Top Boy (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Yo, bruv.
How much you got, then? Yeah, sweet.
They can't even get to the top! Shit.
'Yo, where are you?' Yeah, man.
Come! Fuck! The fuck you doin' here, cuz? Hold up, man.
Shut your mouth! Say somethin'.
Fuck, man! What happened?! They took everything, bruv.
What?! Kamale and them took everything.
The fuck you talking about? They had a gun to may face, bruv.
All gone.
Everything? Every fucking thing.
So fucking what? Yo.
Wha gwan? He was with all of them.
I couldn't do nothing by myself, bruv.
This is some joke thing, right? Mum.
You going to get out of bed today? What are you doing?! It's too bright! You should try and eat something.
You need a new colour in here, Mum.
It's making you depressed.
I'm going to paint it for you.
Ra'Nell! Ra'Nell, it's Gem! 'You owe three grand.
' Listen, bruv, we didn't lose the food.
Kamale come in and took the food.
That's not my problem.
I got to tell Bobby that you let Kamale come and take his food away.
Hold on, Lee, we done warned you about Kamale and them London Fields, man.
Dushane, you're not listening.
You owe Bobby three grand.
Who the fuck are you talking to? Hey, listen.
Come on, man.
We're going to get your money.
When? A week.
You'll keep Bobby Raikes waiting a week for his paper? Good luck.
So why don't you cover us, then? I'm not pickin' up your fucking debts, you prick.
Go on, fuck off.
I'm eating.
Fuck off.
I'm sick of that fat fuck, you know.
I'm telling you now, we ain't getting nowhere with this guy on top of us.
We need to go and talk to Raikes direct.
Bro, we can't talk to Raikes direct, bruv.
Especially if we ain't got that paper for him.
I know you can help, man, with this fact.
A lot of the boys don't do cards no more.
Some of them even had to get jobs.
It's that Chip and PIN, man - it's made it hard for all of us.
Even the Postman.
Used to be you could get a postman easy, but now they're all scared - they check up on them now.
What you saying? I might need this real quick, bruv.
I'll talk to my postman.
Why don't you do that, then? Femi! That didn't sound too positive.
He'll come through.
Fucking hope so, mate.
You want that bit? Want me to weigh that for you? Nice piece of yam that is, darling.
Here, let me weigh it for you.
Yeah? Want anything else? £7.
Here, take it, darling.
Take it.
Pay me next time, yeah? Stop it! Don't look at me! You OK? Can I help you? My gosh! 'Do you have a history of mental illness, Lisa?' OK, we think the best thing would be for you to come in.
Is there anyone at home? Do you have you any children? Lisa? Because obviously, if you did, we'd need to see about their care.
I ain't got no children.
It's Precious again, man.
You're a liar! Why would I lie? Hey, Dushane, wha gwan for my man, Ra'Nell? Who is he? Shanked up his dad last year.
What, that's Wayne Smith's kid? Yeah, cuz.
You know who I am, innit.
Everybody knows you, Dushane.
Come here.
I want to ask you something.
Ain't it about time you started rolling with us? I can't do that.
My mum wouldn't like it.
Look, hold that.
What's wrong with you? You don't want the money? All right, all right.
You know what? It's cool.
Anyone bullying you or disrespecting you, you let me know, yeah? I'll sort that out for you.
Smart yout'.
Bruv, what's wrong with you? If someone offers you money, take it.
Especially when it's someone like Dushane.
That's you, not me, innit.
Mum Mum! I don't smell no jerk chicken, bruv.
She's not even here, bruv.
You all right? You want to go down the chippie and get something to eat? Nah, man.
I'll wait for my mum.
You go, innit.
Nah, it's cool, I'll wait with you.
Gem, wake up.
Gem, you should go home.
See you in the morning.
See you in the morning.
Hello, Mum, it's me.
Where are you? When are you coming home? Yo, bruva.
It's a good address.
Swiss Cottage.
£5,000 on there.
Pin, code ten, everything.
But you have something for me, yeah? I will have.
What? Give me three days, I'll get it.
Are you trying to boy me off? I already paid my postman.
What the fuck's your problem, blood? You ain't takin' no risks.
It's man that's puttin' in the work out here.
I want my money, Dushane.
It's free money, man.
Chill out.
Fucking ponce.
All right, Kerry? Hiya.
I'm fine, how are you? Anything new for today? No, it's all exactly the same as yesterday.
Lisa? Lisa, it's Leon.
When did you come in here, Lise? Lisa, how long you been in here? Someone lookin' after Ra'Nell? What you doin', man? We're going to need brushes, innit.
