Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e09 Episode Script

Paradise Purgatory

1 [melodic chime.]
[dramatic music playing.]
Hang on a minute.
Before we start this episode, can we all take a moment? Lana has only just come back online, and now she's thrown another curveball.
Nathan was sent home, Holly took the news well [Holly cries.]
but now, his journey is not over? This is all too much to take in.
You need to explain yourself.
Nathan, your persistent rule-breaking has cost you your place in the retreat.
But your time here has not been a total failure.
You have been in a relationship with Holly since the start - Oi, oi! Steady! - [whooping, laughing.]
and have never strayed, even when tempted.
I know where my head's at.
I'm definitely with you.
In saying goodbye to Holly and the other guests, you showed glimpses of emotional maturity and growth.
This is why I'm giving you the opportunity to prove that you deserve a second chance.
What? Lana, what are you actually doing to me? [Lana.]
But you will have to earn it in an intensive one-on-one workshop.
Huh? [Lana.]
Do you accept my offer? [tense music playing.]
I will 100% agree to the terms and conditions, Lana.
Just two seconds ago I was about to cry my eyes out, but it's a good opportunity to redeem myself.
Thank you, Lana.
I'm gassed! [host.]
Nathan's been thrown a lifeline.
High-fives! Right, Holly? - [Holly cries.]
- [Izzy.]
What the hell? [host.]
Oh yeah, my bad.
I guess those aren't tears of joy.
- [Georgia.]
Come lay down.
- [Olga.]
Can't believe this shit.
[Holly sniffles.]
This is literally a joke.
[Holly cries.]
Nathan's gone.
I feel like I can't even talk right now.
I can't do anything about it.
It's Lana.
I understand what Lana says.
Fair warning, Lana means business.
So don't try As if Patrick wasn't enough.
- Why did Nathan have to go? - I don't understand.
- Because Nathan - Kept breaking rules.
He didn't learn from the workshops.
He continued - His behavior was the same? - Yeah.
- It's fucked.
- 100%, man.
But, like, I feel so bad for Holly.
I know.
I'm gonna miss him so much.
I feel like I'm losing a part of me.
It feels like a breakup.
Obviously, I thought I would have more time with him.
Just goes to show that you need to cherish every day, because you never know when it's the last time you're gonna see someone.
Don't worry, he's not dead.
He's just been taken to a tepee on a deserted island.
Lana, are we about to have our first Too Hot to Handle vision quest? [Nathan.]
I'm sad, you know what I mean? But at the same time, if Lana says you need to work on yourself, that's what I'll do, times a thousand.
[melodic chime.]
Nathan is here to prove he deserves a second chance, but he doesn't have the full picture.
He has been in a relationship with Holly since the beginning, but has rarely been able to look beyond the physical.
Does Nathan harbor genuine feelings for Holly? How that question is answered will determine his future here.
I have invited relationship expert Brenden Durell to work with Nathan.
Brenden knows what I'm looking for, and he has designed a program to help Nathan connect to his genuine feelings.
- What's going on, Nathan? - How are you? I'm going to put him through a process to break down his barriers, so he can discover his true emotions for Holly.
This is his last chance to impress Lana.
What was the actual thing that you feel sent you here? I do like the bedroom, but obviously, a bit too much.
- Yeah.
- You know? There's a lot of thinking with my penis over my heart, or thinking with my penis over my mind.
It was thinking with his penis that got him here.
Just check this out.
[rousing orchestral music.]
- I'm so horny right now! - [Holly giggles.]
I'm not wasting this workshop.
I'm using my hands to go all over Holly.
Look, she's absolutely gorgeous.
Beautiful skin, beautiful body.
I would love to just, like, see what's down there with Holly.
I would like to know! It's great exploring the physical side, but it's hard to explain how sexually frustrated I am.
One, two, three! [laughing.]
It's 99.
999% gonna happen.
[music crescendos.]
