Top Shot (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

The Good, the Rat and the Ugly

The blue team loses their first challenge Red team wins.
Eventually, somebody's got to go.
Iain volunteers to take on jim In the elimination challenge The blue team's plan at the moment Is to start culling the herd of its weakest members.
If I didn't think iain would kill me in my sleep tonight, I would have coerced everybody into making me go tomorrow.
And jim becomes the first blue-team member eliminated.
You have fired your last shot.
Can the blue team recover from their first loss, Or will the red team start a winning streak of their own? Red team's back on its feet.
It feels really good.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extrfme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country And from all walks of life Amateurs and professionals Military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges Until only one remains, Earning the $100,000 prize And the title of "top shot.
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Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Blue team hell, they came back in Just laughing and smiling like it was a big party, And it really, really made me mad.
I don't think the red team likes it too much That we walked in the house hunky-dory.
They want to see us crying, and we'd all cry.
We've got a group of real men And a real woman.
Blue team always feels confidence.
If we lose confidence, Then we're just like the red team.
Well, the competition rolls on.
With jim beiliminated, We are now down to 12 still in the running For the $100,000 prize and the title of top shot.
Well, today, as we continue our little journey through history, You're going to be getting familiar With a very cool weapon The legendary kentucky long rifle.
Handcrafted for frontiersmen Like davy crockett and daniel boone, The long rifle was used In both the revolutionary war and in the battle of the alamo, The first true american firearm And was far more accurate than any musket that came before it.
And now we're gonna see how your modern-day skills measure up When using this historic rifle.
In the practice session, You will get one shot each at three targets Garry james, a leading authority on the kentucky long rifle, Is here to help you guys prepare.
I will see you at the challenge.
Good luck.
We just found out we're gonna shoot a kentucky rifle.
I come from valley forge, So I'm familiar with the revolutionary war And the weapons used in it.
It's different.
It's old couple hundred years old.
Be a nice piece of history.
I never shot one before, and it should be fun.
What we have here is a flintlock rifle.
The hardest thing about shooting a kentucky long rifle Is just getting used to the delayed fire.
There's a bit of a delay from the time you pull the trigger To the time the bullet leaves the bore.
And a lot can happen between "click" and "bang.
" You can flinch a little bit.
The wind can actually blow your whole body off-target.
Shooting a round lead ball is much different Than shooting the bullets we shoot now.
The round ball flies through the air much less efficiently.
It still is going through a rifle barrel, So it still is given a spin.
But the bullet can take a lot of different curves And is inherently less accurate.
With a modern firearm, There might be only one or two inches of bullet drop Out at 100 yards.
With this older firearm, there's a couple feet.
You're on.
It's a real light gun, this kentucky rifle is, So the wind's blowing my barrel left and right.
When you get down there at the end, The gun's going like this.
Wait for the lull in the wind.
When we were shooting at 50 yards, The bullet was dropping a few inches.
Out at 75 yards, still a few inches more.
And out at 100 yards, a couple of feet almost.
Go down and look at the size of the target.
Let's do it.
So, this is This is This is four inches.
Four inches.
We got that.
We're trying to figure out how high we need to aim To get it on target.
Measure from like, uh yeah.
Measure from the outer gray to here.
Kentucky windage is a principle By instead of adjusting your sights, You literally aim at a different point of the target.
You do aim center of mass And you drop a few rounds to form what's called a group.
Once you have that group, then you go down to the target, And you measure how far off of the center it is.
So 50 Like that edge here.
Got it? All right.
We're definitely working more as a team, Taking each other's advice And seeing what we can take from each other's skill level.
Thank you very much.
For practice today, we decided caleb would go first.
He used to compete with it as a child.
I mean, he's not much bigger than a child now.
But he's the best of the group shooting the flintlock.
Oh, in the red.
At the bottom edge of red.
I shot muzzle loaders a lot in high school, So I'm familiar with the intricacies of the weapon.
Nice shot.
So, my shot is way up here.
We've basically come to the conclusion That we definitely want to hold higher.
