Top Shot (2010) s02e05 Episode Script

Quickfire Face-Off

Previously on "Top Shot" Jay stuns the other contestants By eliminating Jermaine and proving his pistol skills.
Time! Nobody was certainly expecting Jay to walk back through the door.
Jay Lim.
And then he aces the compound-bow challenge.
Do you think you have anything left to prove To your team at this point? No.
Kyle and Maggie are voted into the elimination challenge We're tied up Where Kyle finally proves himself.
Oh! Maggie, unfortunately, you have fired your last shot.
There are shots that changed history Feats of legendary skill and extreme precision.
Now 16 of today's best marksmen have been chosen.
They come from all over the country And from all walks of life.
Amateurs and professionals, Military, recreation, and exhibition shooters.
Each shows the timeless skills of a true marksman Not just with one weapon, with any weapon.
They will compete in a series of challenges Until only one remains, Earning the $100,000 prize And the title of "Top Shot.
" sync and correct by dr.
jackson Champion of the world! Walk into the house with Kyle.
The faces of all the red team members Were kind of like, "oh, man!" Most people get along with Maggie A little bit better than Kyle.
How many did you hit? I shot eight.
She had four.
I don't think he deserves to be here.
I think the blue team's crazy to put Maggie against Kyle In elimination and letting that fly.
Nailing Maggie's target against the wall, It's not the best feeling in the whole world.
I hate to see her leave.
But, you know, I'm one step closer To winning $100,000 at this point.
It sucks to lose Maggie to Kyle in a situation like this.
We lost a fantastic, world-class shooter To a guy that's in this competition and hasn't hit anything Up until his elimination challenge against her.
So, it's total chaos right now.
Come on in, marksmen.
Welcome to practice, everyone.
Well, since Maggie's elimination, We are down to 11 of you Still competing for the $100,000 prize And the title of Top Shot.
Let's get straight to practice for the next team challenge.
It is all about speed.
For this next challenge, you guys will be working with A gun you've already competed with .
45-caliber colt 1911.
The colt 1911's grip, hammer, and trigger Can be easily modified for speed shooting, Making it a favorite of competitors worldwide.
And, as many of you know, shooting fast and accurate Requires certain specific techniques.
We're bringing back a couple of familiar faces To help you guys prepare for this challenge.
I'm sure you'll recognize season 1 alumni J.
Racaza and Blake Miguez.
Welcome back, fellas.
Good to see you both.
Well, if there's anything we learned About these two gunslingers on season 1, It is that they shoot fast very fast.
Racaza's considered One of the top competitive shooters in the world.
He has won multiple speed-shooting titles And will represent the United States next year In the world shooting championships.
Miguez is a grand master shooter And is currently ranked second in the world In action pistol shooting.
He, too, will be on the U.
Team Competing at the world shooting championships.
I want to ask you guys J.
, seeing all these guys, Does it make you want to jump back in a "Top Shot" Jersey And start competing again? I wish I was on blue team again.
Like they're missing a spot, the blue team.
Well, let's get to practice.
Out on the range, we've set up Using the colt 1911, You're gonna make your way through all five targets As quickly as you can.
You will be timed with a shot timer.
Blue team, you guys will practice first.
Red team, you can head back to the house.
You'll practice later.
So, who's going first? It's all me.
All right, Chris.
Get on the line.
I've known these guys for 10 years and more.
Chris Tilley, I know him, been friends with him for years.
He's one of the fastest shooters in the world.
I know Chris.
I've competed with Chris.
Stand by.
Goes out there, goes a little too fast.
I think you'll see a different Chris Tilley In the competition.
Got two out of five that time.
Looking at Daryl's stance, I could quickly tell that he was law enforcement.
I understand that you come from a police background.
Want to bring it close.
You have it down here can't see it.
Bring it up close.
When you're reloading, you want to look at your weapon, And you want to look at the magazine, And you want to see it go into the magazine well.
Take a quick peek.
It'll save you a split second, And that split second might be all you need.
