Top Boy (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

You think the London Fields boys could come to Summerhouse if he was doing his job right? What do you want from me? Let me run Summerhouse.
Do you have a history of mental illness, Lisa? Mum, mum.
Is someone looking after Ra'Nell? Are you pregnant or just fat? Shut up, man.
How long's it take to grow a crop? 13 weeks, I give you good price.
They put her in a mental hospital.
If they found out, I'd go in care.
We've got this place in Finchley, it's set up.
You know we're fucked now.
That's 40 bags' worth of my grub that you've lost.
I promise ya, let me get your money back.
Well, I know I'll get my money, but what you two should've said is when? You got three days.
Three days? There's no way we're going to get your money in three days, Bobby.
Really? I must've been off my fuckin' canister doing business with you.
I told ya.
You told me what? We said we're going to get his money, we'll get his fucking money.
Calm down, listen.
Bobby we're going to get your money, yeah? All we need is some guns.
Guns? Guns? Don't make me laugh.
That's twice Kamale's robbed us now, both times he was carrying.
I ain't no hothead, you know that.
I'm saying, we're going to need some more time, going to need some guns.
You got two weeks, that's it.
Now fuck off, the pair of ya.
Go on, fuck off.
They're going to think you've gone soft.
Yeah? Well that would be a big mistake, Lee.
Ya know what I'm thinking? We got a snake, bruv, That's twice, that ain't no coincidence.
What you saying? I don't know, man, something ain't right.
Put your seat belt on.
Everything's all right but you're going to have to take it easy.
Rest? I don't do rest, it's not me.
Heather, I'm being serious, that was a close call.
If you want to keep this baby, you've got to look after yourself.
Is there anyone who can help you out? Come on, Marnie, good girl.
Good girl, come on.
You'll need this to keep her warm.
Marnie, look what Ra'nell got you.
You all right? I did a bit of extra cleaning for my nan and I wanted to give you this.
What? You've been on your own all this time, I'm only trying to help.
I don't need your money.
How many times do I tell you, when someone offers you money, you take it?! Ra'Nell! Ra'Nell! Shit, there's that milf.
Aren't you coming to class? I wouldn't do this, babes, believe me.
But I've got no other choice.
I need to ask you a favour.
Come with me, yeah? Fucking hell! You've got a sick farm.
You ain't meant to know about farms.
I'm nearly 14.
That's what I mean.
I wouldn't ask you to do this, Ra'Nell, but I've been told to take it easy.
Or else I could have another miscarriage.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't talk about shit like that to you.
You haven't got to do much.
It's all pretty straightforward and I'll pay ya.
But I need to know I can depend on you.
You have to be very, very careful.
You can't tell no-one, and I mean no-one.
Not your best mate, not your girlfriend No-one, and especially not your mum.
I won't say anything.
I could go to prison for this.
Do you understand? Right.
Let me show you what to do.
This is long.
Kamale is going to be hiding in his yard right now.
He ain't going to be out on the road.
Fucking 40 grand, y'know? He's got to be fucking somewhere.
Well, we're gonna find him.
Right now, I'm fucking hungry though.
You Chris Hill? That's right.
You are? Get the My god! Leave her alone! Get off me, get off of me! Your brother Dushane owes me 40 grand.
Little cunt.
OK, I'll pay it, I'll make sure he pays.
Next time you see him, you show him your chest.
No, please, God No! Bro, we got two weeks, we have to work out how we're gonna get to Kamale.
He's a smart bruvva.
Bruv, he's smart.
Bruv, he's on the 20th floor, he's at the top of the block.
You know the lift ain't working in that bitch, yeah? Man's got to climb all them fucking stairs, get into the flat, then deal with them and then get all the way back down again without getting seen.
I can't see that happening, bruv.
That's on top.
You know what? We should've just killed him when we had the chance.
What you saying, what, you're ready to kill, yeah? Thanks for coming.
You don't understand what a relief this is.
How's your mum? She's in hospital.
What? What do you mean she's in hospital? Why didn't you tell me? What's wrong with her, what's happened? Ra'nell, what's happened to your mum? Can you talk to me? Chill out, she's gonna be all right.
It's all gonna be cool.
She's just a bit tired.
Leon said she'll be home soon.
Who you staying with? Who's looking after you, Ra'Nell? Well, look do you wanna come and stay at mine? Nah, Leon brings me food so it's all right.
Promise me.
Yeah, I promise.