We're gonna use some kentucky windage for this one.
Hangfire! Stay put! Hangfires are a problem With any of these early type of ignition systems.
A hangfire can involve a gun that's breaking properly And not setting off the charge.
You're killing me! If it happens, it's really, really annoying.
It completely throws your game off.
I'd actually see the spark in the corner of my eye, But nothing would happen, So that was kind of crazy just in its waiting.
It's like, "oh, is it gonna go? Is it not gonna go?" Good shot.
I've never had any experience with a flintlock, So I'm at a bit of a disadvantage from the start.
But, you know, the competition's about marksmanship, And it's supposed to be about adapting To the weapons we're given.
I thought j.
Did real well today.
Him and blake, of course, are two peas in a pod.
They have such a tremendous amount of natural skill.
Oh [bleep] that was way right.
The gun's not the most reliable weapon.
I don't know how I'm gonna get through this challenge tomorrow.
All I can do is line the sights up, Pull the trigger, and hope to hit the bull's-eye.
This is pretty atrocious here.
Oh, boy.
I got to I got to blame some wind.
Blue team was pretty disappointed With the results that we got from practice, But ultimately, you've got to live with what you've got And use the information moving forward.
Thanks, boss.
My pleasure.
Honestly, I think we're gonna win, guys.
Why? 'cause if we lose He's toast.
Well But he needs to see that it's in his interest To split up the dream team.
My alliance in this blue team is with chris and iain and tara.
Together we're four votes.
We could numerically choose who goes to a challenge.
There's two superstars at the world-class level, And at best, most of ours are state-class level.
You know, they're kind of two rungs above.
We've got two heavy-duty competitors out there.
And it's no secret, it's blake and j.
The only way to get rid of one of them Is to pit them against each other.
If caleb votes for either one of those two Under whatever reasons he invents in his head, We can control the rest of the game.
So it's important that he's in you know, if he's What if he changes his mind? We're screwed.
Well, he could do anything he wants behind our backs.
I have to practice today.
I pulled caleb aside for a moment To talk to him about the long game.
Pull up a stool.
And I have to maybe use a bit of manipulation powers To steer him in a direction that I think's best for all of us, Him included.
Long-term strategy, obviously, the odds of, you know, You or me beating j.
Or blake, slim.
In this particular event, Might be the only time ever they do poorly.
One or the other.
Oh, with flintlocks? Yeah.
This situation may never happen again.
We come back.
One of them says, most likely, "hey, I did poorly.
I'll step up for the challenge.
" Right.
But they'll say that only only thinking They're gonna just whip our asses on something.
I don't think caleb would speak to j.
And blake About this strategy, 'cause caleb's still developing his own strategy.
I guess that's the only real way to do it And not have it be With some integrity.
Yeah, to do it and that's the thing.
You know, I'm not gonna compromise my integrity.
I found out that chris and adam were formulating a plan To pit j.
And blake against each other in competition.
I'm not 100% comfortable with it.
'cause again, I don't like politics, man, And I have reservations about railroading anyone.
Obviously, the plan is To eliminate one of the stronger shooters, So that's one less person to go through eventually for a win.
I didn't come here to do that.
I came here to test my skills against the best, Not backdoor them and get them out of the competition.
I got to talk to chris and iain and see what they think.
Oh, so I'm your first victim? I'm not trying for you.
That was just the way I feel.
I know how you guys feel.
Why do you think I'm talking to you about it? Caleb came up to us.
He's a pretty honest guy on the team, nice guy.
And he told us about a little plot That's going on behind the scenes against me and j.
I think it's despicable.
It's malicious intent.
It's just disgusting, man.
Right now he wants to target somebody in your own team? Yeah.
It's too early right now.
Stupid ass.
It's like, "how many people are left, really?" It's all about respect for me.
If somebody's gonna disrespect me like that, Then I have no respect for them.
He's not even here anymore.
No, exactly.
To me, they don't exist.
These guys are already thinking about losing.
We haven't even stepped out there And shot their muzzle loader.