In police shooting, you keep your eyes on your target, And you do it blind.
But that's hard to do with a 1911.
All hits.
Perfect run.
I'm definitely confident with my abilities with the 1911.
I'm not confident with Kyle's.
Shotgun shooter.
That's right.
As a shotgun shooter, I don't do a whole lot of squeezing the trigger.
It's a totally different skill set.
You had one of the best starts right now.
You were smooth.
You had 3.
91, under 4 seconds.
This speed-shooting event could play to Kyle's strength.
Kyle's got it in him to do very well in this competition.
You're shooting blazing fast.
Everyone's shooting around 8 seconds and above.
You're shooting under 8.
And Blake are standing right next to me, And they're both coaching me in a really great way.
I think I'll be aces.
Can we try and put your weak hand a little higher? There was one guy that was a little weaker And was more of an amateur with a pistol, Which was obvious from his grip, was Jay.
You understand why we do that, huh? No, I don't.
Suggested a few things to Jay.
There it is.
See how much more solid that feels? He quickly reverted back into his old cup and saucer.
This isn't how I shoot.
Yeah, show us how you shoot first, And then we'll see how it goes.
They showed me a little bit about the grip, Which I was uncomfortable with.
Shooting a gun is shooting a gun.
Get your grip like they showed you real quick.
I want to show you something.
Let me do it this way.
I want to show you something, though.
You don't want to try it at all? Chris Tilley goes up and offers Jay some support, And Jay just kind of shuns him off.
Let me do it this way.
It's too late to change.
All right.
And I thought, "that's not very smart of Jay.
" I was a little bit disappointed in the instruction.
Three out of five.
Good run, Jay.
You know, don't change the fundamentals.
Show me how to shoot a gun faster With relatively good accuracy.
All right, guys.
It's no surprise that Daryl was a strong shooter today.
He did all five out of five.
Chris, you're the speed demon of the bunch, man.
You're the grand master.
You just g to slow down just a tad, And you'll hit five for five every time.
Brian steps up first.
To me, he's got the point.
He's got the grip.
He's got the stance.
I couldn't even begin to count how many 1911s I own right now.
That is my gun of choice.
He's got a lot of experience with the 1911.
This is his gun.
This is his challenge.
If anybody's gonna do well, it's him.
George might not be the a-plus guy out there, The top shooter, but he made it happen.
That was awesome.
Good job.
That was awesome.
Five for five.
Jamie was a very solid shooter.
He had a good stance, a good base.
It's like a surgeon's touch very delicate.
That's speed shooting.
Good job overall.
I am a very good pistol shooter, And I'm looking to prove that to the red team After falling on my face the first two challenges.
So, the cowboy walks up, Eric, And I'm thinking, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
" He's got a few idiosyncrasies that have just built up, Some things that he's just used to doing And that we can't change in 30 minutes, But he's no slouch.
Jamie and Brian Zins Were some of the best shooters on the team, And Jamie was a very solid shooter.
The guys are gonna do great tomorrow.
I expect big things out of them.
Gunny can give us some classes here in a few minutes.
I think red team's gonna do really well in this challenge.
Only thing is the blue team gets to sit somebody down On the red team.
Well, regardless of what they're doing, We need to shoot our best.
I'll tell you right now That there's probably two folks over there That aren't gonna hit a whole lot of You think you're shooting so fast, But really you're not.
He is.
We're not.
If I can take up the slack, I'll be dead on and not jerking.
If blue team loses again, as far as who'd be nominated, If it was Kyle and I, I'd go in there and just stomp him.
Be like, "get the hell out of my house.
You don't belong here.
" Come on in, marksmen.
Walking up to the challenge today, There's two walls of plates Red plates, blue plates, about 100 apiece.
And this looks like my kind of game.
I mean, I'm really looking forward to this.
Seeing these 100 plates, I feel great at this point.
It looks like a head-to-head match.
cool, you know?! Oh, yeah.
This is gonna be fun.
Welcome, everyone, to a very windy team challenge.