[music ends.]
Brenden, you've got one hell of a job on your hands.
I have some things set up for you that's gonna help make a difference.
It's a tough time for me right now.
I'm not too confident, but I'm gonna try my best to learn more than ever.
[gentle pop music playing.]
Bet you're missing me now I bet you're missing me now Doesn't matter what you do - I bet you're missing me now - [laughing.]
Bet you're missing me now [Olga.]
Hello! - Join us.
- Hello, lovers.
How you doing? We're so happy, all of us, that you stayed.
- We'll have the most amazing time.
- Oh, I love you guys.
[music fades.]
It's a bit of a downer, innit? I think as well, like, realizing that any of us could have gone home.
Like, Holly's lost Nathan, but I feel like it brings me and Beaux closer.
- [Harry.]
So Yeah.
- It shows what you have.
Seeing Holly lose Nathan makes you realize, like, if it was me or Beaux to go, how devastated you would be.
Obviously I care about Beaux a lot, so that's the reason I feel this way.
[emotional music playing.]
I just think we're very similar.
We both have the same kind of energy.
I even like her snoring.
I actually find her cute when she snores.
I'm watching her and stuff! [laughs.]
I was with a girl three years ago, thought she was everything, but obviously she let me down.
Every girl I've seen, I've just palmed off and thought, I can't commit anymore.
You know when you give something to somebody, and you don't want to do that again in case you get hurt.
And now I'm in here, and it's just completely changed everything! So what you got in mind? I feel like it's time I make her my girlfriend.
Aw, man.
Wow, Lana.
 Are you hearing this? Sounds like a new Harry.
Hats off to you, and hats on for me, because I love a wedding, and I have a good feeling about these two.
It's been absolutely ages since I got close to somebody, so this is a massive deal for me.
I don't know if I'll have the guts to drop the question.
Oh, did I speak too soon? I mean, I'm very, very nervous.
Like, been laying in bed thinking, "Oh my God.
" My heart's going like this.
- [Gerrie.]
Oh man.
- [Harry.]
I don't know what's gonna happen.
Oh, they're like the beautiful couple, like, that's just waiting to blossom.
And I think there's similarity in me and Georgia.
I really like this girl.
I'm in it for the long run.
Aw, how sweet! I hope she feels the same.
You see a future with Gerrie, right now? That's the thing, I-I don't know.
But right now, I just feel like we're just really good friends.
[music warps.]
- What? - Shut the hell up.
There goes the double wedding.
I'm feeling a little bit confused about my situation with Gerrie.
I genuinely think me and Gerrie are very, very similar people.
He's exactly my type, but he can just be, like, a little bit full-on for me.
I'm kind of at a crossroads here now, because I'm not sure.
You need to be honest with yourself and him.
At the end of the day, it's all about communication.
You need to pull him for a chat.
You chat with him, you'll feel so much better.
- I know.
- [Olga.]
Be honest with yourself.
Georgia has to be honest with herself and her feelings, more than she is, and to be comfortable with how she feels, rather than just forcing something that's not there.
I feel like I've just been kind of, like, hiding back how I feel with myself.
I've been telling myself, "Okay, it's not 100% there, but try it out, see where it could go.
" "You never know, like, things might change.
" And I just feel like it's not changing for me.
You've given it a good go.
It's all about you.
- This is what you've got to remember.
- I'm gonna cry.
 I feel so bad.
You should not feel bad, though.
He's so lovely, and so are you.
He's gonna understand.
You can't force yourself to feel a certain way when you don't.
I've always got you and got your back, and so do all the girls, and honestly just, I know you feel bad, but you shouldn't.
You should put your feelings first.
- And you don't, normally.
- Yeah.
This is the chance to be like, "I don't have to feel like this.
" I think you just need to have this chat and be 100% honest with him.
You can do that.
I know you'll feel so bad.
But afterwards, honestly, you're gonna feel great.
