Top Boy (2011) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

Our ship just came in, my son.
What was your involvement in the murder of Kamale Lewis? Don't know nothing about it.
My client has given you an answer.
Now move on.
Hey, Michael! Here, come.
I got a special job for you today.
Now listen.
Make sure you don't let me down, you know.
I won't.
Was it the water? The water's good, innit? Well, something's killed them.
He took my phone! Look, man.
Dushane put the price up, bruv.
You're getting it off him? Blood, Dushane's the only one that's got food right now.
We need to make some more paper - quick.
I lose money.
25 grand minimum.
All right.
Well, I better go.
I've got school.
No, no, no, no! You're not going nowhere.
Thinking of riding on my dogs? No, you better not.
I'll leave your head open like windows when the weather's hot.
No evidence for the federal.
Only when I leave the crime scene I take the leathers off.
Rolling with the AK.
Hoping that I catch a cunt.
What is this? If I see him, watch how quickly I turn the 'matic on.
I'll "AK"? What's funny? You ever been on the road? Hm? Cos trust me, I've been on the road and I ain't never seen no AK-47 in my life, bro.
Bruv, get in that room, get a drink or something.
I got a big man's talking out here.
So what you guys really think? It's like, I ain't never heard him before, and I feel like I heard him a million times, you know what I'm saying? Exactly.
You ain't showing me no love, man.
No love at all.
Look, Tone, you called us.
What's up? Talk to me, man.
Well, hear this, bruv.
See this killing people for money business? Mm.
Don't really want to be doing it no more, you get me? I got my music now.
I got my kids and stuff.
Don't really like doing it again, you feel me? Well, don't do it.
Well, hear this.
A guy came to see me last week, yeah? Offers me ten grand for a hit.
I told him no at first, but then I remembered you guys are looking to make some money fast.
So what I'm thinking is, you do the hit, we split down the middle.
Well what you doing for your five? I'm introducing the work, innit? We can find that work ourselves.
Keep the whole ten.
Oh, you think so? This is niche.
Very specialised business.
"Niche"? Look, you need the money or what? Look, how about this? We do it, we take nine, we give you one.
You ain't even got to move off the sofa.
One? One.
Come on, man.
At least two! One.
Look, serious? All right, one then, innit? Sweet! There's no hard feelings, you know.
Till Tone comes round fast.
Cheers, Tone.
Who is it, anyway? Jermaine Newton.
Lives on Clarence Road.
You know him? Yeah, couple more jobs like this and we're on our way, bruv.
Kamale, man.
'Going down.
' So you know this Jermaine geezer, then? 'Doors closing.
' Yeah.
It's my cousin.
What happened? Who did it? Ain't going to walk.
You'll walk.
You got to tell me what happened.
What happened? The the Albanian.
What? Albanian.
The Albanians took the food, yeah? Yeah.
Where can I find them? Joe? Where can I find them? Gem! Gemel! Hey! School! School! Get up.
Now! I'm going to Ramsgate.
Ramsgate? Where's that? Outside London.
The rents are low.
When? Are we going to live there? Maybe.
And clean up that mess.
My dad wants us to move to Ramsgate, innit? Ramsgate? What for? They're kicking him out of the chippy, innit? Why they kicking him out? I don't want to go to Ramsgate.
I don't blame you, bruv.
Hey! Going to school? Work hard.
Enjoy yourself.
Wait there for you, yeah? I sent you a message - come to my shop.
You no come.
Many messages.
They never came through.
You have a school locker? What? Yeah.
You got the key? Yeah.
Put this in your locker.
Don't look inside.
Understand? I can't take this.
7 o'clock, you take it here.
Give to a Chinese guy.
Don't be late, OK? Hey, come to the shop after, OK? You all right? You actually think they're going to catch the killer? They ain't never going to catch who done Kamale.
They got ways, man, believe me.
They got ways! Two on two? Wait over there.
Go get it.
Hey, yo! 5-0! 5-0! Hey, feds! Why they here? Hm? Trust me, man.
They should be catching criminals or something.
Good, yeah? Good, yeah.
Two on two.
Careful, man.
There's feds there.
Hey, I tell you what.
You know, my cousin's working in the shop today.
Is he? Yeah.
He said we can take anything we want.
Let's go, then.
I'm telling you.
Any trainers you want, man.
Where you lot going? Shop.
We'll be back in a bit, innit? Hurry up though, innit? Don't take the piss.
You got to tell someone.
Like who? What about your dad? My dad don't care about me except when he's angry.
If I told him, he wouldn't kill Vincent, he'll kill me.
You going to come with me to his shop later? No, man.
