Top Boy (2011) s04e06 Episode Script

De Capa y Espada

1 Right, it's time for our next contenders.
Make some noise for Bliss and Keziah! - Rah, rah.
- Man's here still.
- Or it ain't gonna be bliss.
- Ayo.
It's gonna be awkward.
- Cool.
- Let's go.
Can't ever get spun Been that guy, been around from young Ways he flow like a thousand tons Fibre max so you might get bun Have you give a TED talk? Can't let that run When I'm on the rhythm Your head back gone This little girl can't clash no one Took the biscuit Got swept like crumb Tryna say I'm inexperienced So tell me Why your mandem feelin' this? I can see that Your bredren's preeing me Like he really wants me To leave with him Wait, what are those? Lost property Like you forgot your clothes You better find the trophy And run that Tryna spin me Well, you just got spun back! Can't get it on, you got no XP You're better off up local McD's Bare talking, shut up and make P's Caution, you don't want it with me They all know that my flow's so lively You can't give ground, you're just grimy Can't say I'm on a trip, don't try me Still feel my training Use your flow You got no prestige You're not cool, slap in your teeth you can't be sober You, blud, you're over You're a user, I can tell Just lost my money Bro, I can't Listen.
- Everybody was screaming her name.
- Aw, boo! - Yeah? - You shelled it.
Ah, don't gas me, brah! Yeah? - Everyone was singing - Oh, love you, man.
- The best part Ooh! Off the hat! - You actually - I felt so bad! - We're going Dexter's for the afters.
I can't.
 My mum will be onto me definitely if I stay out again.
- I gotta I gotta go! - You have to come! We need to take a photo before we need to pay for it, fam.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
It's Instagram.
All right.
- Love, guys! Thank you! - See you, see you! - Love you now! - Bye! - Love you! - Bye! See you! That was so good! Wagwan, Keziah.
I'm a friend of Ats.
Now get in the fucking car.
The only way this lasts longer than it has to is if you start thinking that you gotta be on some bad gyal ting.
I swear, I didn't know he was gonna do that to the yout.
I didn't know anything.
Please! Rah!  Ay, look at this.
Mummy's callin'.
She's dinging you off, innit.
Mum must be proper worried.
Can't we have this chat with your mum? See if she knows anything.
Don't, please, I'm begging.
Then start fucking talking, you dickhead! If I tell you, he's gonna come find me and my mum.
Trust me, he ain't.
'Cause the brudda's gonna be fully dead.
All you gotta do is give me his name, and then you can go.
For real.
Be like this shit never even happen.
Just give me the name of the brudda that done Ats, where I can find him, then you can go.
Brudda's called Dexter.
Girl knows him through a cousin or sumtin'.
Said that he paid her bills to make friends with this yout, give him two-two sweet lingo and that, make sure that he got in the car.
Says that's all he told her.
You believe her? Don't feel to me that she's from road.
She's moist, fam.
She ain't about that life.
Where do I find this fucking Dexter? He's got a lock-up in Bow.
You want me to go down there? No.
No, you stay with the girl so we know she ain't chatting shit.
You lot, go down to this lock-up, yeah? Wait for this guy to come.
When he comes, you shout me.
I wanna chat to him face-to-face, you get me? All right, cool.
Hey, hey.
Burners only.
Leave your phones with Jaq.
You drive.
So wagwan with the supply ting? Jaq, it's coming, man.
- Yeah, we're almost dry out here, cuz.
- It's being dealt with.
All right.
Say nuttin'.
- There you are, sir.
- Gracias.
Put it on my room, 402, yeah? I know I've been here for a couple more days, but you two better not have killed each other, y'know? Make sure you all get back to me now.
Miss you though.
Yeah, I'm busy, innit.
Gotta study.
What you doin' here, fam? I weren't expectin' you.
I just came here to straighten a few things out.
I've been patternin' it.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
Twenty-five? Okay.
