Top Boy (2011) s05e03 Episode Script

Birthday Party

- Ay, can we go caff?
- Huh?
Man ain't eaten all day.
Can we go caff?
- Looking like a shark still.
- You payin'?
What? You got that, bro.
I haven't eaten all day, bro.
- Where is he? I'm hungry.
- Always on a long ting.
- Oh, I see him.
- All right, cool.
Wagwan, wagwan?
- What you man sayin'? You good?
- Come on, bro.
- Take that to Langley's, innit?
- Say no more. Shout you man later.
Shout, man.
I'm starving, bro.
Why ain't his feet
touchin' the ground?
- Hey, wagwan, pussio?
- Si!
- Let go of the fuckin' bag!
- Si!
Let go of the bag!
- Are you fuckin' mad?
- Hey, the fuckin' bag!
- Fuckin'
- What the fuck are you doin'?
What? You're next!
- Oh shit!
- Come on, then. Come do somethin'!
Fuckin' what?
Huh? Come, then! Come, then!
Let go of the fuckin' bag!
Do it, then!
Are you gonna fuckin' do somethin'?
- Police!
- Police!
Hey, come here!
Fuck, let's go, man!
- Oi! You lot, come here!
- Gonna merk you, pussy!
- You lot are fuckin' wet.
- Yeah? I'mma see you!
- Police. You all right?
- Hey, quick, man!
- Have they got the fuckin' bag, bro?
- Fuck the bag, bro. Let's go!
So you go down
the side of the buildin',
turn left.
There's two French doors
overlooking the garden.
That's the room.
I'll keep the door open for you.
Say again.
I go down the building and what?
Go down the side of the buildin',
turn left.
You'll see two French doors
overlooking the garden.
That's the room.
So when I get in them French doors,
who am I gonna be seein'?
Veronica Gamble.
Now, does she have family?
She have family,
but since her dementia come on her,
they don't come.
They neglect her bad.
So they don't come ever,
or they don't come often?
They don't come at all.
I'm the only one that goes in that room.
She always sleeping.
Will she be okay?
She'll be fine.
The next important one is the CCTV.
You can handle that one?
You're not just sayin'
what you think I wanna hear, right?
It's important.
- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
Where you from?
Saint Lucia.
Next week, you could be there
on the beach.
Just get these few things right,
then you don't have to worry about money.
How does that sound?
It sounds good.
It's got one number on it.
You gotta text it twice.
Once when the cameras are off
and once when they arrive.
You got that?
You ain't gotta look at it now.
Just put that in your bag.
- You off to work now, right?
- Yeah.
Okay, well, it's very important
that it's a normal day.
Don't change anything.
- Normal day.
- Yeah, normal day.
Guess we gotta trust her, innit?
I know what I'm fuckin' doin'.
She will come through.
Yo. What's your guy sayin'?
He's askin' about his money. He wants
five now and five when he finds her.
A'ight, well, give it to him, innit.
I'll sort you out later or somethin'.
I'll get him goin' with the five,
and I'll put it on your account.
Tell him to be fuckin' quick.
Was she talkin' to anyone
about it?
I knew so many girls in pen
that got hooked on that shit.
Same thing.
Sayin' they're takin' the edge off,
then it just spirals.
What the fuck?
It's not that fuckin' hard to understand.
Lauryn drowned because she couldn't handle
the fuckin' shit that she was smokin'.
She weren't about that junkie life.
Mandy's not saying she was, babe.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
I'll get it.
What you sayin'?
This the big man, yeah?
This is him.
Good as gold.
Aren't you?
So you're a auntie now, Jaq.
Hm. She is.
How's it goin'?
Fucked if I know, bro.
I know the feelin'.
You ever wanna talk, I'm here.
You was there for me.
So I'm here.
Anything you need.
Actually, there is somethin'.
Yeah, man, talk to me.
I need a name.
I wanna know
who the fuck was servin' to Lauryn.
Come on.
Becks, you mind if we get a minute?
Yeah, course.
Just let me know if you need anything.
Come on. You're okay.
You're okay.
Thank you.
This ain't on you.
This ain't on you.
This ain't on whoever sold to her.
And I'll keep it 100
this is on her.
And that's somethin' you gotta live with
that you're fucked.
I know what you're on.
But that road don't end good.
It don't make you feel better.
Thought you said you was here to help me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but listen.
Look at me.
It's not on you.
It's pointless.
Don't be me.
