Top Boy (2011) s04e03 Episode Script

Likkle Favour

1 [speaking Darija.]
[shouting in Spanish.]
[men shouting in Spanish.]
[shouting in Spanish.]
[shouting in Spanish.]
[boat engine revving.]
[in Spanish.]
Stay still! Stay still.
Shut your fucking mouth.
This is my territory, son of a bitch.
This is my territory.
Go on, then.
Into the car.
[motorcycle engine revving.]
[motorcycle engine revving.]
[phone vibrating.]
Listen, I'm expecting good news, so don't disappoint me.
There has been a delay, my friend.
What the fuck is that meant to mean? There was a problem on the beach.
It was not Guardia Civil.
It was National Police.
It was Juan El Bueno.
He was there, waiting.
Explain how the fuck that happened.
Sometimes the police get lucky.
[doorbell ringing.]
They're always watching the coast and they have radars.
It doesn't happen often, but they do catch shipments once in a while.
I spoke to Chaash, and he's already preparing the replacement for you.
[kisses teeth.]
Listen, if feds were there waitin', someone told them.
We don't know that for sure.
It might have been a fluke.
A fluke? Are you fucking serious? It happens.
What are you not understandin'? Imagine we were moving more food than just that little bit! I would have lost two million of my money, fucking gone, because someone snitched to the fucking feds! Look, I need that supply chain up and running now! You're supposed to be in charge! You should be handling this shit.
My friend, I give you my word.
This will get sorted.
My friend.
[kisses teeth.]
I'll be in touch.
[doorbell rings.]
[buzzer sounds.]
- Yo! - [Jaq.]
Wagwan? What's goin' on? This yard is nice! Take your shoes off.
Yeah, what you saying for yours? I'm saying it's my fuckin' house.
Yo, who bust your lip like that, man? Sparring session at the gym, innit.
Brudda got overexcited.
Yo! So what, that's what it is now? You let people punch you in the face? It's nothing, man.
You should see his face.
Look, I need you to go and see Sully for me.
Tell him I need to talk to him.
I don't know about all of that.
Sully's on some recluse ting right now.
Do I look like I give a fuck? - [sighs.]
- I got big problems going on in Spain.
I need someone to go out and fix it.
A'ight, cool.
- What's happening with this Ats ting? - [kisses teeth.]
You lot ain't found the girl off the CCTV yet? Nah, bruv.
I've got all the youngers checking their socials, sendin' her picture round, but no one seems to know who the fuck this bitch is.
Seriously, this is not looking good for us right now.
- We're lookin' weak out there.
- I know.
Can't have people come on the block, stab one of our youngers, and then fuck off.
We don't know who they are, where they are.
And this has been dragging out for time! Listen, seriously, I'm relying on you.
You need to deal with it, yeah? I'm on it.
Trust me, I'm on it.
But today, I gotta take my mum to a hospital appointment.
I can miss it if you need me to.
It's calm.
Family's everything.
Lay outta the boxing ting.
It's not for you.
Shut up, man! In a bit.
[phone vibrating.]
- Yo.
- [Becks.]
Are you okay? - Why haven't you answered any of my texts? - I've been busy.
Well, we need to talk, don't we? - About what happened.
- Why? Jaq, come on.
I ain't got time to play guessing games.
Say what you wanna say, innit.
Look, we're both grownups, and it's not like this is the first time this has happened to me.
I'm guessing it's not the first time it's happened to you.
But we need to discuss our options, right? The police are never gonna catch these pricks if we don't report it.
- What do you mean, the police? - What do you suggest we do? Listen, I ain't talkin' to no fuckin' police, innit.
Don't call my phone again.
I couldn't believe how lucky we were to get this place.
It was new and clean.
Summerhouse was a really nice place.
You knew everyone to say hello to.
- [Pat.]
- State of it now.
You seen the bins? It's disgusting! The smell - Oh my gosh, Mum.
I saw a rat this big! - Stop, you know I don't like those things.
I thought it was a dog when I saw it! I nearly said, "Come here, boy," till I clocked, actually, it's a rat! - See what I mean? - And it was comin' for you! - [shrieks.]