I guess I should go and pick up this down payment.
Go and meet this Juan for myself.
Get it settled.
That's exactly what I've been doin' anyway.
Chief, you have something to say, say it.
Otherwise, move from man, bro.
Big man ting.
We're not even doing that.
You think I've forgotten? Forgotten what? Blud, what are you talkin' about? Cuh Dushane told me what happened is done That what he told you, yeah? Yeah, that's what he said.
Let me get you this fucking clear, Jamie.
Dushane don't speak for me.
See, you look at me wrong, you're done.
Jamie, I swear to God, I'll fucking bury you out here.
So I'm watching you.
You finished, yeah? You gonna go meet this Juan guy or what? Yeah, I am.
And you're coming.
Keep an eye on your phone.
- You all right, babe? - Hi, babe.
Did you tell him? Let me grab a lemon and ginger, please? Can I get one as well while you're up, please? - Yeah, course.
- Thank you.
I told you already.
Tellin' Dushane ain't gonna do no good.
He'll fuck you up himself if he knew you was back.
Oh, fuck! It's gonna be all right, man.
I can't stay here any longer, Jaqui.
I can tell she doesn't want me here! Can I just go home and see Mum? The fuck is wrong with you? We've been through this! If they come lookin' for you, Summerhouse is the first place they're gonna go.
Just chill, man.
Fuck! Fuck This fucking sofa I really appreciate you lettin' her crash here, you know? Ain't gonna be for much longer.
You all right? Babe, it's been almost a week already.
Please don't be angry.
I'm just saying.
- I do want to help.
- Nah, it's cool.
- I do.
It's just - I get it.
I'll sort sumtin' out, get her out of your hair.
- Know what? That's really not fair.
- It's done.
- Lauryn? - Mmm? Don't answer that.
- Jaqui - Chill.
- Jaqui! - Chill! Yo, Lauryn, where the fuck you been, man? I've been worried sick! Lauryn's not here.
Yo, who the fuck is this and where's my sister? I said, where's my sister? And why you calling me from her phone, bruv? Lauryn left it behind.
What do you mean she left it behind? Where did she go? Bruv, I'm asking you a fucking question! Where's Lauryn? Don't worry, I'll find her.
What do you mean "Don't worry about it," Curtis? Yeah, that's right.
I know exactly who you are, Curtis.
Now hear what I'm tellin' you.
If you've done anything to hurt her, - I swear down - Jaq I'm glad we're on first name terms now.
Oh fucking hell.
After all, we both want the same thing.
We both want Lauryn to be safe and happy.
There's no need for threats.
I ain't made no threats, bruv.
I understand that you're anxious, Jaq.
But Lauryn is my world.
She means everything to me.
I would never allow her to be hurt.
She knows that.
I just wanna know that she's safe.
Lauryn and the baby.
Know what? Fuck this! I'm comin' up there to find her myself.
Maybe that's a good idea, Jaq.
We can look for her together.
Just make sure you call me as soon as you hear from her, yeah? Thanks, Jaq.
Let's stay in touch.
Can you fucking believe that? Jaq swears she hasn't seen her.
Of course she's gonna say that.
Even offered to come up here and look for her.
Yeah, she's a cunning bitch, just like her sister.
Don't talk about her like that.
She's carrying my child.
Fuck her, Curtis.
She's ran off.
She doesn't want ya! She's scum, and she's gone back to where she came from, all right? - She hasn't ran off.
- Just forget her, Curtis.
It's just temporary.
I just need to talk to her.
It'll be all right.
Have you lost your fucking head? You think it's gonna be that easy? That girl's got friends.
Gangster friends, and they're gonna be tooled up.
They're not gonna just let you take her.
Charles is waiting.
He's got the money.
All right.
Let's go.
Tell Charles he can have five.
- Charles has ordered seven.
- Give him a discount.
Curtis? Go on.