You know what, I can't even afford this.
Shit, they're taking the piss.
Ra'Nell? Hello, Ra'Nell.
You all right, Heather? All right? What ya doing? Painting my mum's room.
What colour? Loyal wheat.
That's nice.
Are you pregnant or just fat? Hey, shut up, man.
Seven months, only two to go.
Have you done the scan? Listen to you talking about scans and stuff.
Why do you need all them lights? I'm doing up a flat and there's not much natural light in there.
Be well bright with all of them.
I'm guessing it will be.
You boys got five minutes? Yeah.
Come on, you can help me with this stuff to the car.
Here, take that.
Nah, you're all right.
Thank you.
Man, what ya doin'? He's all right.
You deserve it.
Thank you, boys.
Say hello to your mum for me.
Yeah, I will.
She's a milf.
Shut up, man.
What, so you're telling me Flat this big, you get a very good crop.
Very good crop.
Don't worry.
You don't have to do nothing.
I take care of everything.
You're a friend of my dad's.
I was, I ain't seen Wayne in a long time.
How do I know you're not lying? You don't, you're just going to have to trust me.
I'm here about your mum.
What about my mum? She's OK, but she's in hospital.
What do you mean she's in hospital? Don't worry, she's not sick.
She'll be all right.
I brought you some jerk chicken.
You better save me some, y'know! I'm guessing you don't want to stay with your dad? No.
I don't even know where the fuck he is.
Thing is, if you ain't got no-one to stay with, no family or nothin', they're going to put you into care.
That's why your mum never told the doctors about you.
I'm not going into care, I can look after myself.
But she might not be back for a while.
I said I ain't going into care! OK.
This is what we're going to do.
You're going to stay here.
But under my terms, yeah? Right, you go to school every day.
You keep yourself and this place clean for your mum.
No hanging out on the estate and you go to your bed at night early.
That's the deal.
Now, can you cook? I can bring you some stuff you can heat up.
When do I get to visit her? That's going to be tricky, cos if the doctors see you, they put two and two together and I'll see what I can do.
If I write a note, would you give it to her? Yeah, course.
Now eat up.
What the fuck's he doing here? Who's that, Lee? Soldier outta Summerhouse.
Is he the one that lost our bit of grub? Yeah, that's the cunt.
You've got fucking cheek.
What ya doin'? Came to give Bobby his paper.
I want to give it to him personally.
Give me the fucking paper, mate.
Go on, go on, gimme.
Fuck you, you cunt.
Sit down.
What's your name, kid? Dushane.
It don't want to be shy.
It's all there, man.
You got two minutes.
Let me ask you a question, yeah? Feds know people are buying and selling in Hackney.
Now, as long as we don't make no noise, they don't really care.
It's part of the fabric of life, innit? Fabric of life? Look, this is all very interesting but Let me run Summerhouse.
That position's filled, you know that.
I ain't dubbing Lee or nothin', but you think Kamale and them London Fields boys can come in to Summerhouse if Lee is doing his job right? But that don't change what happened, man, and it shouldn't have happened.
So what do you want from me? Eight ounces of brown, to start.
Eight? I can move that easy.
So you want to do business with me, yeah? That's right.
Why? I want a life.
But you're breathing, ain't you? I want a good life.
I was born and bred in Summerhouse.
I'm 26 years old.
I got nothing else to be, 'cept this.
I was born in Summerhouse.
We going to do business or what? 'Light, very important.
' Always keep this distance from here.
What about the water? Water is here.
Pump is always on.
You like gardening? I love gardening but it's not like growing tomatoes.
Same, same but different.
You don't go to prison for growing tomatoes! Most important thing not to go to prison is smell.
Smell? Smell from plant very strong.
Extractor take away the smell.
How long does it take to grow a crop? 13 weeks.
When you grow, you must always have shiny leaf.
Dark green.
Pale, no good.
Yellow, no good.
Means you not feed it right.
Every day, you check the pH water.
Make sure pump is always working.
Shiny, shiny leaf.
You want, I buy your crop off you.
What you going to give me for it? I give you good price.
What price? Good price.
No, Vincent, I need the exact price.
What's goin' on? What's happenin'? All right? What's this? There's a name in there.
It's got to be this one, the right one.
Y'all right, girl? What ya saying? Ra'Nell put some clothes together for you.
He asked me to give you this.
He's a good kid, ya know.
He's got some fire in his belly.
He's all right.
Listen, Lis.
And that's all right for now.
