Top Boy (2011) s04e05 Episode Script

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1 ["Loading" by Central Cee.]
Cee don't be on the road too tough But I still cut through With the local thugs Could've ran off the plug But I kept it real and I showed him love Lil' bro got the poker tucked Where we grow up, it's so corrupt Fans see me on the block, go nuts I'm not in my bag, I'm loadin' loadin' Back then it was hand to hand Nowadays I don't have no involvement In the trap, I stay on my own I'm home alone, Macaulay Culkin WhyJay no commented it It's complicated 'Cause the case still open The boys in blue tryna find them clues In the station, problem solvin' Free all the guys and rest in peace To all of the fallen soldiers The world full up Of impactive distractions So we all lose focus Haha I think out loud The fuck time do you call this? Know how long I've been waitin'? Wagwan, my G.
What you saying? You good? - Nah, you're taking the piss, bruv.
- Nah, cuz, you know I'm out here.
How did they know 'bout The ins and outs? Somebody must have told 'em Cee don't be on the - What you sayin', though? You pree that Instagram ting I sent you? Forex tradin' ting? Bro, dis ting's a knock, fam.
It's just a load of glossy pictures with a bunch of wafflers stuntin' with cars and cash that ain't even theirs.
Nah, you're mad.
Did you pree the comments? - [phone alerts.]
- I've watched the guys' videos.
Follow the signals.
Binary options.
Yeah, knock yourself out, blud.
My SnapChat notifications are poppin' off, you know.
- [yelling.]
- [man.]
You don't know where you are, blud? - Oh shit! - You know where you are, blud? - What the fuck? - [man laughing on video.]
Well, look at this, man! Who does that look like? [man laughing on video.]
Are these men mad? You don't know where you are, blud? You know where you are? - What, fam, man? What? - Look, look, look.
[man laughing on video.]
Fuck! No way.
I told you, man.
You don't know where you are, blud? - You know where you are, blud? - Are you mad? [man laughing on video.]
That's fuckin' Sully! [seagulls calling.]
[dog barking.]
[phone ringing.]
- Yo.
- [Dushane.]
Yo, talk to me.
Job's done.
That big yout had a snitch still.
It was his right hand.
Fuckin' jokin'.
So it's dealt with properly, yeah? Yeah, man.
It's done.
A'ight, listen.
Come home now, innit.
Gonna need you on the road.
You get me? Say nuttin'.
[echoing shouting.]
[phone alarm chiming.]
[sighs softly.]
- Morning, babe.
- Mornin'.
- Does my breath stink? - Yeah, you stink.
- Mmm? - Mm-hm.
- Nah, you're all right.
- [phone alerts.]
Wait, wait.
Open him out.
Let me see his face.
- The fuck? - [laughing and yelling on video.]
- Jaq, what is it? - Becks, grab my tracksuit, please.
[soft R&B playing.]
Yes! Awake.
- There she is.
- Wow! - "Wow"? It's a cup of tea, man.
- I don't believe my eyes.
[Dushane laughs.]
- Don't go on like that.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
- Mmm.
You didn't have to get up.
I was gonna bring you breakfast in bed and all that.
That would've been nice, but actually, I have to pick Tish up from her sleepover.
So what you sayin'? Wanna spend the day with me? Both of you.
Go shoppin' [mouths.]
Pick out some clothes and that, get some food.
Get whatever you want.
- [doorbell rings.]
- [Shelley.]
One sec.
What's going on, man? Yo.
I need to talk to you, blud.
It's important.
A'ight, come up.
- [bleep.]
- [buzzing.]
Blud, have you seen this? - Sh! Come on, man.
- Sully's in a real problem here, bruv.
- [man laughing on video.]
- [Dushane kisses teeth.]
We need to move fast.
- [sighs.]
- [Jaq.]
What d'you wanna do? Bruv, what's all dis long ting? A'ight, you two had a pop at each other.
Shit happens.
Don't change the fact he's your brudda.
Jaq, shut up.
Go and wait in the car.
- This is Sully, bro.
- Jaq, go and wait in the fucking car.
[door slams.]
[tires screech.]
- [Jamie.]
In the back, yeah? - [man.]
Yeah, yeah.
Go Spain.
My sister.
Please go.
I already told you I'm not going to Spain, little man.
I'm going back to London.
