Top Boy (2011) s04e01 Episode Script

Good Morals

1 [waves rushing.]
[man sighs.]
- [man in net groaning.]
- Eh [in Spanish.]
 Please, Emilio! Is this gonna hold up? Yes, it'll hold.
[man in net.]
Please, Emilio! - Shut up! - [groans.]
What's he doing bollock naked? You know my dad was from around here.
He was a fisherman.
He always said to me, "Emilio, what the fish like is meat.
" And that's what we're giving them.
Come on.
I'll pay everything back.
You know me.
Emilio, I'll pay every penny.
Of course I know you, Javi.
So shut the fuck up.
'Cause you owe me a lot of money, motherfucker.
- Los Duques.
It was Los Duques.
- [laughs.]
Los Duques, he says - I swear, Emilio.
I swear! - Come on now.
I swear, Emilio! Shhh! Okay, calm down.
[cocks gun.]
No! Please! No! [yelps.]
[engine rumbling.]
[man in English.]
Yo, yo, guards.
Yeah! That's my cell, bruv.
[man continues shouting.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Mr Jackson, does the Crown accept the continuity of the video? It does, Your Honour.
And what is the Crown's view on the confession? [woman.]
If I may, Your Honour? If the video is genuine, logically the confession must be false.
The Crown is offering no evidence in this case.
In the circumstances, Mr Tovell, I will direct a verdict of not guilty.
- [sighs.]
- [murmuring.]
- Congratulations, mate.
- Thank you, Tim.
[buzz of conversation.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- Yo.
- [laughs.]
Come on! [whispers.]
Fuckin' hell.
Smelling good, bro! - Fresh home! - Yeah.
Fresh home, baby.
Fresh fucking home where I belong.
- A'ight.
- Come on.
You get me? Why you lookin' all stressed out? Ain't got nothin' to worry about.
Your big bro's home now, ready to look after you.
Where's Stef? Nah, he wanted to stay home, innit.
He was a little bit stressed and that, but he's cool.
- He's good? - [Kit.]
Cuz, he's good, man.
You worry too much, fam.
Just worry about gettin' out of these and a fresh trim 'cause I don't know who you let line you up in there.
- He looks like a wasteman! - [laughing.]
Bruv, pick up your bag and let's go, man.
- [laughing.]
- [Jamie.]
Aaah! Jeun soke o, dem go dey jeun soke o All my people, dem go jeun soke o Boss man, e go jeun soke o When the gbedu dey enter body Enter body All de gyal dem Go shake their body - What'd you do with that? - I said Dem go shake their body - Oluwa Burna mo Gbona feli - [cheering.]
- Say mo Gbona feli - He's fucking back! You no get money, you dey call police - Yes! Come on! - What you saying? Yeah! You know! [cheering and laughter.]
Yes, yes, Mikey.
What you saying? What you saying, man? Hey.
- What you saying, bruv? - Hurry up! Hey, yo! - Yes, bro.
What you saying? - [Farah.]
A'ight, listen, man.
King back! - You get me? - I get you.
What your man want? - [Jamie.]
Where's Stef? - [Aaron.]
He's in the yard, innit? - He's in the yard.
- This is you.
I'm good, man.
Nah, man.
Got finals and that.
Fam, your brother just ducked ten fuckin' years, you're talking about Take this and don't get me mad, fam.
You're takin' the day off today.
Bro, I can't take no days off.
- Once I get this first, bruv.
- Yes! The first is important.
I need to get that.
- What's wrong with him, fam? - I'm tryin' to tell you.
He ain't like us.
Different breed.
So I'm fuckin' proud of him.
Proud of you, bro, though, for real.
Yo! [Tyrone.]
Hey, what do you dickheads want? Yeah, it's calm, man.
It's calm.
It's only them, man.
- Ain't no problems, are there? - No, there ain't.
Why would there be a problem? Go upstairs.
- What, you sure? - Go, Aaron, man.
Dushane's video done the trick like he said it would.
I ain't here to cramp your party, bruv.
You do your ting and enjoy yourself.
That's exactly what we was doin', bruv.
Yo, fam.
Sack me that bottle.
- Fuck's this about a bottle? - What's wrong with you? Chill out.
Dushane sent you this.
Enjoy it, man.
What the fuck is this meant to be, bruv? Some sort of peace offering? What the fuck does it look like? Tell Dushane I said bless up, innit.
You can tell him that yourself.
He wants to link up with you tomorrow.
1 Cafe.
You remember it, right? Yeah, course.
Ten o'clock.
- [mouths.]
- Cool.
Take it easy.
All right.
- [kisses teeth.]
Move out here.
- Yo, bro, what them pussios want? Everything's cool.