Stop your nonsense! - [all laughing.]
They're trying to grind us down, runnin' the place into the ground like this.
Make it so we don't wanna come back.
And all that rubbish at the meetin' about "social housin' provision.
" You know they're gonna swindle us any way they can.
Yeah, but you know your Auntie Sheila up in Leyton? Well, her block, they managed to stop them knocking their units down.
They all clubbed together, innit.
Got their own report done by proper lawyers, you know? Well, these lawyers went and looked at the proposals.
Found all the lies, all the broken promises right there, black and white.
Ain't no guarantee the council will accept that, though.
- Must have cost a pretty penny an' all.
- Yeah, it weren't cheap.
I've got savings.
Pat, you need that money.
Look, I might be able to talk to someone who maybe can help.
You mean my son.
Don't you dare! Pat! Look, Shelley.
You and my son, that's your business.
But this is our fight.
Ours! We don't need nothing from him.
Well, I'm ready.
Let's get that report going as soon as possible.
It's important, bruv.
I ain't got nothing to say to that man.
Fam, I'm telling you.
He wouldn't be asking unless he had to! Man's got his pride, innit? I mean, shit, you know that better than me.
Maybe this is him, you know, reachin' out or somethin'.
Whatever, man.
Fuck it, then.
As a favour for me.
[kisses teeth.]
All right.
But [Jaq.]
What? You know, that Shelley, innit? She still got the mobile nail situation? Nah, fam, she's got her own shop now over on Mare Street.
She proper busy, still.
I wanna meet her.
All right.
Why don't you ask Dushane to link you up with her? - 'Cause I'm asking you.
- Why? Know what? Forget I even asked.
Shit between you and Dushane is already way too political for me, still.
In a bit.
In a bit.
I know you're not in that thing.
I know you're not.
Can I get a white coffee with two sugars, please? Thank you.
[sighs heavily.]
Sit down, bro.
Look, you might be El Chapo in your own head, but you ain't to me.
You're lucky I'm here.
Don't push it.
Short memories around here.
Fucking with the other side now? That's what's goin' on? - Bruv, sit down.
- Watch your mouth.
- I ain't stayin'.
- I'm not fuckin' watchin' my mouth.
I ain't your fuckin' puppy! Got somethin' to say, say it! We got a problem.
We? Yes, we! We have a fuckin' problem, bruv.
- Well, get your new little mate to fix it.
- My little fuckin' mate? Yeah.
Bro, are you forgettin' them bags that come to your fuckin' boat every week? Huh? You forgettin' about that? [scoffs.]
It's all that matters to you, innit? Money.
What the fuck is your problem, man? What's wrong? A'ight, fuck it.
Let's talk money! Whose money fuckin' built this shit? 'Cause it weren't yours! You remember that.
Now you need somethin' else.
So go on, what is it? Huh? What do you need me to bail you outta this time? I ain't fuckin' doin' it.
I just realized, I don't need you for shit, bruv.
Trust me.
Remember how many times I bailed you out? What would you be without me, Sully? Hmm? - Fuckin' joke, man.
Forget this, bruv.
- Oh, watch your mouth.
What you talkin' about? What you doing? The fuck are you doing? - [woman screams.]
- Oi! - Yo, what the fuck? - Sully! Sully! Fucking chill, man! Chill, chill, chill! - Go! - Chill, man! - Go on! - Oh, you know what, man? - Got a death wish or what? - I'll fucking merk him! - I'll kill him, I swear! - Hey, chill.
- Bruv! Bruv! - Chill! - Leave it.
Leave it! - What the fuck, man? Get the fuck out, man.
You ain't doin' it.
You said you ain't doin' it.
Fuck off, then, innit? You're laughing.
You think it's a joke? Fucking go outside, man.
Fuck's sake! That was ridiculous, man.
- Rob, I'm sorry, bro.
- It's all right.
[breathing shakily.]
Yo, Kieron.
Come here.
- Yeah? - Holler at Jamie for me.
- Tell him to come down here now.
- A'ight.
[ducks quacking.]
Hey, you've got a visitor.
