Top Boy (2011) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

What happened? Who did it? The Albanian.
Armed police! Police! Dris Wright, I am arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Kamale Robert Lewis on 10th March 2011.
How'd they know to pick us up? Bruv, I don't know, but don't worry about it, man.
They ain't got nothing.
There's still the girl, though - Kayla.
She saw us, she could ID us.
Do you know something about this murder? You wouldn't want to get your mum and your little brother in trouble, would you? I was outside the house.
What house? It's that one.
Does Kayla Thomas live here? I swear I know, it's like I'm Vincent's slave or something.
Vincent send you? What, bruv? Yo! What happened, man? Did he take the food? Someone's put a hit out on you, Jermaine.
You serious? Yeah, man.
Me and Mike got asked to do it.
Are you stupid, Sully? How can you do this to your own blood, fam? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You might be my own blood, but I ain't never liked you, Jermaine.
What do you mean, "he's been kidnapped?" A black and white team.
Jam, bruv, I know where he is.
Thank you.
What you got for breakfast? Brown fish stew and dumpling.
Can I have that? All right.
Thank you.
Oi! It's doing my head in.
Who is it? Me.
Oi, oi, wait there.
Been using that toothbrush? Oi, been using that toothbrush? Yeah.
Yeah? Uh-huh.
I'm going to check, you know.
Come on, Sul, what is that? That's what I told him to get.
That's good, bruv, eat this for breakfast, you won't need nothing for the rest of the day, trust me.
I ain't eating that shit, man.
I will.
Who said anything about you? Leave it alone.
I got this for you.
What is it? You want it? Have that.
What is it? It's a pear.
It's a fucking avocado.
That's for you.
What? Is that my brother? Now listen, no names, tell him nothing.
Hey, Rafe.
Where are you, man? Wagwan.
'I swear I need the money now, bruv.
'If I could sell the car myself, I would.
What's happening? Rafe? Rafe? 'Rafe?' Rafe, where are you, blud? 'Keep calm, brother, man.
' Huh? What you chatting about? Have you got the cash or not? 'Listen to me, don't say nothing, just act normal.
'We're outside, coming in to get you.
' Cool, what? What does he say? Yeah.
Don't fuck with me Jermaine? You there, bruv? Shit! Wrong yard, man.
Sully! What you doing? You're family, man! Shit! Rafe! Rafe, it's me, it's me! Back up! Back off! What? You're not going to get away with this, Sully.
Slow up! Yeah? You're fucking dead, you hear me? You're fucking dead.
Rafe, don't fucking shoot, blud.
You're not going to get away with this! Back up! We good, Mike? Yeah, we're good.
We're good.
Move! Move! Move! How the fuck did Rafe know where we were? Get moving! Get in the car! Get in the car! Fucking hell! So, what do you think of this place? It's not for people like me.
Why not? Why's it not for people like you? I'm from Summerhouse, innit.
One sec.
Yo? What? Oi, listen, yeah, tell Trevor Tell Trevor he needs to calm down, bruv, yeah, show a little respect.
No, no.
He can wait.
Listen, I've got to go.
I'll see you in a minute, yeah? Sorry about that.
The business you're in I never said what business I was in.
The business you're in, the longer you're in it, there's only two ways that it's going to end - you either die or you go down.
You can never fully relax, never let your guard down.
The biggest joke is, you can't even enjoy the money.
Well, at least I'm making money.
You can make a lot more.
I could help you make a lot more.
What if I could introduce you to a person who knows where the next place like this is going to be? A dump that they turn into something.
Make a lot of money out of it.
Would you want me to introduce you to him? Look, I appreciate you giving me these business proposals, and all that, it's nice, but it ain't my kind of business.
Where are the flowers? It's what you do when you visit someone in hospital.
Listen, Joe, I need help on the Albanians.
I need to find their weak spot.
They don't have one.
Where do they live? Have they got families? I only ever saw them at the warehouse.
Fucking swarms of them.
I've been doing a lot of thinking.
Spent 17 years inside, all told.
Yeah, been stabbed in the neck, stabbed in the thigh, and run over.
Been betrayed, been robbed Now look at me.
I'm going to make sure we get back what Dardan robbed from us, you know.
If you get it back, you can have my share for a hundred grand.
That's a lot less than you put in.
That's all I want.
I'm out of it.
Deal? Done.
