Top Boy (2011) s05e05 Episode Script

Has It Come To This

Yo, when you come here the other day,
how'd you get here?
Drove my car.
You weren't followed?
- Nah.
- No?
I parked a couple streets away,
then I walked it here.
- Who come to pick up from you then?
- The YGs, Bradders and Samsi.
- What, to the house?
- Never.
- Did they come to the house, mate?
- Never. Never.
Never. I met them a couple streets away.
She let me out the back.
Yeah. I let him out the garden.
No way them lot knew where this house was.
- And you're positive about that?
- 100%.
So what about Jaqs?
I'm not thinkin' it's in house still.
I'm thinking it's Si and the Fields lot.
Why do you feel that?
Them man have been actin' up ever since
they been moved to by the Malis.
Fuck it.
Let's go and see 'em, then.
Does Dushane know?
Don't you think we should tell him?
Oi! Jump in 'ere.
Of what you done ♪
- That I held your hand, little one ♪
- Yeah ♪
And I wouldn't let you run, oh ♪
Like, I like
The way that you're movin' around me ♪
I went fully lidge
On the day that you found me ♪
I know you see the killers
And dealers around me ♪
But I grew up with gorillas
You know how the wild be ♪
Grew up in the ghetto
Destined for a celly ♪
Oh my God, what took you so long?
But I got a mon chéri
Julio, Dom Péri ♪
Pricey boss lady
I give you old school lovin'
Like we in the '80s ♪
I know your friends hate me
But they just wanna love me ♪
I put you over money
Higher when we sober ♪
And we higher than a stoner
I'mma slide when it's over ♪
Cuh we die for the closure ♪
Good turnout, man.
- There's more comin' and all.
- Loads comin'.
- It's a good look, man.
- Yeah, it's nice.
- Yeah, definitely more comin'.
- Ah! Here they come!
These bailiffs are gonna tell you
that they got a legal right
to kick you out of your homes.
And we're here to tell them
that we don't care 'bout their paperwork
'cause we ain't going anywhere!
That's right.
We ain't going nowhere.
Keep it calm, though.
No matter what they say,
no matter what they do,
do not let them draw you out.
All right, that's enough!
Calm down. That's enough!
- Militant, all my killers diligent ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Thinkin' that they innocent ♪
- Yeah ♪
Bro, they're fuckin' youngers, son.
Just slap them up, innit.
I swear on God,
this yout was fuckin' wedged, fam.
How old is he?
12, 13, or somethin' like that.
Why you man laughin' for?
- That's, like, Year 7.
- Twelve!
Year 7.
- Wait, who's that?
- Yeah
Who's that?
Black status ♪
Even when they linked up ♪
It's Sully, bruv.
Open up the fuckin' door, man.
- What's goin' on?
- Shut up, man.
Why you askin' man questions?
Are you good?
- Yeah.
- Fuckin' living room, man.
Go on, then, Si. And what?
It's best you tell me
before I have to drag it outta you.
Tell you what?
- You don't know, no?
- No, I don't.
A'ight, so we'll just play dumb.
Highbury house.
Highbury What's that?
You bein' stupid on purpose,
or tryna take man for some dickheads?
Bruv, are you all right?
I ain't got a clue what you're
- Bruv!
- What?
- Don't know what you're talkin'
- You don't? Sit!
- Don't know, no?
- No.
- Where's the tings, man?
- What?
Shut Sit down, bruv!
Shut up, man!
Si, I'll fuckin' kill you, man.
Please, Sull, bruv.
Fuckin' talk, man.
- Where is it?
- I don't know.
- Where is it?
- I don't know.
- What do you know?
- I don't know!
- Huh? Huh?
- I don't know. I don't.
Yes, you fuckin' do!
Yes, you do!
I swear I don't know!
I swear.
Oi. Come on.
- What you sayin'?
- What you sayin'? You followin' me?
This ain't your fuckin' business no more.
You didn't get the message?
I didn't get your message.
I got Kieron's though.
What, it weren't them, no?