Well, you've all practiced speed-shooting the colt 1911.
Now you're gonna get your opportunity To showcase your skills.
This'll be a side-by-side challenge.
Out on the range, of the firing line, Are two matching grids, each with 100 targets.
On my go, A shooter from each team will step up to the firing line, Load the 1911, and begin breaking targets.
If you miss and leave gaps between targets, The speed shooting will get even more difficult for your team.
Once you've emptied two magazines, You will then table the weapon, head to the back of the line, And the next teammate will start on the grid.
This rotation will continue throughout the challenge.
First team to hit all 100 targets wins.
At the beginning of the challenge, Both teams will be given Preloaded in magazines.
After you've gone through that 100 rounds, If there's still targets left unbroken, You're then gonna have to load by hand Until you finish the grid.
Make sense? Red team, you guys have an extra member, So somebody's got to sit this one out.
And that decision will be made by the blue team.
Daryl, you guys know who it's gonna be? Brian Zins.
You guys are gonna sit Brian Zins out Of this challenge.
He doesn't look real thrilled about that.
All right, I'll give both teams a few minutes to strategize, Determine your shooting rotation, then we'll go.
- Let's do it.
- I got to go with the red team.
Joe and Jamie shot great.
Take your time.
Make your shots count.
Eric knows what he's doing with a handgun.
He just needs to stay focused and relaxed.
Same exact thing with Chris.
George is just a monster With just about anything you put in his hand.
He's gonna do fine.
Can I shoot first? Yes.
Blue team, though, I think they've got two handicaps, And that's gonna be Jay and Kyle.
I think that's gonna be their achilles' heel right there.
Go! Coming up on "Top Shot" I start destroying plates.
I'm shooting like money.
The guys that can stay mentally focused And just stay in their comfort zone are gonna do better.
We're all tied up at this point! Hate to say it, but he choked.
You will compete head-to-head shooting at a 100-target grid.
First team to hit all 100 targets wins And is safe from elimination.
Losing team headed to the nomination range.
All right, teams, take your positions the starting line.
Good luck.
This challenge, It doesn't look like you can miss very much.
However, you can't just hit random targets.
The minute you start shooting random targets, You're gonna leave gaps in between, And next thing you know, you're way far behind.
Shooting right next to someone else is total chaos.
You can hear the gunfire going off.
Very important to stay focused on what you're doing, On your plates, Get off the line.
Let the next guy do his job.
The team that does that the quickest is gonna win.
Here we go! Marksmen, ready Set Go! George first on the course for the red team.
Chris Tilley up for the blue team.
Chris Tilley and George both hitting targets.
I start destroying plates.
I'm shooting like money.
George knocking them down.
Chris Tilley missing a few with his first magazine.
Both men on their second magazine.
Now Tilley's picking up the speed.
Chris is already done.
Now Ashley's on the course for the blue team.
George finishing up his second magazine.
Blue team already on their second shooter.
"Top Shot's" all about pressure.
The guys that can stay mentally focused And just stay in their comfort zone And not try and go too fast are gonna do better.
Ashley came up and started making a few misses in a row, When I thought he was gonna be one of their grand-slam hitters.
Ashley missing his targets, Going too fast.
Eric on the course for the red team.
He's struggling to hit targets.
Eric got up there.
He missed 100 times in a row.
Like, it was just miss, miss, miss, miss.
Now Kyle's up for the blue team.
It's my time to kind of shine.
I'm feeling great.
Kyle's hitting all of them now.
Chris Reed on the course for the red team.
Chris Reed drilling them.
I was trying to go slow And take my time and make my shots count.
Daryl on the course for the blue team.
Take your time, Daryl.
I go out.
I do my thing.
I think I'm pretty quick.
Daryl hitting some targets.
Jamie struggling to hit a target.
Red team falling behind.
Jay Lim missing some targets.
Reloading his second magazine.
Jamie's out.
Watch those site.
Joe on the course for the red team.
Jay Lim hitting a few targets.
Jay was the one we were kind of worried.
