Top Boy (2011) s04e04 Episode Script

Fully Loaded Headache

1 You all right, Ruben? Not a morning person myself either.
Can I get you a tea or coffee? I want my solicitor.
Your solicitor has been notified.
We will start the formal interview when he arrives.
This is just a little informal chat.
Informal chat? What, with you people? You see us writin' anything down, Ruben? I'm not recordin' anything.
It won't go any further than here.
Over the past six months, police officers have stopped a number of vehicles driven by gang-affiliated youths in the borough.
A significant number of those cars are registered to you, Ruben.
All my vehicles have insurance and road tax.
I don't know nothin' about no gang-affiliated youth.
Do you know where those gang-affiliated youths went after the officers stopped them? They went round the houses a bit, wanting to make sure they weren't being followed, I reckon.
And then they dropped the car.
The one registered in your name, remember? Into your shabby little garage in Tanner Lane.
You sure I can't get you that coffee, Ruben? 'Cause we've actually got a lot to talk about.
For instance, do you know this man? He was shot dead.
A bullet to the head at a filling station in London last year.
He was in one of your vehicles.
So it makes him a victim if he was shot dead, no? At the time, Mr.
Green was involved in a shootout with men in a second vehicle.
Do you have a BMW X5, Ruben? Why are you asking me this? These are just hypothetical questions.
There's a million X5's out there.
I'm not saying nothing till my brief gets here.
Just help us, Ruben.
'Cause you're not really the one we're interested in.
The one we're interested in is your friend Dushane Hill.
We've been taking a long, hard look at Dushane for quite a while now.
And let me put it to you this way Dushane's due.
In fact, he's overdue.
We're gonna put him away.
And you can help us with that.
You'd be doing yourself a big favor.
I'll let you think about it.
Take your time.
We'll go and get you that coffee.
Come in.
- Shoes.
- Oh yeah.
Almost forgot.
Don't ask, bruv.
All right.
So, Summerhouse is going well, no? It's going very well.
But there's always something, you know? Couple of the residents are playing silly buggers, which means we can't get the bulldozers in till they're out.
I thought you and your investors were meant to know how to deal with that.
Back in the day, it wasn't a problem.
It was easy, you know, you'd send in a couple of henches, threaten to break a leg or two.
But now it's all, like, health and safety, nanny state, all that.
Now all we can do is make life, um a bit unpleasant for them, you know? The trouble is that takes time.
And time for us is money.
A lot of money.
The investors are getting impatient.
And the thing is you know these people.
The ones refusing to leave.
Yeah? One of them is your mum.
The investors have asked me to ask you, you know, if you'd have a word.
You wanna stay and wash the dishes or sumtin'? You were business class? No.
Business class not worth the money if it's a short trip.
The flight was, uh Pfft.
Three hours? Yeah.
Sumtin' like that.
The flight was good? You were comfortable? Everything was good? Yes.
All good, bro.
I'm happy.
Uh, listen, I need to see my uncle.
Very quickly.
He lives here, off this road.
It's okay with you? How far is it? Not too far, just nearby.
Okay? He's an old man.
Very nice, very gentle.
Okay? I'll be back in a minute.
So, uh want water? You want coffee? Are you hungry? - No, man, it's calm.
- Okay.
Yo, how long you gonna be though, man? G, you're makin' me feel like you ain't taking this serious.
- What do you mean, yeah? - Yeah? I need to know why Juan El Bueno was sitting there waiting.
It don't make sense.
Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom.
How can I not worry? This is a serious situation, bro.
Your boss promised us everything was gonna work out fine.
Right now, it's not.
This is you man's guarantee.
Of course.
And you have my word.
We're going to fix this.
I think we booked you in for a pedicure.
Do you know, I think it was the Okay.
All right.
- Hi.
- No problem.
- What did you get last time? - Shelley.
- Can I have a word, please? - Uh Yeah, just give me a minute.
- I'll just be outside.
- Uh You can wait in here if you like.
I can get you a tea, coffee, or a hand massage.
I'm good, thanks.
