Too Hot to Handle (2020) s03e10 Episode Script

Out With A Bang

1 Oh, whee! It is only the season flipping finale, and at the end of the episode, someone's about to walk away with a prize of Wait.
Yeah, that's right.
There's nothing in the pot.
Good morning.
But there is hope, as these guys could be about to win back $90,000.
The trouble is, that's all in the hands of the biggest rule-breakers here.
- I had a great night last night.
- Me too.
God help them.
I would love for them to come back and not have done anything.
How many more times can we put our trust in them and expect them not to screw us over? I like to trust, you know? But it's gonna take a miracle to keep them away from each other.
I don't think they're gonna be able to do it.
You're a very Negative Nancy.
Am I, or am I realistic? Nathan left, and he's come back.
This has been, like, an opportunity, so I feel like he will make the most of that, and he will redeem himself for everyone.
Holly and Nathan cannot afford to mess this up.
It's one night for all this money.
Yep, 90 grand would definitely be a happy ending.
Trouble is, Nathan may have already had one.
I'm feeling happier than ever.
Mm, got a spring in your step, chicken.
Oh my God, last night was magical.
Uh I'm all smiles today.
Best day ever, best day in the retreat.
I just can't believe it.
Ah, jeez, this doesn't look great.
The only thing missing is her lighting up a cigarette.
What will we say? Our prize fund's zero, so I guess that means there's no money to lose.
Oh my God.
I wonder when they'll come back.
'Cause the longer they spend together, the more they're gonna wanna do stuff.
Hopefully they gave him the snip, and chopped his penis off.
Well, if Lana had hands, who knows what lengths she'd go to? Oh my God, there's a lot at stake.
I'm betting my right arm on it, again! Seriously, how many right arms do you have? Okay, you're gonna say it.
The group have put so much trust in them before.
And they failed.
And if they do it this time, it's just a bit of a joke.
Why does Holly look guilty? Oh no.
What happened in there? Yeah, I'm asking myself the same question, Obi.
Do you want to kick it off? Oh, that was handy.
Saved by the Lana-shaped bell.
Holly and Nathan, last night, you faced your ultimate test.
If Nathan could put what he learned into practice, and, as a couple, you could refrain from breaking any retreat rules, the prize fund will be increased from $0 to $90,000.
However Oh, here we go.
Honestly, the howevers are never good.
And neither are Holly and Nathan.
what I did not foresee was that Holly would be the problem.
- No.
- Knew it.
Oh, gosh.
I can't believe she said that.
Holly, at 23:55 hours Cheers to being back.
you drank champagne from Nathan's stomach.
What the fuck? What? That was not all.
At 01:33 hours, you straddled him I'm gonna tease you a bit.
even though there were plenty of other places to sit.
Release your tension.
Holly, even though you were successful in sexually arousing Nathan he was able to dig deep, hold firm, and respect the rules of my retreat.
Which means that the prize fund now stands at $90,000.
Yes! Uh, are you bowing, Teasy McTeaserson? - Proud of you guys.
- Yes! You see, it does pay to be good! Thank you, Nathan.
Thank you so much.
I am so happy.
They did it! I'm so proud of both of them.
This is what I like to call growth.
- Growth.
- Yes! I didn't make it easy.
I teased Nathan a little bit, but you know, he passed the test.
I'm actually impressed.
Last night was the ultimate test.
I've passed it.
It felt good to give some money back.
Holly and Nathan, as a reward for showing restraint and putting the interests of the group above your own, you are now going on a date.
Yes! Aww! Nathan and I have earned this date.
The last few days have just been so hard for the both of us.
Oh God, I'm just so excited.
Take my time Today I'm feeling better I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna wear.
Well, it looks like Nathan's sorted.
Super worried about chatting.
Feel like I'm gotta get my emotions across because it's such an important time.
I'm quite nervous, to be honest.
Okay, I'm done.
Yeah, hittin' the town So glad Nathan and Holly kept their hands off each other.
How good is it that the money has gone back up? Getting used to the idea of having zero, zero, zero in the pot.
