Top Boy (2011) s04e02 Episode Script

How Do I Fix This?

1 Is there anything I can get for you, Amma? Anything at all? We're here for you.
- God will give you strength.
- Yeah.
He's by your side.
Some toast and sweet tea.
You need to eat something, Amma.
We're just trying to establish a timeline of his movements.
Whatever, man.
So when did you last see Attica? When did we see the yout? A week.
How many days exactly? Uh four or five days, uh What about you, mate? I ain't heard a thing, man.
So none of youse has seen or heard anything? Nah.
Okay, can we go now, please? - No, still got more questions to ask - Yo, Jaq.
- What? - Come.
You need to see this.
- Remember my cousin Danny? - Mmm.
- Who does the computer repairs an' that? - Yeah.
He saw this on his camera, fam.
The one outside the shop.
It's Ats, blud.
Yeah, it's definitely him, innit? Look, this is the part, cuz.
Watch this.
- The fuck? - Watch, man.
Who the fuck's this brudda? Shit, they just grabbed him! It's mad.
Who the fuck's this bitch? - Who is she? - Don't know.
- She ain't from the ends.
- Hey, Kieron.
Send me her picture.
Just hang on, fam.
- We gonna give it to the feds? - Fuck, no.
Dushane's gonna wanna take care of this in-house, hear what I'm saying? Send it out to everyone we know.
Tell 'em don't put it on socials or nuttin'.
We need to keep this shit controlled.
Anybody sees the bitch, they bell me instantly.
Man needs to find her rapid, bruv.
- Later.
- Love.
Where's Emilio? He's at home.
He's waitin' for us.
I wanna know what the fuck is goin' on 'ere.
I have to get this, my love.
Come in.
Antonio Antonio was the brother of my wife.
He's got a kid.
Not even six months.
Thank God you're okay, Lizzie.
Why did they shoot Antonio and not me? Payback.
For Los Duques.
He was competition.
You're a buyer.
Can someone tell me what the fuck is goin' on 'ere? Juan El Bueno switched sides.
- Puta madre.
- Well, who the fuck is Juan El Bueno? A captain of the National Police.
He's a fed? One who looks the other way.
For a price, obviously.
So what went wrong? You stop paying them the money? - No.
- No.
The problem is Los Duques.
Now I'm out, and they see an opportunity to to take over, and they are paying Juan more.
If Juan is working with Los Duques now, we got a problem.
A a big problem.
All right, look.
How about I make a deal with this Juan guy? When there's a problem, you throw money at it, right? Usually does the trick.
That's what Antonio thought.
With Juan, there is always a risk.
A real risk, you know? And you never know what is waiting for you.
Bruv, how do I fix this? 'Cause I got two million in this shipment.
I can get your two million back.
If that is what you want, it won't be a problem.
No, it's not what I want.
What I want is the supply, and I need it regular.
For that, you will need the Moroccans.
Mi amor.
Please, Emilio.
You promised me you wouldn't have anything more to do with these people.
And it's over.
I promise you.
I swear, my love.
De verdad.
Go back down, okay? I'll be right down.
Bro, I need to talk to these Moroccans, man.
- Give me a couple of hours.
Okay? - Sí.
- What you sayin', likkle man? - Stop calling me that.
I'm not likkle.
I'm basically the same height as you.
- You'll always be my likkle brother.
- No, I ain't.
- So you're not goin' to school today? - Nah.
Ain't going.
But you are gonna go tomorrow though, yeah? Wanted to show you sumtin'.
Who is she? You don't know her? Nah, who is she? Just some girl.
But if you ever see her, just let me know, okay? Why? What's going on? Is she to do with Ats's death? - I'm gonna make us some breakfast, a'ight? - I ain't hungry.
Didn't you just say you was a big man? A big man's gotta eat.
What you sayin'? All right? Here you go.
Wagwan? All right? Steady, steady.
Or don't end up getting it.
Here comes the plane, mate.
Here comes the plane.
Go on.
Here comes the plane.
- How many kids have you got? - Who said I had kids? I used to do the same with my son.
The plane coming in to land.
It used to make him laugh so much.
Where's your boy now, then? There was an accident.
He was four.
- The sixth anniversary is coming up.
- Oh, that's deep.
What d'you want me to say to that? Hm? Are you okay? You've lost someone, haven't you? Nah.