Why you lot moving mad? - Hold this.
- Bruv, I don't like them.
- [Kit.]
Man said I don't like them.
- Why you even focusing on that right now? We should be focused on making some fucking P's, bruv.
- [cheering.]
- Get what I'm trying to say? That's what we need to be rolling on now.
I am gonna check in on Stef.
I'm gonna check you man after.
- [Farah.]
Nice, man.
- See ya.
- In a bit.
Love you, man.
For real.
- [Tyrone.]
Bring that spliff back, man.
- [laughs.]
- [Farah.]
Love for the suit, my guy.
[Kit chuckling.]
What's wrong with these lot? She's lucky I never bust her head with that bottle.
What's wrong with you? What do you mean, "what's wrong with me"? What's wrong with you? Bad man's back and you're here worried about that bitch.
Come on, man.
Yo! - Hey, where's Stef? - [Aaron.]
Living room.
- Yo.
- [football commentary on TV.]
You can't get off your arse and give your brother a hug at the door? I'm bang in the middle of a match.
- What the fuck? - What you mean? Your brother's home! What you mean, you're right in the middle of a match? [chuckling.]
Oh, man.
I've missed you, though.
You're looking good as well, bro.
It's mad.
It's actually mad still.
Look at you, getting shy and shit, blud.
How much Henny have you had? 'Cause you grown two hairs on your balls, you think you can talk like that, blud? - Aye, fuck off.
- What'd you say? What'd you say? - I said fuck off, innit? - Don't chat like that around here, Stef.
- Where you going? - To do homework.
Well, when he's playing against a player, he's trying to look at what his qualities are.
Is he a good player, is he this, is he that? When somebody tells you he's a finisher, you know you're in big trouble.
Know how many times I dreamt of this day? [kisses teeth.]
It ain't going like nothin' what I thought, bro.
Joke ting.
[bell rings.]
[intercom crackles.]
Hi, it's Shelley here for the private beauty treatment.
- [door opens.]
- [buzzer sounds.]
- [laughs.]
- You.
I am your, uh, six o'clock.
- You're so silly.
- Mani, pedi - No, I'm joking.
Come on, come in.
- [laughs.]
- What is this? - Give me a kiss.
We's in.
I always knew this is how boys live.
I don't know if this is how boys live, but what do you think? [sighs.]
What do I think? Um It's definitely givin' me bachelor pad vibes.
Nah, nah.
This ain't a bachelor pad.
This is for us.
Tish's room.
Remember you said you wanted a home? So we can be a proper family.
There's more.
Come on.
[woman, in Spanish.]
Any treatment will have serious side effects.
Very difficult to manage.
I don't think they would make a real difference.
- How long? - It's hard to tell these things.
How long? Three months.
Perhaps six, though that's unlikely.
I'm sorry.
- Emilio, what are you doing? - Sir, are you all right? - Emilio.
- [sighs.]
Emilio, please.
[Emilio sighs.]
- Behave.
- Sorry.
[buzz of conversation in Spanish.]
- Listen.
- What? I want to die at home.
You know I'll look after the girls, right? I'll take care of them.
I'm going to devote my whole life to them, so don't worry about them, okay? The one I worry about is you.
In case something happens to you.
Promise me you'll get out of this business.
- I promise.
- You swear? I swear, okay? [car door closes.]
[in English.]
So where does this leave us? [Lizzie.]
Where do you think it leaves us? Answering a question with a question.
Is that where we are now? I'm asking you.
What do you wanna do? [sighs.]
We've been together a long time.
Can't we just talk this through like adults? Frankly We've made a lot of money together.
Well, you said frankly.
If we were to split, how would we divide the assets? Split's still hypothetical, isn't it? The law says 50/50.
The law.
You want lawyers crawling all over our books? Which is why 50/50 is the easiest way.
Except that the property, my side of things, brought a lot more to the party than your side of things.
My side of things? - Mm-hm.
- The drugs got us the property business.
What we have, we built together.
- And I'm the one taking all the risks.
- All right.
We can both see a split would be messy.
Not if it's 50/50.
[phone vibrating.]
I need to know my future's secure.
+34? - That's Spain.
- Emilio? Emilio? Lizzie, I'm calling to tell you I'm out.
I can't explain now, but something's happened Just just wait.
Wait till we've spoken.
No, Lizzie, I'm out.
That's it.
- Emilio - [bleeping.]
Problem? Yeah, it's a fuckin' problem.
Emilio says he's out.
[soul music plays in background.]
[Shelley chuckles.]
I don't see any gold taps.
- I'll call my designer.
- [laughs.]
- Designer! - Yeah.
What? You ain't got no designer.