Well, Olga, you can get unused to that, because there's a whopping $90,000 in the prize fund! Whoo! Ninety whole grand in the prize pot! And in just 36 hours, the winner will be crowned.
I just can't get enough Yeah, yeah, yeah Yo, yo, yo! Since I had the conversation with Gerrie and called things off, I just feel like I really just wanna speak to Stevan and clear the air.
What are you doing? When I was getting to know Stevan, I knew he wasn't right for me, but I wasn't completely open and honest about my feelings towards him.
He deserves better.
Um, I wanted to talk to you.
I have realized that, you know, with the situation between us, I could've handled it completely different.
I should've been how I was with Gerrie, and just been more upfront and honest.
Face those emotions, and maybe that would've helped our situation.
I'm honestly sorry.
And you grow from it.
And I am very grateful that, after how I treated things, you still let me in and you looked past that.
You're too funny not to let in, okay? You run around this house like a meerkat, okay? Gonna rise up Oh yeah, I'm gonna rise up I'm so proud of Georgia and everything she's learned from this retreat.
The simple fact that we were able to talk, stop talking, and be even more comfortable with each other afterwards than before, it shows a lot about both of us.
It's so weird to think, like, we all came in here, who we are now, and how much we've changed.
The fact that you were able to stand up and be yourself.
- That's a big growth for you.
- I know.
I'm so happy about how well it went.
He's really understanding, and yeah, I just feel like we both have grown a lot.
- I'm so proud of us, come here! - I'm so proud of us! Come here! Ah, I am so excited to go on a date with Nathan! We know that there is physical chemistry between us, but, like, I need to know if this could last on the outside.
So it's a big moment for us today.
You still take my breath away With nothing but a smile That one-on-one workshop really flipped a couple of switches in my heart.
Hey! It's changed my perception on the way I see Holly.
 That's for sure.
- Cheers.
- Let's cheers to a special day and passing the ultimate test.
The ultimate test.
I've never felt this way before.
Normally, when I get these feelings, I just run away because I'm scared of commitment.
I'm more worried about that incoming tide.
It's been me and you since day one.
- We've both been on our own journey, but - Yeah.
In my past with other people, I push them away and keep moving forward.
I never, once or twice, did I ever think, "Oh, is this the girl for me?" Let's be honest.
I've had some really toxic relationships in the past.
But one thing this retreat has taught me is to confront my emotions and open up to someone.
I've never met a man like Nathan.
I love him to death.
I just really hope that he feels the same way.
Over the past few days, me going on my own retreat really put things into perspective.
I was able to show sides of myself that I thought I could never show.
The fact that I actually met somebody I like, - that makes me feel emotional - Mm.
and vulnerable at the same time.
When somebody gets really into my space, I just push them away and keep moving forward.
You know, are we compatible moving forward in the outside world? Now is the point where I can tell you.
It would be wrong of me not to say this.
I genuinely do love you.
This home won't give me what I want I'm scared but not afraid enough I want you to know that I love you too.
I can't believe I came to this retreat and fell in love.
It's been so long since someone has said to me that they love me, and, yeah, I'm just I'm the happiest girl in the world.
Always told myself I'm better off alone, single, I can do things my own way.
But being with you, I feel like I'm more safe and more powerful.
At the same time, more reassured.
That's something that rarely happens.
- I feel like I won the lotto.
- Feel like I've won the whole jackpot.
When I arrived, I'd have never thought I'd be telling a girl, "I love you.
" I'm a wholly changed man, and it's purely down to Holly.
It's been an emotional journey, and I just couldn't be happier right now.
Oh my Lana's treating us! Thank you, Lana! Steady hands will hold you up The walls they built will turn to dust Not to figure out How to burn it down 'Cause forever's starting now Mm.
Nathan and I finally got a green light.
Aw, that was a special kiss.
Best day ever, best day in the retreat by far.
Lana, you've done it again.
An "L bomb" and two very satisfied customers.