You got a good thing here.
Don't fuck it up.
Call me.
You idiot.
Can you even see without your glasses?
No, it's not that one.
- You've got moves, you know.
- Yeah, I know.
But how are you gonna keep up
when I'm on stage at Wembley
and I got bare girls onto me?
Ah, shut up, you idiot.
First of all, you're not even tall enough,
and you're bare dumb. You don't go school.
Listen, no one'll care about that
when they see all of this.
Nah, 'cause you're not allowed
other girls.
What do you mean,
I'm not allowed other girls?
You're not allowed other girls.
- Nah?
- Nah.
- Not even one?
- Not one.
- Or two?
- Not two. Nah.
- Come bounce second period with me.
- Why would I do that?
'Cause I know this nice little spot,
and we can get one of them
little "old lady" drinks you like.
- Old lady?
- All right, grown up, innit.
Listen, coffee tastes nasty anyway.
No, it doesn't.
First of all, it's sophisticated.
Everyone in the fashion industry
drinks it. Okay, imagine me, in Paris,
latte in one hand,
sketchbook in the other.
You on the other side of the street,
sweeping up all the rubbish
'cause your dance career didn't work out.
- Are you in the fashion industry?
- No, I'm not.
- Thank you!
- But are you in the dance industry?
- Thank you!
- Are you?
- No, you're not!
- Sorry!
W Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Who Who authorized the transfer?
Ultimately, me. But after our accountants
and finance director had authorized it.
No, no, who asked for the payment?
Where was the request coming from?
Do you need to take that?
No. No.
I just need to know where the request
for the transfer was coming from.
The investor, Soundrock Properties.
Fuck me.
Why the fuck did you let 'em
have the money, Danielle?
Fuck these things.
Own our fuckin' lives, don't they?
Why did you make the transfer?
Everything was in order.
You have no idea the shit caused
when Soundrock pulled out.
Suddenly, we had
a £15 million hole in the budget.
Fortunately, another investor stepped in.
So the The 15, the whole 15 is gone?
Our lawyers were arguing very strongly
to start proceedings,
but that would've exposed
a certain amount of dirty laundry.
So we pressed the button
and made the transfer.
I have a Zoom, so why don't you
talk to Soundrock yourself?
Yeah, that's very
That's very good advice,
which I would take
if I had any fuckin' idea where she was!
has fuckin' disappeared!
You need to calm down.
When does telling anyone to calm down
actually fuckin' calm them down?
You shouldn't have made
the transfer of the funds, Danielle!
You seriously need to calm down.
Fuck you!
Jeffrey! Come on, man!
Fuck, man.
What did they say?
What did they say?
They, um
transferred the funds a week ago.
Transferred to who?
Sou Soundrock.
The, uh
The shell
Shell company that Lithe set up.
So what does that mean?
Means that Lithe has Has your money.
Lithe Lithe and Lizzie.
This has
This has got Lizzie's prints all over it.
Where's my money, bro?
Uh, your
What can I tell you? It's It's gone.
Ooh! Ooh-hoo-hoo!
Yeah. One, two, hook. One, two, hook.
Up. Again.
Hey, Sully.
Two secs.
One more.
That's it, done. You got it.
What's up, boy?
Call me boy again,
you'll be dead in a fuckin' week.
Relax, man. Relax.
We'll be up and runnin' soon.
But before that,
I mean, I thought me and you could talk.
Mm, talk about what?
I think me and you are very alike, Sully.
I think you're smart. I like you.
And I think, well, me and you,
I think we should do somethin'.
I'm being serious.
I think we have a future.
Tadgh is on his way out,
if you know what I mean.
I think this here
we could build on this, man.
You're gonna cut him out?
No, I'm not I'm not saying that.
But if the opportunity comes about,
I'm gonna step in.
'Cause I do have a vision or two.
But I need someone beside me.
Partnership, yes.
We'll meet Tadgh soon, when he's here,
but this, I'm interested in this.
Let's talk about it.
Okay. I'll be in touch.
All right.
Thank you. You're gonna like it.
- What if it burns my mouth?
- It's not gonna burn your mouth.
- Thank you.
- Seven-sixty, please.
- Hm?
- What?
The prices are on the board.
Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
Come on.
Mm-hm, mm-mm.
There you go. Thank you.
- Shall we go sit down?
- Yeah.
We can drink it while we sit,
and you can tell me what you think.
But, um, I
Come, let's just walk.