- I have.
- [laughs.]
I have.
- [chuckles.]
- Aah! See, all of this is just a first step.
I have a plan.
Good to know.
I'm stepping back from the roads now.
All of that shit is long.
And by next year, I wanna be completely legit.
Then it's just me, you, and Tish.
[ringing tone.]
[drum and bass music thumping[ Hey, that fat fuck Kit was a little too brash though.
Fatty coulda done with a likkle backhand.
- Let him know himself.
You feel me? - [laughs.]
All right.
 Am I punkin', or are these boydem followin' us? - [Jaq.]
There ain't nothin' in the car? - No.
Nothing, still.
- [Jaq.]
Romy, you dashed the spliff, innit? - I dashed that still.
[siren blaring.]
Come on, man.
What the fuck? Come on, man! - You lot chill, right? - [Jaq.]
What is this? Can you not chill, man? [kisses teeth.]
Fuckin' 'ell.
[radio chatter.]
This is a Section 60 stop and search.
Can you exit the vehicle, please? Section 60? Are you all right, mate? Why? - What's all this hostility about? - Unlock the door and exit the vehicle.
Unlock my door for what? You're disrupting my journey.
I got things to do.
- What's your problem? - Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Show me yours so I can see what you're doing! Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Don't make any sudden movements Fuck off.
[radio chatter.]
You've been ordered to exit the vehicle.
Do as you're told, please.
Rah, what the fuck's wrong with RoboCop, man? I asked you to get out of the car.
I asked politely, didn't I? - [Romy.]
Fuck off.
- Get out of the car.
Fuck off.
- [Jaq.]
What are you doing? Hey! - Get out of the vehicle! - [Kieron yells.]
- [Jaq.]
Hey! What the fuck? What the fuck are you doing? - Come with me.
- Get out of the car! Hey, come on, man! What the fuck is this? Hey! Get the fuck off me.
Fuck your Section 60.
- Easy.
Down you come.
- Get the fuck off! [groans.]
- Hey, don't fucking grab him like that! - Stop! [yells.]
I ain't got nothin' for you.
Go on.
Give me a good old fuckin' search.
- I ain't got nothin', bro.
- Aah! - [Romy.]
What the - [officer.]
Why are you in the vehicle? - What's your relation to the owner? - Ugh! Get your stink breath out my face.
Come violate us like this and you want answers from me? - Suck your mum.
How about that? - [Jaq.]
Watch my phone! - What you doing, man? - Why are you movin' like that? - You don't need to do this.
- [Kieron.]
Fuckin' hurting my arms! - Stop resisting.
- You don't need to be movin' like this.
I'm fucking calm as you.
He's fucking twisting my arm! Okay, man.
Get the fuck off me.
- [Jaq.]
You all right, yeah? - Stop fucking resisting! - Or I'll tase you.
- [Jaq.]
search You fucking prick! - Hey! Hey, Jaq! You good? - Yeah, I'm good, bro.
Are you all right? - No talking.
- Yeah [Jaq.]
Shut the fuck up, dickhead! - Don't talk to her like that! - Public servant.
You fucking work for us, don't forget! Guv, the vehicle registration comes back as owned by a Ruben Miller and the company name of Fine Line Prestige Car Hire.
- It's another one of Ruben's cars.
- Ruben must be making a fortune.
Every gangster in the borough's driving one of his cars.
There's an ANPR alert on the VRN at the request of CID.
All other checks, tax, insurance, all come back clear.
We've completed a full search of the vehicle.
Nothing found other than the rental agreement.
Driver's got a valid licence and is insured.
They've all been ID'd.
There's no warrants.
Fuck off, man.
You lot are bored, man.
- You're not going nowhere, mate.
- All right, Roms? Okay, guys.
We're done.
Let's go, please.
All that fuckery, we ain't even done nothin'.
Now you ain't even nickin' us.
I'd be careful whose cars you lot ride around in if I were you.
- [growls.]
- Let's go! - [Romy.]
Yeah, embarrassing, innit? - Got fuckin' nothin' better to do? [Romy.]
Gimme my shit, man! Move, bruv! Always on this dumb stuff, fam, I swear down.
Yeah, walk off.
A'ight, can we go, man? You good, bro? [sighs.]
Bro, what is all this, man? Come on.
Gotta do better than this.
- Bro - Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Ain't you ever heard? It's not even that messy in here.
- Where's Stef? - I dunno.
Probably just gettin' up now.
- Ain't he gonna be late? - No.
He's definitely gonna be late, fam.
Look at the time.
Hey, Stef! Stef! [Stef.]
Coming! You're gonna be late, bro.
You know he ain't ever been late since the time you've been gone.