But I've seen too many people stay doped up on these things, and that ain't no way to get better, trust me.
So, when you're feeling up to it, I want you to come to the gym and train.
It'll do you good, and don't worry about Ra'Nell.
I'll look after him.
It'll be all right.
If your mum doesn't come home tonight, you going to tell someone? I don't need to, I already know where she is.
Where? Come on, tell me.
They put her in a mental hospital.
When is she coming home? I don't know.
She'll be all right though, yeah? Yeah, hopefully.
Can't even visit her.
If they found out about me, they'd put me in care.
So don't be telling no one, bro.
I won't.
Marnie! 'Keep your head still, bro.
' I'm talking.
How am I supposed to talk if I can't move my head? I can talk without moving my head, watch me.
Did you see my head move? That's cos you're talking shit, cuz.
My head moves when I talk cos I talk important shit.
To fuck up my hair.
You're done.
Nah, nah, I'm not done, Fam, look.
Are you Rossie? Who's asking? Come on, man.
What's wrong with you? Hurry up.
Fucking open it! Keep still, man.
Fuckin' hold him down.
What? It's the wrong finger.
Bruv, they ain't gonna know the fucking difference.
Of course they'll know the fuckin' difference, bruv, look.
They look the same to me.
I'm telling you, you need to get the right finger.
You saying I need to cut the other finger off now? Attention to detail, innit? Come on.
You're sick.
Come on.
My sister's kid, 17 years old, got a glass eye, all because this got poked in his face.
Now a situation has become vacant.
My mate here, Lee, he's moving up.
So that means that you two and me are going to do business together, but we're going to do business exactly how I say.
Because what this is, is a special relationship.
I'm trusting you with my food.
You can trust us.
I know that I can trust you.
Because I know who your family are.
Give 'em the parcel.
Bring me the paper in a week.
What about Kamale? What about him? You're running Summerhouse now.
Whatever you feel to do, fine by me.
What you saying, cuz? Nah chill man, jam.
I came to tell you we're running Summerhouse now.
All them stunts you pulled before, coming in and taking man's food, can't happen again, understand? What about Lee Greene? Don't worry about Lee Greene, he's moved on.
What ya doing, man?! Stay the fuck out of Summerhouse, ya listening? You know me, I don't come nowhere to talk, blud.
Anyway, I saw his face.
He weren't even listenin' to you.
You know what you started now, innit? He already started it.
Listen, we've got this place in Finchley, all set up, ready to go.
Going country, that's full on, that's 24/7.
You sure you can handle that sort of pressure? They know what they have to do.
How much do you want? Box of each.
That's a lot of money.
You better know what you're doing.
Oi! Come here, let me talk to you quick.
See, Dris, Chantelle.
They're all making mad paper, you know.
Even little Michael, ten years old.
Making his money.
What are you lot saying? Want to make paper? Yeah, I do.
What about you, Ra'Nell? Look, bruv, I know your mum's in the Hackney nuthouse.
I didn't say nothing, I swear.
Don't worry, bruv, this is Summerhouse, word gets around.
Look, I know how it is with family and that.
I know your dad ain't around, but we are.
It's you that has to step up for her like a man, ya know.
Take care of her and all that.
Listen, we're your family now.
Think of all these lot as your cousins, you get me? We'll look out for you, Fam, don't worry.
I'm going to pick you lot up, innit.
When? When you see me, that's when it is.
Fucking hell man, when? Just be ready.
Bruv, we're going to be rich.
You know how gay you look? Shut the fuck up.
You know how fucking skinny you look? Prick You think I'm joking? I got a knife.
I don't have to do none of this gay shit.
What ya saying, Shane? Hey, what ya saying, man? I need to ask you a favour.
What is it? I'd appreciate it if you His mum's a good friend of mine.
So what, bruv? Still got nothing to do with you.
Like this is our thing.
If we want to talk to someone, we're going to talk to them.
I'm looking after him while his mum's in hospital.
I promised I'd keep him out of trouble.
Didn't you just hear what he said? Think about it, yeah? Plenty other kids out there, man.
What are you thinking about? Who the fuck does he think he is? You know what? Leave Ra'Nell out this time, yeah? What, cos of him? It's more trouble than it's worth.
Fuck him.
Yo, get up, jump on this bar.
We're done.
Got shit to do.
Come on, man.
You good? Get in the car, man.
I need to get my dog.
You wanna make money or you wanna take your dog for a walk? What you talkin' about? You ain't comin'.
But Dushane said I should.
Dushane nothing.