I got my trial, man.
You know that.
Hey, wagwan! Wagwan! Where them youngies? Feds come round here, innit? So they fucked off.
Feds? Fam, there ain't no feds here, fam.
Shout them, man.
They should be working.
All right.
What you saying? What's going on? You seen this? What's up? It's a waste of paper, man.
Fam, they ain't going to let that go, you know.
They can go put them things up.
They ain't got nothing.
The case ain't going nowhere.
You get me? All right.
You found out where them men are? Yeah.
They've got a warehouse near the canal.
All right.
I'll check it.
Yo, Trevor! Yo! Yo, fam! Where the fuck's my food, bro? And I gave you the money for the food and I still don't see none.
And don't talk to me about starving, blood.
Bruv, you're going to get your two boxes.
Are you sure, bro? Yeah.
Blood? Right now, I'm hearing you got problems picking up and I hear you got problems with the Jakes over Kamale.
Yeah, that's gone away.
What do you mean, that's gone away? All I'm saying is, yeah? The reason there ain't been no wars, fam, is cos of your rep, innit? But once that goes, everything goes, fam.
Food, yeah? Fuck them pussies.
Which shoes you going to get? The Adidas, innit? Hey, that's my cousin, Rufus.
Yeah? Yeah.
Can I help you? Can I get the high-tops in size five? Size five, yeah? Yeah.
Wait here.
The manager's looking at us.
Don't worry.
Rufus will sort us out.
Sure you done this before? Yeah, man.
Any trainers you want.
What if we get clocked? We won't.
Size five, yeah? Yeah.
Have a seat.
Oi, got the Astro trainers? Oi! Move, man! Fucking hell! Get off me! Get off me! Get off me! Keep still! Just relax, man.
Relax! Crack cocaine and heroin.
That's big boy stuff.
Somebody give you these drugs to sell? No comment.
Look, this is a very serious crime, Michael, possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.
Do you want to go to prison? No.
Well, that's where you're heading.
Here's what I think, right? I think that somebody's given you these drugs and they've told you to sell them.
It's not just you.
Your mum's in big trouble.
My mum? You've been truanting, you and your little brother.
You're never in school.
Mums go to prison for that.
I see you live in Summerhouse.
Don't look at him! Look at me.
Someone in the Summerhouse gang, did they give you these drugs and tell you to sell them? No.
So these are YOUR drugs you're selling? They're not my drugs.
These are your drugs.
Is that's what you're saying? They don't They're not mine.
They must be because no-one gave them to you, so they must be yours.
I'm saying that.
They're not mine.
Then whose are they? They're not my drugs! Then whose are they? Dushane's! All right, OK! Dushane.
Do you love your mum, Michael? Yeah, yeah, course you do.
So, you wouldn't want to get your mum in any trouble, would you? No.
Why did you have this on you, Michael? I just picked it up.
Why, though? Did you Do you know something about this? You wouldn't want to get your mum and your little brother in trouble, would you? No.
Do you know something about this murder? I only saw I was outside the house.
You were outside the house? Yeah.
What house? The one in LF.
Don't you make money? Answer the man.
Don't you make money? Yeah.
So why the fuck you stealing trainers? What the fuck's going on? This idiot took the youths to steal trainers, fam.
Got Michael nicked.
Took Michael to steal trainers, yeah? You took Michael to steal trainers? Whose idea was that? It was mine, but my cousin said it wouldn't be a problem.
Yeah, but what have I told you about stealing, though? Don't do nothing.
It's going to attract attention.
What you say? Don't do noth Fucking idiot, I swear down! Where's Michael now? I don't know.
In the cells.
So how come Michael got nicked and you lot never? Me and R-Marni got away.
You got away, yeah? What have I told you about family? You don't ever leave your family when they're in trouble, you fucking fool! Where's your phone, man? Give it to Shaheed.
Those the trainers you nicked, yeah? Yeah, take them off as well and give them to Shaheed.
You not fucking hear what I said? Take off the trainers! Fucking twat! Idiot! Hurry up! Come now.
You lot making me look like some fucking dickhead! Are you OK? All this, pubs and that.
Is it all necessary? Trust me.
Yeah? Plus he is my cousin anyway.
I can't just whack him, kill him without talking to him.
Know what I'm saying? Suppose so.
Is this him? Yo! Fucking hell! Sully! You saying, cuz? Yeah, man.
I'm good.
Good to see you now, yeah? That's my mate Mike, yeah? What's happening, geezer? Jermaine, yeah? Cool.
Nice one.
What you doing round here, you mad man? Waiting to see you, innit? What? Sit down, man.