We're good, man.
We've got it sorted.
Just chill.
- [Jamie.]
Yo, what you doin'? - Having cereal.
This guy, fam.
Come here as well.
Come here.
You gotta be earlier, man.
Can't be runnin' late for school, you know.
Know what I'm sayin'? Next time you want me to do this, all you gotta do is ask.
Look how fat it is.
What do you mean, "look how fat it is"? Look, see? Patterned.
[Jamie chuckling.]
Yeah, yeah.
Fam, you ain't gotta walk me in.
I ain't a kid any more.
It's my first mornin' home, man.
Shouldn't have come.
See you later, Stef, yeah? [exhales.]
- Wagwan? - What you sayin'? I'm good, bro.
You? - Good.
Even better now.
- [laughs.]
What you sayin' about Sully's P's? Gonna drop them through? Yeah, tomorrow.
When you see him, tell him I said bless up, innit.
Yeah, yeah.
But listen now.
Us man got pulled over yesterday in Kieron's rental.
The Audi.
- They didn't find nothin' on you, though? - Nah, man.
The car was clean.
- It's a routine stop, then, innit? - [scoffs.]
Man, that's what I thought.
One of the officers said, "Careful whose car you're drivin' round in.
" - Why'd he say that? - Fuck knows.
What did he say exactly? He said, "Careful whose car you're drivin' round in.
" Did he say Ruben's name? Nah, not until he saw the paperwork and that.
What, you think there's a problem? Nah, man.
Nah, it's calm.
We've been cert.
Ease up, ease up.
[kisses teeth.]
This guy! - What's wrong? - I mean, can we even trust man? Just keep an eye on him.
Yeah? - In a bit.
- Yeah.
[door opens.]
- Wagwan? - Wagwan? What you sayin'? [clears throat.]
Good, bro.
Yeah, I'll bet you are.
It's just mad that we're here again, innit? Mmm.
Hopefully, this time, we don't have to make the same mistake we made last time, do we? Yeah, last time was a little situation still.
- Mmm.
- Can't lie.
What's good, though? Bro, what's good is in the last six months, there ain't been one murder on the ends.
Or a stabbing, for that.
We've made silly money just 'cause we've been focused on business, rather than fucking looking over our shoulder waiting for man to run up and bust shots on us.
Things can only get better.
I've got a link to Spain and Morocco about to come through with a big bit.
More money than you ever seen in your life, bro.
D'you wanna be a part of it, or what? Part of it how? By doing what you always done.
Sellin' food.
Your food, yeah? I guess it is, yeah.
My food.
This'll be good for you, man.
For you and your people, you get me? I ain't gonna lie.
While you was gone, dem man, they were broke.
Like, proper struggling, fam.
'Bout time they got a likkle bring in, innit.
[Jamie sighs.]
So what you saying, man? It's up to you.
All right.
All right.
- It's good, man.
- Say no more.
You're a smart guy, you know.
You got vision.
Jaq's gonna tell you how shit goes.
- Mira cómo yo lo hago, calla'o - Shh Llevo mucho tiempo Y lo que tengo lo he gana'o Vacilando, flow de contrabando Estoy guilla'o Porque ni robo ni vendo Y vivo como había soña'o - Mira cómo yo lo hago, calla'o - Shh Llevo mucho tiempo Y lo que tengo lo he gana'o Vacilando, flow de contrabando Estoy guilla'o Porque ni robo ni vendo Y vivo como había soña'o Fumo verde, huelo rosa Me casé con el dinero Ahora e' mi esposa Ando con un par de cueros Que están celosa' - Hey, Lizzie.
- How are you? This is Antonio.
Nice to meet you.
- [in Spanish.]
Pleased to meet you.
- Thanks.
[in English.]
How's Sofía? [Emilio.]
They gave her three months.
Six, at the most.
I'm so sorry, Emilio.
She's strong, but [in Spanish.]
Women are stronger.
[in English.]
She's afraid if anything happens to me, what will happen to the children? So I promised her, I'm out.
Antonio and I have worked together a long time.
He's Sofía's brother.
He's family, you know? Look, I feel terrible bringing this up.
I mean, really terrible.
Even more so now, but this is incredibly bad timing for me, Emilio.
This Moroccan shipment is bigger than anything we've ever done before.
And when Dushane finds out you're out, he's gonna cut me loose.
Or worse.
You're the only reason why I'm important to him.
Listen, Antonio will take over.
He will do everything I've been doing.
What about the Duques and the other gangs? Can he handle them? As long as we keep paying Juan El Bueno, he'll keep the other gangs under control.
- Antonio is going to meet him tomorrow.
- Yeah.
I need to be at that meeting.