I can't take you, okay? Plus, you're gonna need a passport and all of that, and you ain't got it.
I'm sorry, man.
I wish I could help.
[in Darija.]
Listen, he can't take you.
I can't take you.
Go get the money and then come back to me.
That's enough! Get out of here.
These kids really love you, innit? Why don't you let him get on one of your boats to Spain, man? He's actually got family, bro.
Just let him go see his sister.
Bro, he ain't got no money.
If I take him for free, all these kids are gonna think they can go for free.
This ain't Noah's Ark, bruv.
This is my business.
I can't argue with you on that, innit.
Bro, when he gets the money, then I'll take him.
But until then, he can sit his broke arse on this beach and enjoy the view.
[kisses teeth.]
Aight, bro, jump in.
I'mma drive you myself.
Fuck, I need to find a new driver now.
Look, I'm sorry about that, yeah.
I meant to say it earlier, but I know you two were close.
I know he was like your brother.
Couldn't have been easy.
Brother or not, I would dead him ten times over.
Khrito forgot his place.
Forgot who his master was.
You gotta keep your dog on a short leash.
If you think they'll bite you, you gotta put 'em down.
Every top boy needs to know when to make their move.
Come, bro.
Let's roll, man.
- One sec.
I gotta make a phone call.
- Do your ting.
I'm here.
[children speaking Darija.]
[phone rings.]
- Hey.
- [Jamie.]
I wasn't expecting you to call.
How's it goin' out there? I need to meet with Juan El Bueno.
Can you line it up? Give me an hour.
I'll talk to my friend in Spain.
He'll set it up.
I'll send you the number.
Okay? A'ight.
- Does this mean we're on? - It means I wanna meet with him, innit.
Yeah, but what for? I'm not gonna get a better time to make my move.
Call your guy in Spain.
Tell him I'm comin' there today.
What about Dushane? Fuck Dushane, man.
[kisses teeth.]
Yo, little man.
This is for you.
- [speaks Darija.]
- Yeah, this is for you.
Okay? - This for you.
- Really? - Shukran! Shukran! - Yes.
I hope this gets you to your sister in Spain, okay? - Thank you! Shukran! - It's okay.
Ah, Momo! Momo! [all yelling in Darija.]
to call them.
Hey! Help! I'm being kidnapped! - [audience laughter.]
- [laughing.]
- [Lauryn.]
I'm not on my phone! - [Vee.]
You are a lyin' bitch.
- I know you're on the phone.
- [Lauryn.]
Leave me alone, man.
I'm on the toilet! [Vee.]
Open this fucking door.
I know you're on the phone! [Lauryn.]
You're a fucking pervert.
Fuck off! Sooner you than me, mate.
- [Lauryn.]
Why are you taking my shit? - [Vee.]
Get out me face.
Give me my phone.
I'm not giving you your phone, you mad fat cow.
- I'm pregnant, you idiot.
- Yeah, I don't care.
You fucking controlling bitch, give me my fuckin' phone! Who were you on the phone to? Eh? Who? - [Lauryn.]
None of your business.
- [Vee.]
Who? - What's goin' on? - I caught her in the toilet on her phone.
Do you really think we'll let you out of our sight after what happened last time? All right, don't stress, Lauryn.
It's bad for the baby.
It's bad for you.
I want my phone.
Why's she taken my fucking phone? [Curtis.]
Please calm down.
This isn't doing you any good.
- Curtis, tell her to give me my phone.
- You're not gettin' your fuckin' phone.
- [Lauryn.]
Tell her, Curtis.
- Vee, give us a second.
Curtis, tell her to give me my phone, please.
Sh, sh, sh.
You don't need a phone, babe.
It's bad for you, all that social media, and staring at the screen all day, and and the radiation.
5G can't be good for the baby.
- [scoffs.]
- Hmm? What the fuck are you talking about? You know I don't like it when you talk like that.
Tell her to give me my phone! - [patting bed.]
- Come on.
We're your family, Lauryn.
We're all you need.
Phones are just noise.
They're a distraction.
Yeah? You need to be focused on the baby.
Hmm? Okay.
[sighs shakily.]
[men talking.]
What you chattin' about over there, man? Shut up.
- Bro - This is serious, bruv.
Stop it.
- The whip's playing up - Cool.