It's nasty, fam!
No, don't smell it. Drink it.
- But it smells nasty.
- Just drink it.
I ain't gonna drink somethin'
that smells nasty.
- Them olders gassed you, didn't they?
- Who?
Si and them man.
They were Jamie's best friends.
- So you reckon you're a gangsta?
- Shut up, man.
Nah, I'm just saying, 'cause they are, so
I dunno.
You know, it'd be really shit
if you got killed or somethin'.
You should just be my private gangsta.
Ain't gonna get killed. Are you mad?
No one thinks
they're gonna get killed, Stef.
I don't think my dad thought
he was gonna get killed.
- Erin.
- Mm?
Do you like me?
That's not how this goes, Stef.
You have to tell me if you like me first.
Well, yeah, I do like you, innit.
Do you wanna come round mine tonight?
If you want.
- At the home?
- Yeah, they'll be calm about it.
- I could, but we're not doin' nothin'.
- Nah, not like that.
And we have to get tested.
- Tested for what?
- STDs and that.
- For real?
- You have to be proper about this stuff.
And I need to go on the pill straightaway
if we need to do anything.
I like you, Stef,
but I'm not tryna be your baby mum.
And, I mean, everyone knows
what's eventually gonna happen
between two people who like each other.
They just never say anything
'cause they're too embarrassed.
I just think you shouldn't waste time.
You should be grown about it.
Have you done it before?
What do you think I am?
Have you?
I mean, there's nothing
to be scared about, right?
Everyone does it.
So why are we gettin' tested?
Because Rachel's older sister said her man
caught chlamydia from his best mate
'cause he sat on the same toilet seat.
So come on.
Ah. Fuck.
Hi, baby. You all right?
Just got off the phone to Kim.
And look, it's been a week,
and Kim's really been pressing me about
Shell. Shell.
Now ain't the time.
- You said we'd talk about it later
- I said, now ain't the time!
- What are you talkin' about?
- I said, fuck the nail shop, man!
What is it? You think you're the only one
with fuckin' things to do?
- Dushane, what
- It ain't happenin'!
The whole shit's done.
- Are you hurt?
- Stop!
Dushane, talk to me. What's goin' on?
- Hey! Look, please. Where you goin'?
- Shelley, stop.
- Just wait.
- Shelley!
Wait! You can talk to me.
Tell me what's goin' on.
I'm here.
Stay out my fuckin' business, yeah?
Nah, I told them
on the phone, innit.
So do you want to be tested?
Nah, look,
I know what it is, yeah?
It's just bare itchy.
Like, just buss me the cream.
If you fill out one of these forms first
- Bare itchy. He needs cream.
- Erin Wright?
Stefan Tovell?
Okay, and when was the last time
you had sex?
Um Uh, like, I I ain't
- You've never had sex before?
- Nah.
Have you given or received
oral sex, anal sex?
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
None of that, like.
I'm a virgin, innit.
But I had a hand job before. Twice.
Okay. Uh, Stefan, so what makes you
want to get tested today?
Um, my girlfriend said we should.
Good for her.
Yeah, we might have to name you Delroy
for real, you know.
After your granddaddy.
Me and your mummy
were crackin' up about that.
I know you're tryna tell me.
Yes, you are.
I can see it in your little eyes.
Definitely got
your mummy's beautiful eyes.
That's so nice.
So nice seeing you smile.
- Thought you'd be in Rwanda by now, bruv.
- Nah, mate.
Got you to thank for that, innit.
Nah, weren't me.
- That was Mandy, weren't it?
- Do you want anything?
No, I'm all right. Thanks.
Well, I'm sorry to drop in like this.
I was proper devastated about Lauryn.
Nah, it's bless, bro.
But I do need to chat to you.
The Fields lot had a madness
at their spot this mornin'.
Place is covered with feds.
you think this is the time for that?
'Low it, babe.
- You don't need to hear this.
- I do.
What happened?
Them lot brought
some personal beef shit to the spot.
Got their food taken.
One of the YGs got bagged.
- Look, Kieron
- I said it's calm.
I can deal with it. Just need you
to tell me what you want done.
Nah, man. Come, let's go.
Jaq, seriously, it's calm.
I can handle this.
If you can handle this, why are you here?
She's my family. I had to.
- I need to get outta this place.
- Are you for real?
Yeah, I got somethin'
I need to take care of now, innit.
Yes, you do.
He's right here.
