Top Boy (2011) s04e08 Episode Script

Prove Yourself

1 Have some mercy on me, baby Don't you let me misery - Hey! You all right there? - Hello.
How are you? - Ohh! I'm good.
You? - I'm good, thank you.
Good! How you feelin'? Yeah, not too bad.
How are you? You're looking glowin'! - You think? - Yeah, man.
I'm tryin'.
Since my love can't go on Please come back home Won't you please come back home? I know, right? And let us start life anew Me and you Since you are gonna kiddin' Since you are gonna kiss Everything I do seems to go wrong Oh baby, have some mercy Everything I do, I said, remember you Won't you come on back And give mе a second try? Little darling, have somе mercy Can't you see I'm in misery? Mmm Just sort these beads out, yeah? Yes, please.
Get on the fuckin' floor.
Get on the fuckin' floor.
Seems to go wrong Oh baby, have some mercy Everything I do, I said, remember you Won't you come on back Give me a sceond try? Have some mercy I feel like cryin' Go, go, go, go, go! Go! That's it there.
Good? Yeah.
You sure, man? Yeah, man.
- Wagwan.
- What you sayin'? What's goin' on? Sorry to hear about your mum.
This is Junior.
Got a cousin in jail on a double-M charge right now.
It's mad for him, fam.
They got DNA and shit.
Witnesses too.
Man ain't ever comin' home.
It's fucked, fam.
He's on remand.
Same wing as Ruben.
He's gonna sort this problem out.
Anything you want, fam.
Man can do it slow, quick.
In his cell, on the yard.
Loud if you wanna send a message, or a quiet ting.
- Whatever, fam.
- I don't even care.
- It just needs to happen.
- Look, I ain't gonna lie, fam.
Once the guards move him down to secure isolation, this shit becomes a lot harder to get done.
It has to get done today, then.
Set it up.
It's set up.
- Give me a call as soon as it's done.
- A'ight.
All right.
Say nuttin'.
Hey, sorry to hear about your mum, innit.
Losin' a parent ain't easy at all, cuz.
Sit down, man.
Go on, then.
What you got for me? You was right.
Kit, he fucked up, man.
Look, when I went away, Kit was obviously lookin' after my brothers and that.
Ats must've been gettin' onto Stef, givin' him bare shit.
So Kit must have paid this brudda, the yout you was telling me about, to teach Ats a little lesson.
Ats weren't meant to get shanked, just badded up a little bit.
I didn't know nothing about it.
And if I did, that could not run.
I'm showing you right now, G.
Man's loyal.
Kit's loyal too.
Just let us prove it to you, innit? Kit's gotta go.
What d'you mean? You know what I fuckin' mean, man.
Kit's gotta go.
And you're doin' it.
If Kit ain't dead by tomorrow, then you are.
Fuck off.
So now we see if he's loyal or not, innit? Shelley's shop just got lit the fuck up.
- What? - Machine guns, fam.
Feds are there now.
someone I know What's goin' on? You feel for the other businesses along the street as well.
- Half of them are closed anyway.
- Sorry.
You all right? I promise you They're gonna get it, you know? They ain't gonna come back.
I'll sort this shit out.
You hear me? You hear me? Think they wanna ask me questions.
Yo, let's go.
My man musta lost it if he ever thinks I'll touch you, you know.
We're brothers.
That shit's for life.
But I'mma be real with you, though, bro.
Dushane and Sully will be comin' after us, and they're gonna come heavy.
So what, then? What do we do? We need to cut, fam.
We gotta get the fuck out of here today.
But the only thing is where? I I got a cousin in Cardiff still.
- Yeah? - He can he can help line us up.
Cardiff's fuckin' far though, bro.
You know what, yeah? Line it up.
Fuck it.
Shout him and line it up, fam.
We ain't even got much time.
We have to leave tonight.
I'm gonna go pattern up my brothers, and I'll circle back later.
Yeah? Love, bro.
I wanna know everyting about this Curtis guy right now.
Everything! - Dushane, I don't know - Oi, listen.
Don't fuck with me! I swear down, you better fuckin' start talkin'! There's his, um his sister, Vee.
And this other guy, Speaks, he's around a lot.
They they deal straps.
- I'm sorry.
I don't know - Think "sorry" is helping anyone? Where's your big mouth now? Where's your big fucking fat mouth now? Fucking idiot! Fuck! Jaq, you need to fucking sort this shit out, you know.
I'm good, man.
My man's dead today.
I don't give a shit! I'll call Curtis.
And say what, Jaq? Tell him I'm bringin' Lauryn.
This guy's too sly.