I've lost respect for these two guys.
The point is, is that we're supposed to be a team And supposed to be following a certain plan.
It's way too early.
And we're following a certain plan, And now there's a deviation? What adam did was definitely not for the team.
It was a selfish move.
Oh, I was here to make some friends.
Those two just fell off my damn list.
So I was, like, eavesdropping, And I heard a lot of dissension Amongst the ranks of the blue team.
Instead of saying, "I want to take on the best," It's saying, "I want to keep the best from coming after me.
" I suspect that chris and adam Will eventually figure out that I did this.
It's conspiracy is what it is.
Coming up on "top shot" Caleb, like a sniveling little bitch, Runs over to these guys and says, "hey, they're talking about you.
" Welcome to the team challenge.
Today, we are going old school.
It's gonna get a little heated.
There's never anything lower than a rat.
Morning before the challenge, I come downstairs for breakfast.
No one's talking.
Then I asked caleb.
I said, you know, "did you say something to j.
?" You know, "what have you said? " And he started really dodging the question, Really just skeevy, just, "well, I was talking about this, but not that.
" And I said, "honestly, did you? Did you say something?" "well, it all depends on ," you know, whatever.
Just slimy and just squirrelly little runt.
You seem pissed at me.
I'm betting you don't have it right.
No, I don't.
I know I don't.
'cause I know there's a couple of sides to the story.
All I'm saying is you might be a bit surprised.
Watch and see.
Caleb, like a sniveling little bitch, Runs over to these guys and says, "hey, they're talking about you," Because he's so desperate for attention From the world-class guy 'cause he's such a nothing An empty shell of a nothing troll.
Yeah, man? There's a new strategy in place Me hating caleb all the time, Viciously, in a way you've never [bleep] experienced.
I said something about, "did you talk to anybody?" And he did all this roundy-bouty, talky stuff.
I'm like, "don't even finish.
"I don't need to hear anything more from you.
I know the answer.
" I know that both j.
And blake are not the kind of guys To take this sort of thing lying down.
So if blue team loses this challenge And we end up nominating people To go to an elimination challenge, It's gonna get a little heated.
Morning, marksmen.
Okay, guys.
First off, red team.
At this point, has a leader emerged with you guys at all? Denny? We're a really tight group right now.
We really don't need a leader.
Blue team.
Tara? How about you guys? How's the cohesion over there going? I think it's going pretty well.
We're still getting along.
Adam? You're always good for a couple of words.
It's maddening living in this house.
We have a chatterbox who won't shut up.
It's killing me.
Which is? Well, that would be caleb, sir.
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, with nothing to say.
He's half y'all's size, But he's twice the man of both of you guys.
Oh, stop that.
Adam takes a personal shot at caleb, And I didn't think that was right.
What was that, blake? I said, "caleb may be half their size, But he's twice the man of both of those guys.
" Blake's all worked up 'cause caleb squealed one of our eight strategies To blake and j.
, And there's never anything lower than a rat.
That's all that's going through my mind, 1,000 miles an hour You know, "we got a rat in the house.
" J.
J Where are you at on all this? It's backstabbing.
They don't like it.
Well, clearly, there is some palpable tension With you guys right now.
Caleb, how did all this happen? Adam came to me with a strategy For pitting blake and j.
Against each other In an elimination challenge if we should lose To try to knock out one of them To make the road easier for the remaining shooters.
If someone has a problem with me, I'd much rather that you came and talked to me about it Like an adult instead of airing our dirty laundry In front of the red team.
Kind of wish it was "the ultimate fighter" Right now, man, not the shooting show.
Tara, you're shaking your head.
I think it's a lot of unnecessary drama.
All right.
Welcome to the team challenge.
Today, we are going old school.
All of you have had a chance to practice With the kentucky long rifle.
Now it's time to show some of your skills With the original firearm of american marksmanship.
On the range behind me are targets set at 25 And all the way out at 125 yards.
Not that big a deal if you're using a scoped sniper rifle, But with this weapon, It might just be a little more challenging.