You all right? You know that person you wanted me to meet, you still want to do that? This is a unique opportunity for you.
Why aren't you putting your money in? Because I earn 32 grand a year before tax, because I've got a mortgage, and my utility bills are going through the roof.
This is Dushane.
Dushane, this is Malcolm.
Pleased to meet you, Dushane.
How you doing? And this is Peter.
How are you doing? Good to meet you.
Rhianna tells me you're interested in the property game.
I'm interested in hearing about it, how it works.
Basic business principles - buy cheap, sell dear.
Yeah, I do something similar.
Take this place, whole area has been neglected for years.
We got these buildings for next to nothing, now we're putting up high-end living units for young, urban professionals.
Peter's looking for new investors.
To invest here? No, in another project.
Your neck of the woods, I understand.
Summerhouse totally fits our mould.
The landlord wants rid of it, the council, er, support it.
We're happy to step in and make some money.
Basically, the banks are looking for any excuse not to lend.
So anyone holding cash is in a very strong position.
You could make yourself a lot of money.
Have a think about it.
Be in touch.
I'll take care of everything.
I'll set up the companies, bank accounts, everything.
What do you get out of this? 15% on everything you get back on your investments.
All you have to do is sit back and watch your money roll in.
Let me think about it, yeah? Are we going to lose the shop? No.
I'm going to make that landlord see sense, cos right now he ain't making any sense at all.
How does a landlord make money? I don't know.
Rent! I thought you was doing business studies.
You ain't going to get any rent if you've got empty properties.
Probably not.
See ya.
Why aren't you in your uniform? Cos I ain't coming to school today, bruv.
Vincent said I got to drop this thing off.
You going to come with me, yeah? Nah, no way.
You don't want to be going to school, do you? You got to get Vincent off your back, man.
Yeah, and how am I supposed to do that? You going to help me? Nah, man, you got yourself into this.
Yeah, what a friend you are.
The back, see how it goes? See the graduation? Sorry! I'm sorry, Zoe.
I'm docking your pay! What pay?! You see what's going on? Yeah.
That's nice, isn't it? Come, darling, take a seat here.
All right, call that 60, then, yeah? Yeah.
Remember, tie it down at night.
Scarf, yeah? Wicked.
There you go.
Oh, thank you.
Come again.
Yeah, man.
You all right? What do you think, man? It's nice, innit? What? You don't notice nothing about my hair? No.
For real? You're some ignorant youth, man.
Let's go.
Wagwan? What's going on? You need me to go deliver something? Go to Ben's yard again? If anything, I'll let you know, innit? All right.
Go on.
Yo! Feds! Wagwan? What's going on? Look, man, second time this morning already, fam.
Feds shifted Kayla this morning, fam.
Went to her workplace, took her in front of everyone.
What the fuck do the feds know about Kayla? Someone spoke, innit? Got to be, man.
Mum? Shhh! Mum? Sit the fuck down! Get comfortable.
Fucking place is a crack den.
Look at it! Fucking hell! What the fuck did Rafe have to pull that stunt for? Sully, fuck off, man, you brought this on yourself.
What did you expect? Pay the fucking money, that's what I expect! That's all he had to do, pay the fucking money.
For fuck's sake, look Let me talk to Rafe, innit, yeah? But I swear on my son's life I didn't Talk?! Blood, I swear on my son's life, I tell him, just give you the money.
Blood, this is long.
Let's keep it moving.
This thing's done, innit.
Ain't gonna happen now, is it? Huh? Rafe knows it's me! That fucking can't happen now.
Blood, that's your problem, innit? My fucking problem?! Are you fucking stupid?! Sully! Sully! Come on! Shoot him, Sul! Sully, come on.
I got a son, blood.
Shoot him, Sul.
This is my mum.
Fucking shoot him.
What's that for? It's a toy.
Well, have you got anything? No.
Not even a little bit to smoke? No.
Now fuck off.
So what we gonna do with him? How'd you get up here? Stairs.
Can I call you back? Thank you.
How'd you get past reception? The girl's from Summerhouse.
I know her family.
Well, she still shouldn't have let you up.
Look, if you're here about Peter's project, all I can say is I'm impressed.
Well, we'll talk about Peter later.
First, I need you to do something for me.
I need you to do it right now.
Really? Yeah, there's a girl, she got nicked, she needs someone.