You'll end up walkin' into a fuckin' ambush.
- It don't make sense.
- Fuck, all of this shit is on me.
That's my sister, so it's my problem and my responsibility.
- It's down to me to make this shit right.
- Jacqui, you can't Anyone ask you what the fuck you think? All my life, all you've done is cause me shit and fuck everything up for me.
One bullshit thing to another! See when all of this is wrapped up? See me and you? We're done.
- Thought you weren't comin'.
- I wouldn't miss today.
You know that.
So are you gonna start? I'll start.
Happy birthday, Dad.
We miss you.
Happy birthday, Dad.
Happy birthday, Dad.
Here we are.
Still here.
Standing strong.
Aaron's been doing his thing at uni, just like you said he would.
And when he's done, he's gonna have this whole marketing game on smash.
And Stef I can't lie Stef fell off at school while I was away, but it's all good, 'cause he will get dem grades back up.
So, yeah, man, we're holdin' it down.
We'll be back here next year.
We never forget youse two.
My brothers, you know Need to get back to my books.
Hey, wait.
Need to chat to youse two about sumtin'.
Sumtin's happened.
I can't say what it is right now, but just know that it's serious, innit.
- We have to leave tonight.
- What? Leave? Leave where? Kit's cousin's got a yard in Cardiff.
We'll stay there for a bit.
Cardiff? Bro, what you talkin' about? - Where's Cardiff? - It's in Wales, bro.
Other side of the fucking country.
Yo, don't talk like that round here.
Remember where we are.
Listen, just go home and pack the things that youse two need.
When I call, be ready to move, innit.
I've got my exams this week.
Or, what, did you forget about that? The most important exams I'll take, and you're tryna spring this on me now? We'll figure a way around it.
What do you mean find a way around it? Bro, there's no way around it.
- I'm not goin'! - Aaron, this ain't about you right now.
D'you hear what I'm sayin' to you? It's about all of us.
Making sure that we're all safe.
Why wouldn't we be safe? Go on.
What did you do? What the fuck did you do? What did I just tell you about talking like that, fam? What about uni? My degree? Everything's gonna get sorted, innit.
But right now, you need to go home and pack the bags for you and Stef.
Like, what's what's wrong, bro? Yo, where you going, Stef, man? Chill! Ay, Stef, man Yo.
I beg you, go home and do all of that for me, please.
If you do this to him now, you're gonna mess him up for the rest of his life.
Aaron, bro, I need you.
Do you not understand that? Nah, man.
I don't wanna be mixed up in your road, hood, gang life no more.
- I ain't involved in this.
- Bruv, it's not like No, as soon as I get my degree, I'm out of here, bruv.
I'm gone.
Aaron, chill, man.
Who's this? You want Lauryn, right? You know I do.
None of this had to happen if you'd just let me talk to Lauryn.
Help her see sense.
Look, man.
 I'mma text you the location.
Bring the food and the P's that you took, every fuckin' note, and I'll bring Lauryn.
You have to understand, Jaq, why I'm a little suspicious here.
Why do you suddenly wanna let Lauryn come back to me? 'Cause I got bosses, and they ain't happy with me.
Lauryn ain't their sister.
They want this shit over with today, so it's on me.
You hearin' what I'm sayin'? Yeah.
You gimme back what you took, and I'll give you Lauryn.
You want that or not? Where do we meet? I'm gonna send you the spot now.
One hour.
It's a trap.
And they think you're stupid enough to fall into it.
No, they're fallin' into our trap.
We're gonna snatch Jaq.
What? Jaq for Lauryn.
Please leave your message after the tone.
Hey, Dushane, um We should probably have a talk, you know, about Spain.
So, um so give me a call, and, um and sure, I'll bring you up to speed.
Okay, talk soon.
Why is Dushane ignoring my calls? His mother just died.
Don't take it personally.
He hasn't said anything to you? About me? Like what? We both know how ruthless he is.
Got nothing to be paranoid about, right? Has he? Hey, let's just sell the gun, man.
What, for real? - Yeah.
- My guy, man.
Come on.
Not a good time right now, Junior.
Yo, fam.
I think you need to hear this, cuz.
My cousin, he's been moved still.
Mmm? Go on.
No notice, nuttin'! They shipped him over to Scrubs, man.
So you know that ting you wanted man to take care of? That can't even run again, fam.
Can't even happen.
Fuckin' 'ell.
Fuckin' 'ell what, bro? She's a fuckin' sittin' duck out there, bruv.
That must be her.
Where's Lauryn? Where are you? You here? Here we go.
Show me Lauryn.