He didn't seem familiar with that weapon.
But he did fine.
He was getting hits no problem.
Blue team has a distinct lead at this point.
Chris Tilley on the course For the second time for the blue team.
Slow it down, Chris.
Joe hitting his targets.
Blue team has a big lead at this point.
When you're ahead, you're a lot more relaxed.
When you're behind, You got to make something happen, Especially in a competition like this.
You're out.
George has to pick up the pace for the red team.
George hitting some red targets.
There we go.
Red team's catching back up.
Ashley's back on the range for the blue team.
Watch those sites.
Now George is on a roll.
Red team catching back up here.
Eric back on the course for the red team.
They have now exhausted their preloaded ammo.
Both teams having to manually load the 1911.
Chris Reed loading up the 1911.
Kyle hitting some targets for the blue team.
Blue team still holding on to their lead.
You must shoot all of the ammo that you load.
Chris Reed hitting some targets.
Daryl's back on the course.
Hitting targets.
Daryl 100% on this round.
Daryl hitting everything for the blue team.
You're out! You're out! Jamie hitting some targets.
Jamie now catching the red team back up.
Jay Lim on the course, missing.
Now he connects.
Joe Serafini demolishing targets.
Now red team is making up ground.
We're kind of worried about them catching up to us.
Red team is catching back up.
We're all tied up at this point! Who can load up the colt quicker? Chris Tilley just wiping out targets.
Chris Tilley looking to finish this thing out, but no.
Ashley's gonna have to do it.
All he needs is to load up seven.
Red team cannot afford to miss a target at this point.
Eric's back on the course.
Can Ashley finish it out for the blue team? This point in the challenge, it's neck and neck.
Ashley's struggling to connect at all! Now Eric's back on for the red team.
Eric hits with his first shot.
Now Ashley's got a couple! Four targets left for the blue team! Kyle's back on! Got to load it up! It's do-or-die time.
Eric's got a chance to catch up right here.
Eric hitting some targets.
Plenty of time.
Load five or six.
Chris Reed's back on the course! Kyle's trying to finish it up for the blue team! One more target left! That's it! Blue team wins! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Soon as the blue team wins, Daryl starts screaming like a banshee.
Whoo! Thanks for saving my ass.
Ashley had seven plates left.
He loads seven bullets And just couldn't get those rounds on target.
So, there were fr left.
Hate to say it, but he choked.
I'm walking up to four plates exposed That I need to hit to win this challenge.
I load up five bullets.
And then I miss the fourth, and it's do-or-die time.
And I'm holding steady.
I have a perfect site picture.
Squeeze the trigger.
And it was all over from there.
I feel embarrassed.
And not because they're less-than-par competitors, But because certain individuals on the team suck at life.
The fact that one of us is gonna go home before Kyle goes home, That doesn't sit well with me.
Blue team, head back to the house.
You guys can celebrate.
You're all safe.
Good job, guys.
Good job.
Well, red team, Obviously you've got a very tough decision to make.
You can head back to the house.
I'll see you in a bit.
Losing this one Was definitely tough for the red team.
I mean, it's a hard pill to swallow.
Coming up on "Top Shot" I feel resentment straight up from Jamie.
Jamie is the one that needs to go.
Is there resentment there? Hell yeah.
My name wasn't brought up until George brought it up.
If you screwed up, you know who you are.
You got to go.
So, we come back.
We suffered a loss.
We got to figure out who we're gonna put up for nomination.
I'm going.
I blew it.
Well, we have a team meeting.
I felt like I didn't shoot as well as I needed to, And that's two in a row.
Had a really hard time with the bow, Missed four arrows.
Hey, it is what it is.
You know? If you're not doing what you need to do, You need to be up for nomination.
Who you going with? I don't know.
Eric nominates himself.
The room is silent.
You know, it's an awkward feeling in the room, Because someone has to step up.
You know, I've carried my weight in the [bleep] last three.
I wouldn't vote for Joe.
I wouldn't vote for gunny.
I was feeling pretty good.