There is no need.
Antonio will take care of everything.
[in Spanish.]
It's cool.
[in English.]
Everything okay.
I need to see that for myself.
Due diligence.
It's your call, Lizzie.
I'm assuming you want to be able to spend and enjoy the money you're making? Obviously.
I work hard for it.
I should be able to spend it, innit.
And I can help you with that.
What was, uh your turnover for the last financial year? Ballpark? Four or five mill.
And what's your projected turnover this year? It should be 15, if everything goes right in Morocco.
What would you say your overheads are likely to be? Well, the biggest overhead is obviously the product.
That's two to three mill.
Then you got wages, cars, burners, yards for storage, sweeteners here and there.
Probably another 500 bags.
So, uh this year, you'll be left with ten million? Mm, sounds about right.
Washing ten million's gonna be a challenge.
You're a victim of your own success, Dushane.
We have to factor in corporation tax, income tax up to 45%, and your, uh, National Insurance contributions.
You ever paid tax, Dushane? [chuckles.]
Do I look dumb? It's a criminal offence not to pay.
You could go to prison.
Oooh! Listen, you lot are movin' like you're the tax man.
I wanna know how much I could walk out of here with.
Well, normally 40 to 60 pence in the pound.
So do I get five out of ten? It'd be more like three.
Uh, that figure's industry standard.
There is another avenue we can explore.
The Summerhouse redevelopment.
I'm working with the consortium.
They're open to ready cash.
- I could get you in there.
- What's the budget? 1.
2? 1.
4 billion.
Be a lot easier to hide ten mill in something of that scale.
How would you feel about getting involved with the Summerhouse redevelopment? I just wanna know how much I can keep.
[Lithe sighs.]
Well, if we go the, uh, Summerhouse route, we could get you up to six or seven.
Sound good? It's better than three, innit? [dog barking.]
Can I help you? No, you're all right, man.
I know you.
You're Gerard, Edna's boy.
How is Edna? Ain't seen her in yonks.
She passed.
I'm sorry.
She was a proper nice lady.
Thank you.
How many of youse lot left on this landing? I'm the only one.
They keep sendin' me these letters, tryin' to get me out.
Threatenin' letters, that's what they are.
The people who send 'em, they ought to be nicked.
It's against the law to send threatenin' letters.
They should go to jail.
Because they're landlords, no one lays a finger on 'em.
No one's lived here since they killed him.
Found him up on the roof of the tower block, didn't they? Shot him.
Twenty times.
- [sighs.]
- Yeah.
He was a quiet bloke.
Always said hello.
He had a daughter.
Lovely girl.
They took her into care, didn't they? What's that gonna do to a kid, eh? Your dad up there, riddled with bullets.
Your mum in some horrible hostel with all sorts of drug addicts and criminals.
- She ain't got no chance, that girl.
- It's not a hostel.
Her mum's in jail.
Mandy? Nah.
Mandy's out now.
Mandy's out? Yeah, she was here the other day, screaming blue murder 'cause they wouldn't let her in the flat.
She's livin' in that hostel on Jane Street.
Look, anyway, good luck, man.
Fuck 'em.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
[train passing.]
B, this is long for man, you know.
Keep complaining.
Fucking gemming it with these things.
- No, not them.
- Huh? - We need tin cans and that, not cartons.
- Swear down.
You're so useless, man.
A'ight, you're movin' slow, man.
Just come up here.
Just hurry up.
Hurry up, bruv! Uh Have you seen Attica? Nah, I ain't seen him still.
- Do you have any idea where he might be? - Nah.
Please, tell him to come home.
- Please.
- All right, cool.
Bro, why you takin' so long, fam? Come on, man.
You're one of the oldest.
Hurry up, bro.
Look at little man.
Hey, brudda, brudda.
What are you doin'? You've gotta make sure it's all the way down, yeah? Nice and tight.
Yeah? Just like that.
Yeah, little man? [boy.]
Bruv, she looked shook, you know.
Um, I'm sure it'll be nothing, man.
Hi, look what we've got, fam.
All right, what the fuck are you lot doin'? - [laughs.]
- You men are movin' mad.
What's all this? Come off it, bruv.
This is a trap.
Put it all on the fucking dining table, you fucking idiot.
It's cool.
Hey, yo.
It's cool.
It's cool.
Mandem, relax.
We're on the same team, remember.
You forget? Get on with your job, a'ight? I'm showing these man the ropes.
Bro, who dreamed this ting up? We're on a recycling ting, you get me? Environmental and that.
Blud, is that a fucking j Bruv, what's going on in there, blud? - [Kieron.]
Oh fuck, man.
- [laughter.]
- [Romy.]