Are you gonna have pearl? Well, you can't knock me for trying.
Sorry about that.
No, no problem.
Business good? Yeah, we're gettin' there.
You know Mandy, Dris's baby mum? I don't know her like that, but I know of her, yeah.
She's been in jail for a little while.
She just come out.
Um They got her staying up in that hostel, on Jane Street? She's been through a lot, Mandy.
Um I don't really like to ask, but there ain't really much work goin' on for people like her.
Not really much work goin' on period, really.
So I don't know, if you ever needed, like, an assistant or sumtin'.
Good girl, you know.
She's decent people.
Okay, yeah.
Tell her to come see me.
Obviously, whatever you pay or, you know, if you was to give her this job, whatever you pay her, I'll make sure I come and give that back to you.
Look, it's fine.
No, I wanna do that, and please don't even let her know it's come from me.
Listen, if I can help in any way that I can, then I will.
- It's cool.
- All right.
I'll tell her to come through later.
I'm sure you know it's mad me even bein' here askin' 'cause me and Dushane ain't really you know what I mean? Look, Sully, that's between you and Dushane.
Bare residue in the air when it boots Who's gettin' a twos 'cah the smoke too blemish When my niners get round They dread it No left, right Just step round and shell it Bro might load that gauge Then sneeze at your brain - It's a new pandemic - How do you like Morocco? I'll be real.
This is the sort of shit that you only see in the movies, man.
- Wow, man.
- You like the place? It's fucking beautiful.
This is mental.
- Hey, Mounir, man.
- Yeah, it's okay.
For you.
For you.
- Please.
- Nah, I can't, man.
I'm sorry.
Nah, man.
I'm sorry, little man.
Please sit.
How long are these guys gonna be? They're coming.
This is Chaash.
How are you, bro? Chaash, yeah? Sumtin' like that.
What happened to Dushane? I thought he was comin' out.
He's a busy man, innit? So, unfortunately, you got me.
Obviously, what happened on the beach can't run.
Dushane's puttin' his trust in us, and we're fuckin' it up.
But I need you and Dushane both to know I'm gonna deal with this personally, okay? - When? - What do you mean, when? As in, when are you gonna deal with it? All I've been hearin' is bare false promises, bro.
This might be fucked up for you, but it's fucked up for me as well.
I'mma find the leak.
 I'mma deal with it.
Can't have word gettin' around that my own people are snakin' me.
Respect is a delicate flower.
Ain't no Juan El Bueno gonna walk all over that for nothin'.
Are you mad? Calm.
- So who knew about the boat? - Me.
You and who else? Me and the two youts that pilot it.
But they ain't said nuttin' to the police.
- How do you know? - They don't know where they're goin' till the boats are loaded and they're on board.
You ever try sendin' a text message on a speedboat goin' 80 miles a hour? They're goin' overboard, bruv.
What about your bodyguard? Hey, watch how you're talkin' about my boy.
That's more than my boy.
That's my brother.
We've been ridin' since before jail.
If Khrito had anything to do with this, my whole life's fucked.
Mounir? I've known Mounir my whole life.
He worked with my dad.
A bit cuddly, a bit old fashioned.
But he's loyal.
So what, then? No one? - What about the loaders or sumtin'? - Bro, they don't know nothin' either.
They get paid 200 euros when the job is done, then they fuck off.
What I think is we need to go over to Spain.
Question the fuckers that unload the shiz.
Yo, English, man.
Come on.
I don't understand.
Someone here has sold us out.
Juan El Bueno is National Police, but National Police do not patrol the coast.
That is Guardia Civil.
Juan was waiting for us.
He chose his moment.
Nice and calm.
That means someone on this side gave him plenty of warning.
The leak is here, in Morocco.
So you man had me fooled, yeah? See, I was thinking he was the boss.
Clearly, I was wrong.
It's you.
You're the real top boy around here.
You're smart.
No flies on you.
Maybe you should be Dushane's boss, eh? I know.
We done talkin' business? 'Cause I'm hungry.
I'm tryin' to eat.
