Top Boy (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Fuck you.
GUNSHO When I get my money, you're going to have to come up with a way to make this right by Lee.
Oi, look what I'm saying.
Sully wants to chat to you, bruv.
I think I know where he is.
Marnie? Why would they do that? They think you're a snake.
'Neither of them's your friend.
' Not Dushane, Sully, none of 'em.
They don't care about you, trust me.
I know how they think.
I put you on the fucking road Do it! GUNSHO Is someone going to tell me what the fuck happened? Listen, yeah, Lee was a snitch.
He was telling Kamale where the food was, Kamale's taking the food, going back to Lee and fucking weighing him off.
So you shoot him? What are you not gettin' here? Lee was selling us out.
Me, Dushane and you.
That's why he's dead.
It was for me to make that fucking decision.
Yeah, but Lee was your boy.
Shut your mouth! I need time to think about this.
Why the fuck you always provoke the situation? What's wrong with you? Bruv, he's shook now.
That's the man that supplies our food! Why ain't the scrubber in here? I keep it in the other cupboard, it's easier to get at.
If you keep moving things, I won't know where anything is.
I gotta go.
What? Where you goin'? Gem's house, do a bit of homework, innit.
Can't you do it here? All the books are at his house.
Watch TV, I'll be back in a bit, innit.
Let's go, cuz.
Bye, Lisa.
Take care, Gem.
Over here, bruv.
Bruv, you don't need to go there.
Come here, man.
It's cool, man.
What you sayin'? You all right, yeah? Look, man, it weren't none of us that killed your dog.
Weren't me, swear dat.
That dog was a good dog, though.
What was his name again? Marnie.
Marnie? You all right, Gem? Look, bruv, I'm sorry, yeah? How much does one of them dogs cost anyway? There, fam.
Get a new dog, innit.
That ain't even enough for a new dog.
Who asked you, bruv? They're lying.
I know it was them that killed Marnie.
I know, but you've got to try and let it go, man.
I'll talk to you later, man.
Gotta go.
Where you goin'? Got somewhere to be.
Ra'Nell? Y'all right? Yeah.
Where you goin'? Precious, innit.
Yeah? Well, she seems like a nice girl.
All right, listen, I'll catch you later.
Leon? Was you scared? When? When Sully pulled a gun on you.
Yeah, I was scared.
Someone pulls a gun on you, you're gonna be scared, right? Ain't nothing wrong with that.
Thanks for your help.
That's cool.
Look, I gotta go.
See ya later.
There ya go, babe.
It's good to see you, you know.
Yeah, you too.
I just bumped into Ra'Nell on his way to go and see Precious.
Precious? Mmm.
He told me he was goin' round Gem's to do homework.
(LAUGHS) That boy! He's at that age, in't he? Ahh, he's just growing up so fast.
Too fast.
Ra'Nell's a good kid.
Yeah, I know.
You got bigger! Oooh.
Buddy, buddy, buddy.
All in my face.
OK? Go and mix some up some food, babes, then you can go home, yeah? Why you have black boy here? They talk too much.
It's all right, he don't talk.
What do you think? Yeah, you got maybe, er, five, five and a half kilo here.
I need 4,000 a kee.
4,000?! No.
Four too much.
No-one pay four.
I pay you three.
No, Vincent.
For this quality.
Listen to me.
3,000 is the price.
4,000 is a good price for all this.
You want more money, honey, you grow more crop.
No, I don't want to grow another crop! I don't like it, I don't want to do it anymore.
It's a fair price.
Take it or leave it.
You all right? KNOCK AT DOOR What the fuck you doin' here, cuz? I've got something for Dushane, innit.
Come through.
I got something for you.
Wagwan, my yout'? Wagwan.
I heard your mum's home an' that.
Yeah, she's better.
That's good, fam.
What ya sayin? I got something for you.
You said, man.
What you got? Weed.
(THEY LAUGH) Bro, you got it the wrong way round.
We don't buy.
We sell, fam.
But it's five kee.
Maybe even five and a half.
It's top quality.
Where'd you get five kees of weed from? I just got it, innit.
What you sayin', it's yours to sell, yeah? For the right price.
For the right price? So what you sayin', what's the right price? Four G a kee? It's worth it.
What you sayin', is it ready? It can be ready by tomorrow if you have the money.
Hold on, you gonna bring man a picture first, yeah? Sample, fam.
Bring it back here for 9.
30, yeah? A'ight, cool.
Exit, fam.