She's been giving me the inside scoop, all the family secrets.
Uncs! Oi! What the fuck you doin' here? Rude! Nice to see you too.
Me and my girl Delphine have been gettin' to know each other.
Told her you were trouble and that.
Bad man Uncy Gerard.
- Oi! - Shoulda swiped left, innit? [laughs.]
Thank you for the coffee.
Delphine makes a sick cup of coffee.
Made me something called a cortado.
Not really my ting, innit, but "Never a failure, always a lesson" and that.
RiRi's tats? Nah? Oh my days! Anyways, Delphine's gonna learn me how to do that ting with the milk when you make it into, like, a heart shape or a flower or hashtag with your bae's initials or some shit.
With pleasure.
- My gyal.
- [laughs.]
Come, then, Uncs! I've gotta chat to you still.
- Oi Quit showin' off.
- [Delphine.]
- I'll see you soon.
- Bye! Yo, she is proper nice for an old one, you know? Got one of them yoga bodies like she'd be proper mad flexi and that.
Look, Pebbles.
Seriously, what the fuck you doin' here? How'd you find me here? You know Taylor ain't got no secrets from me.
Heard she ain't lettin' you see Tash no more.
Shit's deep.
Listen, Taylor's fucking got her reasons, innit? Just doing what she thinks is best for Tash, that's all.
And what are you doin' here? So what is it? I ain't got no fuckin' space for you on here.
Rah! I don't wanna live here with you, bruv.
So what do you want? Uh, I just need a favor, innit.
Just a likkle favor.
I got a slight problem.
You know I go and see my dad's family in Jamaica? Last time I was there, a coupla man asked me to do a favor for them.
A coupla man in Yard? Nah, man, over here, innit.
From Peckham and that.
One's called Cyprus and the other one's Khadeem.
- Hey! - Do you know 'em? What's a kid like you doin' mixed up wi' man like that? Why you gotta say it like that? Comin' like my mum.
What favor? They asked me to bring a suitcase back from Jamaica.
How much? - I swear, I had no idea what it was - How much? I dunno! Just one likkle suitcase and that.
One likkle suitcase? Pebbles, are you dumb? Don't be like that! I told you, I had no idea what it was they was givin' me.
They said they'd pay a couple quid to run sumtin' back for them.
I don't need to know no more than that.
Then what? [sighs.]
Listen, this part ain't even my fault, I promise you.
Of course it ain't.
This guy I was seeing, Rashaun, he sort of had this idea like I wasn't gettin' paid enough.
Which when you check it is kinda true, 'cause dem man were takin' me for idiot.
Imagine if Customs got hold of me.
I'da been fucked.
Like, fully fucked.
So Rashaun said that we'd make bare P's if we just took the food and sold it for ourselves.
This part weren't even my fault though.
Rashaun made me do it, for real! - Made you do it? - Yeah.
So that's what you done, you sold the food? Nah, man.
Rashaun turned into a proper dickhead.
Took the food and now won't even pay me! Now Cyprus and Khadeem are onto me differently.
- Of course! - Nah, you don't know! They've been calling me, texting me, tellin' me what they're gonna do when they find me.
They've been talkin' proper crud.
- Will you chat to them for me, Uncs? - No! - Chat to them and say what? - They'll respect you, innit! - You could tell them I got exploited and - It don't fucking go like that! The man ain't gonna give a fuck! I know, I've been them! They're just gonna want their shit back! Fuck's sake.
I don't know what to do, man.
- Why'd you do it in the first place? - It wasn't my fault! He made me do it.
I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to be, man.
I can't go home.
I can't go to my mum's.
- The stuff they've said about my mum! - What? - [kisses teeth.]
- [whimpers.]
You're really dragging me back now? You're fucking killing me here, man! You've gotta help me, Uncs.
Please, man! Bruv, shut up! We don't take order from a eediat.
Yo, what's going on? What's the urgency, bro? - Bro, you got a passport? - What? - Do you have a passport? - Yeah.
Why? There's a flight tomorrow mornin'.
I need you on it.
You gotta sort out this shit in Spain and Morocco for me.