I just bakе off ♪
- Start gun, they all race off ♪
- Flash ♪
Turn that shit off.
You got a wap, right?
You gotta act right ♪
And if I ever see a opp ♪
You lot fucked up this mornin'.
- We'll sort it.
- Course you're gonna sort it.
You lost us a lot
of fuckin' P's today, blud.
A whole brick's worth.
- Mm.
- Yeah, we're rolling and all.
We're gonna find 'em.
What, you're gonna drive round ends
and lose a whole day's fuckin' earnings?
Fuck that! Furthermore,
I don't even want you lot retaliating.
They already put one of your man in A&E,
so now you can focus on gettin' back
the P's that you fuckin' lost.
Up your prices.
Hustle harder. You lot understand
what the fuck I'm sayin'?
Cuh this shit's amateur.
But we can't let these man violate us.
You already did that, though.
And now you're gonna be too busy
earnin' back the fuckin' money you lost
to be runnin' up on anyone.
Get it?
Is that gonna be a problem?
No problems here.
Say less.
In a bit.
Shit's amateur 'cause you man
keep dunnin' the mandem.
Gwaan, you got somethin' to say,
just speak up, big man.
I'm sayin', how we meant to do our ting
when you man keep dunnin' the mandem?
Is this guy mad?
What, am I missin' somethin'?
What, Jamie's still alive?
- Sit the fuck down.
- Just askin' a question
- Sit the fuck down, dickhead!
- Allow, allow.
Yo, yo, yo.
You lot chill, man. It's not that.
No one knows who done Jamie.
Man was a hard fuckin' worker,
and the only one
you little dickheads fuckin' listened to.
Why the fuck
would we want him in the ground?
So you don't know what happened to Kit?
Bow out, man.
The person that done Kit
was Jamie.
- Lies, man.
- Fuck off.
- Don't say shit.
- Fuck off.
- What the fuck's she sayin'?
- Yeah.
Your fuckin' brother.
She's chattin' bare shit right now.
Now sort this fuckin' mess out.
In a bit.
That's bullshit.
Nah, bruv.
Kit and Jamie
was like bruddas, fam.
It would make no sense.
They gotta be chattin' shit.
- Kieron?
- Mm-hm?
I wanna know who shot to Lauryn.
And I know you fuckin' know somethin',
so you better fuckin' tell me, bro.
That's my sister.
That's my fuckin' blood.
It's Rowmando.
- Jaq, man.
- Kieron, get your fuckin' hands off me!
- He's a fuckin' kid, man.
- Fuckin' 'low it.
- He's a fuckin' yout, man!
- Shut the fuck up!
Fuck, man.
Shelley, come see
the new design for the uniform.
Not now, Naomi.
Shelley, what's up?
It's not happenin'.
- What's not happenin'?
- The chain.
What? Why?
I don't know, Naomi.
Maybe he's changed his mind,
or he was never really on it
to begin with.
Who knows? Who even knows with Dushane?
I don't know.
All I know is that
it's not happenin'.
Oh, babes.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- These any good?
- Proper.
You won't even hear a sound
with that ting there.
You man sure
you don't want me to roll with you?
Nah, I think we'll be all right.
Be ready outside though.
Hi, Abigail.
Can you take the cellophane off the food?
It's rubbish. It looks horrible.
Yeah, okay.
You're an angel. Thank you.
Uh, no, no, no, Pat.
You have to wait
till the party starts, okay?
My birthday.
Okay. Come, come, sit down.
Sit down, okay?
Just take the one.
Thank you.
- There you go.
- I'll go get him.
I'll be back
in a minute, okay, darling?
- Everything all right, Abi?
- Yeah, fine.
- Loving your work.
- Thanks.
Is Row in?
Rowmando's out.
Auntie, I come to you respectfully,
and I'm asking you politely,
but you're fuckin' lyin' to me.
- Row, get the fuck down!
- What do you want?
- I can let him know.
- Fuck!
- Got fuck all to do with you.
- He's not in.
My sister, yeah?
- Jaq, please
- My fuckin' sister, yeah?
What you doing?
Leave him! Leave him!
- I was just shottin' like you told me.
- I will call the police!
I was just shottin' like you told me.
I didn't mean to.
Fuck, man!
Saturday night ♪
Me and my baby
Gonna check it on out ♪
Can I have a cup of tea, please?
Mind your own business ♪
- Mind your own business ♪
- Mind your own business ♪
That's all right, Frankie.
