Top Boy (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

How's your mum? She's in hospital.
We've got a snake, bruv.
It's that kid with the dog, trust me.
Ra'nell, they let me out for the day.
I'm at the flat.
Now man's got these straps, man can deal with Kamale.
Them two little fuckers owe me a lot of money.
If they don't meet that deadline, you can kill 'em.
Don't grab him, just hold him.
If Kamale wants his cousin back, he has to bring the food, innit? Fucking dead, blood.
You killed him, bruv! I didn't mean this shit! We have lost our way.
Amen! But Jesus will save us.
Amen! Jesus will save us! Amen! Jesus will save us! We will forgive every man, woman and child.
We will forgive.
Amen! Amen.
See, I told you it wasn't going to be that bad, didn't I? You know my son, Dushane? What you doin' here? What you doin' here? I ain't seen you in like three days.
You OK? Yeah.
Look, you know we knew this was gonna happen sooner or later, innit.
I woulda preferred it to be later though, bruv, and I woulda preferred it to be someone that fucking deserved it.
Those aren't good thoughts to behaving, Shane.
The best thing we can do is just block it out.
You tell anyone? You think I'm mad? Look, as long as only me and you know what went down then we're cool.
Keep it that way, innit.
Y'all right, Mrs Hill? Wanna lift? No, thanks, we'll walk.
You sure? Later on.
There's something about that boy.
Good, good.
I told you you'd like it.
Some nice girls in there.
Yeah! Oh What a waste of life.
Mrs Campbell is my church sister, you know.
She'll never see her son again.
I'll buy some flowers and bring them down tomorrow.
Listen, I'll be up in a minute, yeah, Mum? Go on.
I'm coming.
That must be your mum.
Looks like a nice lady.
I thought you'da been in touch by now.
I'm dealing with it.
I ain't in the habit of chasing my own debts.
That's Lee's job.
Now look at the fucking state of him.
Yeah, well he deserved that.
What happened to your brother, that was down to me.
Now when I get my money, you'll have to come up with a way to make this right by Lee cos he ain't gonna fucking swallow this and neither am I! Leon.
Right, who wants some gym time? Mandy? All right.
Rachel? I'll go.
There's room for more.
Come on.
This is it.
I just need 20 grand for the deposit.
Do you like it? What do you think? Where are the shops? Where are the shops?! It's nice to be away from the shops and the people and all that.
It's boring.
Shut up.
Needs decorating, course.
I'll decorate it for you.
You're on.
I don't think I've got enough for that deposit.
You could ask more for the crop.
I'm selling wholesale to the Vietnamese.
Know what that means? A lower price? Quite a good bit lower.
You should sell to somebody else.
I know these olders on the estate.
No, no, no.
You haven't told anyone, have you? No I swear.
That is the way you get caught, that is.
It's safer to sell to the Vietnamese.
But then you don't get the flat.
Well, if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be, is it? Just getting bare missed calls, ya'know.
It's like it's popping, bruv.
No food.
At this rate, it's a job centre ting, bruv.
You think I'm joking? I ain't goin' no job centre, blood.
Wha' gwarn? Yo, Shane.
Did you hear about Shaun? Some messed up shit, bruv.
What happened to Shaun was dark.
Shaun wasn't even a road man.
He was like innocent.
It's bad luck on him, bruv.
Either way, it gives us an opportunity, ya get me? Shaun is Kamale's cousin, innit.
He might be careful, but he ain't gonna disrespect his family, get me? Kamale's gotta show.
I reckon either at the shrine or at his auntie's yard.
And when he shows that's when we make our move, innit.
A'ight, you two, you go down the shrine.
What? Go to the shrine.
Keep a look out, anyone comes make sure you call one of us.
Fucking hurry up.
Find a good spot, bruv.
Where no-one can see you lot.
What you sayin'? Wha' gwarn? Oi, where you lot goin'? School.
Nah, you've got the day off.
I want you to do me a favour.
Go down to London Fields for me.
What?! That' E8? Ain't my gates.
Bruv, shut up, man.
Don't worry about that.
Just go down there and keep your eye out.
If you see Kamale, Ninja, bell me.
Straight away, yeah? Here, take that.
Make sure you bell me, you know.
Don't leave till you see him.
Yo, you know I got a ting that lives opposite Shaun's Mumsie's yard.
Yeah? Right, you go and check there innit.
He's going to fuck that out.
I know he is.
Bruv, I'm telling you, if man don't deal with Kamale, Raikes is coming after man.
Simple as that.
Hear dat, but yo, there's that other ting.
The snake.
