Top Boy (2011) s02e01 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 1

1 Yo! You know who I am, innit? Everyone knows you this year.
Listen, we're your family now.
Think of all these lot as your cousins, you get me? Say something.
We done warned you about Kamale and them London Fields, man.
You know what, we should have just killed him when we had the chance.
Back up! What the? Fuck! You need to start talking right now, you know, bruv.
I need to know where that food is.
Let me out, please! Man, please, man! Come on, let me out! What you doing? What do you want now? You're nothing.
Somebody get the ambulance! I didn't mean for it to happen.
He showed up, we got into it, I don't even remember pulling the trigger, bro.
From now on, yeah, things are going to run differently around here.
You want to do business or not? It's done.
One of the workmen found the body.
Big payday.
How are you going to spend it? You got any plans? I might buy myself some trainers.
Trainers? Yeah, it's the first thing women look at, innit? Your trainers? Yeah.
What is this? Some kind of fetish? You got the trainers, you've got the money.
Aye, here comes Sinbad the Sailor, with our ship coming in.
You stay here.
It's illegal for a black man to be within five miles of a marina! How'd it go then, Sinbad? Did they get it? The whole fecking lot.
Ten Ks.
That's a million quid, my boy! Welcome to the big time.
Hey, hey, hey.
You know what we come for.
Watch him, Mike.
How much in here? 2,000.
Here, come, see.
Yeah? Got two bags in here.
Light work.
What? Too easy.
Oi! Where's the rest? So what you saying, you wanted to see me? Me that wants to see you, fam.
Yeah, what do you want? We want food.
We ain't got nothing in Fields, fam.
That's your problem.
It's your problem as well, though, fam.
How you work that out? Blood, I just told you.
We ain't got nothing in Fields, innit.
Like, I don't know what the Mandem's going to do next.
Probably get up and take the food from the people that do have it.
You feel me, fam? You trying to make threats here, Trevor? Not making no threats, blood.
You need to drop two boxes on me, innit.
Bruv, you know you ain't got the people to move two boxes, so what you talking about? Are you crazy, fam? Of course, I got that, blood.
I've got a buyers for one, I'll move the other one myself, fam.
Buyers? Yeah! They're getting the money now.
Yeah? Lying bastard! Come on, Mike.
We're in business.
You know two boxes is 70, fam.
What?! 70 bags? What do you mean, "what"?! That's WAY too much, rude boy! Bruv, listen, that's the price.
I'm telling you now.
All right.
Say no more.
Just make sure a man comes with the food.
Yeah? You going to shot them our food, fam? Nah, my man's got a big shipment coming in.
We need to get rid of this food, soon as.
Don't really want to be warring with them, man.
Not yet anyway.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
No! Get up! Stand up! Stand up! Erin! Stand up.
Look this way.
Turn around.
Good girl.
You all right, Dris? You all right? Hey how you doing? Cool, man.
Hello, Erin.
Say, "hello".
Is she settling in? You like nursery, don't you? Yeah.
She likes it.
She likes it? OK.
See you later.
Give me kiss.
Be good! Be good for Mummy.
Bye! She's a proper daddy's girl, huh? Yeah, I know.
She is, man.
She loves you.
Yeah, I know, man.
I haven't seen her mum here yet.
She off working? She's in Jamaica at the moment.
Her dad's not well, innit.
Ah, I'm sorry.
It's going to be hard for her.
She'll be missing her little girl.
Armed Police.
Armed Police! Stay where you are! Turn around! Put your hands up! Show us your hands! Don't move! Dris Wright.
What the fuck you want? I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Kamale Robert Lewis on 10th March 2011.
OK, Ma'am.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court but anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Listen, I got bars No cut, I get, I leave 'em with stars Listen, I saw a pith girl from afar.
Walked up.
No front, no back, like a smart car.
I was like "Ah" Gas! What? It's all gas! Listen.
Let me carry on, let me carry on! I was like, "leave that," She smiled.
