Top Boy (2011) s05e04 Episode Script

The Food Is Killing Us

["Moment" by Anastazja Maciąg
& Questy playing]
[music continues through earphones]
[cleaner gasps]
[bucket clatters]
[exhales shakily]
[tense ambient music playing]
[gate closes]
[woman] Hi.
- What you sayin'? You good?
- [woman] Yeah, good.
Okay. Get that door shut.
I know I say it all the time,
but no one's here?
Nah. [chuckles]
- That's you.
- Oh, wow. Thank you.
- Won't be a sec.
- Okay.
It's a lot more than usual.
- Yeah, go on, give us some back, then.
- [laughs] Nah.
We good?
- Yeah, good.
- All right.
How much is down there?
- [Sully sighs]
- [chuckles]
No questions, remember?
Well, I'm the one stashing it.
That's not part of our deal, is it?
- No questions.
- Okay.
Do you wanna stay for a drink?
Let's not fuck it up.
Kieron's comin' soon though. Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- So stick around.
He's gonna be about a hour.
Hour or two, somethin' like that.
- Cool.
- All right, later on.
- Bye.
- Mm.
[woman chuckles]
- [Kieron] Wagwan, bro?
- Yo, Kieron.
- What you sayin'?
- It's here waitin' for you, mate.
Yeah, yeah.
I told her you'd be about an hour or so,
so don't be too long.
All right, then.
Same place.
- Take about two for the trip.
- All right, then.
All right, cool. Call me up.
better have some good news for me,
'cause I need that right now.
Lizzie flew last week
from Stansted to Dublin.
Fuck's sake.
Bro, where is she now?
My man says he can find her,
but it's gonna cost you another 20.
Twenty fuckin' grand?
What do you want me to tell him?
Bruv, I want you to tell him
that he's having a fuckin' laugh!
I can. Not gonna help you find her,
but if that's what you want
I can tell him.
Listen, tell him
he can have his fuckin' 20 grand,
but the very fuckin' second
he finds her, yeah,
I wanna be the first one to know,
do you understand?
I got it.
Don't fuck with me, you know.
[mouths] Fuck.
Yeah, he's up for it.
Yeah, just let me know
as soon as possible.
[Kieron] All done.
- No, I don't know about that no more.
- A few months?
- [Kieron] Yo.
- Like I was telling him.
- Yo.
- Wagwan?
[Samsi] Wagwan?
[Kieron] Take that.
- Go on, cut up.
- Love, bro.
- You good?
- [Bradders] Yeah, yeah, calm.
- Hi, Crystal.
- Hi.
by Jordy (feat. Elt Cheekz) playing]
[Romy speaking indistinctly]
I can't believe this.
You know what we did for you
when Immigration came.
We rolled out for you.
Got ourselves dragged about by police.
Put ourselves at risk.
And this is how you repay us?
What, you're sellin' drugs
to schoolkids now?
[scoffs] I'm ashamed of you, bro.
- I'm ashamed of all of you.
- [Arlo] Ah.
Miss us with the Malcolm X fuckery, I beg.
Ay, shut your mouth, man.
- You know about the protest tomorrow?
- Yeah.
Try to be there and support your community
instead of fuckin' it up
with this bullshit.
I hope you're cool, bro.
Just Just come to check on you.
And I got some news for you. [chuckles]
Erin's been on man differently.
Like, it's mad.
So I'm just lettin' you know that
it's that time.
You get me?
Just comin' to tell you
so you know I'm being sensible and safe
like you always say to me and Aaron.
And on that note,
you know me, I gotta cut, bro.
Can't leave the ladies waitin'.
You get me?
[melancholy ambient music playing]
Love, bro.
[doorbell rings]
Jaq, it's Mandy, babe.
[kisses teeth]
- [Mandy] I bought you some food.
- [Jaq sighs heavily]
- [Mandy] You're good?
- Mm.
I bought you some stewed chicken
from Junior's.
Told me to send
his condolences for Lauryn.
I also got you some fruit from Ridley's.
Love for that.
Nah, it's a minor, sis.
Where's the baby?
With Becks at hers.
It can't be good for you,
locking yourself away like this, alone.
I just need to be by myself for a bit.
I hope you're not losin'
that champion swag of yours.
Better than facin' a world full
of bullshit at the minute, I can't lie.
When I was in pen
You know what I got done for, right?
But a man died, and he shouldn't be dead.
And the fact is,
I was fully involved, innit.
First few years, I couldn't accept
responsibility for what I did.
What are you tryna say here?
