Top Boy (2011) s05e01 Episode Script

Step Back

[knocking at door]
[intense ambient music playing]
- [gunshots]
- [thud]
- [Jamie] No.
- [gunshot]
[shells clatter]
[Stef screams] Jamie! Jamie!
[Aaron] Jamie!
I hope you brought your credit card
'cause this bill's gonna be mad.
This is expensive stuff.
While you're in a good mood, though
I do have something
I wanna talk to you about.
So you remember me telling you
about possibly openin' up a new shop?
[Dushane] Yeah.
- Think I wanna do it.
- Well, we know that.
I mean, I think we should do it together.
we do it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Are you serious?
[chuckles] What?
- Can we cheers to that?
- Come on, then.
- Cheers.
- Mm, cheers.
[tense ambient music playing]
[engine starts]
I'm even thinkin' about
possibly changing the name?
- [phone vibrates]
- Like, I like Shelley's.
I think it's cool, but
I don't know, just give it
a different edge, a different flavor.
[voice fading] I was talking to Naomi.
She was saying the same thing.
I tried brainstorming ideas,
but nothing's really, like, sticking.
Am I forcing it, or, like
[disconcerting ambient music playing]
Are you okay?
[water running]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[door opens]
The fuck?
What's goin' on?
- [Sully] It's done, man.
- [scoffs]
- What you mean, it's
- It's done.
So, what? What?
What's all this?
What you doing then? What?
And I'm next, yeah?
Not if you step back.
You wanna retire, go on.
Step back from the road.
[sighs softly]
No, bro. I'll step off the fuckin' road
when I wanna step off
No, you fuckin' step back now,
when I say you step back.
You'll get a cut even.
Generous cut as well.
Been planning this shit?
Finally your time now, innit?
It's what you wanted all along.
Just say yes or no, man.
Big man Sully.
Yes or fuckin' no?
Make sure you bring my money
like I brought you yours, yeah?
So yes, then?
["U Get Me?"
by Guvna B (feat. Ghetts) playing]
- It's on top ♪
- U get me? ♪
- Is it ever gonna stop?
- U get me? ♪
God protect me if it goes down ♪
When they pull up, hood up, good luck ♪
- Brah ♪
- Pull up, hood up, good luck ♪
- U get me?
Different day, different problem ♪
What's up, bruv?
They put money on my young G's head
But he's with militant man ♪
He's tryna come off the ends
And he's got a brilliant plan ♪
So, God, please spare him life
Look, he don't wanna die ♪
Just wanna pay Mum's rent ♪
Plottin' since way back when ♪
He been on the grind since ten ♪
- Pull up in a blacked-out Benz ♪
- I don't know ♪
Don't know when he lost his way
But he's in too deep ♪
Sinkin' sand
And a brudda tryna find his feet ♪
- Came from the block ♪
- U get me? ♪
- It's on top ♪
- U get me? ♪
- Is it ever gonna stop?
- U get me? ♪
God protect me if it goes down ♪
When they pull up, hood up, good luck ♪
- Brah ♪
- Pull up ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Hood up, good luck ♪
- U get me?
- Came from the block ♪
- U get me? ♪
- It's on top ♪
- U get me? ♪
Black gloves, big strap ♪
That goes click-clack ♪
- [crying]
- [Jaq] Don't cry.
All right, bubba.
Who's a beautiful boy, hey?
[baby fussing]
You are so beautiful.
Is he beautiful?
Yeah, course he is.
- I mean, don't you think he looks like
- [Jaq] No, he doesn't.
It never happened.
It's over.
He takes after you.
And he's perfect.
Look at him.
What you sayin'?
Hi, babe.
There you go, babe.
Yeah, I think somebody's hungry.
He's always hungry.
Well, why don't you try
feed him on the boob, innit?
No. No, not Not today.
Everybody likes boobies. I know I do.
[all laugh]
[Becks chuckles]
[Lauryn] Wow.