I'm scared to speak to Gerrie.
I don't wanna hurt his feelings.
But I know the right thing to do is go and speak to Gerrie, get it off my chest.
Whoa, oh, oh-oh [host.]
Speaking of getting things off your chest [yells.]
Well, at least Nathan isn't holding back.
Throughout this workshop, I'll help Nathan release his sexual tension.
Now this, I gotta see.
And then we'll discover his hidden emotions.
It's his opportunity to release.
I'm super, super sexually driven.
I'm gonna try my best to learn now, because I feel like I need to change.
I want you to just yell.
Know what I'm saying? [yells.]
Good job.
- I want you to do this.
- Yeah.
- [upbeat music playing.]
- [grunts.]
Let me move my body.
Go ahead, move it.
Move your arms, let it go.
Arms up, like this.
How's that feel? Yeah, I feel way more open and secure.
I feel like I'm more empowered.
Now Nathan has released his sexual tension, I'm gonna help him to direct his thoughts away from his penis, into his heart, so he can access his emotion.
I want you just to put your left hand around your penis.
[laughs awkwardly.]
- [Nathan giggles.]
- Your sacred junk.
Get a grip, Nathan.
Oh, you already have.
Oh my God.
I'm gonna ask you to put your left hand gently over your heart.
Take a deep breath into the bottom of your testicles.
But at the end, don't smile.
[gentle music playing.]
You don't have to think with that all the time.
I just want you to breathe.
[inhales slowly.]
This is a gateway to how you can move that energy, bringing it up to your heart.
Take deep breaths.
You'll feel the energy down here.
[exhales deeply.]
- [exhales.]
- [Brenden.]
There you go.
It's literally just thinking differently, you know? With this breath right here, you reclaim your power, bring it to your heart, changing your state, changing your mentality.
Thanks for sharing that knowledge, bro.
This workshop is super intense, but I just want to keep going.
I'm gonna keep trying my best.
[uplifting music playing.]
Oh, oh-oh Don't close your eyes Tonight I'll be there I'm coming back for you How you feeling? [Holly.]
Just thinking about everything.
It feels like grief.
Everything comes in waves.
[smooth music playing.]
I feel like there's no better time to ask Beaux to be my girlfriend.
Hiya! You look gorgeous, babe! Got no eyelashes on.
Come on, Harry.
Put on your big boy pants and ask her.
[whimsical music playing.]
Come on, then.
We're all waiting.
Oh no.
What's happened to me? - [melodic chime.]
- [Beaux and Harry.]
 Ooh! [host.]
Looks like I'm not the only impatient lady around here! - Makes me feel sick when Lana comes on.
- [Beaux.]
Yeah, she does.
- I can't even make eye contact with her.
- I know! I'm too scared! [Lana.]
Hello, guests.
- Hi, Lana.
- Hello, darling.
Harry and Beaux.
- No, what have we done now? - [Olga.]
Shh, shh! [Izzy.]
Guys, guys.
Be nice, Lana.
I would like to give you an opportunity to open up and form a deeper connection.
So, I'm sending you on a date away from the retreat.
- [Harry laughs.]
Yeah! - [triumphant music playing.]
- [whooping, laughing.]
- Show me, show me love [kisses.]
I am buzzing.
Thank you, Lana.
I can't wait to spend some time with Harry without everyone there.
Mom and Dad! Mom and Dad! This is my chance to let her know that I do really like her, but I'm scared to commit, because what if I get hurt? - Me and Beaux are going on the date now.
- Oh, wow.
Look at the man being nervous! Like a skimpy wimpy.
- Why are you nervous? - Yeah, man? Oh my God, I'm so excited.
Excited for you.
I need a nervous poo.
I'm nervous again.
Fuck's sake! Why do I get nervous? I've been in bed with the boy for so long.
[energetic music playing.]
Nathan struggles to express his emotions.
This exercise will help him release the emotions he felt when he left Holly.
