Top Boy (2011) s04e07 Episode Script

We Ride Out for Family

1 [Vee.]
Told you we shoulda kept her in the lock-up.
She don't deserve to stay in the house with us.
Not after she's run off with your son, our family.
Shakin' her arse just enough to make you start thinkin' with the wrong 'ead.
Show some respect, yeah? What if she's not even in London and this is just a waste of our time? [drilling.]
She'll be much more comfortable in this.
It's easier for the nurses as well.
- Mum.
- [Pat gasping.]
Mum! Got a nice, lovely, big bed in the living room now.
What's wrong? What do you want? Here, use this.
[whimpering softly.]
Dushane? [sighs heavily.]
How much longer, mate? Oh, nearly there.
Right, so, um, you can adjust the angle with this.
[bed whirrs.]
This one to make her as comfortable as you can, yeah? Uh, listen.
You're gonna, um help us move her into the bed, yeah? I'm sorry, I can't, mate.
It's health and safety.
I'm just here to deliver and assemble the bed.
[front door closes.]
Give the hospital a bell when you finish with the bed, they'll come and collect it.
- I'm sorry, mate, I just All right? - All right? Oh, Chris.
What you sayin'? Someone to see.
- [Dushane.]
What? - Business, yeah? [front door closes.]
Hey, Mum.
You all right? [kisses.]
- Not a good time, bro.
- [Sully.]
It's not about Spain.
Jaq told me.
Sorry to hear it.
It's bad, man.
Wanna come and see her? That's why I'm 'ere.
- [Shelley.]
All right, Sully? - Yeah, safe.
You're not serious.
You're gonna do business in here in front of Mum? Chris, ain't nuttin' to do with no business.
He's gonna help us move Mum.
Everyone grab a corner, move her over to the bed gently, yeah? - [Shelley.]
Yeah, all right.
- Good? Yeah, man.
- We're gonna move you now, yeah? - [whimpers.]
Over to the bed, all right? Won't take long.
All right, here.
One, two, three.
[Pat groaning softly.]
Thank you.
Here you go.
- [moaning weakly.]
- [Dushane.]
Remember them lavish meals you used to cook up in here, Ms Hill? Mm.
A few times after school, I was starving.
Used to come here, hoping you had cooked.
If I was lucky enough, boy, come here and got that ackee and saltfish with the dumplings and that.
I can almost taste it now.
Don't forget that steamed fish, bro.
- Okra.
- Okra! Oh, forget about that steamed snapper there.
Can't forget them times there.
Shelley, them meals were legendary, you know? - [Shelley.]
Yeah? - Yeah.
Ms Hill a legend round here, you know.
[sighing softly.]
Stay strong, Ms Hill.
A'ight, you lot take it easy.
[Chris sighs.]
I gotta go.
Don't worry.
I'm coming back here.
[groaning weakly.]
I'm coming back.
What happened? Done.
Mounir said the shipment'll be ready soon.
It's the big one.
Good news.
Ting's been goin' on too long.
I appreciate it, though.
[Sully sighs.]
What you sayin' about Jamie? Look, it looked like one bag of schemin' going on to me.
But you already know I feel.
Talk to Emilio.
He'll tell you the same thing.
When's the last time you went doctor's? [shuts car door.]
I dunno.
Not since jail.
Why? You ever get this ting where your heart's just poundin' for no reason and that? Yeah, sometimes, I guess.
When? Like when I'm about to put in work.
I'm talking about, like, normal.
Normal like what, man? Normally, like, when you're doin' normal shit.
Cooking, driving.
Whatever, man.
You good? I'm good.
I'm gonna shout Mounir, yeah? Mmm.
Spend some time with her.
[opens car door.]
Yo, Kit.
Yeah, man's back.
Gotta chop it up, man.
So hit me, innit.
What's this? £850 on a car repair? It's sorted, innit.
What's sorted, Aaron? This girl, Tia, she, um, took this key worker's car and got in some accident.
I paid for it, man.
Don't worry.
You paid it? Yeah, with my money from my job.
So let me get this straight.
You took your money to pay for some next gyal's car repair? It weren't some next girl's car, was it? Stef was in the car.
What? And you're only showing me this now, like? Was feds involved? - No.