Look at you two.
"Store in a"
You'll get your glasses today.
You'll be fine.
I don't want glasses. It's not fair.
How come you don't need them?
Because I've got good eyesight.
You've got your dad's eyes, probably.
So how come I can't see with his glasses?
Mum, you all right?
[melancholy ambient music playing]
You look just like him.
You're such a good girl.
[kids chattering]
Remember that tree?
You're so silly. Yes, I do.
Go on, then.
It's the tree
where the tiger who came to tea lives.
Except tigers don't actually
live in trees.
They do 'cause they still live in there.
You know you used to tell me that
every single time we'd come past here?
- But I was six, and I believed you.
- 'Cause it's true.
No. Tigers don't live in trees.
I've seen it in a documentary.
You know that. [chuckles]
They're wrong. Dad's right.
Yeah, mm, okay.
Walk a bit faster, please.
I'm gonna be late.
Yeah, well, not that fast.
- [Sully laughs]
- Not that fast.
[Sully] You said.
[laughter and chatter]
[Tash speaking indistinctly]
[tense ambient music playing]
[kid] Hey!
Stef, what are you doin' here?
No school. Inset day, innit.
- Would you like to chat about school?
- Nah.
Listen, Stef, I know things are hard.
Shall I call Aaron?
He's been asking for you.
[emotional ambient music playing]
[breathing shakily]
- [Jaq] Wagwan?
- [Samsi] Wagwan?
I need you two by the square.
Same spot as yesterday.
- Yeah.
- Swear down?
- Yeah. Problem?
- [Bradders] Bagga nitties over there, G.
Yeah, bagga nitties equals P's,
which is why we're all here, blud.
So go fuckin' get on with it.
Go on.
Fuckin' cheeky one.
- Wagwan?
- [boy] Wagwan?
- Don't know why mandem moving mad.
- Move up.
Got bare nitties every day, bro.
You get it?
[kisses teeth]
Hey, yo.
[Sully] Delivery's arrived.
Meet me at the warehouse.
A'ight, I'm heading to you now.
- Go straight there, though, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
A'ight, say less. Say less.
- Everything good, yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- Do me a favor.
- [Romy] Yeah.
Keep an eye on these lot. Make sure
everything runs smoothly, yeah? In a bit.
[baby crying]
[boy] Cover the money up, man.
Shit, just give it me.
- [crying]
- Bro, cover your money up, man.
- Are you even washing your baby?
- Course.
[Jaq] Well, obviously not,
'cause he looks filthy, blud.
- [woman] I've given him the money.
- [baby coughing]
Run it.
[kisses teeth]
[baby wailing]
["Decisions" by Knucks (feat. M1llionz
& Shaé Universe) playing on car stereo]
Been doubted so many times in my life
Sometimes I surprise myself ♪
Well, they on they high horses
I can tell ♪
But if they way of life on the line
They just might surprise theyself ♪
Handle it by yourself
Ain't no gang when you by yourself ♪
- [button clicks]
- [music stops]
The fuck is goin' on?
Fuck knows what's goin' on, bro.
Literally no one's here.
[tense ambient music playing]
[zipper unzips]
[zipper zips]
[cocks gun]
[Sully] Open it.
- [flies buzzing]
- Oh fuck, man.
Oh fuck. [coughing]
- [Sully] Watch outside.
- [Jaq] Yeah.
[Jaq] Who the fuck are these man?
[Sully] Moroccan links.
[phone vibrating]
Good morning.
I'm assuming this is Sully.
I heard you took over.
Very popular move with the troops
is what I heard.
And who are you?
[man] I appreciate the call, Sully,
and I just want to make it
100% crystal clear,
just so there's no chance
of any misunderstanding, all right?
The last thing I wanna do
is start any trouble.
I have a proposal, and when you hear it,
I think you're gonna like it.
I ain't gonna like it.
Mate, there's fuckin' heads in boxes.