I shot the second-best out of anybody on our team today.
If it was up to me, I'd nominate Eric and Jamie.
I think that the strongest competitors for our team Are the four here.
I'll throw it out there.
I'd like to see myself shooting against gun and Joe and Chris In the end.
And, you know, Jamie, no offense, I don't know your background in the Navy, dude.
I don't even know what you do there.
But that said, you know, Performance-wise from my perspective on you, I don't think that you're a strong competitor Compared to these dudes.
Love me, hate me, destroy me, But that's just how it is.
How do you feel, Jamie? I already [bleep] said how I felt.
I sucked in the first two challenges.
I went to the elimination, paid my [bleep] penance, And since then All right, all right, just stop right there.
None of us have sucked in any challenges.
I know.
So, that's what I'm saying.
I mean, that's all we've got to go on, is performance.
My name wasn't brought up until George brought it up, And he said that he feels that Eric and I are The two weakest shooters on the team.
And once George threw that out, A couple other people that didn't want to be voted for Were quick to jump on board.
I feel resentment straight up from Jamie.
Let me know, wrong or different.
I feel like you're pissed at this whole scenario.
Oh, I am pissed at this whole scenario.
Get it out, man.
Don't hide it and walk away.
You got [bleep] on the table, throw it out, man.
No, I already did.
You know, I'm not here to make friends and be that cool guy And sing "Kumbaya" And happy-go-lucky rainbows and unicorns.
Everyone knew that Jamie, based off performance, Was the one that needs to go.
So, I called him out.
Is there resentment there? Hell yeah.
He looks at me, and he's just like, "you" Whatever.
Bottom line is, you know, I at least had the balls to say it to your face.
Hey, if this is gonna cause Any crazy arguments or hurt feelings, I'll ride with you, man, you know.
I told myself before I came here I'm not gonna make any excuses Or, you know, back down from anything.
So if you need somebody to ride to the elimination with you, I'll go.
Everybody's just kind of sitting around.
Nobody wants to go to the elimination round, you know, But, like, I came here to shoot, And I honestly think that I could pick up any weapon.
I'm confident with anything here.
So, I'm not gonna make any excuses.
I raised my hand and said, "I'll go," you know? Anybody got anything else they want to say? Yeah, let's make this the last time we got to do this Red team, welcome to the nomination range.
Let's get to it.
It is time to vote.
I'm gonna call you up one at a time.
When I do, You're gonna put a bullet in the target Of the person you want to nominate.
The two shooters with the most hits in their target Will be competing tomorrow in the elimination challenge.
Chris Reed, you're up first.
I definitely agreed with George When he finally called out Jamie And said that that's probably who needs to be sent home.
All right, George.
Jamie I don't know his background.
I don't know where he comes from.
I don't think he's a strong performer.
No one wanted to throw that fact out there, So I went ahead and just, you know, said how I felt.
Fire when ready.
Eric insists that he goes up.
I mean, that's pretty much been the credo of our team.
Hey, look, if you screwed up, you know who you are.
And, hey, you got to go.
Joe Serafini.
That's two votes to Jamie, two votes, Eric.
You're next.
I'm not allowed to vote for myself.
Jamie and I are going up.
We're gonna compete.
One of us is gonna come back victorious.
One of us is going home.
And the final vote won't matter.
Eric, you're definitely in the challenge tomorrow, And, Jamie, you are as well.
If you lose, your chance to be Top Shot is over.
Jamie and Eric, I'll see you tomorrow morning at practice.
You guys can go.
Coming up on "Top Shot" George, Chris, and Joe Have spent a lot of time together.
You know, nobody wants to call out alliances.
I will.
Well, now you're gonna work with a gun That is basically the 1911 on steroids.
You know, the red team wants to be honorable And have integrity.
But, you know, nobody wants to call out alliances.
I will.
I feel like the only reason I'm going to the nomination Or the elimination challenge Is 'cause I was never in the marine corps.
George, Chris, and Joe have spent a lot of time together In the smoke pit.
And they've gotten pretty tight together.