I can't just get up and leave, fam.
I've got my brothers here.
I need to be Are you steppin' up or what? Or did I make a mistake or sumtin'? Flight's at six.
Someone will meet you there.
[siren wailing.]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Let's go Mm, two Gs tryin' to get it all night The drop is all right Jiggy-jiggy all time - Yeah yeah - Oopsie, if they hit on our side They ain't hittin' our height Tell them uppers bye-bye Two Gs tryin' to get it all night The drop is all right Jiggy-jiggy, my, my Oopsie, if they hittin' our side They ain't hittin' our height Tell them uppers bye-bye We hit the spot You know it's curtains My city hop, gotta have the person I need the flop, they do the workin' - I see the drop, I buy the burden - Pay the fees, are you bluffin' - Doublin' my Gs and I'm cuttin' - [phone vibrating.]
I came up from nothin' to somethin' Ooh, I love it - Yo.
- [Dushane.]
I'mma need you to cover Jamie's crew for a few days, yeah? A'ight, where are you now? I'm outside the hospital, bro.
My mum, remember? [traders yelling.]
- All right, listen.
When you come back.
- A'ight, bro.
Oi, good luck with your mum and all that, yeah? Love, man.
[church bell ringing.]
[kisses teeth.]
- [gasps.]
- Hey! - [sniffles.]
- What you crying for? [Lauryn sobbing.]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Hey! - [chuckles.]
- Got big, innit? - I know! Babe, that's mad! Yo, feel it.
It kicks.
Look at her! - Aww.
- Come, sit down, man.
- [phone vibrating.]
- How you feelin'? [sighs.]
Look, I can't be long.
Curtis doesn't like me stayin' out more than a coupla hours by myself.
Fam, why you even let a man treat you like that? [phone vibrating.]
I dunno.
It wasn't like that in the beginning.
He was sweet, a gentleman.
- [scoffs.]
- You know how to pick 'em.
Sorry, Lauryn, but fuck, man! I didn't know anyone around here, did I? It's not like I had a lotta choice.
- [phone vibrating.]
- When are you gonna bring me back? - Soon.
Trust me.
- When? It's not that easy, you know? I've gotta pattern tings with Dushane, ask him when I know he's gonna say yes, you feel me? Nah, you don't get it.
Living in that house with him and his sister She's fucking bokey, man.
She hates me! The way she looks at me - It's like [sniffles.]
- [phone vibrating.]
If it wasn't for this baby, I don't even know.
I'm gonna get you out.
I promise.
- What happened? - [kisses teeth.]
It's nothing.
- Jaqui - Some people are gay, innit? Some fucking people just need to get their heads around that, simple.
Oh, Jaqui, man.
I'm sorry It's the 21st fuckin' century we're livin' in, I still gotta deal with this shit! The fuck, man Are you okay, Jaqui? Is there sumtin' else? This yout.
One of ours.
He got shanked up bad.
Fourteen years old.
Oh Someone shanked the life out of him.
Left him in a fuckin' skip.
You believe that? Like he meant nothin'.
Like he was nothin'! He was just a kid.
But he was already way smarter than me.
Way smarter! Gobby, yeah, but he was fuckin' smart, man! I don't know.
- [phone vibrating.]
- I partly feel like - I'm sorry.
- Are you fucking ser - Don't answer it! - I'm sorry, I have to! - [sniffles.]
Hi, baby.
- [Curtis.]
Where are you? - You were supposed to be back.
- No, so the stylist double-booked me.
I tried to call you, but you didn't pick up.
Did you? When? Ten minutes ago.
You didn't answer.
Oh, no, my phone was on silent.
Your phone was on silent? - Yeah.
- You need to keep your phone on.
No, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I won't do it again.
- Come back straight after.
- Yeah, I'll leave now.
- How long will you be? - Oh, like, half an hour max.
- As long as that's the max.
- All right.
- I love you.
- Yeah, you too, babe.
I have to go.
Are you serious? I just drove for fuckin' time to get here.
Look, I'm sorry, all right? I can't have my baby in that house, Jaqui, I mean it.
I won't do it.