Go on.
I can't believe they're making you guys still go.
Do they know about your mum's treatment? They know.
Just don't give a shit.
There's ways though.
I'm gonna miss you.
Careful with my mum's stuff.
Don't worry.
You'll have plenty of visitors.
I've always wanted to see the bright lights of Bolton.
- Pat! - I told 'em The fucking cheek of it.
- What is it, Ralph? - Developers.
Lying sacks of shit.
They buried it good and proper, but I found it.
They've changed the social housing provision.
Changin' it? How much? 29% they said before, right? Here, they're saying they can only do five.
- Five? - Five per cent? - They can't do that, can they? - Course they can.
Slippery little fucks.
They've greased all the right palms, ain't they? - Mum, it's time for your tablets.
- Okay.
Well, we knew this was coming.
All their dirty little tricks.
When is our report due? What difference is it gonna make? It's not gonna stop them now.
That's it.
They've won.
- Mum? - Yeah? Tap's not workin'.
Heartless, they are.
Treatin' us all like animals.
Well, you know what this means, don't you? You're gonna have to pour me a shot of whiskey to take my tablets with, innit? - Whiskey? - Think I'm joking? Whiskey, Mum? Let me go shop and get you water.
Next on the ticket, sir, Ruben Michael Miller.
Number 89119.
Is there anyone here for Mr Miller? - Yes, sir! - Mr Lee, thank you.
Are you making any applications? Yes, sir.
We will be making an application for bail, sir.
Is Mr Miller present? - Yes, your Worship.
- Bring him up, please.
Would you please give the court your full name, nationality, and date of birth? Ruben Michael Miller.
I'm British.
14th of the first, '82.
Can you confirm your address is 18 Woodland Terrace, E20 7AC? Yes.
Are you indicating a plea at this stage? Not at this stage, sir.
You said you'll be making an application for bail.
Yes, sir.
Mr Miller is a, um strong member of the local community and highly respected.
He is also the primary carer for his infant son, Noah.
Ms Blissett? Sir.
The defendant faces very serious charges of conspiracy to murder and provision of firearms with intent to endanger life.
It is the prosecution case that Mr Miller provided cars and firearms to different drugs gangs, which resulted in at least three murders.
Given the nature and seriousness of the charges, and owing to the severity of the likely sentence and the risk that the accused will abscond, the prosecution strongly opposes bail.
I think it would be helpful to hear from the police officer in charge of the case.
Please state your name and age.
Sarah Francis Morrison, sir.
Over 21.
- And what is your rank? - Detective sergeant, sir.
The police have physical evidence linking Mr Miller to the murder of three gang-affiliated men in London last year.
There is strong evidence connecting Mr Miller to a wider international conspiracy with known criminals to import, distribute, and sell class A drugs with a street value of £25 million.
In addition, Mr Miller has a close, personal connection going back many years to a man who police believe is the leader of an organised crime group.
They are personal friends as well as business associates.
Police inquiries are intensifying, and we anticipate a number of further arrests as a result of the information arising from Mr Miller's detention.
They refused bail.
Bro That bitch! She was undercover in Summerhouse for nearly a year, bro.
She obviously didn't get what she wanted, otherwise they'd have pulled you in by now.
No, the problem isn't her.
It's Ruben.
He's gettin' edgy, frettin' about his son.
Can he hurt you? Bro, what are you tryin' to say? I'm assuming you don't keep anything you shouldn't keep in your house, 'cause they're gonna come callin'.
No, my yard is clean, bruv.
Meanwhile, you keep your head down and try and keep things quiet on the street, if you can.
Not always my call though, is it? The last thing you want now is noise.
No No.
Honey, I think there's sweeties.
Sh! - You can't have them.
- But I want them.
I know, but they're for a friend.
You can't.
Grandma! Abuela! - Can you take her away, please? - Let's go.
Leave Daddy alone for a minute.