Are you sure she come through?
Cuh we been here for time, bro.
I'm fuckin' boilin'.
Me too.
I know you too, but you're meant
to have it patterned up. What's goin' on?
You wanted to be here.
Oi, text her or somethin', man.
See what's goin' on.
They coulda come and gone already.
- Leave.
- What do you mean, leave?
- Them people could've
- Wait!
- I'm waitin'.
- Mm.
But I wanna know what's happenin'.
Oi. Shh. Hey.
Go back to sleep, Auntie.
Go back to sleep.
Stop talkin'.
Get out my head ♪
Call yourself Irish, do ya?
Get out my head ♪
Here, turn that off.
Turn that off, will ya?
Nah, nah, leave it on.
- Leave it on, will ya?
- It just doesn't sound right.
Dad's gonna be passed out
by the time we get there.
A few lines of sneachta, he'll be grand.
It's been a while since I seen him.
How's it all been goin' here anyways?
It's goin' good. This Sully kid,
he's, um
Seems to have a head on his shoulders.
- I got it covered, don't worry.
- I know you do. I know you do.
Hey, stick on
the Wolfe Tones there, will ya?
Come on, then.
Babe, are you okay?
That's it.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Are you gonna keep on doing what you do?
Jaq, can we talk about this?
I don't know, do I?
It's all I've ever done.
- It's all I know how to do.
- That's not true.
You don't have to keep on doing this.
There's always options.
Yeah. For you there is.
There's always options
when you come from money.
That's not fair.
I can't help you
if you keep on doing this.
You ain't gotta help me.
Well, somebody has to. We need the help.
Maybe we think about getting someone
to look after him for a bit.
He's my family,
so he's my fuckin' responsibility now.
You gonna sell drugs and look after
your nephew at the same time?
Look, why don't you just leave
if that's really how you fuckin' feel?
Is that what you want?
You want me to go?
I just want some peace and fuckin' quiet.
I get it.
But remember, we're all he has now.
Oh yeah, man.
Feeling good, eh?
Here she is, the love of my life, eh?
- Has the party started?
- Yeah, they're partyin' hard in there.
- I'll see you in there, so.
- See ya.
We showed you ways to play old airs ♪
We said we could be friends ♪
This one. There we are.
You got us in the end ♪
Here you are. Your turn to start.
Oh. What's happening?
Got a surprise for ya.
- Huh?
- Hello, Dad.
It's really good to see you.
So good to see you.
Happy birthday, boy!
- Wahey!
- How are you?
- You're good? Yeah, you're lookin' well.
- Lookin' well, eh, Tadgh?
- What'd I say?
- Sit down.
Sit down, will ya?
In the hat, you look
21 year old now, eh?
Did you get your 21 kisses
off all these fine ladies?
- I'd say they were queuin' up.
- Even the lads are queuin' up for him.
Don't mind him.
It's so good to see you, Dad.
Don't start cryin'.
You'll get me goin'.
Abigail, darlin'!
- Whiskey, eh?
- Oh.
How've you been? You good?
I think there's, how many?
Three of us, isn't there?
Sorry, Jonny.
You been eatin'?
Yeah? I like your badge.
King for the day.
King for life, this man.
Oh, now you're givin' me
a pink straw as well?
How cute, eh?
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah?
- Fine. Everything's fine.
We're the mystery of the lake ♪
Come on.
You all right?
Brand new.
♪ways to the sun ♪
Young man, happy birthday.
- Where ya goin'?
- I need to go and check somethin'.
♪to the sun ♪
Sideways to the sun ♪
Now, here you go. Big sip.
- Are you?
- No.
Excuse me.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh!
- I've been smoking since I were 12.
The quack said it'd kill me if I stopped.
Did you drive here?
Get back in there.
- Can you drop me off at Bethnal Green?
- There you go.
What the fuck?
You good?
Suigh síos, buddy.
Spin for a G
Ride or lose, win for a G ♪
In the box, but thinkin' out
I want the goal like Raheem ♪
When you got the juice
They wanna take you out like Raheem ♪
And it can be over Tupac's
The streets just grease ♪
And it can be how you shinin'
And you rise with the team ♪
And it can be in their eyes
They think you livin' a dream ♪
Have I gotta say we came up near fiends
When pains ♪
I gotta tell you somethin'.
You can tell me, bro.
I saw who killed Jamie that night.
It was Sully.
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