All right, Nathan.
These pieces of coral are gonna represent the feelings you felt when you had to leave Holly.
I hate talking about my emotions.
I am a bit of a guarded person.
It's quite hard to be vulnerable.
Feel like I've always shied away from that.
I'm just curious to know, like, how do you feel? Coral piece number one.
So, the first rock represents anger.
And why anger? What did you feel? I just felt anger, 'cause you don't want to leave.
Don't wanna leave what you have.
[emotional music playing.]
No, I was bit annoyed, because obviously I've got a girl in there, and I thought I had more time on my side.
- Beautiful.
- This deserves to go in the sea.
Release your anger.
[music swells.]
Coral piece number two.
What does this one represent? This one represents fear.
Purely because I had no closure with Holly.
Where do we stand? There's so much I still want to tell her.
I felt like it was a bit of unfinished business.
I was a bit scared of losing her.
I felt like we'd come so close.
All right, Nathan, let's release your fear.
I feel like I've opened up on a deeper level, and it made me realize how much I really do like Holly.
Hey, it might only be a glimmer of hope, but [cork pops.]
I don't need an excuse to celebrate.
Love is a risk One that I wanna take If you believe in love Show me some faith - I've never been on a boat before.
- [Harry laughs.]
Can I just say that one now? Have you? You won't forget this date then.
Right, cheers to being out of the retreat.
Second date! - [host.]
Oh, good, I'm not drinking alone.
- [laughing.]
- Don't want any bad luck.
- Mm.
Well, Lana's pulled out all the stops.
The date couldn't be any more romantic.
I'm gonna have to pull it out of the bag.
Harry, you can do this.
[gentle music playing.]
I like the cute things you do.
You stick your tongue between your teeth.
Give me so many compliments, you do.
I like the way you sit.
You sit there, cross legs, with a cup of tea.
You find everything attractive about me.
- You're one big attraction, babe.
- That'll do me.
I like that we're silly, and we We just do silly things together.
I think it's cute.
I don't think it's hit me yet that I've met you.
I think it will when I go home.
Like not waking up to you every day, and It's just gonna feel weird not spending all my time with you.
Yeah, 'cause love is a risk One that I wanna take - I'm glad I got to know you.
- Took the words out my mouth, babe.
Every day's so good for us, and I'm thinking, what next? I'm just hoping nothing bad happens.
I'm falling very deep.
I'd like to think it's more than a holiday romance, but I don't know whether Harry feels the same.
Obviously, I come into this retreat, not expecting to meet someone like you.
But I don't wanna waste my time anymore, I know that.
What about you? My last relationship was three years ago.
I've struggled massively with commitment since then.
I'm scared of getting attached to somebody.
A, it could lead to disappointment, or, B, it might not work out that way, so why put somebody through something that could potentially hurt them? [emotional music playing.]
My fear is heartbreak.
Do you think you're ready to commit? Every second feels like hours I've got a funny feeling, like when you go on a roller coaster, you feel sick.
It's scary, to be honest.
I don't really know if I can do this.
I won't let you down [music fades.]
All eyes on me Are you ready, ready? All eyes on me Are you ready, ready [Izzy.]
But Yeah, I dunno.
I do feel bad for her though.
- For me, Holly is one of my closest - Yeah.
Like, we're all so close, but seeing her upset is like - It's tough.
- Yeah.
Wanna make a new start - Hey, hey, hey.
- Georgia.
- How are you going? - Good, yeah.
I wanna have a chat with you.
On the outside, in a situation where I felt a bit uncomfortable, I would honestly just back out of the situation, completely ghost them, but I can't do that.
I have to, you know, be strong and brave and tell people openly and honestly how I feel.
To be honest, before you came over, I wanted to have a talk with you.
I want to open up more to Georgia, and I would love for her to open up to me.
It's something that will bring us closer, I think, because I do see potential in Georgia being my girlfriend.