And with just 30 hours left in the retreat, there's still time for one last workshop, which the guests seem to be feeling "all white" about.
A workshop is such a lovely way to end the retreat.
You guys gonna look like the NSYNC music video when they had all white on.
I think you mean Backstreet Boys, but hey, tomayto, tomahto.
I'm honestly so grateful.
I've learned a lot thanks to Lana and these workshops.
I am a changed man.
This final workshop is designed for my guests to embrace their future selves, by acknowledging the mistakes they have made in the past and the growth they have achieved within the retreat.
I've invited mindfulness coach Brenden Durell to lead this workshop.
Today's workshop is about celebration.
It's all about the guest rejoicing in the person they've become, just getting into a space to actually see their progress.
And by committing to their new selves in front of everyone, they will feel reborn and ready to face the next part of their lives.
It's beautiful.
Welcome, everybody.
Tonight's workshop, it's about congratulating yourself, congratulating each other on everything that you've experienced in this retreat.
And acknowledging the new you, the new person you've become.
Right now, I would like you to grab your drum in front of you.
And what I love about the drum specifically is it resembles the heartbeat.
For me, what all of you represent is one heart together from this whole experience, and this drum is gonna represent that for the celebration tonight.
I would love for all of you just to ponder really quick about the person you were before you came into here, and the person you're leaving after.
My man, Stev.
Uh The man that walked in was chained down, afraid because of his past relationships.
The man I'm walking out today is actually okay with things that have happened, and is ready to learn and move forward.
Just one word that represents your time here? What's your one word? Free.
I have changed drastically since I walked in here.
My entire life, I held back some emotions, and this retreat really allowed me to unchain myself.
I'm just a different man.
This is the first place I've been completely me, and open.
My man, Nathan.
Took you from the depths, revived your ass! Brought you back, it was good! The man I walked in was very much carefree, always wanting to put myself first.
I didn't really care much for the rules.
Um I do see a change to actually care for others and put them first before myself.
You know, obviously, I love Holly, but also at the same time, I needed to abide by the rules.
What's one word that represents your journey? The word I'll use is restraint.
Restraint, wow.
Let's hit it.
You know, when I came in here, I was a full-on playboy.
The physical side of me wanted to touch Holly the whole time, and I think I've changed past that.
I've learned restraint, especially in myself, and just made me realize how much I actually do like this girl.
I'm leaving in love.
Holly, I love you.
Holly? Yeah, so the woman that I walked in here as was really impulsive with my decisions and careless with my actions and my body.
You know, I had to work on a lot here, especially to grow as myself, but also with someone.
So yeah, the word that I'll use is "patience.
" Patience.
I needed to practice patience when Nathan was out on dates with other girls.
Old Holly, Hurricane Holly, would just give up, but it's all been worth it.
At the end of the day, I got my man.
Yeah, everything turned out great.
So I walked into this retreat as a person that doesn't really care about anyone else but himself, and what I will leave as is a person who puts others before himself.
What's one word going forward that represents the man that you're leaving? - Selfless.
- Selfless.
Beautiful, man.
I definitely walked in as a woman who was afraid to open up, and speak of her feelings, and emotions, and thoughts, and I'm walking out as a woman who is still learning to open up, but is much better at communicating.
Phew! That's, that's the key right there.
The woman I walked in as was very cocky, you know, all about myself.
I was scared of tapping into my more affectionate side and stuff.
- Affectionate? - Yeah.
I feel like I walked in here as, you know, a know-it-all, and I feel like I'm walking out of here a bit smarter.
So, "wisdom.
" - Georgia.
- Hey.
The woman I was when I walked in was scared to be emotionally open, communicate, and confront my feelings.
I have realized that I had walls up and, you know, how much they hold me back.
One word that represents those words.
Brave! Let's get it.
On the outside, if I was uncomfortable, I would honestly just back out of the situation.
But being in this retreat and part of this experience has taught me to be strong and confront my feelings.
And I'm ready to accept new challenges that come my way and make new relationships.
I'm not afraid, I'm brave.
