Top Shot (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Friend or Foe

Donaldson: Previously on "top shot" Whoo-hoo-hoo! The well-rounded blue team Wins three different weapons challenges in a row Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Chris: The blue team's on a roll.
Our confidence is borderline arrogance.
Donaldson: While three strong competitors are sent packing.
The red team is highly skilled but divided.
I don't want to be competing with a [bleep] bow and arrow.
Why don't we just roll some [bleep] dice? Peter: I find brad to be a little bit soft, And I see weakness in that.
I'm just like, "all right, dude, you got to go.
" Donaldson: Down to only five, will they continue to crumble? There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country, From all walks of life Amateurs and professionals, Military, recreation, and exhibition shooting.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon -- with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges Until only one remains, Earning the $100,000 prize And the title of "top shot.
" Captioning proded by Man: Here comes the team.
Team red, one, two, three, four.
Oh, there he is -- brad! [ applause ] king of the crossbow! We missed you so much.
Have a seat.
Brad: I'm feeling pretty good now that I won.
Glad to still be in the competition.
I have no ill feelings towards my red team.
I mean, they're still my teammates, And I look forward to coming back And beating the blue team with them tomorrow.
I'm like a cockroach, man.
Keep coming back.
I'm a bad weed.
Donaldson: Come on in, guys.
So far, you guys have used rifles, Pistols, and the longbow.
Well, today, we're gonna test a skill That applies to any weapon from any era -- Judgment.
A true marksman can recognize a threat And know exactly what to do In the split second before pulling the trigger.
In the real world, these decisions mean the difference Between hitting a friend or a foe.
You will be engaging certain targets while avoiding others.
But you won't know which ones until the last moment.
Because this skill is so important for modern marksmen, You'll be using the ar-15, The civilian version of the primary infantry rifle Used by the u.
Military today.
We've invited craig sawyer back.
Craig's an expert with the ar And also with the real-life tactics of navy s.
He'll be here to assist you in preparing for the challenge.
You're gonna have your back to the target.
With this practice challenge, They'll be faced with friendly and enemy targets to engage.
That is a loose representation Of what a lot of our troops face in real-world situations, Especially with hostage rescue.
You're gonna have black targets, And you're gonna havewhite targ.
I'll indicate to you which targets you're to engage.
As soon as I tell you that color, You'll pivot, load the weapon, go hot.
All right, let's get to it.
First shooter.
Shooter ready? Stand by.
[ gunshots ] [ cheers and applause ] White.
Tara: Our military and law-enforcement background should help, Because we have trained in decision-making drills.
[ applause ] Black.
I screwed up in practice.
Hopefully won't do that again.
Once again, the objective is to get through those As quickly as you can with a clean run.
Historically speaking, There have been times when friendly troops Engage other friendly troops.
Looking back at our own civil war, We've got general longstreet and stonewall jackson, Both generals, injured by their own troops.
I'm a 100% pistol guy.
That's my expertise.
Rifle is not my thing.
[ cheers and applause ] Blake: My experience with the ar is I've seen it on tv.
Oh! Whoa! Blake and j.
Were phenomenal in practice today.
Absolutely phenomenal.
Shooter ready? White.
This is gonna take forever.
[ gunshot ] [ gunshot ] I felt my session went pretty good.
I was a little bit slow on the start-up.
[ gunshots ] Tara: His accuracy was dead-on, But he just needs to pick up the pace a little.
Could have done that in half the time If you'd just moved faster.
I fumbled just a tad getting going, And the team was critical of that.
But I think we'll be able to iron that out very quickly.
That'll lose us the challenge.
I ain't lying.
Just, wham, get on that gun and hammer it.
[ gunshots ] Nicely done, pete.
Every marine is trained on the m-16, Which in civilian terms is just the same thing as the ar-15.
I am very familiar with that weapon.
That was good.
It was smooth.
That was smooth.
Andre: You have to be confident in your ability to be on target.
If you miss, a little off to the left, A little off to the right, that can mean someone's life.
Nicely done, andre.
Today it was the ar-15.
Everybody seemed comfortable.
We're feeling very confident, and I think this is our event.
