So, that's what they mean by spunking money.
I wanna go home! If I could get a flight this morning, please book me a seat! [Lana.]
The prize fund now stands at $36,000.
Oh my God! I don't think today could get worse.
I think Holly and Nathan beg to differ.
What do you think, Holly? Uh [tense music playing.]
However, there was an additional, serious breach of the rules.
Oh my God.
I'mma start pointing fingers.
Um, I tried to resist Nathan, but you can tell that everyone will be disappointed.
Oh no.
We're all screwed.
- It's all you, Nathan.
You've got it.
- [Nathan sighs.]
Yet again, I've made the wrong mistake.
A bit of heavy petting was involved.
I'm just trying to be honest.
As if we weren't gonna find out.
Felt like we've ticked a lot of boxes in here, and this was definitely the last box that needed ticking.
Just tell us you had sex! We're in the hot water right now.
I think everyone's gonna be fuming.
- Hit a couple of home runs.
- [Izzy.]
What? Definitely got to know the stadium.
What a climax! No way.
This is totally bad.
This is bad news.
I should not have left the suite.
[tense music playing.]
I'm feeling like Nathan and I are now antagonists.
And I just It hurts me to think that, because I I wanna be a good person, and I wanna be good to the group.
This is all my fault.
I messed up, and I do feel bad.
Holly and Nathan, you yet again failed to show any form of restraint and broke the ultimate rule of my retreat, sexual intercourse.
I won't be surprised if someone goes home.
That may happen.
This is really serious.
There was $36,000 in the prize fund.
- But - Oh God, this is not gonna be good news.
because of Holly and Nathan's numerous rule breaks last night We're at $0.
I just know it.
I'm just waiting for her to say it.
Oh boy.
your prize fund is now at I don't even want to hear this.
Just say it.
Zero dollars.
Oh, damn! [Nathan.]
What? [Georgia.]
It's all been taken away.
I am pissed right now.
What the hell, man? Oh my God.
Where do we go to from here? Like, what's gonna happen now? [host.]
Honestly, Gerrie, I have no idea.
In three seasons, this has never happened before.
[bugle playing.]
I think we all need to take a moment and pay our respects to our dearly departed prize fund.
A once healthy 200K has been reduced to nothing but sweet memories.
Dear prize fund, your dollars may have gone, but you will never be forgotten.
I am hoping that now you have reached rock bottom, you will use this as a solid foundation from which you rebuild.
We failed with flying colors.
I'm not crying again.
I won't do it.
Down the drain.
What were they thinking? So long love [Patrick.]
I'm fucking pissed.
You guys are killing me.
I don't know what to think now.
I really thought my family was gonna pull through and stick to the rules.
Well, I really cannot believe this lot, man.
Like, who does that? [host.]
Oh Patrick.
Families, eh? They're there to love, cherish, and leave you bankrupt.
This is the time So long love What the actual fuck! I can't get over this.
How can you do that? And all I feel right now is pain [sighs.]
A long way down to the bottom And it's a one-way street It's a long way down It's a long way down to the gutter From the penthouse suite [sighs.]
[exhales slowly.]
[emotional music continues.]
[music fades.]
[tranquil music playing.]
Just pretty disappointed about the situation last night.
I'm just up here meditating, trying to clear my head.
It seems like no one's actually trying to follow the rules.
It's kinda ridiculous.
It's made me think about my place at this retreat.
What am I gonna do? [Nathan.]
This is so huge.
We spent so much money.
- Too much, you know? - It's too much.
We did the wrong thing.
Yet again, I've made the wrong mistake, and feeling terrible about everyone else.
They showed hope in me, and I've let them down.
Hopefully I can make things up to them or at least show them I have a genuine connection with Holly.
- Me and you are getting deeper and deeper.
- Closer and closer.
We just made a huge step together last night.
- Yeah.
Special times.
- It was really nice.
It was a good moment for us.
- We're in it together.
- Always.
- Whatever it is, we're in together.
- Always.
Since day one.
Now I'm feeling like a terrible person.
Like, we've broken many, many rules.
Come here.
But I know that what Nathan and I have is so good it's almost scary.
[laid-back pop music playing.]
So frickin' hot! - Always gotta touch, don't you? - [Gerrie.]
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
I feel like I don't like to touch anyone.
[laughs awkwardly.]
That sounds so horrible.
I feel like Gerrie is coming on a bit too strong.
Yeah, I think I'm starting to get the ick.
What you thinking? I'm gonna lose my shit.
- I really am.
- What? [sighs.]
I can't believe you did that.
We've been here since day one, and we're just trying so hard not to.
Don't get me wrong, we could've spent God knows how much by now.
- Yep.
I know what you're saying.
- [Beaux sighs.]
I let Beaux down last night, so I feel like I need to win her over.
Been hard to not do anything whilst getting closer and you're getting cuter, so I'm getting more smitten.
Fuck's sake.
I'm sorry for last night.
Last night, it kinda made me realize Beaux means a lot more to me than just sleeping with her.
If it weren't for you Don't know what I'd do I can't wait for what's next to come for Harry/Beaux.
Oh, bubs.
Climb a little higher And it's all because of you [Beaux sighs.]
- [Beaux.]
We'll get our time.
- Yeah.
[gentle music playing.]
Patrick's called everyone to the cabana.
Group meditation session, Patrick.
Good idea.
Clear some of this bad energy.
What is actually going on right now?[sighs.]
Hey, family.
Guys, it's been a real journey.
And I grew as much as I could in here.
What? The last couple of days, you know, made me realize that [suspenseful music playing.]
it's time for me to go on my new path.
- [host.]
What? - [Stevan.]
No! - [host.]
Patrick! - [Patrick.]