Looks like little Ra'Nell's got himself a farm.
He's one fucking smart yout', I'm tellin' you.
Ain't that smart, blood, or he wouldn't said nuttin'.
Cos he ain't gonna have that farm for long.
Why pay 20 bags for somethin' I can take for free? That feels gone, cuz.
It was a personality clash, Joe.
It's sorted now.
Personality clash? Lee was shot fuckin' dead.
That's how it got sorted.
From where I'm sittin', it doesn't look sorted.
It looks like a big fuckin' mess.
Lee wasn't being straight with me.
It had to happen.
This kid Dushane, he's a good soldier.
He's hungry.
He's a lot smarter than Lee was, and he's gonna make us a lotta money.
Pat's very pissed off, Bobby.
You see, he doesn't like noise and you're becoming a noisy fucker.
So we're gonna stop dealin' with ya while you're getting all this attention from the police.
This'll blow over.
Listen, you flash Cockney prick.
You sort it out, then we'll talk.
Otherwise, you can go and deal with the fucking Turks.
PHONE BEEPS Yo, yo, what's that? Bruv, you strapped? Chill out, man.
What the fuck you mean, chill out? You fuckin' mad? Mad? If Ninja comes to stab me, I'm shootin' him fuckin' dead.
That better not be the strap you popped Lee with, y'know.
You know what'll happen if you get caught with that gun? Life.
That's 30 years, minimum.
I ain't gonna get caught, am I.
Wagwan? Wagwan? You sayin'? Dead out here, bruv.
From mornin' man can burst no shots.
Can't make no money out here, bruv.
PHONE RINGS Pissed off, man.
Yeah? You and me need to talk.
Come down the snooker hall at seven.
Just you.
Who was that? Raikes.
Wants to meet.
Ah, fuck it.
He just wants to meet me, though.
What d'ya mean, he only wants to meet you? That's what he said, innit.
What do you mean? Bruv, I don't know.
We're meant to be doing this shit together.
Why didn't you tell him that? I'll tell him when I see him.
'You look ready to pop, girl.
' Can you believe it? Sorry I didn't come and visit you in hospital.
It's fine.
I wouldn't have come to see me either, the way I was.
It's not fine, though, is it? I haven't seen you for a year.
Can't let it happen again.
It was Wayne, though, innit? I couldn't have any friends.
Can't believe I let him put me through that, y'know.
He's gone now.
I don't know why, but I never thought you'd have children.
Neither did I.
Look, you won't regret it.
Having Ra'Nell's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Ra'Nell's a lovely kid, Lisa.
You've done a good job there.
Yeah, but the job ain't finished yet, is it? Just getting into the difficult bit.
There's a lot of temptation around.
You've seen all them dealers on the estate.
Shall we grab a coffee? Yeah.
Yeah? Come on, then.
(GROANS) Babe, are you all right? I dunno.
I'm actually in a lot of pain.
Do you want me to call somebody? No, it's OK.
Are you sure? What was that? Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on.
(CRIES OUT IN PAIN) Heather, let me get you to the hospital.
Go on, what's up? Just wondered if you'd been makin' any money? There's feds all over the place right now.
And whose fault's that? You and Sully have been making a lot of noise out there.
It's bad for business, everyone's suffering.
So you got any ideas how we might get outta this recession? Sit tight and ride it out, innit.
Now, that's not gonna happen, son.
You see, the Old Bill need to be seen to be solvin' the occasional crime.
You need to feed the beast, Dushane.
Give them someone.
No way.
You wanted a good life.
Yeah, and what's that got to do with this? I've been in this game over 20 years.
The way you're going, you ain't got much longer.
And Sully, he's the one standing in your way and stopping you from having a good life.
He's hanging on your coat tails, son, and he's a heavy weight.
Listen to me, I ain't giving him up.
Yeah, well, your friend is gonna drag you down.
Think about it.
I already have thought about it.
Well, think about it some more, eh? Are you the cutter? Yeah.
Where's the woman? She sent me.
'Ra'Nell, listen.
' I'm with Heather.
Why, what's happened? She's in the hospital, she's having her baby! Oh, OK.
Look, I won't be home for a bit.
Will you be all right? 'Yeah.
' Where are you? I'm doin' my homework, innit? 'Are you sure?' Yes! OK.
Good boy.
I'll call you later, yeah? All right, bye.
All right, babes.
Love you.
Can I have a picture? What? A sample.
I've got the picture.
Come in.