All right.
You fucking bastard.
Nat? What you doing? You fucking bastard! What? What are you doing?! Chris is in hospital because of you! Why, what's wrong with him? Because you owe someone money, they came into my house, they put an iron on his chest! Who? Who the fuck are you talking about?! Natalie! What hospital is he in? No! You stay the fuck away from us! We don't want you in our lives anymore.
Fuck this.
Oi, Dushane! Where you been? I sent you a text.
I was busy, innit.
Yeah, what was you busy at? You ain't got the right to ask me that.
You ain't my old man.
As long as you wasn't hanging with them boys on the road.
I wasn't with them.
So where you been? With a girl.
A girl? Precious.
Precious? Go inside and smarten yourself up.
I got a surprise for you.
Oi! Fucking pussy! Fucking pussy! Ai, ai, move, move, move, move, move! You fucking pussy! Don't ever come after my family again, you understand?! Pussy hole! Fucking mugs.
Come on then.
Come on.
You're late.
I got caught up.
You've got two minutes, Leon, otherwise I'm fucked.
Lisa? Lise? Got a visitor.
Let me see you.
You all right, Mum? I'm going to get better I promise.
I won't ever leave you again.
Don't worry about it, Mum.
I promise.
I'm doing all right at school.
That's good.
I'm sorry you have to see me like this.
It's all right, Mum, don't worry about it.
I'm sorry, baby.
Come on, we gotta go.
This is yours.
That ain't ours, bruv.
It is.
Weirdo! Open it up.
Must be Raikes', innit? Yeah, but how we going to do that? That's the ting.
We're going to lure him out, bruv.
Lure him out.
That's smart.
Oi, but yo, that kid with the dog as well.
He's fuckin' gotta get it as well, you know.
Nah, man, we don't even know he's the snake yet.
Come on, man.
What? Bruv, who else could it be, then? No-one.
Tell Dris and them to keep an eye on him.
Don't do nothin' yet.
Bruv, what are you doing? Move from me.
Don't come near me with that orange.
Stealing oranges from the market, yeah? Old habits, you know, you know how it is.
What are you looking at, man? Here, here take that bag? Quickly.
Take it, man! Yo.
Yo, Wendell.
Dushane! That your son? Yeah, this is Jason.
How old? Five.
Jason got any brothers or sisters? One of each.
They're three now.
What you sayin', little man? You all right? You livin' round here now? No, his mum's mum lives round the corner.
You're looking good.
Yeah, you too.
Yeah, you know.
Gettin' older.
I gotta go pick up the twins from school.
Good to see you.
Yeah, you too.
Yo, Jason Take care, yeah? Say goodbye, Jason.
Say goodbye.
You don't have to be shy with me, you know.
I'm your brother.
I'm Dushane.
See ya later.
Who's the older, fam? No-one.
Come, man! Go on, go and steal some meat! I might do.
How's that feel? It's all right.
You ever see Wayne? I don't have much to do with Wayne no more, you know.
You must see him around? I see him around from time to time, but How was he? Wayne's Wayne.
Lisa, look, right now I didn't need to ask that, did I? If there's one thing Wayne couldn't do without is a woman.
She's welcome to him.
Does he ever ask about me? Does he ask about his son? Wayne ain't going to change, Lise.
I can let you have that for three and a half, yeah.
All right, George.
What day for? On the 26th? I can do that, all right.
Yeah, all right.
Thank you.
Yeah, go on.
Cor, fuck, look at the state of you! What's happened? They fucking jumped me! Who?! Who do you think? Dushane and Sully! There's gotta be comeback, Bobby.
They can't disrespect me.
If they disrespect me, they disrespect you! Yeah, of course, mate.
But People saw what fuckin' happened in the club! They fuckin' saw it! Yeah, but Lee Here's my problem, mate.
Them two little fuckers owe me a lotta money.
Now, anything happens to them and I don't get my money, then I'm outta pocket.
Fuck that! It's fucking political, mate! They can't do what they did and expect nothing to come fucking back at them! Well, then, go and kill 'em, Lee.
But if you do that, then you have to take on the debt.
Fuck! Right, Lee, listen.
I tell you what we do.
If they don't meet that deadline, then be my guest.
You can kill 'em.
Then the debt becomes yours, my friend.
Here's that little snake, bruv.
I need to keep an eye on that yout, swear down.
Wagwan, Gem.
What you sayin', cuz? You all right.