I won't have them anywhere near my baby.
I got you.
I got you.
I'm gonna get you out.
- [sniffles.]
- Okay? I promise.
I promise.
All right.
I love you.
[Laryn sniffles.]
I love both of you.
I love you.
Yo! - What you doin' here? - Came to pick you up, obviously.
You don't need to do that.
I ain't a kid any more.
What d'you mean, you're not a kid, fam? What'd you learn today? You got nothin' to tell me about Henry and his bare wives or nothin', no? That was in year eight.
I'm in year nine.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna go grab sumtin' to eat? Yeah? See, you are always hungry, innit? All right, bruv.
I ain't got no more teachers to deal with, nah? - [Stef.]
- [Jamie chuckles.]
- You gonna finish that? - Look at you! - Standard.
- You got hollow legs, you know that innit? - Mum used to say that about you, mate.
- How'd you remember that? Ooh [sighs heavily.]
- Hey, Stef.
- Mm-hm? [sighs.]
I gotta go away for a little bit.
- Where? - Doesn't matter where.
- Prison? - No.
Nothin' like that.
- That will never happen again.
- For how long? - I ain't goin' for long.
- [kisses teeth.]
Stef, where you goin'? You ain't gonna tell me nuttin', are you? Just like last time! You know it ain't like that.
You just got back.
Now you're goin' again! - Stef, I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry - Hey, fuck you, man! [kisses teeth.]
Fuckin' hell.
[dog barking.]
[children yelling.]
All right.
Yeah, man.
[dog barking.]
[boy 1 yells.]
No! I'm going up there, man! [boy 2.]
There's one up Go over there! [children shouting.]
Fuck you doin', bruv? - You wanna get served, go bug the youts.
- So you're Rashaun? Who's Rashaun? I don't know no Rashaun.
Well, you know someone I know.
Who'd you know? Pebbles.
- Are you her dad or sumtin'? - No.
Then what? A fed? I look like a fed? I don't know what the fuck you look like, blud.
You could be a fed.
One of those undercovers, or some old wasteman Hey, shut up, you fucking cunt! - Fuck you doin', bruv? - Pebbles! You took sumtin' from her that weren't hers to give.
The people it belongs to are fuckin' serious.
She might not have told Look at me! She might not have told you that, 'cause she's fuckin' sideways, I know.
But I'm 'ere bein' nice.
If they come, it ain't gonna be nice.
Yeah? I don't know no Pebbles, and I don't know no Rashaun.
Move! [boys shouting and talking in distance.]
- What, man? - [boy.]
He's over there.
[kisses teeth.]
Let's do it the other way, then, yeah? [laughing.]
Hey, blud.
I forgot you had canerows, ya know.
Look at you, lookin' like Snoop Doggy Dogg.
- [laughing.]
- [kisses teeth.]
You know the galdem used to go mad over my canerows, blud.
[both laugh.]
Get me.
Bruv, how the fuck you get one of those anyway, blud? Mum and Dad, innit.
They got one for each of us still.
She'd tell you this.
See, Stef yeah? He was younger, he was so gassed to go to Disneyland, bro.
And when I say gassed, you know I mean gaaaassed! Like, he couldn't stop talkin' about it.
I remember him just goin' on and on about it every Christmas, every birthday Bro, it was mad, man.
So we was gonna surprise him one year, actually.
Mum had it all planned out! She weren't gonna tell him until [laughs.]
until we was on the ferry or on the airplane or sumtin'! - Get me? - He woulda lost his mind.
Can you imagine his face? It would have been mad! It would have been mad, cuz.
Aw, man.
Fuck knows how they were gonna pay for it, though, I'll be real.
But, yeah, then Dad got sick, innit, so we just never went.
[clears throat.]
- How long you goin' for, though? - Bruv, I don't even know, you know.
I'm just going till Dushane says.
You're a pussio, bruv.
It is what it is right now, fam.
I'll be real, fam, until this link in Spain gets patterned, none of us are makin' P's.
Not me, not you, and not Dushane.
We're all fucked.
While I'm gone, I'm gonna need you to look after this Ats situation.