You will each be assigned one target, And you will compete head-to-head at each distance, Starting at the 25-yard target.
Closest to the bull's-eye scores one point for your team.
However, the 125-yard long-shot target Is worth four points.
Make sense? Red team, since you are down two members, You must choose two members of the blue team To sit this challenge out.
And because j.
, blake, and iain sat out last time, They must compete today.
Who's it gonna be? Seeing deterioration in the blue team Certainly does inspire us.
We're picking adam and chris to sit out this one.
Adam and chris.
We figure if we can sit these two guys out, It would be a definite crutch to the blue team.
Blue team, you're up first.
- Who's shooting? - J.
Good luck.
A lot was said prior to the challenge, And obviously that rolled into the challenge.
I wasn't really completely focused.
I felt more comfortable shooting the 50 and the 75 yards.
The 25-yard line, I had no information on it.
You know, it was all a guess.
Good job, j.
Hits the 25-yard target On the black stripe Separating the bull's-eye from the orange ring.
Nice shot.
Brad, you're up next.
He went up, And he drilled the bull's-eye shot.
All I did was I just focused on getting down, You know, breathing properly and so forth.
Good shot, brad.
By the slimmest of margins, Brad hits closer to the center of the bull's-eye, Giving the red team the lead.
Andre, you're up.
The last time we had a challenge, I didn't do as well as I would have liked, So this one was very important to me To come out and do well.
Nice shot, andre.
Looks like you hit that thing dead center in the middle Of the 50-yard bull's-eye.
Tara, you definitely have your work cut out for you.
When andre put that shot dead center in the middle, I knew I was in big trouble.
It's gonna be a hard shot to duplicate.
Tara hits just outside the bull's-eye, Giving the red team one more point.
Red team leads 2-0.
Naturally, I'm expected to perform the best I can For the blue team, And we have all this tension going on, And adam and chris get to sit out and watch.
I have to go up there And shoot as close to the bull's-eye as I can For a blue team that supposedly is conspiring against me.
Stay put.
It's frustrating having those hangfires.
When it happens two or three times, Your legs, your knees, your ankles start fatiguing, 'cause we are shooting from the kneeling position.
It can be mental torture.
When it was blake's turn to shoot, The rifles kept producing hangfires.
Wouldn't work at all, so we had to swap the rifle out For a different gun at that point.
All right, teams, here's the deal.
Hangfires were a fact of life wi the flintlock.
Sometimes you just had to switch out your firearm.
This sort of thing happens when you're in battle.
You grab whatever gun you can and continue firing downrange.
We're fortunate enough that our expect, garry james, Brought along one of his kentucky long rifles.
So from this point forward in the match, We will be using his gun.
Blake strikes the 75-yard target Just outside the orange and in the yellow.
Blake stepped up, took his shot.
He ended up hitting on the edge of the yellow.
Didn't bother me a bit.
Red-team guys can get the job done.
You hit it just an inch inside the orange, So you do win that round.
Red team leading the competition 3-0.
All right, kelly.
Your shot lands in the black ring.
Iain's shot does not hit the target, So the red team scores one more point, Leading this challenge 4-0.
But the fifth and final target, All the way out at 125 yards, Is worth four points.
Caleb, you're the only person left on the blue team.
Peter's the only one for the red.
If you get closer to the center of that bull's-eye, You're gonna send this thing into overtime.
There was one more chance for blue team to even things up, Send it into overtime, so to speak.
Caleb was to be our ringer on this.
When he walked up to the shooting position, We were excited that we might be able to tie it up.
Pretty much everything's on his shoulder.
We're looking for that hail-mary pass in football To win the game.
Shooting sports, Whether it's shooting a muzzle loader or a pistol or anything, Is an extremely mental game.
And not being on your mental game Is absolutely gonna affect you in an adverse way.
Caleb, you struck the brown Just outside of the target.
You did not contact the target area, So the red team wins this one.
Congratulations, red team.
You guys can head back to the house.
It feels great to be able to relax And know you don't have to go to the nomination range.