I'd probably say the man I walked in as was impulsive and flippant.
Um Ran away from his problems.
One word that represents the person you're leaving after.
Miss Izzy.
I've experienced quite a lot in here with different relationships, good and bad.
But I feel like I've come out as a more strong, empowered woman.
And my word is "independence.
" Mm.
So, the woman I walked in as had my guard up here.
I find it very hard to let it down.
And I'm walking out with it down here, and with a boyfriend! One word that represents your time here and the woman you're walking out into.
- Vulnerability.
- Boom, let's hit it.
When I came to the retreat, I was very closed doors.
Been hurt badly in the past, and that's why I didn't let anyone in, but I feel like Harry has changed me, and I let my guard down.
I've let Harry come into my closed doors, which I'm quite proud about.
The man I walked in as, someone with a closed heart that felt like he couldn't love again and would be on his own for the rest of his life.
I'm leaving as an open person and ready to love again.
An open heart.
Powerful, man.
I got chills.
Oof, that was emotional.
Powerful, man.
Your normal life, you just go by, and you bottle things up, and I feel like in here, it's stripped me back to basics.
Just like, it's almost like a fresh start.
What's one word? - Open.
- Open.
Came thinking it was Pleasure Island.
I'm leaving with a girlfriend.
I am reborn.
I got you.
Feel like I'm a better person now I've met Beaux, and yeah, I'm actually proud of myself, and I don't often say that about myself.
All right, now we're gonna take your words, just write it in big letters on here.
You're gonna tie your word onto the firework.
We'll send it to the universe, to the stars.
Whatever you deem your higher power, God, if anything.
That's what we'll send it to.
Obviously a bunch of horned-up hotties are gonna go out with a bang.
At least this one won't cost anything.
Five, four, three, two, one! I've celebrated New Year's before, but I've never celebrated anything called a new me.
I think I can see my "wisdom" up there right now.
Believe in me Believe in me I'm feeling rejuvenated.
I feel reborn.
Believe in me It felt like everything that was bottled up inside me just went up in the air and exploded.
I finally feel like I've been able to let go of the past.
So, I feel free.
- Oh, I love you guys! - Get in there.
- Come in here.
- One, two, three! Money makes my world go round Get out my way! Get out my way! Wakey wakey, my friends.
Good morning.
- Oh shit.
- Good morning, everyone.
Good morning, Lana.
Welcome to the last day of the retreat.
Final day, guys.
Oh, that's mad.
I will be announcing who the finalists are shortly.
Yes, Lana! I cannot believe it's the last day in the retreat.
The prize winner is gonna be announced today.
This is crazy.
The last day! Last call! It was the last day ever When the day is a little too tough Don't let my dreams fail me 'Cause we can rise higher Who you think's gonna win it, man? Hm, Harry or Stevan.
- You? - Nathan.
Are you ready for the last day? - We've been through a bloody whirlwind.
- Yes, we have.
- Look at us! - But today we are new women! We are new women! Ready for the world.
But are you ready to find out who Lana has chosen as the finalists? I'm born to win Because I am so ready.
Yeah, life is a game And I'm born to win If it were up to me, I think everybody would win here, but it's not, it's up to Lana.
I'm born to win Will I win the money? Probably not.
Would I like to win it? Yeah, I would.
You might win the money, Olga.
I'm just not sure if I'd bet my right arm on it.
The one who's grown the most is going home with some cash.
Oh, I feel sick.
Hello, everyone.
Morning, Lana.
I have been collecting data since you arrived and have now conducted my final analysis.
Not gonna miss that sound.
At least it's the last time.
As you are aware, there was a prize fund of $200,000, allocated to aid your development.
"Was" being the operative word.
The prize fund stands at $90,000.
That's a lot of money, baby.
$90,000 is a hell of a lot of money.
It's life-changing for me.
There are three places in the final.
Following my rules alone isn't enough to win.
The finalists are those who have shown the most personal growth during their time at the retreat.
I do think I've grown just as much, if not more than anybody else, but we'll have to see what happens.