I was like, "Bitch, where your teeth at?" Shit.
I go to a club with no ID.
I bring the heat to the way but I ain't Wiley Oh shut up, man! Cops try to catch me but they can't find me When I see a thing I pass from the crinack "Crinack"? What's "crinack"? The girl says she loves me but she's on my dinack What's "crinack"? What's "crinack"? Crack.
Oh, my days! What's "dinack"? Dick, fam.
Dickhead, fam.
This prayer's dumb! What you making up new words for? Slang's going too far nowadays.
You're whack, bruv.
What, you can do better than that? You want to hit bars, yeah? Go on, rhyme? Dumb kid.
Four foot munchkin.
The way he's looking at R'Marni It's like he wants to bum him Ooh! About money I get all they got And that chipmunk voice is cos his balls ain't dropped! Wait.
You don't want to bum me? You don't want to bum me? I'm not gay, fam.
You don't want to bum me! Blood, I don't know what you two do in your spare time.
Hey, yo? Yo! What are you looking at? Cuz! What you looking at? Hey, come over here.
Come over here, man.
Hurry up! What's your name? Jason.
Where you from? What're you doing over here? What're you spying on man for? I wasn't spying.
What're you spying for? Hey! I wasn't spying.
No fucking spying.
You stink as well.
Yo, blood! Leave him! What? Nah, man, in Mexico that little dickhead Oi, fuck you! What?! You fucking dick HEY! Nah, blood, in Mexico a man would be hanging dead on a lamp post, bruv.
It'd be like walking down Hackney seeing bare dead bodies on a lamp post.
BODY on a lamp post.
BODY Yo, fam, are we working today, or what? Where's Dris? Dunno, blood, man ain't picking up his phone, innit.
The solicitor says we can't sue the doctor, even though he ruined my eye, you know.
Well that's outrageous.
Why not? She say, "These things happen.
" Your solicitor said that? Mmm.
You want to sack that, man.
Well, that's what my son says.
Well, your son's got a point.
How many kids have you got, Henry? Six or seven.
You must've been a VERY naughty boy! No, the moment took advantage of me! But I look after all of them.
Nah, man! Oh, my God, Zoe! Oh, man! Come on, come on! Come on, put this on, you can't go round like that.
Where is the Post Office? What? The Post Office closed last Easter.
Don't call the Feds, Zoe, call an ambulance.
Cover up! Ah, man.
Cover yourself up.
No! All right, all right, come! Get out! Get out! Go on! Get out! Only in Summerhouse, man! You all right, Lis? What? Yeah, yeah.
Right distance The right distance My hand grip whisky like a newborn child Last night I must admit It got quite wild now Hey, what's going on? You lot having a party or something, yeah? Blood, Dris ain't turned up.
What? That man loves his bed, innit.
Do you want me to go to his house? I'll wake him up, you know.
It's all right.
Yo, bruv.
Get down here now, man.
All right.
You know Jenny's aunty? Mmm.
Know where she lives, yeah? Yeah.
That's where the food is today.
You lot are in charge until Dris comes back, all right? All right.
Call me if there's any problems.
All right, bro.
Cool, man.
Michael? Yo, all right.
Come here, man.
I've got a special job for you today, still.
Yeah? Yeah, bruv.
Later on.
Hear what I'm saying, yeah.
The guy's name's Ben.
I've known Ben for a long time.
He's a good customer but sometimes he likes to take the piss.
He wants this.
That's five bills, yeah? But he's still got another six for me, so make sure you don't give him nothing until he gives you all the paper first, yeah? Make sure you count it.
Make sure it's all there, bruv.
1,100, yeah? Cool.
How much? 1,100.
All right, cool.
Hey, listen, make sure you don't let me down, you know.
I won't.
All right, cool.
All right.
Hey, make sure you take care of this boy, you know.
Yes, boss.
He's my little brother.
I'll look after him, boss.
Take that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Michael, I'll see you in a bit.
All right, take it easy, man! Dushane, I am arresting you for the murder of Kamale Lewis.