It was a landslide loss, 4-0.
I think we needed a big "come to jesus" talk Before we walked into that challenge this morning.
I absolutely feel that the negativity and the animosity Had a hugely adverse impact on the way we performed today.
From this morning, When I found out about the treacherous rat in the house, That's all I could think about.
I mean, you have to flush out the rat.
Blue team, you've got two hours to figure out Who you're gonna send to the elimination challenge.
You can head back to the house.
I'll see you at the nomination range.
Coming up on "top shot" You're all guilty of conspiracy.
That's a bunch of did you say that? I'm done with you, you rat fink.
It got a little heated.
The rat-finking stuff I can't get past.
There is no more loathsome human on the planet than young caleb.
After our team challenge today, We went back and we had a team meeting, And it got a little heated.
- You're all guilty of conspiracy.
- You can believe what you want to believe.
Did you say that? That's just very threatening.
Well, you threatened us, man.
That's a bunch of [bleep] Blake, it was words, nothing.
It was pressure.
It was not pressure.
Don't lie.
It was absolutely pressure.
I'm done with you, you rat fink.
Adam and blake were pretty much going back and forth.
You just gonna call me a name? Shows you're weak Which you are.
I was just trying to keep them calm a little bit And just, you know, remember why we're here.
Guys, here we go again.
Stop, stop.
You seem very worked up about something Without actually knowing the something from the someone.
Maybe you didn't hear it fully from caleb.
The only thing I proposed, among probably 10 different plans, Was if a pro did the worst and got into the challenge, I'd like to see a pro go against them in the challenge.
That's not so despicably underhanded As to get everybody all riled up.
Right? So adam brought up a plan.
So we listened to a plan, okay? A proposal.
But it wasn't a direct attack saying, "no matter what happens today, We're gonna send j.
And blake to elimination.
" We agreed when we came in here That we would eliminate the red team first.
Then we would then the rules were off.
We're all after each other at that point.
You guys are jumping the gun.
If you're thinking about yourself right now, You shouldn't be on the team and be cheering blue 42.
If you're assuming in your mind That we were the two best shooters on the team, Why in god's earth Would you want to put us against each other And lose one of your best guys? You would want me and j.
On this team As long as there's still redcoats out there.
In my opinion, Everybody on this team is equal and can win any challenge.
You guys are thinking like losers.
You're all scared.
You're all thinking that me and him are the best? How the hell are we the best? You're right.
I don't like seeing you guys pissed off.
Honest to god, I like the both of you.
I'd like to just take a moment to apologize to you.
And I don't care if you can forgive me or not.
I understand how you feel.
Dude, it's cool.
Chris he apologized to both j.
And I.
He took it like a man.
He said, "look, guys, I'm sorry.
"I did something wrong.
I hope we can become a team again.
" Adam kind of takes a different route.
I am somehow the ringleader about an idea To play the game the way the game is designed.
I'm sorry.
That's where you're wrong.
It's not to play the game.
It's to challenge each other's marksmanship skill set.
We got plenty of time to play games.
When that red team's gone, we can play all the games we want.
So I'm hung out to dry as the bad guy.
But that's okay.
I mean, I've been the bad guy before.
And I can take the heat.
Decide what you want.
I don't really care, but My number-one goal is separating me from caleb.
That at this point is all I can think about.
Adam, I owe you an apology.
I never liked the plan To put j.
And blake against one another, But I should have told you up front right then and there.
And that was wrong of me to not do that.
I apologize.
There is no more loathsome human on the planet than young caleb.
He pretends, "oh, I'm a man of integrity," But integrity is not running and telling.
That is prison rat-fink stuff.
This whole "integrity" thing I buy as phony and fake.
Running to these guys is rat finking.
Which he just apologized to you for that, And he was right.
In the military, especially in the marines, It's sort of an unwritten code, "never rat.
" It is not tolerated.
You have to have trust.
I mean, you cannot be a fink and say, "oh, geez, I'm sorry about it" later.
It's an irreversible character breach.