Bruv, we ain't got time for that now! Blood, we can't put this off.
If it weren't for that snake fucking house wouldn't have got lick down.
Man wouldn't even be in this mess right now! You know someone's talking, man.
It's that Gem kid.
Listen, you're going on like you want it to be him or summit, bruv.
I'm sayin' I don' think it's him.
Just fucking leave him, man! What?! What are you sayin'? What? Why you giving me orders? I ain't giving no orders.
You just said leave him, no? Like, that sounded like an order, fam.
Why you giving me orders? Bruv, I ain't givin' you no orders.
I just said we ain't got time for this shit, bruv.
You know what? You go down the school.
Tell that kid I wanna talk to him.
Yeah? Fam, what's up wid you? I'm ain't tryin' to make a big issue out of this or nothin', but I'm just sayin' like, I don't think it's him.
Well, we're just gonna have to disagree on this one.
Whatever, man.
Collect as many pictures as possible for your subject and bring them in.
Yo! What ya sayin', what you up to? Nothin'.
School, innit.
Come man, come chill.
Bring your dog, come do some tricks.
I can't, my dad will go mad if I'm not at school.
Fuck your dad.
Fuck school.
Come we go.
I gotta go, I'll see you after, innit.
Oi! Hear what I'm saying.
Sully wants to chat to you.
Miss, look.
Gem's in trouble.
Stay here.
Get some help.
What are you doing? Leave him alone.
Fuck off.
Gem, get inside.
I'll call the police.
Oh! Fuck off, you stupid bitch.
Oi! Pussy, man.
Are you all right, Miss? Up you get.
Come on.
Come inside.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Oi, Gem! Stop fucking running.
I ain't gonna hurt you, bruv.
Dog Boy! When I catch you, I'm gonna fuck you up! What's happened? Some boy came for Gem and punched Miss in the face.
What?! Stop chatting and get to class.
Move on.
Go on.
You lot, clear the corridor and get to class.
What's he done? I dunno.
Ra'Nell, move! Where is he now? He run out the school.
Shit! Oi! You're pissing me off! Where the fuck are you? Gem! Oi, Gem! What do you want? Fuck you, man.
Fuck off! Go on, fuck off! Dickhead.
Fuck off! You can fuck off, too.
Tareek says it was them Muslim boys from Whitechapel that done Shaun.
Or it might've been the Tottenham Mob.
It weren't no Tottenham Mob.
It was Dushane.
Dushane done Shaun? Yeah, man.
Dushane's done like loadsa hits.
How many hits has he done? Like, 20, 37.
Gets a kill every time and the feds never catch him cos he's too smart for them, innit.
Him and Sully come my house the night it happened.
What for? To keep the straps.
What straps? The ones they blew Shaun away with.
The news didn't say nothing 'bout Shaun.
That's because the news don't know nothin'.
They shot him.
Thank You.
Yo, cuz.
My man got away, you know, blood.
What do you mean he got away? He's a fast runner, blood! 'Listen, Dris.
' I don't want to hear the excuses.
Look, just - you find him.
And when you do, bell me, yeah? 'All right, cool.
' Keep sending him texts, but he ain't replying.
Try him again.
It's going straight to voicemail.
Nat, who is it? It's no-one, honey.
It's me, bruv.
That's all right.
Let him in.
Thank you.
All right, then.
So, go on.
What is it? Well, you're the one going through it! Listen, man.
I'm your older brother.
I can read you like a book, remember? I just came up to check you, innit? Just make sure you're all right and that.
Haven't seen you since it happened.
Shane, you've got to get yourself out of this, man.
I will.
When I've made enough money.
You're going to be dead before you've made enough.
It ain't right making money that way.
Chris, what's wrong with you? You ain't never smoked no weed, huh? You ain't ever done a line of coke? Where do you think all that comes from? I'm trying to make it right, here.
You're not going to make it right, are you? I mean, look at me! Listen.
You're my brother.
And I love you, OK? I always will.
I can't let you step foot in this house again, man.
I'm sorry.
I did't know about what happened with you and your dad.
Don't tell no-one.
I wouldn't tell anyone anything you didn't want me to, Ra'Nell.
He used to beat my mum.
That time when he had her in the kitchen by her throat.
I picked up a knife.
Don't remember what happened, but I know I stabbed him.
I won't tell anyone.
You've made really good progress, Lisa.
We're very pleased with you.
So what we have to discuss now is putting together the support to enable you to go home.
Home? Mmm-hmm.
That's good news.
You'll still see me as an out-patient.
We'll discuss any problems, anxieties.