Lauryn's in the car, bruv.
You're gonna have to come and get her, innit.
She's mad nervous.
Okay, Jaq.
Hey, let's do this before they spot us.
Hello? Baby, it's me.
They're waiting for you.
Jaq and the others.
They're gonna jump you when you get to the meet.
I never wanted anyone to get hurt.
I just I just wanna come home.
Oh, sweetheart.
Course you can come home.
Where are you? Is that Lauryn? Is that Vee? Fuck's Oh, fu Forget it.
- I knew I knew it was a bad idea.
Just - No, no, no, no.
Don't worry about her.
Just talk to me.
Just tell me where you are, baby.
This can all be over.
Yeah? If I tell you, you have got to promise you come by yourself.
I promise.
It'll just be you and me, yeah? Where are you? Yo.
We brought the ting still.
- You fuckin' - Yeah, blud, we really So, what? Let me see the thing, then.
We ain't even agreed on a price yet.
Fierce kid! So how much you looking for, bruv? - Four bills.
- 400 pound, that's all? That's my openin' position, innit.
Ay, what's funny? - Sit down, man.
Have a drink.
- Nah, we're good.
- Bro, sit down.
What's wrong with you? - Look.
You man the one who were interested in buying the wap.
So are we gonna do business? Or you lot on some joke ting? Bro, I feel like you got a bag of chat, you know? - Ay, yo, chill, what the fuck? - Hey, let her go, fam.
Get the fuck off me, man! - Let her go! - Get off me! - Yo.
- Yo! Yo! - Get the fuck off me, man! - Chill.
- Get off me! - What you waiting for? Grab him! - Ay, get off me! - Bro, shut up, fam.
Grab him, you pussy.
His hands are shakin'.
What are you doing with that, fam? Give me that.
Let her go.
I said, fucking let go of her, fam! Tia, go.
Do you know what you just fucking done? Get him! Come on! - Go on! - Come on! Tia! Yo, where are you? You need to get home now and start packin', bruv.
- Can you come get me, please? - Go on, fam.
- Fuck's sake, bruv! - Where the fuck is he, fam? - You man keep lookin', you know, bruv.
- Go over there.
- What? - Come and get me, please.
I'm gonna find you lot! I swear.
I know you are somewhere, bruv! Lauryn? - I'm so I'm sorry.
- Oh, Lauryn.
I'm so sorry.
Sh, sh.
You daft sod.
What were you thinkin'? I knew you'd come to your senses, you know.
These bloody hormones, it's You've not been yourself.
But please, babe, you've gotta promise me that you'll never, ever do anythin' like this to me again, yeah? 'Cause I'll always be there, you know.
I'll always find ya.
No matter what.
'Cause we're a family.
I love you.
Let's go.
Where's your bag? Just Fuckin' Get off! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Yo, Curtis, are you comin' or not? Where the fuck are you, man? Yo, who Lauryn, is that you? Fuck.
Hey, get off me, man! Come here, you prick! - There, you little shit.
Where you goin'? - Get off me! Where the strap gone, huh? Where the strap at, fam? Where's my tings, bro? Brudda.
Brudda, where's the strap at, fam? - Yo! - Who's that? Bruv, what the fuck are you man doin'? You good, yeah? Yo, that's my brother, you know? That's my blood fucking brother, you know? Are you man mad? You lot don't want this smoke, I promise you.
- Brudda, he stole sumtin' from me.
- He didn't stole nothing.
- Brudda, he stole my strap, fam! - No, I didn't! I just told you, you're chattin' shit.
He didn't steal nothing.
Now what? Is this yout Shut up, pussy! Are you fuckin' dumb? - What you - Step the fuck back! You lot don't want this smoke.
I fuckin' told you that! - A'ight, say no more, brudda.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Say no more.
Yo, if I see you man round here again, it is long for you! Good? You're good.
Let's get out of here.
Stef, don't even worry.
We ain't goin' anywhere.
Lauryn? Lauryn.
Lauryn! Lauryn! Lauryn, come, come, come, come.
Get up! That's it.
You're good.
I got you.
I got you.
Come on.
You're all right.
I got you.
- Right, get in.
Shut the door.
- Go on, upstairs.
Well, job done.
Yo, you man, clean this shit up, man.
Fuckin' starin' at? Let's go.
Bro, make sure that whip disappears.
Make sure you sort out the sister as well.
Can you make sure the whip disappears and sort out the sister, please? While I go and deal with Ruben.
All right, boss.
Yo, one of you lot go upstairs.
Look for a sheet.
Give me your hands.
It's all right.
Fuck! Was that the baby? Yeah.