- When did this happen? When you was away.
Bruv, I left you in charge, Aaron.
You're supposed to stop him from getting into trouble and shit, bro.
Like, if I'm not here, you're man of the house.
I'm tired of your shit, man.
Spend every day tryna draw me out.
"Time to step up and be the man of the house.
" You weren't here, Jamie.
I was.
- I did the best that I could.
- So, what, you want a medal for that? For lookin' after your little brother? Let man know.
I ain't tryna hear this.
- Where you goin' when I'm talkin' to you? - Don't fucking touch me, man.
Bruv, are you fucking dumb? Huh? - [groans.]
Get off me, man.
- What? - After everything I've done for you lot? - Oh, please, man.
- Aaron.
- [door slams.]
Also, can you grab me some of my tracksuits? - This ting's too tight.
- Yeah, cool.
Where are they? Mm, should be in my wardrobe, unless Mum's moved them.
Say nuttin'.
[kisses teeth.]
Rah, man, this ting is uncomfortable.
Norwegian, innit.
Yeah? Well, has ya gyal Becks ever tried sleepin' on one of these? I don't understand, yeah, is Becks's family obviously got money money.
Why don't they just spend the extra P's and get her somewhere with a guest room? - A guest room, yeah? - Yeah.
A'ight, listen.
I'm gone.
Shout me if you need anything else, yeah? Yeah, in a bit.
[door closes.]
You know you don't have to come outside just to smoke a fag, babe? She keeps on coughing at me every time I go and have a cigarette out the window.
- [scoffs.]
- Like the health and safety police.
Yeah, she can be a proper Little Miss Muffet when she's ready.
Yeah, but do you know what? Family's family.
I'mma find her somewhere else to crash today still.
No rush, seriously.
[kisses teeth.]
I ain't doin' it for you.
I can't take another night of her snoring.
- Listen, I'm out, yeah? - Mmm.
[dog barking.]
[distant hammering.]
[children playing.]
Lauryn? [sighs.]
[soft clicking.]
[glass crunching.]
Check upstairs.
[distant siren wailing.]
Why would you do that? This is not helping me put my family back together.
Pick it up.
I ain't pickin' up shit.
Put it back.
All of it.
Exactly how it was.
[car locks.]
I can't.
It's too hot for that.
Look at this jacket.
- It's not that big.
- [kisses teeth.]
Oh, allow it, man.
Just 'cause you're there in your little little flimsy flimsy clothes.
I'm going to school! - [Jamie.]
Yo, Stef.
- [Tia.]
All right, man.
- [Tia.]
What happen? - Um, I'm supposed to be in school, man.
[Tia kisses teeth.]
Man, I'll say it's inset day.
It's calm.
You too grown to give your brother a hug and that now, yeah? [chuckles.]
Give your brother a hug, man.
Stop actin' mad.
Why you not in school? Where's your uniform? [Tia.]
Inset day, innit.
Some teacher trainin' ting.
You got inset day as well? You must be Tia.
[kisses teeth.]
The one and only.
And who's this? [kisses teeth.]
We gotta go.
- Go where? - [Stef.]
Got homework.
Why not come ours and do it? I'll make you some food.
Hey, Stef? [Delphine.]
Is Pebbles all right? Yeah.
Look, I'm just here to pick up a couple things and I'll be gone.
What? Where? Just somewhere else.
Probably better for you anyway, innit? Me not bein' 'ere.
Don't worry about me.
I'm moving on myself, so Taking the boat to Bath.
I have friends there, and there's a mooring I can have.
Well, I guess, good luck.
Have you ever been to Bath? Nah.
This is it.
[dog barking.]
Are you sure? [sighs.]
There's another option.
Just get Beverley done, man.
Dushane could have her dealt with, willy-nilly.
I don't want that.
All right.
Well, then, we're gonna need some help.
No, no one can know about this.
Diggin' up a body is one thing, but gettin' rid of it? That's a whole next argument.
Trust me.
["Mind Language" by She Wyse.]
So what you sayin'? You lot helpin' us or what? Yeah.
I told you.
They work on the dust.
They know how to get rid of stuff.
Word gettin' out about this can't ever be an option.
That won't happen.
Lovin', hatin', spendin' - Hi.