But the important thing is to keep taking the medication.
I will.
Don't be tempted to stop.
We'll aim to reduce the dose very gradually, when the time's right.
We think you're ready.
Yeah? There's a load of people outside the house.
Yeah? Lot of people coming in and out, but Kamale ain't one so far.
'What you saying - you can't see Dwight or Ninja?' What, none of Kamale's boys? No, none of them showed up neither.
All right, fam.
Just keep watching.
He has to turn up sooner or later, innit? All right, cool.
'Boy, put the phone down and come grind the garlic!' All right, Mum.
I'm coming.
On this phone, phone, phone every minute.
Just come to see my girl, isn't it? Where is she? Ah, hello! Y'all right, Tash? What you doing? Who you on the phone to? Off the phone - daddy's here! Oh! Good to see you! What you got, a chip? Yeah.
Can I have it? What are you doing - just playing? I can see the chip.
You want coffee? Er - you got something cold? Yeah.
I've got a present for you, you know.
Oh! I've got a teddy bear for you! Look! Do you like it? Yeah.
Yeah? Give it a kiss.
Give daddy a kiss.
Mwah! You're the most beautiful girl in Hackney, you know.
Marnie? Marnie, no! Wake up! Marnie! Oh, Marnie! Wake up! Wake up! Are you going to stick around the rest of the day? Yeah.
Shall I put a movie on for Tash? The cat What, now? Yeah.
Cat! All right.
Tash? You want to watch cartoons? Yeah? Let's feed them.
Can't feed no nuts.
Let's see what's on.
Are you going to watch cartoons? Hey, man, I'm hungry.
I've got some food in my bag.
D'you think the boy got him? I don't know.
What you going to do? Go back to the flats, I suppose.
Maybe Gem'll creep in later.
D'you want to come and wait with me? What, at yours? No, I'll take you somewhere else.
Yeah, OK.
Where are we going? You'll see.
I wouldn't like to live on my own.
Neither would I.
But hopefully my mum comes home soon.
Do you come up here a lot? Yeah.
I like it up here.
I come here to think.
Got something to show you.
What you thinking? I don't know.
Precious D'you want to go out with me? D'you want to go out with me? Yeah.
OK, then.
Yo, Chantelle.
' There's some boys there, yeah, putting down flowers and that.
Is it Kamale, yeah? 'Chantelle, come on, man - is it him or not?!' I can't tell, innit, they've got their full hoodies up! Look good, yeah - is it him or not? I don't know! Nah.
That ain't him.
'It ain't Kamale.
' Are you sure? 'Definite, bruv.
' Ain't none of his boys, neither.
'How long we got to stay here, bruv?' Wait there till you see him, yeah? Dushane says you've got to act like my boyfriend, so people don't get suspecting us.
Are you taking the piss? Come on, you know how to do it! Fuck off, man.
See, that's it! Acting like my boyfriend already! Probably wanna bowcat me next, innit? In your dreams! Dickhead.
His dad said he ain't been home all day.
We should call the police.
I think I know where he is.
Oi! Where's your bredrin fam? I ain't seen him.
What d'you mean, you ain't fuckin' seen him? Have you seen him? She don't know him.
They go to the same fuckin' school, bruv.
What's he done, anyway? He's a snake man for Kamale.
He doesn't even know Kamale Get off him, he's done nothing wrong! Move, man! Leave her alone.
Shut your fuckin' mouth, you Oi! You little Come off the kid, come off the kid.
Gem ain't a snake, he looks up to you lot.
You know, fuck all that.
Tell Gem to come and see me, yeah? We'll sort this thing out.
Go on.
Go on.
Take your bitch home, man.
What's wrong with you, man? He's not telling man where the snake is, bruv.
So? It's his boy, innit? That's what you do, you back your boy.
We got big things to think about out here.
Fucking grabbing up youts on the block, what's wrong with you, man? Gem What happened to Marney? They killed her.
Oh, shit.
Why? Why would they do that? They think you're a snake.
What? They think you told Kamale about the house that got knocked down.
I'd never do that.
Look, Gem, you got to go - they might come back.
You all right? This is Leon.
That's Gem.
And you must be Precious.
They killed his dog.
Right, get in the car.
Fuck's sake.
Thank you, it's really nice.
You're welcome.
Thanks for the food, Leon.
Not gonna try any, Gem? I'd never tell on Dushane, he's my friend.
You've got to understand, none of 'em's your friend.
Not Dushane, Sully, none of 'em.
They make you think you are so you'll do what they want.
They don't care about you.
Trust me, I know how they think.