I can't wait to meet her, you know.
Or him.
Nah, man.
That baby is gonna be a little queen.
And I'm gonna be the best fuckin' auntie and all.
All right? Listen, come here.
I got you.
Okay? Hey, fuck this.
Listen, our kid.
Where are you? Hey, my man's gone, you know? - Who the fuck is this? - All right, listen.
He ain't comin' back.
You got options, though.
Stay down if you want, but we'll fucking find you.
Fuck you! Where's Curtis? You're not hearin' what I'm sayin'.
I can promise you, he ain't comin' back.
So your second option is you lot fuck off back up there.
Just live your life.
Choice is yours, innit? What, man? Where's Curtis? Visitors for prisoners Green, Da Costa, Hood, Karia, Rashad, and West, please follow me.
Bro I know this last year ain't been easy.
I didn't ask for this, to be the mum and dad to you and Stef.
Fam, it's hard.
Like, proper hard, bro.
Man, for all of us.
I know you been tryin'.
And I been tryin'.
But I need you to know, Aaron, yeah? Everything that I do and all that I care about is the two of you.
You and Stef.
That's it.
Anyway, fam, you got this, man.
Pebbles, what the fuck's goin' on? - Nothing, man.
It's not like - What do you want? It's not like that! If you're in some kinda fuckin' trouble, I don't care! Uncs, please listen to me.
I felt bad for what went down.
Uh So I wanted to do sumtin' for you, innit.
I, uh spoke to Auntie Taylor, told her how much you were missin' Tash.
She said you guys could see each other every few weeks.
All right, I'm gonna leave you guys to it.
You need to help your dad decorate! Man's got no taste.
- Bye, Pebbles.
- Bye, T.
Come in.
Oi! You still got your necklace? Yes, I have.
It's at home in my bedroom.
Sure you don't want another cake or sumtin'? Nah, I'm okay.
So I hear you wanna be a vet? Yeah.
I wanna take care of animals.
How would your mum feel if I bought you a dog? Or two dogs? Four dogs? She'll kill me.
She'll go crazy.
How long we known each other? You ever known me not to keep my word? Uh, who did you give Noah to when you went on the run? I held him down like he was mine.
I'm here for you.
What's Noah gonna think, growin' up in witness protection in the middle of nowhere? No friends, no family.
Knowin' his dad's a snitch.
What's that gonna do to him, man? What's that gonna do to you? I'm just gonna have to live with it, innit? You know, my mum just died.
Well, what now? You ain't said, "Sorry to hear that, Dushane," nah? I'm sorry about your mum.
It's a bit selfish though, innit? You movin' like all you care about is yourself, bro.
Nah, he's good.
He's good.
Deborah, your sister I know where she lives.
I know the exact buildin'.
Your aunt and your cousins in Jamaica.
I know where they are as well.
Be a shame if they had to suffer, bruv.
'Cause of you.
They ain't got nuttin' to do with this, blud.
I know.
But you know how this fuckin' ting goes.
You goin' there, Dushane? Let me help you.
Let me help your family.
Can't convince you to come, right? I got reasons to stay.
See you later.
Right, so we are we are days away now.
Once the council have officially signed off and rubber-stamped the new Summerhouse proposals, bulldozers go in, and we're home free.
We got an issue.
I'm gonna have to kill your wife.
I'm not sure I'm not sure I heard heard that right.
You did.
See your missus? She been goin' against me out in Spain.
Nah, she wouldn't.
She wouldn't, no.
Who who told you this? Reliable source.
Besides, we both know she's done it before.
Makes sense she'd do it again.
What do you want? Summerhouse.
You gotta change the plans back to the way they were.
Has to be enough homes for everyone that wants to come back.
Dushane, that's just that's just not gonna be possible.
Where's this comin' from? I thought we'd agreed all this.
My mum, she used to say, "Summerhouse is more than numbers.
" "It's a home.
" "It's a community.
" And, Jeffrey, she was right.
Look, I I was really sorry to hear about your mum.
But it's just not gonna happen.
The wheels are in motion.
The loss to the investors would be unconscionable.
I'm givin' you a choice.
Lizzie goes or you put the plans back.
So you ain't even ready yet, fam.
Nah, I'm done still.
We're takin' your car, yeah? Brudda, it's calm, man.
You know my ting's off.
I told Aaron and Stef we're gonna be there in, like, 20 minutes, so make a move.
Hey, yo, J, man.
I know what you're doing for me here, man.
I appreciate it.
Real shit.
My cuz is gonna link man at the station.
In Cardiff.