Uh, I think someone needs to learn how to read the room.
To me, like, it has always been about you, because you are so beautiful.
- I fancy you.
- Yeah.
And I actually wanted to ask you I kind of just wanna try and actually give this a real go.
Oh, gosh.
Genuinely, he's a great, great guy.
I just owe it to him to be completely honest.
We are so, so similar, and we have, like, an amazing connection.
And I feel like I have been trying to figure out what this is for me.
And I've kind of come to, like, the realization that I see this as a really good friendship.
[emotional music playing.]
And I just, like, I don't want I don't want you to, you know, be misled or anything.
What is going on? I I really don't understand.
[emotional music playing.]
- I don't really know what to say.
- You're an amazing person.
I am very disappointed.
I think we would have made an amazing couple.
But I want her to be happy.
I think she's amazing, and whoever gets her, one day, will be very lucky.
Come here.
[emotional music playing.]
It's okay.
I feel horrible, but I think to be honest, it's the right thing for me to do.
I know now if I'm ever not feeling something with someone, the best thing to do is confront it.
You gotta face your fears.
And nothing says it's over like a good old pat on the back.
I'm sorry [music fades.]
I'm searching out for something Finding my way 'Cause all we gotta do Is be fearless Why are you nervous? [host.]
Maybe he didn't have time to squeeze in a nervous poo before the date.
I've overthought this situation, but it's the right time.
Pop the question.
Ugh, finally.
We've only been waiting the entire episode! I feel like, um Yeah? There's a question I've been wanting to ask you.
Um [uplifting music playing.]
[exhales deeply.]
This experience with you has been unreal.
You're a great person inside and out.
How'd you feel about being my girlfriend? [giggles.]
Oh God! You joking? - I'm being serious.
- [Beaux laughs.]
- Are you actually asking me? - Yeah.
Will you be my girlfriend? [giggles.]
Oh my God, yeah! Baby, look at me now I can't believe I've got a fella.
Bloody hell, I have changed! Can't stop smiling! [giggles.]
What is my mom gonna say? Oh, what's my dad gonna say? Oh.
I've got a boyfriend! [laughs.]
Oh my God! I'm so happy.
[melodic chimes.]
- Oh my God, it's a green light.
- Oh my God! - Green light! - [Beaux giggles.]
Finally found who I am Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh Baby, look at me now Ooh [giggling.]
Harry! [giggles.]
Oh my God! [Harry.]
Finally got myself a girlfriend! It's a massive step for me, and it went perfect.
I'm very happy right now.
Can't stop smiling! And I can't wait to spend the rest of the night with Beaux.
Not the rest of my life, but maybe.
Oh, Harry/Beaux.
I know I keep saying it, but they really are the sweetest.
Look at me now [Brenden.]
All right, man.
Right now, it's all about going back into the situation that possibly led you here.
Now Nathan has expressed his emotions, I'm gonna use role-play to show him how he could've connected emotionally, instead of physically, with Holly.
This process will also remind him of Holly and help bring out his true feelings for her.
I have a few things that I want you to work with for this scenario.
So, right here we have Nathan.
- Damn, he's good-looking.
- Good-looking, right? [laughs.]
- And we have Holly.
- Okay.
Even though she's a toy puppet, Holly is looking banging.
Talk about one step forward and two steps back.
[Nathan groans.]
I want you to be Holly, and speak to yourself.
And then I want you to be you and speak to Holly.
This is a conversation between you and Holly in the suite, the one that landed you here.
[as Holly.]
Hey, Nathan.
[as himself.]
I'm like, "S'up, sugar mom?" [as Holly.]
Wanna go to the suite? [as himself.]
Yeah, sure.
I've been asking for it all month.
So, that's how it went down.
What could you have done differently? I think I could've I wanted to [Nathan.]
Uh - How it should've happened? - Yeah.
Oh no, a bit of sexual puppetry, and we've lost him.
Come on, Nathan.