You all right? Can I help? - Am I speakin' to Shelley? No, Shelley's not here at the minute.
She is, um, out on appointments.
When, uh when will Shelley be back? - I can check for you.
- [typing.]
Sorry, can I help? - [Curtis.]
Do you mind if I ask your name? - Yeah, I'm Naomi.
Thank you, Naomi.
I always prefer to address people by their first names.
Helps defuse any tension.
My name's Curtis.
Feel free to call me by me name.
Yeah? Do you know where Lauryn is, Naomi? - Lauryn? Um - Mmm.
What, is she a customer or Look, I think you might have the wrong place.
Is there another Shelley's Nail Bar around here, Naomi? [chuckles.]
- [gulps.]
- [Curtis.]
So this is the right place.
That's good.
Because I need to find Lauryn.
I'm worried about her, you see.
She's very special to me.
She used to talk about Shelley and their big plans and how she was gonna help run this place one day.
So I'm thinkin' if anyone knows where she is, it's definitely Shelley.
Look, I, um I dunno who you are or what any of this is about, but I need to ask you to leave the salon, please.
Shall I call the police, Naomi? There won't be any need for that, Naomi.
Yeah? I just need to make contact with Lauryn.
It's an urgent family matter.
So if you could get a message to her or Shelley or even Jaq, I'd be grateful.
Um, I will let Shelley know.
Are you a woman of your word, Naomi? Yeah.
So that's a promise you'll keep, then? Yes.
Is there a reason you're not using my first name? Did you forget it? No Curtis.
Thank you, Naomi.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
What was that about? [tires screech.]
[phone ringing.]
- [Kieron.]
Yo, sis.
- Go on.
- [car locks.]
- Wagwan with Lauryn? She all right? What? Why you askin' me that for? Naomi just called me.
She said she can't get through to Shelley.
Said two bruddas and a gyal just pulled up.
Moving all bookie.
What d'you mean? Bookie how? She said they didn't do nuttin'.
But they were just movin' hostile.
She said that they're lookin' for Lauryn.
Some brudda named Curtis.
Fuck! [microwave beeps.]
[knocking at door.]
Wagwan? [Dushane.]
Cool, yeah? You good? How'd it go in Spain, man? I'll be real, fam, like I weren't too happy with you sendin' Sully out there, you know.
If you wanted Juan an' that dealt with differently, you coulda showed man.
I woulda handled it.
Ain't nothin' I ain't done before.
Like, you know what I'm on, bro.
- You know Sully ain't feelin' you, innit? - Swear down? I was startin' to fuck with him still.
[clears throat.]
[distant siren wailing.]
What about the brudda that killed Ats? What about him? We found him.
Yeah? That's a good thing, right? Yeah, you'd think that, innit.
Your boy Kit rubbed him out before I had a chance to have a word and get to the bottom of exactly why he did it.
Why do you think he did that? - I don't know.
I weren't there, innit.
- Kit's your boy.
Surely he must have said sumtin' to you, fam.
Mmm No, I ain't spoke to him yet still.
- I just got back.
- All right.
You know what? I'm just gonna put it out there, yeah? Let you know how I see it.
You let me know if I'm wrong.
Go on.
How do you see it? I see you as a kid with motives to be the boss.
A kid that got Ats killed 'cause of what he did to you and your bros.
Then I see your little bredren Kit tryna cover it up by dunning the only person that can explain to me why Ats got murdered.
- You've got this all twisted, G.
- I ain't finished.
I think you got big boy plans, Jamie.
I like that.
You're thinkin' you got away with it, innit? Now you're gonna try and circle back and come for everything that you're owed and that.
You, Kit, whoever else you got on the side You got this all wrong.
Like, fully wrong, bro.
You swear to that, yeah? I swear down.
Your boy robbed me of all the answers.
Now it's over to you to get them for me.
[front door closes.]
[keys jangling.]
[key turns in lock.]
[door opens.]
Free flow, gentlemen.
I need to see the detectives on my case soon as possible.
Sloppy! Pitch it up! Up! [scoffs.]
[boy laughs.]
Does your daughter play? We need more girls in cricket.
I wanna make sure my daughter's looked after.