[ gunshots ] Andre: Brad's went to the elimination range twice, Saved himself twice.
He's definitely a competitor.
We're glad to have him back.
He's an asset to the team.
Little bit slower.
Good job.
That's spectacular.
If we could just get rid of that one little thing he does, All the whining, I think he'd be all-around solid.
[ gunshots ] I was surprised at practice.
Kelly had some difficulty.
Kelly: I had a few missed shots.
I need to be able to control the trigger and the sights And my body much quicker than I'm used to.
You're probably anticipating a recoil up and coming.
You're maybe anticipating that recoil That will come out of your shoulder a little bit, And then the barrel dips just a little bit.
Kelly didn't have an aggressive enough stance.
The rifle was bouncing all around.
Try to bring them into you a little bit.
Shooter ready? White.
Yes! I love denny.
Very good.
Good shot.
Good shooting.
Thank you.
Kelly: At the practice, everyone seemed to perform pretty well.
We definitely acted a lot different And had a different energy, Because we really know we need to win this.
Caleb: Hold it like this.
If this is how you're comfortable holding it, hold it like this.
Just get it there quick.
No one expects you to run it fast.
That's not what we're counting on you to do.
We're counting on you to get good hits.
Jim just needs to pick up the pace a little.
He's not used to shooting fast.
Chris: He took 40 seconds to get off his first pistol shot.
We can't afford 'cause that put us too close to almost losing.
All he had to do was miss one target.
But if that's all he knows, chris, We can't change what he knows 'cause he's accurate.
I don't want him to think I'm beating up on him, but I am.
He just can't do that tomorrow.
Donaldson: Morning, everyone.
It's time for the next "top shot" challenge.
Today's competition will test the timeless skill Every great marksman possesses -- Judgment.
So, for today's team challenge, We're gonna shake things up a bit.
You'll be shooting at friend-or-foe targets Set up on a grid.
But we're adding one more surprise -- memory.
At the beginning of the challenge, The grid will be covered.
One at a time, I'll call you to the firing line.
We'll uncover the grid for 30 seconds, Let you take a look, then we'll cover it up again.
Iain: When we discovered that the targets Were gonna be completely obscured, That really sort of set the mind thinking.
This is sort of our assault-rifle version Of the old card game concentration.
My first reaction was, oh, crap.
I am not known for my good memory.
Donaldson: Turn around.
Coming up on "top shot" Stupid, foolish, amateur mistake.
Man, it is nail-biting.
Donaldson: It's time for the next "top shot" challenge.
We will be testing your judgment and memory.
Here's how it's gonna work.
With the grid covered, You will have 7 shots in 20 seconds To hit as many foe targets as you can.
They'll each be worth one point.
You hit a friend target, It's gonna cost you a point.
At the end of the challenge, the team with the most points wins.
Losing team sends two members to the elimination challenge.
Blue team, due to the red team's dwindling numbers, You guys have to sit three people out.
And once again, the red team will decide which three.
Guys, remember -- chris and adam sat out last time, So they must compete today.
Who's it gonna be? Yeah, we're gonna pick blake and j.
And iain.
Donaldson: Okay.
Blake, j.
, iain.
The three of you will ride the pine today.
Red team, you guys are up first.
I'll give both teams a couple of minutes To figure out your shooting order.
Then we'll go.
Let's go, guys.
All right, guys.
The memory is gonna be the key on this one.
Can they visualize and come up with a system To remember where all those targets are And engage only the foe targets? Okay, I have an idea, guys.
Since it's a 6x6 grid, It might be practical to remember them by columns.
So I would recommend a number sequence.
Kelly: Finding out it was gonna be based on memory And marksmanship and speed, I began to feel good, Because I'm quite good at all those things.
I was actually thinking of something totally different.
It's 6x6, which is four 3x3 squares.
I was kind of gonna visually break it up Into four little ones.
I came up with a method of memorization of the targets.
A 0 is a lot better than a negative-1.
There's only seven numbers you got to remember.
So, on the top row, you just go, four.
Second row is two.
I was looking at it as quadrants.
Six, six, six, and six.
Red team, you're up.