Gem, watcha doin'? Nothin'.
Just buyin' paint.
What you buyin' paint for, man? Painting Ra'nell mum's room, innit.
Yeah? What colour? It's like yellow-ish.
It's Loyal Wheat, man.
I like yellow, innit.
I got that in my room.
Hey, Gem, you coming? So what, does your dog do any tricks? Yeah.
Marnie! Sit.
Sit! Sit! Come on, girl.
Beg! Beg! Usually does it.
Marnie, sit! That dog's dead, bruv.
That's hard still! Good girl! Good girl.
The dog's sick, bruv.
I'm A Big Man Oi, Ra'nell.
Is there anyone troublin' you or disrespectin' you? If anyone tries it with you, see Gem.
I'll fuck them up good for you.
Cos they respect me, bruv.
Why d'ya think? Does Chantelle respect you? I think so, she loves Marnie as well.
I seen the way you look at her man, I know you like her.
Shut up, man! Are you going to take pics? No, no, I'm not going to take pics.
When I think it's ready.
I don't need you telling me what to do.
Hey, I'm starting to get bored already, man.
This is so shit.
This is going to take long, man, I should've stolen a roller instead.
Can you remember what you were like when you first came in? You were extremely withdrawn, very down.
Well, that's common with psychotic depression.
But you've come a long way.
You're interacting much more with the other patients now.
And you've started using the gym, I see, with Leon? Leon, yeah.
Leon's been very nice to me.
There's a light at the end of the tunnel, Lisa.
We're going to help you find it.
How would you feel about going out for a day? Would you like that? I think so.
Yes, doctor.
Get your clothes.
Get ready, blood.
Are we going? Come on, let's go, innit.
Just come, come on.
Where's your clothes? Where we going? Where we going? Just put your clothes on.
Get the fuck out of here.
I'm not going to put my clothes on.
Where's my keys? What's the hurry? You've been asking questions all the time, man.
You got nice feet.
See you later.
Come on.
Come on.
Yo? Yo, I might've seen Kamale.
Where? The bowling alley.
Ninja and Tyler and some Field Goons.
All right, bruv, go to the back, yeah, I'm going to meet you there.
'All right, cool, cool.
' Bruv, Tareek just saw Ninja and them mandem in the bowling alley, fam.
I don't even know.
Ring Dris and tell him to pick up the pieces from the little ones.
Keep that low, cos it's bait out here.
Bere cameras, innit.
All right, just look out for me, fam.
What you saying? I've seen someone that looks like Kamale, but I'm not sure if it's him.
Then there's no point in goin' in there unless we know for sure, bruv.
You know Ninja and them, man, they always carry.
I hear that, but this could be our last chance, yeah.
You know what Kamale looks like? Yeah.
- Yeah, that's good.
- That was all right.
Sea of Love Can you see if Kamale's with 'em? I can't see and I don't want to look.
So just chill out.
I didn't know they had guns.
Did you know they had guns? No.
You stay here.
I'm going to go to the ladies.
Ain't him.
Fuck! That's a shame, bruv.
Fuckin' come down for no reason.
Shit! I am not bringing up my kid round here, no way.
It's not that bad.
Yeah, that's cos we're used to it.
There are places, believe it or not, where you can let your kids out at night, and not worry about them being stabbed or picked on by police, That's one of them places I want to live.
Where? It's a new development, really quiet, beautiful.
It's just perfect.
Well, all depends on the crop, don't it? How much I get.
If you don't get enough from this, grow another one.
You'd be rich.
I have thought about that, but it's like gambling, innit? You say you're going to do one more, then stop, but you don't.
People get greedy and that's how they get caught.
So don't tell or I'm dead.
Yo, look who it is.
Who is it? That's Shaun.
Who's Shaun? Kamale's cousin.
Year below us in school.
Yeah, but he ain't even on the road, he don't run with Kamale and them.
Yeah, but he's family, blood.
You get what I'm sayin'? All set? Yeah.
You need to be back in the hospital by 9pm.
Don't be late.
It's very important, OK? I won't.
Have a great day.
Dushane, listen, we're running out of time, bro.
If we don't get this money, trust me, we're fucking dead meat.
If we mark Shaun like they mark Chris, I'm telling you.
Sends out a message.
We or one of your family will keep on till we get our fucking food back.
Sure they're on the road? Chris weren't on the road.
That didn't stop them.
Trust me, bro, it's better they ain't on the road.