If ever I'm not around, you know? See them bags that I've been sending you through Jaq? Here's what I wanna do with it now.
I want that all goin' to Tash.
How old is she? Ten.
She's currently living with her mum? Mm-hm.
And her mum's partner.
And I assume you don't want her mum and her partner involved in this? That's it.
- Just her and her future.
- Mmm.
So is somethin' like that going to be a problem? Nah.
I can do that.
There'll be an extra fee, of course.
Ah, of course there will be.
I'll come over this evenin', fam.
I'll stay with her tonight, innit.
Make sure.
She's not looking good.
Now listen, call me if anything changes, yeah? Yeah, course.
All right.
Say no more.
[hangs up.]
So break it down.
You're tellin' me Lauryn's back in Summerhouse after I told you she can't come back 'ere? [sighs.]
Lauryn was being violated by them.
She couldn't take it no more.
She had nowhere else to run besides back here, cuz.
This Curtis brudda is on a next ting.
You know Lauryn can't be here and Sully don't know about it? You do understand that, innit? [sighs.]
Put his number in my phone, man.
I'll deal with him.
[rap music playing.]
Yo, open the door, man.
I know you're in there, bro.
- Wagwan? - What you sayin'? - Why you been airin' my calls, fam? - Rah, I've just been sick, innit.
I just been holding a meds, innit.
Why didn't you tell me you licked down the brudda that killed Ats? Bruv, what you on about? Bruv, I got Dushane and Sully chattin' shit 'cause they think I got Ats licked over or sumtin'.
Bruv, fuck Dushane.
Bruv, fuck both of them, man.
Bruv, this ain't a joke, you know.
Kit, what did you do? - Bruv, nothing, man.
- Bruv, don't lie to me, fam.
Bruv, fuck this.
I gotta bounce, man.
- What do you mean? I'm talkin' to you.
- [switches music off.]
- Don't tell me that you killed Ats.
- Bruv, I didn't! What happened? [kisses teeth.]
Bruv, my man was just supposed to bad him up a likkle, make him know himself, innit.
He weren't even supposed to shank him like that.
So why did he? Bruv, 'cause Dexter's a mad man.
He musta got carried away or sumtin'.
Fuck knows why, man.
Why would you do that? Blud, are you serious? What kinda bredren would I be knowing what he did to you, Aaron, and Stef and not do shit about it? Fam, when you was in jail, you - You didn't see the way Stef was.
- [sighs.]
Blud, he was broken.
Like, fully broken.
And that's my genna.
He's basically blood.
Killed me seeing him like that.
And and this Ats yout, as well, was was always on him afterwards.
At school, on on the roads, running his mouth at Stef.
[kisses teeth.]
Bruv, I had to show him some manners, man.
Had to.
Nah, G.
You didn't.
He was a yout, bro.
Dushane's yout.
Fuck Dushane, man! The man violated you differently, blud.
You don't know how much it killed me seeing these fuck who put you in jail.
How you just expect man to just sit back and do nuttin'? [distant siren wailing.]
G, I didn't mean for the yout to get killed, man.
That was Dexter, and I dealt with him for that.
Bruv, say sumtin' to me, then.
We're fucked, bro.
Both of us, fucked.
[horns blaring.]
[music playing on speaker.]
Yo, Rob.
Let me get a mint tea, bro.
No sugar.
Whatever this guy wants.
I'm good, thanks.
Already ordered.
Put his shit on my tab, yeah? Leave the bag in there.
Appreciate you takin' the time.
I know you're a busy man.
So I hear you're lookin' for your missus.
You hear correctly.
That ain't gonna run.
Lauryn's not really on what you're on.
She wants to come back home.
And this is her home.
Lauryn's confused, Dushane.
She's not herself.
She's carrying my child.
Would you accept your baby being taken from you just like that? Hm? Would any father? I ain't got kids, bro.
I kinda get it though, still.
Family over everything and all that.
Listen to this, though.
I'm hearin' you're on a mad one with Lauryn.
Lockin' her away like she's a hostage and that.
Confiscatin' her phone.
Tellin' her what she can wear.
What sort of man does that to his baby mother? And then expects her to stay? Don't make no sense.
With all due respect, mate, I make a point of never tryin' to tell anyone how to live their lives, especially not how to run their family.