How, bruv? You know that's a needle in a haystack ting, fam.
Bruv, the yout's been on fuckery the last few months, runnin' around chatting shit, thinking he's invincible and that.
What, 'cause Dushane's on his side? [kisses teeth.]
Bruv, I heard he was pissin' off some serious youts anyway, so whatever.
Yeah, so what? So what? That just means you need to get out there and go find sumtin'.
If you're hearin' all of this, you must can.
Brother, can I ask you sumtin'? Why do you even care about this yout so much? He was a snake! It's like you're forgettin' what he did to you, Aaron and Stef or sumtin'.
That don't matter.
Bruv, the fuck you mean, that don't matter? I was there with you the mornin' in the park you was gonna turn yourself in, you remember? The yout was family, bro.
The yout was family.
He used to come here and spend time with us.
Like, watch TV with us, eat with us, bro, stay with Stef.
He used to help Stef with homework, help him with shit that I couldn't, bro.
So I'll be real, like I'm not even tryin' to hear that.
Whatever he did, what Dushane made him do, the yout was family.
Wow, this is really nice, not gonna lie! [Dushane and Shelley laugh.]
Listen, Tish, you think you can see yourself makin' breakfast in that kitchen? - It's okay.
It's all right.
- [Dushane.]
Okay? I spent all this money, made it look good for you, and it's just okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? Ah! I think I might have an idea.
I might have something that is gonna be way more cooler than this kitchen.
- Want me to show you? - Yeah! - All right, come.
Follow me.
- I'm excited.
Whoa! Hey, we're not ready yet! Nah, come in.
No! - Only joking.
- [gasps.]
Oh my gosh! Whose room is this, huh? My room! That's right! And you can paint it any way you want.
Can I put stars on the ceiling? The ones that glow in the dark? Uh Yeah, okay! - [Tish.]
Whoo! - [both chuckle.]
Yay! [Dushane.]
She's settlin' in well, man.
Sure you don't wanna stay over tonight? [Shelley.]
Can I ask you something, actually? [Dushane.]
Yeah, babe? [phone alert.]
I already feel a bit weird about asking you this, so promise not to freak out.
Now I'm intrigued.
I wanna borrow some money.
Oh, you're freakin' out.
Do I look like I'm freakin' out? A little, yeah.
Look, if you wanted a sugar daddy, you should have said from the beginning.
- I would've just given you money - Oh stop! This is serious, okay? It's not for me.
It's about Summerhouse.
Summerhouse? To try and get this report done and stop this redevelopment happenin'.
- [sighs.]
- It won't cost much.
Maybe, like, ten grand, 15 at the most.
Your mum's saying she'll pay for it, but that'll be all her savings wiped out.
- I can't do that to her.
- All right, yeah.
I'm serious, Dushane.
It's Look, I know things right now between you and her are difficult.
Don't go there.
It's nuttin' to do with that.
I'm here.
I'm ready.
She's the one that doesn't wanna talk to me.
Okay, well, can you at least think about it, then? The loan for this report? No.
- It's not even about the money.
- Then what is it, then? - Do you want me to be honest? - Yes, be honest! All right.
Summerhouse is a shithole.
It's a fuckin' shithole, Shelley.
Look at it! - Yeah, but it's a community - I don't care about it's a community.
It needs a change.
It needs help.
The best thing they could do is knock it down and start again.
- You think it's gonna make it better? - Yeah, 100%.
A hundred percent.
We're gonna modernize it.
- We're gonna bring it into the 21st cent - Whoa, wait.
What "we're" gonna do? Who are you referrin' to? I'm investin' in the redevelopment.
Are you bein' serious? I don't see why not.
The minute I wanna do something like this, everyone's like, "Are you serious?" Do you know there is gonna be someone makin' mad money off this deal? Whether I'm involved in it or not.
Why shouldn't it be me and you profitin' off the And where are the people gonna go? People like your mum? My mum, I'll buy her a flat, a house, whatever she wants.
What about everyone else? You gonna buy them all a place too? - People like Ralph, Diana? - [phone alert.]
- Where they gonna go, the rest of them? - What can I do? I gotta take this.