You got a problem? Talk to Leon, yeah? Yo.
Stop making so much fucking noise, man.
Only joking, man.
Fucking hell, don't you talk? Oi, tell him I'm only joking.
Gem, you ever been country before? I went once to Hampshire with my nan.
He though we're going to country with nan, or something.
He did not just say that.
Nah, nah, nah.
That's not the kind of country he's talking about.
Listen, Gem.
There's a whole 'nother country.
It's not that place you been before.
Trust me.
He's talking about his fuckin' nan.
You OK? Burst his brain, blud.
This is shit, man.
You can't even fucking play.
Thing's hard, bro.
You get sore thumbs! You lot listen, yeah.
This is Robert, my best fiend.
Hey, wake up, man.
What's wrong with you? Gazin' on the game, man.
In't that right, Robert? Yeah? Yeah? Go sit over there or summat, man.
Fuck, man.
Make sure you bring my lighter back, as well.
Nice to meet you, fam.
Fuck, say summat.
This place is dirty.
We got that, fam.
Oi, listen.
Man's gonna blitz this place quick, get me.
In an out, yeah, before the feds even know man's here.
What you sayin', fam? Yo, come here, let me talk to you.
Come, Rob, get up, man.
Or go in the other room, man.
What's wrong with you? Now, it's a simple ting, bruv.
All you got to remember is make sure you bring back the right money every time.
You understand? All right, otherwise it's gonna get political.
I don't care if it's even like £5 - it don't matter.
You get me? It's the principal.
All right, that £5 there represents respect, yeah? Anyone fucks up, it reflects one everyone, you understand? All right, go and do your ting, man.
Go on.
Come and get this crack in.
Fuck all this game shit, man.
But I just don't get it.
Look, all you have to do, yeah, is practise with your tongue, innit.
Get it all agile, look see.
Drop to the back like this.
Under your tongue like this.
Can you see? Does it look like I'm holding anything? See, because I've got five on this side, got seven on this side here.
Cos it's all the way back there.
See that? Right, look.
Go on, try it.
At the back, under your tongue.
Way back.
That's it, yeah.
Go on.
Way down at the back.
Shit, what the? Bruv, don't swallow it, bro! Couple of score bags, star.
Oi, what's this street called? Just in case I get lost.
Andrew's Road, blud.
Here you go, I've done your laundry for you.
What did you say to Dushane and dem? You had no right.
What was the deal? You can stay here as long as you behave yourself.
You're a hypocrite.
You were on the road with my dad, right? You were in jail with him, for fuck's sake.
I see you talkin' to Dushane or Sully or any of them, I'm calling social services and I'm telling them you're here on your own.
What? You'd hurt my mum like that? Don't you think it hurts her more you hanging with them? God, no.
What do you need, bruv? Just two on one, can I have some? Those OK? Thanks.
Enjoy yourself.
Bruv, kill him.
Kill him, otherwise come off the game, seriously.
Yeah, fam, what what was you looking? All right, just wait at the same place, yeah? Yo.
Three on two.
Yo, fam, come on, man.
Three on two for me now, yeah? Same place, yeah? Shit.
Whatdya want? 'Six on two.
' Aight, cool.
Where you at? 'I'm outside.
' The fuck, what you doin' outside bruv? Yo! What the fuck they doin' coming to the house? I don't know.
They're outside, bro.
Go and sort them out.
Tell them to fucking never come back again.
Bruv don't fuckin' come back to the house, you hear me, yeah? You never fucking listen, how many times I gotta tell you this? Oi, you idiot! Don't fuckin' come round our house again for I smack you up, bruv.
Now where's my money? Open the fuckin' gate.
Hurry up.
Open the gate.
Open the gate.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Oi, pussy! What, what? Yo, come through! Get the food, man.
Oi, get the fuckin' food.
I need to whip you like a fuckin' bitch.
Get the food.
Fuck, where's the fuckin' money, bruv? Where's the money, B? Where's the fucking money? Pick up the money, blud.
Fuckin' pay with money, brother.
I ain't gotta do that.
Bobby Raikes is gonna do that.
Both of you.
I'll see you later.
Let's go.
Pussy! What you doin' here? You know we're fucked now, innit? You've been robbed twice.
Making it a habit? Gonna get your money back, all right? You've got three days.
We can't tell no-one.
Especially not your mum.
I could go prison for this.
Go smarten yourself up.
Got a surprise for you.
We've got a snake, bruv.
Gem ain't no snake.
No! We mark Sean, that they mark Chris, sends man a message.

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