That ain't a proposal, is it?
[man laughs]
Listen, keep this phone.
Jonny's my nephew in London.
He'll be in touch with a time and place
to sort out the details.
This does not need
to get any worse for you.
Thanks for the call. I'm really
looking forward to working wit' ya.
[sighs heavily]
What was that, and who the fuck was that?
I don't fuckin' know, man.
Just get some kids to clean this shit up.
- You don't think we need to tell Dushane?
- No, we fuckin' don't.
Why would we do that?
How about we deal with this in-house?
Say less.
I'll get it handled.
[engine starts]
- Yo.
- [Shelley] Thought you wasn't comin'.
Listen, I've got a million things
to do today, you know?
I come as quick as I could.
What's goin' on?
Okay, well, this is it.
So, done a quick search
on Companies House,
tried to find out and investigate
who owns the place.
Turns out it's a woman called Kim,
and she's looking to sell.
How much she lookin'?
- 2.1 mil.
- 2.1 mil?
I know, look.
It's a lot, but she has nine shops.
It's a chain.
- So you're lookin' to start an empire?
- Maybe. Somethin' like that, yeah.
You run one shop. Yeah?
Now you're talkin' about nine.
That's a completely different ball game.
You know that, innit?
- And what, you don't think I can do it?
- Nah, I'm not sayin' you can't do it.
I'm just sayin', don't bite off
more than you can chew, innit.
Opportunities like this
don't come every day.
Trust me, it's perfect.
You know, you can hide
a lot of money in a chain.
What, you wanna get
into that side of tings, yeah?
I'm saying I really want this chain.
I can double what she's makin'.
I can really make this work.
For both of us.
I'll get her down.
I got you, man.
- Oh!
- I got you.
- I'll go and talk to Lithe.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, man. [laughs]
- Yes!
[automated message in Spanish]
Leave your message after the tone.
[in English] Emilio, it's Sully.
You're lettin' me ring out.
What's happenin'?
The delivery weren't it.
What do you know?
Call me back, please.
Call me back.
How's the bank that likes to say yes?
Still here. Still truckin' along.
What can I do for you, Dushane?
Need to get some cash.
I see.
- Is that an issue?
- No. No, no, no, no, no.
It's just that it's usually
you bringing me the cash.
Well, it's a reverse transaction today.
How much?
2.1 mil.
Maybe a bit less.
- When would you need it by?
- End of the week.
What's the joke?
I mean, that amount of money,
that quickly, that's gonna be a challenge.
Hold on.
I gave you 16 mil
for the Summerhouse redevelopment.
- It was actually 15.2.
- Uh, I gave you 16.
And I explained to you
that it costs money to move money.
So what you're tellin' me is 800 bags
of my money just goes missin'.
- Just like that, yeah?
- No, no, no, no, no, hasn't gone missing.
- I was very clear that
- Lithe. Lithe, please, shut up.
Just get me my money.
you have to understand
we invested your money with a consortium.
It's tied up
in the Summerhouse investment.
Well, then fuckin' untie it.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Good.
Because I'm I'm coming back tomorrow.
And you'd better have
some good news for me.
Do you understand?
[chuckles softly]
Always good to see you.
[ominous ambient music playing]
[radio chatter]
[door alarm beeping]
[tense ambient music playing]
[woman 1] I don't know.
You know what? She's always late.
[officer 1] Kieron Palmer?
This is Immigration Enforcement.
[whispers] Kieron. Kieron!
- [Kieron] Yeah, Mum? Yeah?
- It's Immigration. They've got police.
- They're calling your name.
- [Kieron] Immigration? Why is
I can't believe
Can you open the door, please?
- [Kieron] What do you want?
- Stay calm.
- [officer 1] Immigration Enforcement.
- I will.
The Home Secretary has signed an order
for your immediate removal.
Nah, nah, nah, nah. My mum sent
so many letters to you lot.
This is proper out of order.