Right, well, I'll talk to one of our solicitors.
Has to be someone good sitting next to her.
It's about the Kamale thing.
The thing that has nothing to do with you, right? That's what you've always told me.
It don't.
But that doesn't mean the Feds can't make it something to do with me.
I've got a really busy day.
This is important to me.
It has to be you.
Has to be "now move on".
She's here as a witness, not as a suspect.
For the moment.
Hello, Kayla.
I'm Rhianna Parkes.
I'm a solicitor.
Tell them I want the fuck out of here.
They got no fucking right to keep me here.
Elijah will be going mental.
Who's Elijah? My boy.
He's only three and they took his mum away.
Fucking wankers! I told them I don't know fuck all, innit.
I don't even know why they arrested me.
You haven't been arrested, Kayla.
They've brought you in under caution to ask you about the murder of Kamale Lewis.
I told them I don't know nothing about that.
If I ain't arrested, I'm fucking walking out now.
The quickest way for you to get home to Elijah is to be interviewed.
What's this? My bread? Thank you.
Where's my egg? It's a boiled egg.
I want a fried egg.
Thank you.
Over here.
Over here.
All right? It's Mummy.
Mummy! All right, I'll have some tea, then.
Thank you.
Come here.
Mmm! Come here, give me a kiss.
Give me a kiss.
You don't like Mummy kissing you? You're going to be a proper heartbreaker, you are.
She don't do anything you want her to do.
No, just leave me alone! You're too rude! Listen to me.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I'm cool.
Listen, don't lie to me, OK? I can tell there's something wrong.
I'm inside here.
If you don't tell me, I'm just going to worry.
You know what it is.
The Feds have started up with this Kamale thing again.
But it's nothing to worry about.
It's bollocks, man.
Please tell me nothing's gonna happen.
Don't know, babe.
What do you mean you don't know? Can't get nicked.
If you get nicked what's going to happen to Erin? I don't know.
That for me, my brother? You got the money? Course I have, bruv.
I've got it right here.
Sully, please, I got to get out of this gaff.
I've fucking had enough.
Where you gonna go, man? Hmm? You go out there, Rafe will get you and he'll fucking make you suffer.
When he kills you, you'll be grateful.
You know what? Fuck Rafe! I can take him.
You what? So what are we going to do? Cos this is worse than jail in here.
Are you sure you ain't got something? Darling, please, fuck off.
Well, this is my house.
No, we ain't got nothing! You must have something.
Why don't you come in my room and I'll take care of you? Yeah, and you'll do that in front of him, will you? I've got a life, yeah? Just cos I've got a boy don't mean I ain't Nah, you ain't got a fucking life and neither has he, cos of you.
Oh, fuck off! Mum! Mum! Get out of my house! Leave him, leave him! Leave him, leave him, and go to bed.
Look at this.
You love me? You know what? I've seen some dirty sluts in my time, Sul, but fuck me, she is one filthy, dirty, stinking Oi, Mike! Mike! Jase, come here.
I want you to do something for me, yeah? Yeah.
We do extremely understand Leave school last week We regret to inform you Shit! Fuck's sake! Fuck off! Ra'Nell! Ra'Nell! What? You should have seen it, man.
He chopped off his arm, right in front of my face.
You know what? Fuck this! What are you doing, Ra'Nell? Teaching you how to be a man.
Oi! Oi, fucking pussio! Lay off my friend.
Do you understand me? Leave him alone! Stop! Stop! First you kill my plants, then you lose my drugs.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Fuck off! Get off me! Was Kamale Lewis your boyfriend? What is the relevance of that question? I'm seeking to establish the nature of the relationship between Kamale and Kayla.
Did Kamale come to visit you at your home in London Fields on the evening of 10th March last year? No comment.
Did you have sexual relations with Kamale? That question is totally inappropriate.
I'd like the record to show my formal objection.
Did Kamale come to visit you on the night of March 10th last year? No comment.
After Kamale arrived, did three other men arrive? No comment.
Was Dris Wright one of those men? No comment.
Was Gerard Sullivan, also known as Sully, one of those men? No comment.
Was Dushane Hill one of those men? I'm getting fucking bored of this.
Was Dushane Hill one of those men? No comment.
You heard the Feds have been sniffing about this Kamale thing, innit? No.
You ain't heard? No, I ain't heard nothing.