Who's gonna shoot first? Denny, let's get this party started.
Denny: I get really nervous before competitions.
Thank goodness I've got the ability To turn it off at the last second, most of the time.
Denny, you've got 30 seconds.
Turn around.
Turn around.
[ gunshot ] [ gunshots ] Denny: I looked at the grid, just took a mental picture, And remembered it.
I mean, I could draw it for you right now.
It's really stuck in my mind.
Denny starts things off with a bang.
U hit six out of seven blue targets.
You guys have 6 points.
Blue team, you're up.
Who's shooting first? Caleb.
First up for the blue team.
Turn around now.
Caleb: Ultimately, it came down To whatever would help you remember where the plates were.
Time's up.
Turn around.
Caleb: I broke it down into four quadrants.
Some shooters broke it down into individual lines.
[ gunshots ] All right, you're out of rounds.
That's it, caleb.
Caleb: It became very easy to be disoriented on the grid.
Caleb hits five of the foe targets.
Red team still in the lead with 6 points.
Brad, you're up.
Turn around.
Brad: I thought I had a pretty good system.
It was grid-based.
Went in four quadrants of nine, like a telephone.
And ultimately was just remembering The numerical sequence.
Time's up, turn around.
Start firing, brad.
[ gunshots ] You're out of shells.
All right, step back.
Join your team.
Brad manages to hit all seven of the blue targets.
Red team now has 13 points.
Let's go, adam! I had a pattern for the memory.
I was fine on the memory.
Time's up.
Start firing.
Might have pulled the first shot.
Yeah, I pulled low.
Adam, you hit six red targets But you also took out one of your own, So that gives you a total of five for your round, And your team total is 10.
Red still has the lead with 13.
Oh, sucks.
Kelly: I was the third shooter for the red team.
I relied on the information that my teammates had given me To correct my stance.
Start firing, kelly.
[ gunshots ] That's seven rounds.
Denny: Nice work, kel.
Good job, good job.
Kelly hits six out of the seven blue targets.
That gives the red team 19.
Blue team.
Let's go, tara.
All right, tara.
Start firing.
[ gunshots ] Time.
That shot will not count.
Tara: I wasted a lot of time on the load.
I inadvertently turned the weapon on to safe.
I think it was already on fire when I grabbed it.
Stupid, foolish, amateur mistake.
I feel ridiculous.
Donaldson: Tara, you hit four plates, But the last plate was hit after your time expired.
So you get a total of three, giving the blue team 13.
Red team still in the lead with 19.
Who's up? All right, andre.
Go, dre.
Andre: When colby explained the challenge to us, I was like, "okay.
I think I got this.
" Donaldson: Start firing.
[ gunshots ] That's it.
Andre: I had a good system where my plates were gonna be.
I was singing in my head, "1, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.
" But after I loaded that weapon and I took my first two shots, It was like, "bam, bam Oh, no.
" I had just forgot the order.
Donaldson: Andre hits two blue targets, But he also breaks a red target, giving him a score of 1.
Red team, you have a total of 20.
Blue team, you guys are at 13, but you've got a shooter up.
Who is it? Let's go, jim! Come on, jim! All right, jim.
Jim can tie things up with a perfect score.
That left the door open for blue team to come back, And we needed a solid performance from jim To put us within striking distance.
Man, it is nail-biting.
Time's up, jim.
Start firing.
[ gun cocks ] [ gunshots ] Time! [ applause ] Jim, you hit four red targets and one blue target, Which is a total of 3 for you, Giving the blue team a total of 16.
Peter, you're the last shooter for the red team.
If you hit four or more targets, mathematically, It will be impossible for the blue team to come back, And you guys will win.
Three or less, they're still in the running.
Step right up.
We were doing really well.
We had a good lead.
But then andre kind of dropped the ball, And I had to pick up the slack.
Donaldson: Start firing.
[ gunshots ] Peter: I didn't take the last two shots.
I don't know if I got them all.
Peter, you only fired five rounds, Deciding that was enough.
You hit Five targets.
Peter: The reason I didn't shoot those last two targets Is 'cause it was part of my training.
I knew I had accomplished the mission, And I just didn't need to, so I didn't take the shots.