- Mum? What you doing?
- [Diana] Looking for the letter!
- [drilling]
- [knocking]
[women speaking indistinctly]
[officer 2] Can you open the door?
[Diana] Excuse me, who am I speaking with?
This is Mrs. Palmer, Kieron's mum.
Mrs. Palmer, I'm Inspector Michaels.
The Home Secretary's
- What they doing at Diana's?
- signed a removal order for Kieron.
- I can't believe this is happening.
- Open the door.
No, there's been some sort of mistake.
I wrote to the Home Office.
I explained that when we came
into the country, Kieron was a baby.
Babies did not require a passport
back then. We entered legally.
[officer 1] I have a removal order.
- You must open the door now.
- [softly] No. No.
- Open the door, Kieron!
- [Kieron] I'm not opening nothin' to you.
What are you lot up to now?
You should be bloody ashamed
of yourselves!
- [woman 3] Exactly.
- Look, I want everyone to get back.
Everyone. Can you clear the walkway?
The woman in there's a cancer patient.
Did you know that?
- She's having chemo!
- Everyone off the walkway.
- Move back! Move back!
- [clamoring]
No one ain't moving for you.
We're staying here.
- [angry shouting]
- Yeah, go on! Go on, sling your hooks!
- [Michaels] I've told you to move back!
- What the fuck?
- Move back!
- [officer 3] Get back inside your houses.
- I want you to clear the walkway now.
- [officer 1] Get right back! Back! Back!
Wagwan? What the fuck's goin' on, bro?
[Romy] Fam, I think Immigration
are tryna take Kieron, bro.
What, all these feds and that for Kieron?
Listen, tryna send him back
to Rwanda or some shit.
- I don't I don't know.
- Fuck off.
Stay back!
[residents shouting angrily]
[glasses clinking]
Bill around?
Friends of Bill's, are you?
- Or shall I fetch my baseball bat?
- [Sully laughs]
Fuckin' hell. If those are the two
options, definitely friends of Bill's.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah, he spoke about you a lot in jail.
- Tell him Sully's around.
- Well, sit down, Sully.
- What do you want to drink?
- Nah, we're good on drinks. Yeah?
Bill, there's a Sully here for you.
[Sully] Bill.
- Oh my days.
- [Sully] Fuckin' hell.
Sully, bro. What you sayin'?
- You good?
- Yeah, bro. You good?
- Jesus Christ.
- [chuckles]
Should've come through sooner,
to be honest.
- Mum threaten you with her baseball bat?
- Yeah, course she did.
- [Sully] She was sweet about it, though.
- [Bill] Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So what you sayin', bro?
Nah, just needed a word with you,
you know?
- Okay.
- Can talk?
[Bill] Of course you can talk here, bro.
A'ight, well,
someone's fuckin' about with my parcels.
- Yeah?
- [Sully] Yeah, and they're Irish, so
Guy on the phone said
he's got a nephew in London called Jonny.
Jonny McGee?
No idea. He didn't say a surname.
Yeah, it's the McGees. [snorts]
They're big time.
They tried to get me to slump someone.
Their boss, he's this guy called Tadgh.
Yeah? Okay, well, I wanna see Tadgh.
He's out in Boston, sumtin' like that.
Jonny's his nephew and that.
We were YOs in Chelmsford together
back in the day. He was doin' three.
So you know 'em a bit?
- Yeah, they're serious.
- Okay.
They make their money, uh
extortion, smugglin',
all that kind of crap.
- Drugs?
- Yeah, of course.
Wouldn't surprise me if they were
tryna get a piece of that action too.
Well, they got a piece
of my fuckin' action.
So I need to get hold of them.
I need to find out where they are.
Bill, I need to see 'em.
- [Bill] Listen
- Can you help?
[Bill sighs]
I can see what I can do.
Just give me your number, innit.
I'll I'll bell you.