I'm done.
Oh my God.
Oh my gosh.
I feel like Lana has definitely changed the trajectory of my life.
My spiritual growth is already to the max.
I've gained tools that I can use in the real world, and yeah, I guess the only way I can grow is by being in other relationships out of this retreat.
[crying, groaning.]
Do you really wanna be The last man standing? - I love you, dude.
- I love you too.
I'll miss Patrick more than anything, I think.
It sucks.
I'm really happy I was here with all of you.
That's my boy, Patrick.
Now I'm saying goodbye.
Wasn't expecting this at all.
It's okay.
I don't need to be here anymore.
Oh my gosh, my heart is broken.
Like, he is everything.
He's the inspiration.
He's everyone's leader.
Patty, I just gotta say, bro, you're one of the most unique people I've ever met.
Best of luck with everything.
You're an amazing person.
- I appreciate it.
- You really are.
Nothing else left to fight for We love you.
Love you guys too.
No tears for me, please.
You guys will see me on the outside.
I'm gonna find Come here.
Find my way home Find my [Patrick.]
It's my time.
Patrick, this is so sad.
How can we cheer ourselves up? Oh! Your best bits! Roll tape.
Sing you a love song.
Patrick has the flower thing.
[Holly giggles.]
It's beautiful.
- That's his move.
- I picked you this flower.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Pat ain't playing around.
Pat's here to play.
Because you are the most gorgeous girl - I've ever seen - What is going on? - You look so stunning in that dress too.
- Thank you.
- Tryin' to make my balls blue? - [gasps, laughs.]
The Hawaiian's got some skills in his box set.
You can hold orgasms for 45 minutes.
- [Jaz.]
- [Beaux.]
I used to sleep around, but it changed my perspective on how I do my next relationship.
Patrick is the glue of this retreat.
Just ask her how she feels about you.
Just be real, be a human, man.
Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
It's the only way to grow.
We have to become a better version of ourselves, and not that womanizing asshole that we were back home.
He's like Aquaman.
If we can find a mermaid for him, it'd be perfect.
I know a girl And her name is Lana You know, if I got to put a body on Lana, she's probably got a big booty, hourglass figure, some thigh gaps, blue-green eyes, long, blond hair down to her hips, a sexy smile, that type of glare that looks straight through you.
You're so special, just to me [emotional music playing.]
God, I already feel so empty.
[Beaux exhales slowly.]
This is just the worst thing that could happen.
[melodic chime.]
The worst thing until you hear that noise.
[dramatic music playing.]
Grow some legs and take a hike, Lana.
Never wanna hear that again.
The prize fund is currently at $0.
This is all my fault.
Oh my God.
I'm shitting myself.
So much shit has happened today.
However there will be more tests and opportunities to replenish the prize fund.
Yes, Lana! Come on.
I need that money to go up.
I hope everyone's on their best behavior.
[triumphant music playing.]
[music fading.]
But not for all of you.
- [Georgia.]
Oh my God! - [Olga.]
Shut the fuck up.
Oh my God.
[tense music playing.]
- What? - What? [Lana.]
Holly and Nathan.
What? Not gonna say I didn't see this coming.
[dramatic music playing.]
Please stand up.
Oh my God.
No! [Holly.]
Definitely thinking that Nathan and I are out of here.
[tense music playing.]
I don't know how to process this.
As a couple, you have broken the most rules.
But one of you has shown more disregard for the rules than the other.
Oh my gosh.
And that person will be going home.
- [groaning, muttering.]
- [Izzy.]
Holy shit.
I don't wanna lose him.
Feel like I'm in a nightmare right now.
I know deep down that Lana's sending me home.
Lana is a savage.
[tense music playing.]
The guest leaving the retreat is Nathan.
- [Olga.]
Oh my God.
- [Harry, Georgia.]
No! [crying.]
Oh no.
[Nathan sighs.]
Your boy has been kicked off the island.
[emotional music playing.]
You can only point one finger, and that's at me.
You have continued to put your physical urges before emotional connections You got a cracking body on you, by the way.
Yeah, I was blessed.
Cute face, fat ass.
I feel like my head is turning a bit.
routinely struggled to follow the retreat process Oh, we can't do that.
It's fine.
It's only a kiss.
and have always been leading your partner into temptation.
- Shall we make a move? - I don't know.
Let's go into the suite.
- Actually - What are we waiting for? Come on.
Nathan, please leave the retreat.
Oh my God.
It's okay, I'll be outside there, waiting for you.
Trust me.
Just let me fade away Into the night [Nathan.]
I feel like I've already won with Holly.
Literally feel like I've won the jackpot, but at the same time, you know, I've gotta go, leave this retreat without her.
And, um It's a real sad moment for me.
Hey, I'll see you soon.
I'll see you soon.
Tell me you love the lie 'Cause the truth is tearing me apart This is your boy Nath, signing out.
You're the man, yeah? [Olga.]
What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen now? You know, it's just gonna be so weird to be around here without him.
Just let me fade away into the night Lana can take away Nathan, but, like, you know she can never take away him from me.
- [Holly.]
- [Stevan.]
Love you! [host.]
Cheer up, everyone.
The biggest rule breakers have been split up, so you won't lose more from the prize Oh, I forgot, you're at rock bottom.
Sorry, guys.
I don't have any tissues left, but I guess the moral of episode 8 is don't cross the cone! [dramatic music playing.]
[melodic chime.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
What? What's this? Hi, Lana.
How else can you ruin my day? [Lana.]
Nathan, you have been the most persistent rule breaker.
And today, you have paid the ultimate price.
However, I have detected, for the first time, regret on your part.
And therefore, your journey may not be over.
What?! [dramatic music playing.]
[music ends.]
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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