Don't worry about that.
Listen, rise up the tings, yeah? - All right, cool.
- Everyting you can get your hands on.
You man, gloves and ballys, don't forget them.
Rowmando, hit up Nutty and Fades, and North man, South man, West man, all of them.
Send them that video.
See who knows these pricks.
You lot, stay on social media, yeah? Anything you see, you hear, hit up Jaq straightaway.
No phones.
Burners only.
You get me? Time, man.
We ain't got time.
Let's go.
- Let's do this ting, bro.
- Hurry the fuck up.
- Bro, let's go! - Hurry up, man.
Let's go, let's go! Have a pree at the crime scene.
A'ight, buss this left.
- What, that one over there? - Yeah, yeah.
Mm, say nuttin'.
[ducks quacking.]
- [Dushane.]
How far down? - [Jaq.]
Literally just here on the right.
- [Romy.]
Shit way.
- [Kieron.]
Man's fuckin' livin' with ducks.
- [Romy laughs.]
 A'ight, bro - He's a fucking sailor now or sumtin'.
- Not gonna lie to you - Hey, mandem.
Shut the fuck up, man! Go and look over there or sumtin'.
- The fuck? - Yo, what's up? [clattering.]
Someone's been in here, all right.
Yeah, man.
They were looking for sumtin'.
Don't make no sense, though.
No one even knew he was out 'ere.
- [sighs.]
- [Pebbles.]
Get the fuck off me! - [Kieron.]
Shut the fuck up! - [Pebbles.]
I swear to God.
- I'll smash your face in! - [Kieron.]
Chill out! - [Pebbles.]
What you sayin'? - Shut up, man! - [Pebbles.]
Move from me, man! - [Keiron.]
Fuckin' chill out! - Fucking relax.
- [Pebbles.]
Who the fuck are you? - Who are you? - [Romy.]
Who the fuck is it? - [Jaq.]
Sit yourself down! - [Romy.]
Hold it down, man! - Fuck! You're a little girl, you know.
- [Dushane.]
Hold on.
Who are you? Pebbles.
I ain't done nothin'.
[train passing.]
- [Romy.]
Are you mad, fam? - Taylor's Pebbles.
Where's Sully? Yo! Dunno.
A couple man come for him last night.
I jumped in the water.
Where the fuck did they take him? - That's what I'm askin' you.
- [kisses teeth.]
[kisses teeth.]
- Think I'm fuckin' jokin' wit' you? - No! - Answer! Where the fuck did he - [Jaq.]
Yo, listen.
Don't make me have to thump your fuckin' teeth out.
Who the fuck are them man? One's called Cyprus and the other one's called Khadeem.
Give me your fuckin' phone.
Khadeem and Cyprus.
Them fuckin' Peckham man.
- Jaq, what you sayin' to me? - There's a Cyprus in here.
- Yeah, well, then call it.
- Fam, it ain't workin'.
Bruv, take this, put it in there, call him.
You better not be nuttin' to do with this, you know.
A'ight, watch her.
- You fuckin' stink, man.
- [Pebbles.]
Shut up! [Khadeem.]
Hold on a minute.
Why couldn't I just lick him down now and done? - And give up five boxes, bro? Are you mad? - [kisses teeth.]
Bruv, this doughnut's gonna tell man exactly where the food is, then we're gonna wig him.
[phone rings.]
- Hold up.
- [kisses teeth.]
Yo, who's this? [Dushane.]
Hey, listen to me.
Yeah, I'm gonna need my brudda back, you know? Tell me what you need to make it happen, Cyprus.
Who the fuck is this? Bro, I've seen the video, man.
Big man, who'd you send that video to, brudda? What you talkin' about, blud? No one.
Only my cousin, couple man.
Why, what's wrong? What's wrong with you, you fuckin' doughnut? - Tryin' to get man nicked? - Who the fuck are you talkin' to? - I'll do what I fuckin' want - Forget it, man.
[kisses teeth.]
Big man, I don't know you.
I dunno what the fuck you're talkin' about, man.
Listen, and listen good.
You see that guy that you got? That's my brudda.
Yeah? Tell me where you are.
I'm comin' to pick him up ASAP.
Where's my grub? Yeah, man's got that.
Don't worry about that.
Soon as you give me my man back, I'll give you the food.