- Nah.
- A'ight.
- Who else knew?
- Girl that lived in the yard.
Weren't her either.
What, 'cause you say so, yeah?
- What about you?
- Nah, it wasn't me.
Are you sure about that?
What about Jaq?
She knew where the house was,
but she didn't know the food was there.
Then we're talkin' to Jaq, innit?
- She's still grievin' Lauryn, man.
- Bruv, do you think I give a fuck?
She knew where it was.
We're gonna chat to Jaq now.
- Well, I'm goin' Jaq's, ain't I?
- Then I'm fuckin' coming too.
Feel like my man's lyin'.
I don't believe him.
Kid was tellin' the truth.
Where'd you get to with Lizzie?
You need to forget about Lizzie.
Your client's got more serious problems.
MIT investigatin'
Jeffrey Daughton's murder
have your guy down as the prime suspect.
My client had nothin' to do with Daughton.
MIT ought to be lookin' at Lizzie.
Your client's DNA and prints
was all over the scene.
You let me know if you hear any more.
Fuck is she, man?
Jaq, I'm outside your house.
What's goin' on?
Call me back.
Hi, it's Becks. Leave a message.
A'ight, Becks, listen, I'm gonna be
outside yours in 20 minutes, yeah?
Have the baby ready. Get whatever
you need for a few days, all right?
Listen, I'm not fuckin' about.
I need you to be ready.
Twenty minutes, yeah?
Yo. That girl she's with.
You been to her house? Know where it is?
I'm not sure.
Bruv, you either know or you don't.
Last time I was there,
I was mad fried, so
So you remember where it is?
If I saw it.
Brother, be fuckin' specific, man.
I'd remember it if I saw it, innit.
Let's go there then.
Fuckin' losin' your memory or somethin'?
- You know what, Kieron? You call her.
- Me?
Yeah, you.
What should I say?
Just fuckin' do it.
- I'll text her, innit.
- Call her.
Yeah. Okay, sorry.
One second.
- Come off the phone.
- Hold on.
Becks, hang up the fuckin' phone.
Sorry, Sean.
Can I give you a call back in 30?
Okay, sorry.
- Where's the stuff?
- What stuff?
I messaged you telling you
to get everything together.
Jaq, I've been on Zooms and work calls
all morning. What's wrong with you?
Yeah, we need to leave.
What are you talking about?
I'm gonna grab a few bits for the baby.
Please, just go and get
What are you talking about?
What's going on?
Babe, just go!
- You're scaring me.
- Becks, I don't have time for this.
Please, just go and grab a few bits
for a few days. We need to leave now.
Fuck, man.
When are you gonna tell me
what's going on?
Just get in the car, babe.
Yo, come on, man.
- It's the gray one, innit.
- Well, go and knock the door.
It's Kieron!
All right, man, all right.
You two are bredrens, bruv.
What, all of a sudden
you don't know where she is?
She must've went out.
Her sister died, innit?
So what?
When was the last time you saw her?
When we confronted Si.
Oi, Kieron, give me your phone.
You don't believe me?
Unlock it, then.
What's wrong?
- Nothin'.
- You sure?
- Go back to the fuckin' ends, man.
- All right.
If she contacts you,
I need to know about it
the second it fuckin' happens, Kieron.
- Yeah.
- This ain't no fuckin' joke.
All right. You gonna drop me?
Not today, thanks.
I'm an enforcement agent, sir.
I've a court writ and a possession order.
You need to open the door now.
Shove your writ up your arse.
You tell him.
- That's right.
- That's it, you tell him. Yeah. Yeah.
Sir, if you do not open the door,
we have the right to force entry.
- Now, I don't have to do that.
- You can try all you like, son.
Knock yourself out.
- That's right.
- Let's try the next one.
How'd you sleep at night?
Mrs. Khatri?
I'm an enforcement agent. I've a writ
from the court and a possession order.
Prisha, you don't need to do
anything he's sayin'.
This is your home.
He's got no right to evict you.