Emilio, I can't do this any more.
I'm going to break down and cry.
You have to be strong.
Okay? You have to keep it together.
For the girls.
And for Sofía.
Come in.
Ah, here, let me get that for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- No worries.
- Sure, here, let me bring that up for you.
- No, no, that's fine.
You're grand.
Look, many hands make light work.
- Oh, bless you.
- All right.
It's a curse the council have shut off the lifts, isn't it? I know.
Now, is this your floor, missus? Are you all right, miss? Good.
So, um what about protection? - You'll have someone? - Of course.
- How many? - Usually, just one guy.
And that'll be the guy carryin'? Like Juan, yes.
So two guns, probably.
This, uh, Juan, he killed your friend.
What makes you think he's not just gonna kill us when we get there? Greed.
If Juan thinks he can make more money out of you alive than dead, he'll let you walk away.
- Where's Jamie even at, fam? - I don't even know.
- He just told me he's gone for work.
- Work? Only thing man's working is bare gyal still.
- Ay, shut up, man.
- What? You telling me you don't think Jamie's lickin' down bare pussy? That's my brother.
That's disgusting! Are you trying to tell me you're the one that's not lickin' down bare pussy? What? Ay, shut the fuck up, man! - Get inside! - Is that you, yeah? I see you.
I see you.
What's wrong? What happen? Oh shit! Ara, you all right? Wake up, man.
- Ara! - Is she all right, fam? No, I think she's taken something.
Ara, can you hear me? Ara! - We need to call the ambulance.
- No ambulance! Once they see us here, they'll call the social.
Wake up.
What the fuck did you take? - She needs a doctor, proper help! - Do CPR or something.
- I don't know how.
- Zehra, go away! Can you hear me? Just do something! I don't even think she's breathing.
Ara? Wake up! Ara! Ah, fuck! Cool, we're gonna help her up.
I've ordered an Uber.
Let's get her outside.
Yo! - Come on.
There you go.
- What's wrong with her? - She's an epileptic, innit.
- We need to get her to the hospital.
All right, cool.
Get in.
Okay - I can finish up here if you want.
- Are you sure? Yeah, of course.
Go on, go.
- You're a star.
Thank you so much.
- No worries.
I'm gonna leave the keys here on the table, so just No probs.
Yeah, call me if you have any problems, but Don't worry.
There won't be no problems.
- Okay.
- We'll be fine.
- Cool.
- Go on, you get off.
- Thank you! - All right, see ya.
- Bye.
- Bye.
All right, Shelley? Like a bad penny me, ain't I? Always turnin' up when you don't want me to.
- Nah, not even.
Look, I've gotta run.
- No, where you going, Shelley? The thing is, we're not all as lucky as you, you know? For some of us, our lives are shit and lonely.
How's Tish doing these days? I bet she's a proper little mama's girl, ain't she? It'd be a right tragedy for her if anything was to happen to you.
Listen, you're not gettin' another penny out of me.
Do you understand? So shoot your shot, do what you're doin', but you don't scare me, Bev.
You never was a good liar, was you, Shelley? You just ain't got the knack for it.
All right, listen.
Twenty grand shuts me up for good.
Twenty fucking grand.
You all right, Shelley? Shelley? What has she got on you? Where I've been, you learn to recognize some real shit.
I've come across plenty of bitches like that inside.
My ex, he was friends with Bev's man, Ryan.
Mmm? He was just on some dumb shit.
Shottin', teefin' cars.
I'd hold stuff for him.
P's, sometimes food.
Never straps though.
I weren't in all that.
So what happened? You can trust me, Shelley.
I mean, fuck, everything you've done for me.
Whatever it is, I ain't gonna judge.
The day I found out I was pregnant with Tish, Bev and Ryan come around to celebrate.
And the three of them was just drinkin', bunnin' Everyone was bussin' joke about baby names and whatnot.
And then they just started arguin'.