You takin' the piss? What d'you mean, done talkin' business, bro? You need to pattern the situation before the next shipment's ready to roll.
Wait a minute.
- You better talk to this guy.
- Wait a minute.
Excuse us a moment, okay? Thank you.
Come with me.
Stay with him.
The fuck you lookin' at? So what was that about? Listen, we can fix this for you, but to do that, we've gotta go again, later today.
Trust us.
No fuck-ups.
Are you happy now? Thank you.
Yo, Rob.
Can I get a tea, bro? What you sayin'? The feds were all over Ruben's garage by the time Kieron and dem man got there.
They took his whips, everything.
- And what about the yard? - Feds got there first too.
Who's his solicitor? We need someone reliable on this ting.
- I've already got Wilson Lee onto it.
- Good.
Listen, I wanna know every question they're askin' him and every reply he's givin' back, you hear me? - Say nuttin'.
- Good.
Cheers, man.
What's up? It's Lauryn.
She's pregnant.
It's not mine, is it? I'm happy for her.
What you want me to say? She's pregnant to a psycho, and that psycho's got a psycho sister that's way more fuckin' psycho than what he is.
She's scared, Dushane.
She's proper scared they're gonna try do her or sumtin'.
She knows who Sully is, right? Yeah? She know how scary he is? Now, I guarantee you Lauryn's psycho ain't more psycho than Sully.
At least she's got a chance with her one, 'cause she ain't got one with ours.
Only three people know what Lauryn did.
You, me, and Shelley.
I ain't gonna tell Sully and Shelley ain't gonna tell him neither.
Lauryn ain't comin' back.
End of.
Jaq, go to work, man.
Yo, Dushane! What you saying? You all right, Mum? I was wondering whether you might show your face.
Looking good, you know, Mum.
Mm? What's your secret? Fighting the good fight against the big property people.
Fighting them keeps me young.
Well, listen.
Whatever you're doin', it's workin'.
Been eatin' good? You eatin' healthy? That is not important.
Yeah, it's important to me, Mum.
This is not about me, so let's not waste our time.
I know you're a part of the so-called "redevelopment scheme".
I know you do.
- And, uh whatever Shelley told you - This has nothing to do with Shelley.
This goes to character.
Your character, Dushane.
And it says a lot about me too.
You? I brought you up.
I turned a blind eye to the man I could see you were becoming.
I've prayed.
I've examined my conscience.
Now you must examine yours, Dushane.
Look I come here to try and do a good thing.
You understand? I'll buy you whatever you want.
House, flat Wherever you want, I'll buy it.
Okay? I'll pay for everything.
I know where your money comes from.
I don't want it.
Mum, you don't know where my money comes from.
You sell drugs! Mum, I make investments.
All right? I invest in business.
I invest in property.
That's where my money comes from.
My son sells drugs.
You've no idea how ashamed that makes me feel.
Want me to be honest? I sell drugs.
'Cause people wanna get high.
Everyone does it.
All of them politicians you watch on the news they all get high, you know? Whether it was at uni, or now at them little private parties they go to, they all get high.
And that's life.
That's how it goes.
I mean, even the prime minister was on TV talking about how someone gave him drugs.
- Why ain't he in jail? - That man has no morals.
Don't try and use him to justify what you do.
And now you're using the money you've made to tear down this community! Mum, listen.
If people from Summerhouse wanna stay, they can stay.
- That's the whole point in this ting.
- You don't believe that.
You're not naive.
You tell me what the alternative is, then.
Hmm? Seriously, think about it.
What you gonna do? You're gonna go and spend all your life savings gettin' this stupid report done, then what happens next? We win.
Come on, Mum.
You know the world don't work like that.
Now, you see, if it ain't me, if it ain't me makin' money from this ting, there's gonna be someone else out there, Mum.
And you know that someone else? He ain't gonna give two shits about Summerhouse.
Or you.
Or this little community.
So who's got more rights than me? You know why I haven't offered you a coffee? - No.
- They cut the water off.
And it's not the first time.
I'm sorry.