Jaq, I'm gonna say it clear
because it needs to be said.
Beautiful Lauryn's dead
because she took drugs that you sell.
- [gasps]
- Get out!
Slappin' me ain't gonna change that.
Get the fuck outta my yard!
It's too late for Lauryn,
but it ain't too late for her baby.
[melancholy ambient music playing]
[front door opens]
[door closes]
[music continues]
[Shelley] Hey, Naomi.
I'll be in a little bit later today.
There's somethin' I need to do.
Yeah, yeah. All good. Um
Look, I don't know how long I'll need,
but I shouldn't be too long.
All right. Thanks, Naomi.
I really appreciate it.
Okay. Bye.
["Bun Fi Bun" by IQ (feat. Stefflon Don)
playing over speakers]
Mi not even waan yuh money
Cah my man is cheating ♪
Mi nah sorry mi ah fuck pon him
Mi nah sorry, not at all ♪
Nuff time him mek mi bawl
This time him haffi wul it ♪
- When yuh man is cheating ♪
- Ooh, oh, oh ♪
Baby, come wi guh fuck pon him ♪
- Wi nah fi keep it a secret ♪
- Keep it a secret ♪
[Stef] Hey.
- [Erin] You all right?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Do you wanna
go upstairs?
Yeah, go on.
Yuh know ah time fi get ready, girl ♪
Too much noise,
Yuh fi turn up di telly ♪
Fuck yuh in his bed
Yuh ah time fi get messy, girl ♪
Been ah long time seh mi waan yuh ♪
Now yuh don't want
No odda man fi touch yuh ♪
Him never think he would get bun ♪
So did you get the text from the clinic?
'Cause I did.
- Yeah.
- Let me see.
- What, you don't believe me or somethin'?
- [scoffs]
My mum always says
you can't listen to guys
'cause they chat shit
to get into girls' panties,
so, respectfully,
I need to check these things for myself.
Have you gossiped
any of our business to your friends?
- Nah, man.
- Swear?
- All right, I told one person, innit.
- See, I knew it.
It was my brother.
Spoke to him when I went to the bench.
Are you all right, though?
You know, you don't have to do this if
you don't
[blissful ambient music playing]
[Erin chuckles]
["Real One" by Shaybo
playing over speakers]
[Arlo] Brah
- Wagwan?
- [Samsi] Wagwan, mandem?
- [Rowmando] Good, fam.
- What you sayin'?
- [Rowmando] Good, man.
- Why your hands so dry?
- He's on this viral ting.
- [both laugh]
So wet.
She got no weave, no makeup on.
She on this natural-mystique ting,
my bro, come on.
- Ay, yo, Bradders
- She's bad
[Romy] Let me see your profile, then.
- Wagwan?
- [Samsi] Wagwan?
[Jaq] Wagwan?
- Wagwan? You good?
- There's people pissing me off, man.
- Chatting shit in my ears.
- What? Somethin' we need to sort out now?
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah,
nothin' like that.
What you man sayin'? Good, yeah?
Ay, J, what you think about this girl?
- This guy's tellin' me she's leng.
- Hm
- [Kieron] I never said that, bro.
- Meady still.
- I never said she's leng.
- [Romy] Meady.
- [Kieron] I said she's all right.
- You get me?
What have I told you about walkin' up
to us with the money out like that?
You buying a lot this week.
Where you get your money from?
- Mind your business and drink your juice.
- [Arlo] Man.
Full scatty.
- Ay, yo, Marianne, one sec.
- Oh, what now?
Hey, cool yourself, man.
What happened to you, man?
Blud, where's your baby?
What, you workin'
for social services now or somethin'?
Listen, stop chattin' shit.
Answer my fuckin' question.
Where's your baby?
- Baby's with my mum.
- What do you mean?
- Where does your mum live?
- Newham.
Newham? Where in Newham? What street?
I gotta go pick him up now!
Take me to your baby,
and I'll give you one on the house.
Are you serious?
The fuck did I just say?
Ay, yo.
Give her one.
On me, man. Give it to her.
Thank you.
Come we go Newham.
Doubt it. Baby's not in Newham, innit.
Yo, Kieron.
I beg you go grab the whip, please, bro.
All right, say nothin'.
- Huh?
- Now follow me.
[Marianne] Come on!
Fuckin' thing! [exhales]
I'm in here.
[baby coos]
Why is your fuckin' baby on the floor?
- He's all right.
- Pick up your fuckin' child off the floor!
Pick up your fuckin pickney off the floor!
All right. [sighs]
Come on!