The rat-finking stuff and the kiss-assing stuff I can't get past.
Caleb was in the coast guard.
He would never survive a moment in the marines.
Doesn't have the character.
Doesn't have the stature.
All right.
Based on your performance today at the challenge, No surprise you are back here at the nomination range.
As you guys remember, You each have a target behind me.
I'll call you up one at a time to vote.
You will shoot the target Of the person you want to nominate.
We'll get started.
Tara, you're up.
Tonight's nomination is just purely testosterone.
It's personality and challenges and, "I'm gonna take you.
" And I just kind of sit back and watch it unfold.
If they want to sit there and take each other out one by one Because of muscles and testosterone, Then guess who's gonna win in the end? Ha.
Caleb, you're next.
I regret that my relationship with adam deteriorated.
I tried to apologize for some of the things That I did to upset him, but he's not accepted that.
One vote caleb, one vote adam.
Iain, your turn.
Based on performance today, Not being able to nominate myself, I've nominated caleb, Because he missed the 125-yard target.
That's two votes for caleb, Still one vote for adam.
, you're up.
- J.
- I'll be nominating adam.
Adam was the one that caused the tension.
He acted selfishly and not as a team.
It's way too early to do that.
Count up two votes caleb, two votes adam.
Chris, it is your turn to vote.
I regret what happened today.
All I can do is apologize.
My intent is not to hurt any one of these guys.
If I could vote for myself, I would.
Caleb, you are now officially In tomorrow's elimination challenge.
Blake, you're up.
I'm looking forward to firing the gun at adam's target.
The only downside is I only get to fire one shot.
the walk-off.
All right.
Well, the challenge is set.
Caleb, you and adam will be going toe to toe tomorrow.
So at this point, adam, your vote really doesn't matter.
You guys can all head back to the house.
Caleb, adam, I'll see both of you Tomorrow morning at practice.
The rest of you, I'll see you at the challenge.
I think it's a good idea For both caleb and adam to go to the elimination challenge, Because with both of them being in blue team right now, It's a poisonous situation.
It's got to change.
I'm not thrilled about being up for elimination.
I'm the bad guy, and there's a rat fink in the house, And bad guy will versus the rat fink, And we'll see how that turns out.
Coming up on "top shot" I was very excited.
The kid can shoot.
Hopefully I can beat him.
All I need to remember to do is stay calm, You know, not get all heated up with fury and anger.
He's a filthy little runt [bleep] It'll feel good to beat somebody That's made personal attacks against me.
Caleb, adam, welcome back to the practice range.
In the team challenge, You competed with the original firearm of american marksmen.
Now we're gonna move forward a bit To another iconic firearm of the american frontier The 1873 winchester rifle.
This rifle was produced in such great numbers And was so popular That it earned the nickname "the gun that won the west.
" The practice for this week's elimination challenge, You'll be trying to shoot the rungs off a ladder At a distance of 25 feet.
Once again, historical-firearms expert garry james Is back to help you guys prepare.
Adam, you'll go first.
I'll see you at the challenge.
Hey, adam.
Hello, garry.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Well, today we're gonna be shooting a '73 winchester.
This is one of the most famous guns in american history And certainly of the american west.
Used in movies for years and years and years.
This gun was made for pistol caliber.
Real good-shooting gun.
All right.
So I'll put it in your hands.
We're going to be using the winchester model '73.
I'm reasonably comfortable with it.
Let's see how this goes.
Looking forward to giving it a try.
Let's see how this trigger feels.
First thing I like to do is get a feel for the trigger.
Like it.
Okay, good.
Second thing I do is see where the sights are aimed.
If I'm aiming to a particular point, Does the bullet actually hit that point? Let's take a look at that bottom rung.
I may try that again.
When adam came up, He was very, very comfortable with this gun.
The sights aren't adjustable on this, are they? Give it a try.
Adam actually adjusted his sight So that the gun was hitting exactly where he wanted it to.
See? Now, that's a lot closer.
That's looking better.
I want to win today.