Out of nowhere.
It all happened so quick.
My ex swang for Ryan.
And Ryan's head caught the corner of a table.
Fuck! Bev was screamin'.
And there was all this blood, and I wanted to call an ambulance.
My ex kept saying, "No.
" "There's shit in the flat.
We go to prison.
" "They take the baby away.
" And I believed him.
So what did you do? My ex, he wrapped Ryan's body up in a duvet from our bedroom.
And the three of us drove down to the marshes.
Fuck me, you buried him? If they ever found him my DNA Fuck.
What's Dushane sayin'? He don't know, and he's not gonna know.
- Shelley.
- No! I'm not gettin' him involved.
I gotta go.
I'm already late.
I gotta pick up Tish from her play date.
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you gonna do? I've gotta pay Bev.
God knows how I'm gonna do it, but I gotta pay the woman.
You pay that bitch now and you'll never stop.
I'm bein' serious with you, Shelley.
What choice do I have? What one do you want? That one.
Are you sure? Once the money goes in, it's gone.
You sure? Cool.
- Here you go.
- Can you open it? Are they nice? How's Ara doin'? They pumped her stomach, innit.
They reckon she's gonna be okay.
How about your mum? Like, don't the hospital want to know where she is? She'll turn up eventually, once she sobers up.
Gonna come runnin' in, actin' all innocent and shocked and worried.
Only last for about five minutes anyway.
People like my mum they don't deserve to have kids, man.
Fuckin' hell, I'm tired, man.
Wake me up in five minutes or if someone comes.
Hey, don't do no weird shit.
Start sniffin' my hair while I'm sleepin'.
Shut up, man.
gettin' fucked by the system How much longer we gonna be here, man? I've gotta get this dressin' changed, like, every eight hours.
Yo, if I have to hear one more time about your fucking gunshot It barely even nicked you, brudda! Ah, fuck you, man.
I ain't tryin' to get no infection.
Bullshit, man, it's just 'cause you want to sit on your arse all day, fam.
Fam, please, man.
The fucking both of youse, man! Chatting shit, man! It's him, man.
I need to bang a wicked shit, you know.
Allow it, man.
How old are you? What? When you gotta go - You gotta go! - Gotta go, innit.
It's natural.
Man, there's nothing natural about the amount of shits you take, bruv! I've got a very efficient - digestive system.
- Shut up, man! Just sayin'.
It's the sign of a healthy gut My fair lady It's easy to call me crazy Yo.
That's the car, fam.
That's the brudda that done in Ats, fam! - Are you sure? - It's gotta be him.
Bruv, what you doin'? - Lettin' Dushane know.
- Nah, man.
He said to make sure it's him for sure.
That's the car from the video.
Course it's him.
Brudda, do you want Dushane to come down here and find out it's not him? Right, that's what I fucking thought! You lot wait in here.
I'm comin' back.
- Kit, man! What are you doing? - Are you mad, fam? plot, cheat enemies Watch he takin' em up, up Where the fuck is he going? What, them lot took me Nah, you lost me Up there, how could I not be? - Be killin' - Ah, fuck it.
come bop me Got both in rotation Kit, what you doin' here, man? 'Cause you fucked up, that's why.
The fuck's goin' on? Blud, there's three man sat in a whip across the road right now, gettin' ready to buss in and done your dance.
The fuck? Did you bring them man here? You fuckin' mad? I ain't gettin' laid out over some kid I don't even fuckin' know! Blud, well, maybe you should've thought about that before gettin' some stupid girl to do a job! How fuckin' dumb are you? Fuck you! Why didn't you tell me they were watching the spot? Why didn't you just the scare the yout like I told you to? He tried grabbing my shank.
What the fuck was I meant to do? Bruv, nobody said to kill him.
What the fuck, man? What? Bro, what the fuck? Shit The fuck is this now, man? - Didn't I say wait? - I don't know, Kit just run in.
