Top Boy (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

1 First you kill my plants, then you lose my drugs.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm going to have to call the police.
If you call the police, Jim gets killed.
They have a witness.
What witness? The witness saw Kamale enter Kayla's flat then you enter shortly afterwards with two others.
Look, if you get frightened, you call that number, yeah? Someone nicked my food.
You know where it is? I know who took it.
I reckon they're keeping it in there.
Yeah, that means grabbing one of them and making them talk.
I'm going to make them talk, trust me.
Yeah, I trust you, fam.
If this goes to plan, yeah, we're going to split this shipment 50/50.
Run Summerhouse like we used to.
We made a good team.
What the fuck happened to the guarantee? You said there weren't going to be no comebacks on Mike, then I turn around and he gets shot right in front of my fucking face.
Do you know what, I'm going after Rafe, you're coming with me.
Bruv, I ain't going nowhere.
What?! I told you about Mike already.
Come on, man, that guy's probably spent most of his life in prison.
What does that tell you about him? What, that he's going to make paper on the roads, or something? What? You set this whole shit up? Plotted it all out so Mike gets killed? When I went to see Rafe, my main concern was to make sure that you were safe.
Ah Yeah? That there was no comebacks on you.
Mike's gone! That was the price.
You know I could've dealt with Rafe.
So why'd you come to me? I ain't going to lie to you, bruv, I need you on my team.
We're not talking about a couple of bags, here, fam.
We're talking about ten Ks.
We need to find a way into that warehouse.
This is the one, bruv.
I ain't going to school.
Well, you can't just stay in the house all day.
Ra'Nell, we talked about this.
This is about your education Shit! I told you I ain't going nowhere! Vincent's out there! Don't talk to me like that.
EVER! You don't know about the roads.
You ain't got a clue.
I said I ain't going out there.
I will sort this out.
You're just a woman, how are you going to do that? If my dad was here he would sort it out.
Kayla's not our only problem, cuz.
This Vicky, the DC in charge of the case she claims she's got another witness.
What? Yeah, well, she's claiming she has.
Don't mean she does.
You need to make Kayla understand, she needs to keep her mouth shut.
Yeah, for real.
Morning, Kayla.
Do you want a cuppa? It's too open out here.
Well, you said not to come in your office.
Yeah, I don't want you anywhere near my office.
Look, I need you to go see Kayla for me.
Tell her I know she's been a good girl and that she ain't said nothing, and that's what she should keep doing, say nothing.
I'm not passing any message from you to her.
That's completely illegal.
I could go to prison, do you understand? If she keeps her mouth shut, all this goes away, for everyone, and we can go back to doing what we were going to do.
Showing all those people that said that we can't have nothing, that they were wrong.
Ask yourself this, "Is it that bad?" What - telling a girl to keep quiet? What's so hard about that? Oi it's going to be OK, yeah? Don't be late home.
All right? Hey! Why you no come see me? Huh? That's £1.
I'm sorry, I was scared! Yeah? Scared? Look at my eye.
Look at my eye! You see fear? No fear.
A man hit you, you stab him.
That man never hit you again.
Your father not teach you that? No.
Father's job teach son to become man.
You keep safe.
Very safe.
What is it? That's not important.
And don't come near the shop.
You wait till I call you, OK? OK?! You know it's Michael, bruv.
It has to be.
He's the one that called you that night and told you Kamale was in that house down LF.
He saw us drive up, he saw us go in, it's got to be him.
He's the witness.
Yeah, I heard you, fam.
We've got to deal with him.
The longer we have him running around out here, the more chance of him getting in the box and giving evidence.
We can't let that happen.
Just tell Collins to keep an eye on him, yeah? A friend of mine recommended this place, said he had a good time here.
There you are.
How'd you like to earn some real money? Mum? Where's the money? I ain't got nothing.
Fucker! Fuck! Fucking little Fucking liar! Come here, you fuck! Come here, you fuck, come here! Fucking Get off! Fucking get off him! Or I'll smash your fucking head! Get off! I'll fucking kill you! I'll fucking kill you! Get off, you fuck! You are one of a number of known associates of Kamale Lewis who was interviewed shortly after his disappearance on 10th of March last year.