If I was you, Mrs. Khatri,
I'd ignore this woman.
She's a troublemaker.
She's not gonna help ya.
Prisha, don't let him win.
We're tired, Mandy.
It's so much stress.
I can't do this anymore.
- Don't do it.
- Don't do it.
Come on then.
I done somethin' dumb.
All right.
Whatever it is, we'll figure it out.
Nah, there ain't no goin' back
from this one.
I'm so sorry I got you involved.
I got 25 kilos in the boot.
I stole it from Sully and Dushane,
and they know that it was me.
And now they're after me.
And if they catch me, I'm dead.
Well, can you speak to them?
With Lauryn and everything, you
Nah, it don't work like that, babe.
Why did you steal it?
Lauryn died 'cause of this shit!
This shit needs to stop now!
How long are we gonna have to hide for?
A week?
- Maybe a little
- How long?
I do I don't know.
What kinda life
is the baby gonna have on the run, Jaq?
It's gonna be all right. All right, babe?
I'm gonna talk to Sully.
You should've seen the way
Sully come and badded up Si, man.
Si shit himself on some shook ting.
He ain't on the same smoke as Sully, man.
We was in the kitchen having dinner
and we hear a knock on the door,
and Jamie goes to get it.
Next thing, all I hear is bang.
Me and Aaron come runnin' out,
see Jamie on the floor,
and there's blood everywhere.
And then the brudda
shoots Jamie in the head.
And he looks up at me.
I see who it is.
You okay?
I was watchin' TV
with my dad, and same.
There was a knock at the door.
My dad, he had his glasses on,
but he didn't have any shoes.
And he went to the door.
Then I heard him talking
and heard this other man talking.
And I knew this voice.
It was Sully.
Then my dad said somethin' to me,
like he'll be back in a minute.
And that was it.
I never saw him again.
I don't even think I said goodbye.
But then the Summerhouse lot
came round and said not to say anything
to anyone about Sully.
They tried to tell me and Aaron
the same thing.
He killed Jamie,
and I'm supposed to say nothin'?
I'm supposed to do nothin'?
I see Sully round the ends
with his daughter,
and I think, "Why does he get to live
when he killed my brother,
and he killed your dad?"
See, that ain't right.
No, it's not.
Your guy found Lizzie, yeah?
This isn't about Lizzie. Come on.
My contact tells me
that MIT have got you down for Jeffrey.
- I weren't there. I told you that.
- Understood.
But somehow your prints and DNA
are showin' up at the scene.
as your lawyer,
and, I'd like to think, your friend,
my advice would be
now might be a good time
to consider gettin' out of the country.
Not under your own name, of course.
They'll be watchin' ports and airports.
You really think that's necessary?
Prints and DNA?
Yeah, unfortunately, very necessary.
I've got a Jamaican passport
in another name.
Good. You'll need that.
Although it could be a big risk
going through passport control,
with facial recognition
and the latest technology.
Fuck, man.
Have you heard of Isaac Latif?
- You know who I'm talkin' about?
- No.
Well, Latif will get you out.
It's what he does, and he's 100% reliable.
I can talk to him if you want.
It'll cost, of course.
How much?
Last person I sent his way cost
- That's a lot of fuckin' money.
- Gettin' out is expensive.
Stayin' out is also very expensive.
You're gonna need cash. Lots of it.
Do you want me to talk to him?
- Talk to him.
- He'll want the cash up front.
- How long's it gonna take to set up?
- I'll talk to him today.
Meanwhile, usual drill.
Burners only.
You stay away from home, friends, family,
and any places they associate with ya.
That passport,
it's back at my house.
- Police will be watchin' it.
- So why don't you go in there and get it?
That'll leave me open to conspiracy
to pervert the course of justice.
I'll be no use to you
from inside of a prison cell.
Is there anyone else you can ask?
- Yeah.
- Good.
A friend of a friend is a good idea,
if you know what I mean.
Someone you can trust, but not someone
the police have as a contact.
I'll find someone.