That's it. Come on.
In you go, baba.
- This how you're leavin' your child, yeah?
- All right. There you are.
What the fuck?
Listen, you ain't fuckin' smokin'
around your child!
Go fuckin' sit in there
- Gimme it, then!
- and go do your fuckin' pipe, you tramp!
[baby fussing]
- [door closes]
- [kisses teeth]
[sighs heavily]
[baby continues wailing]
[sighs shakily]
[Kieron] What was all that about?
- You all right?
- [breathing shakily]
This is so fucked, bro.
What's fucked?
Just take me to my place.
- [Kieron sighs]
- [Jaq sniffles]
[engine starts]
[Jaq sighs]
Where was you this mornin'?
Sully and Dushane get their food
off the Irish, yeah?
So where did you meet 'em?
Highbury or Stamford Hill?
Uh, Highbury.
[sighs] Listen, Jaq.
I know bare people are comin' up to you
and saying all that cliché shit
when they've never been there for you,
but you're my fuckin' family.
And so was Lauryn.
And I mean that shit.
Anything happenin', anything,
then just fuckin' shout me.
I'm being serious, you know.
- Sure you're gonna be all right, though?
- Yeah, man. I'll be sweet.
[sniffles] All right, bro.
- Love.
- Yeah. Love.
[Jaq sighs]
[engine starts]
[tense ambient music playing]
[keys jingle]
[car doors unlock]
- Is that your mum?
- Shit.
[Mandy] Erin!
I'm comin', Mum! Just tidyin' my room!
[thumping upstairs]
You can't hear me calling you?
- What's all that noise?
- [Erin] Hurry up!
- What do I do with this?
- In your pocket, I don't know!
[Erin] Hi, Mum.
Hi, Mandy.
Hi, Stef.
- What you two been up to?
- Just homework and that.
[in unison] Yeah.
What you doin'?
I've got my stuff and Tish's stuff.
- Someone will collect the rest.
- What you talkin' about? What you doin'?
- This ain't workin'. We both know it.
- Stop.
Is this about the fuckin'
nail bar ting, yeah?
- [sighs]
- Is that what it is?
Stop packin'. Listen to me.
Listen to me. Listen.
I get it. I get it.
All right? I fucked up.
I've been goin' through some mad shit.
All right?
I've sorted it now.
I'm gonna get you the money. Okay?
It's cool. I promise.
It's not about the money, Dushane.
So what's it about?
It feels like it's about the money to me.
This This is some spoiled shit.
What you doin'? Hm?
First time I tell you no, it's like
I never said yes to you or somethin'.
Is that it? So you're just gonna leave?
You don't get it.
I'm telling you it's not about the money.
If I get you the money right now,
you're gonna go still?
- I guarantee you'll stay.
- Are you listenin' to me?
Are you listenin' to me?
- It's not about the money!
- So what's it about, then?!
- What's it about?!
- [Shelley sighs]
It's not about the money,
but you're packin' your stuff!
Because I can't live like this!
One minute you're in a good mood,
next minute you come home
with fuckin' blood on your hands.
- Think I want my daughter around that?
- What did you think it was gonna be?
When you sat
in my mum's fuckin' house, yeah,
told me you ain't gonna judge me,
you get me, you're ridin'.
What's this?
I do get you, Dushane.
And that's why I'm leavin'.
[unsettling ambient music playing]
[music continues]
Getting anything?
Uh, nice palm print on the kitchen top,
uh, couple of partials on the pan.
Another one on the door.
We'll have the results
first thing tomorrow.
[tense ambient music playing]
["Rosé" by Call Me Loop
playing over speakers]
Baby, oh, you know you got me crazy ♪
Thinking about you on the daily ♪
I'm lyin' in the sun, just ♪
[woman laughing]
Oh, I'm excited.
Lately ♪
You're my favorite game to play, b ♪
[woman] Are you going mad?
I'm lyin' in the sun ♪
Drinkin' every drop of your love ♪
Mm. I wouldn't leave the house.
God, poor her.
'Cause I'm under your spell
I'm lookin' up to heaven ♪
Oh no. Oh my goodness.
- It felt so bitter ♪
- Ah ♪
But now it's sweet as hell ♪
Ooh, ah, ah, ah ♪
I've been waitin' so long
To get that midnight dance ♪
[loud bang]
Wait. Can I call you back, one sec?
Okay, bye.
Baby ♪
[Jaq grunts softly]
[woman gasps]
[muffled cries]
Get off me! [gasps]
- [squeals]
- [Jaq grunts]
[tense ambient music playing]
[siren wailing]
- So you two together now, yeah?