Look, you think I want you to go without water? Come on! I will sort it out.
I will fix it.
Okay? Leave the water, Dushane.
Fix yourself.
Don't even know why I'm botherin', you know.
Just for the record, Summerhouse is a shithole.
I'm doin' everyone a fuckin' favor here by knockin' this shit down and rebuildin' it and makin' it better for everyone.
You spent your whole youth selling drugs to make money out of this estate.
And now you're selling it to make more money.
Well, this is my home.
This is where I raised you and your brother.
This is where I live! You can go now, Dushane.
I'm goin'.
I'll see you soon.
So we know that the BMW X5 we recovered from your garage was the one used in the shooting of Jamaal Green.
And now guess what else we know, Ruben? It's registered to you.
Are you gonna help us, Ruben? With Dushane? We need an answer now, Ruben.
I wanna talk to my solicitor.
In private.
You got five minutes.
Well, you heard 'em.
You heard 'em, man.
They wanna know now! They're hustlin' you.
You don't have to say anything.
Not now.
We can buy time.
You stay cool.
I was a beautician before I went away.
Makeup counters.
Well, I need someone on the front desk.
Greetin' customers, helpin' me and Naomi with the diary.
If that works out and you're interested, I don't see why we can't get you trained up, and maybe you can start doin' some treatments yourself.
Are are you okay? Why are you bein' nice to me? Look, you have a little girl.
So do I.
I get it.
We've gotta be there for each other.
That's what Summerhouse is all about, innit? Can you start tomorrow? Of course I can.
Are you serious? She said she'd be here by now.
I'm not really sure.
She's out the back.
Oh, it's all right.
She's here now, look.
- Naomi, this is Mandy.
- Hiya! - You all right? - Can you get her contact details? - I've gotta talk to my friend outside.
- Sure.
All right, so can I just take your mobile number? - My number is zero, seven, seven - Yeah? - Double-zero - Yeah.
Nine hundred Nine hundred Six, six Two.
And do you have an email, please, Mandy? Um, yeah, my email No, she hasn't, but she said that she could show me tomorrow when I come in.
She said it will only take something like ten minutes or something.
Great, so that's all done.
Um - I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Bye.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
See you later.
Listen, thanks a lot, Shelley.
You're an absolute sweetheart.
See you later.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
I won't blow you a kiss.
I'll just say thank you.
But I mean it.
- All good.
See ya.
- See ya.
Go get the boat and call the guys.
Bruv, I don't understand your language.
I don't I don't get it.
- Buy my candies.
- Candies? Bruv, yo, how many times you gonna offer me candies? - To order, good price, fair price.
- No! Good price, good price.
- See you, you're a hustler, you know.
- Hah! There.
- Where's the change? - No.
Just go, man.
Take me, take me, I go.
Go where? Go with you, Uncle.
Nah, G, when I go, I'm flying.
You can't come.
My sister, Spain.
Want me come Spain! Look, I'm not goin' to Spain, you know.
I live in London.
Look I'm sorry, little man.
I wish I could help.
Why are you here? Huh? Where's your home? Where do you sleep? Aah.
Where we goin'? You gonna take me to your home? Samar, Samar! No, wait, man.
You're gonna pull my arm outta my socket, little man.
- This this is your home? - Ah.
You sleep here? I home.
Your home.
Thank you.
You like cars? Ah.
My sister Oh.
This is your sister you was talking about, yeah? The one in Spain? - Yes.
- Okay, look, look.
- This This - iPhone This is my brothers.
This is Aaron.
This is Stefan.
iPhone Aaron, Stefan.
My brothers, yeah? - Stefan.
- Oh.
That's that's your sister, yeah? Ah.
Oh! Go, go, go go! Why do I always have to cook? If you want food, you gotta cook sumtin', innit.
We'll get takeaway, man.
Jamie left some money.
- Why do I have to get takeaway? - Why you in a bad mood? - I'm not.
- I've got exams in two weeks, man.
I ain't got time to argue.
If you want food, go get something.
Take the money.
You good? Yeah, mad calm.