You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if Kick your shoes off, empty your pockets and put them on the counter.
That's a lot of money to be walking around with.
Listen, let me give you one word of advice - don't trust the banks.
You might get mugged.
I'm being mugged right now.
You'll get a receipt.
Forget about that, I want my solicitor.
Yeah, you'll get your solicitor.
Come on.
Is that all right? Yeah, thanks.
This Ben's yard? What? Does Ben live here? My dad.
Dad? Some kid's here to see you.
Noah, go and help your mum.
I've got something for you, innit.
Do you have something for me? Jeez! You've got a lot of books! How many books have you got? Have you read all of them? Are they history? Here's your money.
I got like a level 5 in my SATs.
History's my favourite subject.
I'm impressed.
Please, just give me what you came to give me and take this and go.
Twenty, forty, sixty It's all there - five hundred.
Where's the six you owe? I'll sort that out with Dushane later.
Nah, man, I need the correct money now.
I don't keep that kind of money in the house.
Got a cash card? Out! Get off me, man, I'm going to scream.
You're abusing me, you fucking paedo.
You best give me my money.
All right.
Oi, Ra'Nell! Ra'Nell! What do you want, bruv? I really need you, bruv.
I fucked up so bad.
I need your help, bruv.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Please! Mr Hill? Rhianna Parkes.
Stallbridge and Partners.
Where's Jordan? Jordan's actually out of the country at the moment.
I work closely with him, but if you'd prefer another solicitor, I can contact one.
You work in the same firm as him? Yes.
That's cool.
I'd like to speak to Mr Hill alone.
I've never had a woman solicitor before.
Well, some of us come stupid and some of us come smart.
We're like you that way.
'Why have you arrested Mr Hill?' The grounds of arrest have been accepted by the custody sergeant and that's all I want to tell you at this stage.
What was your involvement in the murder of Kamale Lewis? I know nothing about it.
Not guilty of it and I wasn't involved.
Do you know Kamale Lewis? Mr Hill formally asserted his innocence, and I would like to formally place, for the record, my advice that he make no further comment during this interview.
Do you know Kamale Lewis? No comment.
Did you ever meet Kamale Lewis? No comment.
Dris Wright.
Do you know that name? No comment.
Gerard John Sullivan, also known as Sully, know that name? He a friend of yours? Are you the leader of the Summerhouse drugs gang? You lot are obsessed with gangs, innit.
There is no gangs.
What is there? What there is everywhere else - friends, family.
Are you the leader of the Summerhouse family? "Summerhouse family"? You lot watch too much American movies, man.
Have you ever sold drugs or asked others to sell drugs for you? You've already put this question to my client, and he's given you a definitive answer.
Now move on.
'What happened?' Was it the water? The water's good, innit.
Well, something's killed them.
I tested the PH every day and it's cool.
I've even put the right amount of food in.
Can't have anything to do with the water.
The cutters are supposed to be coming Friday.
Well, that ain't going to happen.
Well, what am I supposed to do? Have you spoke to Vincent? Shit.
Here, big man.
Three on two, yeah? What are you talking about, man? Three on two.
What? Three on two.
Put your hand down, man, I can't hear what you're saying.
Try saying it normal.
Ain't got time for this shit, man.
This kid isn't serious, man.
Always putting the mic up.
Why does he fucking do that? Look at this shit, man.
How could you go out looking like that, man? Ain't you got no money? Have you got X-ray visions? Can you see through my pockets? Well judging by your threads, you got no money.
Pussy! Here you are.
All right, Dad? All right? Hello, Mr Mustafa.
- You want chips? - Yes, please.
What are you doing? Here you are.
Here you go.
Don't be late home, yeah? Yes, Dad.
Burger and chips, please.
Tell him it was a plague of locusts.
What? You know, like in the Bible.
The Egyptians All them frogs.
Why are you talking about Egyptians, bruv? Vincent ain't going to believe that.
I'm just saying, man.