Red team wins.
Red team's back on its feet.
It feels really good.
Andre: We just saw really no need To jump around and scream and celebrate.
As a team, it was one that we definitely needed.
We went out and we got it.
Peter: We're trying to be classy, Not only because it's more professional, But it also -- I don't want to jinx ourselves right now.
I don't want to start cheering too early, 'cause that's a sure sign to lose.
Donaldson: Blue team, for the first time, You're gonna have to send someone To the elimination challenge.
I'll give you a couple hours To decide who you're gonna nominate, And I'll see you at the nomination range.
You can head back to the house.
Coming up on "top shot" Eventually, somebody's got to go.
Adam: No, but do it! Kelly: The blue team, it seems like They're almost taking the nomination thing as a joke.
Denny: There was a little too much celebrating going on for me.
I'd even go as far as say I was slightly disgusted by it.
Iain: Blue team finally lost.
We had a glorious and long winning streak, But now we have to face the problem - of who to send to elimination.
- Blue team.
a little nucleus within blue team That have been gaming out some possible scenarios As to who goes to elimination from blue team first.
Adam: If we were to lose, We knew we would vote off the weakest link of the blue team.
That said, someone would have to challenge them.
And that's where things get a little uglier.
Chris: Everybody is itching for a fight, And everybody is willing to stand up And put their skills to the test.
Iain: All right, team.
We got everybody? All right.
Well, I guess it had to happen.
First loss.
We can either address it like a bunch of whiny bitches, Or we can cauterize the wound quickly And move on and go back to crushing red team, all right? After school, I joined the royal regiment of fusiliers, The finest infantry regiment in the british army.
As a platoon commander, I was in charge of 35 guys.
I think I have a pretty strong advantage in this competition.
So, I guess we have to come up with a couple of names.
Why don't we see if we have any volunteers first? This might make it easy on us.
Okay, buddy.
We'll do it for one.
Take one volunteer first.
I put on such a miserable performance, I feel I'm obligated to take one of the spots.
I want to throw my hat in the ring as well.
Tara: Put your hand down.
Just because Caleb: Put your hand down.
Yesterday, I shot abysmally during practice, And I still think I owe you guys something From the first rifle challenge, all right? So I'd like to put my name in, too.
Somebody had to step up.
It happened to be me this time 'round.
I can't vote for you, iain, I'm sorry.
I want to vote based on performance, And you didn't shoot in the challenge.
It's not fair for me to vote for you Based on a challenge you didn't even shoot.
Okay, to make it easier for everybody else, Then I'm gonna say who I'm gonna vote for, all right? Jim, the nomination, I'm voting for you Because of your performance today.
And that's it.
Nothing else.
Adam: You can be at the front.
Going across the bridge.
No, but do it! Kelly: The blue team, it seems like They're almost taking the nomination thing as a joke.
I think they're not really gonna get the gravity of the situation Until after they have to eliminate a few team members.
Hey, guys.
Blue team, Welcome to the nomination range for the very first time.
Because you lost the team challenge today, You must now nominate two of your members To compete in the elimination challenge.
First of all, let's talk about the challenge.
Tara, you struggled a little bit today.
I did.
What happened out there? I fumbled a little bit on the load.
Nerves? Nerves.
Foolish mistake.
Jim, you didn't have the best performance, either, today.
What was going on with you? I was pleased with the speed and efficiency That the weapon was loaded and fired, But I didn't have the proper memory that I should have As to which colors were where.
All right, let's get to it.
Adam, you're up first.
Adam: You can't make decisions Based on the weak link on any particular challenge.
You have to make decisions based on what's best for blue.
That's where red made such a catastrophic mistake.
They got rid of mike in a showdown with kelly, And they're mike-less when they need that horsepower.
So we don't want to do anything like that.
We don't want to be rash.
[ gunshot ] I was trying to dot the "I.
" For fun, I-a-I-n, I dotted, with my bullet, the second "I" in iain's name.
Donaldson: Fire again, adam.
Just so you know, adam, That is the first time anyone has missed the entire target.
I was dotting the "I," colby.
Chris, you're up next.