Hear about that yout that got ducked down the other day? No.
What happened? Bro, he must've gone to some next ends.
Four man there chased him down, chinned him up.
Chased where? But what, I gotta do this bullshit sign-on ting.
I beg you wait for me.
- Calm, calm.
- Yeah, two minutes, innit.
- Hurry up.
- Two minutes.
Two minutes, bro.
Two minutes.
Tia, man.
- What you doing? - What? What do you mean, what? I'm here.
You know what time you're supposed to be here.
We still have 30 minutes, though.
I lie? I'm sure I can say everything I need to say in 30 minutes.
Come on, my guy.
I beg you, lock this up for me though.
That's a rental.
Why have you even brought it in? Nah, it's mine.
I got it from the company.
- You bought this from the company.
- Mm-hm.
Looks like it.
All right, so put you in the middle.
And then what about your parents? What about them? What's their names? This is so long.
Why are we doing this bullshit? Family trees can be quite useful, you know, to map out your relationships.
- Who you're closest to.
- Fuck that! We need to try and get a picture of how you've ended up where you are.
Listen, my parents don't give fuck all about where I am.
Me and them, nothing alike.
I do me, yeah? Fuck them! Like, seriously.
Fuck them.
I do me.
So you definitely don't wanna do the family tree? I - I'm goin' toilet.
- Tia, let's just Yo, where you been, man? That weren't two minutes.
Where you goin'? Oi, what's that? Ah, it works! Yes! Hey! See that? What you doin'? Ah, Stef, come on, man.
Stop bein' a pum-pum.
Come in here.
- Where you goin'? - What's she doin'? - Tia, this is a bad idea.
- Hold up.
What you doing? - It's cool, man.
Just get in.
- You a driver? Yeah, what? Go on.
Go on! That that one.
Yeah! Oh, wicked! Wait.
What? Can we get out the car park, please? - Whoa, man! - What're you doing? What's goin' on? What's she doin'? Bruv, bruv, bruv - Open this door! - Look what I'm doin'! Look at me! Get down! You lot stand back.
Are you all right? This is my car, Tia! You know you messed up, right? This is a sticky one still.
Or we can sell it.
We've already tried that, to your boyfriend, remember? Yeah, there's nothin' to stop us sellin' it again.
We could split the P's.
Except the fact it's not ours to sell, which is why you're in this mess.
It belongs to your mates, don't it? Khadeem and Cyprus.
- Fuck them! - Oh, it's "fuck them" now, is it? I'm the one that took all the risk.
Like my name's Pebbs da Eediat.
It seems to me like you're forgettin' how this whole shit started.
You taking what belongs to them.
Them, rightly so, comin' back for you.
You comin' to me for my help, fuckin' cryin' over there.
Yeah, I hear all that, Uncs.
We could make proper P's, you know? So you think I'm an idiot? We're goin'.
So what happens when they get over to Spain? How can you be sure this ain't gonna go like the last one? Bro, I promise you.
This time, everything's under control.
All right, they're done loading the Zodiac.
They just need to know where to go.
The small beach near Barbate.
Tell them if no one's there to meet them, they'll unload everything themselves.
What? That guy acts like he knows what he's doing, but everything's messed up.
Fucking typical.
It's fine, forget about it.
I have people on their way now.
They'll be there soon.
All right.
Think I could make it somewhere like New York or LA or something.
Yeah, somewhere over there, like.
I swear, I was born in the wrong place, man.
I need to get out of here.
So why are you on the roads tryin' to be a rude girl, then? It's not like that.
You're not listenin', man.
Same as my mum and Taylor.
You're all as bad as each other.
So, what, you see Tash? Yeah, man, course.
That girl's my little queen.
We make TikToks together.
Hang on.
She all right? Yeah, fam.
She's smashin' it.
Smashin' school.
Got loads of friends.
She's chattin' about wantin' to be a vet or some shit.
I was like, "That's seven years of uni.
" You have to have mad racks for that.
Tash don't ever have to worry about money.
She's good.
She'll be taken care of.