I'm glad it came out this way with caleb.
Hopefully I can beat him.
I mean, he can shoot.
The kid can shoot.
He's just vile.
I think I'm going in as captain furious, Attacking this problem head-on.
All right.
That's it.
I think you're looking good.
I'm zeroed.
All I need to remember to do is stay calm, You know, not get all heated up with fury and anger And focus on the basics, you know Picking up the target and gentle squeeze of the trigger.
I'll see you at the challenge later on today.
Thank you, garry.
Good luck.
Hey, garry.
Hey, caleb.
Good to see you again.
You, too.
Today we're gonna be shooting an 1873 winchester.
You're gonna be loading this thing three rounds.
You've got 30 minutes, and I think you're all set to go.
Sounds good, garry.
Thank you very much.
When I found out at practice that I'd be shooting The '73 winchester, I was very excited.
I've got some experience with the rifle, And it has a reputation as being A very easy-to-shoot and easy-to-operate firearm.
Trigger feel pretty good? All right.
Let's do some shooting.
Little high? I couldn't tell.
Looked like it might have been just a tad.
I was having trouble establishing a point of aim for the rifle.
Shooting at an inch-wide ladder rung Didn't really give me a lot of feedback On where the bullet impact was.
So I fired two shots at each side of the ladder To establish a point of aim And was able to clip it after that with two shots.
Little closer that time.
I was also able to practice loading it In a smooth but quick fashion, Which I think is gonna be important in the challenge.
When adam was practicing with his rifle, He actually adjusted the sight so that he had The bullets hitting exactly where he wanted them.
Caleb, on the other hand, Was relying a little more on kentucky windage, And he was a little more by guess and by golly.
It's a great gun.
Well, we'll see you at the challenge, and good luck.
See you at the challenge.
- Hello, gentlemen.
- - Was it good? What's up, kids? So, after we get back to the house, I got to focus back on this There's a miserable rat fink in the house.
I can't stand it.
Oh, I'm fired up.
I see that.
I mean, it's unacceptable.
Honestly, there's nothing freaking lower.
You guys cane okay with it and talk and pal around with him.
I'm [bleep] disgusted.
And I'm not too thrilled about you guys being all happy like this is okay.
I can't let go of it.
Right is right, wrong is wrong, and I'll fight it to the end.
He's a filthy little runt [bleep] That's what I'm saying.
There's a rat in the house.
Caleb's dead to me.
Caleb is the lowest, vile form of human on the earth.
I just don't care about him.
I'm writing that note for the rest of the house, Lest they forget.
Adam wrote "rat" on the pool table this morning, And I walked past it and had a chuckle about it.
It's honestly kind of sad.
I mean, that's not gonna get inside my head Or screw with my game, And it's unfortunate that adam feels like That's the kind of behavior That's appropriate in these circumstances.
Kelly saw it later, and he thought it was immature, And he changed it to "act ur age.
" It felt good to have kelly standing up for me like that.
Because it shows that I'm not the only one Who thinks adam's behavior in all of this is a little crazy.
In the shooting community, I'm known as the "little giant.
" I outshoot guys that are a lot bigger than I am.
I'm ready to take him on and ready to go to this challenge.
It's important to have a core belief and stand by it, And I can't pretend to overlook these things, And I can't pretend to look away.
I think what caleb did was horribly wrong, And if I'm the last person screaming it, God help me, I'll be the one screaming it, Because it's cancer in the house.
We're leaving right now for the challenge.
There's a lot of tension, And it's so thick that you can cut a knife through the air Just to get through it.
Hopefully whoever goes, no matter who it is, Our team's gonna be stronger.
There's nothing worse than tension in the team, Especially when it's entirely one-sided.
And win or lose, That's gonna be resolved at the end of the day.
Blue team, Welcome to the elimination challenge.
Let's get right to it.
Five of you are safe.
You can stay where you are.
Adam, caleb, I need you guys to step over here, please.