All right, bruv, cool.
Take a pic.
What you talkin' about? Right now, take a picture of the ting and send it to this number.
I'll tell you what.
Give me a minute.
I'll do that now.
- Yeah? - You think I'm a fuckin' doughnut? You think I'm stupid? Bro, do you think we won't wig your bredrin right now? - [laughing.]
- [Cyprus.]
Huh? [Khadeem chuckling.]
D'you know what? Forget it.
Oi, you man.
This lil' dickhead on the phone's sayin' my man's his bredrin.
- Wants us to allow him.
What you sayin'? - [Khadeem.]
Allow him? - [both laughing.]
- Yo, yo, yo, listen.
- [laughter.]
- Listen.
I'm gonna send you a text.
- Just tell me where to come, innit.
- Give me the phone.
All right, beg.
Beg! Beg so your dickhead bredrin can hear you, fam.
- Fam? - Hey.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Listen? [Khadeem.]
Better not chat to me, bruv.
You don't fucking want this, you know.
I'm telling you now.
You know what you're signin' up for? Stop wasting my raasclaat time.
Hey, yo, my brudda.
I'll fuckin' lay you out, you know.
Don't phone this number until you've got my fucking grub.
All of it.
Otherwise, the next time you see your bredrin, you won't even recognise him, brudda.
What? Hey! Oi! Fuck! [gasps.]
Where the fuck can we find Khadeem and Cyprus? Come on, where? They use this one spot as a trap house.
It's in south.
- By the train station.
- [Dushane.]
Say that again? They use this one spot as a trap house.
Near the train station.
It's in south.
- [Dushane.]
You know where it is, yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
- You man, let's go.
- [Jaq.]
Get up! - Bring her.
 We'll drop her off with Farah.
- [Jaq.]
Get up! - Fuck off.
- [Kieron.]
You stink, man! - [Romy.]
Fuckin' smelling like doo-doo.
- [Pebbles.]
Shut up.
Hurry up, man! [knocking at door.]
Amma? It's me, Shelley.
Amma, please.
I'm worried about you.
Please open the door.
[door closes.]
Where are you goin'? The reporting center.
What? Now? They can't deport you now.
After everything that's happened? No, Amma.
Look, we we have to fight this.
I can't fight.
I can't fight any more.
They have the power.
- I have no choice.
- But this is wrong.
This is so wrong.
Thanks for coming, Shelley.
I have to get the bus.
You have to get the No.
You're not gonna get the bus.
Let me drive you.
Thank you, Shelley.
You're a kind person.
Every room I walk into in this house [sighs.]
I expect to see Attica waiting for me.
I see his face everywhere.
Every corner.
It's time for me to leave.
[keys rattle.]
[woman speaking Spanish on radio.]
Thank you, Emilio.
You know what? I told Lizzie I don't have time for this.
This is the last thing I do for her, okay? And I appreciate it, bro.
For real.
Look, she told me about the situation with your wife.
And I understand.
Juan killed my friend, and Antonio had a big reputation here.
So I'm telling you, what you need is to be careful with him.
But honestly, bro, I just need to chat to Juan El Bueno myself.
Yourself? I thought you worked for Dushane, no? Are you sure this is what you want? Sí.
- All right? - Mmm.
I'm sorry about earlier.
My hormones.
Babe? I need clothes.
I need new clothes.
My old ones, they don't fit me any more.
Well, I'll get Vee to buy you some.
You don't get another woman to buy your baby mother's pregnancy clothes.
- You just don't do it.
It's wrong.
- It's not another woman.
It's Vee.
Curtis, I need underwear.
I need new bras.
Yeah? Bras? My boobs, they've changed shape.
They're big.
I need someone in a shop to help me find the right bra that feels comfortable.
I need to be there myself.
Please! You don't know how uncomfortable I feel like this.
Feels horrible.
Please? Can we go? Just you and me? Yeah? [Vee.]
I could have got a bra for ya.
[Lauryn sighs.]
How would you even know what cup size I am? You coulda told me.
I don't even know, do I? That's why I need a proper fittin'.
I'm pregnant, in case you hadn't noticed.
How could I not know that? It's all you go on about.
[Lauryn scoffs.]
You're a professional bitch, innit? - Ladies, please.
- [phone rings.]
- Let's try to be nice to each other.