- There's a look.
You have it.
- No, I don't.
- I can see it.
- You just think you can.
You don't know me.
You don't know anything about me.
Trust me.
Hi, Rushman.
Come in.
- She's just in the livin' room.
- Thank you.
weeks and months.
- Yeah, she's hardly - Brave.
Just let us know when you want us to call.
When did this arrive, Amma? Can you remember? - What day did this come? - I'm so sorry, Amma.
Come on! Ats is king, man.
"I have concluded for the reasons explained above that there are no grounds on which to revoke your deportation order.
" They won't deport her now.
Would they? "If you do not leave the United Kingdom as required, you'll be liable" "to enforced removal.
" You all right, Stef? - Is Amma in? - Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Shh, shh Don't cry.
Attica was your best friend.
He would not want to see you cry.
It's okay.
You know these Moroccans? No.
He kept everything compartmentalised and tight.
So they got two mill of my P's, and you don't even know who these people are? No, I don't know them.
And they don't know me.
That way, everything stays safe.
Here he is.
You're on.
It's in a restaurant called La Cepa.
It's in La Linea.
Well, where's that? You know the Wild West? That's La Linea.
The man you're going to meet is Mounir.
- Mounir? - Yes.
And if I were you, I would take this.
What's that? Protection.
The Moroccans are serious people.
After this, I'm out.
I know.
Don't come to me again, okay? Thanks for everything, Emilio.
Good luck.
So La Linea is about an hour and a half away.
Do you wanna hire a car or take a cab from here? You're going back to London.
You're gonna need me.
This ain't a discussion.
Get on a plane and go home.
What the fuck are you talkin' about? - You don't even speak Spanish.
- Lizzie.
- You don't know where you're going.
- Listen to me carefully.
I don't need you.
- You all right, girls? - Yeah, good.
- How are you? - I'm all right, you know.
I've got Mandy.
Mandy! I heard you was home.
I wouldn't exactly call it a home.
I mean, in fact, it's not a home, is it? It's a hostel.
So it's basically a shithole.
You done Dris, didn't you? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Don't lie to me, man.
- You killed him.
- How'd you work that one out, then? Nobody would dare touch Dris in Summerhouse.
It had to be you or Dushane.
My money's on you pullin' that trigger, personally.
- Don't make no sense.
- It makes perfect sense to me.
- Why? - Tell me you didn't kill him.
Look me in my eyes and tell me that you didn't do it.
Dris was my friend.
That's not denyin' it, is it? Well, I didn't do it.
You're chattin' shit.
But do you know what? Whatever you say, son.
I come outta prison tryna sort my life out.
Turns out, I ain't even got a life.
The social said that I can't have Erin back because I don't have a house.
I don't have my daughter.
I don't have my man.
All I got is shit, and that's 'cause of you.
Look, you take this.
What's this? - Blood money? - No, your money.
Your and Erin's money.
Come on.
You know Dris is family.
That makes you family.
So please, take it.
When you need more, let me know.
I can't take this.
I didn't kill him.
Do you think that's why I can't take it? Fuck, man! I just come out on probation.
My probation find out I've got this money and I'm rentin' a house, they'll ask where I got it.
I tell them the truth, that I got it off of you, they're gonna say this is evidence and that I'm involved in ongoing criminal activity.
That's a instant recall back to the bin.
Well, then, you just keep it, then.
Hmm? - Just put it down somewhere safe.
- D'you know what? Take it back.
Take it back.
My life is different now.
I don't want this.
That's not my life no more.
Tia! Tia, what you doin'? Shut up, man.
It's not that deep.
They're not for you.
They're for Ats.
Well, let's face the facts.
He's not here, is he? Why's your lip on the floor, man? Your lip's been sweepin' the floor for a minute still.
He was like my brother.
Seen, I hear it.
So, what, you been in school? Nah.
Neither have I still.
I got permed, innit.
Got excluded permanently.
How is that even a punishment? Can't go back to school? Yeah, I'm calm with that still.
So, what? You wanna come back to mine? Come on, man.
Yeah Yeah, yeah Talkin', talkin', talk But talk is cheap Me nuh need favor from no one but God Plus I've got me This looks good.
Talkin', talkin', talkin' - All the time - Here we are.
My little palace.
- Aah! - What else have you done For your niggas out the mud And your peoples outside Home sweet home.