There's a lot that I can get done with this prize money.
I mean, I could use it to pay for the rest of my college.
I feel like everyone would wanna be up there, right? Well, duh.
It's 90 grand.
The first finalist is It's a lot to play for, so, fingers crossed.
Please stand.
Oh my God! I can't believe I'm even standing.
I'm gonna cry.
You arrived at the retreat and fell into relationships that you were unsure of.
Obviously, you are the most beautiful person in this house.
I just like someone to vibe with.
I honestly like everything about Gerrie.
But you did not express your true feelings.
Are you still interested in me? Yeah.
I just don't like to feel too, like, um, smothered.
I can't wait to, like, settle down, and have kids.
But you have learned to face your fears You can't force yourself to feel a certain way when you don't.
I know the right thing to do is go and speak to Gerrie, get it off my chest.
and to be honest with yourself and those around you.
I see this as a really good friendship.
To be honest, it's the right thing for me to do.
I know now if I'm not feeling something with someone, the best thing to do is just confront it.
You gotta face your fears.
Putting yourself first has empowered you, and now you have the confidence to make more meaningful connections.
Georgia, she's like a blossomed flower.
I really believe she deserves this.
Cheers, Lana.
The second finalist is It is very tense in here at the moment.
Lana, Lana, Lana.
Definitely hoping she'll pick me.
I think I deserve to be on her short list.
Please stand.
Very much comes to a shock for me.
Just happy to be considered that I am worthy enough, really.
Oh-oh, oh-oh Watch me rise Nathan, although you connected with Holly from the start Oh God, you're gorgeous! you struggled to change your player ways.
Love your eyes, by the way.
Naughty boy.
- To what point do you entertain them? - I can't just say no to the date, can I? Putting your sexual desires first.
You got a cracking body on you.
And breaking numerous rules.
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh Your wicked ways I had to take drastic action.
Your boy has been kicked off the island.
But when I gave you a second chance, you embraced the opportunity to grow.
Put his head on Holly's heart.
- Boom.
Connection without sex.
- Yeah.
Only one word you can describe for somebody, and that's love.
And found the importance of emotional intimacy.
I genuinely do love you.
Thank you, Lana! Just come and shine your light Come and show me love Yes! Go Nathan! I'm actually really happy for Nathan.
He deserves to be up there.
And finally The big moment.
the third finalist is Come on, Lana.
What do we got? I do not need the suspense right now.
Harry and Beaux.
Did not see this coming whatsoever.
This is the first time ever that I've nominated a couple.
Getting emotional already.
I have done this because your relationship has helped you both grow equally as individuals.
Oh my God.
- I'm buzzing, me.
- I'm so excited.
Harry and Beaux, you came in as horny singles and began your journey as friends.
- I'm a legal secretary.
- I bet you don't wear that to work! Me and Harry have got a good friendship.
I don't know if it could be a little bit more.
Despite having commitment issues, you slowly built a connection.
Maybe I should open up and accept how I'm feeling.
- Just ask how she feels about you.
- I feel sick when you say that.
Feel like I'm enjoying getting to know you a little bit.
You said nothing.
How do you feel? I do like Harry.
But I've been hurt badly in the past.
You've learned to commit, and formed a loving relationship I think there's a connection growing.
I've met someone.
I have let my guard down.
I feel like I care about Beaux more than I've cared about anyone for a long time.
and made an emotional connection before a physical one.
I'm scared of commitment, and it's so hard.
I do really like you.
I'm falling very deep.
And have learned to commit and formed a loving relationship.
How do you feel about being my girlfriend? Oh my God, yeah! And that is why I have chosen you to be in the final as a couple.
Nathan, Georgia, or Harry and Beaux will walk away with $90,000.
Oh my God.
I'm gonna cry.
And the decision will be made by the remaining guests.
Oh my God.
What? Oh my God.
Oh my God.
At the end of the day, it's up to us to choose who actually wins.
Oh shit.
I feel so nervous.
I just hope everyone makes the right decision.