Listen, Dushane, on the subject
of filthy lucre, P's
Bro, I know what you're gonna say.
Good. Obviously
you'll negotiate a fee with Isaac,
but if you remember,
I've lent you quite a tidy sum.
I'll round it down to 42K.
You can give it to Isaac when you see him.
- I'll give it to him.
- Good luck.
Fuck's sake.
Gary, get a couple
of the guys on this, yeah? 'Scuse me.
'Scuse me, please. Out the way.
Thank you.
Out the way.
Too wicked, mate.
You don't have no heart. Evil.
Yeah, we're still havin' a bit of trouble
down here.
The crowd's gettin' bigger.
They started blockin' the stairwells.
- Well, I'll have to, won't I?
- Out the way!
Yeah, all right.
You are my weakness ♪
Naomi, could you, um
- Yeah, sure.
- Sorry.
Naomi's just gonna take care of you, okay?
- Thank you.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks. How are you?
What's wrong?
Found out the feds are watchin' my yard.
Fuck knows.
Well, is it serious?
No, it's just some
harassment bullshit, man.
But listen,
there's a couple tings in my yard
I need to get,
but I can't get them myself.
Some cash.
All right.
Shelley, you know,
if I didn't need your help,
I wouldn't be coming to ask, you get me?
Dushane, you're in trouble.
Of course I'm gonna help you.
But after what happened?
We broke up.
Doesn't cancel out
everythin' we've been through.
Where's the money?
In my closet.
In the safe.
Got a passport in there as well.
You need a passport? How bad is this?
It's cool.
You know, it's just precautions.
- All right, I'll get you what you need.
- No, no. Can't be you.
Has to be someone else.
Listen, don't call my phone.
Call that number, yeah?
Are you takin' the fuckin' piss?
Can I sit?
What the fuck's goin' on?
Huh? Nothin'.
You still got it?
Every bit of it?
- You fuckin' lie to me, man
- I wouldn't lie to you.
Course not.
Just steal.
There's bare shit goin' on
in my head, Sully,
and I can't make sense of none of it.
I lost my sister to this shit.
I know you understand
what I'm goin' through right now.
All right?
But I'm lookin' around, and nothin'
nothin' is makin' sense to me.
Look, all I know is, I don't wanna be
doin' this shit no more.
Then don't.
The food is killin' us.
It's killed Lauryn.
- How many more of us need to
- Shh.
Lauryn killed herself.
Don't blame me.
I'll bring you your food back.
Oh yeah, you will.
Look, all I'm asking for is a guarantee.
A pass.
'Cause I don't trust you no more.
I know the next time I see you,
you're gonna decide whether I live or die.
All right? I know that.
But, Sully, I'm beggin' you,
don't hurt my family.
Becks and the baby have no part in this.
don't beg.
It's disgustin'.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. All right.
Come on, Naomi.
Come on.
Come on.
Three, one, one, zero, one.
- Oi!
- Dushane!
Oi! What you doin'?
Hey! Hey!
Move! Quick! Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
- Move!
- Get out of here!
Yeah, get through there.
- Go on, Josh!
- Shoot, shoot!
Oh, unlucky.
Get up, get up!
You all right?
Move! Move.
Move out of the way. Move!
- Oh my God!
- Get down there!
Oi, you lot, come on!
Let's go! Get help!
- What's goin' on?
- Out the way!
- Elisha!
- Keep them back, please!
Move, move!
- Keep them back!
- Elisha!
Elisha, can you hear me? Can you hear me?
Elisha, baby, wake up!
Get me help!
Elisha! Eli
- Elisha!
- Just go.
Yeah, it's a goal!
Hi, Stef.
You all right?
I'm all right.
Can I go to my room, please?
Yeah, yeah, I'll go.
How was your day, Stef?
Yeah, all good.
Good, good, good.
All right?
If you want anythin' to eat,
just come down to the kitchen.
- Yeah, calm.
- It's good.
D'you want tea?