Chris: We're thinning some dead wood.
Eventually, somebody's got to go.
If I didn't think iain would kill me in my sleep tonight, I would have coerced everybody into making me go tomorrow.
[ gunshot ] Donaldson: So, that's two votes for iain.
Caleb, you're up.
Caleb: Having a general consensus on the vote tonight Doesn't really make me feel any better about what we have to do.
Donaldson: Two votes for iain.
One vote for jim.
Tara, it's your turn.
Tara: When we talked as a team About who should go to elimination, I nominated myself.
I mean, I think I belong in that nomination range tonight To go into elimination.
Iain was very adamant That he really wanted to go into this elimination.
He even said, "if you're my friend, you'll vote for me.
" Donaldson: Iain, you now have three votes.
Jim, you have one.
Blake, your turn to vote.
[ gunshot ] At this elimination round, if things go as planned, You will see a lot stronger blue team And a continuing domination against the red team.
Iain, you have four votes, so at this point, You're in the challenge no matter what.
You didn't even compete today in the team challenge.
What's going on? We're sticking to a plan.
You mind sharing the plan? [ laughs ] I'm not the red team, so you can tell me what's going on.
We didn't want to appear like whiny bitches, Like the red team did in their selection.
So all of us just manned up, made our selections.
We're sticking to them.
Well, jim, it's your turn.
Jim: I do not understand iain's reasoning, Wanting to participate in the elimination process The way he is.
[ gunshot ] Myself, I volunteered for the challenge Because befelt that I had really let the team down In shooting a bad score.
Donaldson: Iain, you have five votes.
Jim, you have one.
All right, j.
, it's your turn to vote.
[ gunshot ] Well, I'm not sure I completely understand the logic, But if your plan was to send iain and jim To the elimination challenge, then mission accomplished.
Iain, since you're the only one who hasn't voted, And jim already has two votes, There's really no point in you even coming up here.
So, jim, iain, I'll see you guys tomorrow morning On the practice range.
The rest of you, I'll see you at the challenge.
You can head back to the house.
Iain: The blue team's plan at the moment Is to start culling the herd of its weakest members.
And in order to cull the herd, We need somebody to pull the trigger.
[ indistinct talking ] I couldn't see it.
The group.
The blue team had a very different demeanor Than I'd expected.
I dotted the "I," the second "I" in "iain.
" No way.
That shows an extreme amount of cockiness on their part.
The blue team's actions, they weren't fun.
I didn't like them.
Denny: There was a little too much celebrating going on for me.
I was surprised that they weren't, you know, A little melancholy or a little sad.
I'd even go so far as to say I was slightly disgusted by it.
: We can't do what you guys did.
We got to do something different.
You guys looked like you killed somebody out there.
It's like you guys take it personally.
We do -- we feel bad for maybe jim, maybe iain, Whoever's gonna go home.
But we can't take it too seriously.
It wound up with iain had five bullets.
We nominated iain with five bullets.
You can cover it with a quarter.
Literally through the same hole, they go, "another person.
" We were having games with it, Shooting fun, ridiculous bull's-eyes.
We came back giggling and laughing, And red is beside themselves, like they don't understand it.
Guarantee you, next time it's not gonna be all like, "hee, hee, hee, we're shooting groups in a quarter size," You know? But, you know, we have a plan.
It didn't bother you at all that everyone volunteered To go up against you in the elimination? I am not a political person.
I am not an overly sensitive individual.
I came here to shoot.
I was primary in the screwing up of that event.
Kelly: Andhe blue team is being quite mean to jim With how they are nominating people And selecting people to go to elimination.
It's very animalistic.
The first hand of the day.
How's it gonna go? Is the red team gonna get continually crushed? Caleb: I wouldn't want to sit down Across the poker table from iain.
He displays an intense competitive spirit And an absolute poker face When he's going into these challenges.
He understands that shooting in the elimination challenge Gives him more practice time.
It gives him more trigger time.
And if he's able to win, He'll come back with more experience than everyone else.
Jim: The team made the decision.
Now this morning, I have a practice for the elimination challenge.
If I shoot well, I will go back to the team and remain with the team.