Do you remember being interviewed on 22nd of March? You were asked, "When was the last time you saw Kamale?" You answered, "I haven't seen him in about six months.
" You see that? You see your signature? Is that your signature? I don't fucking know, do I? Now you can sit there and keep on lying, if that's what you want to do, or you can start telling the truth about what happened that night and I will pass on to the CPS that you've co-operated, and they'll take that into account.
Kayla Thomas, I am charging you You're charging me?! I am charging you with perverting the course of justice.
I ain't done nothing.
You know I ain't done nothing, you fucking bitch! In view of Miss Thomas' previous convictions, we will be opposing bail.
Is it, yeah? I'd like an opportunity to speak to my client in private.
Of course.
This is totally wrong I ain't done nothing I'm the victim.
When Dushane and Sully came in that night, yeah, I thought I was going to get killed and all.
They're going to take Elijah away from me.
I can't lose my boy.
What if I give them names of the ones that done it? And they'd protect me, yeah? Me and Elijah? If you co-operate, the police would, of course, have to protect you.
Dushane and Sully, yeah? They're pure evil.
Yo? What? What?! Oi, oi! Listen.
Oi, wait there, I'm coming.
Fucker! What? What the fuck do you? Ahh! Fuck! Ohhh! I'm not going to tell you again.
Look after your fucking boy! You all right, Jase? You see her? They've charged Kayla.
With what? Perverting the course of justice.
Vicky Trovell said she'd speak to the CPS if she co-operates.
I hope you told Kayla what I said.
It's too late to tell her anything.
Don't you get it? She's a mother.
She has a little boy.
She'll do anything.
She cannot be separated from him.
They're going to come after you.
Well, they've already tried that once.
What about the witness? Look, they think they've got a witness but they don't, cos even if that person existed, they'll not be around to go to court.
You get me? This is freaking me out, I can't do this.
Listen, listen I'm only giving you the picture, so you can give it to Kayla, yeah? You know, I thought we were going somewhere, together.
We still are.
Are you living in some kind of parallel universe? No, I'm living right next to you.
You and me This can't work.
It can work.
Tomorrow all this will be over, yeah? You and me, we can kick back and do what we was doing.
Tell me Rhianna! Yo? Yo, you and me need to talk.
Yeah, I think there's a way in still.
All right.
Meet me there in half an hour then.
That's fine.
Let me see your teeth.
Not want to see the food, let me see your teeth! That's enough, man.
Look, my mum yeah all she ever cared about was fucking junk.
Don't exactly set you up for life, a mum like that, does it? You've got to overcome all that.
Trust me, Jase, you've got to make something of your life, even amongst all this shit.
Know what I'm saying? Look, eat your food, I'll be back.
What you saying? So, what's the deal down at the warehouse? There's a back way in, you know.
Can we get to it, yeah? Mmm.
When do you want to do it? Tomorrow night.
What about now? Bruv, I got to go deal with Kayla.
She's talking about co-operating.
Should've buried that bitch that night with Kamale, you know.
Well, don't worry about that.
I'll deal with Kayla.
Then we go and visit these Albanian brothers, yeah? Yo, bruv, listen, yeah? Apparently, Kayla's got a child.
A little boy.
He should come and visit us, you get me? All right, fam, say no more.
We go and see your mummy, yeah, Elijah? We're going to go see your mummy.
Call the fucking police, his mum ain't going to see him again, you understand what I'm saying to you? Do you understand? Yeah.
Hey, Elijah.
Don't forget your dog.
Hello? This cannot go on.
This cannot go on! Is that what you want? I want to talk to Dushane.
Who? Don't even try that with me, little girl, you heard what I said.
I said I want to talk to Dushane.
Dushane ain't here, innit.
Well, just tell him that Lisa Smith wants to see him tonight, right? Right?! All right.
Say, what do you want? Check this old woman looking for beef! That's a pound.
Yeah, cheers.