Looking back, I think we could've shared a bit more special, emotional moments.
I think through doing that, we'd have felt more reassured.
Can I share one thing with you in regards to what you could've did? [Nathan.]
Yeah, sure.
Take puppet Nathan, put his head on Holly's heart.
Connection without sex.
Simple as that.
How does that feel, little Nathan? Little Nathan feels safe.
When somebody feels safe in that close proximity, I think it shows how much you actually do care for the other person.
- That's huge, having that awareness.
- Yeah, it's massive.
I think from this workshop I've learned more than I have in the past three weeks.
Brenden's enabled me to actually understand other ways to find connections in love.
I wouldn't have done any of the words I spoke, the emotions I shared, I wouldn't have done it for anyone.
Only for her.
So, there can only be one word that you can describe and that's love.
My God! From sex puppetry to the L bomb in under five minutes? Brenden, you deserve a raise.
[uplifting music playing.]
It's waiting here for you Ooh [music fades.]
- Yo, yo, yo! - [whooping.]
- Hey! - Hello! - How was your date? - [Beaux.]
Oh my God.
Tell us all about your date.
So we got on this, uh, real fancy boat.
Oh yeah? Lovely.
- Oh, it was lovely, it was so nice.
- Drinks, fruit platter.
- Oh my God.
- [Beaux.]
So nice.
And it got pretty deep, didn't it? Yeah, it was.
It was so beautiful.
And, yeah, there was a funny question at the end.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" [cheering.]
Chasing stars this evening Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming These two are so cute.
I love it.
I'm so happy for both of them.
Who thought this could be paradise? [Georgia.]
Harry and Beaux are so cute.
It's just so sweet.
I'm very happy for them.
Um, they've come a long way, but it makes me feel sad towards Georgia that it didn't work out.
I've fallen for him so badly.
- [Harry laughs.]
- [cheering.]
Obviously I hadn't been wanting to say 'cause I didn't know how he felt.
I don't want to tell him too much, and then get shot in the foot.
- This is the cutest thing ever! - Aw! Literally, couldn't have been more perfect.
Sitting on the boat.
And then we had a snog as well.
We got a green light! [cheering.]
- [Georgia.]
Love this.
- Got a few snogs, didn't we? [Holly.]
I'm very happy for Harry and Beaux, but obviously, the only thing on my mind is Nathan.
I just miss him so much.
Well, Holly, either we're about to find out if Nathan is coming back to you [gong sounds.]
or it's dinner time? All right, Nathan, we've been out here all day.
What did you learn today? [host.]
The moment of truth.
What my problems were, how I can change as a person and emotionally give more to somebody.
This whole retreat, Lana, the tests, it's just made me realize how much I do actually love Holly and you realize these things in the funniest moments.
I feel like I now know the reason why I was kicked out.
And I feel like I'm more than ready to set a different example.
[gong sounds.]
[melodic chime.]
- [Lana.]
- [tense music.]
You thought you were here to work on the weaknesses in your character that led you to being a serial rule-breaker in my retreat.
Now is the time to tell you the true purpose of this workshop.
What the fuck? [Lana.]
The truth is I wanted to answer one question.
Are your feelings for Holly genuine or superficial and physical? [exhales.]
I believe that you have discovered genuine feelings for Holly.
Therefore, your time in the retreat is not over.
'Cause we just get one life Oh, oh-oh Oh, oh Yes! You can't even write this stuff up, guys.
I'm really more happy than anything.
Second chances are rare, so don't waste this one.
From the deepest part of my heart, I feel you got everything it takes to be successful in any relationship going forward.
I'm super blessed and super chuffed to just get another opportunity at seeing my girl, and just formulating a deeper connection, something I thought wasn't possible.
I literally thought my time here was done, but clearly I've been thrown another lifeline! [host.]
Nathan is back! But how and when will he return, Lana? Too many seconds and minutes and hours I've been waiting [host.]