Sit down there, bruv.
It's got to be worth 20, innit? You want a drink? You know what? You're a smart youth, you know.
Why you ain't rollin' with my team? Cos I'm smart.
Go on, fam.
I'll give you a bell, yeah? All right, cool.
LOUD MUSIC PLAYS What you sayin'? What? Hear what I'm sayin'.
Our man brought the weed.
He came through? Fuck off! Yeah, and it's good.
Proper tings, bruv.
Proper tings? Yeah, get about a five key of that.
What, for nothing, yeah? Nah, not for nothing.
Bruv, listen, I'm tellin' you, I like the youth.
I think he's cool.
I want him to run with man, you get me? All right.
No-one don't touch him.
You want to pay him, innit? Yeah! Fuck it, we do it your way, we do it your way.
Serious! Yo! See that little Ra'Nell? I want you to follow him, find out where the farm is, yeah? No problem.
Fuck all that shit.
Oi, Ra'Nell! Come here.
The weed's good.
Bring it to me tonight, innit? We'll have the money for you.
20? Yeah, 20.
All right, cool.
Oi, Oi! It's cool this time, yeah.
But if you want to be doin' business in Summerhouse you can't be independent.
I told you I ain't joinin' your gang.
So you think I'm going to sit back and let you become my competition? That can't happen either.
What was that all about? Don't worry, man.
Jordan this is Ra'Nell.
Wha' gwan, Jordan.
He's small.
Bit premature.
Couldn't wait to come out.
Did the cutter come? Yeah.
It's all bagged up.
Just over five key.
Talk about bad timing.
Listen, Ra'Nell, this is the last time I'm going to ask you to do this, I swear.
I'll call Vincent.
Can you meet him at the flat? He'll bring the money.
What? There's this older on the estate.
He said he'd pay 20.
Who? Dushane.
Oh, my God.
You don't know what you've done! But then you'll get the flat.
No, Ra'Nell.
You don't understand.
Wait, where you goin'? Where do you think? To get it before your mate Dushane does.
But he won't do nothin', he don't know where it is.
Shut up.
You just stay there.
And you stay away from it, all right? I'll sort it out Ra'Nell.
Ra'Nell! Gem? Gem.
I told them about this place.
Look, I didn't know he would do something so fuckery like that.
I swear.
I'm sorry.
Gem, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Yo, yeah, it's me.
He's just gone in.
Alexander Point.
All right, cool.
Here's some flowers.
What's the matter, darling? What's up? It's not Jordan, is it? No.
What is it? You're going to be very angry with me, Lisa.
What are you talking about? I've done something very wrong.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry for what? I've got this farm.
What farm? A farm.
To grow cannabis.
Oh God, Lisa.
What? I couldn't manage it on my own, the farm.
So I asked Ra'Nell to help.
I'm sorry.
It was wrong.
I'm sorry.
I didn't understand what I was doing.
You got my boy involved? In drugs? Like he's your ticket out of here? Oh! You bitch! You're supposed to be my friend! No, listen.
He was just here, he was just here.
He's going to tell some gangster about the farm.
Where is it? No, you can't go.
He's my boy, of course I'm going to go.
Where is it? Alexander Point.
PHONE RINGS Oh, Leon, thank God.
Look, can you meet me? What's happened? 'It's Ra'Nell.
' He's involved in a big drugs thing with the boys on the estate.
He's in trouble.
Where is he? 411 Alexander Point.
I'll meet you there, yeah? No, you go home, Lisa.
No! I can't go home.
I'll come with you.
Go home in case he comes back.
'I'll take care of it.
' PHONE RINGS Ra'Nell! You better pick up this phone.
As soon as you get this message you call me, yeah? Tenth floor.
Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell, when you get this message, you call me.
You hear me? Call me.
Don't let that go back up.
Where you goin', bruv? To meet Dushane for a little business exchange.
Look at me, blood.
Is that my weed? Don't fucking piss me off, give me the bag.
I can't do that.
What do you mean, can't do that? Listen, when I talk, you fucking listen.
Don't try and act fucking rough, ya know.
I'm not tryin' to act rough.
You little fuckin' kid.
Shut up when I'm talking.
Do what I fucking tell you to do.
Come on, then.
I gotta take it to Dushane.
Come on.
The fucking bag, man.
Pass it.
What's wrong with these fucking kids, man? What the fuck you doing? What the fuck do you want now? What the fuck I say to you? Get the fuck off me.
Get off me, you little prick.