Frogs are evil.
You ain't taking this serious, Ra'Nell, bruv.
This is serious.
I know it's serious.
Are you going to come tell Vincent with me? Nah, I'm not getting involved with that, man.
Do you claim benefits? What relevance does this have to your murder enquiry? I'm trying to get a picture of Mr Hill's lifestyle.
Do you claim benefits? No.
Are you in paid work? I don't know if you've noticed, but there ain't a lot of work around.
Do you own a car? No.
Do you own a flat? House? No.
You've got no assets? My clothes.
You took them.
They were nice clothes.
How come you can afford clothes like that? People buy me clothes and stuff.
Girls and that.
That's very nice.
And I want my clothes back.
Don't let me catch you walking around in my stuff, you know? When you were arrested, you were found to be in possession of £345 in cash.
Is that your money? Yeah.
How come you've got that much money? It was my birthday.
When? Thursday.
My client has given you an answer.
Now move on.
This interview is now terminated.
You're being released on police bail.
"Now move on," yeah? That's what I'm going to call you, "Now move on.
" Put them in their place, boy.
Satisfied client, that's what we like.
If you let me take you out to dinner, I'll be even more satisfied.
Thank you.
My best guess is that they'll put this to bed, unless they come up with something new.
Like what? Usual things - witness, DNA, prints.
It's not gonna happen.
I wasn't there.
Don't get complacent.
They don't like you.
They'll be keeping an eye on you.
Thank you.
Wag'wan? How'd they know to pick us up? Bruv, I don't know.
Don't worry about it, man, they ain't got nothing.
That guy that was with Kamale that night, got shot dead at some New Year's party in Brixton, so he ain't saying nothing.
There's still the girl, though, Kayla.
She saw us, she could ID us.
Yeah, but feds don't know that we grabbed Kamale from Kayla's yard.
She's so beautiful.
Ain't you, Erin? You're a beautiful little girl, aren't you? Yeah.
Yes! Cheeky bitch! You're not supposed to say that! Do you know what my name is? Neveah.
Say, "Neveah.
" Neveah! Yeah.
That's "heaven" spelt backwards.
Do you like it? No! Kids! Why'd your mum call you Heaven for? Cos I'm from heaven.
You ain't getting back there.
Shut up! Loud that, man! You hungry? Monster Munch! You want Monster Munch, yeah? What's going on? Monster Munch! She's so cute.
I want a baby like her.
You want a fucking baby now? Don't swear in front of her.
Shut up, man.
You miss me? Don't miss me? Yo, wag'wan on with the feds, man? Harassment thing, you get me? Minor.
Fucking dickheads.
Hey, Michael.
Monster's coming to eat your ring! I delivered that food, like you said.
Made sure he gave the correct money, innit? All there, yeah? Yeah.
Hey, do you know how much books he has? He has bare books! Unbelievable! Hear what I'm saying.
See what you saw earlier on, with the feds and that? No need to worry about it, ya know.
I'm too smart, too quick for them, they ain't gonna catch me, you get me? Hold that.
Safe! That's for you.
How much you give him? Bills.
All right, then.
So you just want me to come like so, cut round? And you want it thin, or? Yeah.
Like last time? OK.
Thanks, babe.
Bye! She thinks she's Beyonce, that one! Makes a changes from Kelly Rowlands, innit? You know who she favour? Susan Boyle! You're bad, you know! Hey, hey, who be this absent t'ing? Hello, my darling.
Hello, Mum.
What you been up to? Nothing.
He could do nothing? How is that even possible? Too busy growing.
How tall you is now? Six foot? I don't know.
Look on them foot! Bring it here.
Mad feet! Listen, Henry, they're good feet, you know? He's got trials for the district youth squad.
Woo woo! Yeah! Serious! So, existing planning permission Who's that? Gives it an extra 70 square foot, but Excuse me? Yeah? What do you think you're doing? I'm developing the buildings on this street.
This building? Well, all of them.
They never told us.
Well, I suggest you get in touch with the agent.