Zenith, Zenith, Zenith, Zenith ♪
Ay, yo, Ludo ♪
It will all make sense ♪
I'm still with some violent men ♪
SD never one to fold ♪
Don't use the word goal
Without my consent ♪
I have to burn this bridge
No amends ♪
Takin' off when this flies high, a ten ♪
For my sight I think I need lens
I need a micro just to wear out gems ♪
If he fucks with a paigon dem ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- Get rid of that friend ♪
When I run outta Bud
Get a refund, a plug ♪
Get it gone for a high expense ♪
I'm bulletproof
When it's lies they send ♪
I got this bitch
Who'll ride to the end ♪
I'm still licked
No need to pretend, yeah ♪
Another day marred
You'll see not again ♪
I had to slap him a verse for a fee ♪
Nigga, I'm mean ♪
Dirky, you know I was raised
In dem trenches ♪
Ain't a clear real side
To them streets ♪
Why they screamin' "neighborhood hero"?
I feel ♪
It's only right
That my airs are restricted ♪
Why the fuck does mine always crease?
I pray Allah don't take my soul
The stories for my child I keep ♪
I know it's wrong
That I bought these hos ♪
I pray salah for the days I didn't ♪
I had to hit this lit, God knows ♪
Don't ask what I bring
For the days I creep ♪
Just like ambo if the mandem rolls ♪
Or with the skinheads
With this blade I need ♪
Yeah ♪
It will all make sense ♪
I'm still with some violent men ♪
SD never one to fold ♪
Don't use the word goal
Without my consent ♪
I have to burn this bridge
No amends ♪
For my sight I think I need lens
I need a micro just to wear out gems ♪
If he fucks with a paigon dem ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- Get rid of that friend ♪
When I run outta Bud
Get a refund, a plug ♪
Get it gone for a high expense ♪
I'm bulletproof
When it's lies they send ♪
I got this bitch
Who'll ride to the end ♪
So, you seriously gonna try
and rob my brother's chain from me?
Are you?
This dance should be love ♪
Nah, I didn't think so.
Ain't it weird cuh it's her who ♪
Didn't stop bare bae
Gettin' undressed ♪
Yo, fuck that. Go on, then.
Go on, then!
Dickhead, go on!
I fuckin' dare you!
Take it, then!
But ya girl, she knows ♪
I think we caught that one
In the mosh pit ♪
Fans get caught up
With guys that ain't real ♪
Right, me is me, I clocked it ♪
How's it feel now
to have the strap on you?
It will all make sense
I'm still with some violent men ♪
SD never one to fold ♪
Don't use the word goal
Without my consent ♪
I have to burn this bridge
No amends, taken off ♪
How's it feel now
I think I need lens
I need a micro just to wear out gems ♪
If he fucks with a paigon dem ♪
Please, stop. Step back!
- Get back!
- Move back! Move back!
Wake up, please!
Stay back!
There's nothing to see.
- Stay back! Please stop pushing.
- Is this Elisha?
Stop pushing.
There's nothing to see. Sir?
You need
to let paramedics do their job.
Stay back!
You fuckin' murderers!
- Shame on you! You killed a child!
- Murderers!
Yo, follow them, man!
Go on.
Talk to Sully?
It was me.
I took the grub.
Look, bro, I know I done wrong.
All right? But I'm tryna make it right.
I'm givin' him his food back.
That's why I'm calling you.
I'm linin' it up now.
Well, it needs to be in Summerhouse,
and I need to be there.
And make sure it's all
the man's fuckin' food. All of it.
- It's all there. I ain't touched nothin'.
- Better not have.
Just text me where on this phone.
Shouting the odds
and throwing your weight around!
- We don't want you here!
- Why are you here? Why are you here?
- Let's not be aggressive.
- No one wants you here.
I'm fully aware,
but that's what we have to do.
This is my home.
- You child killer!
- You murderer!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
- Move back!
- What are you doing?
- Take your hands off him!
- Stay still!
They're kids! Let him go!
Stay back, please.
- Hold them back!
- Come back here!
Oi! Oi!
Come here! Come here!
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