If my daughter tells you what she wants to be, can you tell her she can, please? Yeah.
Uncs, the gym's just here.
Are you gonna shoot him? Don't get your hopes up.
Just in case they don't wanna talk.
- Is that them? - No.
Wait here.
Don't fuckin' move.
Be careful Which one of you's Cyprus, which one's Khadeem? - Who wants to know, blud? - You don't recognize me? No, I don't.
You don't know Father Christmas? I know your face, bruv.
What's his name again? What? Sooly? Sully? Summerhouse? - Huh? - Nah, not today.
Father Christmas today.
I got a present for you.
That little bit of grub you lost, I got it.
What are you talkin' about? My ting with Pebbles? Huh? I didn't lose that food, she stole it, if that's what you're talkin' about.
I dunno.
Maybe you lost sumtin' else.
Wouldn't surprise me.
No, no, no, no, hold on, hold on.
So where's man's package, then? Santa? Let's get one thing straight.
This how it's gonna run.
I give you the food back.
You thank me.
This brudda mad, innit? We can all go home happy, laughin' like that.
- Or we can make an issue out of this.
- Are you fuckin' stupid or sumtin'? There's already a issue, blud, 'cause you got sumtin' from man.
Run it back, or there is gonna be a fuckin' problem.
- Is it? - Yeah.
Another thing.
Pebbles, that's family.
So whatever beef you lot had, I don't know, but it's dead now.
Bruv, the girl's a likkle teef.
I paid her to bring sumtin' over.
I gave her five quid.
All she had to do was hand it over to this don.
But instead, she bounced with my money and the drugs.
Come on, brother.
Am I a dickhead? Are you? She made a mistake.
- I'm just here to fix it.
- Well then, fix it, then, innit.
You know what? Fuck all of that.
- That's too much chattin'.
- Fam.
Nah, what she done was a disrespect, blud.
That's gotta get compensated still.
Well, it ain't gonna be compensated, is it? - There ain't gonna be no compensation? - No.
You taking this for some cartoon ting? So what you sayin', then? Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Oh shit! What's wrong with the silly boy? What's the point in this? I get it.
You man are fuckin' embarrassed.
Pride and that.
Know what? You man sleep on it.
You want the food back, get at me tomorrow.
Come wrap this up.
Did you shoot 'em? - Uncle.
- What? This all some fucking joke to you? Yeah, I shot them both.
I'll go and do 30 years for you.
You idiot.
- I was worried, innit? - No, I didn't fucking shoot 'em.
What they sayin', then? Well, it's not cool.
They're thinkin' about it.
You ain't gotta worry, have you? Not you sortin' it out, is it? All right.
Thanks, Uncs.
What are you doin'? - I'm - Shut the fucking door! What you doin'? - I live round the corner.
- You think you can just go home? No, but I don't Where am I supposed to go? Pebbles, as much as I'd fucking love you to, you cannot go home after that.
- No, but - Do you not get it? Where I get it, man.
I ain't got fuckin' time to explain it to you.
- Where else - Shut up.
Shut up! Where am I supposed to stay, then? I just leave this on the beach? Yeah, just leave them there.
Police! Police! Police! What the fuck is this? Shit! Talk to me.
I was right.
That son of a bitch, Juan - Okay.
- Chaash.
You have to take care of this now, brother.
All right, don't worry.
- So what's goin' on? - It happened again, bruv.
Fuckin' feds were waitin' for us.
So why the fuck do you sound so calm about that, bro? I'm gonna handle it, innit? - G, what do you mean - I said I'll fuckin' handle it, innit! Let's go, brother.
- Everything all right? - No.
Everything's not all right.
Everything's fucked! How so? Tell me, why? Why, my brother? Bruv, what the fuck, man? Khrito was the one that sold us out, innit? Let's go.
- Hello? - Hello.
Uh, is this Aaron Tovell? Yeah.
You got a brother called Stefan? Yeah.
The problem's the insurance.
They're gonna wanna know what happened, and if I tell them, obviously, the police get involved.
Nah, man.