So you're telling me you ain't seen none of the posters, none of the flyers, with Kamale's face all over it? You ain't seen it? Yeah, I have.
So you have seen them? Yeah.
So why you telling me you ain't heard nothing about no Feds? Anyone ask you anything about that night? No.
If anyone asks you anything, you know what you're gonna say, innit? That I ain't heard nothing.
Fucking little shit! Oi! You're fucking dead.
Oi! What you doing? Move! Move! Blood, that's the youth robbed Michael.
What you doing, man? What do you want, man? I got a message for you from Sully.
Yeah? What's it about? Hmm? Dushane! Yo, blood.
The men have done fucked me up already, you know, blood.
Listen, chat to Rafe, innit.
My brother respects you, fam.
Hey, this is mad, fam.
Hey! Look, you tell Rafe, deal's still on the table but if he fucks about, I'll fucking kill Jermaine.
I'll shoot him dead, Dushane.
Sully, the deal's dead.
Have you heard them stories about Rafe? Torturing that brother in Finsbury Park? When they found him, his eyes were cut out.
Look, I can help you, yeah? But you have to do something for me.
What? Someone nicked my food.
I've been there before.
Know where it is? I know who took it.
I know where he is.
Look, you think you can make Rafe see sense here? He will listen to me.
Trust me.
Rafe, man.
He's a sneaky fucker, you know? Trust me, he will say to your face there's no problem, wait till everything's died down, he'll sneak up and It's fucking done, yeah? I'm saying you're my blood.
I ain't gonna let that happen to you.
What about Mike? That's got to be part of the guarantee.
I don't want no comebacks on Mike neither.
You just guarantee me that you don't do nothing to Jermaine until you hear from me, yeah? All right.
Ra'Nell? Ra'Nell? Oh, my God! What's happened? Oh, shit! Ra'Nell! Who did that? Babe! Zoe! Should we take him to the hospital? Ra'Nell! I don't wanna go to the hospital.
What happened? Nothing.
Don't keep saying that! Tell me what happened! Who did this to you? Who? The Chinaman.
We went to see him in his shop.
Right, that's it.
I'm calling the police.
You can't call the police.
I have to call the police! He can't just beat my child up and think he can get away with it! Can't call the police.
Hi, it's me.
How's it going with Kayla? Call me back, yeah? I need to talk to you about Jermaine.
Keep your hands on the table.
How am I gonna get my brethren out of this problem? You're wasting your time, Dushane.
Sully's my cousin, yeah, but he kidnapped his own blood.
Sully's dead.
Him and that guy, Mike, and it won't be painless.
You want your own brother to die? Jermaine ain't gonna live through this, we already know that.
I can get you Jermaine back alive, yeah? And I can give you the name of the guy that put the hit out on him in the first place.
And I'll throw some paper your way.
What you say? There was a hit out on Jermaine? They're the wrong fucking noodles! You fucking get out! If the rap don't work, I'm a-crying to my peez is up.
They're cracked in my mouth, like my teeth is fucked.
If I get the low-down, then I'm creeping up.
Black moss, you know I'm gonna thieve the box.
Right out Where the fuck, where the fuck's my brother, bro? Huh? Huh? Hey, come out, man.
Hurry up, fam.
Where the fuck's Jermaine? What you talking about? What the fuck you talking about, man? You better talk quick.
You put a fucking hit on Jermaine.
You better tell me before I kill you, bro.
Fuck me, do you know what you're asking? Bruv, tell him.
The York brothers.
Which one? All three of them.
Now you got the source of your problem.
You said you'd put some paper on the table.
What? Two grand? Why you doing this, Dushane? He's my brother, innit? All right, make it five.
Bruv, I'll make it three, yeah? And after that there can't be no comebacks on Sully.
And if anything happens to him, bro, then you know what's gonna happen.
So what? Is Mike your brother too? No.
Cos someone's got to pay, you understand what I'm saying? I'm going to have to call the police.
You don't understand.
You call the police, Gem gets killed.
Not if that man's in prison, he won't.
Vincent has friends that'll do anything.
Look at you, Ra'Nell.
We can't just leave this.
Going to have to leave it.
Does Gem's dad know? I don't know.
What were you doing round there in the first place? You shouldn't have even been there.
It's setting up nice.
All this snow and shit, man.
There's the boy, Jermaine.
Yo, Rafe.
Yeah, he's safe, man, he's cool.