They've talked a lot.
It was as clear as the nose on his face That as soon as George brought up my name, Chris jumped right on board.
I'm kind of the gray man.
I've kind of, you know, been friendly with everybody, And I'm not really tight with anybody.
Some people's, you know, true colors Are kind of coming to the surface.
And, you know, when it comes down to it, This is a competition, And people are now starting to do Whatever they think is gonna get them farther.
- Morning, guys.
- Morning.
Good morning.
Eric and Jamie, Welcome to practice for the elimination challenge.
In the team challenge, You guys competed with the colt 1911, Which is often used in speed-shooting competitions.
Well, now you're gonna work with a gun That is basically the 1911 on steroids The 2011 razorcat race gun.
The razorcat is made specifically for speed shooting.
State-of-the-art technology greatly reduces recoil.
An optical siting system Allows you to just put the red dot on the target and shoot.
There's no wasted time aligning sites.
There just aren't many guns in the world That you can shoot faster than this one.
This is a gun that few people have seen, let alone shot.
Basically, if this thing doesn't make you feel like a bad ass, It ain't happening.
Our speed-pistol experts, J.
Racaza and Blake Miguez, Use this exact gun when they are competing.
They're here To help you maximize the razorcat's potential To get you shooting even faster than you did In the team challenge.
Out on the range at 25 feet, We've set up 12 targets around the edge of a circular stand.
You need to get used to shooting in that circular motion.
Okay? It will come in handy in the challenge.
Jamie, you'll go first.
Eric, you can come with me.
Good luck, brother.
This gun, walking up on it, The first thing I would assimilate it to Would be like robocop.
It does look very intimidating, Having never even touched one before And only having seen them on tv.
Now, the most important thing here is To learn how to shoot in a circular motion.
If you're gonna shoot the razorcat well, You have to know how to use that site on the gun.
That red dot you have to find it quickly for your first shot, And you have to track it the whole time.
So, these guys are gonna have to get real used to Just finding this dot and putting it on the target.
Hand-eye coordination.
If they do not master this red dot, They're not gonna do well in the elimination challenge.
Get ready.
Stand by.
That's an awesome first run.
Out of 10 rounds, you hit 7.
Jamie's doing very well in practice.
He's able to track the sites very fast.
He's able to pick up the shots very fast.
And he's shooting it comfortably like it's his own weapon.
That trigger, dude.
nice, huh? Shooter ready? Ready.
Stand by.
- That was awesome.
- You were racking.
That was awesome.
Jamie did very well in practice.
His biggest asset was his shooting stance.
He had a great foundation.
When he grabbed the gun, the dot just appeared for him.
Yeah, when I'm punching t, the red site's right there.
You got this thing figured out quick.
The stock gi 1911 is like a '63 corvette.
You know, it looks cool, but it drives like And this one is you know, this one's a Ferrari.
It looks cool, and it drives good.
All right.
Shooter ready? Stand by.
Nice job, Jamie.
I think we'll see a positive performance Out of Jamie tomorrow.
There's just not much he's doing wrong.
And I were very impressed with how his practice went.
You shaved off about three seconds Off of your time from the last time.
You're at 2.
75 now.
And you didn't try any harder.
You just let it happen.
That was awesome.
Did you hear it? I hear the gun.
It just told me to go faster.
it was screaming.
Go faster, Ricky Bobby.
What's going on? Good morning.
Good morning, bud.
How are you, man? Good.
Real good.
This gun is everything a 1911 is and more.
Step up to the line there.
Blake and J.
Are on site.
They show me a weapon That looks like it's probably from "star wars.
" The aspects, the different little idiosyncrasies, The dot, the way you hold the firearm Is different than anything that I've ever done.
Watch your thumb.
You pushed the safety up.
With my thumb.
That's what we're worried about.
Eric struggled some in practice.
Eric's biggest problem was He had a revolver grip on a semiautomatic weapon, And he had a tendency to pop the safety on, barely.
When he popped the safety on, the gun won't fire.