I hope so, 'cause, Bill,
I need this to fuckin' happen, mate.
owe me a favor.
I got you, bro.
I got you.
- [Bill chuckles]
- Give me a call.
- Good to see you.
- [Bill] You too, bro.
Fuckin' hell, man.
- [Junior] Bless, yeah.
- [Sully] Lookin' well.
Later on, man.
- [man 1] Oh man, don't
- [radio chatter]
[man 1] Leave him alone, man!
- Oh my
- [man 2] What are you doing?
- Hey!
- [officer] Move out of the way!
- No, wait. You're making a No!
- [Kieron] Get the fuck off my mum, man!
[grunts] Get off me! Get off me!
[Michaels] You're being detained
by order of the Home Secretary
prior to deportation
as an illegal immigrant.
- Get him out. Get him in the van.
- [Diana] No! [strains]
Hey, Mum! Are you all right?
- Kieron! Please!
- [Kieron] Get the fuck off.
- [Diana] Please!
- What the fuck you done to my mum?
- What the fuck have you done to my mum?!
- Kieron!
- Mum! Mum!
- [Diana] Kieron!
- [Ralph] We'll look after your mum.
- [Mandy] This is so fucked up!
- [Diana] Kieron!
- [Kieron] Mum!
- Mum!
- [Diana sobbing]
- Mandy! Hey, Mandy, help my mum, please!
- [Mandy] How can you come here like this?
- [Diana sobbing]
- Oh, my fuckin' wrists! [groans]
- [officer] Get in there!
- [Kieron grunts]
- Excuse me. Are you the one in charge?
- Stand back, please.
[Mandy] All I wanna know
is what's goin' on.
[Michaels] He has no legal right
to be in this country.
- [Mandy] What do you mean
- [Michaels] Stand back and go home.
[officer] Turn back please.
- Hey, Jaq! Hey, Jaq!
- [Michaels]remove you for obstruction.
[Kieron] Hey, Jaq! [yells]
[Michaels] Get him in quickly, lads,
and let's go.
[Kieron] Jaq!
[Michaels] Let's go!
[Mandy] You can't just come here
and do that.
Look how you treated his mum!
His mum is sick!
- [man] What you guys doin'?
- You ain't takin' him today.
I'm prepared to stay here.
Go behind the back
so they can't reverse out.
You as well.
You, go round the front of this car.
You, all of you, round there.
Hey, youse lot, get down there.
Go, go, go, go!
- Calm down. Keep it peaceful.
- [Ralph] We're just stood here.
[Mandy] It's a peaceful protest.
Stay in front of the car.
Don't move nowhere.
- Don't touch me! Don't touch me.
- You're coming with me.
I have a right to be here.
We have a right to be here. We live here.
[man 1] We live here!
Hey, yo, bro. Get in there now.
[man 1] Let him out!
- [man 2] Hey, sit down! Sit down!
- [man 3] Everybody, down!
- [Mandy] Sit down.
- [man 2] Everybody, down.
- [man 2] Everybody, down!
- [Mandy] Jaq!
Get the people to sit down
by the back of the car!
[man 2] Everybody, down!
- Everybody, sit down!
- Stay back. Keep away from the van.
- [man 2] Sit down!
- [officer] You need to clear
[Jaq] Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!
- [Michaels] Clear the way!
- [Jaq] Sit down!
It's a peaceful protest.
You're not allowed to move them.
You're not allowed to move them.
- It's a peaceful protest.
- We're not goin' nowhere!
- [Mandy] No one's doin' anythin' wrong.
- We are not goin' nowhere!
Keep trying to move us if you want,
but it's not gonna work.
- [cheering]
- We're not goin' anywhere.
- [Mandy] We're not going anywhere.
- We need backup to Summerhouse Estate.
Backup, Summerhouse Estate.
- Hey, yo!
- Yo!
I'm here, bro. I'm here.
[baby cooing]
[baby snuffling]
[Jaq] Good, yeah? Yeah?