Hi! This is for you.
Oh, no, I can't Please it's free.
Thank you.
That's kind.
You need to eat.
You look thin.
I don't even know how to bring this up Has Gem ever talked to you about a Chinaman? A Chinaman? Yeah, Vincent.
He owns the mini-market? No.
Look, I think you should talk to Gem.
What's he done? I'm sorry, I hope you don't think I'm interfering but I think he's in some bad trouble with Vincent.
This boy's always in trouble.
What's wrong with him? Look, if it was me, I'd want to know.
I'm sorry, I have to take this.
Sorry, sorry.
You all right? Come in.
You want a drink? No, thank you.
It's a nice place.
Yeah, it's all right.
You can sit down, you know.
How can I help you? I need to ask you for something.
All right.
But I don't want to owe you anything.
I want you to do it for me, and then it's over and nobody ever talks about it again, it's forgotten.
Done! I think you do need a drink, you know! No, thank you.
Look, I I can't agree to anything if I don't know what it is, can I? You know Vincent? The Chinaman? Yeah, I know him.
He beat up Ra'Nell.
He beat him up bad and .
now he's after Ra'Nell and his friend, Gem.
So, you want me to sort out the Chinaman, then? Not "sort"talk.
I want you to talk to him.
All right, you want me to talk to the Chinaman? I can do that.
I'll have a word with him and trust me, after I speak to him, he won't go near Ra'Nell again, all right? I better leave All right.
There's still more left.
Why don't you help me finish it? I have to go.
All right, it's time for bed now, Erin.
Don't you ever do what you're told? Why is Erin still up? Go to bed! Who's that? Don't matter.
He can stay in Erin's room.
No! No! Yeah? Yo.
It's done, man.
Gems! Gemel? Gemel? Hey, Gemel? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Shit! Hey, hey, Gemel! Gemel! Hey.
Come on.
Wake up.
Hey, come on.
That's it.
That's it.
That's it.
Dad? Who gave you this? Gemel? The Chinaman? This problem, it's going to be sorted out.
How? It's going to get sorted.
That's all you need to know.
And we're going to get back to normal.
Hey! Hey, Michael! Come, man! What you saying, cuz? You all right, yeah? Just got the flu, innit? You know you need some rum, fam.
Trust me, innit.
You ever tried rum before? No.
How old are you? Ah, that's way too young, fam.
It would be irresponsible if I gave you rum, fam.
You'd be waved, you'd be all over the place, staggering, chatting bare sorts of stupids.
Nah, not me.
Trust me, cuz, that's what happens when you drink too much, fam.
Trust me, innit? You get waved, bruv.
You wake up the next morning, and think, "Rah, what did I say last night?" Start regretting it, and that, but it's too late, bruv, it's done, innit.
What you said, you said.
Anyway, I need my best soldier ready for today, you get me? So what you saying, you got this flu thing, or what? No, man, I'm cool.
Yeah, that's good, cos Ben needs some food.
Remember where Ben lives? The big house with all the books, innit? Mmm, that's the one.
Yeah, you're going to roll with Collins today, anyway, yeah? Later on, you grab the food, you take it over to Ben, and collect the right money.
All right, cool.
How much? Yeah.
Cool? Say no more.
There's something you need to tell Kayla.
I've said everything I've got to say about that.
I'm an officer of the court.
I'm not in this with you.
I'm not your co-conspirator.
That's Elijah, Kayla's kid.
We've got him.
Oh, my God.
Don't worry about it.
He's all right, he's fine.
He's safe.
What have you done? As long as Kayla keeps her mouth shut, Elijah goes home.
All you got to do is help her make the right decision, yeah? Call me when you talk to her.
Oi, Ra'Nell! Ra'Nell! My dad says we're going today, innit.
Going where? Ramsgate, bruv, I told you.
Serious? Yeah, man.
Ramsgate? You can come on your holiday.
It's got a beach.
Is it? Well, I don't know if it's got a proper beach, but it's definitely by the sea.
You can come visit me.
Yeah, all right.
Got to go, man.