Come on.
You're welcome.
Why are you so awkward? Why are you over there? Come sit down.
Have you seen Mum? No.
Hmm! Chile! You need a shower.
You stink.
Hmm! Do you want some? You want more? Nah, you're jaggin' it.
Have it all, then.
Stop being greedy, man.
Chocolate isn't runnin' anywhere.
Tia, can we play battles? You wanna play battles? Stef, what d'you know about battles? What's that? Bang! What's that? - Bang! - Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Why you runnin'? Why you runnin'? Bang! - Bang! - Aargh! In the chest! Aah! You done? Nah, I don't trust that one still.
- Bang! - Aaargh! Aaargh! Aaaargh! I can't understand what you're sayin'.
What? Up there, yeah? Here.
Dushane? I'm Mounir.
How was the journey? Yeah, good, man.
Your family is well? Everything is good at home? Everything's good at home? Bro, look.
You got sumtin' of mine we need to discuss, yeah? Let's talk.
Please, sit.
You hungry? - I ain't come here to eat, bro.
- Yeah, I understand.
But I'm very hungry.
Do you mind if I eat? - Do what you're doin'.
- Thanks.
Por favor? Por favor? Sí.
- Do you want a beer? - No, I'm good.
- Coffee? - I don't want anything.
I'm good.
Neither water? Okay.
So what you're sayin' is, no one knows who she is? - How old would you say she is? - What, that ting there? - About 20 or some shit.
- Nah, man.
More like 15? Yeah, 15, 16.
So that means she's still in school, yeah? So youse two need to go pree all the schools.
Show her picture around an' that.
- What? - Calm.
- That's long.
- Shut up, man.
What's wrong with you? - What you mean? There's bare schools.
- So what? Fam, she's gonna be on social media, bro.
Insta, Snapchat an' that.
Come on, man.
Well, that's calm, then.
Just post her picture on No, bro.
We don't need this shit going viral.
Gotta keep it in the 'hood.
We don't need her knowing.
Who the fuck is that? I don't even know.
Let me check though.
Yeah, it's these man still.
What you lot sayin'? Seen this? Yeah, man.
You know her? Nah.
What you saying, Kit? You know her? No.
So you two have no idea who done Ats, nah? Why would we know? We gonna act like Kit never tried to kill the kid in his own yard? You know why that went down.
And you know that's old news now, innit? Coincidence though, don't you think? You come out, Ats gets laid out.
The fuck are you tryin' to say, fam? Saying nuttin'.
- Yo.
- Yo.
- Bring me Jamie's ting.
- Say nuttin'.
Special customer.
He's certified.
Give him that for free.
- Say no more.
- In a bit.
A'ight, dem man got too much fuckin' attitude, you know.
Who? A'ight, don't chat shit, fam.
- Yo, Jaq, man.
- Yo.
- Found that girl.
- Who? The girl in the video, fam.
Two youngers seen her in the shopping centre.
- Wait, she still there? - Yeah.
- Come.
- Yo, Romy! - Yo.
- Let's cop, man.
Hey, hurry the fuck up, man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, big man.
Do not let her outta your sight, you understand? Yeah, we're gonna be there in ten minutes.
They had these in Saving Private Ryan.
Grease gun.
Yeah, this is vintage.
- Good film that, G.
Really good film.
- Mmm.
What did you buy vintage for? Vintage is just a fancy word for old.
No, these things were made to last, Vee.
They do the job.
People like 'em.
Yeah, they got proper weight.
Yeah, they feel nice in your hands.
Nah, it's old.
Don't like old stuff.
Here we go.
- She's gonna go into one.
- Vee, don't.
Darlin', I told you not to come down when I'm doin' business.
Go back upstairs.
- Why are those here? - On cue with the theatrics.
- Go upstairs, love.
- I don't want those things in my house.
Your house? You havin' a fuckin' laugh? This ain't your house, girl.
Never was.
Never will be.
Vee, Lauryn lives here with me.
That makes it her house.
This is her home.
It's our home.
You're a cuckoo in the nest.
That's all you are.
She'll be lyin' on the bed cryin' her eyes out.
She's carryin' my child.
Yeah, well, you should wrap it up after you whip it out next time.
Here you are, Speaks.
- Scratch off some of these for me.
- Yeah, why not? Hey.
What if the police come? What if they find all those? There's nothin' to be worried about.