- [Speaks.]
- [Curtis.]
We'll all feel a lot better.
- Yeah.
Yo, I got a buyer for the greasers, fam.
My man's gonna pay us top dollar.
You get me? Vintage is always worth it.
Amma Ayittey? Yes? Follow me, please.
- Excuse me.
Where are you takin' her? - Are you a family member? - I'm a friend.
Where are you takin' her? - Please, Ms Ayittey, follow me.
- Well, is she comin' back? - Ms Ayittey, come with me, please.
- You can't just take her away like this.
- Lower your voice, please, madam.
I haven't raised my voice.
I've asked you to lower your voice.
She's lived in this country for 19 years.
She's worked, legally, right up until you people stopped her.
- She's paid her taxes.
She has rights.
- It's all right, Shelley.
Yeah, but this is not okay, Amma.
This is not fine.
This woman has just lost her one and only son to a devastating knife crime.
Are you aware? Is that in your file? All relevant details will be taken into consideration, including any new information.
Can't you see this is wrong? I'm not prepared to take abuse.
If you continue like this, I'll have security remove you.
Abuse? Her son has just been murdered and you're, what? - Forcin' her out like she's the criminal.
- I am being respectful to you, aren't I? So I would ask that you treat me with the same respect back, okay? Furthermore, why are most of the people in here Black? - Why ain't you takin' no white people in? - I'm all right, Shelley.
Thank you, darling.
You're a good friend.
It's okay.
Come with me, madam.
Ms Ayittey, please.
- Yo, I'm gonna make a call, yeah? - Okay.
[ringing tone.]
- [Dushane.]
- Yo.
You back in town? No, I'm in Spain, you know.
What the fuck? I told you to come back 'ere.
Look, the Moroccans are sayin' if we don't make a deal with this Juan guy, then he can steal, like, one in five of our shipments.
They're cool with that, it ain't comin' out of their pockets.
It's comin' outta yours.
I might as well go link this fucking fed, fam.
Make him a deal that's good enough for the both of us.
That way, you're savin' P's in the long run.
- You reckon you could do that, yeah? - Come on, man.
Of course.
All right, listen, 15 max.
Don't fuck this up.
Say less.
This guy, man.
- Yo.
- Yo.
Man's in Peckham right now still.
What you sayin'? - Go round the back over there.
- [Romy.]
Say nuttin'.
- You man ready, yeah? - [Kieron.]
More than ready.
- You can go now.
- I'll come with you.
Curtis, no, no.
This is private.
Why is it private? 'Cause a woman has to have her secrets.
You would know if you was a woman.
But, baby, I've seen everything.
Hm? Curtis, please.
Can I just have some privacy? I'm only going in there to try some things on.
No, no, she's right.
She needs her privacy.
Thank you.
I'll go with her.
All right, yeah.
Go on.
Come here.
What's wrong? Baby, what's wrong? [whining.]
Please! Please, I'm just so ashamed! - Like, I feel so ugly, and and bloated.
- Oh - I don't want anyone seeing me like this! - Hey.
It's only Vee.
Don't What's Hey.
You're beautiful to me.
To me? - Did you really just say that? - What I meant was - What? I disgust you? - No.
- Yeah? - Hey, hey.
Sh, sh.
Come here, come here.
Hey, it's all right.
- It's all right.
- [Lauryn.]
Can I please be by myself for one minute, please? All right, all right.
Just don't cry, yeah? - You go.
Go on.
- [sniffles.]
Um Please can I have some money? Babe! Can I have a bit more? [laughs.]
Thank you.
I love you.
I could've got her a bra.
Listen to me.
Here you are.
I've got another buyer for the greasers.
- Guess who? - Who? Charles, bro.
Charles? - I knew Charles would want 'em.
- Yeah.
Tell him they're sold.
Uh tell him Tell him if he wants, make me an offer.
They're sold, G, but he said if you can up the price, we'll sort somethin' out.
Right, I hear ya.
Do you need any help with anything? What? No, no.
Um Can I just, uh try these on, please? - Yeah.
Come this way, please, love.
- No, sorry.
Can I try that changing room over there? - Yeah.
No problem.
- Yeah? [Speaks.]
Well, I think that's closer to what we're looking for, you know.
If you can make the money right, I'mma get 'em to you.