We haven't finished talking about this, Dushane.
I need to make a call, I said.
- [phone ringing.]
- Gotta answer this call real quick.
- Yo.
- [Dushane.]
You rang me, fam.
You still lookin' for that gyal? Yes, bruv.
Yo, this kid Binks, he's a promoter now.
Runs club nights and that.
South London.
Thinks he recognized her I'm gonna send over the video now, yeah? All right, cool.
A'ight, calm.
[phone alert.]
Shout right back You can suck right back Don't rap like this So don't rap like that How you feel so slim But you look so fat? How you hype so much And your brow so wack? I ain't into this I got drillers outside That will split your wig I just spit two bars And I win the crowd Popular, you can't diss me [engine revving.]
[tires screeching.]
[train passing.]
[metal clattering.]
[woman yelling.]
How dare he say that? Why are you why are you talking like that? [men chatting.]
[letterbox rattles.]
- [sighs.]
- [unlocks door.]
Why are you here? - You didn't answer my calls.
- So? Like, what do you want, fam? You could invite me in.
Nice place.
Very homely.
Can I sit? How do you like having Dushane as your boss? [sighs.]
Why are you here, Lizzie? You wouldn't come unless it benefited you, so why I came this close to gettin' shot in Spain.
There's a problem with the supply chain from Morocco.
Dushane's doin' his nut.
Yeah, I heard all about it.
I'm goin' over there to fix things.
What? When are you going? I'm flying to Tangiers first thing tomorrow.
You going to Morocco is perfect.
- Don't you see? - See what? Dushane's problem is a guy called Juan El Bueno.
He's the key.
You make him an offer.
Once Dushane is out of the way, he'll deal with us.
- He'll make a lot of money.
- [sighs.]
But you and I will make fuckin' millions.
Enough to set your brothers up for life.
And what? You think I can trust you, yeah? - I want what's due to me.
- [scoffs.]
I had a business.
It was gonna be our business, you and me together, till Dushane took it away from us.
You're not the kind of man to let someone take away what's his.
You done or what? Jamie, this is a second chance for us.
If we don't take it, all we'll ever be is Dushane's bitches.
Yeah, well, I'm sayin' I've gotta pack, so [laughter.]
[distant siren wailing.]
[techno music thumping.]
[music getting louder.]
Go back next door and mind your own fuckin' business, blud.
I already told you I ain't found any girl, fam [gasps.]
Oi! What you doin'? [woman.]
Who the fuck are you, man? - What are you doing? You're hurtin' him! - Tell her to shut up! - Fuck you, man! - Get the fuck away from him! - I said tell her to fucking shut up! - Shut up, Carly! Shut up! [music continues.]
Look at me! Where is it? Rashaun, I've had a long fuckin' day, so don't push me.
Let's try this again.
Where you keepin' it? Where's the fuckin' safe house? There ain't no safe house.
- Where's the fuckin' safe house? - There's no safe house, G.
It's upstairs, man! The food's here.
Carly! Come and bring me your phone.
Oi, Carly.
Hurry up, man! Give him the phone! Now go and sit down, yeah? - Show me, then.
- [sighs.]
Come on.
Come on! Come on.
Where is it? It's here, fam.
Un under the bed.
Listen, I hardly touched anything, man.
Maybe 100, 150 grams, but that's it, man.
And, fam, the money's here.
- Got it, hurry up.
- Should cover everything we sold.
More or less.
[zipping case.]
What the fuck you doing involved with people like this? I didn't even wanna take it, man.
I swear down! - She kept goin' on and on about - Who? Pebbles! She kept goin' on and on about how easy it would be, and how much of a fuckin' pussy I was if I didn't step up.
All right.
You can't go nowhere near her again.
- I won't.
Seriously, man.
- Yeah? - I swear down, man.
- Okay.
[loud dance music playing.]
- What can I get you? - Just a Coke.
- Hey, is Binks around? - He only runs Wednesdays and Saturdays.
- Well, was you workin' here last night? - Huh? I'm lookin' for one of the girls from the spit.
- She your type? - Nah, man.
I'm a scout.