I promise ya.
I would never let anythin' happen to ya.
Especially now.
- Vee hates me.
- No, she doesn't.
She knows I love ya.
She's me big sister.
She wants whatever makes me happy.
She hates me.
We'll get married.
We will.
Oh! I'll be back up soon.
Do you want anything? Cup of tea? Juice? No.
- Where the youngers at? - Market village.
- Where is she? - She went in there.
'Bout two minutes ago.
- You're sure it's her? - Yes, bruv.
I swear it is.
All right.
If she starts actin' mad, grab her.
Say no more.
- Oi! Come here! - What the fuck are you doing? - Why you sayin' oi? - What? - Dickhead! - Go that way, man! - What's your name, sis? - What's all this? I'm just asking your name.
What's wrong with that? - I'll call the police.
- All right, call.
But when you do that, tell them about Ats and your bredrins in the yellow car.
- What? - Are you deaf? You, Ats, and the yellow car.
- I don't know what you're talkin' 'bout.
- It's not her.
- What do you mean it's not her? - Bruv, I'm telling you it's not her.
- Look.
- Hold still! Look.
See it there? Fuck, man! The fuck you doing, you dickhead? Fuckin' idiot! Hurry up, man! Gracias.
You like pastry? I don't eat pastry.
You know The Great British Bake Off? - It's my favorite show.
- Listen.
Stop all the fucking long talk now.
- You want to talk business.
- Yeah, I wanna talk business.
I wanna talk about how we're gonna get that fucking product to London now Emilio's out.
Everything is under control.
Don't worry.
I am worried.
'Cause the link we've got is fucking gone.
The guy we got to replace him just got laid out.
Telling me that's under control? Everything will be fine.
Where the fuck are you goin'? What you doing? Emilio told me you had concerns and asked me to come across from Morocco to meet you.
- Yeah? - I've met you.
Concerns? Yeah, that's one way of puttin' it.
Bro, you've got two million of my money.
I don't deal with that side of things.
- You don't deal with the money, no? - No.
So I'm talking to the wrong person.
I need to see your boss.
- Then you need to see me.
- No.
Forget all of that, bruv.
I understand what you're doing.
I'm not stupid.
I get it.
Someone come into my ends asking to see the boss? I'm gonna send someone else out to make sure they're certified as well, you get me? You can forget all the long talk.
I wanna see your boss.
I wanna see him now.
Arrange that.
If you want, I can take you to him tomorrow.
This ain't a mañana situation.
This is a now situation.
I wanna see him now.
He won't like it.
I look like I give a fuck what he likes? No.
Definitely not.
Wait a minute.
- Espera.
- Hurry up, man.
You're a lucky man.
It's fixed.
Still two pastries.
Bruv, let's go.
Let's go.
Jaq? Hi, I'm Becks.
- Sorry I'm late.
- No problem.
- What do you want? - What are you drinkin'? I am drinking a Cuba Libre.
I could have three, four of those right now.
- It's been one of those days, then? - You could say that.
Could I please get one more of these? Thank you.
I like your style.
It's not my style.
It's just me.
Well, I like you.
I think you look really great.
That was your cue.
To say something really nice, preferably without me having to prompt you.
I mean, when Lithe said to me she wanted to hook me up, I wasn't expecting her to look like you.
Just to be clear, that was a compliment, right? Definitely.
- Go for it.
- Sorry.
No, it's fine.
Take it.
What? Jaqui.
Speak up, man.
I can't hear a word you're sayin'.
Jaqui, you gotta get me out of here, please.
Please, Jaqui, I've gotta get out of here.
These people are fucking mental.
I've gotta call you back.
I'm busy.
Don't go, Jaqui, please.
These people, they're nutters, Jaqui.
The sister, she fucking hates me.
I've got the baby coming, Jaqui.
Please help me.
Have I not already told you I'll get you out of there? But you need to do it now, Jaq.
I can't take any more.
You need to calm down, you hear me? - I'm gonna call you back like I said.
- Don't.
Don't call me.
Text me first.
Curtis doesn't like me talking on the phone.
Text, then.
Listen, I'm going to bring you home.
It's just gotta be the right time.
So bear with me, a'ight? Fine.
In a bit.
Sorry about that.
Okay, girlfriend? Uh, live-in lover? Nah.
Nothin' like that.