While we wait for him to appear, the rest are celebrating Harry and Beaux's new relationship with a masquerade party, obviously.
- Cheers, guys! - Everyone! [cheering.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Harry and Beaux are the most committed people I've ever met.
They've been the strongest all around from the beginning as well as growing together, following the rules.
I couldn't be happier.
I'll count the seconds Yeah [Georgia.]
Now I've had that chat with Gerrie, I feel more relaxed and calm and I'm just hoping tonight we're gonna have so much fun.
Harry has been so cute today.
Literally couldn't ask for more.
But Holly's been so down in the dumps since Nathan left.
[emotional music playing.]
My heart is a little bit heavy 'cause I'm just missing Nathan so much.
I wish my best friend was here.
And I can't wait for him to arrive, but God knows how long it'll take to get back from that deserted island.
How are you feeling? I'm having a good time with everyone, but obviously I miss him.
Yeah, I can see that.
But I feel like it's normal, right? And I feel like, if anything, it just goes to show, I'm still very much, like - I have deep feelings for him.
- Yeah.
This retreat's worked, because I miss having conversations with him.
I miss just being around him.
Okay, I've just got word that Nathan is back in the building.
Cue epic arrival sequence.
[dramatic music playing.]
Dramatic music.
[music continues.]
Dark and foreboding shots.
Nathan channeling his inner Batman.
I think about him and the memories we could've had.
- He's genuinely my best friend, so - Yeah.
Him being gone has definitely shown me how much I actually love him.
It's not about physical touch anymore.
It's like I genuinely miss Nathan.
[dramatic music intensifies.]
- [Olga.]
Who is that? - No way.
[dramatic music continues.]
Oh my God! I can't hide [laughing, whooping.]
I won't hide I'm back, baby! [whooping.]
- [clapping.]
- [Olga.]
Oh my God! [whooping.]
[laughs softly.]
I think this is one of the happiest moments in my entire life.
[Holly giggles.]
Oh God, and he looks so good in all black.
- [Georgia.]
Oh my God.
- I can't believe it! You here to stay Nathan or not? So, as I got kicked out of the retreat, Lana decided to give me a second chance.
- Oh my God.
- Through a one-on-one workshop.
It was so deep, but obviously through that I learned so much about myself.
Brenden showed me how to approach different situations and approach people in a relationship manner.
It'll help me moving forward, especially with Holly.
Which is why I'm here.
I ticked all the boxes, man's back! - [cheering.]
- Start my heart from scratch 'Cause then you gave it back So we're never giving up again I'm absolutely buzzing to be back here.
I've had to work on myself, change my outlook on things, but the biggest thing I'm taking away from the entire experience is that I have a genuine connection with Hols.
Oh, oh, oh-oh So, I'm happy to be back.
Build it up, build it up Build it up again [host.]
Where are you two going? Ah, back to the bedroom.
Old habits.
- You're back! [giggles.]
- I'm just glad to be here.
- Come here.
- Missed you.
Oh my God.
It's amazing to see her again.
Never missed somebody so much in my entire life.
Mad, hey? Okay, I need to fill you in, and you need to fill me in.
So many emotions running through me.
I was like confused, angry.
It was a roller coaster of emotions I can't even explain to you.
I felt like I was grieving a death.
I tell you, when I was away, I missed everyone, but you're the first on my mind, 24/7.
I'm so happy you're here, I can't believe it.
I also can't believe I'm here.
Nathan, you've gone from zero to hero, and now you two are all loved up.
This is so lovely.
Let's hope it's plain sailing from here on in.
[melodic chime.]
Oh no, did I just jinx it? [tense music playing.]
Nathan, in working with Brenden, you were able to access your true feelings about Holly, proving to me that your connection with her is more than skin deep.
However, actions speak louder than words.
Which is why you will both be put to the ultimate test.
A night alone in the suite.
Oh no.