There were two guillotines set up, each with a rope, And I hope that the challenge is gonna be A re-creation of clint eastwood's shot From "the good, the bad, and the ugly" Where he shoots the rope that his partner's hanging from.
I think that'd be a real neat way to go out.
I'd love to win today, 'cause I'm not gonna lie.
It'll feel good to beat somebody That's made personal attacks against me.
Coming up on "top shot" Your challenge is inspired By a legendary shot from the wild west.
Not gonna take a whole lot more to end this.
I don't even care if we shoot or draw straws or flip a coin.
I just don't like caleb.
Blue team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
Adam, caleb, your challenge is inspired By a legendary shot from the wild west Severing the hangman's rope with a bullet.
Here's how it's gonna work.
On the range behind me Are two ropes with weights attached.
Using the 1873 winchester rifle, You will race to sever your rope, Which will lower a blade in front of your opponent's rope And give you the victory.
You will have unlimited ammo for this event.
And even though this rifle holds 12 rounds, You're only gonna be able to load three at once So you will be forced to reload under pressure.
You guys ready? All right, you can step to the firing line.
We'll go.
The minute I saw that challenge, I started smiling.
I've always wanted to do a rope shot Ever since I started watching cowboy movies as a kid, And this was my chance.
At this point, it's not really a shooting event.
I don't even care if we shoot or draw straws or flip a coin.
I just don't like caleb.
It'll end today, And blue team will be better tomorrow.
Marksmen, ready SetG o! Adam first one loaded and first one firing.
No hits on the rope yet.
Caleb gets three rounds downrange.
They're both reloading.
Don't see a lot of damage to either rope at this point.
Caleb's already loaded up and firing again.
Adam's back on the range.
Adam connects first.
Caleb connects with a shot.
Both men reloading once again.
Three rounds in the gun at any time.
Caleb's back shooting, and he hits again.
Adam hits again.
Both men dead on! Adam strikes again! Three shots for adam that connected the rope.
Caleb's got two on the rope.
Not gonna take a whole lot more to end this.
Caleb's back up and firing.
Adam's firing.
Adam connects again.
Caleb connects again.
Holy At this point, adam's is barely hanging on.
We've got almost 200 pounds of weight Suspended by these ropes.
Adam connects again.
Adam wins the challenge! Holy cow! Yeah! Good shooting, adam.
Good job, man.
Adam outshot me today.
He beat me fair and square in an up-and-up challenge, And I got to congratulate him on his win.
Once I made my first hit on the rope, I saw that it was tearing, And so I kept aiming for the same spot, Dead center in the middle of the rope, 'cause each bullet that hit it broke a few more fibers.
It came down to the last strand.
I had one strand left on my rope, And adam severed his rope Just a hair second before I got my last shot off.
Yeah! It was a great challenge.
Adam shot well.
And he deserves a lot of congratulations.
Adam, you are victorious.
You will continue in the hunt for the $100,000 prize And the title of top shot.
You can join your teammates.
Felt good to win.
I think it was anybody's match.
I mean, it was really close.
Everything worked as good as it could work.
I was determined to fight to the death, But problem solved.
The captain furious episode is now complete.
Caleb, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
You've officially been eliminated from "top shot.
" I'll give you a moment to say goodbye to your teammates.
See you in oregon, man.
That was badass.
You shot awesome, man.
You did well.
Thanks, guys.
That was a good way to go out.
Good shooting, adam.
Well done.
Good job, caleb.
See you around, bud.
Bye, caleb.
See ya.
I had a gat experience at the competition.
I'm bummed I'm going home.
I really was looking for taking a shot at that $100,000 prize.
At the same time, I'm walking out of here with some good relationships, Some good friends, and a lot of lessons.
On the next episode of "top shot" The competition moves to the old west.
The defining weapon of that time was the colt peacemaker.
The red team is riding high.
I saw that gun sitting there, and I said, "great.
" I will be a strong team member for red team in this challenge.
And the blue team claims to have regrouped.
Hopefully this is all behind us and we'll perform well.
But the challenge will be nothing like Either team has seen before.
It's like, "oh, no.