Well, I just find that shit kinda weird, bruv, if I'm honest.
Look, Dushane.
I'm here to take Lauryn back where she belongs.
Question is, how do we make that happen? We don't.
Excuse me? Lauryn ain't comin' home with you.
This is as nicely as I'm gonna ask.
I guess we better just skip to the not-so-nice.
Get it over and done with, innit.
Sounds like you're tellin' me somethin' that Lauryn should really be telling me herself.
Lauryn left you in Liverpool.
She ain't answerin' your calls.
I'm thinkin' that's all you need to hear, bro.
I hope you won't blame a man for tryin', Dushane.
Tell Lauryn I'm at the end of the phone when she's ready to talk.
All right.
Thanks for the coffee Dushane.
- Yo, everything cool? - Wagwan? [Dushane.]
He ain't sayin' nuttin'.
When's the re-up comin'? We're down to the last bricks.
Do you want us to cut it again? We can string it up right now.
What's wrong with you lot, man? Just calm down.
Food's comin', you get me? [Speaks.]
Shall I tail him? [Curtis.]
No, follow the others.
Don't get too close.
- ["With Ease" by FLOHIO.]
- [phone ringing.]
[Tia sighs and kisses teeth.]
This likkle boy keeps callin' my raas phone, man.
Why, who's that? Just some lil' eediat.
I keep blockin' him.
I blocked him on Snap, Insta, Facebook, and he's still callin' me.
Why though? He just callin' me, talkin' about a link.
- But he ain't tryna pay no bills.
- Hmm.
I need P's, fam.
Speakin' of that, I gotta show you sumtin' still.
But swear you ain't gonna say nothin'.
Show me what? [kisses teeth.]
Fam, you ain't swore yet.
[kisses teeth and groans.]
I swear.
All right, cool.
Outline's lookin' tailored Censored with the face off While he's showin' scars Show reflection Now one down for your section Baby, lockdown, I don't mention Face back to the front Who's callin' shots? You ain't even tough Kick to the rocks, still with the bag With many drops, I let it drop Anybody wanna try, get hit down No play time, whoa - Every day's on job, no distracts - Yo.
Gotta get this work - Yeah.
- Bag's runnin' low, innit.
- Man's gotta re-up.
- I can get dark, so please - Oi.
- Don't come around me, uh We can get loud and greaze, yeah, uh Drop to your knees, uh I need the codes and keys, yeah Take this, go to the bando, bring back half a bag of rubbish.
And mind how you go, you know? Yeah? Don't be long.
[engine idling.]
- [Lee.]
You're doing the right thing.
- Yeah, don't give me all that bullshit.
I already know it's the right thing for you lot.
[distant siren wailing.]
Now tell me why it's the right thing for me.
Your cooperation will be brought to the attention of the DPP.
I wanna know what you're offerin' me.
I'm listenin'.
You asked to see us, Ruben.
Now, are you saying that you're wasting our time? - Or is there something you wanna tell us? - I got plenty I could tell.
Well, it has to be about Dushane Hill.
That's what we wanna hear.
About Dushane.
About Sully.
Yeah, I can tell you what you wanna hear.
But first, I wanna hear what you can do for me.
'Cause I couldn't give a shit about no DPP attention.
What I can tell you is that if you're just dicking us around, Ruben, you're gonna go to prison for a very long time.
Let's get back to Dushane.
I've known Dushane for 20 years.
I can tell you stuff goin' way back.
Things him and Sully did way, way back in the day.
Startin' with Bobby Raikes.
You don't know about Bobby Raikes, do you? That's a bit before your time.
He was top boy before Dushane come along.
Bobby was the first boss they killed.
I can tell you about Raikes.
First, I want a number.
- What number are you lookin' for? - [Ruben.]
Zero charges.
Zero convictions.
Are you prepared to give evidence against Dushane and Sully? In court? [sighs.]
All right, Ruben.
We'll speak to our superiors and see what we can do for you.
My son.
Dushane knows where he is.
What's your concern? If Dushane finds out I'm talkin' to you, it's gonna be a problem.
What's takin' you so long there? [Tia kisses teeth.]
Shush, man.
Just keep watch.