Just let me know when you need 'em, fam, yeah? All right, G.
Say nuttin'.
I'll go check on her.
Oh! [groans.]
She's gone.
What? Taxis.
Tax Where are the fucking taxis? That way.
Oh fuck! [Curtis.]
'Scuse me.
Oh God.
Oh my God.
Stop! Taxi! [sobbing.]
Please stop! Stop! No, no, no! Stop! - [man.]
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Stop, please! Please! Please stop! Please, please! Oh my God! - [driver.]
Where you goin', love? - [crying.]
Thank you! Thank you.
- [driver.]
Where you goin'? What address? - London.
- London? Oh, fu - [Lauryn.]
No, no, no, no, please! Look, I I've got the fare.
- I've got the fare! Please, just go.
- All right! Okay.
- Calm down.
- As fast as you can.
Oh oh - Fuck.
- [Speaks.]
Oi! - [Curtis.]
Hey! - [Lauryn.]
No! - Stop the car! Hey! What you doing? - [driver.]
All right! Okay! - Stop the car! - No, no! - Hey, mate.
- Don't let them in! I'm begging! That's my wife.
She's sick.
She needs help, yeah? Come on.
Open the door for me, yeah? All right.
I'm unlocking it.
- I'm unlocking it.
- No! Don't let them in! - Hey! - [Vee.]
Open it! - [Curtis.]
Open it! - I'm doin' it! - Listen to me, cunt.
Open the fucking car! - Okay.
- [Vee.]
Open the fucking door! - [accelerates.]
- [Vee.]
Fuck! - [Speaks.]
Fucking bitch! [sobbing.]
You all right there, love? [crying.]
Thank you.
[breathing heavily.]
You're an angel.
You know that? Yeah, we angels, we all look like this.
Small, skinny, thin on top.
[dogs barking.]
[machine chiming.]
[in Spanish.]
Give me a second.
My mother is here.
[speaking Spanish.]
[in English.]
It's a family place.
[Juan speaking Spanish.]
[woman chuckles.]
[in Spanish.]
Shame about your friend Antonio.
It is.
If you've got hard feelings about what happened, tell me.
It's all right.
Hm? But, quite frankly, you should be thanking me.
Is that right? Why's that? - Los Duques wanted to finish you off too.
- Los Duques? - Mmm.
- Uh-huh.
I told them no way.
Javier made a lot of money for them, and for me Stop there, Juan.
The mother of my children is dying.
That's the only thing I'm interested in right now.
The kid here wants to talk to you, nothing else.
Okay? [Jamie, in English.]
I'm here to make a deal.
See, I know you already know that your Moroccan snitch is gone, and he's not comin' back.
So for you, that means you're gonna intercept less of our drops.
And I'll be real with you, me and my boss, we can live with that.
Know what I'm sayin'? Look, nobody fucking moves merchandise through my territory for free.
Hmm? If you try, I will crush you.
I will find your warehouses, your trucks, your men I will destroy them all.
What I'm sayin' is there's no need for that.
Why would we come and fight against you when we can work together? Hmm.
You know? No problems, more money, just business.
Sounds good, no? Sounds pretty good.
So why don't you give me a number that I can take back to my boss, and then we'll go from there? With this one, it was 10%.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
But now it's 30.
30%? 30% of the volume of each shipment.
Come on, Juan, man.
Does that even make sense? What do we get for 30%? Free movement and my protection.
You are not the only people in this business.
Hmm? Los Duques are running La Línea now, and they have more men and more guns than you and your Moroccan friends.
Without me, they'll wipe you out.
[in Spanish.]
He can always ask Antonio if he doesn't believe me, because I don't think he gets it.
[in English.]
Look, you and me both know for a fact, ain't nobody payin' 30%.
So just calculate another number.
Something closer to 15.
Careful, niñato.
Huh? You don't overplay your hand.
You want a number? Okay.
It's 25.
With 100,000 euros for [speaks Spanish.]
[in English.]
Down payment.
So I wait to hear from you.
Okay? See ya.
[speaking Spanish.]
[Jamie, in English.]
We'll talk again soon.
[Juan speaking Spanish.]
- Come on.
- [Juan speaking Spanish.]
[Emilio speaks Spanish.]
[Jamie, in English.]
[Emilio mutters in Spanish.]