Will the short-listed guests please leave the cabana whilst the voting takes place.
Oh, love you guys.
Ooh, whee! This is all getting very exciting.
I mean, this is the biggest prize in Too Hot to Handle history, guys! - Can't believe we're sat here.
- The Hot finale has arrived, guys.
- Jeez.
- OG finalists.
I'm happy to be sitting here with you guys.
I'm grateful to be standing up like a finalist.
- Me too.
- It's mad.
I feel like a winner already, to be honest.
I've been with them since day one.
I've seen their journeys so much, and I've seen them grow, but that's harder, because how can you compare them? It's a question of deciding which one you think maybe deserves it the most.
It's giving them a gift rather than taking from the rest.
On that note - All right! - Let's go, Stevan.
Each guest gets to pass their vote in private.
First up, it's Stevan.
Nathan, I believe he's an amazing person, but he's broke more rules than anybody else.
Just the fact of how she's handled me and her ending, versus her and Gerrie ending, she has grown an exponential amount.
Harry and Beaux have learned a lot individually, and in a relationship.
They've had the most restraint with each other, and they've learned how to just be together and happy with each other.
So at the end of the day, it's not a question of who for me.
100% Harry and Beaux.
I'm up.
- Go on, babe.
- Good luck, Holly.
I wonder who she'll be voting for.
My vote's going with Nathan.
What a shock.
I have witnessed his growth every day in this retreat.
Yeah, and that's why you cost the group over $100,000.
- Olga, you're up, darling.
- My turn.
- See ya.
- Good luck! It's extremely difficult.
It's a tough one.
I think No, I know I will vote for Georgia.
I think she has improved the most during this retreat.
I've really seen her finally be courageous enough to talk about your feelings, and not just run away from problems.
So, one vote for each of the finalists, which means we have ourselves a horse race.
I feel sad.
Obviously you're picking a person and you feel happy for them, but you feel like you've betrayed the others.
You don't want them to feel you betrayed them.
That's It's the guilt.
Yeah, we're all family here.
Like, you have to make a decision.
Everyone's vote counts.
- I'm so nervous, I really am.
- I'm nervous.
- You go, girl.
- Good luck, Bri Bri.
I'm definitely voting for Beaux and Harry.
Not only have they personally worked on themselves, but they've actually worked on their relationship.
Georgia has been through a lot, and she opened up as an amazing person.
She helped me grow in the whole process.
So you're voting for Georgia, then? I vote for Nathan.
What? Uh, I truly feel that he has grown the most out of everyone on the retreat.
Well, that vote from Gerrie has really tightened things up.
Two votes for Harry and Beaux, two votes for Nathan, and one for Georgia.
But with three votes still to go, any of them can win.
Your turn.
Harry and Beaux have grown, not only individually, but together as a couple, but Nathan's my boy, and he has come back, and he has shown a lot of restraint.
I vote for Harry and Beaux.
With Obi voting for Harry and Beaux, and with just two votes left, Georgia now needs both votes to still be in the running.
I'm not voting for Georgia, because, although she's grown a lot in this retreat, she's still got more growing to do.
Izzy takes Georgia out of the running.
I didn't see that coming.
So it's between Harry and Beaux, and Nathan.
We've got ourselves a two-horse race.
Well, three, but you know what I mean.
Harry and Beaux are super sweet.
I think that this amount of money would really change their lives.
And also, maybe give them a base where they could start a life together.
Harry's just smitten by Beaux, and they both worked on it together.
I know Beaux really well, and I know that she's found it so hard to open up to him.
Nathan is a top dude.
I absolutely love him.
He has been a naughty boy, but he has done a lot of reforming.
With Nathan, like, I feel that he's developed a lot, and I see why Lana put him up there.
I don't know how to make the decision.
Okay, I'm just gonna have to say it.
- I'm gonna go with - I'm gonna vote for Whoa! Hold your horses there, guys.
We need to leave the big reveal to everyone's favorite cone.
- Hi, Lana.
- I'm done with this.
The voting is now complete.
Please head to the beach, where I will announce the result.