You all right, yeah? Mm.
Look, I'll be straight.
Someone's put a hit out on you, Jermaine.
You're winding me up? Serious? Mm.
Yeah, man.
Me and Mike got asked to do it.
It's no joke.
That's mad, fam.
Got any ideas who could be behind it? You mean you don't know? Don't go like that, man.
You must know who wants you dead, bruv.
Well Just trying to think Obviously there's a couple of men that would like to try a ting, but doing it, though? Not even.
Get me? He offered us 20 grand.
20 bags? Mm.
Fucking hell! Someone wants you dead, man.
All right.
Well, look.
Thanks for coming and telling, man, innit? I respect that.
Obviously you're not going to forget, man, for that.
When I got a little ting running, you just bring the man in.
You get me? I don't see nothing in your hand, though.
What? To reverse the hit.
Don't piss me off, Sully.
You don't want me to do that for you? This is something that a cousin's meant to be coming and telling man for free.
What you talking about? You're being serious, yeah? Look, if you don't mind a little favour, yeah? I said thank you, innit? I'll make sure you're good.
A little favour? I want the full 20! You know what, Sully? You can fuck off then, innit? What? Hey, Mike, show him what you got.
Sit down.
Sit the fuck down! Are you stupid, Sully? How you going to do this to your own blood, fam? Yeah, yeah, you might be my blood but I ain't never liked you, Jermaine.
Sully, come on.
This ain't even on, fam! Shut up.
Just keep walking.
Keep walking.
This is a jolt ting.
This is long, man.
Keep it moving! Oi, oi! Oi, that's that fucking kid! Oi, Mike! Put him in the car.
Sully, what the fuck you doing? Yeah, it's me! Where's my fucking phone? I ain't got it.
Thought you weren't going to see me again? Where is it? Fucking hit you, you know! Did no-one tell you it's wrong to rob people? Sully! Fucking hell, Mike! Fuck! Aargh! Hey, you bitch! Don't fucking make me run again! Move! I know Fucking move! I'm really sorry, man.
Fam? Fucking move! Shut up! I know.
What did I say? I know, I done shit, blud! Sorry.
Get in! Oi! I've got your phone, dickhead! Fuck! Which house is it? It's that one.
That's Kayla Thomas's house.
That's where they went in to get Kamale, yeah? Right, listen.
We're going to be acting on the information that you've given us, you understand? Want to go home.
You need protection, Michael.
I don't need protection.
I told you everything I know.
I just want to go home.
Look, my personal mobile number is written on the back of there, yeah? Now, if you get frightened, you call that number, yeah? Keep going, five seconds, come on Keep going sprint to the back of the queue, re-set.
Just the one foot, that's it.
Good, good, next Sprint to the back and reset keep it going, the one foot, left foot, well done.
Vincent sent you? Look, I need to contact the landlords.
OK, whatever, the Church Commissioners this is urgent.
You all right, sweetness? Well, I still want to see someone, and you will call me back? Yeah, thank you, bye.
What you been up to? Had my trial, innit.
Ah, the trial How did it go? Yeah, it went good.
So what did they say, did you get in? Said they'll let me know.
Well, how do you think you did? I was all right, I think I was one of the best there.
That's great.
I got everything crossed for you, babe.
You'll never guess who these Church Commissioners are only the Prime Minister, the Lord Chancellor, and the Archbishop.
They thought I was having a laugh when I wanted an appointment.
Well, it don't matter how important these people are, they're still gonna dash us out, innit.
We gonna get thrown out? Not if I've got anything to do with it.
You give him the bag? Yeah.
You look inside? No.
You smoke? Not really Sometimes.
Here, have smoke.
Where you going? Home, innit.
You owe money.
I say you go, you go.
I say you go there, you go there.
I say take this, what do you do? Take it.
I call you, you come.
You understand? Well, how long is this all going to go on? You have money to pay me? No.
You have the money? No.
OK then, I own you.
You mine.
You do as I tell you, OK? Now, don't worry.
Don't worry.
I pay you.
I pay you, OK? One, two, three you earn good money.
So when I call you, what do you do? Come.
Now you can go.
So you finally got a free evening then? I like to spend my time usefully.
You need to relax sometimes, you know.
Can I get you a drink? I don't drink.
Why don't you drink? If you saw me drunk, falling over, talking loud, would you really think "That's the person I'd trust with my life, with my freedom"? You could do it in private.
But then it wouldn't be any fun.
So girls like to buy you clothes? They're nice the clothes.
I'd like to buy you something nice.
Oh, reverse the pattern? Just show my appreciation for what you've done.