If it doesn't go well, I will be eliminated.
Very, very simple.
And we're good to go.
You're gonna waste the whole day lying there in the sack, kelly.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" [ gunshots ] They both have a real shot at this.
It's just two radically different approaches, Which should be interesting.
Morning, gentlemen.
Donaldson: Jim, iain.
Your teammates have chosen you two To compete in the elimination challenge.
At the team challenge yesterday, You were required to distingsh between friend or foe targets.
We'll be switching from rifles back to pistols And testing a brand-new skill set -- The ability to shoot a moving target.
You will be shooting the tz99, A semiautomatic 9mm pistol manufactured in south africa.
Once again, our expert craig sawyer Is back to help you guys prepare for the challenge.
Jim, you'll practice first.
Good luck.
See you at the challenge.
The task at hand today will be to shoot the moving target.
I would recommend engaging the target, Using the ambushing technique, out on the side, Where the target seems to stop for a second Before it comes back.
And for speed, engage with the tracking method Throughout the middle of the swing.
May I handle the weapon? You may.
Shooter ready? Ready when you are.
[ gunshot ] Sawyer: Shooting the moving pendulum targets, The distance isn't great enough Where they need to hold too much of a lead, But they will want to hold three or four inches Ahead of the center of that plate In order to get a hit.
[ gunshots ] You can de-cock it.
Unload the weapon.
Chamber's clear.
Jim: I'm most familiar with the historical military rifle.
Handguns are not my forte, But it has a trigger, it has sights, And it throws a projectile, so I make it work.
How's it going? Good.
The pistol we've got for you to work with today is the tz99.
Iain: At the practice session this morning, We got to shoot a clone of the sig 226.
This is gonna be playing to my strengths.
Okay? You can see the arrangement we've got here.
It's gonna be a pendulum-type action.
We're shooting against swinging targets, Which, you know, is something I'm familiar with.
Any questions? I'm good.
Go ahead and load up your weapon.
I'll pull the target for you.
Thank you.
Stand by.
[ gunshots ] Sawyer: Iain went in pretty quick.
The question is will he go too quickly with that confidence And cause an error that could cost him? [ gunshots ] Jim is the slower of the two, But he's very methodical, and he's accurate.
They both have a real shot at this.
It's just two radically different approaches, Which should be interesting.
Adam: I described iain As a cross between macgyver, james bond, and batman.
Adam: This is probably the best strategic move iain can make.
It's a very risky gamble.
But if you're going for the gold, You have to take some risks.
This is part of iain's battle strategy, I am sure.
He's not thinking jim As much as he's thinking To go after chris or me or blake or anybody.
Iain is absolutely in it to win it.
And I have nothing but respect for that.
Iain going up against jim in the elimination challenge Is a calculated risk.
Iain has the best chance of beating jim Without risking a shooter that might have more long-term value.
Personally, I have apprehension about the strategy.
I'm not comfortable risking one of our top guns In a challenge where he may not come back, And weaken blue team for future challenges Where we could use his skills.
I do carry some personal reservations.
Chris: Dude.
What's up, man? How was it? Good.
Good to get shooting again.
What did youuys shoot? Uh, tz99.
They've converted it to pistols, to moving targets.
It's definitely a deviation from what we had yesterday.
: Give yourself a little bit of time to react to it.
As soon as it swings here, fire one.
Move over to the other side.
Fire two.
But we're also talking about a timed event.
Selfishly, I'm looking forward to this.
Instead of having a day off, I can do what I came here to do.
It seems to me, to even look respectable, You're gonna have to get some strikes Right.
While it's in motion.
Yeah, man, If you have any questions for me and blake Sounds good.
Iain: Going to the elimination challenge Is going to be exciting.
From what I've heard of them so far, They're gonna be challenging and testing, And you get to fire a lot more rounds Than you do with the team events.
So, yeah, I'm all ready for it.
Jim: I was chosen to be amongst this group Because I have adapted to many different types of weapons.
I think it's gonna be a pretty even duel.
Donaldson: Coming up on "top shot" [ cheers and applause ] [ gunshot ] [ cheers and applause ] Donaldson: Come on over, everyone.