[kisses teeth.]
[in English.]
Fuck's sake, man.
Hey, one sec.
Hey, one more thing.
- Tranquilo.
- [Juan speaking Spanish.]
- Estábien.
- [Jamie, in English.]
It's okay.
Just one more thing.
Obviously right now, I'm chatting to you for my boss, yeah? There might come a time real soon I'm gonna chat to you just for me, innit? So? So you get the Duques to supply me with everything that I need in London, like I said before, no wars, just money, straight business.
The Duques can move five, ten times what the Moroccans bring in.
That's fuckin' amazing, bro.
That's what I like to hear.
Okay, so when you're ready to make your move, come and talk to me, okay? But for now, for your boss, the number is 25.
- No problemo.
- [chuckles.]
No problemo.
What did he say? I just made him give me his word that he's not gonna touch you or your family, innit? Let's move.
[motorcycle engine.]
- [music thumping.]
- [men talking.]
- [man 1.]
Fuck, man.
Everyone - [man 2.]
Bro! - Bruv.
Come off the fuckin' - [man 1.]
Yeah, man, I had him [man 2.]
Bruv, come off the fuckin' phone.
[distant siren wailing.]
[kisses teeth.]
[train passing.]
What you been doin', man? There's definitely someone in there.
I can hear them.
- Well, can we get in? - [Jaq.]
Bruv, it's bait.
Plus they got the whole place on lock from front to back.
It's proper secure, bro.
- Kinda like Stokey fuckin' police station.
- [kisses teeth.]
Hey, yo, it's Kit.
- [Dushane.]
Yo, what you got? - It's all there still.
- Gloves, yeah? - [Kit.]
Back seat.
What are we sayin'? Gonna wait till one of these dickheads poke their head out? Nah, man, that's way too long.
Sully would get wrapped up.
A'ight, listen to me.
Whatever 'appens, we're leavin' with him.
You get me? Whatever it takes, we're doin' this tonight.
- That's what I'm sayin'.
- No, no, no, no.
Stay in the car, man.
[sighs heavily.]
[rap music playing.]
Have they found my uncs yet? [sighs.]
[kisses teeth.]
This place is nasty.
Ain't you lot got no hygiene standards? Cleanliness is one of the most important qualities for any business.
I learned that in a YouTube tutorial for entrepreneurs.
You chat a lot of shit.
Do you know that? You're supposed to keep the workplace spick and span so that your workforce take pride in what they do.
You gotta be the change you wanna see in the world.
[kisses teeth.]
I'm seeing a lot of stress in you, Farah.
You can tell from the way you carry yourself.
Mad toxins.
You need to do a juice cleanse.
- [Jaq.]
You good, fam? - [Kieron.]
Yeah, it's ready.
- [Jaq.]
It's good.
- [Dushane.]
Mandem, blitz this ting quick.
Move fast.
A'ight, go! Go! [engine revving.]
- [Dushane.]
Fucking pussio! - [Romy.]
Shit! [groans.]
- [Kieron.]
Yo, come here.
Get back.
- [Romy.]
My leg! Hey! Fucking shoot, man! Go, go, go, go! Fuckin' pussy.
What? [man shouts.]
Shit! I'm out, blud! Oi, fam, let it off! [yells.]
Jaq, get him! Get him! Oi, you man, fuckin' look for Sully, man.
Fucking pussy! Which one are you? - Wasn't my idea, cuz, I got nothin' - Shut the fuck up.
Yo! [yelps.]
Yo, I found Sully.
- [Romy.]
What you sayin'? Huh? - Shit! Gwan, buss it, then! Prick! Look at you, you dickhead! [yells.]
[shot echoing.]
Bruv, go and get the petrol can before the feds show up.
Yo, go and help Kit.
The fuck you doin' here, man? [gasping.]
Get me up.
Sorry, bro.
Fuck! Fuck.
Fuckin' 'ell.
Good, man.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on, come on.
[Sully gasping.]
Let's just get the fuck out of here.
Shit! [sirens wailing.]
[Romy groans.]
[engine starts.]
[tires screeching.]
[sighs heavily.]
Fuck! [phone beeps.]
What the fuck? This fucking guy, man.
[knocking at door.]
- [persistent knocking.]
- [cocks gun.]
[Lauryn crying.]
[continues crying.]

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