- [Erin snorts]
Mum, why do you have to be in my business?
Because as my only pickney,
I'll always be up in your business.
I want you to both make a promise
to each other that you stick to.
First and foremost,
be kind to each other.
You've both got
your own feelings to protect.
But there's somebody else's feelings
in the equation now,
and you need to be respectful of that.
And secondly,
no intimate pictures whatsoever,
especially with your faces in them.
That shit stays online forever.
- I'll wash up.
- I'm not finished.
And lastly,
no babies.
I ain't ready to be a grandma yet.
- Those are the rules. Deal?
- [both] Deal.
[Erin] I'll wash up.
Um, I gotta go. It's gettin' late.
Bye, Erin.
[front door opens]
[doorbell rings]
What do you want?
To talk.
[door buzzes]
[Sully] You seen the news, then?
Yeah, well Jeffrey's dead.
Must've been Lizzie.
Save that for the police, yeah?
I don't need to.
It weren't me.
Oh, well, then it weren't you, then.
- But if it was you
- I ain't worried.
You should be worryin'
about my money, though.
Well, now the Irish thing's sorted,
the shipment's back.
- Yeah, and half of that's mine.
- Yeah, half is yours.
I said I'll get it to you, and I will.
But when I do
that's it.
I think we're done 'ere.
You go your way, I'll go mine.
[sighs, chuckles softly]
How about that?
Sounds familiar.
Ain't gotta be no problem, has it?
Didn't think so.
Where you gonna get your supply from?
Just work on that story, yeah?
And don't worry about me.
[chuckles softly]
[tense ambient music playing]
[front door opens]
[door closes]
[gasps, sobs]
[phone vibrating]
[line ringing]
You all right there, handsome boy?
[Kieron] Wagwan?
Yo, Kieron, where you at, bro?
Yard. What's goin' on?
Bro, I need to see you, yeah? Meet me
in 20 minutes in the garages, yeah?
- A'ight, love.
- A'ight, say less. Love.
[sighs deeply]
Auntie Jaqie's gonna be home, yeah?
See you soon.
[door opens]
[Si] Man's lookin'
very pleased with himself.
Can't lie!
[Si] I knew it.
["East" by Sainté (feat. Joony)
playing over speakers]
A'ight, 'ere you go.
Don't talk much, just move ♪
You ain't a kid no more. Big man now.
She can't roll with me ♪
I don't care about you ♪
So, I got somethin' for you.
You wanna see?
Yeah, gwaan.
Bro got a ride, it's in all white
Flexin' it pure with a stack ♪
Talkin' no budget
You just gotta love it ♪
Chanel, man, I grab and attack ♪
She want Dior, I'm up in the four
Spendin' and makin' it back ♪
I got crib, see where I live ♪
- [Si] You ever held one of these?
- [Stef] Nah.
My number one gunner
I promise we makin' it stack ♪
[Si] Take it. Gwaan.
You'd think that we whippin' up crack
The price on the bezel, I need me a ♪
Jamie gave me this.
Yeah, love that move
I'll be in the three ♪
Bread get chased, don't do no race ♪
It's a Browning 9 mil.
This button, this is the magazine release.
Press it.
See? The magazine pops out.
This mag holds 13 bullets.
You got 13 shots.
You don't care about me
Well, too bad, that's cute ♪
Put it back in its place like that.
She just wanna fuck me
And feel sexy 'bout it ♪
Give it a little tap till it clicks.
- [clicks]
- [Stef grunts]
Hold it. Pointin' it down.
Not at your foot.
What the fuck?
You tryna blow your foot off?
- [chuckles] Nah.
- Fuckin' right.
Hold it steady.
That's it, in your hand.
And with your other hand,
pull this back.
Keep your finger off the trigger.
Pull it back.
All the way back.
- [clicks]
- Hold it there.
- Now let it go.
- [clicks]
Now you're loaded.
Now you're ready to shoot.
Let's see you aim. Aim at the wall.
You ready to squeeze off on the man?
- Yeah.
- You fully ready?
- Yeah, I am.
- You sure?
- Trust me!
- Who's man gonna dun?
[Sully] Both bags?
Both fuckin' bags?
Yeah. I'm sorry.
Shut up!
Fucking shut up.
Sully never said nothin'
about movin' this.
It's too late to save Lauryn,
but it ain't too late to save my nephew.
[phone vibrating]
[Kieron sighs]
[vibrating continues]
[vibrating stops]
[slow industrial beat playing]
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