Bruv! - [Jaq.]
Oh shit! - [laughter.]
- [Kieron.]
Put it on you Wait, hold on.
Bruv, is this yours? Nah, bro.
I picked that shit up by accident.
It's yours, innit? [laughing.]
[laughing and clapping.]
Why would you put that in my face? What do you think you're doing? [Romy.]
A'ight, listen, listen.
A'ight, yeah.
No, uh Yeah, you got jokes.
You had jokes.
You had jokes.
- [Romy.]
You're a big man.
Get me? - Yo.
Ats's mum is looking for him.
Says he ain't been home in time.
She's proper worried.
When did she ask you this? - Just before I came in.
- [Kieron.]
Hey, Jaq.
Have you seen him? - No, not even.
- What should I tell his mum, then? Fuck knows, bruv.
["Peaceful Dub" by Harry Mosco.]
- A'ight, see that bin bag over there? - Yeah.
Take out one can.
And I mean one.
Don't think man's not watching, you know.
Come, bruv.
- Give him the P's.
- Harmony Take a bottle out of the bag.
And be quick with it as well.
Anyways, yeah, so I was speaking to her, yeah, and she was trying to speak to me as well, innit.
So I was speaking to her and then Two dark.
- Huh? - Two dark.
Yeah, come.
Give him the money, then! She's dumb, bruv.
Swear down.
Look at all these people, you know.
Harmony Get together What you saying to me? Done? All right, you just use the fob to arm it.
Huh? With this system, no one can come violate the ting.
- Bless.
- You get me? Okay.
You talk to Jaq about what happened in the car? I already spoke to her.
Feds smashed the window in or something.
Yeah, did she tell you what the fed said? About minding out whose car you're driving around in.
Yeah, she mentioned that.
- Bro.
- Hmm? Are the feds on to you? - They got no reason to be on to man.
- You fucking sell straps.
And rent them out.
Ain't that a good enough reason? Man's gotta eat, innit.
D'you know what I mean? Man's gotta eat, but I know my ting.
Bruv, look at this.
I've got these set up all over.
If they were on to man, you don't think I'd know? Come on.
- Bruv, listen.
I just hope so.
- You got that paranoia, bruv.
You be worrying too much.
That's your problem.
Someone has to worry, innit.
- Well, looks like it, innit.
- So what you sayin', big man? What you doin' with all this money you're makin'? - Just bought a couple of places, innit.
- Yeah? Yeah, man.
Got about three now.
Greenwich, Crouch End, Barnet.
- Tenants and that.
Steady income.
- Yeah.
What about you? What you doin' with your P? - You know Jeffrey? - Yeah.
He's pushing that Summerhouse deal my way still.
That's big league, man.
Bruv, just keep it between us, please.
You know there's a lot of bad feelin' now about what's goin' on with Summerhouse? Yeah, I know.
But listen, it's a shithole, bruv.
Come on, man.
It deserves to be knocked down.
Yeah, bruv.
You ain't wrong about that, fam.
But there's a lot of our people still livin' there.
Yes, we do.
By force of our fire.
You lot have oppressed us for too many years.
It's our time to shine.
Okay, and Ooh, girl, that feels good.
That feels really good.
It's better than sex! [chuckles.]
Your sex life must be dead.
It is dead.
Like, it's dry.
It don't exist.
Like, seriously, what is wrong with men? - What's wrong with the men? - When you're 16, yeah, they're fightin' their way to get into your bra, right? Then they get what they want and they wanna cut.
- [assistant.]
- [kisses teeth.]
But I'm still hot, right? Tara, you're, like, the hottest woman I know.
Yeah? And these bad boys are still in place, all right? - They are.
- So what is the problem, then? 'Cause I'm not even that picky.
Like my grandma used to say, "You pick, pick, pick till you pick shit.
" Let me tell you, you're hot, so keep picking.
And I'm not going halves with no man in Nando's, yeah? If you can't buy me no five wings, no little halloumi cheese, yeah, I mean, that's disrespectful.
- Can't even buy me a half chicken - Hey.
How can I help you? [woman.]
Well, this is a nail bar, ain't it? What do you think I come in here for? A bunch of flowers? - Okay.
Well, I can do you a full set - I want her to do it.
Not you.
Erm, yeah, okay.
Sorry, Tara.
Um Naomi, would you mind just Thank you.
- All right.
Do you wanna have a seat? - [Naomi.]
Take a seat.
Sorry 'bout that.
It's fine.
Here you go.
When's the last time you had 'em done? Do you think I got the fucking money to get 'em done on the regular? All right.
Would you like shellac, gel, your own nail? I'll have the shellac.
Do you wanna choose a color? Yeah.