Have you got a card? A card? Yeah.
PSP? So there'll be a mezzanine Yo, boss! Come out, yeah? Sorry? What, you deaf? I said, "Get out!" Come on, just get out now! We can do this another time.
Who is he?! Feisty little shit! Let's kill it, man.
I hate waiting on people.
How long we been here? Fuck knows, man.
Give them a call.
Give me a pound! What? I said, "Give me a pound.
" Shut up! Fuck off! You fuck off! Who the fuck you talking to?! Oi, oi, Mike! Oi, oi, Mike.
Let him go, man.
Fucking hell! Fuck off, man.
Give me a pound.
Do you want me to let him kill you or something? Behave yourself, man.
Do one.
I'll sell you these.
What the fuck are you selling? Tissues? All right, come here.
Oi, Mike! Fucking hell.
Get off him, get off him, get off him.
What do you want? A pound.
A pound? They're 40p in the market.
You ain't in the fucking market.
Oh, my days! Look at the front on this little prick.
Go on then.
What? I don't get the whole packet? The whole packet's five pound.
Do you want another one? What you doing? He's a fucking businessman! Fucking prick's took my phone, you know! What?! Yo, Sul.
Box is gonna cost you 40, fam.
What? Bruv, you know it's 25.
That's the deal.
Look man, Dushane put the price up, bruv.
You're getting it off him? Blood, Dushane's the only one that's got food right now.
As well, he's your friend, ain't he? He ain't my friend.
Blood, there's nothing I can do, then.
It's gonna be 40.
A'ight, we'll get it.
Look, I know you and him are getting established and that, blood, but when you do, we should talk, fam.
Talk about what? Me and you starting up.
Taking Dushane down, innit? Cheers.
In a bit.
Link up, man.
We need to make some more paper, quick! I can't believe you let that little prick take your phone.
What one do you want tonight? The panda.
There you go.
Hold it.
Now, go to sleep.
Yo? Erin, it's Mum.
She wants to talk to you.
Here you go.
'It's Mummy, darling, how are you?' Daddy got arrested.
'What?!' Don't tell her that.
'What happened?' Oh, nothing, don't worry about it.
How you doing, anyway? 'What do you mean, got arrested?' I said, don't worry.
'Fuck's sake! What's happened?' Go to sleep.
We got a lease, right? That's a contract, so they can't throw us out unless we break the lease.
Here it is.
The agent sent it about a couple of months ago, remember? Yeah, but didn't you call him? You know how much time I called him? You think they pick up the phone? I thought it was a typo.
I mean, how they gonna raise the rent by 200%? I mean, look at this place, Lis, is it worth £960 a week? No.
I mean, who else they gonna find to pay that kind of money? But the way that agent guy was going on, it can't just be the money they're interested in.
What you want? What's she looking at? Hi.
Hi, I'm Ra'Nell's mum.
I know who you are.
Look, I hope you don't mind me asking, you know me and Zoe have got the hair salon down the street? Uh-huh? Well, anyway, this man came in today, telling us they're re-developing the whole street, and I was wondering You know, so many shops have closed down here in the last year, I was wondering if you had any contact with Monck and Damrosh, the agents? They sent me a letter.
They're tripling the rents.
Yeah, that's what they were saying to us, but Hi.
All ready, that's ten.
It's the Church.
The Church? Yeah, the Church owns the whole street.
The agents are just the agents.
Now, do you want anything? No, no, no.
It's all right.
Thank you.
We get a pizza, like, if get a margherita, yeah, we share it between all of us, innit? Bruv, I'm getting my own pizza, cos I know you're paying for it.
Little bitch! Can I take your order, guys? Yeah, let me get a large deep pan pepperoni, garlic bread and a coke.
That's £19.
40, you know? You know what, I can afford it.
R'Marni, what do you want? Come on, man, put your arm down, man.
You're embarrassing yourself in front of a girl.
Nah, man Go on, R'Marni order, man.