He's got a yard we can stay at as well, until we get up on our feet.
Oh, and he's got a link he's gonna line man up with as well.
Yeah, man.
Everything's calm for now.
Cuz, what's with the gloves? Bro! Jamie came through.
Yeah, for you.
He came through for you.
Bruv, he's proved himself.
He's loyal.
We move on.
You don't believe that.
See, whatever the beef is between you two, what I do believe is Jamie is our fucking retirement plan, bro.
It's like you wanna be out here on the roads in your old age or sumtin'.
I don't.
So that's what it is.
Well, you know what? Maybe you're right.
Maybe it's time we moved on.
What's that meant to mean, Sully? Look, man, you got your way, I got mine.
And they ain't alignin'.
Look, I know you're angry with me.
You got every right to be.
I been through a lot these past few weeks.
Your mum, of course.
The shop.
Other stuff too.
Choices I made back in the day.
Things that I thought I'd left behind, but turns out I didn't.
Do you wanna fill me in? 'Cause I don't get what you're talkin' about right now.
What you sayin'? I understand you more than I've been lettin' off.
Ever since we've been together, I've struggled with the things you do.
Them pressures, the choices, day to day.
I don't envy you that.
I don't always agree with you.
But deep down, I get it.
I do.
You do what you have to to protect the people that you love.
The people you care about.
Your family.
And I love you for that.
And I can officially confirm that the current Summerhouse redevelopment plans have been suspended.
Yes! It's killing me inside Things I've sacrificed for this life Everybody gotta make sacrifices Sometimes it ain't as simple As black and white is Especially when you got A bit of gangsteritus Trap star, rap star Man are gangster writers - This guy! - We was blendin' in rentals With cats as drivers I used to stack all the twenties Spend all the fivers Nowadays everybody wanna go viral But I got 'em on a needle Likе a old vinyl 2021, year of the entitlеd They say the trilogy itself's That's wild.
Like the street bible Separate to elevate You were gonna help us before.
What made you change your mind? 'Cause you do realize you're gonna go to prison for a very long time? - I know - What about your son? You've got a son.
- Come on, Ruben.
Take the help.
- Things I've sacrificed for this life Different days I'm either homicide or suicidal I don't think it's my fault It's just the path that I walk Crown court spoilt Man are armed and blaggin' Stepped in the party laggin' They say they're gang But they're hardly bangin' I'm tryna hit him in his skull Like I'm bringin' Ed Hardy back in Hit the can Then my dargs will wrap him Since Feltham '06 They been sayin' I been hard at rappin' Kamikaze The visit got half the pack in My brudda gets it crackin' Then I'm gettin' it crackin' I'm too tapped to tap in Shit, still smoke in my Prada jacket These hoes, these hoes Hold the boat.
One more! I, oh I know, I know It's killing me inside Things I've sacrificed for this life It's weird how sometimes I miss the days When I never had a spliff to blaze Nanny hugged me in the courtroom And kissed my face My troubled childhood I wished away Another day, another risk to take Crown court, lookin' six to eight Now I'm in the booth daily Goin' six for eight I used to mix the coke Not mix the tape Now this mixtape cost Ten bricks of flake I need freedom like air You never understand Until you see it disappear And I can't lie I wish Money was here I'll give it all to have him back And put one in the air Man say they wanna kill me I ain't scared I'll double your dare Even cover your fare I'm goin' out like Tony At the top of the stairs Ain't my first choice But I be in some fuckery affairs Mum struggled for years Nan suffered for years That's buckets of tears Hence the fire burnin' So when it comes to these numbers I'm too assertive I got my sumtin' on me, crisis averted Crisis averted means it's on person Not third person When suspects turn victim It's on purpose I've done bird with long termers Wrong turners Stop starters, cop burners We're not learners These hoes, these hoes Bringin' fire to my eyes I, oh I know, I know It's killing me inside Things I've sacrificed for this life Stef, I can't lie, you're washing up still.
- So you're slump? - Yeah, man.
Yo, Stef, your girlfriend.
It's not like that.
 It's a little present for Jamie, innit.
Just to say thank you.
Yo, yo, yo.
Where you goin'? Wash up the plates, fam! Think you're slick, innit? Yo, take this one as well, please? Love.
Jamie! - Jamie! - Jamie! - Jamie! Wake up! - Jamie! - Wake up! - Jamie! - Please! - Jamie, wake up! Please! Jamie, wake up, please! Jamie, wake up! Wake up, Jamie, look at me! Look at me.
Wake up, please! Jamie! - Just call the ambulance! - Jamie, look at me, please! Look at me! - Hello? - Wake up!
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