I want that one.
Oh, Sarah, can you just get me the shellac, please? [filing.]
Stefan, please.
I ain't seen him.
Please, I'm worried about him.
He didn't come home again last night.
- [sighs.]
- I don't know where he is.
I'm sorry.
Attica misses you.
Whatever happened between you two, he won't tell me.
But I know he's sorry.
Me too.
[sighs deeply.]
- [knocking.]
- Fuck! Hey! - Fuckin' early! - My bad, bro.
Scared the fucking shit outta me.
You all right? Yeah, I'm sweet, bro.
- You? - Not really.
- Things looking good on the road, I see.
- Yeah.
This link that Lizzie's got in Spain sends the food regular.
Everyone's makin' P's, so everyone's happy.
You hear Jamie got out? Feds dropped the charges, innit.
Is it? [sighs.]
How's Dushane feel about that? He's cool with it, fam.
Got Jamie working for him now, innit.
How do you feel about it? Bruv, personally, I don't trust the guy.
Him or Kit.
- Ain't my shout, is it? - Not your shout? Are you not an adult? - [kisses teeth.]
- You not grown? Listen, Jaq.
Do you ever think about Dris? - Is that why you're hidin' out here? - Don't fuck with me.
You know I ain't.
I'm askin' you a question.
Do you ever think about Dris? What the fuck I had to do to my mate.
And why.
Fam, he done us a wrong 'un, innit.
Violated the ting.
So we gonna let fuckin' anyone else violate us? Come on, man.
You know it ain't right.
D'you hear Mandy got out? Dris's baby mama.
Yeah, I've seen her in the ends still.
She's movin' loud.
- Usual ting? - Yes.
Dushane told me to tell you bless up still.
Any message for him? No.
A'ight, bro.
[music and chatter.]
Yeah, cool, whatever.
In a bit.
Hello again, sexy.
How you doing? Come chill with us.
No, no, stop, stop.
Come and give us a cuddle, Frenchie.
Oi! Yeah? - [yelps.]
- Whoa! Fucking hell! Fuck! Bro, you all right? Oh shit! Bro, come here, man.
Fuck me.
No, no, don't do that.
Come here, bro.
I like your friend.
Yeah, she's something.
- [splashing.]
- Come on, take his hand, man.
[Tara laughing.]
Oh, my There you go.
Right, that'll be 35, please.
What, you're actually charging me, are ya? Well, Shellac is 20 and manicures are £15.
What, even for an old friend like me? Shelley.
I mean, me and you go back a long way, don't we? Or was you thinkin' I'd forgotten about ya? No, of course not.
- So do you remember my name? - Beverley.
Yeah, you're damn right you remember.
And you remember them times, don't ya? All that mad stuff.
- All right.
Nice to see you again.
- Oh, I bet it is.
Proper mad times though, weren't they? [chuckles.]
You've actually done all right for yourself 'ere, 'in't ya? [Tara.]
I won't lie! I'll see you again soon.
[door closes.]
[front door opens.]
[front door closes.]
Ain't you supposed to be in bed? Why did Ats do that to us? - Why did he plant that bag for Dushane? - [sighs.]
I thought he was my bro.
They were just mad on him, Stef.
You gotta remember that.
They had him right where they wanted, so he had no choice.
Yeah, but I wouldn't have done that to him.
That's 'cause you're strong.
You got good morals.
What's good morals? You know what good morals is, bruv.
It means you'll always be there for your family.
And for your brothers.
You'll never let them down.
Like, you wouldn't let me or Aaron down.
- Would you? - No.
No, never.
If the people you love know you're gonna be there for them no matter what, then they're gonna be there for you.
It's like me and Kit.
Something went wrong and he was there for me in a heartbeat, and he knows if it's the other way around, it's gonna be exactly the same.
You get me? Yeah, but I was there for Ats.
It was him that weren't there for me.
Listen, Stef.
If you're close to someone and they make a mistake and they didn't mean to, or they only done it because they had to, then you gotta take that on board.
'Cause we all make mistakes, right? But if that person is sorry for their mistake then you have to be big enough and strong enough to just let it go.
And that's what's correct.
That's what's good morals.
Now, don't let hate eat you up, Stef.
'Cause that ain't good for no one, okay? [sighs.]
Let's get to bed.
You have school tomorrow.
You best be good as well, fam.
- [door closes.]
- [Jamie sighs.]
Night, Stef.
Why can't you answer a straight question? - [all.]
Yeah! - Hey? What's so hard? Unless there's something to hide.
Have the plans changed or not? Just answer the bleeding question.
I'm just trying to be fair to the other people who want to speak.
[all clamouring.]