All right.
Yo, Sully.
Come, man.
Fam, what the fuck happened to you, blood? What the fuck does it look like, blood? Beat down.
You know what I'm saying, where's Rafe, bro? He's on his way, man.
Know what, give him that when you see him, yeah? Come on.
You hungry? No.
Thought you must want something to eat.
No, I just came to see you, innit.
Come, come.
Fetch! Thank you.
Can I have a portion of chips, please? How's your friend? Had an argument? Thank you.
Remember that time you got that email from Mum? Uh-huh.
Did you get any more? When a woman leaves her husband, it's a bad thing, Gem.
But when a woman leaves her child, that woman's a bad woman.
Forget about her.
She doesn't care about us.
They don't want me.
Who? The youth squad.
Say I'm not good enough.
Love, you'll get in next time.
I know it.
How do you know? Why are you saying that? You don't know anything.
Do you have any homework? Why? Do you want me to go? No, it's nice having you here.
Can I help? Grab an apron.
Come here.
So you only half-fry these the first time, yeah? Are we moving to Ramsgate? Yeah, this place is done.
For people like us, anyway.
Where is it again? Kent.
I think we should go.
I reckon they're keeping it in there.
That means grabbing one of them and making them talk.
It's not like we ain't done that before.
We did.
When we made Kamale think we was going to bury him alive and that.
Know what, you're fucked for coming up with that, you know.
Except that wasn't me, though, that was fucking you! All I know is, when you get dug up, you're going to tell a man everything he wants to hear, cos I know you don't want to get buried again.
So, what, you're saying you're going to bury them in there? You going to bring a fucking JCB with you or something? I'm going to make them talk, trust me.
I trust you, Fam.
So when do you want to do this? Soon as this Kamale thing's gone away, bruv, and we ain't waiting for Feds to kick down the fucking door.
Know what I'm saying, if this goes to plan, yeah, we're going to split this shit, man, 50/50.
What's Joe going to say about that? Joe ain't going to say nothing.
He's dead.
Know what I'm saying, we can split it, innit, or we just put it in together again, Fam.
Run Summerhouse like we used to.
We made a good team.
My client has told you repeatedly, she cannot help you with your enquiries into this matter.
Now move on.
Well, I don't believe your client's telling the truth.
I've fucking had enough.
All right, Kayla, just Come out my way.
Just calm yourself down.
Come out my way.
I said, come out my fucking way.
You can't stop me.
I'm not under arrest.
I'm afraid that's about to change.
This interview is now terminated.
I'm arresting you on suspicion of murder.
What you on about? Murder?! You don't have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention something you later rely on in court.
You're lying! You're fucking lying! You fucking lesbian.
You fucking bitch.
Get the Custody Officer.
I've got a son.
I want to see my little boy! The family liaison officer will be in to talk to you about your son.
This interview is now terminated.
Come off me, man! Hold on, I do not accept that you've shown sufficient evidence to arrest my client.
We have a witness.
Who? I'm not prepared to reveal the identity at this time.
Does this witness implicate my client? The witness saw Kamale go into Kayla's house the night he disappeared, and that shortly after, Dushane, Sully and Dris arrived.
Kayla's been arrested on suspicion of murder.
Hello? You all right? Well, this is cosy.
Does she live here? She don't.
Yeah, I do! You don't! I don't give a fuck.
They have a witness.
What witness? Who? Well, she seems nice.
What witness? They can't reveal his or her identity, but the witness saw Kamale enter Kayla's flat, and you enter shortly afterwards with two others.
They're going to question Kayla tomorrow again.
Will you be there? Yes, I will be there.
I don't have a choice, do I? Look, I'm going to get my coat, I'll come with you.
Don't bother.
I said, don't bother.
I thought that was supposed to be your solicitor.
It is! A woman.
And what does she mean, "a witness?" A witness to what? Sully, you know.
You know me.
I don't give a fuck.
So what's our next move? Don't fucking know, Mike.
We ain't got time for all that, sitting about in fucking clubs and that.
Ain't got time for that, Sul.
Listen, now, it's about you and me now.
Right? I'm telling you.
We can do this.
We can take them.
I don't give a fuck.
What?! What the fuck you going to do with that? Laters, cuz.
Fuck! Dushane and Sully, yeah? They're pure evil.
You Vincent, yeah? What have you done?
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