Can I have a Four Seasons, please? Sure.
Moist, you? Um, can I get two Cokes as well? Yup.
Thank you.
Don't be Vincent, don't be Vincent.
Please don't be Vincent.
Who you talking to? What? You're like an idiot.
We might have to move.
What? Move where? Another shop, somewhere else.
Round here? No, round here's too much money.
Turn that bloody thing off.
Go to sleep.
What the fuck you laughing at? Yeah, that's better.
Yo! You got a minute? So they brought you in as well, yeah? Yeah, so what do you want? So you're rolling with Mike now, yeah? With this heat, we got to be careful who we talk to.
"We"? Yeah.
Mike's a nutter.
And them nine years he done inside, ain't improved him, fam.
He's a liability.
Talking about a friend of mine, you know? He ain't no-one's friend.
Just gonna land you in trouble.
Well at least he didn't steal from me.
Steal? You forgetting everything I done for you? Hmm? Now you're what? Top boy in Summerhouse? Who put you there? Me.
What did I get out of it? You just took everything and fucked me over.
I think you're the one that's forgetting.
You wouldn't be here if it weren't for me, bruv.
Yeah, you'd be dead.
You took it all for yourself, man.
That's the kind of friend you are.
Look at this, look.
What the fuck do you want? Leave him.
You know what happened, bruv, and you know why.
Take care, yeah? "Take care!" Come, let's play.
It's my shot.
Fuck Dushane, we're doing our own thing.
What the fuck?! Hey! You avoid me! Ooh! It's so cold! Hi, Rhianna, Mr Hill is on the phone for you.
Put him through.
Hello, Mr Hill? 'The only ones that call me Mr Hill are the Feds.
' How can I help you? Well, you can help me by having dinner with me tonight.
I'm busy tonight.
'Well, what about tomorrow?' Also busy.
All right, what about a drink then? Just a drink.
'Come on.
' All right fine.
A drink.
All right, cool.
I'll give you a bell.
I done everything right, Vincent.
The water, the pumps, everything.
I put the right food in and everything.
I lose money.
25 grand, minimum.
You have 25 grand, give me? What? Don't worry I know you don't have 25 grand, huh? You don't have the big money, right? Don't worry.
All right.
Well, I'd better go, I've got school.
No, no, no.
You're not going nowhere.
Hi, it's me.
'Rhianna, how are you?' Fine, thanks.
Listen, the reason I'm calling, I've got someone I think you'd like to meet.
'Someone with prospects?' He's liquid.
Want to buy a phone? No, I got a phone.
Want to buy a phone? It's only a tenner.
No, it's all right, mate.
Do you want to buy a mobile? No.
It's only ten pounds.
No, thank you, no.
Do you want to buy one? Do you want to buy a mobile? No, mate.
It's only a tenner.
Mum? What you got? Nothing.
Nothing? Come here! Get off me! Leave him alone! Get off me! Come here! You fucking slag, you fucking bitch! Move! Fucking move, now! They got anything on you? I don't think so.
They can get DNA, all kinds of shit, these days.
Solicitor said they'll put it all to bed.
Is he good, your solicitor? She.
Yeah, and I reckon she's real good.
All the same, I don't think you should come with me when I go to pick up the shipment.
All right I'll put your half somewhere safe.
Listen, you make sure you put it somewhere really safe, you get me? Don't you trust me? Well, funny enough Joe, I do.
I'm touched, but you shouldn't.
You shouldn't trust anybody.
I like this colour.
What do you think? Well? What do you think? You up for it again? Oh, I'm up for it.
So long, Sinbad.
A guy came to see me last week, offers me ten grand for a hit.
Jermaine Newton, lives on Clemence Road.
Do you know him? I sent you message, "Come to my shop".
You no come.
Where you going? Oi! Where's my fucking phone? So what do you do to enjoy yourself? Where you going? Home, innit? You actually think they're going to catch the killer? They ain't never going to catch who done Kamale.
Bruv, they ain't going to let that go, you know.

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