When the consortium, - this gang of crooks and thieves - They're avoiding the question.
- submitted plans - I know.
- they was promising us the moon.
- [all.]
Yeah! How we'd all come back to Summerhouse after the redevelopment and live in beautiful homes, and all bells and whistles.
Now Now, we're gettin' these letters.
- Yeah! - Same thing! And my letter says I have to move to a council flat in Luton.
I'm supposed to go to Bolton.
I'm supposed to go to Croydon.
No! And if I don't go within 14 days, the council says it won't be responsible for rehousing me.
- That's blackmail! Pure and simple! - It's a disgrace! And the letter don't say anything about coming back to Summerhouse.
So have the plans changed or not? - [man.]
Or not? You tell us! - [all yelling.]
Please settle down.
Please settle.
Look, I understand you have concerns.
Of course you do, this is about your homes.
I know.
- But we have to face facts, okay? - What facts? [Jeffrey.]
And the fact is the economic climate is very difficult.
- [all yelling.]
- Yeah, 'cause you lot are thieves.
Extremely difficult.
And the consortium have had to make adjustments here and there.
But I guarantee that those who come back are gonna find Summerhouse transformed.
Absolutely transformed.
There's gonna be additional green space.
There's gonna be a second playground.
[all yelling.]
- Shame on you! - Larger communal areas.
- Right, here we go! - It'll be safer.
Is that gonna help? - Dickheads! - You're takin' liberties! [girl.]
Well, that was a laugh.
Yo, bruv.
[woman sighs.]
Where is Attica? I don't know, do I? Attica is a child.
I'm his mother.
Tell me where he is.
Look, I understand you don't know where your son is right now.
- But I ain't got a clue where he is.
- I know what you make him do.
You use him in the streets.
- I know.
- I don't make him do nothin'.
I don't know what you're talkin' about, man.
[kisses teeth.]
What's happened? It's Attica.
He's not answering his phone.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
Are you okay? What's wrong? [children shouting.]
[crickets chirping.]
[dog barking.]
[in Spanish.]
Los Duques are crazy.
They're armed to the teeth.
They've tried to steal our stuff before.
Can you handle them? They're very dangerous and unpredictable.
That's why we need Juan El Bueno's protection.
[lights buzzing.]
[Spanish pop song playing.]
[in English.]
- Welcome.
- You must be Juan.
Yes, I am.
Have a seat.
- You feel okay? Comfortable? - [Lizzie.]
Mmm! - Something to drink? - [Lizzie.]
Niño! [in Spanish.]
A beer, please.
A half, nice and cold.
[in English.]
So, nice to meet you.
And you.
Something to eat? No, no.
We're good.
You know, sweets are my [in Spanish.]
weak point.
- [in English.]
You know? - Mm.
[in Spanish.]
How's it going? How's Emilio? He's strong.
He'll be fine.
And your sister? Is she gonna make it? - No, I don't think so.
- That's shit.
I feel terrible for you and for them.
[in English.]
I've known Emilio since a long time.
I have helped him a lot.
In fact, very recently, I had to talk to Los Duques after Emilio and Antonio here did something to offend them.
I said to Los Duques, "You don't touch Emilio, no.
" I'm sure Emilio really appreciates that.
- Now this thing with his wife is - Oh, it's awful.
It's very hard, yeah.
But I don't see how that changes anything business-wise.
Antonio is gonna take over and just keep things as they were.
Yeah? - Antonio's a good man.
- [patting.]
[in Spanish.]
Everything's going to be all right.
[in English.]
Good to hear.
So, cheers.
Mmm [in Spanish.]
I'm going to the bathroom.
[in English.]
You know, after 45, the prostate is not a joke.
Excuse me.
[in Spanish.]
It was easier than I thought.
Un carnaval Y es tan bello vivir cantando Oh-oh-oh, ay No hay que llorar Que la vida es un carnaval Y las penas se van cantando Oh-oh-oh Ay [wind gusting.]
[in Spanish.]
Is everything okay? I don't know.
[in English.]
Let's go.
Now! [yelps.]
[engine revving.]
[vehicle drives away.]
[phone vibrating.]
Yo, Lizzie.
What's goin' on? [panting.]
We have a problem.
How bad is it? Bad.
The link's out and the the fella who was supposed to take over is has just been killed.
The fuck? I I need to get out of here.
Look, uh I'll I'll call you later.
[ringing tone.]
Nice one.
Yeah, see you later, man.
You okay? [phone ringing.]
Guys? There is something there.
What is it? Going in.
- Give us a hand with this.
- [phone ringing.]
Grab the bags, grab the bags.
Look! - Fucking hell! - Nah.
That's all we need.

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