It's not important.
It's a beautiful night.
Want a glass of wine? Busy.
I thought I'd ask.
If you get less busy, I'll be on my deck.
- When did you first know you were gay? - Oh, babes, I've always known.
Okay, when did you first kiss a girl? - A'ight.
- Are you seeing this? - Crazy.
- Shut up! You're the first.
Oi, kiss again, you fucking lezzers.
- Hey, fuck off, man.
- Kiss her! - Kiss her again, fucking perverts.
- Shut up.
What? - Brudda! - Fuck off, bitch.
- Jaq! - Don't touch - Jaq! - Calm down! - Jaq! Stop! - Dirty lezzer.
Fuck you! - Stop! - Get away! - Stop! - Hey, grab the bag, man.
Can't we go? - Jaq! - Cut! Are you all right? Are you all right? What you sayin'? Are we there? Almost there.
Yo, what the fuck is this, man? You wanted to meet the boss.
Here we are.
Yo! Hey! Hey! What the fuck is goin' on, man? - Oh shit! Oi! What's going on? - Hey.
Relax, man.
Hey, calm down.
You changed your mind.
Do you want a glass of wine? No, I'm good.
Look, what it is, Delphine, is where I've been, people ain't really that nice to you.
When they are, you kinda always got your guard up, wonderin' why.
How long were you inside? Uh Well, that there's ancient history.
So, you don't want to talk about it? Really nuttin' to talk about.
So, why did you decide to live on the canal? Well, when I came home, some things went down, and, um I just needed to get away from that shit.
Kinda clear my head, in a way.
So what about you? What brings you out here on a boat, then? Well when a child dies it can split open the cracks of a relationship.
And, uh my husband and I didn't survive.
When we split, at first, I was really angry.
Then, the more I thought about it, I was relieved.
I wanted to get away.
Like you.
And just work things out, and Maybe it's a chance to start over.
Do you have children? Yeah.
Got a daughter.
That's nice.
What's her name? Tash.
Yeah, Natasha.
And how old is Natasha? Coming up 11.
Which I can't believe.
And do you see her? Nah, not really much anymore.
Her mum's with another man.
But, um You lost someone, didn't you? How are you feeling about that? I dunno.
It's like all this noise is in my head.
And it just don't ever go away.
Well, I wish I could tell you that it will go but I don't know that it does.
I mean, it's nearly six years since Thomas died, and I don't think ten minutes go by without me thinking of him.
For some reason, when I tell people that, they don't believe me.
Yeah, well, I do.
I believe that.
D'you know what? I will have wine, you know.
Bruv, what's going on? - What the fuck is happening? - Get up! Yo, yo, yo! Hey.
I can't breathe with this thing on my head.
Fuck! Bruv, what you doin'? Bruv, what are you doin', man? Fucking hell, I can't understand you! For fuck's sake! - Go.
- Get off! What's goin' on? Mounir.
Mounir! Come on, man.
Mounir! Mounir! Bro, please.
Look I'm a friend of Emilio's, yeah? Emilio! - He don't even talk - Now come.
Bruv, come on, man.
Talk to me! Yo, take the light outta my fuckin' eyes.
What's wrong wit' you? Bruv, I can't understand a word you lot are sayin'! What's goin' on? We doing business or what? Do you want smoke something? What the fuck is going on, man? What you lot laughing at? You're lookin' mad stressed, bro.
Get the fuck up.
Bruv, why did you bring a strap? Bro, I just want the fucking food that I paid for, man.
Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, bruv? Your food's in Morocco.
Say the word and we bring it to Spain.
That's how this shit works.
Bruv, that is why I'm here.
I can't get the food from Spain to London.
We're not amateurs, you know.
We do this for a livin'.
We're movin' food everywhere.
Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin.
It's your lucky day.
We're gonna deal with everything.
Do you understand? A'ight.
So when you sayin'? I need it ASAP.
It's a big shipment, bro.
It's gonna take a bit of time, plannin'.
Don't wanna mess that up.
I don't think you understand.
I need that food like yesterday.
A'ight, boom.
Hear this.
I'm gonna give you a little starter pack.
Bit of white, bit of green.
Sumtin' till this main course is ready for you.
Cool? When? Give me a couple days, G.
Relax, bro.
We're gonna make a lot of money together, man.
Come on.
That how you lot do business here?
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