All right, bruv, just came to say goodbye, innit.
Holler me, yeah? Safe, bruv.
Yo, bruv! What do you want? You're Vincent, yeah? I heard you like to beat up kids, fam.
They lose my drugs.
Old enough to deal, old enough to deal with it.
You don't know what you're talking about.
What do you mean, I don't fucking know what I'm talking about? Shut up! You put your hand on Ra'Nell Smith again Hey, hey! You Vincent? Why does everyone want to know my name? You leave my son alone! You understand me?! You leave my son, or I'll cut your fucking head off! Fucking madman! I'll cut your fucking hands off! Help! Help! Help me! Help me! Someone help me! I thought about everything.
I'm going to co-operate.
There's something you should know.
Cool, fam.
Put it away.
Let's go and pick up Sully.
My client knows nothing about the offences which you put to her.
She'll be making no further comment.
It's going to be OK.
Shut up! Don't even talk to me, you fucking bitch.
Say, what do you want? One.
Hey, when are we going to Ben's yard? Chill, man.
We got to go to Dushane's first.
Four bills there, fam.
Cool, there's the keys.
Bless, fam.
Straight? Straight.
Wagwan? Cool.
Cool? Hear what I'm saying.
This is my boy, Shaheed.
Stand up, bruv, yeah.
Yeah, man, good to see you.
You ready? Born ready.
Yo! Well, how did it go? All right, I'm coming there now.
What does Ben want? Who? Ben.
The guy we're meant to be delivering the food to.
I don't know.
What shall I bring him? Bruv, I don't know, man.
Why don't you call Dushane and ask? Bruv, he texted me, he told us to wait here at his yard.
What, he's coming back here? Chill, man, what's with all the fucking questions? Doors closing.
Kayla refused to co-operate.
She is a good girl.
Just tell me Elijah's safe, please.
Promise me that.
He's safe.
He'll be home later.
The Feds say anything about forensics? No, they didn't find anything.
All right, no Kayla, no forensics, no nothing.
You still got your witness.
No, don't worry about that.
You did good, though.
You're going to need to find a new solicitor.
Why? I ain't changing.
I've got "Now move on".
She's the best there is, innit? And like I said, everything's gone away now.
You kidnap a child.
You coerce me into It's all gone away? Are you going to let this fuck up your whole end plan, yeah? You told me I need to move on and step up.
Now I'm telling you, you need to do the same thing.
And I'm the way you can do that.
Rhianna, everyone sometimes in their life has to do something wrong to get the right result.
It ain't nice, but you got to do what you got to do, innit? No.
You and me? We're not the same.
Babe, come on Don't touch me! The Kamale thing has gone away.
Yes! Thank fuck for that.
Well, that's good news, no? Yeah.
Yeah, man.
Oi! Yo! Don't fucking move.
Don't move! Don't fucking move! Move and I'll fucking blow your head off! Hey, hey, listen! You know what we come for, innit? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?! Where the fuck is it? Yo! How many you saying? We're good! Pussies! Let's go! Get in, get in! We all good? Mmm all good, fam, all good.
Yeah, spike me, nice.
Oh, my God, come here! Didn't even have to bury anyone this time.
Told ya! Unbeatable, fam.
So, what you saying? Ain't going to run Summerhouse together again, yeah? Look, that stunt you pulled with Mike .
just can't forgive that.
So that's it then? Later.
See you, babe.
You all right? Come on, let's go.
Gemel? You packed your things? Yeah.
Train is in 20 minutes.
And that ends that, OK? Check that, fam.
Helping you feed your peoples.
You better make sure this keeps the peace.
You know Sully's setting up in Hoxton, innit? Yeah, so what? It's his business.
Fam, it'll be your business too soon, you know.
Sully don't like no competition, fam.
You got your food.
Move on! What about Michael? Want me to do it? I know you like the youth, man.
Don't worry about that, I'll deal with it.
It's got to be done.
This game is shit, man.
What you go and chuck it on the floor for? What? It's Dushane's.
Shut up! Relax, man.
Dushane! Dushane! Dushane!
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