So it's gonna be thumb on safety.
Insert the mag.
Rack it.
Fill the gap.
As the practice went on, I felt more confident.
They made some adjustments to the way I held the firearm.
They explained to me How I needed to bring it up when I'm looking for the dot.
Just go right on top of the thumb.
This firearm is high-speed, no drag.
It's all about shooting quickly.
Put the dot on the spot and squeeze the trigger.
Good shots.
Good shooting.
Two shots within a second.
That was good.
Speed is not a problem.
The manipulation of the weapon is your issue.
Eric's hitting some bumps.
However, he's an accurate shooter, And he put a good group better than Jamie's, actually.
So, all that Eric has to do is not get flustered.
He just has to maintain his accuracy And not worry about the person shooting next to him.
All right.
Any questions? Nope.
Thanks, guys.
All right.
Appreciate it.
All right.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Battalion! Hold it! One of you shooting J.
's, one of you shooting Blake's? Yes.
The one I was shooting was j.
They are right on, dude.
That's like hunting a deer with a howitzer.
It just what is this? While I was in the marine corps, I was a marksmanship instructor.
I shot expert rifle and expert pistol.
I go to the police academy, I was the top shooter in my police academy.
Now I do cowboy mounted shooting.
These guys right here, they are the big dogs.
And I can run with the big dogs.
I'm gonna kick Jamie's ass today, And there's absolutely no doubt about that.
And if there's any doubt in your mind, You probably need to go get your mind reevaluated.
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna beat him in the end.
But we'll see.
Eric, you know, up to this point Has kind of been like the daddy in the house.
You know, he's saying the prayer at suppertime, And he's kind of keeping everybody straight, so to speak.
I would rather Eric come back.
Most people wouldn't associate, you know, a Navy guy With being a good shooter Floating around on a battleship Or an aircraft carrier or whatever And not shooting firearms.
I have done a lot of shooting in my Navy career.
I've been to a lot of good schools in the Navy That are shooting-centric.
And the components of the Navy that do shoot do it very well.
If I do come back from the elimination challenge, It's gonna start getting interesting, You know, in the red team, Especially if that's the way it's going And there's little alliances being made.
I already feel like, Based on what George said in the team meeting, It's already been decided, reading between the lines, That I'm gonna be in the next elimination challenge as well.
We get up there, and it looks like a fun challenge.
Three different circles, different colored, Alternating orange and yellow disks.
And I'm pretty sure they're gonna start spinning.
Bring it in, fellas.
Jamie and Eric, you can head over to your flags.
The rest of you, find a spot on the bench.
You are safe.
Red team, welcome to the elimination challenge.
This will be a head-to-head challenge Using the razorcat race gun.
There are three concentric rings, Each a little larger than the next, That spin in opposite directions.
On the outer edges of the three rings Are 22 yellow and 22 orange targets.
You'll each get two full 20-round magazines.
Eric, you're going for the yellow.
Jamie, you're shooting the orange.
You hit an opponent's target, It's gonna count towards his total.
At the end of one minute, Whoever has the most hit targets wins.
Make sense? All right, let's get to it.
I think I have the ability to adapt.
We're gonna be asked to do it extremely quickly, So it's gonna be almost instinctive shooting.
This'll be fun.
This'll be something new for me.
I can't wait.
I think it's gonna come down to being able to manipulate this weapon.
This gun is built to be a race gun, And I think me and Eric are gonna have a race.
Coming up on "Top Shot" Go! No one has hit a target.
I'm looking at the moving wheel of death, And nothing's breaking.
We still don't have any broken targets.
Not hitting anything.
I'm starting to get concerned.
Eric and Jamie, it is time for the elimination challenge.
The winner of the challenge will also get a $2,000 gift card To use at bass pro shops.
Winner stays in the game.
Loser is done.
Eric, you've been assigned yellow targets.
Jamie, you're shooting at the orange.
Here we go.
Marksmen, ready Set Go! Both guys loading up the first magazine, Taking aim.
Jamie first one firing.