- All right.
Let's go.
- Here we go.
The prize winner is gonna be announced.
This is crazy.
Who is it gonna be? It's mad that it's all coming to an end.
- It's sad, isn't it? - I know, it's so bittersweet, you guys.
- Anyone think they know who's won? - Literally could be anyone.
Yeah! This is just crazy, innit? I cannot believe this, guys.
Like, whoa.
- What a journey.
- What a journey.
Hello, finalists.
Your fellow guests have voted, and a winner has been decided.
Please join everyone on the beach, where I will announce who has won the $90,000.
Okay guys, let's go.
I'm super gassed to be in this position.
Never would've thought I'd be top three.
Obviously Lana's backed me, and I'm just happy to be considered that I'm worthy enough, really.
- Palms are sweating, I'm shivering! - I know! I'm actually grateful for how this retreat has changed me, and our relationship.
Fingers crossed we win it! - I love you.
- I love you.
I love Georgia, my sunshine.
I want her to win.
Cross your fingers all you want, but I'm afraid she's out of the running.
During your time at the retreat, I have observed you all commit to the process, acknowledge your failings, and show significant change.
- Thanks, Lana! - Thank you, Lana.
The time has now come to announce the winner of the $90,000 prize.
Oh my gosh.
Georgia, Harry and Beaux, and Nathan.
Please stand.
Potentially gonna get $90,000.
That's just crazy, isn't it? It's a lot of money.
Life-changing, really.
Your fellow retreat guests have voted.
You got it.
The person in third place is Georgia.
I didn't win $90,000, but I am honestly so happy because I've changed so much since being in here.
I've made friendships and, you know, this is gonna last a lifetime for me.
Aww! I love you guys.
Harry and Beaux, or Nathan, one of you have been chosen to check out of the retreat with the prize fund.
It's a bright future for me and Beaux if we were to win the money.
Obviously, it helps with our relationship.
We never thought we'd get this far, did we? Not at all.
- Yeah, I'm proud of you.
- I'm proud of you.
I'm in the top two, was never expecting this at all.
I've come a long way from the bottom of the mountains to the top of the hill.
It's been an absolute journey and so emotional.
Nathan deserves to win because our relationship isn't only physical.
It's also very emotional, and I can see the growth in him.
If I win this money, it's gonna be for the both of us.
I feel like she's played a massive part in me changing in this retreat.
The winner, who will be leaving with $90,000, is - Shaking so bad.
- Same.
Harry and Beaux.
Oh my God! Come on, you two! Can you believe it?! I cannot believe this! Aw, there comes the waterworks! We went from nothing to being in love, and I'm so happy.
Runner-up never felt so good.
Couldn't be happier for Harry and Beaux, they definitely deserved it.
If I could've voted, I'd vote for them.
I feel like they've gone leaps and bounds, from friends to lovers.
I wanted it to be you guys, honestly.
So happy.
I genuinely feel like the best possible people won.
End of the day, I'm leaving with a happy, healthy relationship.
And that's something I couldn't imagine in a million years.
I'm actually really proud of myself and Nathan.
And so you should be.
Your time at the retreat is over, and therefore, the rules no longer apply.
Seize the day, whoa And make it never bring you down You go and do it anyway No more Lana.
No rules.
Light the way, whoa Things will always turn around If you seize the day Whoa Whoa What a emotional and loving experience.
Just amazing.
Whoa Seize the day Congratulations, I love you.
But if I get no wedding invitation, I'll be pissed.
Go and do it anyway I've made friends for life.
Would you look at that? Another bunch of commitment-phobe horndogs transformed into well-adjusted individuals with bright futures ahead of them.
And we even have our first Too Hot to Handle winning couple.
There's so much to plan! Like where they're gonna live, where they're gonna get married.
Any ideas, guys? I'm ready to go all the way.
Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Whoo, turn it up! Oh, oh-oh Turn it up! Oh-oh, oh, oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh Don't, don't mess with me - Don't, don't, don't mess with me - Oh, oh-oh
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