Get him off me.
Don't touch him, leave him alone, get off him.
Get the fuck off him, bruv.
GUNSHO Yo, yo, get the fucking bag.
Leon! Leon.
Somebody get an ambulance! Leon.
Ambulance will be here soon, yo, stay awake.
Leon, you're going to be all right, I'm going to take you to hospital.
Somebody call an ambulance! Somebody get a fucking ambulance.
KNOCKING Tasha, want to go play with Mummy? Come on then, go.
Come on.
You know you fucked up, innit? What happened? Leon showed up, innit.
Yeah, I know Leon showed up.
Why is he dead? Listen, I didn't mean for this to happen, you know.
What, like Shaun? Fuck you for that.
Fuck me? Bruv, you just shot in broad daylight on the fucking estate.
You know what I'm sayin'.
I didn't mean for it to happen.
I didn't fucking know he was coming, he showed up, we got into it.
Fuck it, I don't even remember pullin' the trigger, bro.
It just happened.
Sully, this is fucking bad.
Just don't go on about it.
Just please.
What do you care for, anyway? Gimme the piece.
Give me the strap, fam.
Two murders linked to that now.
Think about that.
I'm going to go and get rid of it.
When I come back, you and me need to talk.
We just had a talk.
Listen, just be here when I come back.
How long you gonna be? DOOR SLAMS Yo, it's me.
Look, remember that thing we was talkin' about, yeah? You were right.
The weight is dragging me down now.
'You're making the right decision.
' Yeah.
Look, I got the gun he done Lee Greene with as well.
'Even better.
I'll take care of it for you.
' I'll let you know where to meet.
Did you recognise them? They were two boys.
I didn't recognise no faces.
Do you remember what they were wearing? Can you remember anything at all? CAR DOOR OPENS You've made the right decision, son.
You and me are going to make a lot of money for each other.
You just have to trust me.
Did you bring the thing? Yeah, I got it.
Give it to me.
I'll take care of everything.
GUN SHO KNOCKING ON DOOR You get rid of it, yeah? Look on the bright side, man.
At least we got five kees of weed for free.
Fuck the weed.
You're going to fucking start behaving yourself.
What the fuck are you doing, bruv? Raikes is dead.
He's dead.
I did it.
Just now.
Why? Why? Cos he fucking wanted you dead, fam.
He wanted me to set you up cos you're a fucking liability.
And you know what? I had the same idea.
But you're my boy and I ain't going to do you nuffin' no matter how fucking stupid you are.
Shane, man.
Dushane, man! Listen, bruv.
From now on, things are going to run differently round here.
Understand? Babe, I'm going to run you a bath, all right? Ra'Nell, your bath's Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Fuck you.
What the fuck are you doing? Fuck you.
I'm going to fuck you up.
You want to kill me, yeah? You're the reason why Leon's dead, you prick.
That was nothing to do with me, bruv.
Shut up, you fucking liar.
I had nothing to do with that shit.
Yes, you did.
Stop lying! You're a liar.
Fuck you, what are you talking about? Fuck you.
I've been backing you all the way, bruv.
All the fucking way.
Ra'Nell! Get off him! Ra'Nell, give me the knife.
Give me the knife, Ra'Nell.
Please, let go of the knife, Ra'Nell.
Don't you ever go near my son again.
You don't talk to him, you don't look at him, you don't go anywhere fucking near him.
Do you understand? Do you understand? Yeah.
Come on.
(CRIES) Is this the first time you've bunked school? Yeah.
Bet you're going to bunk all the time now.
What? Dushane said to give you this.
I hope you get your flat.
BABY CRIES 'Feels like Bobby Raikes was gift-wrapped for the police.
' Convenient, don't you think? I think Raikes was a dinosaur who brought too much heat on himself and everyone around him.
Now you want to do business or not? How much do you need? Ten kee.
Let's start with five.
When? Wednesday.
You picking up? He will.
He'll have the money? He'll have it.
Then it's done.
'You want me to help set up?' I help.
What's it going to cost? Material, equipment 10,000.
You have 10,000? No, we ain't got 10,000.
I tell you what I do.
I do everything for free, I take the first crop.
What? Just the first crop? First crop only.
Rest is yours.
Deal? Yeah.
Deal! Yeah! OK? Boom! Easy money! Easy money.
Very easy money.
This world Going up in flames Ain't nobody Want to take the blame Don't tell me How to live my life When you never felt the pain MemoryOnSmells
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