[woman] Want some water?
No, thank you, Auntie.
Thank you though. You all right, yeah?
[Mandy] You guys all right, yeah?
Want any water?
["Oti Bere" by Darkoo
playing over speakers]
[Jaq] Wagwan?
What the fuck are you doing?
Fam, Immigration come to take Kieron.
Yeah, so what?
Bro, what am I supposed to do?
Just let them?
Yeah. Let them fuckin' take him.
You're a drug dealer.
That ain't gonna happen.
Fuckin' joke ting, man.
And fuck Kieron as well.
Are you guys all right?
I know it's hot. Do you want any water?
- Erin, it's your mum.
- [Mandy] What about you?
- I'll get you some sorted out.
- [Erin] Mum! I got my new glasses.
Wow, look at you!
- [Erin] Do you like 'em?
- I do.
Yeah? They're like Dad's,
except I can see out of these.
- They suit you.
- Yeah?
- Wow, this is so cool.
- How do you even know about this?
It's all over social media.
Everyone knows.
- [Mandy] Oh my God.
- I know.
Well, Amy and Sab are gonna join in, okay?
[Mandy] All right, then.
And no cussing. All right, girls?
[Bill] My guy got back to me.
The geezer got two horses in stables.
Jonny's gonna be there today.
I'll text you the address, yeah?
Hey, Bill, you're coming, you know.
I don't know what Jonny looks like.
I need you to point him out.
Sull, this is out of my comfort zone, bro.
Yeah, well, five grand
says it's in your comfort zone.
All right.
[Sully] A'ight, comin' to grab you now.
Yeah, come. He's on it.
Listen, Lauryn,
you gotta find someone else, blud.
I can't. Come on, Rowmando, man.
I thought you was my guy.
I am, and I'll always
be there for you, innit.
But I can't be comin' to Jaq's house
to serve up her sister.
- That would be real.
- Like I said, it It's for a friend.
- [sighs]
- In a bit, yeah?
You all right?
Yes, Rowmando, I'm fine.
- [motorbike engine revs]
- [sighs]
Think they'll let him out?
They're gonna have to.
They're not leaving with him.
[Erin] Mm. Hope so.
[Mandy] There's Stef.
- Stef, come here!
- Mum!
Mum what? I know you like him.
Don't pretend that you don't.
- [Mandy] Hi.
- Hey.
[Mandy] How's Aaron?
Heard he was workin' up in Leeds.
- Yeah, he's good. He's doin' marketin'.
- That's good.
- How's things at the home?
- [Stef] It's all right.
Got my own bedroom.
Bigger than the other one.
- Got my own bathroom as well.
- [Erin] Swear?
Do you wanna sit down?
[Stef] Yeah, go on.
Ain't never seen you with glasses before.
Yeah, I just got them.
You're lucky you got good eyes still.
- Do you know the boy in the van?
- [Stef] Who?
[Erin] Kieron. The one Immigration took.
What, so everyone here's for him?
Basically, yeah.
- [Sully] Good?
- Good, bro.
[Sully] A'ight, so who's gonna be
at this stable?
- Yeah, Jonny, some horses, and who else?
- Uh, one other guy.
Say one other guy, then.
Other guy kind of guy
to be strapped or what?
Pfft, I don't know about him,
but, yeah, Jonny's always strapped, bro.
[chuckles] Strapped.
That's a minor. It's not like
we ain't strapped up ourselves, man.
[gulls squawking]
[residents chatting]
[officer 1]
Okay. We're in, we're in, we're in.
Okay. Groups of four. What we need to do
is clear the front of the vehicle.
Groups of four, and then get them away,
and make sure nobody gets back.
We'll try and edge our way out, okay?
Go for it.
Get back!
- Do not fuckin' touch me.
- Move back!
- [officer 2] Move them out of here!
- [clamoring]
[officer 3] Everyone, back to your homes.
Don't touch me. Don't touch me.