What are we gonna do? I'll talk to 'em.
They won't listen.
Don't worry.
I'll sort this out.
OK, guys, come on.
Better get you home.
You think we can go now? Dushane said we've got to stay here until we see Kamale.
I need to go toilet, man.
Go ahead.
I need to bust a big shit.
I'll talk to them.
Don't worry about it.
I know these boys, it'll be fine.
Go on, you go on up.
See you later.
Yo, what do you want, bro? Want to talk to you about this kid Gem.
Yeah - what about him? I want you to leave him alone.
I told you already, this has got nothing to do with you, bruv.
Kid trusts you, 'Shane.
What the fuck you doin', man? Why you coming up here chatting shit? 'Shane I don't understand why Can you hear me now? Yo! What the fuck's wrong with you, man? Can you fuckin' hear me now? Sully Sully Sully, man Put the fuckin' gun away, man.
Fuckin' make me shoot you out here, man.
No-one wants to hear shit about Gem or fucking Ra'Nell.
Jog on! Kid trusts you, 'Shane.
He says he didn't snake, and I believe him.
Go, man! Fuck off, man.
Get in your Mondi, man.
You here to stay? I'm not going anywhere.
You know, that's it, man.
I gotta go.
I need to find a toilet before I shit my pants.
What?! You can't leave me alone.
Come on, man.
What if he comes when you're gone? I don't know.
There's a tree over there.
Use it.
Just use it! Come on! You can't leave me alone.
Just use the tree.
Oh, shit! Yo! 'Dushane.
It's Kamale.
' What, are you sure it's him? It's definitely him.
'And are you sure they didn't see you?' Yeah.
'Right stay there and keep watch.
' OK.
All right, I'm on my way.
Which yard is it? The one with the green fence.
All right, man, you done good.
Listen, if we don't do this now, we've got nowhere to go.
Let's fucking do it then, man.
Back up! What, you think you could fuck with me, yeah? What you saying, pussy? Where the fuck is he? Shut up, man.
Oh, fuck! Shut up! Shut the fuck up! You're a pussy.
Shut up, man.
What weed is this? Fucking shut up, you little pussy! Shut up, you little pussy.
I'm going to fucking Where's the fucking food, blood? Where's the fucking food, blood? Fuck you! Where's the fucking food? Yo, you're coming with us, bruv.
Where's the fucking food? Where the fuck is the food, cuz? Talk or I'm going to break your fucking face.
Fuck you! Pussy! Answer me, bruv.
Yo, fam.
You're gonna tell us where this food is.
You know that, innit? Fuck you! I don't know about no food.
Fam, you need to start talking right now, you know, bruv.
I need to know where that food is, G, or it's going to get peat for you out here.
Fuck you.
What d'you mean, fuck me, bruv? Where's the fucking food? Dushane? Put him in.
Fuck off.
Get off me! Give me the fucking spade.
Fuck you! Bruvva, come on, man, that's enough now.
Come on, get him up.
Come on, Dris.
Fucking pussy.
Where's the fucking food? Trust Tyres! Where? Trust Tyres! You pussy.
Trust Tyres.
Shut up, man.
Fucking pussy.
Let me out, please.
It's at Trust Tyres, man, please, man, come on let me out, bruv.
Shit! What are you doin' here, bruv? Listen, this is where Kamale was keeping all your food and all that, I come to get it for youse lot, d'ya know what I mean? Take it.
How the fuck did you know that anyway, blood? How How the fuck did you know where Kamale was keeping the food? Dushane, take that out my face, for fuck's sake.
Take that out my fucking face, bruv.
Lee, are you the snake? Am I the fucking snake? What's wrong with you? What you doing? I gave you your first paper.
Take that thing out my face I can't take it no more.
I'll put you on the fucking road, I'll sort you Do it! Let's go, fam.
Yo! Whoo! Jackpot, blood! What ya sayin'? Yeah, man, must've got our stash back and theirs.
Paper, everything.
Yo, after, bruv.
Yo, come here, man.
Whoo! Yo, where you go Don't fuck with us, innit! Tell Dushane and fucking Sully they're next.
You pussy.
Come on, babe.
Lee was selling us out.
Me, Dushane and you.
Shut your mouth! Ra'Nell's a good kid.
Yeah, I know.
It's five kee.
Maybe even five and a half.
It's top quality.
It's a fair price.
Take it or leave it.
If you wanna be doin' business in Summerhouse you can't be independent.
I told you I ain't joining your gang.
Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Shut up when I'm talking.
You need to feed the beast, Dushane.
Give them someone.
No way.

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