Maybe I've got expensive taste.
What size are you? And how would you pay for my expensive taste? With money.
But you don't have any income.
Well, that's what you told the police.
Don't know why you're bringing up the police.
Now, I'd say you were a size eight.
You sure you don't want a drink? I've already answered that question now move on.
So what do you do to enjoy yourself? All right, so listen, you know the deal, yeah? You don't give your brother no names.
Don't tell him about shit that's happened today.
Bruv, you get that? Yeah, I fucking heard you.
Don't fucking make it hard.
This is happening whether you like it or not, bruv.
It's ringing do it.
Yo, Rafe.
'Yo!' Yo, what's happening? It's me, I need you to do me a favour still.
'Yeah, what's that?' Mmmm, yeah, I got a little debt I need to run back.
I need you to sell my car, yeah? Yeah, I need to sell it quick though.
'You want me to sell your car for you?' Like tonight 'Tonight?!" Well, as soon as poss then.
Yeah, blud, I know, innit.
As long as it's quick.
Can you just please make that happen for me, please, Rafe I beg.
Yeah, call me.
Yeah, call me when you do, yeah? All right, cool see ya.
When's he gonna have it? When he sells the car, innit.
Look, why don't you just take the car then, Sully, yeah? It's worth 20, innit.
It's worth more than 20, I just I'll give you the keys, I'll sign over the log book, do what you want, and this I want to get paper, Jermaine.
Right, well, you're gonna have to wait then.
Look just get a man some food at least, cos I'm fucking starving, man.
Yeah, come, let's eat, who's gonna go get it? 'Yo?' Oh, so you have got my phone, you little fucker.
I like your place.
It's small.
Where do you live? I got a flat on the canal.
But not in your name? Yeah, but it's still mine though.
Legally speaking, I'm not sure you're on firm ground there.
Yeah, well, legally speaking ain't everything, babe.
It's the law.
It's A law.
Doesn't it bother you having no security? I have security.
You don't have a property in your name, you don't have a car in your name.
What do you have to show for all your efforts? I'm from Summerhouse, babe, where from the day you're born they tell you, you can't have nothing.
Think I'm doing all right.
Who is it? It's me.
Come in then, come in! You better have my fucking change! Yes, FOOD! Yo I need the toilet.
Go on, Mike, take him to the toilet.
Fuck him, let's eat! Come on, let's go upstairs, to the right.
You're lucky I don't shoot you dead, you know that? Have some food, man.
So do it then.
What you doing, bro? Do what you got to do.
Move from the toilet.
Just piss! Are you stupid? I said move from the fucking toilet, bro.
Get on with it.
Aaargh! Aaargh! Sully!Sul! Hey! For fuck's sake! Hey! Aaargh! Fucking run, yeah.
Fucking idiot! Fucking dickhead.
Why don't you just miss work today? I don't do that.
Come on, man! Take that off.
Babe, come on.
You know, when I first saw you, I thought, "He's more intelligent than my normal clients.
" What, is that all you thought? Actually, yeah, it is.
But then I thought, "If he's so intelligent, "what's he doing in a police station?" You never heard of miscarriage of justice? "What's he doing on the streets, running a bunch of kids?" When I was at school, my headmaster took me into his office one day and he told me, "You won't accept anyone telling you what to do.
"You're disrespectful to the teachers.
"You ain't ever going to achieve anything in life.
" But ask anyone in Summerhouse, they know my name, they know who I am.
Dushane, I like people who come from nothing and make something out of themselves, people who want more than what we've been told we can have.
Yeah, well, some of us have to work hard for what we have.
Look, my dad left when I was one year old.
My mum, she can barely read or write.
I went to school, put my head down and I worked hard.
I put myself through college, working in bars, restaurants, babysitting, anything.
Do you get what I'm saying? Summerhouse is a shit hole.
You're the king of a shit hole, Dushane.
Good for you! Michael, what happened, man? Did they beat you up? Yeah, but I didn't say nothing.
You all right, bruv? They charge you? You on bail? When did you get out? Last night.
They let me out with a caution.
Yo! Wagwan! Wagwan! So, you've been nicked now, yeah? Now you know how it feels.
No big deal? No big deal.
So, what did they ask you, then? Who was in the shop with me, what their names was, stuff like that.
What did you say? I said "no comment", like you told me.
You're my best soldier.
Hey, look who's home, fam.
You all right, yeah? Yeah.
You know what? Hold that.
Go and do your ting, man.
All right.
All right.
I checked out that Albanian place still.
I think it's time we paid them a visit, fam.