Don't fuckin' touch me.
What the fuck are you doing, bruv?
What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck off me!
- Get the fuck off me! Get off me!
- [Michaels] Clear the front car.
- Clear the front car. Move them back.
- [woman] Don't touch me!
[Michaels] Move back!
Move back! Move back!
- [man] Oi!
- [all shouting]
[Jaq] Do not fuckin' touch me, bro.
Are you fuckin' mad?
- You've got no right to be here. Get out!
- Stop! That's enough!
[Michaels] Move back!
[residents chanting] Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
- Let him out! Let him out!
- Let's see what he says.
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
- Let him out! Let him out!
- Hey! Stand back!
[Michaels] The situation is getting worse
at Summerhouse. Please advise.
Let him out! Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
Let him out! Let him out!
- Hold the line! Hold the line!
- Let him out! Let him out!
- Back up!
- Let him out! Let him out! Let him out!
[foreboding ambient music playing]
[horse whinnies]
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[man] Ah-ah-ah-ah!
- [neighing]
- Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Steady now.
[horses snorting]
- [horse neighs]
- Attaboy, Billy. Good boy.
Sorry, Sull.
I was doing you a favor, yeah?
You don't wanna mess with these guys.
[man] Not get the memo, lads, nah?
Uncle Tadgh.
He said things didn't have to escalate.
It still doesn't.
It's up to youse.
Look, eh.
We took care of the Moroccans,
that end of things.
[horse whinnying]
You know, you got the machine
that needs the product.
And we have the product.
Let's work together.
How much?
50% of the value uncut.
I mean, it's 50% of a whole lot of money.
Or 100% of a whole lot of nothin'.
Or, you know what?
Maybe I'll send your head
to Tash's mother's house.
Got your attention now, don't I?
Easy on, easy.
Have a little think about it.
All right?
I'll clean this mess up. It's on me.
This time.
Come on.
Have a think about it, boys.
[crowd] Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
There's Mandy.
Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!
- [Mandy] Shelley!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- [Mandy] Babe, you came!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- All right, babe?
Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- [Michaels] Everyone, please.
- I have an announcement to make.
- Let him go!
- [shushing]
- Please.
- [chanting fades]
- Thank you.
Owing to a matter of public safety,
the Home Office have decided
to release Mr. Palmer.
[Diana] Kieron.
Yeah, boy!
That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about!
[man] Free Kieron!
["Spirit" by J Hus playing]
Yeah, we always had spirit ♪
They can bun my flesh ♪
But they can't touch my spirit ♪
[Kieron] Love for this, Jaq.
But they can't take away my spirit ♪
[Diana] Kieron!
[Kieron] Mum.
[Diana] Oh my God! Thank God!
Oh, my baby!
- All right, Mum?
- [sobbing] I love you.
Bill a zoot, then build a empire ♪
All you hear is siren and skeng fire ♪
Hold your head higher
Bill a zoot, then build a empire ♪
Skeng fire, hold your head ♪
[Shelley] What I really wanted
your opinion on
- The color of the storefront.
- [Dushane] Mm.
- [Shelley] You got gray
- Mm-hm.
[Shelley]white, and then I have
a black option as well.
- [Dushane] I like the white, though.
- Right?
Yeah, I think that's dope.
- Wait, before we get into this properly
- Mm?
Did you talk to Lithe?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? And?
I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow.
But what did she say?
She said speak to her tomorrow.
Dushane, have we got the money?
We've got the money. It's cool.
- Come on. Take me through your portfolio.
- [sighs]
This might be the only time
I look at this.
- A lot of work has gone into this.
- It looks like it.
I'm proud, man.
[phone vibrates]
[baby coos]
Wagwan, lil' man? [chuckles softly]
You all right?
What you sayin'?
Mummy just fell asleep on you, yeah?
[baby snuffling]
[baby whimpers]
[chilling ambient music playing]
[percussive beat playing]
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