Both men missing at this point.
No one has hit a target.
Colby says "go.
" Instantly gunfire both shooters are going.
I'm looking at the moving wheel of death, and nothing's breaking.
This challenge proving to be very difficult.
When they fired up the wheels, they started moving.
They were moving a little bit faster than I had anticipated.
We still don't have any broken targets.
There we go.
Now they're hitting them.
Eric moving over to the left And ambushing them as they come around.
Eric hits lots of targets.
Jamie's struggling to connect.
Both men still on their first magazine.
There's two different methods that they can apply.
They can either ambush the target Find a spot, hold the gun there, And let the targets run into the bullets, basically.
Or they can try and track a target And work their way around in a circle.
At this point, Eric is in the lead.
Jamie's already loaded up his second magazine.
Now Jamie's connecting with some targets.
Eric shootin' at the yellow targets, Jamie shootin' at the orange.
I'm working from the outside in.
Biggest targets to smallest targets.
As they come into my aim point, I'm taking the shot, And I'm seeing targets explode One after the other after the other.
Eric's now switching to his second magazine.
as many as you can.
Now Jamie's picking up the pace.
Jamie moving into the smallest group of circles.
Eric is very methodical, Ambushing them as they come around, Hitting some yellow targets.
Time! Cease fire! Go! The challenge is not at all what I expected, And it's not really what I'd mentally prepared for, So as I'm squeezing off those first four rounds And not hitting anything, I'm starting to get concerns.
We still don't have any broken targets.
Jamie's already loaded up his second magazine.
Firing that weapon in competition Was a little bit difficult for me.
All the ways that I was taught toe All went out the window Once I got under the stress of competition.
Now Jamie's picking up the pace.
Jamie clears a bunch of his out the big wheel, Moves into the center wheel, And starts clearing out orange disks there.
Eric is very methodical.
Eric's struggling, and you could tell.
Jamie moving into the smallest group of circles.
I was not concentrating on what Eric was doing.
I was just kind of in my zone, just nailing targets, Watching the glass break.
And from my peripheral vision, It seemed like Eric was hitting as many targets as I was.
Nice work, gentlemen.
Jamie, you had 16 targets hit.
Eric, you had 6.
Jamie, congratulations.
Come back over here and join your team.
Good to know you, man.
It's been an honor and a pleasure.
I have absolutely no regrets.
I came here.
I had a good time.
I met some really good people.
I never faltered in my integrity.
I never faltered in any of the leadership traits.
And I felt like I represented myself, my family, And our country in a credible manner.
I'm not gonna lie.
It was emotional when I was saying goodbye to Eric.
You know, I'm losing a really good friend And a really good competitor.
I'm gonna miss the hell out of him.
And it sucks seeing him walk out.
This is a good example of why I like "Top Shot" And why I wanted to come on "Top Shot.
" This elimination challenge took two shooters, Neither of which were familiar with this style of shooting Or with this weapon in particular, And made us go head to head.
You know, I kind of feel like I'm rejoining a team That doesn't necessarily want me there.
You know, I know I'm walking back into the red team With a target still on my back.
And as I stand here right here, right now, I'd bet my bass pro gift card That I'm gonna be in the next elimination challenge If the red team has to go to the elimination again.
Well, guys, the team numbers are once again even.
You are in the top 10.
As "Top Shot" rolls on, The average skill level only gets higher, Which means the competition definitely gets stiffer.
I'll see you tomorrow in practice.
You can head back to the house.
On the next episode of "Top Shot" Jamie's isolation grows.
I kind of felt like I had been set up, You know, as an outsider.
Look, Jamie, I don't even know what the hell you do.
Like, you're in the Navy.
What do you do? It's not necessarily that I hate Jamie as a person.
I just think he's shady.
The tomahawk.
The competitors will have to master primitive weapons.
Throwing the tomahawk is actually a lot harder than what it looks.
And the team challenge pushes The contestants' physical and mental skills to the limit.
It's really all on my shoulders.
This is as nervous as I've ever been.
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