While I was offline, the total sum of your rule breaks was $90,000.
If you refrain from breaking any rules tonight, you will win back all the money for the group.
Oh my gosh.
- Time to repay our debt, Lana.
- [laughs.]
I've gathered the rest of the group in the cabana.
You must now inform them of your challenge.
Challenge accepted.
Let's roll.
- Give me a hug.
- Come here.
I've missed you so much.
Every time we are called to the cabana it is never good.
[Holly laughs.]
Oh yes, then we get to go into the suite! The last time Holly and I were in that suite, um, yeah, there were fireworks.
This is definitely one of the hardest tests I'm gonna have to go through, and hopefully, all the stuff I've gone through in the one-on-one workshops will come to light and show how much I've improved myself.
Oh my God.
I'm nervous.
We have news.
Oh my God, what is there gonna be now? All right, guys.
Basically, Lana's told us we've got a night in the suite.
What? I can't believe they're spending a night in the suite.
This is the final test.
Like, come on.
The final temptation.
[dramatic music playing.]
All you want to do is literally shag her, and they can't do that.
I'm pretty sure they can do that, Olga.
They've been naughty in the suite before.
- [sultry music playing.]
- [Nathan groans.]
[Nathan squeals, groans.]
[music continues.]
Your prize fund is now at $0.
If we pass this, Lana will increase the prize fund by $90,000! [whooping.]
Lord, help us all.
Got a devil on the shoulder And he's screaming in your ear like [Obi.]
There's absolutely no money left in the bank.
So, please, Nathan, I'm begging you, just hold it in your pants for one night.
You can try to run But he's always gonna find you There's a lot of money on the line tonight.
The only way to do you guys proud is to pay you back, so - Yes, sir.
- [Nathan.]
No rules will be broken.
So wish us the best of luck.
Don't fuck this up, guys, you got it.
They have promised a lot in the past and broken the promises.
We've got nothing left.
Nathan and Holly need to pull it out of the bag.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
It'd be nice to pay back everyone here a bit of money, but, obviously, when I'm with Holly, the tensions increase so much higher.
It's hard.
- Well, we're losing that money.
- [laughing.]
[sultry music playing.]
Oh my God.
It's beautiful.
Sheesh, producers, you could've at least made the bed.
Yeah [Holly groans, giggles.]
Come here.
Oh my God, it's gonna be so hard.
And that's the last thing it should be.
Oh my God, I actually can't believe you're here.
What do you think Holly and Nathan are doing? [laughs.]
You think they're having a little bonk? I would be lying if I said I had full faith in them, because the last time I had full faith in Holly and Nathan, they let me down.
[tense music playing.]
I'd love to kiss you right now.
Yeah, I'd love to do a thousand things, but, like - No, I reckon they'll be good.
- I think they're gonna be great.
I fully believe they will pull through.
I'm betting my right arm on it, again.
I lost it a couple of times, but I'll do it again, and this time, I'm sure I'm not gonna lose it.
How many right arms does she think she has? I think they're gonna get us our money.
I hope so.
To the Divine One.
Please let Nathan keep it in his pants.
Let Holly not tease him too much.
The one thing I wanna do is touch you, right? I just feel like I need to test you a little bit.
[tense music playing.]
No, don't test me! [Holly giggles.]
No, I actually, like, need to know that you can be around me and, you know, be good.
[exhales slowly.]
I think I can.
That's why I'm back.
You don't mind if I sleep naked tonight? You've gotta be kidding me.
This is a really hot position for you.
What do you mean? This is, like, the best position for me.
- Yeah, for you, not for me.
- [Holly laughs.]
Holly never makes it easy for me, especially in the suite.
Release your tension.
[Nathan squeals.]
Becoming increasingly hard to keep my shit together.
Set me on fire - [Nathan.]
What are you doing? - [Holly.]
Come here.
Burn me to the bone [Nathan laughs.]
fire [Holly groans.]
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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