- He already went in there.
- Fam, he was moving mad.
Wait, is that That's Dushane Hill.
- What the fuck is he doing here, man? - G, it's calm.
- Come on, let's go.
- A'ight.
Same car as the video and that.
- He's in there, yeah? - Yeah.
This is on your fucking head.
- I done this for you, I didn't want - The fuck you mean, on me? You had one fuckin' job, and you fucked up! How's it on me? What's he playin' at? - Don't know.
- The car The yout grabbed my shank.
Nothin' I could fucking do! - Talk to him.
Tell him what happened! - Can't do that.
- What do you mean, you can't do that? - I can't do that.
Blud, you're gonna fuckin' have to tell him! Man can't tell him that still.
I can't tell him that.
Fuck this, man.
I'm gone! Whoa! Fuck! Whoa! Fuck! Fuck! He tried to tried to grab my gun, blud.
He went for my gun, fam.
Yo, there's people comin' out their houses.
We need to cut now.
What you looking at me like that for? He tried to grab my gun, fam! Go and get the tapes.
Kit, let's go.
Let's fucking go, man.
You okay, fam? What do you want, man? Look, it's Mum.
She's in hospital.
You need to come quickly.
Mum? Mum.
It's me.
Bro, can she hear us? She hasn't said a word since I've been here.
Mum, it's me.
I'm here.
What are the doctors sayin'? She's weak.
Diabetes, high blood pressure.
They've told her before she needs to be more careful.
No unnecessary stress, they said.
But you know Mum.
You know what she's like.
I'm here now.
I'm sorry.
Take me home.
I want my own home.
No hospital.
No fuss.
Take me home.
Hands on the car, guys.
Come here! Before, there was one, and now, there are two.
It's a lot of money, man.
Dushane accepts my terms.
Me and Dushane accept your terms.
Your down payment, 25%.
That makes me happy.
Maybe I can make you more happy.
'Cause personally, I think we was all thinkin' too small-time.
So these shipments, we would like them comin' in every week.
We're talkin' tons here, not kilos.
Big money.
Is that a problem? No.
But every now and then, there will have to be a seizure.
And some arrests.
For the sake of appearances, you know? But the amount can be little, and the people arrested, you know, unimportant.
Is that gonna be a problem? No.
You said you have the down payment? Mm.
It's in the car.
Search inside.
This could all have been much simpler without without all this Emilio, how do I say De capa y espada.
- Cloak and dagger.
- Cloak and dagger.
We respect you, Juan.
We know we can't do business without you here.
Niñato You are very quiet tonight.
Last time, you had plenty to say for yourself.
Big talk and big plans.
Yeah, I just wanted to get a deal done that could work for all of us, innit.
Now that we've done that, we can move on.
25% sounds like a lot.
But really, it is not so much, considering what it buys.
It better buy protection from Los Duques.
Does it? They will not be a problem for you.
They will not be a problem for you.
Sounds like we have a deal.
So, now we all get rich.
Yeah, let's all get rich, man.
I hear you have a sweet tooth.
Yeah, it is true, unfortunately.
Can I get something for you? - Go on.
- Okay.
Okay? Juan.
What's that, man? Just a small gesture.
To a long business relationship, you know.
Fucking hell, man! Okay! Uh This one.
Yo, what the fuck are you doing, fam? - 25%? - No, no, no, no! You think I'm a fucking idiot? Hey, Sully.
As favor to me, please.
No, no, no, no! Por favor! Por favor, no, no, no, no, no, no! - Sh.
For Antonio.
- No, no, no, no.
Come on.
- Big fuckin' plans, yeah? - Bro, what you talkin' about? Hmm? You think I don't know? - Know what? - You and Juan cosyin' up? - You think I could cosy up with a fed? - Come on! We have to go! Why you killin' a fed in Spain? That what you brought me here for? And what about my brother? It's done.

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