Well, blue team, welcome to your first elimination challenge.
Six of you are safe.
You can stay where you are.
Iain, jim, I need you to step right over here.
It's time to go toe-to-toe.
All right, good luck, guys.
A true marksman can distinguish Between unfriendly and friendly targets quickly.
That's what you're up against in today's elimination challenge.
But this time, the targets are gonna be moving.
Using the same tz99 pistol you trained with this morning, You'll fire at targets swinging back and forth.
The red targets are foe targets.
The blue are friend targets.
[ gunshot ] Hit a foe target, you score a point.
You hit a friend target, you're gonna lose a point.
You will have 4 rounds of ammo and 15 seconds.
That's it.
The marksman who has the most points stays in the competition.
The loser -- going home.
Iain, you'll go first.
Jim, so that you do not have an unfair advantage, We're gonna ask you to step away from the course While iain shoots.
All right? Then we'll switch.
Let's do it.
It's gonna be sad to lose a team member, Whoever it may be.
It may well be me.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
That's the silver lining to this cloud.
We get to shoot a bit more.
Ultimately, we're here to shoot.
Iain, are you ready for the elimination challenge? Bring it.
All right.
Marksman, ready Set Go! [ gunshot ] First shot hits a red target.
Second shot hits a red target.
[ gunshot ] Yeah! Time! Iain: I was trying to come up with a plan to how I was gonna shoot.
I was just gonna look for the blue plates, Wait for them to disappear, then come up on the reds as they arrive.
That didn't work, so I had to get a little bit more bold And shoot for the centers.
Good job, iain! [ applause ] Man: What a shot.
Well, how did it feel? It was challenging.
Well, it didn't look like it for you.
You got all three of the foe targets.
You did not hit a friend target, So your total score is 3.
Nice shooting.
Having broken the three plates, I figured that put me in a pretty good spot for my round.
Donaldson: All right, jim.
So, here's the deal -- Iain hit all three foe targets and not a single friend target.
So you're about to have To either tie this thing up and send it into a tie-break round, Or you're ing home.
All right? Caleb: It was a hard moment for all of us on blue team, Sitting there on the sidelines, Because we wanted iain to do well.
We wanted jim to do well.
Donaldson: Marksman, ready Set Go! [ gunshot ] Jim's first shot hits a foe target.
His second shot hits a foe target.
[ gunshot ] His third shot hits a foe target! [ cheers and applause ] yeah, he hit blue.
Caleb: I was blown away by how well jim shot.
I was sitting there, thinking, What are we gonna do for the tie-breaker? Well done, mate.
Iain: It came pretty nail-bitingly close, And all, all props to jim.
You know, he pulled it out.
He's got a huge heart.
Nice shooting, jim.
You hit all three foe targets.
Unfortunately, you also hit a friendly.
So I decided just to hold the firearm to my high left, And as the plates each came to their high point I would shoot whenever I saw the color red.
I made a mathematical calculation That the odds were low That a blue plate would be right behind a red plate At the time I was gonna squeeze.
Unfortunately, mathematical odds don't always work out that way.
There was a blue plate directly behind one of my red plates, And when I squeezed off at the red, I took the blue out with it.
Iain, congrats to you.
You won this challenge.
You can rejoin your team over here.
It's been great, brother.
You have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "top shot.
" I'm gonna give you a moment to say goodbye to your team And head on out.
Thank you.
Your son will be proud of you, man.
You went out like a stud.
I consider this walking away a winner.
I met a lot of really great people.
I've had some new experiences with some new weaponry I haven't handled before.
And the weather compared to back home Is really, really great here.
The "top shot" experience was really, really exciting for me.
And if I had an opportunity to do it again, I would.
Donaldson: On the next episode of "top shot" The teams face off using a legendary firearm.
You guys are thinking like losers.
But the blue team turns on itself.
Y'all guilty of conspiracy.
You can believe what you want to believe.
It's very threatening.
You threatened us, man.
That's a bunch of bull[bleep] I'm done with you.
You're a rat fink.
Donaldson: Through every test of skill, The blue team has remained united Until now.
There's never anything lower than a rat.