Oh shit! Where'd you get that from? Found it Saturday.
I took Zehra down to the playground, Amhurst Road.
The handle was just stickin' out of the sandpit.
Them A-Roads youts always leave their straps and shanks about.
- I swear we could sell it.
- You reckon? [Samsi.]
We've got 40 bags between us already.
That's enough for us to invest in our first yard, fam.
Nah, you're buggin' still.
You preed the house prices round the ends? It's, like, 400 G's just for a likkle flat.
- We ain't got P's for that.
- Course we ain't.
That's why we ain't gonna buy in London.
Mum said to get on the property ladder, we need to buy outside London, which means we need to invest in, like, Manny or Wales or sumtin', I don't know.
Swear down.
Dead up ends up there.
[Samsi laughs.]
I'm telling you, property's the best investment you can make.
Forget all them get rich quick scams on Instagram, Bitcoin and all that bullshit, 'cause they wanna just make us lose our P's.
Buy a likkle flat for 120 bags.
We got a third of that already.
Two more months of trappin', we'd have more than enough P's to do it up, you know, like that.
- [Bradders.]
Yeah, I hear that.
- [Samsi.]
Yeah, fam.
Well, my aunt said she'll help us with the mortgage.
So buy a flat for 120 bags.
20% of that is, like, 24 bags.
The lawyer takes his P.
We've got 15 bags left to do it up before we flip it or rent it out, you know, like that.
Light work.
Some sorta mathematician, aren't you? Wait.
Nah, nah, nah.
I swear you missed sumtin'.
Some tax or sumtin'.
What you talking about, fam? [Bradders.]
Stampin', yeah? Stamp sumtin'.
I don't Brother, what, stamp duty, fam? Yeah, some crazy P the government try to teef from you when you cop a yard and that.
- Bro, I'm hungry, bruv.
I want food, fam.
- Shhhh.
Don't move.
- Don't.
- [Samsi.]
Do you think man left anything? Get on the fuckin' floor.
On the floor.
Sit there! What the fuck? - [yells.]
- [Speaks.]
Don't move.
Shut up! Mmmph Throw somethin' again.
I fuckin' dare ya.
Who else is in here? Are you lot fuckin' nuts? Know whose yard this is? Keep your voice down.
Check the rest of the pad.
See if anyone else is here.
Enlighten us, then.
Whose yard is it? The fuck, bruv? Leave her alone, yeah What? Do I let him do me first? There's no one else here.
But look at this though, G.
I'm guessin' this property has somethin' to do with Dushane.
You're gonna do two things for me.
Firstly, don't buy property in Manchester.
It's a dump.
Buy in Liverpool instead.
Secondly, tell Dushane if he wants what's his, he needs to bring me my Lauryn.
Did you hear me? Is that clear? [panting.]
How deep did you bury him? I don't know, a couple of feet.
We're more than a couple of feet, and there's nothing.
It was here, though.
We definitely buried him here.
There's somethin' here.
Slow down.
Gimme this.
What is it? Is that the duvet? Shelley, help me.
Shelley! Help me! Let's go.
Derek, can you let us in? What's the magic word, Ki? Fucking now! [chuckling.]
[gates whirring.]
Tray's waiting for cleanup.
Thank you.
Are you sure about this? Trust me, sweet cheeks.
Whatever it is you're hiding ain't never getting found.
[alarm beeping.]
- I'm sorry.
- Allow it.
You better start again.
Lauryn pillow talked your shit to Leyton.
That's how he knew to come to your people's funeral and buss shots at you.
Look, all I know is that it's the right thing to tell you the truth.
- Lauryn didn't know what he was gonna do - So tell me the truth now.
[Jaq sighs.]
- I'm sorry, Sully.
- Allow it.
But Dushane knew? I went to him because I didn't know what to do.
But not me? I'm sorry.
Lauryn's sorry too.
Look, she done a dickhead thing.
And, yeah, it's unforgivable.
But, bro, how many times have you done sumtin' that you honestly never meant to do? Things that you regret that you can never take back.
[phone vibrating.]
Lauryn's my sister.
I'll ride out for her till the end.
The same way I rode out for you.
Which I will do again and again, 'cause that's what you do for your family.
I tried to fix things.