So, what you saying? Did you get the shoes? Yeah, I got them, but Dushane took them off me.
Why? He was angry, innit.
I had to walk home barefoot and everything.
No socks? No, I had socks on.
You lot, I'm sorry about taking you stealing, innit.
Dushane was there.
I have never, ever seen him so pissed! I know, but he loves you, innit? Was you scared in the police station? No.
No big deal.
Just asked me questions about school, stuff like that.
Just chatting about shit.
Ten on ten? That's 100, yeah.
You got 100? Give it to him.
We ain't got that much here, so he's going to have to go and get it.
Wait over there.
How much you want? All right.
Ten on ten.
You know you're rude, innit? Some ignorant youth.
Next time say Wagwan first, yeah? Get that paper, get one of you lot to come and meet me at the phone box What, bruv? What you doing, man? Get off me, man! Yo! What happened, man? What the fuck? Did he take the food? Yeah.
Oh shit, man! For real? That youth is dead, blud! Did you get him? No.
What was it? Ten on ten, man.
Fuck! Don't worry, man.
Fucking morphine! Here, mate.
Joe, how did these Albanians even know about this shipment, mate? I haven't a fucking clue how they knew.
You'd better believe me on that.
I believe you.
We got to get our food back, though, man.
I'm not going to let these fuckers get away with this, bruv.
Let it go, Dushane.
Those fuckers are killers.
If they're killers, why aren't you dead? Mum? Mum? I got you these.
Where did you get these? I love you.
You know that? Do you want Mr Elephant? No.
Yeah? What about penguin? No.
Mr Panda? No.
Why don't you try saying yes one of these days? Say yes! No.
Do you think that's funny, hmm? No.
What about this, then? The monkey! Yes! There you go.
Monkey! Give me a kiss.
That's from me.
That's from Mum.
It's time to go.
It's the mummy monkey.
Come, give her a kiss, fam.
The Albanians can wait.
Come on! Yes, Mummy! Don't she want me to kiss her? Nobody wants you to kiss them.
Shut your mouth! She don't like you, blud.
She's got taste.
What you laughing at, man? Whatever.
Come! We're going to the shop.
Yes, we are! I'll see you in a bit.
Where's Daddy going? Daddy's going to do some stuff.
I want to play with the toys.
Which one? 'I swear, it's like I'm Vincent's slave or something.
' He could tell you to do anything and you have to do it.
'Yeah, bro.
Maybe Ramsgate ain't so bad.
' Ra'Nell? It's my mum.
Going to have to call you later.
Who was that? Gem.
He's moving to Ramsgate.
What? Cos of how cheap it is there.
You see what I'm talking about? They're ripping this community apart.
Maybe we deserve it.
Detective Constable Mark Leko, Metropolitan Police.
This is my colleague, DC Trovell.
Does Kayla Thomas live here? No.
How long have you lived here, sir? Er four months.
We have a warrant to search this house.
Thank you.
Fuck's sake! Danny Waterhouse has died.
Only 41 as well.
That's fucking young, man! I swear, every week, someone I know has died.
I got a theory about that.
So do I.
What's your theory? You ready for this? The Government.
They're putting stuff in the food.
But only the food people like you and me are eating.
That's what's killing us.
What's the Government putting in the food and how are they getting the stuff in there in the first place? How do they actually do it, bro? You seen that film, yeah? Capricorn One? Jesus! Your brother better be selling that fucking car! You better watch your mouth cos I'll break your fucking jaw! And that's why she's walking around with that fucking cage around her mouth! Yo, Rafe! When you last talk to your brother? Jermaine? Today.
Selling his car for him.
Why? You see him or talk to him on the phone? Spoke to him on the phone.
Why? He's been kidnapped, cuz.
What the fuck you mean, "he's been kidnapped"? A black and white team.
What the fuck? Jam, bruv.
I know where he is.
Albanian's got a fucking brothel house next door, fam.
He's going in for some pussy, man.
How much would you pay for that thing? She's got to pay me, blud.
Looks like they got a couple man up in there still.
Look, there's more.
I'm starting to lose count at it, blud.
Some big fucking Albanians.
Yo, 'Shane? Might be an idea to come back here another night with some more men.
What do you want to do? 'Shane? Yo.
What do you want to do? Fuck it! We need to hit them hard.
We need to think about this thing properly.
You got anything? Too early to say.
We need to find Kayla.
If Kayla talks, yeah? You know we're fucked, innit? Oi! Lay off my friend! Do you understand me? Have you heard them stories about Rafe? I ain't going to let that happen to you.
Yo! Feds! Where you going to go, Mike? If you go out there, Rafe will get you.

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