That way, it sends a bigger message.
You know what? Kamale wants his cousin back, he has to bring the food, innit? Simple.
That could work.
Thank you.
Can I get that? Do I owe you money? No, that's all right, darling.
You don't owe me nothing.
Thank you.
I'll put all this in there for you.
OK, thank you.
Stay bliss.
Hey, bruv.
Jules told me that you're a virgin.
Is that true? Yeah, so what? You serious? Yeah.
Bruv, what is up with that? I'm holding it for that special girl.
Bruv, you sound gay.
I'm not gay.
I've got girls.
You've got girls? Yeah, I got plenty of girls.
So, what do you do with these girls if you're a virgin then? I get sucked, blatant.
Is it?! Yeah.
What else do you do then? I get a smelly finger.
That it? Yeah.
Sure you ain't pushing nothing in there? Like your tongue? You're a bocat man, sharp.
Any girl would tell you the tongue's a good tool.
Hey, Gem! I bet Snake's a bocat.
Gem ain't no snake.
Ain't what Jules says.
Yeah, I'm good.
Where are you going? To our den.
What's that? Where me and Marnie go and hang out.
Why don't you come and check it out? Yeah.
Oi, you coming? No, I'm cool.
I'm going home.
You sure? Yeah.
All right, cool.
Come on.
This guy's a bocat, you know.
Shut up! William? The pump.
It's stopped working, I can't get it started.
I'll be there as soon as I can, all right? You've got to keep the plants watered.
Do it by hand.
I'll do it now.
Listen, I've really got to go.
I'm sorry, I've got an emergency.
I'm sorry.
Well done, Ra'Nell.
This place is sick, man.
How did you find it? Me and Ra'Nell found it when we were It's been our hang about since.
And you've got a little bed for Marnie! That's proper cute.
We sometimes sleep here in the summer.
Don't you get scared? Don't your parents ask where you are? No.
It's just me and my dad.
He's always at the chippy, so he don't really realise.
She went away.
Where? You for real? You don't know where your mum is? No.
Feels like Dushane and Sully are like my family, innit? So That's the only people I've kind of got.
What, ain't you never been drunk before? No.
God, man.
What perfume are you wearing? What? What perfume are you wearing? You smell nice.
Thank you.
Natural smell? Yeah.
Do you have a girlfriend? No.
You ain't got no girlfriend? What, are you gay or something? No, just None of the girls in my school are as pretty as you.
Don't make me blush.
You are nice though.
You're really nice.
Thank you.
Boys are not usually nice to me.
It's cold.
Hey, Mum, you gonna make me some of that pepper sauce? Pepper sauce takes too long to make.
Mum, what you being like that for? What's wrong with you? Come on, you know I need my sauce.
Or else I can't eat nothing, I'm going to start losing my appetite and then I'll lose weight, I'll be all skinny and that.
All right, I'll make you pepper sauce, but you have to do something for me.
Well, of course.
Come to church with me on Sunday.
Mum, I'm going, I'm going.
Especially if you want pepper sauce! Stop, stop! I'll see you later, yeah? I love you.
I dunno, I'll check it later.
They let me out for the day, I'm at the flat.
Well done, babes.
I think we're gonna be OK.
Thank God.
Ra'Nell, what's the matter? Mum! Excuse me, blood, do you mind helping me for a second? Why you hit him so hard, man? This brother's heavy.
Careful, careful.
Boy, I wish we could see Kamale's face when we tell him we got Shaun, you know? Right, get out the fucking car.
Something ain't right.
Fuckin' dead, bruv, you killed him, blood! I can't believe this shit, you know! Fuck! Man, what the fuck is wrong with you? What, you think I meant that, bro? For fuck's sake, man! Shit! I didn't mean this shit! Well, he's fuckin' dead now, innit?! What are we gonna do? God.
Jeez Come on.
It's Lisa.
Hiya, Lisa did you have a good day? Yeah, it was nice thanks.
Yeah? Thank you.
That's good.
'As long as only me and you know what went down, then we're cool.
' 'I think you're ready.
' Shaun was Kamale's cousin, innit? He ain't gonna disrespect his family.
Kamale's got to show up.
'I don't think I've got enough for that deposit.
' She sell to someone else.
I know the olders on the estate.
Haven't told anyone, have you? No.
There's that other thing, the snake.
We ain't got time for that.
He doesn't even know Kamale! Get off him! Yo 'Dushane it's Kamale '
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