Tia's gotta pay or sumtin'.
Tia can't pay.
She has nothing.
She has less than nothing.
How much is it? Hundreds, at least.
- Yeah, man.
I'll pay for that.
- Bro, shut up.
All right, cool.
If I take care of the damages, you don't need to chat to any feds, innit? It could be, like, a grand.
I'll cover it.
Don't worry, I was gonna stay at my cousin's for the night, so she can have the bed, and she'll be very comfortable.
I appreciate it.
And I'll make sure she leaves it just as she found it.
Yeah? Thank you.
She's quite a girl, huh? No, she's a headache.
But she's brilliant though.
All that energy, that conviction.
I wish I'd felt as empowered as she does when I was her age.
Yeah, she's definitely empowered, all right.
Do you know that Stormzy follows her on Instagram? Told me all about it.
- Where is she now? - She said she'd do the washing up.
Where's your purse? I'm trusting, but sensible.
I've finished.
That's great.
Thank you.
Look at youse two, man.
- I'll get a picture, fling it on the Gram.
- Oi! What you doin'? Where you goin'? Not gonna Netflix and chill at Uncle Gerry's? - Relax.
- Not tonight, no.
Come out my business, man.
That's probably Beyoncé.
Thank you for this.
No problem.
Well, I better go.
Well, sleep well.
Yo, where you been? You know I've been callin' and callin' you? Went to my mum's yard.
When I come out, my heart just started going mad.
Like a million miles an hour.
Maybe you should see a doctor.
Doctor for what? Tests.
I don't need tests.
I'm not an old man.
It's my mum.
She was angry.
It was upsettin'.
Get off me! Put the gun down.
- I said put the gun down! - Okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- Well, grab the gun.
Let's go, man.
Get this bitch out of here, man.
Get the fuck in there, man.
Let's go! I said get in there! Now hold him still.
Put him in the corner! Search for the tings.
It's not here, Koka! Oi, dickhead.
Where the bricks at? Yo, there's nuttin' here, bro! I said where the bricks at? Blud.
Hold on, it's them now.
Yo, talk to me, brudda.
Yo, Cyprus.
He's at the boat like she said.
But the food ain't.
What you want me to do, hmm? Bad him up anyway or what? Bruv, have you got any sense in your fuckin' big head, bro? Course I don't want you to bad him up.
I need my fuckin' food first, innit? Bring him here, bruv.
Hurry up, and stop wastin' my time, please, bro.
They're bringin' the idiot here now, innit.
Yeah, make fuckin' sure.
I'm gonna slap his head out for him.
But you weren't supposed to bust in at night and fuckin' hurt him.
- Shut up! - Cyprus said we had a deal.
- What? - If I said where the food was, we're calm.
No one cares what you're sayin', man.
- Uncle! - Uncle, what? You're not goin' nowhere! - Where the fuck are you takin' him? - Oi, shut up, man.
Hey, hold her.
Uncle, I'm so sorry.
I was tryin' to fix it, I promise you.
- Shut up! You fucking killed me.
- Tell them where it is.
Oi! - Hey, what happened? - I'm sorry, Koka, man.
Shut up! Hey! Yo, Pebbles.
Next time I see you, watch! Straight bullets in your fuckin' head, d'you hear me? Fuck! Get out of here, man.
Get him in the car.
Oh my God! Get in! Come on, move! Come on, man.
Hurry up! What you sayin'? Santa come early for true? - Sully! - Wagwan, blud? Who feels embarrassed now? Huh? Huh? What you sayin', blud? Nah, what the fuck you sayin'? - Hey! - What you Khadeem! Big man, hear what I'm sayin'.
You know how tings settle.
Tell us where you stashed the food and make it easy on yourself.
It can go the other way.
Either way, you're gonna tell man.
So what you sayin' to me? What you sayin', bruv? Koks.
Deal with it, man.
Fucking dickhead! Get them hands bloody, bruv! Fucking nigga.
Let me record it! Mash his face, blud! Pat his fucking knuckle, blud.
Dickhead! You're a pussio, blud!
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