Artist management.
- Yeah? - My boss might wanna rep her.
You got any digits? Or an address or sumtin'? Sorry.
You got her name? At least? Keziah.
The girl's name is Keziah.
Yeah? And get this, she won that competition ting last night.
Means she's qualified for the finals or whatever in a couple weeks.
All right.
You did good still, yeah? All right.
Say nuttin'.
Yo! [Kieron.]
You ain't gonna fucking believe this.
What? [Romy.]
Hey, bully me right now.
We found that prick that attacked you.
- [yells.]
- I swear down.
You're fuckin' lyin'! A'ight, listen.
Wait there.
I'm gonna be there in five.
I swear you did a mad ting about man here.
- I take the bag and I just went home! - [Kieron.]
Bag? - Shut up! - [man.]
What is this, man? This dickhead tried pawning the bag at my auntie's shop.
What? What Jaq, enough, man.
Shut up, man! - [man.]
Hey, Jaq! - [Kieron.]
Hey, chill, bruv.
- Give me the fuckin' bag.
- What's wrong with you? [man coughing and groaning.]
What the fuck just happened? [Kieron.]
Come, let's cut, mate.
Let's get out of here.
I got your bag back.
Listen, I'm sorry about, you know I'm shit at all of this.
But, yeah I'm sorry.
Jaq Do you wanna come in? - [phone ringing.]
- Look at that energy.
[baby coos.]
[baby gurgling.]
- Aah! - [baby coos.]
- We ain't got time for that.
- [phone ringing.]
[Ruben groans.]
[kisses teeth.]
- Hello? - [Daniel.]
- Yeah.
- The police were here, man.
- What? - Bruv, the whole place is mashed up.
- You need to get down here.
- There for what? What they sayin'? They weren't sayin' anything.
They were searchin' the flat and askin' for you.
- [beeping.]
- [sighs.]
Hang on.
- Yeah? - Oi, fuck face.
Why have you got these pussio police pricks kickin' my fuckin' door down at five in the mornin' lookin' for you? What you What you talkin' about? Latoya? - They left ten minutes ago.
- Latoya! - [dialling tone.]
- Latoya, what the fuck is goin' on? - [phone ringing.]
- [baby crying.]
[second phone starts ringing.]
[baby screaming.]
[baby continues screaming.]
It's all right, Noah.
Daddy's here! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come 'ere.
I'm right here.
- Shh.
- [gurgling.]
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Aah, sh, sh, sh, sh! - [wailing.]
- Okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
- It's all right.
It's all right.
- [Noah crying.]
Yo, Dushane.
I need a big favour.
Yeah, I'll be there in five minutes.
Meet me outside.
- [doorbell ringing.]
- [kisses teeth.]
What's goin' on? [sighs.]
Fuckin' hell, who is this? What's goin' on? [doorbell ringing.]
All right, man! Yo, Ruben.
What's goin' on, man? Yo, buzz me in now, bruv! Yep, all right.
[buzzer sounds.]
What the fuck, man? What's happenin'? [lift whirring.]
Yo, my G.
What's goin' on, bro? I ain't got time to explain.
I need you to mind him for me, yeah? - What do you mean, mind him, bruv? - Take this.
- What you doin'? What is goin' on? - And that.
In a bit, likkle man.
- A'ight? - Ruben! What time are you pickin' up your child? Call my sister.
["War Outside" by Kojey Radical feat.
Lex Amor.]
[lift doors close.]
There's a war goin' on outside - Nobody see it but me - But me Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm There's a war goin' on outside - Nobody see it but me - But me Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm Mm-mm-mm Still don't watch the news, no, no, no 'Cause my nigga ain't your nigga So be careful what you say for views Tried to talk about it Tried to walk around it Trippin', now I'm drownin' And my aura got them ocean blues Float like I'm above it Until it's my cousin And I gotta tell his mama What I did not do "Why weren't he with you?" Am I that removed? Am I just confused? I don't make the rules, they make me There's a war goin' on outside - Nobody see it but me - But me Uh There's a war goin' on outside - Nobody see it but me - But me Mm-mm-mm
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