I punched her up, and I sent her away because that's what needed to be done.
That's all I knew to do.
[phone vibrating.]
- Just fucking pick it up.
- [sighs.]
What? Yo, sis.
Someone just robbed the bando.
What? Some bruddas run up in here with skengs and everyting.
Tumped up Bradders and Samsi.
They took the P's and the food.
Who the fuck would be mad enough to do that? Is Bradders and Samsi all right? [sniffles.]
Yeah, they're calm.
But listen, I feel like it's my man who went Shelley's Nail Bar.
He said if Dushane wants his tings, he's gotta bring Lauryn to him fast.
Listen, I'm gonna call you back.
What? [Jaq sobs.]
Lauryn's baby father, Curtis, just robbed the bando.
He said we can have the food and the P's back if I give him Lauryn.
Well, that sounds like you're fucked.
I need you, bro.
I need you.
Where is she now? [sniffs.]
She's at home.
Well, you tell her to come here.
For real? I'm leavin' here tonight.
She can stay here a few days.
But I tell you this, Jaq.
I'm fucking disappointed in you.
But I guess we ride out for family, innit.
[drops keys.]
[footsteps receding.]
[train passing.]
Oh, Shelley.
See, what I don't understand is, after all these years, why didn't you just leave it? What's the matter with you, Shelley? It's only a blast from the past.
- That's all.
- It's nothing to do with me any more.
Yeah, 'cause you're a goody little two shoes, ain't you now, Shelley? Except you're not fooling me with this short memory bollocks.
- Don't forget, I know you.
- I hate what happened.
I do, I hate it.
We know what happened.
We both know what happened.
You helped us to get rid of Ryan's body, so why are you pretending that you never, Shelley? Don't come near me ever again.
Don't come near my shop ever again.
Do you understand? Well, if that's the way you want it, I'm gonna call the police, and they're gonna dig up Ryan and find your DNA all over him.
They can keep diggin'.
All they're gonna find is a hole in the ground.
If you wanna keep playing these games, Bev, you'll end up in the ground yourself.
[music playing on car stereo.]
Dushane, pick up your phone, man.
- It's Mum.
- [Pat gasping weakly.]
I don't know, but something's happenin', okay? You need to get here as soon as possible.
You all right, Mum? - [groaning softly.]
- Hey.
Sh, sh, sh.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Her hands are so cold.
It's like she's losing color.
She's turning gray.
[Pat wheezing.]
I'm here.
Okay, Mum? - I'm here.
- [Pat sighs.]
Dushane I love you.
No No, Mum.
It's it's not Dushane.
It's me.
It's Chris.
[Pat whispering.]
I love you, Dushane.
[Chris whispers.]
Mum? Mum? [dog barking.]
- [Farah.]
Shut up, man! - What? A'ight.
Yo, what the fuck happened? Brudda, someone robbed the bando, innit.
Some pricks run up on the youngers, strapped up and that.
Badded 'em up.
Samsi, what they look like? - [Farah.]
They were from out of ends.
- Yo.
Is your name Samsi? Huh? [kisses teeth.]
Do you know what, fam? You lot, come out, man.
Come out, man! What? - Take my man with you.
- [Jaq.]
Come, bro.
- [Bradders.]
Nah, G, I can't go nowhere.
- Bruv, shut up and get out, man.
You good, yeah? You recognize them? Nah.
I don't know.
I don't think they were from round here.
They had different accents.
It's Curtis.
What'd they take? Everything.
Took B, white, even the stuff in the safe.
[phone vibrating.]
[kisses teeth.]
- Yo! - [rustling.]
Hello, Dushane.
This "not-so-nice" enough for ya? Bring me what's mine, or it all goes up in smoke.
Remember, family before everythin'.
- [hangs up.]
- [sighs.]
[distant siren wailing.]
[kisses teeth.]
Fuck! Hey, Wilson.
Bruv, I can't even talk right now, you know.
This is an urgent one, Dushane.
Ruben's fired me.
I asked him why.
 He didn't offer up much by way of a reason.
I think we both know what this entails.
I can't do any more on my end, so if I were you, I'd start thinking about possible solutions.
I tried, man.
I tried to call you.
She's gone, Dushane.
Mum's gone.

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